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- •• >; »■■■ 

-CaEler^« 4anciiig prqpen^tie&, too well kntywn toinecd eulogy -ter^ -j^ic in evu 


*^^^pJj^e^ Moments,'' tjie duet by Borothea Maclraye and Trank Garter, ?otina aiiiost 
tt^oB^in mx^^u^ Exsa^ Carter, as .M.ino^ acted i^i^. •^'i'^:^^^^^^ :ibat won f:'| 

^ 'IHtwiftttku Of llieaai 

an, F^iik Garter, <««'h6 ;plays the part erf Uinot, the protege andloiveiv'^bes^ farthe be^.| j^ 
3^dc ^is jnwiiB]% is <and !he worlttd like a'dawm 

.■^^^Sl* J«usfc l)y Lotus Hirsch is zestf td. Earl Derr Bigger has ynit- 
Ife i M^IIm^ hofik and some better tSuin average lyrics and one Mr. 

If^^i^CFil'^rttnk Carter is quit* an extraordinaiy person. All told. "See Saw" is 
Viasbjff of which success ii its field is made. The best cff the ^dancing U 
It^-^l' ^ (doneiby :&e afoietnenfiboeft'Jfcanlc Carter, who has always been nimbly 
" ' ^ifcat, who is developing so good a vem of comedy that lie has liecosne 
tp^cetesa ior such ehtertaimnents as these. 'Qjiposite Mm is Ae jiB^utiig 

^raiik Carter and JQdnAiet Mackaye 
wthal^he most entertaining coi^ple of nhe 'evening's joyousness. ^r. ^ 
Cwter is qtute a singer and also quite dancer and doii^ e^ukl^ well, 

iKiffiSfnindiH^^iuBi.'.'- *- •. =. ;, , . : : - ;\= -. ■.;V-- , " ■ ^^^^ 

f IS^ili; Ilraiik Garten asiUcgFffisfliB^ adled with jnaiiW ^iistinrtlon and Scecn 
' X of certain Ituninniii^ : | ^ttig!^a a «ig 2|ta|t i&L *o. 4iis ^slBarre. j^Ee 

f'f r:; Aoroed remarlqbly wd^^ ' " ^ ■ 

In the excellent cast Frank Carter is the f a,vorite and a mstnise. He 
'has .silwajs been a dever dancer. Now lie igives promise «^ ^leeomiqg a 

Frank Otrter made a jowSifcd iimpression on The Fl^fgoer. Wt^A 
tveqr veil ^ond acted. Me is an adornment to aiqr-i 

dbviDuilyipleasedihe audience, "When'TwolE&B^IDiseoTer.'" "Tb jtt(f|ge 
far^stimnber 'ol^tinieB Mr. Gavterand^KlissMi^b^^u^te'JM^ va,,^-^ 
Ifeimjfet^jgwalu^liPiilie lem^ lvl 
3adt night. FTaiUc Carter is an agreejiBle comedian and a dancer of ;.t4 
wiconmipn^iU. Thenlhe^saqrwcfi enoujgh far :«dl )puqK)ses4ast^fat 

iiwUMiiffiiice^ sang iroft^ttiB •■oaiieefl wwn ' 
^^wmottt tbe astmwaihtng ^acili^ xif Hr. Carter m MBBoiBjt its^ 

BetVweii l^^rank ^Cattev. the silk^liiied Juvenile dancer-Tiera, and Miss 
Dorothea Madcaye, a ^some little dearie who would melt maible, the 
.honors of leadership were equally shared. Carter read liis Imes with . ' 
jnasculine clifum aad vjggr, ara Miss : 

Mackay^ rose to subdued al6tudes'(rf ;pad)bs and aciuaay ^revr^leats ni 
her own eyes antt in iQthers. Always she was the spirit of youth, polite . 
■and %ht, -ietching, fitting, aftractive. . ^Thdr duet In the ^eomd >act» 
iporiced oat Willi Im^ 
ii t ei n tod ia ivSk doKOi ■cooBrei.' ' 

, ^uccesi was made possible thro^^^ ^e ligid devoted lo m^4^/eiBiB&!^^ Jolm lMk&Biv 

/ produced ihis sttccessf id musical comedy. ! 
I «lso gratefully iicknowledge the Inyaluable aid of Messrs. Louis A. fiiirsch, I^bbA D. 'Skg&x and JidiaA iifred. ~ ' 

Carter, long of the Follies, is a tower of streiiglb ^ ^ 
Bif tthe Hoyd's agent. His dancing oif a wide variefy of style. He 
i^pB^M ^bA jpcQnouncie4')uts ^of Hat evening anjEl lii; love-nfiilqiig 
bMft-«oniin^ It ^ddrr how he won-itroertaifi >et 


7 ^ -i-jia 

YtL No. $ 

WtcUy tt ISSI 8m«rmr. 

TiBUf Bquan. N«w Tork. N, T., 

br V»»lrtj, lac. AsDuit Subieri*- 


Bnt«r«l M sMfoiul'elMajRutUrcD^ottBUMr.rl^ 


N. T., iiader tli« .Act; ot - lUroti Ji, 



I^Mmbtt Every Shov in City Selling iit^^» $3 »nd $3.50, 
^ Depending on the Attraction — Mrs. Florence Coudioi, 
Who Has Monopoly, Said to Be Clearing in 


Chicago. Oct. -1;; 

. -Chicago has become the'bJ||iMt.pcleBa 
theatre town in ; the wdiW tUe fim ^'pi 
I', the ticket scalpine system. 

Almost eveiy- house la town («ll'> 
£. and Shubert theatres and some of the 
independents) ts selliner at . tS-SO. S3 
■^aA 9iJ60, . depsfiding. on the ;^traotldns . 
tiw-diotoe B^tai adi -that XCn, Flor-' 
OoatM.'-'wlM* iMNia ;«trtiMki|yimop!« 
Jiify.. «t .-tlM:-:'4taiiralil» ^sopti, ■ eaa. May 
^^thin the - lair aadrMIl . plMitjr' 6t . 
j|iai[]r by ehargiaip '^ntisd'*.pr|ceR;. . .. 
~ «i tknl malpera have to jiujf trom: 
'iC tlnjt TlSailt anything imrtie tho 
Bret ten rowa> ana-iAd .eliaxsag. tluim 26 , 
;^nts premtain above her yrfce.' ' Tliefir ' 
[chaige 60 cents to customers, -with added 
L^«Br tax, 8o that a Saturday night seat 
^'•JiF a musical hit bought from an out- 
Irlliile broker costs t3M, plus 35 cents 
>5 var tax. plus 2S cents premium to the 
I scalper, plus 60 cents premium, tor the 
scalper's profit, 'plus 8 cents added war 
i', or a total of $4.m, &a unheard of. 
I^^iiue. The. horn ceKi "UM.initlt Wttbii' 

'Mrs. Couthoi is saii to control the. 
i..;'Job ot nearly every treasurer In town. 
^Jfihe has the privilege of returns, but 
^.insists no returned tickets be sold to 
g^iahy other broker at box office price. 
^^<Ven if she can't use It, demanding that 
^'.ft.aajr opposition office wants the seat It 
r atist apply to her, and she get back 
I?.' the seat she has bad and retunuid, and 
^fvWill reseU it as above detatM. ' 

Her profits are said to' Va !■ tatoim 
k:H IBJOft * wMfci Tbe k; R tatmm 
^^Weh for a >»r advwUsed heaimir 

^.ffliees of our sales atieAt.lcni Ooa- 
The. pHatpd psjeea yMd h«r SO 
Jiraith'w VMAt oit«iiidi seat, whch 
^•tmm «MdM Wtth the tmm, •oually, and 
r' thua, on legal Ihqidry, It can be claimed 
Instead ot eha^ng a fee or com- 
^^;4>lBaion to a customer; she receives a 
!v;^-eeiit fa* from tfae theatre a;; Its auth- 

'IMS an effort made to check up Broad- 
way, after the closing hours Sunday 
night. The result wa^ the tabbing of 
five, fights between 1 a.:in.. and 3 a. m.. 
itai]^ inoralifc' att 'blaiiMiiUlle vpod 

AO'eC .ths fl|^ irare staged beUrfMs. 
Mth Mid Hth^ sUMb 9m.Stvi49nj. 1& 
tbs iflttt tuUpiiliii l I' li k s n is ftm sss giif 
hii W'toitatMl^^ slaee 
wiwraSe iMtta Udcaf ia^^^ 
tte seieond iKiis .t^ kicking in of an 
. outer doof'* of .Clari£ge Apartments 
on 6(>th street; the third a chauffeur 
and a gang of friends trimming a couple 
of foreigners at '48th street, while a 
copper looked on from the- other side ot 
the street and Uugbsd, and |^ Oateettve 
also looked on. ' • 

The fourth was a battle in which a 
"gal" was beaten by a "daddy." but of 
course this couldn't be really counted, 
and the ftfth was a -general free-for-all 
at the 50th street subway station. 

It Is cheaper to walk Broadway in 
tke ««e SBaa; taoan than to pay adaals^ 
sion ^ the AoMir J^. ITewaik ts sas 


Considerable trouble Is being had by 
tf:-> Keith agency to procure the signa- 
ture of a number ot comedy acts to 
contracts for the coming season, the 
r^iiotaAoy of the turns eomhig as a 
remit of the booking of Raymond and 
BOtniun, a two-man act routed for the 
seasott at fSSO following their initial ap- 
pearance PQ the stage. 
TaUc ever- the booking emphaslied the 


oft the- athn «chir to -ttMs 

"'- ~'^h-■1nriNr M Mbi^MHlT 


ii!^ obtain an accurate idea. oC what 
I the new brand ot brown sngar and srood- 
0Nhol la delar ia lUnes otiure^ thire 


Washington,, Oct. 1. 
The hearing before the Ways emd 
Means Committee for the repeal of the 
theatre ticket taz has been called for 
Tuesday* Oct. 7. . Two Jmnucs have 

Is auts- their 


publiehtng busInesB and "RrlU open his 
own offices within a few days, having 
arranged with T.' B. Harms, Francis 
Day and Hunter as his splUng agents. 
■Since the organization o<;^,1^e ICiisle 
:Protective' AsfloblaUo 

bntrl6iitfBig:hia own .lyrics 
<to tte eOHlhecCicodibtlomi :ln. whlofi. U 
has bewi aeMaoted. 
has. deelM Ift iviAlitoh;'^ 

posttions.'.- . • ^ 

Jolson was painfully but hot.'s«lf|^ifl|9!; 
injured Sunday daring ti, scMAi'' wfUi 
Fraiiklyn.Batie, when he fell to the stage 
flooring, dislocating hia kneecap. Ttte 
Injury did not keep Jolson from appear- 
ing with the show in -Philadelphia, last 
night, although he was torced to'iplay hti 
part supported by a caaew f - 

HB8BM|M lin) ntouiHi'iioif :": 

P i i ^fl MtieBi' tftroOh'h&i'.' twoit- e l Kc t hfe 
in Indiana for nearly two years, has been 
a boon to the theatres. Terra Hatite 
managers say. For .the ftrst time In thie 
history of the city legitimate attractions 
ua being booked for two nights instead 
of one night "I Xiove Tou" and "Scan- 
dal" recently played to three casiaett y j 
audiences ^here. ■» 

The picture and -yaud<£yilte houses' 
port the mrae: prosperous condition. 

Mis8 .Catherine ODaniel nhead of the 
Terre Haute poUeewemen. says.thAt her 
oteervathm'slace .pcmdtiwAlfnaiit^i^ 
effectlias led her id tiMttveiOisitrtlit hi- 
crease In theatrical ps»iiwii>gB «Sy: -be ' 
explained tbresgh .aaore: hoibands. tak- 
ing thair vfrai-iiaA. ehlldrea to the 

; ' Chicago, dot, 

One of the tragedies oit the local 
son is "On the Hiring lilne." the 0<eo«g* ^2^ 
C. Tyler pi-bductlbn of Harvey 6*Hig*^ ;V?^^_ 
. giiMi and ' Harriet Tord'Ei play, ' atarr|^>'yj^:^^'':'^'|[ 
Laura' Hope r'Crews. ^iiacih''iai9ai»AM--t^^ 
weeio^'nm-at'the'Blackatoiie,' ' : 

H&iied VTt th© crlttes' a«'-(M|0 
brightest comedies Ih yewrjii .pntf^ 
•■ ita, ai»Upft b^nefleiUT. itf tunuttad' 
llclty;.%ediiW^«j«; the^iftw^T^^ 
the .flBlir-|i*M-^fii;caiWWw 
,aetoB«''.stcilr«;;:^tfft'.s^ ' 

'beiEU'Ito>«et';^li^ Md ^tW:!%feLv%S^ 

.tost cmigle pffl^ 

. N0w.:the Bladtstone Is dark' :fflwBiJ:U%uiij|| 
^ wbiitif BiftiiMtr tho^-U was elated IwjM^I^^^C ' 
^-p*aiftr attendance, ' • ■'<-i;MS^ 

5*AmE BLOSSOIK'^ AT ^3.50.( « 

l^tlmore, Oct j. 
Henry Toiing, treasurer of tho QlobO, . 
New -Tork. was here for the openlj^f v ^<* !^^^^^^ 
Charies Dillingham's nfl# ■meu^tOaW^^M^ 
'"Apple Blossoms," havIng:ipWiir«;«w*Wr-?e^^ 
of 'Broadway ticket !Wfew«e:'mifc--^vft^'';< v/NiSsfe; 

It Is und'erstoiod- Siiy- Ydls^ 

a "buy" with tli^ tlol^t agsMtleik te^ 
handle the'-eifttve'. lowtfr' iloot : ^t:^.■th<^,;:;'■•si;l^^ 
, .QiehSk ■witfr,thei:escei«tl?ii-:<*;i^ 
-nrars.-hr:(he ^baloodiy; 
'. ^.^priee scftle Is^aio, thei'^ftdlijr^^i^^ 
.att^aotioh'to eoctrt thajNilms; 
■ being; Zieifttld^^/T?*ae^^ 


trailer eov«ir'.'WL rBulh-"iilta^C V^vr 
Friday and UiMflhed 'lnto the legitimate 

field by producing a three-act comedy 
drama. "The Logic ot Larry," by Wil- 
lard Mack. The show opened a two 
weeks' engagement at the Walnut 
Street Philadelphia, Monday; 

Biury McCormack is playing the title 
role. The other players are Clara 
Moores, Polly Prim, Stable Stanton, Pel- 
ham Linton, Channoogr I 
Milar, Paul Byron, ' 

EQtJinra BOOEora ofuce. 

One of the first moves , to be made by 
the Actors' Bqiitty^kasociation as sooa 
'as it takes over the new club 
US West 47th street, wUI be 
estaUlfllimeiA of the Squity: 
meat boreaa. conducted temiioMurllr 
dyctag the strike and abandoned when 


UtMi 4lBinniander ' Wells 'Vki^r iifkii^'i'^Mm^-' 
- -aS'he(H4oing publicity ' for thie ; U^^:*^^-' 
Hia»y ■Wee-the/beginntogidf ^thtf'^iii^ 

-wUI -be pat OB;-thb-l«MtifitJio«irie(Mpj'fi\:^'^ 

. Dee< -L ■■ ■ ''-r :; \ -sJ-'^^fj^i^iii^-V; 

■ ^Wiis will be at: Hawks'' Otra^'t^OiiilSife^^ 
as -he has received.. several=-'adiu5lw^''^J'^'^'^ 
propo»ltloas-JW:dO ■.«p«M?j«roW 

work. ' '. ..• \^ . ;'V ■^v'A^.ir/;''^^J^S;i^J~ 

Hawks entered the. na;yy as. an e?t^-' " 
-sign and: within 18 months had obtftffi^'^-'^^-^ 
the .sank of Lieut. comnMioder;: ...^^-.v;!;^;;^;^^ 


"Curtains Up" Is the t|tle of the nai^ ^:'^h^mmi 
musical show in wbloH Julian M\im9':.:::^^?k'!Mi^ 
wlU appear, the. show coming 1xatA'&4;-i~U?^::f00---^, 
gar Allan Woolf ■ with the. inusUart jw*^ ^{| 
euppUed by Percy Wfenrich.'. Hyl'S^i^^y^^r.^: A... 

HlUnge will rehearse the vlii^ '-ii£f''^^^^^'^'i 
New Tork. play a few. '.iSfe^^^s^S* 

country and entrain II 

Australia Where' be 'iirlir aTwuiE^ 
•Icaadir .arranged Cor.'-' .■ ^..-..f-A-'^ 




.=aMtion.oC:jiMiils.-U.bosted. -.V ■■^■'■^t&^tm^^ 
■•■' '-|t.'rMUUib'*Vis BeC':pay yo«r.^ijg*at-.'i«i'.^'*-'>':%''^^ 


Touring Shows Are Unable to Proceed From One Point to 
Another, Despite Comparathrely Short Jumpa— Using 
Motor Cars When Possible— Vaudeville Bookins 
^ ' Swilcfa«dtbtS«va Ti«v«l--Pictnras Hard Hit. 

'l"^^''"^' ■ Iiondon, Oejb. 1. 

<"'"• Vh« general strike of railway em- 
. >^r.|iIb]rMhHth«' laiViMt^ to of 
';'( . 'r IS|wlaiiA^4n eompleMbr peraiytcd the 
■^"^^^^j^m^mmaea^ elnema-'iii- 
J|iv^;^!Js(atfS3V. ■■ 

"?iijjj| )i ri i ig Bbowa ato tMfeto. to-prbe«ed 
' l|jp||m# i>61nt,t» anotlini : despite . the 

jiif^belii^ aiado^ tbo.part of the heads 
ii^ the 'VKttlsTllle ofreaits to nwttc^.boek- 
iftgB > jto eiiable as - many turns as„ po»> 
Siblo fib pW- the. next nearest! toiWB to 
jUbje oho ployed last week, Instead of at«- 
teinpUiig to reach the cities for which 
they are bdoked this week, which would 
he almost Impoaslhle under Uie existing 

^'?i^^v'Sv^ ^ far as possible, direct Interchange 
,. .,\,pi dates Is being attempted. For ex- 
! Hedges Bros. and Jacobsen will 

. l?^-;": ;: 'try to get to Blackpool by motor car; 
vXvs^^vii;: rOfflcer Vokea and Don will probably play 
■ -^^y;,', the Chlswlck Bmplre for Billy Reeves, 
J Jj<;%'i?>:/tvwhlle Reeves will play Blackpool Itor- 
pf^<;:":^jv':,VokeB ana Don. 

- ''Y'^Vba Kinematograph Film Renters' So- 
clety sent out an 8. O. S. call to its 
nenbers and endeavored to Improvise 
a liasty system of film delivery by moter 
.cars.' This, however, is likely to fail, 
lowing to the goviemntent cODimanderIng 
.fiU'vehlcles of transiport |i»r the ship-. 

turned from his tour in South A.merldi 
last -year). The play had a run some 
time ago, but this revival is 'more .eiB«i 
cient. The ex-Th oatre ReJWM cdlaalilii - 
a high class comedy hope, . - 

iBrute's perfonnaaee is most elEeettre 
and MUe. Seffl«e is talr. The Unt aet 
is a triile kM«. : 
iMm Vtiterra IntettOg to follow this 

.ndtlL a iintlvai oC.UenQr Bataitt^'s "La 
1^i»t» V<o1!«,"' wltti Mhte. Rejaae and 

' BlcnoNti .' . 

it vlll not Ik. natfl January t6at 
"Juiftttii'* tlie ttet.* lirorfi of Henry Bern- 
stein, win see the footlights. Judith will 
be played by Madame Slmone, Vera Ser- 
gine and 1i. Gretillat 

later next year Henry Bernstein's 
"I«e Jeune Homme a la Rose" will be 
played here, with Andre Brule probably 
in the lead. It is the latest eOortet 



Liondon, Oct. 1. 

' i^ere will be a state performance of 
. Ithe , Thomas (lecture and 

/i' pteitires by Lowell Thomas) at Covent 
Ci&rden next week in hMMr 'eC Badr 

■^iSUaulj, King of ^ 

aV ^J^^ manager for Lowell 

. 'cSnioinas, recently refused to let him go 
\ dpvn to Balmoral Castle and lecture be- 
'{v fore the King and Queen. As an excuse 
<or declining a "command" performance, 
said that Thomas was making too 
•^^Itfuch money. 

^^^ ' v ^ been ph^ing to $15,000 

Ctudio Ciccolini, the tenor, is to marry 
vtih; American heiress. The. bride-to-be 
|»x,9fltty Sutpbin. of Oyster Bay, !<, I. 
i'iHei; family is one of tba oldest on tiOBg 
Isjl^d and their estate adjolha that o< 

i vigabe iiMiMiioe greir out of an automo- 

l - M§;^l&9Mtt"^*Mld«nt to' which the tenor was 
" f;^^ Miss Sutphin, 

■>:i.?fj(fjio -was drivfaig the car, was unhurt 
;r:^^?i«lid nursed the singer back to. 
'^r f'helr engagement followed. • 

•^" v;. Paris, Oct. 1. 

r v'V^ Crolsset's dramatic comedy 

;*|flB^ervler'' (The Hawk), brilliantly 
. opened the season at the - Theatre de 
JParii ^ 

;^e cast is. of high water marl^ with 
: V«t«,'Sergiae and Andre Bnde. (Brute 
has not been seen In Ports shiee he re- 

The AMotl ated Offlecs 

0, Liale St., Leioester Sq., lo&don 

6eMN awl mm^U0m$t WMtmS, UUIw.» 
ItsMr^rks Harry J. Pits0«rald/1868r 
Brosdway ' 

London, Oct. 1. • 
D'Oyly Carte is coming to London by 
aeroplane to open at Prince's tonight. 
AiB adViuaee booUngs are |17B,O0t. 


London, Oct. 1. 
J. L. Sa<;k8 is said to be paying |t,000 
a week rental for the ' Savoy for the en* 
gagement of "Tiger Boae." 

'iehflca to aiaoe Butt's Production. 

London, Oct. 1. 

Gus Soblke has been engaged 1^ Sbt 
Alfred Butt to stage the new pndoetioa ' 
° sdMdnied, ftr the .Adaeek 


Paris, Oct 1. 

George Bewlea, French repiosentatlve 
tor D. w. Griffin's film attraetimik has 
sailed for Mew Yorlc 

Last week I apolM sbont Jolo soing home. 
Uy mouib watered when he tpoke ot that 
wondcrtal eoffea at Chltdn^. I wish I eonid 
sutd Tommy Gray • bottle of tomethlng. The 
day Jolo l«ft, ho sat In the dentist's once 
with me and I flnallr fot thtt tooth flied 
that worried Tommy Qray so miioh. 

Tbey do things quickly over btre, Bnt It 
was an •zeose to go nut door tur a eespie 
ot lomethlnss. Don't yos wiSh yea eesl d .gs 
nest door. Tommy T . ' 

Ton ffOVM. 

Utssea MM BrlhkeiiMC ' aad Anne VW new pla)ra:wiil he mM to Lonlwi ' 

K. Algea, stationed at Ooblwub OsT- jtHtUiKft fortnights wid Of thoie already^ ' I 

nuiny, f or several montha fta Y. If. (1 A. ^rifaatat ^emn tigjtA w 

workers, are in Itarilw.Ml'fOitti;' -to' the 'Orlgla^': .' ■ ■ 

United States, » 

Sept SO Is the date fixed by Henry 
Bernstein for the revival of his Tie 
Voleur" ("The Thief), which he Is pro- 
ducing bimeelf at the Qymnase, with 
Mactha Regnier. Carlotta Conti, UM, 
Armand Boun AndHi . 

and Francen. 

' MUes. O. iBooi. Schwars. de Crapohne^ 
Bauyagem^ CAron and Suzanne Ilatiw* 
bav« ' been promoted £rom the ballet at 
tlie . Opera to be solo daae«w and lead* 

SsBtkn do .la Terta.!*. hr .d*- 
FUnSmd' Cidllavet will he' revt#ed. at 
^ Theati;o dee Yarlotes when Vax 
' Maurey assume*' the management ot 
^hat house. Hmn. Doiilat wU) jflar 
lead. ' - . ■ 

Paris, Oot^i. 
A new woi^ by Pierre "Wollt Is to be 
presented at the Comedie Francaise this 
season, which may be created by .HUe. 
Ventura uid the excellent actor, Alex- 

Maurice Maeterlinck's "L'lnterleur" is 
now being rehearsed, under the direc- 
tion of Maurice de Feraudy, and will be 
interpreted by Le Roy, Denis I^Ines, 
Berths Bovy, Duces, Nizan and pux. 


XMldOIW Oct. 1. . 

Chaxlea C^pdmn kt, btttg |ittacikodh«* 
caiuse of tiie daring eoatmnmg'HMP- lack 
tt it— employed hi "Afgav" by Alloo 
Sieiysla, the star, wlio has buOt up a 
■profitable reputation by her startllngly 
sensational stage costumes. In the pres- 
ent Instance she has topped everything 
heretofore offered the English public in 
tMk impeet' : , / ' ' ; . 

. ' B'JUiUX'8 tEiff QVEBJl 

■ ParUik^bpt'l. 
^fXadZiigMide do Saint Ohrltt^piA,'' on 
whldtyhieent dlhOy iM he«i 
for the past tea yeans, hi to ho 
iMwiils# at the Opera this wlntir. 

U should he some opera, and.* 
lag tifamph of tho hcilliant earaer of 
Vincent dlndy. 

JOSE ceujirs mBxmot. 

London, Oct 1. 

Joee Collins Is goins to marry Colonel 
the Hon. Frederick Guard, D. S. O.. 
commander of the Order of St BUchael: 
and St George, a member of the general 
staff and a great Boolal. favorite.' 

He dlstuil^tddked hlinadf hi asUoa at. 
the front > 


. • ' London, Oct. 1. 
The GIna Palermo production, "A Girl 
for a Boy," was a big success at its 
Openhig at' the Duke of York's. 

Jaeeb Adlar^ Season Begins Oct. 9. 

London, Oct. 1. 

Jacob Adier will begin his Yiddish 
comedy season at the PaviUion. White- 
ehap9l, Oct. 6. 

OIReer Vokeao London Hit. 

London, Oct 1. 
Ofilcer Yokes and bis drunken dog 
ware a hit at tho Victoria Pahieo hut 


Parts. Oct t, 
Leonids Andreieff, Rus^an writer oC 
some l^e, is dead, aged 48 years, 

'little \lll!einen'' to Open In Manehselor. 

Xkmdoni Oct 1. 
*T<lttle WoneB" ia fhlB week at' lfon- 
eheuer. prior to tfa. lioodMi prenl^ 
Oct i. 

Arthur Shirley ai}d! Ben Landneck's 
*^he Wild Woman." produced by the 
Brothers Melville at the Lyceum Sept 
C is ' quite up to the traditions of the 
shows with which the MelvUIes brought 
itortviie haok to the historic hdiise. The 
hiMO naacHemdhig aa a iprtvate soldier 
U iai'iieallljr .a ganut aflloor who haa 
talMB eit.the Aajiraoawliloli abmiMl have 
hscii'hiB eomTPiMidfng ofteer^ bn^ leas 
before, tba last act every one know all 
would he wdL 7he heroine is as'Ioyal to 
true love aa liyceum heroines always 
are; the Villainy is thorough-going,' and 
the woman who gives the drama its 
title is -very wild indeed, Although" 
there Is nothing surprising in the show. 
sUU the audience were delighted and 
money will be turned away until panto- 
eomes Into its own. - ; 

Leon M. Lion and Malcolm Cherry 
have achieved a great sneoeu with their 
Jacobean play at- the. New Theatre, the 
scene of Lion's triumph with '^Xhi'< 
Chinese Puzslo." "Jack o* Jingles" Is a 
lull blooded , diailia in ^wUdi eouirt^ 
Biaiuierib lladblaS 'awiiiMB imil 'il^^ 
of hat and cloak provide it .llne aaittiog ; 
fiu- the aettBg oC Alfred PaitiBtir aa' the 
itinerant UiBod amnflvr, - Jack' o*' Jihi> • 
gles, who i» la reality Xord Seton Bap^ 
llngton. as also ; for tho highly col- 
ored villainy of ^e renegade Sir Corry 
White, a part made much of by Milton 
Kosmer. Ldllian Braithwalte made Lae- 
tltia Dale a loyal Orange maiden well 
worth the winning, and a host ot minor 
character ' «B foealved. eleVer . trea|i>' 
.'nient ■ ■ ' . 

Arthur Souchler has Jioined with 
Ifsfhaann Larig for the . fiwthcoinfaig 
proAwthm; by the hitter of "Otbailo^';: 
A;;K*wtn. 44ppear-'M.^tago^ -V - . v^; 

Lee tndte'S' new . production, ."Bade 
Again." was an Instantaneous, success 
. at the Ambassadors. Miss Wliite has' 
never been seen to better advantage^ 
while Quy Lefeuvre and Bert Coote 
kept the house in a roar whether as 
burlesque Greek banditti or cannibals. 
The Leo White Dollies, the Eclair. Twins; 
together vrith a strong chorns, made up 
a ■ 




(Sodfrey Tearle joins the Coliseum blUfl^ 
thla. week with a sketch by A. A.-Maxi»iM 
^Cambcrlqr^n^iaSIAr.' ,M 

Jte'Latoaa.mcaiit: to ^tce si. r^'huit id 
weclt. Jaattad itf . whldi she spent -the^^v^ 
graaUr part of. her holiday deputlsiifg .f |? 
fttr BUa Shields at the ^olbom Ehnplie^ V 
and for yietorla Monks at tKo Shore- .'^/'I 
ditch Olympla, both women being oui' r';P 
ot the bill through indisposition. ' 

Monte Bayley Is the V. A. T. delegate 5^ 
to the Trades Union Ck>ngre8s at Olas- '\ 
gow; Alfred Lugg, for the Actors' As< , 
Boclatlon; J. B. Williams, for the Amal^ 
gamated Musicians' Union, and John' t' 
eon. Mason and Mitchell for th<0 Na< v 
tional Association of Theatiioal Itai* 




with the hold-utt ot the iBMAIiBC «» 
the Strand Roof and the rohb«ry otavr- 
eral picture houses In the city, the m«n- 
agen of th© Broadway theatre* havd 
taken prabautioiui to protect themaelve*. 
DWihg flu» iWrtt month several Inaur- 
aaee companlea have added •■hold-up 
Insurance to the various types of pol- 
lAiM, and durtntr the past week more 

gr^eatened Depor^^^ of Italian Opera Siiigm Oiid«r tgg^^^ 

Law* Suggests Another Phase of Ruling 
'as to Fitness of Admittmg Contracted Foreign 
Acto tQ Land Under Same Conditiom. 

The difference of opinion on the part 
«( the Board' ot Special inquiry at Kills 
JUand^ last week, as to the admittance 
Ec^ t. the United States ot Lulgl Morandl, 
WMi'Ol. the tenor singers of the Metro- 
mBlttan' Opera House chorus, and four 
•Uieir ' Btngers in. the Chicago Cfrand 
Opera Company's iehorusi Francisco Ra- 
irlbla. Cail« ISaiatbi, Xulgl TfoUsa and 
pletro NlnM* an «ie. 4rliofa tad neontly 
arHved irem Italyi aaid triw IM 
deported tmdW flMvflbnlnMt lKlMr Ua^a, 
/brought up another iftmatuiai tfrift nUtng. 
namely, as to the fltnew oT. admitting 
contracted foreign acts Into ; the States 
under the same ruling. • 

In the case of the flvo opera singers, 
they were held on tfce ground , that their 
Inferiority In, ability, provided their sal- 
ary can be taken as the .criterion of 
worth, held them not eligible for the 
classiflcaUon.oC artists under wblch rul- 
ing performet* ■(»»' permitted te eriter 


Slgnor Morandl. despite the fact thaf 
he baa, been slnKing with the Metro- 
polltan for the past 10 seasons, and that 
: 1)0 knew over 100 operas and could sing 
"several Isinguages, was classed as a 
contract laborer because of bis entail 
itipulated ssluy; . The other four men 
admitted tl^ ifere not fo get more than 
S16 per VnMikt' although they Increased 
their InomnA'cmakimbls' by 
pendent eagacements: It so happened 
itbat all five tlei^ : admitted tbs same . 
-^tfreeb throngV iriniam O. Qoaitd's/ alit^ 
peals to the S«ldietary of Labor a.| WiMA- ; 
diiia^n akalnst the dwisMm ot/tlie^ 
of Speoiat niqiilry. : ictv- Giiard Is oonr 
j|eoted wiii we MeifaropoUtan Ope ra Co^ 
f^hen interviewed a. VARIBTY 
representative, Commissioner of Immi- 
gration Uhl stated the matter of admit- 
ting contracted artists into -America 
could not be determined superflcially, 
without the actual presence of any par- 
ticular artist awaiting admittance. 
!Whlle a minimum /contracted-f or salary, 
also, cannot be accepted as a critwlon 
for the privilege ot admitting an artist, 
that phase, evidently, will have some- 
thing to do" with the case in hand. It 
^ts a matter of; defecentiation betwiM»n 
/.contracted labor and contracted artists, 
^f^ethiir an artist be clasaed^tw a 
laborw and debaned. «a Biie||i is «p to 
the dlseretbm s(: fli* InualKiatlon of- 


v -It the 'aHena'am apMtellsts in their 
: line of endeavor or; distlaetlve types, 
•r have aaar otiier phaae of ahlif^sio 
iMaaw thana ia:;«dtniw^^ worthy. 
Urn ^ he mUa. tciMihIe hi calntaw 

iilBlsanoil lato^'AnMitaav'^V- ' : 

' BeCore the ' Cvnfla ' left fbr Burope, 
..!tuesday. Bmest V; Orimea^ a steward 
an the vessel, known In vaudevUte chr- 
cles In Europe as Don Grlmo. was per- 
mitted to land, thanks to the good 
graces of Oen. Sir Arthur Currle of the 
British Army, who Is said to have 
brought Influence to bear on the artist's 
behalt Gtlmes had been crossing and 
re-crossing the Atlantic innumerable 
times in an effort to secure admittance 
to America, hayiiig been prevented from 
doing so under the contract labor laws. 

the Commission assembles In Washing- 
ton for the purpose ot hearing the man- 
agers. That win be Oct 14, from th:^ 
date now set . 

It Is understood in New Toric the 
managers may cbnclude to produce no 
witnesses, but rely upon the argument 
offered on- their behalf against the tes- 
timony Introduced against thwpa by the 
Oovemnienti for an .action oof^appeal if 
tha aaahagwa^ fi^ d«!Bidib psmfms the 
Issuanoe oC-flndliigB hSr flie CemrnisBlen. 

Harry' liaudef will . open his twelfth 
American .tour In Bl Faao October il. 
He wilt; play , w^st to Frisco following 
tiba V ^9pM^ag«. ' keacblng the Lexbigton, 
M^' Thi^ Bhovt Jf«inmnr: U. 
' 'IttuaeB^i road Mhowwill eahtaln Voilftl 
miiamr, -Xitamiira VUlo. ttttriaii 
Talai^ ."The Art Beantiilul." and 

naset^- Six mghiahd /Fipwvt ■ 

' Lauder Is due to ari^ In FHaco firom 
Australia October 8. Hft,wiIl4ie,met.lQr 
William Morris, who leaves iior tte ooimt. 

Lester Murray will manage the tour, 
with Wlllard Coxe>* nnd Robert Mc- 
Dowell in advance. 

Boad prices win be $2 top, with , a 
poa^hle tilt to {2.50 in the larger .dthis. 

The . booking of Bee Palmer at the 
Palace, Kew York, opening Monday, la . 
for tbreo weeks. " ■ ' ^ 

The number of wires received by Miss 
Palmer Monday, wishing her success, 
. is claimed to have, been 843. About 50 
Wires are displayed in the lobby ot the 
Palace^ 'several In one large frame fac- 
liig Broadway. 

A majority ot the wires appear to 
have come from Chicago and there are 
several well known names among the 

«h«se prtlelig pn»teot thw. from loss ^ j^nypiu 

lMi£jBMaieBg«ca .on the inqr «• 

thehank. '..^■■'■\--- ^^-h ■"'"v''^'---/''' :■' „ 
What is known as "laalde Iiwwtace, 
covering the money In the box ftflea-had 
the theatre payroll, exacU a premtaaaw 
96 for each 11,000 of Insurance. TWa 
policy is operative from 7 a. m. wwH 
midnight. Any extra hours besides 
these an extra premium of 5 per ,cent. 
la- charged, with a maximum of .^26 per 
cent, charge for five hours. Th e «>hy 8« - 
covered by the 25 per cent, epotallg to 
12.60 addlUonal each 41.000. . 

For outside insurance or street hold- 
up the fdwyrge is 97.60 a Sl,O0O. and eov- 
erf iHwrs between t a. m.' and 7 
pb Bb Btr addltional hours the charge 
Is S per cent, aa.howr, with a:maxhnum 
of 26 per owit. for llye^hftiiin.oiP moja. 
As most 00 m ma^^mMM 'Mi^M'^: 
tog business, they are comPfJliw *P. W 
the extra premiunw 1 r tli».:nl| pi*,ll<^»« 
There la also a persaaal \^«WBMa. 
against street robbery and -•1«M*W» 
which is given In connection with resi- 
dence tasurance. The companies are 
very skeptical about giving this form of 
insurance to Individuate. They limit 
the policies to $2,000. Under this the 
holder can only recover >50 for cash lost 
and the balance for jewelry or other 
Tiduahles. The rate charged is 12.76 a 

' Cnnmlttees representing the .totorsP 
&4alty Association and the Vaudevtlia 
Bn.neh of the Four A's (White Eats) 
held a joint session In the Equity ofllces , . , 
Tuesday. All ot the applicationa *e- 
eehred by the Bqulty, during and Opiob^-^i^^^; 
the strike, ware gone over. ' Those d^^ ii^^^; ; 
f^fffT«i^f* hy ttte committee bb -tiomlmf'-^ -'f^^F 
IvWhtal the Jurladlction ot the VaudevilUrv/^\#v$j; 
]Sniaah'*eM,i^eAoaflIe. The.avpUit^l^^^^: 
cants '^wm '.lM.. iMiUi|M'. doling th«vw«lij;f>'?Am 

.JIlB"«lMO0i-.*.lieaaed /the-.-VandoyiiM^^ 
BMiiefe.'ebiniBltiea. and Pant DalfkO^I^^^ 

Bdulty comniitiee. ^^--^-^.^^-3^5 . x..^.^ * 

of Eiqulty memhers to be ^1ilnaXmM^§m^.0g'0i 

■ B| all of the policies the oompanles. 
hiiva^'a protoetlOB clanse. ease the 
insured maiy ba la a buirgtaur or hold- 
up infected Bone^ the eoihpwjhaa^tt^ 
right to cancel the .pO|ley 
the premium paid. Ipr >.tba 


Chicago, Oct L 
Charles Porter, Chicago representa- 
tive of Oliver MoroBCO, announced there 
was a possibility the Tom Wise-Wllllam 
Courtenay combination would separate 
before the end of the Chicago run of 
"Cappy Ricks" at the Cort. 

It is said Mr. Courtenay will take the 
leading role in the Chicago "Civilian 
Clothes" company, Mr. Wise re m ai n i ng 
with /Hitennr RUflis." 

a result of the committees' deelsItaa'nUt: 
iMt been tabulated as yet. ^ ^ • v ^ 

Jed Prouty (who was, Leon Errol!|&;g 
straight man, when the latter wa».-WfWr| 
vaudeville) killed one boy and Injured 
Ufp othm JiMDday, to 83d street near 
moaA'iiikjti^'ii^ti^ litB antomoblle vnhxag 
aravnd a novhig van and the boys j^ori- ;^ 
ed oatf: In ttvtt 'vt the Prouty nuuSWBie.^^^^ 
Bfc Ptmrty^i Witt 

' ' Thi^fttNA'. t«r ^ "Amies - 8ii4|]V^1$^.. . 
'y«anf<«ld;^4i£'1Sf^JiliMl«rdam tOBm^jMf^Sk 
paasbig auto, took' B^»llt^'M--Uim^lm^ 
'Hoifl?itai.v ;wh!Bre^ -Im/^if^ 
de»d. Chatiei,.BilMb^:ef;^«SS''1Vist^^:^^ 
stieeti' was 'T«ni)nMa;to'-Sniaip^ 
Bsspital. In Prouty's machine '.^iji^re ^' ^ 
the' diagnosis waa contusions. Ckoi%e ( .,,2 
Black, -six years Old," was ieJsm tO\:'::/:t-:>'^m 
Roosevelt Hospital In another mftchl«»t f ^j; 5^:1 


Paris, Oct, 1. 
The Minister of Fine Arts, today ' aB" 
nounced to the directors et the Qdeon 
Tlieatre.and the'i^ra Coniique tha^ Ite 
'oOtfM «HF''ve>ipd| la the subsidized it^ir 
^i)bnaiaiif^*WWmilBi aflEeetlng the Ubp ^ 
oC indoiM 4r th« fieeama .qC^laboKvt 
nie''-dlN«taciv«t,.flN>-tlM ... 
'hpim i mn ennce a Is :tha - veilenatUii^ 
' TlHtBtre' Woik6rB-..thiit .li\,f»itmf*!^-jti^<5v4r^^^^^^ 
irenil-v employ emy^ memberr'^eC-^^lha^'^.v^i^ 
'vnil<m. Air other agreements: :ivttt»^!:tit%:#^ 
theatre' wotkent .hMladh^^-tholiKirv^^^lM^ 
eemhigaah»liNi..#ea|d baj»ataWh<^ 
wais"said.' ■ '■■■■'■-?^'r^"^'5^-':^|;v>^:^ 

, Tonight with the exception of ' thwe^ .;^^^ 
theatres, where the actors refused -to^^ v3??pg 
play, all the theatres re-opened. A wAn ' '^^S^i^ 
jorlty of the. muslo halls, coqcert hsUlf :~ t^it^M^^ 
and motion ]»ietttre hfnmes- Utn^isafMr^^ 


Willie Weston la iMd^ttriy ilfc aad,. 
cordmg to reports nWliiea .ieaiahed Ua 
friends .tUa jRwd^ tha (diaraeter aihgar. 
may sever again ^nwav wii thf mtaga 

Weatam Is. sufferhig. fbsm ft iwnnms 
Ineakdown, coupled with stomaoh troa- 
hlOb ahd la endeavoring to 'main hla 
health at Jack caUEord's eaap In Iffar- 


Bd Wynn, the "bone of contention" In ' 
tiie recent strike and whose future has 
been- mostly speculative, seenu to be a 
. oandidate for vaudevlUa 

It was reported Wynn would head a 
show of his own to be played ia. hla 
own. theatre, but this has been denied 
by the toterests reported back of Wynn. 
. Wynn promises a statement on Friday 
that he claims will be important, but 
meanwhile it is generally known be la 
flhrting with vaudeville through Max 
Hart, his business representative. 

MORTON CLAIMS "BIT." , . _ . , 

James; C. Morton has complained ^^ .K^v;!^:^ 
the N. V, A. that Mr. and Mrs. H«i6h^; ' - ^^^^ 
Ehnmett, who have been appeaitag .lit 
the Keeney theatres, are using a pietia 
of business belonging to him. He said 
a» Mt waa .givMi .to. : iMiii. hgrsl^iwiy 


Tt» bosbieas la eentroversy 
of the dammy:'i>h tbe'slaga #«tepM|tijw>^^ 
when •MOrtbfi.iaainB- '?iatiteK;,;.|fij*«^^^ 
ra«BB,r ''This bilv«Bs^«n«':iii^<]{aM 
and lfaora"tB "VIm Mon7.^1nili^t^)Hp;^§i 
bm^eviOi^ . :i ■ ■^:::^}--T^^^£^-'M^^ 
' Joe JadcsoDvliai-eonplaiajM^^ii* j:^^ 

N. v; A. 'that' Sted-; mulim,^ya»'Ma»0'Mm.„, 
pearlng in pictures, bM taken hja- SMit f ^^^^ 
in its entirety, also same f^ial^im^eup.'^ ' 
In his complaint Jadcson states the - .' C'- p 
NT. V, A, had ruled he had the rlfehl-.tO;,.: v^^^^j^ /^ 
use a certain tramp facial makeup, ■t'Uir^i^.i^lj^^i^'^ 
— ^" tiiis ruling desires proteetk>n,Mr'^ ' 

A cable received In Mew Tork TueaV 
day said Wllkle Bsrd ' had saUM- flitM|& ^ - 
Bnglaad on the flaxonla. ■ : -ftf^P^-^ '' 

. . heeehsb. .(ibal -abchiiient. 

The defMuw Iho vattdavUla managers 
Intend to pr iw e a t iMfora the . Federal 
Trade OoninisalMi nay take the fom 
ot an oM aiigiiiiiient bgr 

Paul Morton Decides en "Sinoie." 

PbuI Bfortbn has definitely deeldfld to 
offer • islQglo^' specialty lefualag 
a roate for. tho eonhig as aa oii for hla 
twoHMt with NMat Oiasi4ab>>liiirtOB>. 

UnvlMi wtn iMMafc" Ms "Mnglfl^ tn 
around the "stlc^," and will , show It 
for big tbne oonsldecatioa within a few 

.mrglna M wy 

LHiviB AND maxa, 

"Just Two Olrts Trying to Get Along." 
Mot in a Broadway show, but. at the 
Palace, New Tork. this week <Oct Sf ) : 
but you can't , tell. ZeigAMd- aad ShMberk 
have never seen us. 

A big hit at the Palace, hot ^^nigflja 
not so good at Wound Parties aad as MO 
' apelognes to those frieada 
IBilA'a, r " 


PravldMOfk Mat 

Vhe .Bngltsh comedian is coming ovw 
to appeiv In the Keith big^thiiy'Va^lOft' 
vlUe 'tlioatisH^-ak m. w ps it ed-- -sMiiif^-Mv^f^M 
MpiW tW0 Myv .. • v: y 

; ■ ■ omw Mm' ill 'ciii^i«e^: f;tfevM 

. ■■: . ■.CWoaBot-o«t";iim.^:?€!# 

pesnig.aa'a slagle'lii .^raadfl1lla^>«r^li':^:#;:;i:.::^ 
. a irodue^a. 

' Miss Sjices saya her stage 
' inifc tfflfy'ff Titian Um- 




Pffl Woik iii^ Oa^ Sai Out ol Scm^^^fiftir 

jSchedule Winil Inilo Eifect After Conference Held Last 

p ffx-^ iv^vi^v {Week Between EmploTer* and Kaplan, of U A* 

:>g|^l|^^^;:^;''71ettiriB opentAiri fa the T«naeTlIle and 
ipi>loolz«d picture theatres In Greater 
Jl«ir York WiO now workloer als- dajya A 

Innovation -went Into «ffeot 
::k.-^^^f^^0iSlf^ a, following a conferexice between 
L^;:'1f^^|«Bi^^ ee the VanOevllto ifu- 
icenr ProteeUve Aaii|Ml&tloa^/,iii# Mfw 

' : ::^y;''-^,-.'^^[iBtai9 League et Mcittoii Pletme 
'."''Vtj^lMiorB and President Sam Kaplan, 
'of local Vo. 308, L A. T. S. E3. and if. 
P. is. O. U. oC the United States and 
Canada. The new agreement will be in 
>effect until Sept 6, 1920. 
; No picture operator will be permitted 
ioi work on the seventh day of the week, 
:;^j^irding to the agreement, regardleaa 
clrcnnattanceiB, uhlese he may be with 
;i)Ilr«Tellng road abow. The local has 

H.^^i-Yt"''ytBnfagtA% re]ie^achedule, and the oper- 
f'^Mi:>-l$fim win be 'supplied by the<;un|eii 
take tbe place ol tlMMe bavtw 
, _ ^ Aa^llitetrei haVt mpiaMA 
Itw./ui^n with. A lUif 'Ot ihelr .ommtora 
'KMl'il)e;4ay ot the «««k tlia^- thtv' ar* 
UMi' W« extra/ oje«»tei« have , been 

-', -.Virl4>afl changes have b'een made In 
, c^e working schedule of the operators 
'Jni theatres, and those ^^.rklng in the 
.yaudevlllo houses have their working 
;.hO(uni reduced, working now seven In- 
^Jrata^. of eight hours a day. A nominal 
^iijkCXNaase has also been made in the 
r;Wag.e8 of the men. 

In the theatres charging up to 15. cents 
, admlsBion and seating not more than 
^00 persons, the men are to get 76 cents 
pier hour, or a wage of 131.50 for a slx- 
.;.fji>7.%W«ek. The work la not to e>ee«d 
ilppt^ .tban. seven houra a day per . man. 
^^iilpjjll >6ale for tbeee b'ousea on the 
:vfrav«k-4iky . tMuria iMw 983.60 a 'wodb 
; . The ; nio theaitrea 
.lehaive iu :ada^aMdB «I mrt^ tkkn 
>vNr^,^ ^0'^femy:i^ a etattiiK ■ 'oapaottjr 
,.gmf^'-r0tnm-iaiiKt:9QO,- are. plaeed' oiT aia ' iS- 
■:{>«$:0r:>:t::^^ The ' wage for alx 

194.86, against that of 189.20- 
t&p; seven days. 

V 'Houses charging 10 cents admission 
and having less than 600 seats, have a 
rate of 7S cents per hour, and the oper- 
ators'recelve for a six>day week $31.60. 
ij '0 A i. / Flor.the seven days they formerly were 
ff^PvliJ^^^^d . 183.60. 

!fe -^-iiV?, .v v : In houses charging not more than 13 
ieents adinlsslon and having a capacity 
of less than 600 seats, the hourly pay 
ta 80 cents. For the six-day week the 
operatore will receive ISMO. .The for- 
fper^jcak was' ISMO fon fhe Mvett^day 

..^ ...,P^il^':iM9aM okaigia^' aa- aamlieion 
■}:W^t::^{iy0^'^!dm*-ttM aiid having a 

. ..J.K.-U-V.I. ^^|«,io«rollei» tliaa'tlt leats, are pay- 
^niriM ItraUy fate of U cents. For the 
;i.«ajjr •'wedt the operators are re- 
ceiving 136.12, For the seven -day week 
t^ie operators were given $89.20. 
'.7vAU picture theatres having less than 
tjHo seats and charging not more than 
90 Cents admission are paying 87 cents 
an hoar and $36.64 for a siz-deor we^. 
*rhe scale for the seven-day mik ia 
these houses was $39.20. 

■Where the seating capacity Is less 
Ihan 1,000 and the adnalsslon not more 
4haa 16 eenta^ 90 cents an hour is ex- 
acted for pay with a rixWIay atlpepid of 
IS7J0. For seven dagni Hit opcraiM* 
wcna vettipK 989.20, 

. Inff capacity the' tttfnrly rate la Wk 
cents, with a pay of 938.8S for the six- 
day week. In pie past these opemtors 

' ' leeelved ' 999.M for Mvea'diTi. 

In houses charging 60 cents or more, 
iQfiladins mvakal or sln^ng con^eiia^ 

' alio vantmilBt aeta^' ibUl t>e mted at 
11.32 an hour and employ an operator 
for each machine. For seven hours^ 
workr als days a weiiii tbo Baea ahall 
receive $61.24. For six hours a day and 
a six-day week the men get now $43.92 
a week. For the seven-day week they 

' were getting' $40.00. In houses having 
over 2,000 seating capacity and gov- 
erned by the same conditions as the 
foregoing the men are paid $1.27 an 
hour. Their six-day scale is 964.00.- 
la an moviiiv pUtnre, vaud«Mlle and 

' Ihiriiiiaaa ttiefilm dMurgiair ioot liBim 
fliia 9o eenta - aflmlaatoii and . Ittttog a 
leatlnr capacity of BMRt fhan; llMOi ttie 
iMa wiU get 98CJ6 Mr. a tfa-day we«k 

. «t - aeveh boura, Vw amvt'aaf waak, 
Of efg&t bonra a day the men were get- 

' ting $89.20. In vaudeville theatres and 
burlesque houses running two shows a 
day for the siz-tey week tbe atCa .will 
receive $36.12. 

Operators employed in fllm ex- 
chailges, projection rooms and labora- 
tories, not to exceed eight hours a day, 
with one hour for lunch, instead of $35 
will receive $40 for the six-day week. 
P'or a single day they will get $6.66 in- 
stead of $5.00 as in the' past. 

Those employed for lectures, clubs, 
and all other special performances, giv- 
ing one show not to exceed four hours 
are to get $8.00, an increase of 50 cents 
over the old scale. For two shows of 
this type not to exceed eight hours 
they Witt' get 91MP ins:tead of 910.00 a 
day. War BapiMf and bdliday perfomi-. 
anees theiM oveiatara Uiau neky% 
9X9.00 instead the old Male of i^M 
a day. 

In theatre* wlildk do aot emiiknr a 
steady operator, and nniidnf a weak or 
man, on* opeiator. diaU be annoyed 
' 9ov,«ei0h.iBaUUao; and not work more 
tfeain eight bonri per day, reeelving 
986.00 a week for the six days. In tbe 
past the pay for seven daya waa 946.00. 

The rules also vreserlbe the lDltow« 

"Mo operator Is permitted to work 
more than six days per week, unless a 
member Is OB.ibf read with a loid ooa- 


"No operator Is permitted to WOlk 
more than eight hours per day. 

"No operator Is permitted to work 
more than seven hours a day contin- 

"No operator is permitted to work 
more than two hours supper relief In 
any theatre, unless in an emergency. 

"One day's work shall constitute not 
less than four hours and not more than 
eight hours, to be paid at. t|M mt*' Of 
pro rata six daya per wedc. . .. 

"Overtinie to b« paiMI kit late of time 
and a halt 

"All BMiben U tbo vakm h«NUa« 
positiona as manageini can relieve naion 
operators for Bupjper mly. 

."Mo operator - if senDttM M eanr 
a fiha op to or.flNM tho=bo)rtb Mora or 
•ftir tbe Mm.* • 

. .]for tta tat two tWa tl eBa a< fha 
■nam- «< Iha aifaaiMUleB a Jiaa l« ex- . 
Wileft and. the tUrd .flatten li 
MMd by opaMcNi fton ibe. 


5TH FXA0B'8B(KiiKIir6 XJfiETUia. 

The following furtlco was posted on 
the 6th floor bulletin boiurd oit the Palace 
Slieatre building: 

▲ Booking Meeting will be held In 

: ibl8 -d«p«Mi«tt ft ll »• Monday 

Booking MgnientatiTea who have 
. iaew aaUrial that tlKiy dMm to 

aobmlt tar ia . fet tkawat. of —laar ; 
; Mid'oirer of tlBM rimnld^^]^^ 
* memo on trnOk mtt, gMm tbe aabMb . 
salary ailked end oiMn tline/ ' 

Until after the first meeting, 
which will be held Monday, Sept 29, 
when a regular secretaiy will be 
appointed, these memos may be 
Bttbinlttad to Fraiik O'Brien. 

The following were sresent: Frank 
O'Brien, P. Alonzo, Jeff Davis, Billy 
Delaney, 8. Z. Poll, D. F. Hennessy. 
Arthur Blondell, Doc Breed, Fred Hack, 
and Messrs. Carlin and Hutchinson. 

The meeting . was informal and no 
details were available, but outsiders be- 
lieved that it is the ihrat move In an 
elfort to expedite and 'sgp«taiMtlao''the 
sale of new material. 

The second floor of the Capitol The- 
atre, which was originally Intended for 
show rooms, will be eut up r into office 
space, and theatrfeai OtUeeis wim bo es- 
tablished there. 

The Fox Vaudeville Agency and the 
Fox Film Corp. will protaUy-have most 
of the ofDce apace allottM tOv'S^c^ nse. 
The . lent a«ked as a ahoir ^Mtoaa for. the 
lioer.wai 9iT,b0O 'it yeiut ; 


The pianist for Grace I.a Rue at the 
Riverside, New York,, this week is Joe 
Daly. Mr. Daly rettiraed to New York 
after hftvipg accompanied the act oyer 
the Oirpheiun. Circuit 

The point of Mr. Daly's connection is 
that he was or is the Boston music 
pplttlisher', Jos. vM: Daly;. The., Bi^ton 
estabitshmeat is inderstqod' 'to "bo ' Ml 
in operation. : 


" The principals so far engaged for the 
Ackerman-Harris revival of "Let's Go," 
which will feature Fanchon and Maroo, 
include Harry Hines, . Ibktt LemeTt 

Ailecn Miller, Ida Gold. 

Patricola and Myera have heen signed 
for the vaudeville Boctlon, which will 
have aeta. 

Dickering for Ryan and Lee. 

Ryan and Lee are being offered for 
the Loew time and it is said will be 
given a route covering the New York 
houses only. 

The reason for Ryan desiring this 
route is to enable him to remain around 
New York and. eontlnue hia writing of 
materiaL The nioo iiaked for the - torn 
la -9400. a, week, v 

Paaipsrt.Opaaa llellirdBm OMoop 

W. ^PtaaqNurl^ -woitvfilii ageai; witl 
sail for Amsterdam, tiolland. on SM- 
uxday. Mri Paaapart will open a bbok^ 
Mr «i|te9;lD!llottMrdaai and arrange for 
Moiaaia.foc AaMrioiB acts in lidndon. 
. Pax^ aadaedlB. 'Bii-wai Ilkovlae bo«k 
foreieni In. AuMriea. 

Passparit will remain abroad for three 
months.' The Rotterdam office will be 

8-8plit Week Changed to Two. 

San Francisco, Oct 1. 
yritb the elimlnatlou of the Stockton 
Orpbeum date, the circuit's acta are now 
playing three days in SaenunMtb and 
four days at Fresno. 

Martin Beck and the other Orpheum 
Circuit directioN who eeipe Bast- ra- 
tuned Vnesday to 

ilM «pUJtt9hpBlilM IT. 
JeiN CMBbw- denNa tbar^ibe la to 

The Ch<nru8 Equity Association, at 
present an adjunct of the Actons 
PvulQr, baa applied to the Pour A's for 'Jf 
an ladlirldipal .diarter. r Vhe natter wil| > 
eoliM a ineating^seheduled for tha i 
latter satt oC ifita week, it la tinder. | 
aiood the iii«T4 of the ClUnrna ioquity !| 
tdi ladMdntf dwrUr waa laade in i 
Older to dst4inMi|*^^in- aaMttlg tha?| 
IMwCnl 'and junsdletloii ..oC-.tba'-O&ana .n 
Eiauity In the Taudevitld BinMi (CoN.r| 
nier 'White Rats). "3 

The Equity held a Council meeting 
Tuesday for the purpose of determining | 
the status of several Bauity members, ..! 
now playing in vaudeville, and dalmed ii 
by tba.:Vaudevll1e branch. 

'...' '<AlBag0;:'Oct 1. - 
NiimeiOus comitlalBto ai^ ' bi^ reg« ;; 
' istered against the Websteir -Vaudevlllii 
Clrctiit, which hooka cheap acts in cheap 
theatres,- but has many of. each.- :-; 

Bo many turns /fail to "show up" that .1 
the agency gives "slips" to an average 'I 
of seven acts for each five-act show^ 
With the result that dozens of artists. :' 
reporting for work are told brusquely . ill 
there Is no spot for them. 

The average rate paid is ,abeui.910 pec ' 
person for a twe«day;'':<idjWBt ' eight . .. 
•bows) period. . • . 

mo jiMLY AT mjOLmi, \i 

The policy of~B.' S. Moss* Hamilton, 
which returned to pop vaudeville. MeaW-' V 
day, will be two shows a day. " 
, The Jefferson, also returning to ? 
vaudeville Monday, and. tbe . Regent 
-which starts with. vaudenUO' igirin Oist^ . }j 
6, will be three a day. ' 


A letter to B.. F. Albee'. froift.'Cnttrles 
6. Kilpatrick, posted hi the Keith -ISz- 
change,. caHs-alttention to/an insurance 
PQliey oir<ired. l>y the North .Ai&«iiMa 
Accident Insurance Co. of Chteagoi -/- 

It Is claimed to be the only policy, of 
its kind which, protects acrobats, danc- 
ers and gymnasts in case of fractw^a 
or injury .while appearing oh the stag^ 
and coven bookings not only hei^ -tih; 
.abroad. .'. 

THOR 18 HOME. - 
■ M> Thor is hone on finfaiMrwri at'tM,p 
Putnam building. Mr. Tbojr imt to 
California Itf the MimnMr;lHid Mttir^ 
'Monday. ■ ■ . /■'.■■i.vl'^ 

The producer . inniedlatoly %llttmi0ii 
hito aettvtty onca again wltb Ms vand6< 

TlUo- MdniBtlbna and oaoa« 

- Bert Oivnt Rettii^fii. 

Bert Grant who. as a result of a mis. 
understanding with his former collabo* 
rator, Joe Young, severed his connec- 
tion with Waterson. :i^erlin & Snyder 
last week, will return to the firm, but 
win write with another partner. In tbi. , , 
meantime he is also to appMr In 'vaodei' 
vilie with his former partner, .'Winiaifi H;! 
Jqnes. , ■ ■ .. 

. Tihe aoi ls to be bandied IvVmrAM 
mtaienbd. - , • ■ ' .-, . ->-■. -f-.^s 


I^ondon, Oct 1. 
. Robert Lorraine in "Cyrano de Berge* 
'lao^' played to $7,000 last week^ 



Awda taii left Gaonic^t aal 

■Ja.lea'irtBgf ataglaad-a^^ - ' ';^%'.^/f . 

BviMiflS Steftocl In Al^ntoMMl* 

: ••'■.'•i Allentown, Pa, Oct i. 
Wolft'.eoinaMnced Monday on the new 
tbaoSbre and oillce building "Wilmer A 
Vlneent are building on the alia Of the 
former Hotel Hamilton. 

Mme, Petrova Reopens in CHicaoei, .; 

Chicago, Oct 1. : 
Mme. Petrova will resume her vaude- 
ville tour at this poin^ opening heie- 
OOvlS for the Middle West^'M^ tbatf' 

By jmUUSHwIff^EBX 

ywifM. acf* goitiB tmt( MnSf tow- mgmb of UU«i. U fbll'. of tlurt aott pUMMdt tUlll! 
te tMtM ym< t» dUik tvliK' li* «<m Bnlw foe 

;ittKi^-lMattqma .|8iiiilll'.ilMHi>.Miin "8wrt»>.aa.riit. . ■ ' 

' At.tti* timrinb • 8>tfi«> mmr jmI to Jut ilp^ Oik •sdtam. aibaMqKfln 
«Mr Inllw iM&Mnm, jwR.laafir -iriMi?^^ aiMasrtlMK imit xMifo-'4A . 

nramtMC wlun. xon sto«d. tit* triat lUUIa 'mwitfi CHppIe CrMkt, Dwran md^ CbUT 
^ w >g» ^tlcj«^^a^_ ^o^»;|^ ^ ^ , 

flto.traf«'«IM-«Nr jgMrisAMJkaMMft. too} mkM ifUH ywir InA tk« jMk. 

. XanwmlMr irbaa jtoil JolnaA tlit. IQiwtnlih twrnty- per- weak 1.011: your- e*ka% 
' ttnr tlkii.ahom luted fly* wMk* ud yon, rods: biu)k to> Cbt on, the bmliM^ 
rood vun't^aoMM in Ctaluro, not if- joa h«d th» otd k«Jei. . ; ^ 
But to roa- 'twu urn invelt of « mrateir m Houdint bajtiiiK & jail, /..'i 

And tbMi:eaQi|i.»'r*u iiltb.»B»p. illow, "Rsiat T,ytm" •Iwaya for i| ran; 
Ton. ptkxjsd SIT' FtsnclK OoTinaea tod titen did threa aoDKa in "cm"; 
Aadf. ttton 7on. tmncboA mitiM- K Ungl*,. aome {Murodla* hooAnc Mid' 
t 'xmikt»Wli 'mX ttfculW' baCoro- aiey. a»itt, ngt,. 


^ A yau fur Aokanaiu A manrla,' » muob for- Ptm. . and for XoeW; 
A MM0B.1)Br. IMBwr Md Poll, Md< » year ' wltli * No; f allow—'- 
mm Mb inAr'Jft Maobtit^ $m moDMw*. oWtUM' Mt- Jutc-tlM: datst ,ac 

Tott now^ wcroi ft. bir tttno sIdkIs. wltb « drop: aod a cm aadi )k. wICo: . 
You apant xonc Snmmeta. In Kmport. and learned 'not to eat wltb jroar. Intlto.. 
°9h« iotorf on. Bro«d»aF all know you. bat yourri* gMtlttK .ii|»:-8U(a. and* 
*Chiu» MMaa>«dt then/ COB. all jrottcnOdlM and MMnri tlur lltoritww- jraor^^^^^ 

BM te't lot toff . MU' Wd dlMaiin' HlwmMi^ «N .ilAi» bnll»m 
ir»i£ril«)t m^at %^.«iiid.k •w««fe«Bfc;iM>Mina'. 4ar. im .•Utiwra to<d|» 
' '< luilp, ikoM.' wlM . ini hunaUhmi lMli»itb!Mw<. iOu^ ttstf t»: b(|i tnf» 

Ipr.' Jto <(f(«ad< luilp,iiiMt/wlM.ic«;«tfaMUw^ 
'.'.f: .Vott iMn't . alwara' ba neiaC tO' aloaioBi, aome dar x^tU; Mwk Moi,, |L 

Mo 2. up wlUi at Peter, ui> wbera the good Actors aro,. 
Vaudeville iip »t Its highest, where no one open'i the- ibow; 
Where every act get* the tame bllllngi and ea«h geta- the aam» Uinai 
It's Heaven, you know% tor youi* A«eBt» below, ' y 

And ao I will elOM up my rhymt. , - 

•nt retail pric« of lO-oept sheet mustoi 
mon^ ttAQi ,tlim«>|iuutaiis oft tlMt neda- 
' Iwin o^-' tlW" B^-.Fi'- P^ A;.'iim''-'iipiMn4i4'' 
their wllllngaMf',.'lSbiC a concerted tilt to 

i. ^itmirevir, ■ o)li)|ii^!iBilr' eiivioiiiirtj^ '. Mr;VMM< 
^„ thing, the shopgirls, who comprise the 
'majority ofi popular mualo purchasers, 
at« beeomlBK mbrO' and moi« epicurean 
tll*il> tutw far this. Und ot muslo. 
and dMaratf bnlgr; th* ourreat hitSk 

«sikt; thi* nttoll eoDO«m with pro- 
y^intixmMjr ttaaJltr •sp«nM% oMl: amtf 

<^|:i»'i«t ft 1wi*•ttl.^«ll«'•ftoaa^.trti<ill• 
<' ^ pKr« pbpul&r 8hMt muskr inW* ti .6% 

With, the iQc&l: B. S. IkSoss- hoiuis* ra> 
vwtlng- to their former smaU tlm* 
vaudevillia prograiut the Faraniouht pro-- . 
gram will be cetaliied in the ipalii. Th«> 
plotqsM; whioli; af» ta IM .iMtUNa: lini all 
tli0 aAvvrttaiiuiri wfiLlw bTitKa IT. 
limnd; avwintlic^iMMjlyf-^M^ 

A, Mn«r timt* wfaSevnUniiba Hritnis- 
thMtr<M .wllli.|)e !the matter- of admlraion 
■eale, "With the InauguraiUoB «f the pic- 
tiiris policy tho admission sealo was set 
at 30 cents top in alt thb-housas. Here- 
tofore it m» w^^tm^-^nutf imAtnmtt: 


It is the intention ot the Moss oillce 
to keep it at 80- cents for. the present 
and tut it gradually H the clientele, is, 
built' up agatn. The JMEtoSon, Bamilr 
ton and Regent will Jftag aliJkjtti Itt. 
addition, to tha plctuim 

Some- of: tb» smaller fry are 
Inown to «elt' their stuil- at 4H cents, 
•with the added attraction of Ave, six or 
'seven colored title pagea. Although at' 
first glance it appears that they would 
•tivor a tilt; their argue they would 
- never iind any ptlrchaaiers wlUiiig to 
carry their stock on liand -when they 
, '«an acquire as many bit 'Songs, vhlch 
''tre almost oevtaln ot Imbv disposed: of. 
' . The 'Woolworth, oliain> reoentlx allowed 
ftr^lfeary. ptiym Kg ouitlnc oft tbm 
Ursw houM* tnm tta- ilsbk la m mai. 
!Vrooiwortli doMi Mt. HtMr «Bir gmb-' 

▲ goo& Owl «c Mbii* i» ai « ib wa 

fMttty (tomab it tout iriMm-hmtiK 
.j^.te* Ik would eanr muala for- a. loag pe- 
Modi oC time on huid, it te turn confiBing 
Itself oiily to current bits, added to at 
vary short periodsi an± th^ older ones 

A song writes somo li or 20 years 
Iftck ■wsmi able tO: draw royalties for 
any number of yeora Now It's the first 
and the song^ is forgotten. 

« - W; ib - lit CMRo* ■ Pagsdat 

Chicago, Oct. 1. 
■» The Watterson. Berlin & Snyder of- 
iees here have been turned Into a Jap 
Vagoda, all walls and everything else 
decorated TWth Japanese stuff, the place 
' weking of inciense, a real Jap butler at 
the door, etc., all In honor of "Poor 
Butterfly Sb a Ply Oal Nowi^" wittcb, Uk 
f«ing heavily plunadk SVaide OlatlE It 
>a ohatte. 


vflfsp Yetk 'cniK' 

kinds, N 

.Star*: and- otevtr people loolilnff for a Tavde* 
villa vehlola, Mia no. t will flnanoe and pro- 
• vida everything. . ' , ' 

I' peraonally book my aota on the- big time 
tbrougb the offlea of my brother, CLAVDB 

There Is a trail founded rumor that 
when Benny Leonard. the> llg}ltii!ialitbt 

wWtb Be tSireateiur to do !» the near 
Xuturck that ba win. haod. ovet his 
llgliti^lg^ tnAnra M liia moat p«r> 
pfointBl^, iMiM. tttiin! .tbA. tlu^: 
Wttth ao^fAr'ifVSH^i^'rXblkanir. 

ftrent ocoatfbns-, aatf tiiongb Jbilany 
was- usually- outttoxed; bO' alwisyK made 
the champ open^ up and fight and 8l>> 
trays gave the fans a riin for their 

Dundee is perhaps the most remark> 
abTe piece of lighting machinery in 
the ring and a shining exampiS of ' the 
value* of clean living for folloiror*- of 
athletics. lltitle battler hasi en- 

gaged iU' ovr SOO ring; contests,, aiAt 
when it is considered that Dundee was 
never ranked am a clsvec perfiKonnt. 
. be i» remarhdUx <Eae. frl»ii lib* Mua 
that namlljr aAmi' -flM< qmiw «t .iMiMa' 
o^. ao^ealtoft-.tflwialB'': 'hiaukftt_^''W»t-'hiiav>. 
wvwM' was a% that feiads. formsv 
aeaiHnr pasteer-^ifllot Knew avekr BMve 
'Jtfiinoy mada- and'. vrtio^edipiMd: bUn' oto 
the Jaw 111' be rebounded from the. 
ropes, one of hi» favorite tricks; 

Dundee fought Johnny Kilbane a 
. tO'-rdund draw when Kilbane- was> at 
the top of hH form., and Johnny proved 
1U» Suspect for the little, Italian by 
Um another*' onpsMttttllsr* 

. '.Bobert cauineflafc.ilMh. aiwwat-ymm 
.■.mtBttie euAloii ciMUibim.. wlU (M%i feia 
ti^e In tlw 't/gm- Oumit^uita^ 

It wUl ba th«< llist tlm« !n t»« litatory; M 
biniards a Qbabtplon has risked bis title 
1.1 open eompttltion. Heretofore , the 
stipulation baa been that he defend it 
once ev«py 40 dajw The -winner wilt ac- 
quire the championship and 11,500' prise 
money. Brunswiclt'-Ballte pays the 
champion |2,40t) a yoar and guarantees 
hinn a tour of Canada, and America. 70' 
cities being played In about 18 weeks. 
The tour flgupes to net the' champion 
about K1400, so the- chatnplOnshlp is 
worth in the neighborhood of |-1'6,000< 
for the bllllant season of seven- monCtuk 
The open championship will be an an- 
nual' event from- now on, and In the 
coming one 10 plftyers wilt bei picked 
other than ttaa- champion- from fl»e<.fbli-- 
lowinr <in« WMders: Kolekhefnr, D» 
Or^ Mftu Poms; BCo€k>ttrt» api^ JMUN^^ 
Mboaet Ottat^a*!, U lsai t q«hit% llatft* 
CovpnOM. aa«. MatoK ^Matrilitarabfr 
itiftmu) t» tM aoodttft siwnt by th* 
PfMeiHS of Pa Om,. fM» irtiom' Cahne> 
tax won the- titter in. the last ehampion- 
sbip mateta. Held st th« Vrlq^" Club the 
flwft wttOt M M> »vr ■. '■ ■" • - ■ „.■■'• 

A basebaU ^une between. the*actors 
and Bong writerB, which will 'complete 
their three-game series, is now being 
arranged bjr Norman Manwarlng. A 
petition it^ aliio being presented through- 
out the theatrical district for the aigiui* 
ture of t^iose who -are willing t^^ffor* 
chase a certain anount, of tid^atSi 'Tlw 
proceeds are to jbn donattd. .Ip Okas.- 
ia«Ua, «;>nnarli: n^iin^ista^ R«a- 
MMaa«SUBf% ia«r isrioiialy lir with 
RBMO^ CWlage 

_ illatttown, Pm , dot. t. 

With that «dditld» ot > ll-9t^ cr- 

ebaatia toi tbm Msvliii; ^ MtaSasMi 

aeala yss' laye aisi Urom 10 to IS «ent>; 

vttlfc aa- SKtm oants for reserved 

settta.. '■•■ •" '" 
The orebestra luder the direction 

ofJUosid A.Mail 

Edelweiss Qardenii,. Chicago,., Inayign- 
nted its winter season. T^^^hdny -algbt 
with' a .new revue by .Etaitt;Bft Bai^' 
entltl«d.--"Atitiwiiii -Xwa." i:JUMmgf thSM 
in tbs .aluaK- an <.tbs Aoltto .ZHw and 
Janes TsUy. 

V ''■ : Itocbeste«'^ T, <)i»t,a|-i'^;:^|i 
loamaliBts- «f-' this-, el^. have .beenrl;^^'^'! 
dBlflftnunMctbah thsir eostomatyvitdiA^?^:^^^^ 
dqcinv^liKpiRBt fMr weifka, and llki^jHj^ ^ f ^ 
\ bsaii.: BUKih iiDoiear. ha .tlM cMi^|i||iff^^dijC-.< 


'BudnK that: thSK 

». labor miloh' imdae't&iKwa)#^^^^^^^^^ 
oif- 'tti«-:ilnn^ciHi.' VMbratiBii- it.'tMmf-tM^d 
bualnM%. and tban-ibmlly wlthdrmr--.fic««tt] '^^^^^^ 
tbit taxHtMot <HrgBiil*ed labor;!. ' : v;^;'^^:^:^ 

Kb #(luteer story in: somQ-:re8pe«ts»L':<:t^ 
btttlBeffiBCta tta6 movement of nawapaiiisiel .„,:^^^. ,, 
men throughout the country toward o^i'^^^^^^v^ 
tftlnhig for their oraft better pay afi*;;^;) '^f i^; 
conditions, tn Rochester conditions oi»^^^ :^ '^^^ 
two oC the four doily papers have been 
about as bad as It was possible to coS'- . 
ceive them. Only- on one paper wiire 
they anywhere near satisfactory to tht- 
men, while- on another papier thoy -w«r« 
aboutr half wagn 

Th» situation' had gradually beoois.. . 
more' a<!tlte untlC the time soenitd^ cljpMtf . - ; 
to. 'organlssei ^hnd: If neeeesaay' 'go tq(-1rai 
mat with the employers! who isil^'^fA 
long turned ftiV;lndiaiSEeat ear to^t^s^ 
pisasi ot. thsis .nisn..- Twisai^ metnb 
the prbfesslon signSdi an* i^iiiatsgiisa^^ 
a. charter to the Aaieelcait Z<lawa«vjmi^'> ; 
tnuuL a: bn^istt^i^wlhtirqait^^ 
' pemMml '^M«i|v'ti«ini^1)sdr:-^^ 

:-'^.ilrii!k'iF.;tlH|^ ^pads^' thaJif.'-x«i^''ii^ ■'r. ■. 
muoA. th« ' in«mbj|iidi^. ihcludsd sll^lp^' 
•bout's. dossB; miin were eUgtiilSi. : 
Wi!, IMheater Newspoipsr , tshrltcqj^ 
'waia r«eogniz«id by tbfk 


Trades Prtotlng. CounciU. a^id thfQU|iky 
.tliM.body presented, demands to tha,;«niirt' 
. sloyers, with the other six unions oC^e 
'council, ^be employers took the stai^ 
' th^y would not recognize the unlop^. t)|ii 
the men, prepared, insisted that t^y 
wouidt or they would hot work,. .TnMi^: 
unlona of the Allied Trades Couiu:!}. i^- ' 
eluding alt the mechanical trades of thS 
papers, voted to support the new unlba. - 
bjt refusing to handle non-unloa copj?. 

In tha meantima the charter was b^I^;i^^|i^>^^ 
up by the International (m- the 9ix^jfli'^' j{^}^i 
that some of the International Couniqll^ l^^; ;/^/^ 
were away from headquarters.. In dU«:.*i~M?V'' 
course members of the new l^^n-'tfli^viv 
covered that when it madis' ft' *MSieii!0:-:::f!M 
with the p^iblishers It must''lac)t^im'^'>''^i''i|'!:?. 
clavso which read:' "The party 'Oit-::^^? -I'^iy^Si: 
first port (the |>ttUIShac1-''lMMI^ adM-' '^>''i'^ 
eedss imiiuiltim-'-ifa^^ 

'- . bis; |ntiqiat*tfMMa - ,ww#:>|!l|MMd-: .«i|MaK; 

this- vMim'^':imm: 

wotdinv tO: aelattliMr iiWdh. mmMT 
plaliriy. Th«» It was disodvefsd'11i«']b<»: 
tw^tibnsl' would not permit any cbanjtis 
-es; ellnina^bn, so the- union voted. ;t<» 
withdraw from tho International. 

The union as formed in Rochester 
will be retained without any present 
outside afniiations, and wUl deal' coltes- 
tlvely with the publishers^ and will have 
a eontract with thism which wilt guaran-* 
tee w-age scales. Th«» members of the 
union considered it a matter of prlnclpte , 
that they would not have anything In^A : 
contract which might bet constru«d.-:)ioi)% '>^(fta^^'i-lf 
hamper tho worldng- of a freo^ an* ni^?!:|^.-if 'j^j 
controlled press; but aside from that sj^'^f .^i-m^^ 
prepared to light to thO' Uut ditch ■f<»^iH.r;Mp5^*;.f 
better pay and mors •quitablo worWitixi^lJ.M^^ 
conditions.--. ., 
, TheJes8onjiQ.-fiir.lS'tl»t.lf-thssr*i«j^^ 

unionise newiqMp«li!',msik.:jlt wlltijiajii/lb^*^ 
be done on a p^.|6Ut.midiw li(ir#!n^lm 
will distingulah ilksiv :e>ilt-.ilNMtt.v.ii^W>'^' 
chanlcat trsdS,^'.(;^; .;. V ■ :^'^::;jS'^--'^ 

Whila ltasrlBt»inUiti(ra«a Typpipe^^ 

. Qblon may hairs a eoiaatituUim tinid! Ja»» 
i^ 'Wei^ put weUi sncmgh^for jjisintent 
it atsams- that these siuBc li<i(s. do.jnot->fit 
the difieNut spaOtlons viJJtm^mma^^m 

, department . . ■ '■rv^i:-'%* 

NEW wmi i!iskm[m 

Bgbsxt Tm Aistyne, the BemiCk staiK !; 

writer, and lioysi Ourtla. • ToMdo lgisl^ «^ , . 

- 'ii0Ss:'inaiv1i«vp'J«tfnsa^itt«M.i^ 

Slam';-aMF' tstof.--«BMiii«ta#-^fti^*^tlii«^*;;l^^ 
loestloi ■rdBoaSrltt'-CUMiibiiy'^cs^ ^^-W 

and: Nsw TOtric.. ' ■■■■•;; ^/v.:*^'' 

• ■ ■ - -■ -. , ■ • '^'J'^.C-^-WJl 



d^MlKt^imtiKatefy on the Mgakig •/ the AtmiiUee, tnt •fter he had obMiuA h^JOa^ 
nat<v, B eifi eit TaMbot mrmnoed tc go to comtinental EMUrop^mmr 
oMwr oB Ui« important amiM«(wflt:.«M(rat caclttirfww /nr VAI^BTY. 

.iyMtotebt^ it the ueomA^mmlie Stabto vil^WMfM 
GjN^tf^ir.«* the mment. 

- J London, Sept 12. 

. 3tie .,^^^ situation in Germany 

today is probably the most striking par- 
lidoz of all the paradoxes in this topqr 
tiirvy land. I». Berlin, for Instance, there 
are doBO to l.OOO picture bosses, 60 
Uii^KtrM. Ja. which .the apoken drama is 
-IkSitt'V p w i ii cB tfdi; ^ eoncwf halla ant- 
oidy tm» TOttdovflle bouaea. . 

Seven nights a week the ■Winter. Oat^ 
den and tbo Apollo (the only two pUUMi 
In Berlin where vaudeville holds the 
boards) are Jammed fo the roof — and 
the overflow from each house always 
big enough to" All another. The acts are 
all received with enthusiastic applause. 
So far as surface iodlcations go vaude- 
ville has a hold on the Berlin playgoer 
quite aa strong as in New York. Yet 
'the -paradox of having no^tnore houses 
for vaudeville than for grand opera con- 
tinues in the face of the fact that the 
exlattng demand would support iMt least 
ail^their pair .«C ''ball^ 

The onsww ia a ^jf»>fiild one.- -n**^ 
arid tteeneat tlnra . are not- enough 
vaudeVUU- .perConnert- in Gennany 
Veep more than two Berlin houses .ce^ 
Ing, so long as the rest of ths German 
circuit has to be supplied. Germany's 
live-year isolation from the rest of tbe_ . 
world has stripped her of vaudeville' 
artists almost to the same extent as it 
bas denied her white flour. With Amer- 
itan, English, French, Italian, Japanese 
and Russian performers lacking from 
German vaudeville bills, it is perhaps** 
less ■ incomprehensible that patrons of 
vaudeville In Berlin should be confined 
iigt^Itwo theatres in which this, style of 
. J^;^oS=i^tertainment is olTered. ; • ' 

:;i(abarrtte"'F^ _ ■ 

lack of vaudeville talent la the trw^n n . - 
dous growth/ of the so-caUed Kabarette 
form of show — a craze that baf swfept 
aU Germany from Hamburg to Munich. 
.In Berlin alone there are no feWer than 
twenty of these combined theatre-res- 
taurant-dance-halls. They differ from 
the American cabaret such as Churchill 
or Shanley offers New York, in that the 
entertainment ia as '•legitimate" as a 
vaudeville bill and presented in the 
flame fashion — with scene changes, pro- 
,.ii^riunmes and all the other accessories 
■iqi 'a regular variety show. The fact 
t^it. the audience is seated at tables 
iutd;:«ither dinibg X>r supping does not 
.lectte to. interfere, with the performance. 
'4%is.iliay be due, of course, to the char- . 
rf^UA^istlc: ability of the true German to 
Isstiage the donands of . bis., stomach — 
automatleally and wlthont 19 tiie least 
jirt«ci|ar1«;^irtdi .hi» Jriindtf^ieotia en- 
lleifiiK'ti'iitbev inenttri^a 
':^v^ a:inatter .et ftMt ttae twen^ XW 
^i!i«ie» III Berlin have the best oC thn iHd 
,^HK6$(Nlle staled well as jimar^i^^ 
i^nendtcd trom the legitimate thttitMi 
.the bins are net.aji ebUDonUe nor 
ii^-'lavtab . in the matter, of produeUon 
ee.SSiegfeld's Midnight FroUe, the; food 
ilhd service are a great deal better — and 
the prices as moderate as in the ordi- 
nai-y restaurant. Prices that correspond 
with those in the -two regular vaudeville 
houses are charged for table seats, but 
witii this seat charge paid, food and 
drink cost no more than at any smart 
refitaurant, and dancing after ttae triMnr 
is thrown in free. 

The "Winter Garden — a great eblong 
hall, once a barracks, seating 3",000— la 
io Berlin today what the Palace is to 
Kew York, the last word in vaudeville, 
Eivcn here one may wine and dine, al- 
vttfough this privilege Is granted only to 
those Bitting on the teraisse^ series of 
KiatSed -platforms running along the rear 
"Wlcn' furthest from the stage. Smoking. 
.Of cearae^ ls*.iiHrialtted. "Aa It is to most 

of the German theatres, " '" . • 

TwahW Aafei at Winter. GardeM..^! 

istaiee OM TCVOlatien the Whiter CSar-. 
den bas bem iiiinita«.t«reive. ae^.ita^^ 
eluding the tnmr'em-oiit film eoimGf*. 

evideneins. the. libid <tf vaodevflle 
fare new beisK (Mrsed^QnUiMni. tt inaar 
be InterMtins to iletan ttae "Winter Ghu> 
den'a SeptenrtMr un (both vaudeville 
and kabarette bills being changed only 
once a month). 

Opening the show is Hansi Intunans 
"with her ducks." Here is a genuine 
novelty. The girl is pretty and — thin! 
The ducks, six in number, do pretty 
nearly everything in the world except 
talk, and get screams of laughter. I 
have seen ctuch worse tnumbor one" 
offerings at owt Justly Cunooa Ityaee an 
Broadway. _ . 

The Oeza-Varady troupe fOUow. a trio 
of singers and danoeris who sing better 
than ibey dance — a small time act 

Kari JBdUr "with "bis coUeague 
fNldci' " <the latter a noth-caten don* 
kqr) comes, third. The usual -QenMi.. 
tow- comedian worthing .pantomtaM 
and uaias anjitiieda ■lade flmMM.bgr 9oe 
Jiuksen. The aet ia tofrtaibehnifly oinr 
tor AunBelemm andfeneea. 

Bose Itnauer, modestly blllfaig herseM 
as a "hunorist;'* seemed to strike the 
audience that way. "^ Aside from a mar- 
velous ability to distort her round, fat 
face into grotesque grimaces, Rose bad 
littlfe to offer that would get a laufl^ 
out of a Broadway gathering. 

Alnieat a Classic Act. 

Closing the Orst jjuurtT-and consider- 
big, tbe^natuie itf the aict it would strike 
an JUnerieaa iaaiaiMe: as k tUieuleus 
plade OB Om bm—la Pwqr Oepwegrt 1 
leal' down. But - beCote he - b . 
thnaigh. jUa aet one diseorem. tiiat 
Js.fdOM^ltfnc that approkehea very ektee 
tb' the .etasite. - Corwcgr gets a f iiU .stage 
set, .an fsterior, wlMeh on ,|iia entiaaee 
Is aboohiteiy bare except' for a ptdtet 
fence running diagonally upstage. The 
pickets are reeds on which he plays the 
overture from "William Tell" while a 
ferocious-looking bull dog chases him 
back and forth. Every other trick mus- 
ical instrument in the act— and there 
are a dozen different Hinds— drop or 
are hurled at him from the flies. The 
finish comes with a veritable "rain" 
storm of cats and dogs— which he tries 
flrst to dodge and then grabs by the 
tails where they lie — and?.,;witb them 
does a bell ringing verslQii. of the 
"i^bimes of Nonaandy". by swinging 
them'^round his .head. Conrey is good , 
enough to have the whole 'Me^tll^-:^^ 
Hippodrome for twenty m^tmb ' . . °i 

Openfaig tho-aecond par^Vfw^lijiii. and:: 
.OhtU^ fi>te on roller likat^/ .niey 

Om . two hfetdlhiiw .,on-'tlrtL blOf 
MkHk Baiii, * Ger^iait :-«pa)k 
who eaee epen: a 'tbue ' (i| .mdat have 

m long UntTllfd^''^ %wr) 8^ 
at tbo Royal OpeSt|' Hotdie m, Petrograd 
jand. In Moscow, gets JQut <dioiee of po- 
sition and apparently is & top. heavy 
favorite. It is sji s^sL-^Pierlcan \>aude- 
ville audiences woii'ld w(ilic out on— the 
woman unattractive in appeQuatajM^fa^Ml 
a long way past her prime,' V'' " ' 
Karl Bernhard, -also 'l^iulng himself 
as a "humorist," comes nezt^ Perhaps 
ho is. 

' Erik Jan Hanussen, a Danish mind 
reader sharing the top of the bill with 
Mrae. Rnpp, la cleverer and has a more 
effective act than Pauline ever had. If 
he can apeak English there is a fortune 
waiting for him in the United States. 
"With- his "neutral" origin Hanussen can 
play the Entente countries without fear 
of prejudice, and he will be a riot wher- 
ever he shows. "Without attempting to 
describe his act, it may islVe foine Mett 

of it t» say he is a mental Hooow* 
Working most of the thne in the anm«. 
cnce itself he lays himself open to 
heckling of every possible kind— and 
never once fails to turn the laugh cn 
his heckler. Between times he makes 
the score or more of individuals from 
the audience whom he has invited onto 
the stage — shouting to them from dLls- 
tant parts of the auditorium— do stunts 
that keep the house in paroxysms of 
laughter. As a finish he takes each one 
of the men and women from the stage 
beck to their, aeata^ and tells the 4udi- 
111 ;.9t la » «c«!it 

- trhderitl«a m«ba«ebi«dBt o^^^ 
son, this place has taken Beriia by 
storm and every night' three timei aa 
many pleasure seeker^ as the place wQl . 
hold try to get in. The bright particu- 
lar star is Uax Landa, a comedian who 
reminds one vaguely of Willie. Collier 
in his qtfet my eC cettbig his vMata 

WUlby Oompk fThe.liysteiioiis Plate," 
la a mediocre. Juggler HwiM ^Rves'io. 
qfeed on their way theae «C. the -aodl'. 
cnoe who don't waat to 3palt-far'lhs 
flbn eemedy!. 

Tho WbtMr-GaiifleM Iji .undw.ti^ .maa- 
sgencnt of lbiii8' Retners. " ■ ' 

At the Apoflo Theatre. 
Jamea Klein is manager of (he Apollo 
Theatre, a house that reminds one not a 
little of Hammerstein's old Victoria in 
T«ew York. It is really the only put- 
and-6ut vaudeville house in Berlin to- 
day. The bill for September contains 
eleven acts, of which only two^ wonld 
"go" In America. But either, oise of 
them is better , in its line than .anything 
>'ew York ever saw. 

The,.S|«.;Aiitaiietti^ ftye |i!Bys.v;aBd-» 
gill, ranging ia-aijes flrant stk to bIiIshw ' 
Ml Qoarter «(. ail Boor 'te th«- 
r,- dad ta ftaat kngth. of .tlnet 
Sive'ini eadtfUtlMi oC sersbatie aovidtiea 
that.lttVBlUr.llftii. fh« tuidlenee out of 
Its -sewt (Uie aiiA again. The 

tn^Mr of tili'.baiid of youngsters, work- 
lae as an attendant only, keeps the act 
moving at top speed every minute, but 
flguret himself in only one stunt, a 
casting act in which he tosses all Ave 
of the boys onto the ample shoulders 
of the girl like shots out of a machine 
gun. The Hippodrome has never had 
anything even faintly approaching ,tlM 
class and sensationally clever eiiglsal- 
ity of this team of kids. 

The other act is a pair of "Hand and 
Head Acrobats," King Luis, and • son. 
Working with a pair Of springhoardo, 
one set above the other not unlike the 
layout for a diving act, tbls pair do 
double and triple somersaults Mraiil- 
taiMouSIy, the elder man flnishine in 
tlBM to catch the otho* on his sheiildsra! 
Wearing dinner Jadceta fkoin 'iitart vo 
flniBh ^d without so moBb as rstCMng 
their, littir,. they present a ten^ntnite 
tun which ;lb. all deas sail Inlbiltetr 
richer fa : eurnrl se s tiata. aayfl^nic ^ a 
atndlar JJad ever' seea in .the: Blatasc 

»«:«Mt or tba^ bOl 4w«ni:«d wtat 
pitlftti eactniaeiB iBerltai (and Ger- 
auta3r)' 'lMUi to go iff . get tdeether any^ 
thlnsr trembling a good vaudeville sho-a-. 
The, audleneei even stands for a half 
hotir of marionettes. 

-^"^ Good Kabarette Bill. 
,.'Viie', Metropol-Palast, with wMeh.-ls 
ebntteoted the Palais de..I)aBs«b .!■ ene 
of i.tbe^Aibst poputar 'Sabantlea, with 
of:.!— .tables; erstfag Iwr 
:f£tae -eurrent-blll liMdiiaee . ne 

<ir\whlcb one vis a ralailat 

djibi' '^S^ Mle^t.* ^^Oa 

ve]8e.:ia. Ch^nany at the mo- 
meniti^ nbttrtemwaUty Ja depended on 
to isiakie..^jtj^:.i9wti^'j^ over. The scene 
Is a :hoteI?b<idrodnr^a^d the action re- 
voty«i» about ' the first momentB alone 
of a;newly wedded .coiiple. The curlaJn 
com^s down on what (to the German 
audiflnce at least) seems a screamingly 
funpy situation^ — with the bridegroom to 
driink he passes out on the floor l>eRide 
the bed andrthe bride, having .lisrobcd 
In fiiU view of the audience, crying that 
"This is h^t- as mamma promised. " 

Of the regular turns, one had merit — 
an echo of the old Rice and Prevost 
team, in which a woman played straight 
for a really clever eccentric acrobat. - 

Nelson's Kunstlerspiele in the Xur- 
furstendamm is the smartest of Berlin's 
"Weat End kabarettea and quite tlie most 
attractive of any of them. With a loat- 
ing capacity of only 400 it Js mor 
ly like the style of eatettalnaRifi 
at the Folies Beisare (taMr the FOlten 


At the BMoient. lands Is playing- the 
lead fa a. one-ao( Ouit^^ t^UtA "A 
Nightly GoMtf' IV Mis: JSoeky. Iftr.aUl 
away the ■devwest aad leMt/SiilpiBestlva 
of anything modem noir t» toir liNa la 
Germany. It to tho treatawiit Of ths 
old triangle situation in a ftuhlOD no- 
body else ever attempted before. Adapt- 
.. ed for American vaudeville and given a 
cast of three capable actors, this piece 
would create a furore. Others on the 
bill at the Kunstlerspiele are Heina 
Fuss, Liiesel- Alden, Fritz Junkermann. 
Lotte Andreeen and Fritx Splra. They 
are all artists. 

The Bonbonniere in Munich is a kab-. 
arette not . unlike the Kunstlerspiele aa|t 
with a bin almost as excellent. - 

In Cologne, headquarters of the Brit- 
ish Army oiC Occupation, the principal 
kabarette is SIroplicissbdus, with fif teei| 
different a^. in the, current bilL They 
are cdl'seonnd 'daits and include' only 
. dancers and singers, thhrteen ofs.:tlMai'. 
woBien. It is a strOdng connweatarr aa 
tho ffTeets of frateiraisatlan (so ^ ' 
OmmeA of sad:-. 
wbilrtijl at lisr the- hl^MK.- lu m f ,- 
.tIadf'.BKHUi-; offipe ipr Jy ia el^ ' i 

^nnHter itls becanin CoMeitti^ head^^V : 
quarters of the American Army of Oo^l^i 
cupatibn, is so much ^smaller than COv 

logne or because of action by the mill- 1 
tary authorities, the fact remains that, 
the doughboys' amusement — so far as ; 
the theatre In Coblentz is concerned— j..^.; 
is limited to army-censored motion pie^jv^^ 
tures and "concerts" at the Y. M. C. " 

"Which may or may not account for Jy, 
the numl>er8 of American army iiBl^'..'->' 
forms to be seen in Colognel ' > 


Gus Hill wants to break into the ranks ■ 
of the Broadway producers, and wlttij;''.; 
that end in view has put into rehearsal^- 
a comedy drama with musical interpola*:'ji.'; 
tions, entitled "Puck and Judge." by 
Frank Kennedy. 

The principal roles In the production v 
are to be played by two men, bothv-;!; 
weighing' in excess of 300 pounds. i 

There are 16 speaking parts in the, 41 
show and there will be 20 chorus girla, . 
• Frank Tannehill and Bd- Hutchinson 
will stage the produoUfla.: whidi wUL-^. ' 
have an out-of-town. ' 
Itay. It win be brought ■ 


Irving Berlin, Inc., the x^usie publl«ih«' v 
er^ will have Its title beim^> icvjng Bn^ni -!. 
'Ua. siHeSd^ all over the^'eoidMiy-odiai-' ^a; 
nebctatr Oct 6 for a iredc: • " K ^ 
The HarieiiB lioew Circuit fa to baiw ; 
the "BeieUa WeA^ la.ajl of its. vaudci' 
vflle theatipca^ llb l6Mi;thaa two cu'rra^- il^ 
Berifa aoags wm be taMutt at eveiar pci^^<^^ % 

At the saaie tine the lOe, retail miisiiB^: -t^ 
stores. wOf-aMka a .qieeiei' display, et^:*-' 
the BflrUa bMrte^ iuid frving Bering : 
persoa wffl e s mmisicie a big thne vaii 
vlUe .toar fa Nmr Toik. 


San Francisco, Oct. 1,, . ..• 
Ix>ng Tack Sam arrived on the Nan- • 
king from Shanghai lost week and " 
for Salt Lake City, where he opened «^ 
the Orpheum in a sew .act this week, j:;. . !^: 
- . ^ . -■.:>■;'■■-» 
A nwii% produced by Jes UImn, fee? 
turing nrajKlttl. Sophie S«liallr Mlas 
Bfatthewiak Ct. Bdwaid. Bit«|9a .Cal(f«M^' 
.aad BOly.SidUvaa. jQpened at -the V«ki-^IA 
kfa Garden. Newark, N. jr., laai'lfonMr/ 

lIUlfiiRS AM) AO^ 


Blnuiei* ifoA Ho "Wall*. 

MtuT at tiw.»lM* CBBly CMUn, 

-De CoorMr aad Ji 

Hanr Cast^ 
of th* world ^ 

^IftermaUi of Strike Proving Fight Brought About Better- 
ir. V of Conditions for Both Side»— A. E. A. Conipelliii^ 
Manherv to Abide by Verbal Contracts Entered 
' bito Before Trouble, Wins Faith of Man- 
agers — Arbitration Board Cleaning .Up 
■ — : ' General Sttnatioii. 

■btilghtenln^ out of the iMuneh>us con- 
MottactunU ^flOflidUM that arMe front 

tite situation thus far seema to prove 
ttiat there hu been a general, tiettennent 
it conditloiu for atf parUas oodoefiMA loi 

the recent difficulty. ' ■•. 

• The strike ended on the morning <tf 
i-.|iw>tember I; ' iBiBftMlately thereafter 

tJMut 2,000 eases were referred to.Uie 
toaders of the A. K. A., and while ^ 
majority w«« rather simple questions 
readily settled, there were about 400 
cases that had to come up before the 
Joint arbitration board of the A. B. A- 
imfl the Producing Managers* Assocla- 
tkm. These have been virtually cleaned 
and thers undouhtedly will be a cleaa 
gg..^Ubl>y the time Bbihday rolla around, 
^'^^.fbe MMfVl opinton is ttiat matters 
Ja,ie ptoceediid- «Bt ■MrttftifiKlrily for. 
IMi lideaL me A. & A. feu 
a grwif 1 liniwli • «f jBCMb In- 

taken on two vertttl oontract QUi 
brought up after the strike. These were 
the cases of Savoy and Brennan. un- 
der verbal contract to Flo Zlegfeld. and 
had an opportunity to jump to the Shu- 
herts at ah increase In salary, and that 
of Chris Hayes, who likewise was under 
verbal contract to Comstock & Gest for 
"Chu Chin Chow," and who, during the 
strilce, slgiied to 4ppear in a production 
eaUtled "the Dream Glrr at 100 pec- 
cent. -Inecease in salary. Both of these 
'fuer wlwe .decided by upholding the 
iMuiagenraits ander- which .tliey orlg- 
InaUy held verfeal centraefst- . • 
- - This. IndiGafies-awre-ii golBK 'to-bfr a 
treat metmm Mt goo4*ia Uie uHr MUm 
tfilDBB.lDrtlw managers. It will slop .. 
I •^f'iiHm from MlijUng againat ea<»ttUiMr tot 
the aenteeB of certaia iteirMfi,-^ Oia 
cooittant it^empta to Istear* a IlKrocita 
Irpai another management.. . 

• i^om the actor's standpoint there will 
alfio be innumerable advantages, for it 

' will hamper the activities of agents who 
engender petty difficulties between play- 
ers in an have one or aaotlter 
set out of a show so Uia asant enLSjaoe 
:', them elsewhere. 

; * In the settling 0|f the dlilicult cases, the 
Srst one that 'caine up for attention of 
-;f;lhe a. E. a. was that of Sidney Jar^ 
(-"l.^and the Shuberts, within one day aft^ 
the declaiatim^ of peace. This waa 
amicably arnnged and Jaryla reJoInaA 
rfktonte Cristo Jr." ' The . WUUaa • 
^.fliedian<u(L & Woods, 
piras alab mUUti Meeha 
"^tt nport to ttM Woods 
■|>»Traa iilMMiiiiliig with the 
■tv "•^'Wk mpsfcal eoaiedy. 
t;^ - ^ case of RIcbte Ung with Com- 
v; ftodc & Qest was settled by the player 
^.^,»eelvlng' his salary for ten weeks and 
;:^^^|^lng up his coMract with the Arm. 
f i^yuh settlements were also made by this 
^ 1™> with Ida Mulla and Lucy Beaumont. 
jS^ohn Cprt made a cash settlement with 
;^>^ly Clark and five members of the 
: chorus of "Just a Minute," and the mat- 
, t«r of Eddie Oarvie vs. Cort is still 
pending before the arbitrating hoard. 
Cash settlements were also In order ta 
,^ the cases of HUfeipxtA Vomat and Dor* 


etily TUnw agalast Charles . Elmerson 

Oofli; and la am.«um.UK^ Hacri- 

.... . 

I M Jamai OaOmMr and data 
PalnieF were decide against iOie 
aacnibers. altlwttgb the A. Ei. A;- 

to pay the two a lump sum 
as they had a riioral claim. 

Among the cases still pending are 
those of five members of "The Better 
'Ole" against Charles Coburn, and that 
of Cyril Chadwlckt who claimed be quit 
the "Magic Melody" In r^aanal feMaiue 
his part had been cut. 

A summing' up of the slfuation gener- 
ally shows the action of both sides, up 
to this point, has been exceedingly flair, 
and the new order of .things in tbe. iprw. 
■fesslon seems to be eiiaidljr 

"Baice of Deatli.* 
Frank Browne, scylopbohtst^- ; 
Dalwyn and Uzzette, voUer iricatera. 
Ward and Ward, Jugglers. 
.lAurel Sisters, dancing (Harry Bur- 

, Catherine Powell and Co. (seven peo- 
ple), (Morris & Fell). 

Mme. Cronln, assisted by Se Mar and 
Swan, electrical dancing specialty. 

Al Herman's first productloc. In a 
comedy talking act, presented l^r AllMCt 
-^Kennedy and Maiy. Dana. 
. Gllda Tktl Ton haa JobidI the. 
itUM jPredericks, 

The Five Martelles,' which split be- 
eause* of the war, has reformed - and Ibl. 
now known as the Three Martelle% 
wltb a comedy cycling routlae.. . ..v 
'Oertfnde Rutland is JaUltHK' ■'VA 
.Oieam OlrI.r ^lArlw JBin^m aeir^furn. 
Sha pBl da flw aiMla' <sft^..wptaiBliig 

Barry, foot jerMMss ffomtlk,Batti, ■ 

meilr^CbiU, Reiecfe aitd Bdwarts]^." v 
'.Anna- Held, 3Ki abd Jade OUCafL 
Two-act. (Rosalie Stewart.) 
Dale and Burph, man and woman. 

(Chas. Bierbauer.) 

George Choos is producing a new 
girl act, "Hello Judge." Victor Kahn, 
Loring Smith, Blanche Boone and Butb 
Francis are featured. Wm. BtandaH bp 
kaging it. ^ > /. . 

The strike of the I. A. T. S. A„ b) 
progress at the Academy, Petersburg, 
Va.i was settled last week. All of the 
stage Jiands' demands were granted. 

"Bringing Up Father," the first ^ow 
to arrive following tUj issuance of the 
"road call" forbidding traveling I. A, 
men to work with non-unica stage banda 
at the Acadenqr, waa bflld np (ar tare 
hours Wednesday attht.. .. 
. .Following a o oi ifc i r. tBi c e .between the 
onion, ud the ttaaaapMBt . of the 
Aoademy, .a aettlMiMBt '«m«'««afllM 


Davis Harris oat of Proctor's New 
ark, last bb^ Oaeea. Jail 

Smythe and Gladys, American, 
lialf. replaced by Browai and Allan. 

Jasson and Chwry, AHnerlcan, 
bait nvIaMd by pdbrfdfa aad 




Fred' Irwin has bought « farm of 14 
acres near .Atlantic Hi^^ilaada, New 
Jeraqr. cldya to tbo: Imaa of .Goa; lUU.. 
He utOL ntfdiii tbK* durfng iliariHirtar 

HELINB ««lltlLEV> DAVn • 
"Miss Ihivli' eharsctertuttons ran^lns from • Colonial Maid to Toniea' Old a(» p«rt ever 
with awMtnesa and <lp. Her remtilltr and charm are produotlon gualltt oUoi is, satt lCtMt< 
oal Comedr managers ahoutd aM tlita olevar antartatMrrHFltat'* wkst Votary ssid Is r~ 

UiM Davis Is at tha Orpbevm, Breoklra. thie HMfc ONW- UitjfuA flk.r^' ^ 

York, next week (Oet.t); t^an plays Boston; . 
TsH^ ta.the otder r- — " 

'-lc«Ntfitir'Ml'-iKa , 
::tl|ia:inalb' havlaf ■f«aa»ite » jSpj|<;>»/ 
a adaor (vecatloB pemtmad the«i/4 :^i'r^ 
' VEn. Wm. O'Brien, known profciiHioh- 
atly as Emlla Egiunar (O'Brien and Eg- 
amar), is seriously 111 at her honie.'is4 
Hull street, Brooklyn. No hope is bald. 
lOr her recovery. 

Henry Lewis is around Broadway^ 
again, following a nertous attack of fh- . 
testlnal trouble which, for a whil(B, 
threatenedJils life. Lewis is rehearslBg: 
with a. a. Anderson's "Frivolities Of 

Gene Hughes returned to his desk In 
the Palace building this week after 
treatment for an attack of appendicitlSr 
The attending physicians found that {66 
gacks yielded the desired results attd; 
aa operation was e^voided. . 

Ha Grannon has fully, recovered trwitt:!^ 
.,,lier recent Illness wbiiA enforced^^!^ 
. caaertlatioB of - several weaka' - b<x>kMir>'' 
ta'taatehi'Fe&BavIvwgii^ "V 


.IM abd XSirt^ AstaM; "Apjtte BIiM|^ : 

J. Francis Dooley and Corlnne Sayhts' : 
(Dooley and Bales), by the Shuberts, --^ .; 

Jimmy Duffy and Fred Sweeney' ^ 
(Duffy and Sweeney) have left Raymond 
Hitchcock's "Hltchy Koo" and WWit into 
Shubert's "Gaieties." Wednesday. ThlS:^ 
will do their vaudeville specialty, for th^ I 
. iwesentT • . ■ 

Gladys Sears, just returned from ESnist^ 
land, has signed to play the feature nle :; 
in Max Spiegel's forthcoming musical 
comedy, "I'll Say So." , v ' v 

, Keegan aad Edwar^ Cvai)(diMl^>j; ■ 

with Flo taiif^^ii^^mi^^i^mm 

Boot. • ■ • ■■ '.■';^:>>if^ 

■ Tyler Brooke, "Angel Face." • ■ ^^'7-;^^ 
. 'WUIIam Meehan, "The Big Chaifcifc? .'i ■ ■ 
: Welliagtoiii Cross, ''Wliat's tbeHQidiiif: 
•^hMie.Qniiia< ,rHelU Alexander.'^nS^:^ 
BIr'Tbiiriii;: Vpvr, byvihe SlmbW^ fnp^ 
the new aliw Bail j-^ '- ■ " ' ^ 

Johnny TQjrdtaaa: 
the bNUlbig iKi4e la' 
'Vfilddjr: CHriaCr wlilA dtedlilL'IrttiC 
aeat'OB'-tlie toim iaisii^ 


iV: .;ea!ii.£.::V::i; 


eluube eC ' tbe 
Is ssw.i: 


^' sil t Bi l -fcUtfL- - ::;.- ■ ' f- : _ 

Sineat Z^ashmair, Australian iiMtnagai^^rs^.v';^.!.^^;;^^^ 
CiMppoU & Company, U. la Kevr . York o^tst't-f '.'3^4^^ 
rins irUli the loear niaiio. -bwuw 'ms^ 
Walttr Bastman. 

- jaik^Ouni; -iasi «ith.igBCMiir ana yM»rl 
»i ajsr- M Ms mn aMfc -lie jijsigiyliiist rtlfeaC; 

■■ .•:'-'.#'V.I. 

' aanU Wocka hai purelwaMtaa lalMceat U.3lwl:u^^_ 
CaMJr's Hcho HniSo. Co., Seattle ^^W|%?—^'^#Ma 
Caaejr, aomo nontha aco, was iwtiveljr *s- 
Based perronally maoaclnf hla ■ mttrotioiltaiii ■'>' -7i'^^ll| 
bmnch In tbia city, but returned to "VfiJ^blng-' ^ '^'^^^i^'^^^ 
ton .after. seUing out part ot hU - wuios to ' vV$>"j2l| 
m^^;A Vontwv oC CtfaMtga ^rm ^fMsm \a m M 
ths soMsn: tiw.MM;aMy lNewM^a«ave :oium -hv'^^'L' if^ 


■ Rsr Wallco: retnmed to town last wort,'«ltwr:;;'^';5*i%>, ' ' 
a yMfa soJouTB la yiwic«.^>th so entortaia- ' 
uont unit. Walker, InddentaUr. placed soim 
U Us bnnd tl Jsa anmbors witfc .so^emi, 

mm |infhaMtiat;.''-~^:>;^.f:^f^» 



'■r.^:'^^'.:r ^-'-^^--iT^?; r:>jj^'y^^^ 


-IWIHi «K 

ct the Olroa^ Tbeatov; billed u k real 
ruhloa ihow, «na ronUd ondM' "BobB" 
BarMteln'a tranchlM. Whoerer ehrUteaed tala 
"Bvto" could-«nd (hoald— b* Indicted for p«i'- 
Jurr; B«mite>n U a« Xtr Irom that oonvedy caMr 
r»T t>l> "bow li from ptrfect, but "RvbcC 
In tUs aeaion'* effort didn't »lin » 


*^Rm FalliM aC PUuor*" ia tbe carrtst »t- 
tmctlM St tbe OlriBple. MUad « raal tan 

ImK aiutpabooten. 

"Sii* FoIUea of PkMore" It the t]rp« of thow. 
that OMd to break record* on tbe old Weatem 
wbeeL Ifa the type of abow that can wh:rl 
•round the elrcnlt once and k^p tbem comlns 
In, and that type of abow In perfect for the 
^f.u^tf.mK whcol, for after mJi, the Amaricna 

i^M^ That i^SST aC Mltaw 
<^nn" and "tiff." "MtiT 
«an glf It to them. 

When "Hnbe" went oearcWnr for hU current 
entertainment be atarted with the choma. 
"Bnbe" flinred the chonu hie "aee," and 
"BBb«" knew how to flsor*. Ula cboran U hi*. 

Jny. Bematelii la m tu :ft«B ° Ont 
categoiy aa hi* ihow If from perfect, bnt 
"Robe" in thli <|aaan's effort didn't aim at 
a perfect dww. "Rnba" aimed at a naashty, 
naughty, predaetloa. and "Rube" la one of 
bnrleaqae'a beat tbaipabootera. 

"The FoUlea of Plaaaore" U the type of abow 
that uMd to break reooida on Um'^^ ■ 
wheel. Jt'a the VfV of atwW 

wi «tat .«m M 

taf to alow «p M-iaalW action and 
the perfonnano* J» •» »arie of tlieaoiaenaa. 
Thla brought the fcKtore act. "Ulmie Werld," 
on after 4 o'clock for Ita long itay, aa( Ik* 
audience, to aome extent, becara* impatleilf Md 

Pariah and Pent opened Oa tU 
what was earily tba htt «t tlw aAOTM 
eomblsatlon haa taapmreA wgndadWIjr ttaea tta 
vsuAtIUo debot here, .-jid the elesiag Mctloa 
called for Intermittent applauae after each rtnnt, 
. the turn exiting after a half doaan weU-«am«d 
' ^ibrtataB calls. 

Ocfald B. .Orunn. t he tenor a toyr , wa a mmrw 


taB wM ^«l]t u «eEihoot o( tka 4M Weet- 

tm Toot^ tmd tt pUys to the aame grade e^ 
aadlenca. Ttet giade of audience wanta the 
old "Jaa" *»d "*lp." and "Rube" Is .the 
kid who can give It to them. 
tVhca "Ralie" went aeatehlac Aw hla cw- 

!-Ma In tact, they do it 
I* flnt pari, and in tiM 
I fgit dMr tako tbetr tm, ilrft with the 
' fttA then with llM "coocK" The 
.■'HmM, as a matter of fact, li all move- 
apparently appreciating the fact 
' Ibat BMveiBenta mean more than a "Imok" on 
tte American wheel. It doe*. 
Slit back of all tb« dooMs aAandre. back «t 
|te Mgtl-mt. ant tMit «C an tlM 
MMb^ >BalM» haa a 
.tai'h food east and be haa a good-heklng pro- 
AkUod. Ia Tom McKenn* he taaa a singer of 
-M mean quality. McKtnna is genuinely ma- 
gical.. He has volume and real music to bis 
notea. ' vren though the "book" did aailgn bim 
to a Nla that looked like a pocket edition of 
Xew KaOy. McKeona did a aear-specialtr by 

IMt « Hb« KsTB kaak 

lleKnma, notwithatandtav 
•spaiknc* (and McKenna haa 
lathriceller eaptriaaest. la Uabia to fan 

a Weat admlsaion. 

In his comedians "Rube" haa good combina- 
tion. They work well In double haniea*^ par- 
ticolarly Uanny Besacr. one oC.-tka 

■riL --mmm *tm Me..>*ir'-hia 

Ba plays a 

his natural dialogue, 
I type. Clyde Bates Is tbe 
'6onle-rat leaat he ia the one "Rube" 
ionaadera tha paper on. Bates Is a funny 
eomio. His is a tiamp character, and it Is 
•rally understood tliat tramps'jua dltljr. 
la no exception. . Hia atost, piatanaq^ 
■ia nilHini aai^ ln» ».pl!«a at a^taMa 
is tkB oiWBar. MaA kk a •MT- wkanbi he ia 
tiMini of hla clothes Bates «aa adoraUe— NOT! 
- 'Violet Hllson was quite a bit loader than mu- 
. ileal, but Miss UllBon la an asset for "Rube." 
.ai least whilo he ti traversing tbe American 
mate. The American wbeel audiences will like 
Ulsa HUnn. Ruth Barbour, built along the 
Unea of Hiss HUson. also added to tha asset 
^fW 'fBriMb*^ Mi It. laik »< — BMt .<« 
ta top the ftaolniai dhWtk. Ill«t« 
I thron^out She had that 
^^galty that keks so pretty when contrasted 
with the TuIgaV. Miss La Rochelle gave the 
ahow that essential touch of class. 

Bat the yomg lady who tendered tbe toast 
entitled "Ihera Are Times 'When I want It," 
■hoold ha aoppMatad. Tliat was .not only vul- 
tt^ w jMAclMi^ sad K :Ifr. ~ 

Hahe^ kmw how to figaia. His efaonia Ja kli 
aca. .VRSbar^* choroa haa diamatlaed tM 

"ahbnmte" and Inunortallied the "cooch." They 
do tMtb exceedingly well. In fact, they do 
It continually through the first part, and In the 
iecond part they take their turn, first with 
the "shimmle" and then with the "cooch." The 
second part, as a matter of fact is alt move- 
BMntSb "Babe" apparently apmeciatiag that 

But back of all the doable entendre, ImA tt 
all the seml-sniut, and back of all the BMva- 
ments, "Rube" has a pretty good show. He 
has a good cast and he haa a good looking 
production. In Tom HcKenna he has a atnger 
of no mean quality. htcKenna is genuinely 
mosical. He baa a -vohima and real aaoaU 
ta Ma 

given aaffldeat applauae to warrant a s p ee ch . 

Rives and Arnold tiave a good routine of cross- 
fire patter, ctoslng their skit with a comedy 
number. Tbe material has- been well written, 
and whUo the opening is alow, the couple, acoa 
had tbeov (obig at tbe nilMMMii a 
spot for a apeeialty tt tUa. 

a good alaed 
hit with tttir dancing, bat the talk about the 
teaM baa been wwked to death. Thry might 
procnre womethl^K atiglaia .ibr their. openlBr. 
for ones they ipit atttM-tha'CMHilr JMi laU 
them over.- . ■ 

jr. Rosamond. J(ola«aaB ,aad Ma ^ 
• wallap with tha innMiv, mi 

typa af 
ahonld coa 

already. ' ; . ' 

Adrian, in next ta alaalag .ijaa ltlnn . didn't 
carry luffletent strength fi>. fkat qwC Aad- 
Adrlan, working with a quartet af 
diaggcd hla avedalty along fag • 

edition «e £«w Kelty. IfdC< 
specialty - by hInaeU and gave the 

their money's worth. And If "Rube" Isn't a 
rube, he'll bang on to UcKenna, (or McKenna, 
notwithstandiog bis ratbikeller experience (and 
McKenna has acme rathskeller experience), is 
liable to (ail into something that calls for 

mm a good 

iBtrodaetlon Adrian dMnt ahaw 
to wanaat their addition ta tiia npertoiral 
Adrtea aancau Hamy L*wl« aad haa takaa a 
few 9t bis •VIA," appawatly wMh'ldi M t t tt l m 


Business was far above the average at the 
matinee, the house carrying. wlttUn a (ew scat* 
«t capacity «a tba4* tka- 

aatoral Hebrew cemedlaaa thla partleolar 
wheel can boast of. Besser does not "ape" his 
character, like most of his competitors. He 
plays a clean role, draws laughs from Ms nat- 
nral . dialogue, and doesn't tnsult the type. 

Clyde Bates Is the principal comic; at kaat, "* 
ha la the one "Rubo" squandered the paper 

BaM.-ta-a fHagr aaade. Hla la a 
dauMtai; aai ft la natgl 
ttamiM are dirty. Bataa la aa 
moat pietureaqoa aoena ma iplL. 
a Plata at a talle scene in the opsqer. ^ 
Violet Hllson was quite a bit Isaidsr ttJs 
musical, but ISlm Hllson Is aa asset for 
••Rube." atvleaat while he Is traveralng the 
American mute. The American wlteel audleneea 
«m Ufca Ulsa HPaoa. Rath Barbour, buUt 
ahng tha Unea «C Miaa BUaeo. also added to 
the aaA dtrnm .ta 
Annette Za ltnfbaHi I 

slon. Mlaa Ja. Rochelle was _ 

out. She has that dignity that looka gp 
when contimated wHli tha 
Rochelle #nw. flha-afe 
of class. • ■ . 

- lady who tendered the tcaat 

ha Hgpnaaed. That waa net aa|r 


■ - " CMei««k Oat J. . 

vanoa agent, wa* ioMkit to 
a aMnA liunate «jr aft bMUM- 
In CUeago last week. Buchbtnder had 
eonunltteed to the institution ire* 
eently after baving beea found walk- 
ing about the streets of Chicago In 
a demented condition. 
'Bucbblnder was about forty yean of 
age and single. For many years be was 
employed by Hurtig & Seamon and 
last seaaon was with the Sim WtOlmmit 
libmK. on. thfi Aiamlean Circuit 

a fair gatberiag aC tba (emale aez among its 
aodlaaoea. . 

"Rube" haa a good, lively, snappy show. It's 
the kind tliat will poll them In along the route 
ha l« aoheduled to play, bnt "Rube" haa had 
anongh burlesque exparienee- to know It doaan't 
Mr to phiy with fln anlwa ysv hava aebaat o a 
' la theaa days aCniMB ii?a-< 
ta play. With It 1 
'ggato' Dutch Ctaaser - and to throngh 
lociia. It aeaia cleaning. But at the 
tbajr laughed, and the show will probably run 
along until next Hay or Juna, and then "Rube^' 
aan. go out and parehaae another Ic&d of ••Jazs" 

I cuess not. 

lfiKSU)us siSTEBs m PBooncTioir. 

- , Tb(» UoCloid Staters have been as- 
'flf^lMld hy. Chamberlain Brown to tlie 
!:ttnr .pn>daotlon of tbe. James MonU ' 
^imaiaT that li to atar BOlth Day. 
J^-ia dnato opvnat fhoTantfiWRi N«w 
'o;;:f-7 . 'fToil^ ■ah«Mit.Kov'.- J».' 
f ;.^ <^ ^ ; gitUi irera with Tnio Bbaiw 

:.S|n!(rt*w Xtav T«fes; " ■ 
::,;rtaHld into » 

ba icatiteM to' 

"Rube" has a . , ^. 

It's the kind that wM pan tSkm U _ mm 
route ho Is scheduled to play, hat "Robe" tea 
had enoofh burlesque experience to know tt 
doesn't pay to play withers anlesa you hava 
asbestos scentry. In these daya -of refonh tt'a 
•yen ^dang eroaa to play with it then. "Rube" 
■■t satoa Oateb Cleanser and go through 
^yml^S^S^J^' Bat at tb. 
ably nin aloas^aiHI'.aig 
thM .•Otoba" aaa aa eat 


Chicago, Oct 1. 

Morette Sisters, with tbe "All-Jai 
Hevue" (Irons & Clanage), have started 
a fashion lii Chlt^ago of giving pictures 
la tha. nairqtapers to burlesque people. 
. Ditil tfiaa' dainty girls' photob began 
aipaulBS nsnlarlr tba draaiatle «d|-, 
ton had far yaua 
all Inriaaiiiio < 

la oiia'waii^:l^. rtrtw laam citt ftva^ , 
and uum'tt. « aat . aai ' a aiaa i a to aaa a 


When Ida. . Lqyia Bdl . 
left Harrjr ^^^titi. onee 
aa the "^im. «r .an(le8iinen.r thsra 
vaqiahed irtlh te HMM which he had 
accnnolatea in .tha'^riiow ImsliMflak ac- 
•OfAar. to a bin-ter divorce filed In tbe 
■nB«rtqr. ooint thia we^ by Attorney 
B to j^la & Bhrllch. 

Ai ttia kOf.Qpfaban asks a decree' on 
Charge* of , jl|i 
tied in X^li.' 

The installment lewelrjr **gypper«» 
are becoming active again, this time, ■ 
centering tbelr attention on burlesque, 
Honday Dave Marion was served with 
Judgment garnishee papers aimed at . 
one of the principals in hla show wImi 
had been "biHced" into -the purchase ot 
a 41aiBond rins and whoa* ptgnlfBuita-' 

trifle bohind accordlar 'W'' Uvr 

wUh tlte 'fliitt. ' 

Hat iCarini -will have to 
mmatti^muA agree to the wOb^i, 
ly p a jui t t or aag<r a ce ntem p t diauBa ' 
Ifarion; >ahirt lajtotlaaiKi In tiifa opa* ' 
eiflo caack ia Mk ommiC auiny harteaani 

The *^stunt'' pracUced by the Iwdil^ 
salesmen 'la to procure a prowK ^ »K 
buyer and dazzle him with theigeaia' 
Once "landed" a contract Is slgneA, 

which calls for weekly pajanent or thi' 
<possIbllIt!e8 of attachment of salary.' 
When the buyer falls short on payment 
they attach his salary, realizing that. 
the present day contracts are made cn 
the "play or pay" plan and the manager 
Is responsible to the seller. 

A few years ago a Buffaio jewelap js^ 
attached a prominent vaudeville actot'£|; 
for the non-payment of a jewelry debl^.t;^^ 
and the case was appealed, heard In a^;3 
. Buffalo court and the firm discredited, 
Shtm that the installment batihle pedlt.^-v 
dlers have not been actiT«b bnt appar>^^i 
- entiy they are hadi praei aHg Uiiar iM ; 
tricks again. . ■ f: i: 

Because of the Marion incident it 'll .:' 
ttoderatood an~ order will shortly- be -: 
by both the Columbia andC ^ 
vheela prohibiting:^;;:,; 
aitoniuf 11 bacl^'.^Vj 

In Q. Isdn, known professiottally as 
<3edrge I^eon, playing here with "The 
Maids of America" at the Olympla, haa 
filed suit for divorce against Besslei Ison. 
of Wheeling, W. Va., charging infideUt>'. 

H« aUeges her misconduct .began flvo 
waiii atter thalr marrlago la ma,. . 

Coiipap . TowriaB ^Kwila* .. 

James "Blutch" Cooper, who recently 
recovered from a serious illness, left 
Tuesday night to make a tour of the 
Columbia and American Burlesciue Clr- 
eoits to inspect his various shows. 

His first stop waa Pittsburgh, where 
"The Bightseera^ are piivlBf .-ft tha- 
Qayety theatre.. "•. .^ . ^'i 

Coincident with the declaration that'vf; 
tbe office of president of the Burlesqiie . 7^. 
Club was vacant, so declared Monday s' ' 
evening, Henry C. Jacobs who had oc- 
cupied that ofQce, issued a statement 
eoncemlng his connection with the fSKlt,:- '-^ 
Mr. Jacobs says the origin of tlia>;f;; 
trouble with the club was when tlia^r;4 
property it is situated in received a^;i^ 
dispossess noticie. With no members ot 
the Governing Board ta the city, ex« T ' ^ 
cmting the officers, fhey held a meetUir> I 
and decided to store th<a furniture. Mean^^: 'i. 
time, new airangements were made. tiki . ■s'^ 
statemrat aaya^ with Che lessee aaA.m^j:;^ 
club received one-bair the .spaoa U^'ft^i^* 
merly held, at double the rent* ' ' t^v> ' ' 

Before any definite action ^ther wv^ , 
was talua. tha atataiBaBfei^ltiBH^ aaio^ :/ 
her ot mttv Mtoo.fC adoii w«fe W 
- aC fho aai oilim lit tol?' 

mpOB^ aSHee 4bC 
ael this actloik waa tatter rescinded aa(%^ 
the matter waa dropped tor a whilei It^v'.^ 
be again taken up recently, y '^ 

Mr. Jacobs says that is tbe wImAi.V4 
atory, from hia aide, adding that mosil^:. 
members of the club have been visltiag:] 
It seldom through complaints of neigb> - 
bors of noisy language and quarrels la - ... 
the clubrooms. 

-The vacated ofBcen are to be filled ^^bx'-^ 
the Bnriesque Club at lu next nwttlagbjtf?^^ 

'OuB Bn^K, tha.. btirliiiqfiii^;vt0<bae|l^: 
Si- fti. 'a Taqr .avliMkiit MadMoa^tft: a: 


Charles £3. Barton, general managers ; 
of the National Eurlesaue Circuit, ia la 
Philadelphia this week for the purpose \ 
of completing arrangements to get tb*: ' 
houses and contenu>lated attractioao .4' 
under way by Oct 15. It ia stated ttto;^ -^ 
Circuit has obtained some financial'' ^ 
backing in Pennsylvania which win 
permit it to launch the project within . 
the course of a few weeks. . 

T. "W. Dinklna, who was to have po* v '^ 
two shows on the Circuit recently dl»* ;- ^ 
elded that be would not do «0k ^"^M 


rabUdud W«ddy br 

Forein ......»« 

ypt I-VL 


Harry Ward is now cooMiBtad wtth 
att^Bfti 4 FeU'a office. 

^.Jl. a. F» .€Vtak 

retonied lut we«k fron Vkaate 

PitM GrwMiiatL ir«torn theatre \mo- 

^^UlifiHiam Antiwny e:-gMir«. haa bisen 

.: Livrrenea Fato- -. 

; mrseos. wbara' l» ai tt art ii aBd ttd lu- 

W-^M Smith (Ed and Jack Smith) ia 
L^^Uc- Maodated with tb« Abe ll Felar 

- Bert Lamont'i Cuniljr has gbixe to hia 
: VMtem property, tfe0,.I«lioialMl nuMilf - 

^ Bernard and Morrit have been signed 
> IV for al>road attd will leave for &dk- 
l^ihrtirtwat.Dec. t. :; . ; a. • 

^¥:Mlialtar Ha«t has secured the dramatic 
^^dgiila t»."A UianBhter oCTwo .WiOddii*'' 
^ IkalieRtiy Soatt novaL ' 

'Bam Harris,, of Cohan & Harris, will 
.t«ave the city iii a f cw daya ISar.ficpiiela^ 
..44(1* Springs to rest up... . . 

v: eiaNdia CoImmhi baa baeft 
Itagtod by Cbaat Bembaupt. 
j;:^fcMe New T<orlE.J«ae'B. • 

< Harold Kemp ia-aow aaalsting ia book- 
^' kit the GhMdpn bauaea, tfaw Boglajai* 
la.tte KMtt'agaacy; .'. 


Ray Hod^don has moved his oQlce to 
ttie Ritchie & Cornell Bulldins, a4|0la- . 
Iv the Palace Theatre BuikUoK. . 

. . ■ * : . ' 

-\^f«y Aarona, aecretary to Max Hayea 
-lir thA.paat three years, will be married 
8. Sachs, to 

'Miiuiy Daty has been assigned to as> 
oC Hia' BMilr r' " ' 

^.^ vThe Savoy, San Diego, Cal., playioc 
; Hatagea vaudevUle, has adyaaMd ito 
. price CcoB 41 to M eanta. 

•( tha 86lwyii% 
ts 'thft atassk 8ha haa boon 

eafe ot the BCaJestic, Perth Am- 
; *Vi owned by Canlhan 4k fihaninwi, waa 

vArthur Horwitz, of the vaudeville of- 
% of HorwlU d; Kraiia, left for Chl- 
^rVtanorift^.aeaKtl^ iHr n«r m- 

^GMrae Hall wUl sail from San Fran- 
^'S^ Qet. 14 OB the Ventura for Aua- 
<Mr a taw of tiM noiar TMida- 

B. HHly formerly treaaorer of 
the Columbia, San Pranclsco, Is to be 
company znaoager for a. M. Andersoa'a 
.nwdhira canpany oC *1 l4v«'^o«t>* ' ■ 

Al Shayne has been engaged for Eng- 
land by ESrnle EdeOaten at * reported 
Mlair oC $450. He wiU pldy oat Ua; 

Freeman Bernstein hied bim|elf to 
Kentucky last week. There was some 
menilon of 2S,O0O acres of oil land, and 
Vreeman wanta to get 'jln'' on the stuff. 

Th« Btrand, Dorchester, .liaaa., at 
present playing pictures, will change ita 
policy to split week vaudeville of four 
acts, two shows daily, conuneaclns Oc- 

Sundigr dmearta atacted ift liM Crea- 
o^:]3rooUyn. last 8aadi^<: BIglMt aeta 
booked by Joe Bckl are balaK pnaaataft 
v^a-ftoakara pietnio. ^Ehree ahdif^ «m- 
Ctvaa.' ■. " ■ 

Due to the printers' strUce, which be- 
came etCective Wednesday, the programs 
Cor the New York Hippodnwae are belag: 
pi^ititf fii.mM«lpUa. «i« raipiMDdafa 

Henry Marctta returned laat we«k firam 
France, wttere he has hem entertafiilaB 
the American soldiers. Mr. Hareaa' waa 
one of the first to go abroad aa aa^ en- 
tertaining unit and one «t ttia laat ta 
return to this country. 

Treat Mathews, connected with Alt.' 
Wilton's office for the past three years, 
will start booking on his own Oct S. 
Mathews will specialize in material Cht 
the Keith Family Department. 

Dayton Stoddard, geueral ^eaa repre- 
sentative for Henry W. Savage, resigned 
his posltien Monday^ accept rwyl 
Job ahead of ima. oC Arthur ^aaiMr- 
atein's producttona. 

Hiilan Hac h e w ha ri B lett the 0«ptaeain. 
(Hrealt-i^jUeQy'.jBftpartaiciit;; wiOi wUeh 
he tdMi^diSiK ce B aeielad tor three years, 
' ShtmUajr. ':Bie tatMda eatablishUig him- 
' iuri rawdfiTUle i*et<* wrlliir,^ 

A midnight show will be .glVMi at 

Loew's Avenue B, October 4, in which 
the Russian Cathedral Quartet and the 
Balalailca Orchestra will be the extra 
added athtaetions'. 

The heme of Will H. Philbrlck, at 
Freeport. £j. I, was robbed last week 
while the family waa away. About ' 
$2,600 in cash and Ltlnerty bonds 
amounting to IMIS' ate mA td .teve 
been atolen. 

The auotien of seats for the Fidelity 
Leagae benefit at the Century, which 
was to bate taken pUwe at the Aourter* 
dam .oa Tbttraday altemopn. haa 

at l:M o'dodb . 

' Bayenili N. Juat ' 
£rom New Tork, haa three yanderllla 
theatres this seasoa. Th^y are . the 

Opera House (Feiber & Shea), Strand,- 
split week <Uoss-bopked), and Lyceum 

Sophie Tucker lost an earring In VfH- 
mlnfirton, Dei, last Saturday while play- 
Insr there with "Hello Aliszander." The 
atone Is claimed to be worth |2,GO0. -There 
Is no BUggeatioa of robbery, and a» at- 
tempt to gain publicity. 

Marcia Van Oressar will head the 
cast of Richard Ordynskl's production 
of "Fair Helen," by Austin Strong and 
Charles Hanson Towns, f ooided oa Of- 
fenbach's operetta of the same namer. 

Henrietta Grossman will be preeented 
la a new eonedy drama, the. work ot 
Stanley Dark and .Bva Pwinlaoaj • «a* 
titled "^e Critical -Mm^^ «r.-1Ma'^ 
ITBiaa.lae, Tfee.«lw«^ wOl fa>lBte 

Mrs. Jofin OBllarinl,. wl£e;'oC CMO^rfat^ 
(Oalterlnl and Son); aiid niothar oC- tba 

Gatlerinl Slstera, Is returning fcon ltalr 
after ton years* absence. She Is bring- 
ing bapk four of her childrea who have 
been educated in the Italiaa eoaaecva- 

tories, .; . . 

Bea Fallar'ujiilESI^ Bailed Cor .£nS^ 
laadf' ea the tfetnetanla Thuraday. lAr. 
Fuller, who la the. owinar of tha, ■WUar : 
olronlt in \AuatoalJa. win vamiiln atibat : 
faariaB«il«.laI«adaDr Bn'MlfMr,:Jr., 
■Btfiafea Mb BallMr itt^ 
I (lihi country la' I 


The Feiber- Shea Grand, at Akron O-, 
has Dell Rochelle as manager; Bernard 
Kearney .is manager of the firm's Park,. 
Toungstown. and T. H. Waltenbaugh la 
managing the Grand, Canton. JJ. B. 
Cool continues for the Una as generai 

-Bart Lawy*. who has resided at. — 
"Hippedtoiaa «ir. the' v«it iiiN> :9«iaiM|: 
(tvlee dBij^» iweMBpauBleal^ 
LeTygraph,"-has:h4»m'booked Yer a 
of Bngland. conuaeaeing neat Jtane. The 
deal, waa aitangeil by .BriMSt Bde^ ' 
^lis win make hla Jmirilt. tObr. :ef 

Chas. F. Hanton, trustee of the estate 
of the late Anna Held, Monday turned 
over to her daughter, Anna Held. Jr., 
is9,O0O as money due her from the sale 
of certain properties. The balance pf 
the money, which will total oyer |20O.- 
OOO, will be given to Anna,.: Jr^^^/Mfilnr 
25th birthday, next May. 

Wm. Courneen, a stock actor, has 
brought suit ag&inst the Raleigh Hall 
Hotel for {1,000, alleging that he placed 
his trunk. In the liotel fbr safe keeping 
while he waa ba the road and tt was 
lost Ivan Ibgian is Coumeen's i^tte- ' 
n»y. ':' ' ' --■ ■ ■ 

Wiifriid Barrick and XUly Dean Bact 
dra xetiirtUiig -ib tlMt staga after 'idir ab*' 
senee'.irf tw g ^y eaiai . ''OkteA. -iraa the fitt 
boy in' iMlcr^- rHioaav-'teiC^'-i^^ 
eral of Gus BAwuijk' acta. Miss Desia 
Is the tteughter'df .iK. F; l>eaA. a proinl-; 

The Keith Agency lost week refused 
to release Olson and Johnson from 
vaudeville contracts to accept an en- 
gagement in the new revue for the new 
Capitol on Broadway. The Capitol is to 
present pictures and a musteat show at- 
fB-'caata 4ap,'' -- 

Jack LefRngweli and bla wife, who 
were assisting Ben Atwell in the pub- 
licity department of the Capitol Theatre^ 
resigned positions lost Saturday. Lef- 
lingwell is going on the road ahead of. 
a dmmatic show. Bessie Mack will Join 
Atwell as hla: assistant, next 'Monday., 
MIsa Mafflc ha«;be0nvia the Shubert pnbi; 
Hpi^- daBarliaiplCljj><--i^^ \ ^'V- 

• Several of the>.Paiace .tlieatre .buach 
have "wkan j ia iwk age i>f the ^«etlB>n 
ef nanliiii . yo«*, 
eC Hie -ws : and haye pi$ In iu>- 
Vlliaflo«lBw iaattbershlp. flwiiew rate 
li IBB, aao;' ttib Mlewlag -«rw» to ket 
la aaiOor tlia4wnlw: leta IfiijKBa. Siun 
ICeany, George Pol^ Vonaqr Cfeiy and 
J<*nliiddy. ■ ' • ; 

Clarence Qaakel celebrated the anni- 
versary of a wound received Sept 29, 
191B, by a dinner at his home, Monday 
evening. The guests of honor included 
Major Ray Hodgdon, Z<t Walter Hoban 
(tamous as the creator of the "Jerry On 
the Job" cartoona), Leo Fitzgerald. Eddie 
Miller, Sam Kenny, Tim O'Oonn^ 
Jimmy PeroeU and Tommy Gray. 

The leasees of the property on which 
B. S. Moss' Hamilton Theatre is located 
are named aa defendants in a 126.000 
damage suit begun by ' Lucy Welgand 
last week in the Supreme Court in 
which ahe alleges she was Injured whea- 
changlhg her seat in a daikaaid tbeahra 
. throvi^ ne^lgenoe -en(-^fltarTiprt''of 'Aii - 


;lpi ;Melnli)^ aatt Heath lihow boa 
been sat ba^ 6ii«:^y, opening next 
Tuesday 'Instead ofr Monday, at tlie; 
44th Street. The complete cast of prln«, 
cipals as announced includes Sophie 
Tucker, Vivian Holt, Lillian Ro^edale^' 
Gabrtelle Gray, Joan Tyne, Rosifr 
Quinn, Mabel Elaine, Ohio BarryniOft^ 
Dan Quinian and Barl Rlckard^ - 

. A ttMrtasa in rehearsal hallsi at ileaitL^^' 
in the Times sqdare section. Is the- Uit^%t:''4^ 
ost wrinkle to veK stage direotorsu'TlMvfe'j 
cause came 4lbout with the renting' Irftv!"^"]!" 
Brjrant Hall in entirety by strikers li|:.ij ;'i£ 
the millinery traces, . Millinery hat . sevr^yt^^^^ 
era are asking |tOO weekly. The pbula-fvr 
can- acco m m o date halt a dsaati. ...oodi^-^-:;^ 
puiisi. fttr;-iehMiaiid|.---V'^ ' '-".^t^^^v^ 

Bafm JiidBe. Boaalakyjn .Genieral|||ifeita 

'for am tmih;mmdi^':^^j^^ 


■■■ ttifti our court ideading |8iriettl(lli<9^^ 
artist is of the impreisvloa the yolUVvS 
man was led astray through promise dt'ii ' t'^ 
^1M•ltk'■tar'IUB «wipaal«Ba la-'isrhn^' j-'V^: '::'': 

Nate Leipaig.the ieard ' trickstejrivwu^v 
'perform the function of host at -t^:'.' 
Capitol Theatre on its opening. WiU. 
work will be a novel innovation, as iie v 
will work about the lobby and foyer<dO>*-^^=^^ 
ing his card tricks and other entertaln*^M^ 
Ing, prior to the rise of the curtaOn. Xj^ii^ 
will also do a stage spectsdty in, Mbjiec«'^f.S^^^^ 
tion with the W*yblirn. Revue. Two 
years ago Leiiiilg was doing bis card.: 
specialty with, tha "^^aegteld rroUi}? 

the 'Ainsterdaai 

' ■: ■ '■• ''- '''i^Arivm^ 

. Suit filed Ip^Cltfoago by Bert B.;Ci«U^' ^:^|> 
yer,'QoPyefs ;Byek hgi^^ 
the.-'Jackson' Theatm- Co; JpMwea -fiCitba-p^ 

. __^-a 9erfoiinani»-'*ni|.ioi^'\w^ 
)41reenrlNttind a piUar wi^^ 
off his view of tlie- stage. . A8k&|r> ihi»''''"^ 
box office to change them, he Was .'told vj^^^^ 
all seats had been sold.' then heTdc^lp'^ 
mandied a refund. This was rei^8«l>:;;^.)^ 
and he alleges that he was huntlUatjell^ v^^ 
by the "hapertinent language" of tbH»:^|.|| 
thbatce-'feoreaentitifi^ ' ' '-''^''•^S'li^ 

The King and Queeh of 3elgi(m^iiiKr;'^^ 
be present at the Hippodrome |*fljpi^^^ 
formance tonight (Friday). The 
inal plan for entertaining 'the .rf>ysK?.if!;if;t 
guests was bcheduled for next week, btA;-' :! C v 
through the illness of the: President,, th^i. f 
rulers will remain for a few days Inf . 
New York before going to Washington. . 
The programme ^ of entairtainment , Is .• ' -j; 
subject t9 the vise oC the State. Depart*^^'.;I-.;::!J 
nfent« the vlsltiars behig .'Kueats' of .^ih^^^^^^ 
gbiyer a ma ai t ' >-*:^''^-' ^^::^'Pc^&M 

Words misconstriied-'lii" wiri^ ' : tn^^^^ 
nls^n between Chicago and KeW TOt^^-ir ' 
this week sounded like & murder mya<«^t 
tery lurking' in Manhattan. Subsequei 
to Mary Jepp, principal with Cohan 'ft 
Harris company, playing "The AqulttaK'._ 
at the Grand, Chicago, inadvertently' 
leaving a part of the monuaoript-of tiie 
rol. of Nellie, she wlrfed: home:' ■ "Left . , ^ 
part of Nellie on the library table, sendl;,.!^ 
same Immediately." SuflUcIent expla* • ' ' 
nation and evidence had to be brought, 
forth before the wire waa d^yefed .to 
the' dtaignalwd party; ■ ' ■ -^--v.V w'^- 

v., '..•■.Si 



IMuriel Young, the IS-'year-old daugf^- 
ter of BIrs. Arthur P. Bggleston, > Boi^* ^■^■'Si 
ton proprietor of a .qhain of theatres i^ivy ti*; 
Springfield, Mass.: Vineyard, rdoss., a^;^^^^ 
her own city, was found here by Maih^:.i;'!'>^ 
Hamilton, a New York policewbmaiit v^* 
after an absence of an. .i I days froth' r-^v 
her home. The girl had run away trbni;..:.^v-^ 
boardlagr school af£e.-^ an auto accideni|^:/|v>'v^ 
which had marred Uee beauty. ' ahif 
could not oear ,to faee bor .fellow-stv- '.; :^ 
dents after the #aflguratlon to her *4^>ji^^ 
tuna. '- IIm: .Maiteatdn ' Is seididliiBr' 'titri^ f^' 
da«KMBr-it-% MioMtit ttt d ttkHwitai^i^^ 
•-*^5~^"^-lii''«*Brt:l» '-^^ 
■■ ••■■'■. •' • 

■ ■ .;-'.; 'I'^s/a?® 





Indianapolis, Oct 1. 
Leeta Corder, prima ■donna of "Th» 
Pasalog BhOT^," la flgvirlrg In a murder 
ttiyatory that liaa Raffled tho police and 
deteetlvoB ot Chicago. A "Up" given by 
4be unafiuall:^ attractive alnger while 
VThe Passing Show" was appearing at 
4lM Mmat INTC nuy lie tb* nieaiui «C ra- 

^iSAtb^kctory Cash Setdemento Ate 

No Decision Reached in Reinstatement Cases Against 
Chutes Qolmrn and ^e Better 'Ole"— Few 

Equity Members. 

' '' VIM' tscond BMfltlBS iC thd 

Joint P. M. A.. A. E. A. Arbitration Com- 
ptittee was held in the Cohan Sc Baxrla 
^ night. The aeaalioai iMM 

i;' ^fagr«e and a quarter hours. 

~ <Sw«a^-eIght cases ot Eaulty mem- 
who loafc their piaees.M a result oC 
" ' ' 'or ctMUtderatlon. 
„ rnnrded Mar- 
DoMaqr .VtenMT 

«rai«lay Ml flVM the house 
win ke iMiinKI the StompM aoa vlU 

cant Idea" and^walked oat at the-je" • 
gtanlng ot the strike. AppUcatldMi 
made for reinstatement, which Emerson 
vefused. Snierson, who was present. 

vagjreed to pay Miss Forrest and Miss 

>^9llemey, in lieu of reinstatement, which 
the committee accepted. Tbe .commlt- 

.ytse would not state the exact amount 

rasreed upon. 

' ▲ eaah settlement was also agreed to 
hr lfimam A. Brady in the caae of Neda 
HezTlgan and liadellne King, formerly 
«if "».46." 

' vsht case of BiUy Clark, of John 
?«(ndM''"J^ir iOaiite,"^w disposed of 
liirOortdBavlncaflaAeet^^ whUsb 


& A. "SUCKEBS." 

9t Vm Juetsnr Kqulty 

The coBtrntttaek 
Earrls and Acttnr 
M. A. and QtuA Stewart. 
George Stewart Christie a. 
ley for the Equity, could teach no agree- 
inent on the cases ot Helen Ttlden, 
Olive Beeves Smith. Henry Warwick, 
Hd Taylor and Eugenie Young against 
Chas. Coburn. The complalnante were 
members ot '^e Better Ole," a nd C o- 
bum refused ta'K hii i Htfw ihwi ftaewiag 
.ithe strike. 

^ .:v:^iannuch aa Cobum refused to make 
':|i^'^«a8h offer, considered by the 
'eailBBlttee, these eases and that ot Eddie 
M^tarnir 9t rUaUa Lester," also unset- 
"tiaft tHBiM- aakaritted-le an umpire to 

4^litfMi'<tf tte inapiraiiilll.befSipidaBA 

Cart must abide by It. 
/in the matter of Qarrey. Oort a«ared 
t9 pUu:e htm In a No. 3 read oompaagr. ef 
•Tdsten Lester" at tho same salary he 
received before the strike. The offer 
iras turned down by Garvey and the 

vThe cases of James Cathrow ana 
Clara Palmer, of Arthur Hammersteln's 
^Bometime," were decided against the 
Equity momberB. ' The Equity, however, 
agreed to pay Cathrow and Miss Palmer 
on. inasmuch as the Equity 
ot the conunlttee considered 
the ceawlalaaBta had a "moral" . case. 

the Batdty repnat^iattvea 
<«riai. tlie P. M. A. eoianilttoa- 
men Ui the adrane decWon. ^ ^ 

The ease < Cn«: Cta^wi*JJ*» 
claimed he had heea. eBSBSed^hsrlWSBW 
& Romberg for the 'Vhgie MeMf" *aA 
his part cut to nothlag; eantfas him 
■:t(Chadwlck) to quit, was plaeed OA the 
;• Sl^aMe for further consideration. 
''•■ ■y. Another meeting of the Joint commlt- 
? e will be held later In the week. 
•. / V'Atiguetus Thomas was not present, 
^ " committee having decided late Mon- 

. i :;aay afternoon It could settle all matters 
• to^ wltiiaBt the jpcaMBba 

' a referee. . * 

,;; Cobb Show at Belmont. 
■^- - ^^^iBoya -wmBe Ban' * "ew comedy 
^^t^jrm<iiil**> Hrm bo the atttan^ at 
• tfamaciwt.'iipmilar tWi U^ IOm iibaw 
hr loMSh Uu$i It 

Mntainhig flw' «Mll«a'o( the' JiM. JL. 
printed in Uoe «a a arUta MO, ^mttttf 

The "stickera" win be accompanied 
by a letter from the Equity ezplaiaInK 
they are to be pasted on trunks and 
baggage of Equity members while 
traveling. The emblem on the £<qulty 
"sticker," for which s copyright has 
been applied for. somewhat resembles 
a four-leaf clover. On each one of tho 
leaves is a large "A," and In the centre 
a large "£." No matter which way the 
aticker Is plaeed. the wwdi A. A* 
" le. 

„ the P. IL A. tea 
to ^ wHtr aMin* 
_ Hie naUukmr «■ Oelr bog- 
gage. At the mita»f. 
was eonflimed. It ana ataleS the < 
tion was to be thrashed out at tte ] 
Ing ot the Arbltraiiea .Board 
for last al^ . at the -Oohaa 

One of the reported objections of the 
managers' association to the stickers 
was that the P. M. A. had heard the 
I. A. T. S. R (stage hands) might find 
tt convenient to mislay trunks of ac- 
ton not belonging to the Equity and 
presumably holding membership In the 
Aatonr ndllUar Xieagae. - When this was 
travtht- 1» ttg attenUon ot an Equity 
•ffleM^ he itatfld ha bad heard no aaeh 

report;' hat ia the 

troiflc of a aoir-Bvnliy i 

failure of the non-ESquIty membert ' 
gage to arrive should prevent the 
from going on, the whole caeti wh. . . 
Equity or not, would be Inconivenleneed- 
by not playing. The Equity ofBclal 
added that in view ot the foregoing he 
did not believe ainy union stage hand 
woiild practice discrimination whether a 
trunk contained an Equity sticker or not, 
and It the practice started steps would 
fee t» atip It.' : : 

crime. - 

Ellas Hr PureeU, wealthy composer 
and real eetate holder, ot Chicago, waa 
fotmd dead, bound to a chaUr In. hie 
I there. Mlas Corder, divorced 
jtba ago ftrom Tom Purcell, 
"Sad aan ot the dead man, had 
B«aC* alr ttaa Pnrcdl home five years 
ipliH iie -jaa' the dana^ter-Ia-law oC 

_ «< tha 

lly^ alBtlra ma aHo t» iha 

mation which the .i . 
wiu go a Ions way towar d Itta ; 
ot a large qoant^ aC adarias _ , , .. 
Bonds and other aeemHlal, liai| -*r jBI» 
elder Purcell, and thna ] 
solution of the crime.- 

Sy virtue' of an order famed- 1^ the' 
tJnlted States Railroad Admliilstratio]^ - 
Sept. 20, and made p'ubllo last Friday by 
the I^ew York office of tho Adroinlstra'. 
tion, theatrical companies "containing 
les8 than 26 people will have to pay 
eisht and one-third extra fares to ob^ 
tain a baggage car, beginning Oct ], 
instead ot six and tWO^thMs coteafacii. 
as heretofore. ' " 

A company of less than SS, using a 
baggage car, playing week stands with 
an average iump of |10 railroad faire p«. 
capita, in a season of 40 weeks, will 
have to pay 1650 more this season for 
a car than last season. A company o( 
less than 26, playing one nighters with 
an average weekly raUroad fare expeaae ' 
of $20 . pec capita, similarly plisdng a ' 

theamaller « 
abbat 12.60 a 

Coburna* Play Oct. 27. 

"And All tho King's Horses," the labor, 
and capital play written by Louis Ans- 
pacher, to be produced by tho Cobums, 
will have Its premiere In Baltimore on 
Oet ». 

nmae'- eaflMsd to play the principal 
ndia ara^ Kalteya Kidder, Tyrone 
Sttwera. Bawaid Kjla^ AUoe Witoon and 
Xao* Tayi er. 


The firm of Le'vy & PlDhn Is no longer, 
Abe Iievy having sold his Interest to 
Edmund Plohn, the brother of Max, who 
was interested with Levy in a number of 
small attractions on tour. 

Eddie Plohn #as the treasurer of the 
Cohan & Harris theatre, but resigned 
that position to become associated with 
his brother. 

Levy will devote all ot his time tor the 
present to hia pratnaUon. "The little 

'.ifhe Shuberts have seciired from A. H. 
WfBda tha^iitfits'.to "CaU a Taxi" in 
arlMi UTaoila aililiianj planned to star 
Bemnd Oramlliak Chaiiaa Purcril will 
be aimaii to tha'vlBea liy .< 
and there ia a postUMBU^. 
Pltkfai wlU be la the caat 
are to start within tiie next 19 dayi^ 
PurceU in the aieaatlnie ptayhis ha 

will be proporwonately 
The avwa8e;^|Ump of i 

llBder the near- mllnK the extra 'iH^'J 
" " ~ load- oaa^'r' ^ 

irtlt amnce aboat S» wediy, 
er Ml a i s w ea fc aeaaooi haaia^ acoaotf- 
lijSS'ftr the fear.' 

-TrhyiiiilHtf nMs of the BaiWeall iitif^ 
MfMiHr-'*-*-! ealUns i«r a tree biisMei^^ 
mu'''tm companliia c arr ir li is. SS ' pe«i^ 
ar aner. except ia tha Haw. Ehglaad < 
seetlea. iriiere SS tarea aw a i be 
to ohtaln A ear. naaaia Sm 


i^ovldehce, R. I., Oct U./^ 
s Providence thee^^- 

the peitormanee. 

Arthur Hammerstein removed his 
THMta<'hi> Monday, but found that nearly 
o >i> ail ia dy recegnteed him. 
— "» ha ana hat recently married 
, Itaraa MftsBtad tiie cenaoriar of 
tniV was aai- attalal mder. He 
wMHw that Imn wit ■rT*fH'*g that ao 
much gray Speared he started to look 
Uke the "SUver Khig." 


The $2 scale for legit theatres is now 
Ifflces, according to a produc- 

mnnlng to 
and (S becom- 
addad that 

co aied y,;' WP? . 

tkf - Mayflower la iBiutaged by A,, 
ghaahaw, Many floral tributes to; 
new management wore' on dis);>Iayi ;:>:^;^ 
The Colonial imnwly played liw<.-vf 
lesque. Since purchased and renamed 
by Krlanger, It has been reconstructed^ . 
The Cort show is tuneful, has capabl|>"^ 
principals and a near perfect choruiT^ 



Barlhi * ' Stayier. The 
has the pabllShlng rli^ts to sCfl^ 
of tbe Nora Bayes sliow..'a«di<niupntj; 
and the. Joe "Weber prodjirtrtdfj 
LItae Blue Devil." ^ ? 

las oonaaiflB. nia ■ 
S3 now lobka diMA. 


New Haven, Sept. 30. 

"Jim's Girl," a comedy of returned 
soldier llfo written by Thomas J. Gray 
and Earl Carrol, opened at tho Hyperion 
Monday night, the local stock players 
making an excellent impression with It. 
Thia play was accepted originally for 
pCOdttction by Cohan & Harris, but re- 
laaSMB to stock because of It having a 
theme similar to that Ot VThe Five MU^ 
Uon." . ^ 

Several road iaanasacs are npnrtad 
latareatad hi the -Mni showing^ aapael- 
max fhwa It eaa be .seat da tonr with 
lltila iiijisiilirimi nava'tehat: 
tta Jhov kaifa« a ea» oC U 

VdOk iMwis reoetved bis aotioe 
the Shnherta. TneMay . aftempen^ 
calls for his dhe 'withdrawal from, 
einrent Winter Garden show. 

Lewis waa rather active in the recent 
strike and while his services were ap* , 
parently satisfactory on the stagei' it . 
la believed some Internal trouble Is th*.-^' 
cause of the service of his- notice.. .7/' .^^ 

"My Lady Friend" Is Musical. 

The next stage effort to carry the 
name of Harry Frazee Is "My Lady 
Friend," to have its premiere Oct 13, 
carrying CUftoB Crawford- IB tha faa- 
tared role. 

°' Ik la -a musical farce. 


Paris, Oct 1. 
itr Attrad Butt is here on a visit ot 
theatia to tha Boa 

JEW 'TASSmo pOW'^^p92X9^ 

(iC int>.-:ilritt have Its pcemtate OctTi^A^ 
at- iSV^^.tnudilngton, D. <jr - . [/^'^ 
Tki ^wdtictlon Is designed for , ts|'': 
IVbiter . Oarden. New York, to ioliev 
the.' "Vkdetiee" after the latto'a ;fHr9L^| 
vne3tB there. The "Gaieties" vHll 
to the road when leaving the daitig^:-; 
No especial selection has been made"'-w';^ 
succeed Nora Bayes In that show. HW;' 
place and spots in the performance -. 
■^•m be ailed in with vaudeville acts,-.' 

or ZOO 

. Dreani. Girl" Copyrighted.. 
Wm. Klebi, attorney for the Popular 
Producing CSmpany, sent a letter to 
Edwin MaoQregor Monday... notifyl%^ 
hkn that his auieata .luid eopiyrlght(d: % 
pcadiMitloa aatitled "Vhe Dcaaa,^ 
GbcV Ady M. 1111^ aad a«iisa<|phiB.t 
to be guided , by tUs hilhrnaatli al jWg; .^ 
respect to prodndng a anatall'^yiRM^ 
ot The ftoad to TartudaaT uatSm\^ 
title. . v-_^,- -"-^ 


Miey Made their Start With Less Than $1,000— Actors Opily 
V Got $25 a Week— Big Hit at Once, and Has 
Drawn $150,000— Co-operative Organizik- 
tiott Qeaw Over 25 Per Ceii^ 


•■JotiB, FerffusoR" at the Fulton last 
g Uyrt hyaHfAt broke the hou8« records 
'te-iiBMl^V in^ grosft ms 11.876. The 

atfta^ •g-'WBtt ;<wi>fc» •■iter <t|i lcli. n 

^Cloeic' « new ooowdr Igr fkank Bmoo.-; 

"Jobn Vergamaria it ttMatrlcia° fireak 
If there ever was one. The script -is 
reported a$ having been turned down 
by David Belasco, and while there is 
nothing Interesting Dartlcularly In that, 
the subsequent success of the show; un- 
doubtedly has all the elements of a bit 
of fiction. 

^John Ferguson" as a production, pro- 
by the Theatre Guild of America, 
at the Qarrick; Mew York. The 
oC; staging tlae tlt^ including 
aiA<:ciB«tumefli iras exactly 1984. 
''CMniet «nsag«iiient. the 

iswtek. nw ntt at tk* raai«lok. 
; Mgiitany (ntenMI inr 

;The closing :4ato..liiiil^tiiM 
iMm wMk to; WMki . niiti^ F. 
'Wanger made , the Theatre OoQd a prop- 
uftion of a guarantee of |2,500 weekly. 
' which was accepted, and he moved the 
l^e to the Fulton, which he had ob- 
tained (or a nominal rent during the 
nunmer. His interest in the show 
ended Sept. 1, after which the Theatre 
Guild again took hold of the produc« 
;tk>n and is now running It on a per- 
;7eentage basis at the Fulton, 
f^j^ When Wanger brought the piece to 
4'%> VliKon tlie gron expense of the com- 
•dv^rUiliiK tfage luuida and all 
' W^lllj^.a- welb. Vte'SM* 
•be Qoild wis' gi^Oag ii pnoi when re- 
^^edfing $2.SM 'ftr tlte cm! *bA pcodoe!^ 
. alone. In the ii Week^ roil of tbe 
^"^^iMeitvy the gross has averaged over |9,0W 
^nek\y. The gross on the run thus far 
^il^ore than IIS.OOO, of which the The- 
:t|tre Guild has received sofQcient to 
ji^w a net profit of over |40,000 in pro- 

' Its run and popularity In New York 
have brought the piece the very best 
tpute issued in years from the Klaw (k 
Grlanger ofidce. The attraction on leav- 
ing Mew York will noi. trarel West U 
taUcago and an of the 1%.! 
to be pi)i^ ia.UK.titkia; 


Ooti It (OolBallNM 



^k^Wifp o^Cloci^'^flie new piece l^nudc 
:^|iieon, which ' ieonass Into the Futtm 

' Pet 13. Is to beithe initiai production 
;\,ibsde by Walter P. Wanger since his 
j^'^ieleasa from service. In the cast will 
> jbe Tim Murphy, Paul Everton, Lester 
ylasUn, Paul Porter, Pierce Benton, 
>^.ltU8se]Ll Byron. Alberta Burton. Vivian 
;'y4tlen; Gertrude Ualtland, Jos. Con- 
■ ,^^sars. Sars Edwards, lUiia Gteasoa and 
>^iB«bert SchUUng. Tbe atasliv is-' 
ViMnt:br David Bnrtan. 

Bookiiis <ioiHtHnp«. ihMt 
apnna »w p«ttl— fegr HSov; 9, 

,»_^MHbar '«( cOwwa 'aMPad ap aai noahle 

iuafa ot attnwtloos. 

' vTlUs nisit has so clogged the time 
y^^ound the Eastern territory it la almost 
Mnpoasible for an attraction to get an 
•Pening date without Jumping from 500 
to 1.000 milea for It. This eeadlttoa will 

be cleared np the ^ist part of Noyem- tfie 'moving westward ot the ato. 
tractions now hovering about the Eart, . 
This will give the regular run ol attrac- 
tions 'a' duince to get time. 

Oitver Uoroseo is la.ftbout as bad *. 
eondltton. as any of tts pfodwpsni At 
VfM^ he M«, flnt tfitimetiaas >M^ 

Ther axe two addltloiiU-iNMttiBtfw's^^ 
"CIvfUan ;€lo|h««," the jRaMli X iBodb- 
BMn 'tkM* Mtos to Arden," the 
new' (liiHtrletto Qr^iiiwood ptom^ '^Linger 

I^onger Lietty." Thi Horosco company,, 
playing "Please Get. Married," is being 
forced into the sne-al^^ slaBds to keep 


Brown Suing Cecil Cunninaham. 
Chamberlain Brown has started a suit 
against Cecil Cunningham to. reoover 
8176 due him for having seaiM *The 
Greenwich ViUafe Follies" ragsgeaient 
for her. Mlaii Oaphlngbam was served 
with the . JWmt ttomh . Bdw. W. 
r; aethis iior flici agttit- - 

The plans of BdWla llaearegor -pnK> 
vide fbr tfes pnOwttaa M mmi Mmw» 
. dM esilr put eC' tttof'sMsoi^' ifKui^' 
tlall pi r wMf JLt'Tu WMkngBtt' 

Tbs flistto at aWi^ wttri^ Iffiine^ 
cd Pajamas,*? a dninia' hgr Qeorge C. 
Hasief on and Percy Blllott; lit which O. 
P. Heggle will be featured. Then will 
come "Self-Defense," a melodrama by 
Myron B. Pagan. Upon the completion 
of this piece he will begin work on "The 
Sweetheart Shop," a musical comedy by 
Ann Caldwell, with the mus^c by Hugo 
Felix. Then will come "The Dream Girl," 
a musical version of "The Road to Yes- 
terday," with the score written by Vic- 
tor Herbert and the book famished by 
Bida Johnson Toungr. 

The next In order oC pfodnetton ^USk 
be "Hw &lrtlwiaM.'* A ooMiBd 
Bdwud ]hiplB^ wlikJi wm be 
rniier <rf! "A Bit V Lovvb'* ' 
comedy by Joha Ctoldsmnrttajr/nNi Sng^ 
llsh playwright. 

The final production to be done will 
be a musical version of "A Pair ot 
Sixes," with book ai& lyrics famished 
hr Otto Hanerbaoh and I^nito Hirsch. 

An of the shows will be produced un- 
der the personal dlceotlon of Mr. Mac- 


Tbe Belmont may Lave a short season 
preUminary to the opening there of the 
French company in November. The 
acarcity of theatres In New Yoric make 
it inadvisable fOr the keeping of the' 
house dark, when the rental cost, at 
least, can be picked up for five or six 
weeks prior to the advent of the ^Vmtdi 
company there. 

Iiyle Andrews woVId an 
attraction was^ 
that he haJT beea «riai«^ nr » . 
to taks tlis hooNk 


Cleveland, Oct 1. 

R Is reported "Jack O' Lantern" And 
'Xltm Ohln Chow" are coming to Cleve- 
land to remain two weeks each. 

What further liCts the city out of 
the one-week stand classlflcatloa is 
that Belle Baker, at Keith's '^ppo- 
drome, is now in ber i 
as the hoadllner 

The inltlai ye^tvie'Ot ititA fkMm fM'; 
a lone producer li to ha iM^^ noraiBftsr 
the night of Oct. 11, when "Thtmdss* wfll 
pass from the stage of the CritMioa to 
miake room for the George C. Tyler pro- 
dbcUon, "A Yoiuig Man's Fancy." 

•Thtmder" will have a run of eiULCtly 
three weeks in New York when it closes. 
The piece was heavily "panned" when 
it opened' and the only thing that saved 
its life was 'that the brokers had bought 
in advance. The buy was for 808 seats 
a night, with a 20 per cent return. This 
buy guaranteed the bouse about 8<00 a 
night on the lower floor. Imihedlately 
after the first night a "dump" was made 
to Joe I<eblang of the balcony, which 
brings another $300 a night, so that the 
Aow, althbagh a ftdbmb.was/sattiaf Ift 
the nsiBhboriMwil of |i,tM » i^gM^i^ds- 
9lle ^ bad notiesi 

At Am Gtoldea oftM It: was stated ywi- 
tardsar that te ka Vkdlbood the pMM.' 
woidd iMt so M toar. bat iwrntU ba Mit 

Argtihag. Ihi^ tOis^aiitl-tti^ 
isg orOmi^jti^UBm 

tornegr for Ijso kewmaa and Lotds Ob- 
hen, the ticket broken^ held that tbe 
ordinance is not authorised under the 
State laws or city charter and is uii- 
constltutlonal on the ground that there 
is a penal offense stipulated; the only 
law making body which has the right 
to stipulate a penal offense being the 
State Legislature. 

This is a test case. The defeHdants, 
Newman and Cohen, were found guilty 
under tbe ordlaaaoe but were given 
suspended .'sentSMSS pepithiS'^tlM. 
peaL • ' 

Judge Rosalsky, sitting in the Court 
of Qeaenl SessUMUb reservM dedlsion. 

Indianapolis. Oct 1. 
"MidniBbti'^ the nnr play by Sam- 
ad Jtomwy and. Mr. ud Mk& 
waiiNi DelsMy -Diian,- staxM m • 
tear at KaglUi's, Sept. S(i>Si.' TM ptay 
was given 'its preoMa «t^^ .iriM*€ run 
at Wilmington, v2M^.: atNMt- SMiiths 
ago. Changes muS6 iilim^imVibt:m^ 
cast make its local showiaarr pitaetleally 
the opening. The play is a mystery- 

■ The innate nephew-heir ot a wealthy 
and aged man is murdered under grue- 
some circumstances in the first act The 
remainder ot the play deepens tbe mys- 
tery and then untangles .It In exciting 
fashion in the last mbiute of the last act 
PauUne Lord is dellghtfuL PhUlip 
Leigh, Eklward Emery. William Ingersol, 
Frank Khigdon, Joseph Sweeney. Curtis 
Benton, Jesse DUlars, Edmund xaton 
and Melton Clodah are the cast 

Daniel Frohman, president of the 
Actors' Fund of America,' announced 
last week that committees are all formed 
and ready to go to work putting aeroas 
the actors' national, memorial campaign 
which ends Oeo. . Ji^itaae. .Itttwiiil 
Memorial Day. 
In these cities there are 91 theatres. 
D. y. Baboock, Mayor of Plttdnush, 
heads the comnttfee In that dly, iQM 
first Mayor to sgree to serve. 

"Lett Leader^ ajt Oreenwieh Villaasb 

'^e Lost Leader" will probably suc- 
ceed "Eaty's Kisses" at the Greenwich 
Village Theatre. It to an EngUab pleec^' 
wHb the Amerlb<ai z||hta aoir.haM Iff 
Frank Conroy. „ 


"Love for Sato" Oot «. 
JTos. M. Gaitea-Jttles Aronsoa 
oc rLoT* for fitolaP* with 
Jade WHUaa 

Thomsa' Play Called "Kentttck.*. 
Tbe name of the new Augustus 
Thomas play that Arthur Hopkins lias 
1» rtfiearaal la "Kentuok.'' 


" m 

i .OI«Oriee;iind^ application for ah ihi 
JnttctiOn. to restrahi Lester Alien,, on<> 
of hto princlp&l comedians in the "Scan- 
dals of 1919." from appearing in Qilberl^:. 
M. Anderson's forthcoming production,' 
"The Frivolities . of 1919," was argued 
before Justice McAvoy in the Supreme) 
Court Tuesday, the court reserving de- 
cision. Allen, who was with the "Scanr 
dais" show at |17S weekly salary for.' 
tbe season,, handed in his tWft' w«^W ; 
notice Sept. 18, and was eni^ged llqi^: 
Anderaon at double the salary. 

White's aflorneys, arguing that Al- 
len's services as a conaedian were; 
"unique and extraordinary," in legail-.^ , 
parlance, were answered by Henry J,}-':^i$S'sii:iii 
Ooldemith, of H. J. & F. E. Ooldsmlthj .vi^£ _ 
cooaart fto A]li«|,'that tbto should hs^ 
bsen M .Naimi- iSnr hiding their , client 
In tho oddipuy bilUngr ^instsad.' of 
turlng blm.' Allen's "real M'f»nn^'-Xi0'y-^^^ 

' anises tlifoayh-;'illiMiB%'''lM 
find :Us ''baiiaim^.-mA-lik»'.*%)t^ 
it -'tiiitaUeft !|Nm>' ' ouft ;'«B|iaH^^ 

Joined 4he ilMp^AndMr An^ 
lay-off. , / ' '^■'C^y. 

Decision on ' tbS 'sinwiil 
within the fbrtatght ' 


K008EB FtRBS A PLAT. "'V^ 
George Mooser Is back in town, after 
having Journeyed to the coast en rottls^i 
to Chltia. While waiting for hto boiktii^ 
to take him to the Orient Mooser ro«v '■ 
ceived the manuscript of a now pliii^;} 
written by Dorothy Donnelly entiUed' 
"Verboten" ("Forbidden"), which re- 
quires a ca^t of 16 men and 5 women. 
He postponed hto sailing until Febriuu;jr.. 
and hastened back . to. New Yoxk to pQt 
tbe play on at the earliest thoment, In^V 
association with Wsttac Hast, 
JfMM^r to ii»]Miaar flonnieted tgrtth 



UniKlllTIIIQ «0DOS.*« 

"What's vtks Odds," the 8bahnotf<^-^ 
Bennett hkOBleal version of "CheCkent,**^;, 
will' not adorn a rostrum fi>r the nWEfci' 
few weeks, the producers lMi>viiiig.4ie^|j^^ . 
to have the piece rewrlttn jMorvij^i^tl^^^^ 
New York production. .. '0^ii!^M^:i 

tOgar Allan WOoltc wrote tliq 'pfti^if^;^'*' 
Shannon ft Bennett after a few; j ^ - " 
In the "sticks," decldied the; flr«e.^|M«S^'5^%W%( 
■ would have to ■be-rewrttten.-i«rtieKi(iiSf^^**^'^'^'-'^''^- 
ducers. are now osi^ttottotf ii^^lli^^ 



The Shuberts are reported 
In the acquisition of a theatre ^ l»i • ^pSji 
the Fordham section Of the Bronx. ' : >? v^-Cr^ 

This neighborhood 'is attractl|at/W|ii^-^'SvS'JlL^^ 
attentlfl)(k^ of most.otiMie tbrnM^ miil^0fi^'fM 

nates. A building boom to viu^ 
when the trade resumes its normal finMj4^ 

Tbe Keith . interests are buli^liiiig ii^ 
Fordham road and VUentlne afttm^i^i 

PiakiiM ManioiRS Forbes- Robertson* ' 

William B. Feaklhs will manage Sli* 
Johnston Forbes-Robertson's lecttii* , 
ioor when the star arrives la Amertoa- 
next month. The tour will embrace tbft^ 
Eastern and Middle-Western t>riiici^'^' 
cities. Shakespearean subjecto- forndniki^^ 

the basto of ths; t»»fc«^d>rtt wlth:kF«P^^5:f 

lecturer. - 7*, ^^j^.^: 

Forbes-Robertson and hto wite^'-Ctori 
Oet it 

toute^ZiUto^ ars Ieav#;:tMi^fni^|g^,^ 

«Ai Yo« Were" in Reheanal, 


^As You Were," the London Paviillbi? ^v-5^ .^ || 
auceess, the Atnerlcan rlshta;«l.irt^ok>3v^v^ 

ara controlled by Q. Bay iQwilA^ ^i^ 
go Into xehearsal Oct 6. 

Sam . Bernard. Irene Bprdint: aiiiA^^' > 
BchUn Gayer will be the principals 
the American production. . Th^ siiov 
win open in WadUqgtoa, pi'Cl^:)/!^^ 

! .'.:.',v'-'"'«?i*i';!';' 

John 1m tosiHsii s' ' *Hiiiii!wr . .-, ■:y.-^fv 
John L. Golden will prbduoe shoi^'' Sr.. 
play called "Bumbo. Um. |!pnr«>'^ 


; : . .BcIflMO Only H«iaie lo Sl^ 

for JLe- 

^S»-^'ii(we Ulric in n New Myific Play-^*Tblli€i^ Still 

Miuical Show*. With **The Jc«l»' Leadinir the 
^1 f : Draimi^c--*'aarence'' Now Ahead of AM 

Comedies in Tidkings— Weak One* ; .'i; 
Going — Premieres Nc»t Week , 
■-. and.Aften : 

Ill ■S^.v. 

e(b|nf^^^« 25 . new attrac- 
110119 iwmllliig i*n .^ )ri> o r t iiii»y t« ceme 

«n)to -£^ro«4vay, Uie honse shortatre 
X^wnira Is expected b«. someitlHit 
ai9«viatccl ^itli^^^;^^^^^^ tomuA fuh •! 
ipjays next •week and listed for the week 
; 5)1 October 13. -No^evrer than. a dozen 
J"if)fLj9 will debut -within the ain^ tO' 
: , itKSB. and by then every ' tlieatre on 
Sir^way will bav^ bees -opened with 
tl»e eleepiton'- ot 'ibe Belasco, now an- • 
^^r^itrtBwed to ' open ;'w}th licniore XJlric in 
Z^li^I'j^W ot mystic . <)«4entelimru. 
;>;^tliry 1^ 'gota« 4ftx4t. too, tbis week 
(■•faJiitxie 'Uxr the jHrejril«i»;Ot tbc-r^iit- 
ably BensatioiiiBl "AVbrtdiW.". " -; ■ , 
.,.:3But With tbe-inrush of new offerings 
J^jj^Mrttally inade IM8>^ tbrough with- 
^^^i^ini^''' ' of '-' ' the/''-' we«dt«r fiittractkmi^ 
•_f!!Ui» new ^e watching 

l^^jiur jah opening , and chafflhg at .ro%cl 
■f ^^raSpeistlon. There Is no doubt neiw 
. ; independent or small pro- 
^^^M^-^^^'^t&^'f'^^f^f^- ebtered the prodoctlon 

A..;!)^|(^^'^^j^nte of theee nianag^^^ 
' liwady^'b^ ohows on the road, 

J^Dping .tor a break which will send 
thetn into the Broadway running. 
J^ong those men there has been ex- 

f tressed the sentiment that a ch«clt 
hoiiild have been called in light of tbe 
lionse shortage and that they should 
have been warned to hold oft by the 
controliers of the big circuits. Tbe lat- 
teti however, have |>een as much In the 
«ir- as ftoy and. blame congestion both 
^'Iti^w To* and tbe ipon (he 

- vl 


may be correct in some meae- 
:iar^' |>ut of more importance is tbe con- 
^btacd suotem of laat season's reeord- 
P^ii^fliit'li^ «en* 

<.tifSi, of Btnf thows irtikh we anwy* 
gett«nii abeot- ttOs the 'sfitoy. 
r / SnttMsa kut ««ak rn ^ne t». pM> 

: / rtsto. Ztesfeld'a TtWM' Is InrMUiv 

^^'■ii'^h:/-^-:yflicw^i«at:'by Its wHiS'iA ^^^!^--**»^ 
'•*^5?^^?l'^l*«rton and holdinig-to a-' paee ot;ndin 
■•^'^''•^^•^teiii' 128,000, will con tlbuo OS indeil* 
<%^^!?w-f1'!iiitely. It leads tbei musical shows, 
'W?^''^'-':'^^''^ the "Greenwich Village Follies" 
.J^'i'y- running second at the Bayes with J17,- 
\ i^i i ' : the weekly takings. The other hold- 
•A&-.:.0:'j^-^^:ti^ musical attractions getting big 
'U:^-:]:'.\:ftxu>xiey are "The Royal Vagabond" at 
■ ' tbo Cobim and Harris, with around 
i$18,900, and "A Lonely Romeo" at the 
Ouslno, which beat $13,000 last week, 
jftqiohig the fievf musical ehows, "See 
8aw" at the Cohan appears to have the 
best chance, but "Rely Boly Byes" at 
.tl>e Knickerbocker, which didn't fare so 
^ell in the revlewb.- is drawing regular 
btiiajbess and should get luroand $15,000 
or better. 

' X'TTti* JFestt" *t the Plymouth, sho-ws 
ninarkablo^ to It got |18>M0. last 
ni^Hd^ which IB tbs pace tt-atom^ wiUi 

in a class with Itseli;.. with the predic- 
tion that tt wn-feiiv.iaMM 

one. • . ' . • - ■ 

In the cpmedy.lleld, which has a strong 
call, the supreniacy of "East Is West," 
at the Astor; has been successfully chal- 
lenge^l .with.ClMise Tyler's- "Clarence^" 
which Is beatins.'the Butia piece from 
. |M to |M aMflr. tMwtmdrtmtl*^ 
TOO IRM .#sah; iM MEiAMt ita* 
« It.iar flaJiar ovUhpt ttat 
"Claienee" th» Bodaiw haa aiM 
abned 'for a season's rno. . ' 

"Adam and Bra" is a solid hit at iSba 
Longacre, and "Civilian Clothes" is neai^ 
ly as strong at the Morcsco. "Scandal,* 
at the Thirty-ninth Street, is playing to 
nearly $13,000 weekly, a record for this 
house, and only possible because of a $3 
scale. "Nightie Night" finds a capacity 
draw at the little Princess. "She Would 
and She Did" holds up as a money getter 
at the Vanderbilt. "Llghtnln" " is still 
a capacity attraction at the Gaiety and 
is the run leader from last season. "The 
Five Million" holds on'weU at. the Xiyrio, 
but will probably mo«i>'««iir W-a-auailer 
house, where it belongs. •• ' 

. Lines tightened on the weaker attiaje> ' 
tlons tbis week. Several wlU wftW|a«. 
along with those tfwbsAikil ta lasvo tor 
ths .^imad. ."ihuador" -la~oiniiteied a 
nmslf at. tine Cittertai. aad l» IMMs «0 
wtthArawv-at -apqp- -tkB% wttb. dwafita- 

tioned as a i^bable successor. "Up 
from Kowhertf* isn't going strong enough 
at^the.Conwdy and U likely to be forced 
out this week or next. "First Is Last" 
spurted a bit last week, but its success 
is still in doubt. A farce called "Katy's 
Kisses," which blew into the Greenwich 
Village Theatre last week lines up as 
the weakest of aH, aafl wffl sovOy taaip 
after this week. 

Definitely due to go out Saturday are 
"Monte Cristo, Jr.," from the Winter 
Garden, with the "Gaieties of 1919" mov- 
ing, over from the Forty-tourtb Street 
for three weeks, until the new "Passing 
Show" is ready; "Chu Chin Chow" going 
on the road from the Century; "A lU«- 
ular Feller" moving out oC the Cort for 
Chicago; "The Better 'Ok^'* wUdi aoiil- 
piejtes a flfty>wedtnii.o»^taiaw«gr«a« 
mnB tho Booths and i;innrta«, tte 
au^Maa^ tte'm«ba aaar es- 

t«l««aui«a«oBtt'srab- • 

Six openhigs varied the show map 
this week>. "Moonlight and HoneyraOkle,'' 
with Ruth Chatterton. starting Monday 
at the Henry Miller; "The Gold Dig- 
gers," with Ina Qaire, at the Lyceum, 
Tuesday: "The Storm," at the Forty- 
eighth Street, Wednesday; "The Dancer," 
at the Harris, and the new Midnight 
Frolic, at the New Amsterdam Roof, 
Thursday, and 'Where's • Your Wife," 
at the Punch and Judy. 

Next week's long list of premieres, 
four of which at least are slated for 
Monday night, are: "Declasse," with 
Ethel Barrymcre, at the Empire; B. H, 
Sothern and Julia Marlowe in Shake- 
spearean repertory at the Shubert ("Oh 
What a Girl'.' moving to the Oenliial); 
."Apple B10880IPS.'' at tk^SMM; rXlM 
Qiil. la tho l4taMMHtaa? M Wkwes 
•BMOIVSMk*' 0«rf|Ni ZA«H».(«ai(.IMl 

wa«k}; U&a^n^<ikaai^'B^ 
Alexander." «t the •TOrty-fourtb' .wMvj:. 
"Just a Minute," at the Cort. and "TOO 
Many Husbands," at the Booth. Addi- 
tional closings expected may add several 
more new plays to the litt, for there are 
-plenty ready to come in. 

"H^ppy Days," at the Hippodrome, 
eetabllshed a new high record for week- 
ly gross when it got almost' 174,000. last 
week. The Jewish holidays .Agmid la 
the remarkable takings. ' • • 
Among the three mystery plays there 
- has been a lessening of interest,' the 
reason being that tbe trio are similar in 
theme -and ending, '^he Challenge," 
an odd drama, holds on firmly at tbe 
Sehvyn. and it Is moiialile. tbat Ita ma 
win be extended., aad -BUtmmir Mfkh 
\if» «ne:q^MMr t% fcipl mi the read nidi 
laitt^jK?ilit thll. rna Walter play Veat 
■fS^liOW ageJn last week. 

. Out of the 85 attractiona playing 
Broadway at this time the theatre 
ticket agencies are holding buys for 19. 
The "buys" that were added this week 
were one of 400 seats a night for "The 
Gold Diggers," and for 30O seats a night 
for "Moohltgha'and Honeysuckle" at the 
Miller. It was rather a surprise to 
Broadway generally to learn that David 
Belasco bad. at last consented to a buy 
by the agencies fOv ttae of bis-attrac- 
Ucms. ~ - ■■■■ • '• ■ 

■ "Tlnmder" at, the Oiterion- is alio a 
tar. the .agencies being rafiisr . Mini ' 
tamped «n .thia «mfk VUey. ,. took SfO' 
■Mts a pofgnnine^ with a 20 per eeht 
l«tnn ,tf»i fttur weeksl 'with ah under- 
f h Mln g that they -wmad buy for four 
-addttldna weeks'^, ii^^ ran but. 

Tfej^ -have >etn fettinming their 20 per 
cent, each night and then dumping to 
Joe Leblang the other seats that they 
held. The buy, however, made it pos- 
sible for the attraction to hold on for a 
couple of weeks and show almost four 
figures nightly. The piece is due to 
go out Saturday nest .week, and then the 
specs will be .relieved of one week's hold- 
ings at least 

The other new bays during the last 
ten days hmrii fifum >ni' ~fCif Tlmlwiigui 
of Wive^'at ttai AlDo; Hftaeata flv fMr. 
weeks; SGO.a jiiiBteloir 'IBee.Saw^ at the 
<?ohap; Olf iqr 1Cliur«Mitf' .ai^.the Hud- 
400 llM>..«ia3it wadu-fDr.'«oly Boly 
Cii^Wiai&)cker, and the MeBride- 
m- ^ "Nightie Night' at tfie 
_ .'Iff 'tlw casci of the latter buy, 
all tae othinr agencies except the two 
mentlohed have been frozen out 

Of the old buys that continue there 
arc "The Royal Vagabond." Cohan and 
Harris; "Shubert Gaieties of 1919," 44th 
Street; "Adam and Eva," Longacre; 
"Civilian aothes," Morosco; "Ziegfeld 
Follies," New Amsterdam; "Greenwich 
ViUage Follies." Bayes Roof; "The Jest" 
Plymouth; "A Voice in the Daik," Be- 
public; "Oh, What a Girl," Sbidiert; 
"Scandal," 30th Street and "Bt» ITflvito 
and She IMd." Vanderblit. . 

Tbe eut lals markot had llrted ea^ 
this week 17 of tha evnnt Broadapqr 
attractloBS. ' Orcbeatra seats cotii^ -fea 
had for "The CtUbsmi Alibi," nraad- 
burst; "Up From Kowherc," Comedy; 
"A Regular Feller," Cort; Thurston, 
Globe; "Katy's Kisses," Greenwich Vil- 
lage; "The Challenge." Selwyn; "She 
Would and She Did," Vanderbilt, and 
"Monte Cristo Jr.," Winter Garden. Bal- 
cony seats could he had for "A Lonely 
Romeo," Casino; "Chu Chin Chow," 
Century; "Thunder," Criterion; "Shubert 
Gaieties of 1919," 44th Street; "The Five 
Million," Lyric; "Civilian Clothes," 
Morosco: "At 9:45," Playhouse; "A 
Voice in the Dark." Republic^ and "Oht 
What a Gill." 8hid»ert 

Xdward J. Coli^, for a number of 
yeiars manager of 'IBto-Bur* for Klaw:A 
F.-Ianger, has engaged to direct flio 
forthcoming tour ot Bertha . XaUdiVic- 
"Tbe Riddle WoaMUb** Be haa taMli^ 
practically an entire vovtab coawMiNlMr' 

Cohen Is to Meaha a aaSuT- and in 
I a peroaatace or 4bo BMMi, with 

A cotqile of punii^es paasiMf arouiid 
the lobby of UTe Gaiety Satardiay ni^^ 
with « ticket broker and a grlfter. : 
•oea ^ d a new form of gyp. The mqielMa 
were tl|0: jw qi t.aiit thr lawisTjeernering 
tin grifta^aAarta iMd Jtabot^towiei^^^^^ 
.«A|ta.naw87» Ito^ an^WMiii^ ;■ 
•Mlilr Satfi T day evoijaR whlW a crowd ^ 
iwaihr'in of a '42d ' 

street ticket agency, some one called 
for four seats to 'Xightnin'." The spec ' 
placed the seats on the counter and 
turned for a second to make change for 
another purchaser. ■ When he looked' 
back th^ four seats and the man who 
asked for them were missing without 
leaving the cash. 

The ticket agent 'phoned the Gaiety . 
and asked that the sciats be stopped at 
the door.' A few minutes after the Ithana v-- 
bad rpag along caino a nutii with 
four iMata aad vreaanted. tlMm: atnig^ 
box ofBcei aaUar jeoir a.Mfim& Be ww 
stalled' for .a fnr .mftaatM.- '4ho hNfter- ^ 
amearedt, gngMbed the tldtets^ . threat- '-^ 
ena^vvtb. -haia tlw enxdi pincbed, the" 
P MB B ^ w w' e aaehanged, aad the grtttarX.^ 
' the crowd. r 


The Actoxtf! .SSopity Aasociatloa-iifii^?) 
closed the deal- for Ka nsw-<|iiar^ik -ill''^ 
Wept 47th «iir«M. aaf wtn tite po^ca- ^ 
: alM '-ahMit ' del; ■ oi ' Aa :.lBinlty .nat- -t 
•eeavOa'fliree vMpcrlfoflrrtf tf»e4ia 
-atraet ~taliab« vtlllahiir tha aee«yi 
floa»',-wiidl fo'«|s«k'«m-fBr'aflsaa^:^i 
biy ongrUra . VM: tliliil .a^ fttirih 
floarswMtarwnads<sai|iiraied.fO^ it^'^ 
eeotlvetolfees.-.' ' • ■■■y^ 

ihe'Bvidfy haisitaken the three floor* ' 
on a tluree-yeiar lease, paying $4,500 an« ' ' 
nually. considered exceedingly reason* 
able in view of the location and floor ' 
space obtained. 

The 165 West 47th street building was > 
formerly occupied by • the old Screen 
Club. It is situated in tbe heart of tlw . ; 
theatrical section, next door to the Co?w..< 
lumbla Theatre and directly opposlti ■ r 
the stage door of the Palace. O ', 

The building was renovated two y««»^ 
ago and fifttc* - -HOdfRil elll^^ 
throughout ' .' ' 

While the Equity is primarily a bwdi> ' 
ness organization, it is likely '.that viftLv: 
the acquisition of ttae new dob roo|i^^ . 
social features be^etofore,^p088ible~)ti^\>^ 
cause of lack of accommodations wll|-]tt-''^:- 
introduced at regular intervals. ■ -^^^^ 
— ■ ■ v'- 'rVi^-^? 


IVank Bacon, the author and star of 
'Llghtnln'," is at woik on a new cornet^ 
drama for Chic Sale. Tbe first two • i 
acts are completed. The story is \all' 
to be particularly suited to tbe le^« - ' 
mate introduction = of - tlW: ieh^^ 
which Sale has made famous in vaaiiMH') 
ville. •.. 

Walter Waager iaax'VOBt^l^ p tw ii ^ M 
the ifae*/ ' ■. 


naaels X Bushman is starting n*^ 
hearsals In a play called "Tbe Mastw' 
Thief," management of Oliver Morosco, 
to open and tour In the WesEt, whUlMf:. 
this attrtkctions is dilvOn hy the. 1M9%!; > 
ing congestion. 

^ HatonuadHcn ja iB .irew York sMN 'l 
ing to interest the managers In his 
and star, Grace la Rue in "The W<nf*.^ 
derful Workshop," in which be dwlfif.; 
to co-star with Miss La Rue. 

He and Luther Reed wrote the pleofc - 
which was tried in stock out West 


The starring tour ot Marie Dressier :' 
la tha:z««t«al at 




Tha-ploor la^onislcal, with the seiiiiOi] 
widttea tir-IIOton Schwanwald. 
AOt. .wD^pabllsb. the.auiate. • 

■• M:;';.?,>^P;r^f,t5i&^;iirr:>^^ ■■■■\ 


:«Ada<n and KnC 

tUT mUMH. OM dC Ikii 
. ' «HitbWM to $».09Q gait. 
; : lUsakv Mler," Csrt <ith vmK). WMr 
.feed oonedir. but mitered with lamab at 
0«t IT.«0« laat week. JtovM vat 
• ' Saturdagr. opanlnx la Chleafo luzt WMk. 
V* - ■ ""Joat a Miaate" racceedB it 

•A Itonelr 'Bomco,'* Caitno (Ittli itmIc). Tha 
eome-baclc la baalneia haa Wn aorpilatiis. 
. • .. Stkow flsured to mora oak br aev. tat !■ 


Mt ta alcU. WaodM 


v'~leM than U,9H. White an «seelle«t pre* 
dnctldn, ahow a«ir«ta thronsh dofllarttr 
■ ■-- . . ta • theme to the other two myitery playi. 
>''"'>At BiW," Playhouae (iJth week). Though a 
' u' ° ■trong draw. U*t week, buaiaaaa hara haa 
:':V.^' alM fallen off, yet to eatUy. «<ia«t (» tlM' 
takinn o£ «t&er myaterjr plajra' 
..: :fiCbr««e>'* HndMB (td waak). K«v 
^'v --:- . atiiMdy laadar, wMtac ovt lo WmV* 
^^V'-<kMigk.tko BMB iC tMa salt Ja i 

r# ^^^jftMUd reaek 9iT.tM thia.wiNk. : 
Sffi.'^lMiMM ABM.** Biaadhvnt <Stli. «aok>. la 
^/^i:.'.'., oMntcd aa .exaitias «a-the «tkar nyMety 
diama« bat. tike tham. turn fallen otti eon- 
'I-.: diet, at thamea probably the reaao& 

Chin Chow," Century (Sth week). Ovar- 
ftayed Ita limit here, that doa to eaaoella- 
tton of first rpad roota, la :e«Tlnr tor tUa 
road Satarday. ' Homo dark antll tho op«n« 
!■« of •^&»hrodit<».'^ 

HofoaM CM w«^). 
kK-^wMi fIMM 

B AMat;iUW- ^|wMk 
•feoald h«at $1>,«W thto waek. 
^^v •■alt la We»t," Aator <4Itli week). Haa held 
tc lie.OdO weakly paea eoaa|8tmtly> aad la 
a candidal* for' ran' hbnan «C 
atrons crop of suecaeaea. 
' : ■ "■nhaaiia of irirea,"' l.l]ou (Sd week). 
, : V Started off wall, hat alnmpad off, with thto 
:cv ' woak'*..;rtart a. ted one. 
l^.i^MBtab* ^BMIeidmn (IStb wtofc). KO Hgn 
ffjjjH maaiti hit ha laliiir out, and no oteppinc 
attaadaiMiBi, with . Wadnaiiday 'a aiaMnaa 
the only exdeptlon to capacity: Beat tIt.Odd 
C^-; laat, week.' 

^^^^*V:tat la Ijwt," Uaxino Btllott (34 week). 
' Clever newapaper work k««pt thia ahow in 
the limellsbt. It jusUlled el&ttns. to Ita 
worth by drawing fT.OOO last wMk.' 

MIUioB,'' lyric <Jth we«k). In another 
'r^: : kouae thIa al^ow would draw cloia to capac* 
g^. Ity. It held 4 pace of )B.100 laat. week. 




anudler thMite 


^f^BMtMM «f ins," •(4th Street (Mb weak^. U 
moatiiK-to tka Winter Oarden next week, be> 
■ lag aiicceeded by Uclntyre Md H*Mh With . 
"Hello, Alexander." Wli: atay thiM'imMliiB 
at Garden; then the road. ' 
*%reenwlch TiUage . oniea,** Bayea (IZth 
week). One of the atroBgeat drawa on 
Bmadway. Went to capacity ever aince 
moving uptown, and hold* that pace, with 
$U.m laat weelt. 

Bippy Day*." Hlppodronia f fOi VMlcl. «• 
JawUh hoBdayib whhft halip«d ali Imucs 
laat • weak, Aat. tha Hip «iMi la 9«wtr 
•rr.VOO laat w««k. a new ree-'rl. " . - 
Ma Feivoaon." SSiltoB (ttth wMk>. "With 
a half year'!, rtcordi bunneaa latt week waa 
Very good, the groaa being 18,300. /Will leave 
iiext week to make way for "Five o'Clock." 
v: "Vaty'a Kiaaaa,*' Oreenwien vniage Theatre 
<M week). Opened Wedneaday of laat week 
pf^ waa- ayatMl, aa tho. womkaat. of sew 

'^f/iWnimtm. .; Cm hardly atay leagar thM 
^-^ *~:'^the f m^ enl ' w oolii 

'^^^AffOctiiafr Ciateit (SIth Weak). Mm taii 
;r° 4^;: -'~ail attraetlona holding over from Uifc'gauOB 
f. / ^'v' ti length of ma. la drawfaig captully, with 

nearly tlS.000 laat week. 
P,V; *tlaiite CiMa, It.,''-' Winter Qarden (Slat 
- waeic). Final we(k. Piled up a record aa 
°' the atrongcat Qarden rrodaetlona in 
Vamral aeaaona, barring Al Jolaoa^is ahow. 
^^^v'-Hia been doing I21.00O of late, 
^^.^'^amica over Best week; 
^ fH i l li MW*." FrineeM (dih woak).- 
^:i»toe» H( wttk oapaalty the nOa at 
^C ' mM. hMiUk . V^m^ Mala abullac 'at $% 
Per miKo d iuim^ far M wwkfk 

■ groaa. • " ' . 
;.. ' **0h. What a Olrf," Shubert («th week). Kaa 
".•'i drawn nicety atnta recpentngt getting tl>.4M 
^.j. . laat week. Will move to the Central Mon> 
day, being aaecoeded by Sotben and Mar- 

^X;'%ldal^noU«," Amaterdam <latweek). Tha 
g:-.-;- , * •cotoak ghMT haM:a«t thi- weak for re- 

■VaSy Bity Xrea," Bddio 
booker (td week). Waa aot i 
terlag noU'coa. bat ia drawing real bnalttaai^ 
wltk the preaeat pace flCOOO weekly. 
•Vkm Waold and Mm Did." Vaaderbllt (4th 
weak). Qraoa Oaorga'a perabnal following 
may have aometUng to do with the ataady 
draw of thia atteiwUM. MMriy 
affata -laat • week. 

Saw," c;ohaa (M week). A MnT. i 
pina plab aad ylaylBg t* 

•«HwaU."'l»t?Btt«at (td week). The aole 
aoB'mnaieal ahow playing to 18 top nightly, 
though the houae haa Imt VOO atidt^ th* 
weekly money capa«l^ !■ tlliltlk WfeMOl «lM 
ibow la getting, 
•rrbe Better 'Ole," Booth (60th week).- TtnU 
week." With around ll.OftO laat week, it 
^oatd iacraaa* thia waak^ with rapeatera. 
-■ "iToo Many'^aabaada' artiVM aaxt week.. 

r/!^uiia (l(at weak).. Opeaa .oa 
l^it ' Advaina lapaHa Tory good. 
4ilh Mtaat flat wade). Opana 
WadMaday. Hha a itoao^teali bat heavy 
aoenle' effecta. Ita vaprinK try-oat lndl«Acd 
It to be aa anuanal abow. 
^^rhander," Criterion (Sd week). Supported 
by the agency boy for orcheatra seata, with 
the cat ratea liavlDg plenty ot Ucketa avail, 
able, b doing under H.oou nightly. 
"Ihe ^eat.'*iPlymonth. (18th week). lathe 
^ Bon^haicat tap4iaar. mnalac ««ar fli'tM 
■Ishtty. with . MMiUniea ahaoit ft«>lfc. .Oat 
. :««,•«• laat . weak, pkkhw. h» tha paoa 
.:1mm tt Itft aKIa" tha;aw^ . aa ii i iii*r . 
"Tha (Tballcaga.'', Selwya (8th weak). 

been doing excellent bualneaa^ with over 
812,000 laat week. May be' Jtdrced into an- 
other th<iatT8 unleaa- "Buddlea" ia allotted 
further time on the roiad. Latter ahow 
penciled In for Oct 20. . 
Tharatoo, Olobe (4th week). Haa accom- 
pllahed a run on Broadway, laat weak'a 
groaa being beatalnce opeatng, with 
draws.' "iLppla BleMoiai^ ^ty'rg' Imi 
•Vii IVaaa JMAwa," CaiaMy Uth 

at aad'li daa tar-ttM-^'Ae 

ar ^.*aaw rUdnight Frollo.* 
Bald to hold a darteg Ctatara In tha «ay aC 
Frenoh farea playMt. 
Moonlight aad noneyanekle." Henry Miller 
Hat week). Opened Monday night with 
reviews differing aa to merit. Doped aa a 
iilettsant comedy. 

Tagaband." COhaa ft Bania (81at 


Chicago^' (kit 1. 
BiMlneBS contlnnta-to ba extraordi- 
nary, all shows in town:1>ut two treapinc 
big profits, vaudeville booses turning 
Uiein away, and even the ptdtara tliea- 
..^RBii^ iUilBjiV' better .tlHtn UfBual.' 'Cool 
weatbar is probably the main reason. 

Joe Gaites baa a bonanza In vxake It 
From ll^" at th* St«defaalc6r. Tbis 
lively inii8laa"MiiMdy bit tba 920.009 
mark last 'week, which brings expres* 
slons ot dumb ataainnent to the optics 
of the wideBcna wbo y«lp tbat a show 
can't posalMir do tbfkt nincb eutaidi ot 
the loop. 

Doing only $11,000 on the week the next 
most profitable show in town is probably 
"Tea for Three," at the La Salle. This 
piece got the beat notices'- ot any show 
that htui opened Jn cniteac* tUs'aeaMNi. 
Tber« are only five, people In ttii ctat, 
and ot thes^ only three have consider- 
able parts. Business at the box office 
seems to Indicate that there are enousb 
highbrows In Chicago to support it. 

"Dp in Mabel'a Boom," at the Woods, topped 
$19,000, and win kenp that pace up for some 
' time to come, judKlni from advance aalea 
Publicity ta helping keef the S. B. O. risa 
. ap at the Woode. -, 

"The Canary" took a Blight drop, but Is VSfV 
■tron*. Haiahiag with IIT.OOO laat weak. ' 
_ "flonahody^i SweetlienH" . opened at the 
(Jarrlek. Natleea were mild, the tnnea and 
Willlaaa Itait gatllBg tha major apaea la the 
ra^wa «a irat week's take-in waa 8>a.oo«. 

"Rum Waa Veela" maintain a ateady, 
profltable pace at Powers. The bualnena la not 
record-breahinR— laat week It waa 814, SO* — 
bat It aeema destined for a run of montha. 
■ At Cohan's Grand The Aqulttal," the only 
. -meller In town, it gptting a. fair play. 812,008 
last week. "Cappy Rlchs" took a allRht drop, 
'falllrtg to 18,000, possibly on account ot a 
ooucle of openlnffs. 

"Keep It to Yourseir* opened weak, but 
indlcatfona are thAt it may ahow atronger. 
The first week'a groaa fell below 15,000 at 
the Prlnceaa, but the farce hat been adver- 
tised aa a Pmnchy one, and soekera after 
the: rlaque may flock there. 

"Ltatea. I.eater." at the Illlnola. keeps up Its 
'"*I5r'**.VEi!''. Ktltlng over 8I8,0M laat wtak. 

"Ob the nirtag IJnt* eloaed to 94,90«, aaa 
atJhaaaMgea^ oC ^^a ^eeyaa/^pfWMggea^a 

,.talqai..ta New Tork and partially Meaat be* 
Ism tis Manhattan preraiMeb. .9he'MaehslWM 
win be dark for a while. 

All the Chicago burlesque housaa are 
now open, and all playing to so^ tmide. 
'The "Star and (Sorter Sbow^fi at the 
Columbia: Abdi Reynold's Remii' at the 
Stair imd Cfaurtar; "Mtdnlghi Waldena" at 

. ; - . CfilcagO, Oct. 1. ■ 
"Almdiain Lincoln." a new play by 
Aalpb Kettering, bad beon produced for 
the road by Eugene McMillan. 

Edgar Murray will play the title rol» 
aiidi> others la the cast are Madeline 
AmUtmO, Micte I^luie, Beulah Baker, 
IMak t t brntm, StoroM Hopping. Jo^ - 
seph Reed. Arttnir Utm OUbwt 3Mr 
ai<^ Heuy Ndlao*^ BBnM ':Bnwn mi 
C la ecg a iCoiuNMk 

^e «how opims-SapC. <t In Fpn-dn- 
Lao, Wis., aikd;«tn tour night 
two weeks before entering d^es. 

"Abraham Lincoln" la the name of a 
London success. Its author, John 
Drinkwaiter, the BngUah pcet, la In New 
York to ff^PM It te Wlil^ 



'- CWeafn( '(M.f"l>"-'. 
....Phltlp Xieigh ' 

William lageraoH 

>••..•«. tf^rank ^Klngdon 

...I.. Pauline Lord 

Saxon King 
Joseph Sweeny 

Pa«1 BanUtoa., 


Dr; Curtta 

Irene Hamilton. 
Jerry Crittenden 

Jack Stewart 

Edward aarlandm«M*M»M*<»..Curtla Benton 
Ura. Foater.«...#«...*jiL*.tfk*«*'..'..Jea8{v Olllars 

JaaMg Bruce Edmund Elton 

Clark. EM waMfegpMr 

(Play staged by Ira Harda.) 

All U*a mystery augg«ated by tbe.wltcbhig 
title el fllls.#BBid. may be applied to itaorlgla. 
. BpoaMmMp sad'einui reaapn for exIstasM. Joja 
who organised -If aaA wlqr rainained unknown 
'after, the rather dtaimal pteBUare . Snnday nifht 
at the Olympic. 

The programed authors are Samuel Janney 
and Mr. and Mrs. Edt^rd I>elaoey Dona, none 
of whom could be identlAed even by *^'I}oo" 
Hall, wbo ia tlie aeer and liVho's 1X110 of ahow 
MS ■tcaealer Is cndititd tMtfeia the 
- Cosapahy, ^Im, : -A mgeat 
Oiartea Tfamniiindeaglv 
Circuit" repraisatattwi 
attakihe of the Khiw * 
Erlaager oiBce. la inteceated aa a principal, and ; 
tnalderi aay that one of the member* ot the 
. firm employing hhn is "In on' 'It. 

The single let an interior ot a auborban home, 
rather handsomely and artistically done, la 
credited to llrs. Edward Oelaney Sunn, tiwugh. 

linSSii&^hw idnMpfc awsiar .liaK lift^ la 
play Maradaya may .hold aqi, jsk-MM 
disaee tmaiit. Its Uaes -est '4Mi|^' .ftHak M 
glitter of comedy aaywhera. Its sltpaUohs are' 
trite and remlnlacent of other pUys, the talk 
is eumborscmie and prolix, and a eroaa-ezamlna- 
tion laita almost ..two acts. 

Ghosts of "The Third Degree," "The Oreat 
SlMBOSd Robbery." "Three Fsces East" and 
"Otk Mai". Btaik oonstsintly aoraaa tha stage 
tn the plot and its twists eC ahtfsa.adt^liiMh,-. 
It amy he Inferred thsroCMM tkat! **llliM9iMr 
Is a 'amrder f^ystery play, which !( Is, The 
aqadcr Is committed in the acttoa, but oa a 
dark slags. The myatery lasts and not onttl 
almost the end does the audience suspect who 
killed uncle; by that . time neither does the 
attdlenee care. The man Is murdered by being 
locked tatto a vault whore bo la anppoaed . to 
- is daalh, aad .ao one da baad enapt tlM . 

Batumi etrokesk 
what little light 

Laid, as wttb . eC ihii. dicfssa^ a fset 
pHtysd at'shwtr tals with 

giving to the^ performance 
and shade it had. Her ap- 
pearance was dlstlngae. and she set off her 
Lnclle gowns with stunning effectiveness. 
Pbillp Irelgb, a clever Juvenile, was her 
atrongest support la a part that never held 
'water. Frank Kingdpn gave a clean cat ehar- 
a o t a rl aat k ia at a dcwtbr.-- the manoacrlpt btoafc- 
iBC.hIm ftoBi n^stsriBc rlagtaiglr. ' 

aftd^ .jths, . Userad, JWt M- .«■» 
~ -ths .aieBt' prawimsd fa«'' 
thualaam of the event. The laogha oonld to 
.counted oa tbe flagera ot one band. The house 
'waa about three-fourths filled and aboat four^ 
flftlis reatleas. 

"Uldnlgbt" might by a phenomenon of popu- 
lar taste , pull oat on Iti qtystery, which is 
dsass, bat a«v«r axeiUa*. It is hardly lilwly 
at that, and It ssMBa booked fhr Ctltara, 

tha Baynunicat^ anil *VMa» Show" at 
the £2nglewd«d. 

The Lorin Howard stock (three com* 
panics) are giving "The 01.1 Who Ciame 
Back." at the Imperial: "Bverywoman," 
at the National, and "Happiness," at the 

There are two Yiddish organizations 
In Chicago this week. Joseph Kessler 
and his company are playing musical 

AMM^SflRi^ and .i^?*lS]p^ ta^a^ 
a Man Lovesi" at the Empire. 

"Midnight," a new plar by Saniuel 
Janney and Mr.' and Mrs.' ESdwoM De- 
lahey Dunn, 'opened tat the Olympic' M<m« 
day; Review elseWbere in thia ' 

• >,,^J»dianw««li.ip|^i^ 
' ; Persistttit' raai»ri tint- m-,W»mr^'^&^^ 
«ra ta lose Uia Mont. aaA tba^-'tif^ 

IbslCHWVght .'llMiktN aiM Imt* tMMiiiiik;^ 
.iMiHittar «m - through a 

•»i<-'0M-«MlMr.iltfbagb't|i« eomlitg:".^^ 
UnithA u ^ Jtiim, «iuuwd tiilk: ^Ti^vi^ 
aoaiirtMiotim^ on* iiir;tiro ii«wnio4^''^ 

.. ^l»Mk|i4r Wenoy 'g««ilp^^ 

■ VtOam. U U» Mystio .SUnae^' wb»-^di«^n ft^^^i 
mam^vnfiii .(o£"ii«idi the Mumt-TlM^'^;^^ 
at^'te'h i/my, win retuse 'to remnr 'i^^^^iif^m 
Shubiirt lease, said to iexpire some tlniify^f '^^^ 
during the coming year, because theyf^ 
desire to use the pilayhouse themselTea." 
. Ifelion Trowbridge, manager of the 
Utirat, denied the nunor, stating the 
lease, does not expire Jan. 1, as the .Cr^sy'n 
gMsiiw have It, and that-tlie Shrlnerg 
have given, no Intimation they will not 

-renew the lease when it runs out. SSii 
Local newspapers have published ':'"'-^-':ft 
Btcrles that Crawford Fairbanks will not. ^ j 
renew his lease on the I>enniaon .|Xot^^^<;d^i^ 
property, at Pennsylvania ' andy{)l&i^ii!^i^m. 
streets, when It expires Jan. L AV*ii»K?*Ci 
oad set of moneyed men are reporUi^^^^k^^H 
be .looklng. Into the possibilities of the';: 
property, which comprises a quarter of, ^-f'' ' 
a block, as a legitimate' thoaiw 'i^t^? spi^jg 
Tbe corner is at practically th« g«U0iipjfr:>f</^^^ 
4it tbe nwtli sMa^fMidMtial 4iiMQfeJit<». 


Kew OrleanA, Qet tt 
"Going rp"^ (Southern 
opened at the Tuteiia 
Aboitt three^Liiartem ieitvtiiatf*''^^^'-^^, 

TUo vnsient tr«>ii9» is not-qnlte iip 

bdin ts the. most «nclent .of 'tbe :a^lr'i' 
The produetiott end has been ^ett: 
taken care of and "Ck>ing tip" loOJcis aU 
irlgbt for a repeat over the jBoutbeiTK 


rda CUoercMi'-flia |iam|m^^^ 
«>pi!ano,.«peaed liere Hbifday' night wii^v^B 
a x«ad show made up ot a 'concert jgft#^:^^ - 
gram ajid other musical offorlna». - ^ ' 
Vernon StUes is featured among the 
supporting company. 

The performance may be termed soihe* 
what bigh«|iin#^:t^:iiriMi ezoelleb^^^ 

. Ia. «6i:^ter charge to the suit of 
:'lds irttib'OalU Curoi,. for divorce.. I4iilgt 
OtUN:t.]i|11eges the diva hasliad Iniprotwir 
retatidns with his accompanist. Homer 

Curcl, in filing his answer In the 
Superior Court lere, makes a vnieral 
denial of all charges preferred jajj^ti^ 
talm by his wife..- - ■ . '''fiS:-^-:?- 

Say D. Keeho represents thd Uwbiiliii^' 


■■ ■ . 8AIUNQ FOR:OII«NlSvis;A^^^iifc. 
■■■ ;'iB«n^ftf*ii^^ 
Tbtf JtejnoIilb'IMififrtdiQi^^^ 
palny iMII' Mli^llr^ 
Orle[nt':NoV; 15. •y-'-.'r 
th9 company will play three we^' 
at' the Bi|oii,'Bio«i^^ - v..'-, v 

Nera Bayet dpiihing tn Wa«h!hgtan. ' 

I^oira Bj^e«i starring M^TiSdtw FlfAt'^ 
will nptin .liir.':^»Mi"si>n at' 


Sfisg Baycia has been playing. g=-'|ijiw - 

"Millie Collier will act as. auctioneer 
for the sale ot seats and boxes for the 
Actors' Fidelity League testlcicmlal per^ 
' 'ftntnaoce at the Caatiur Tbaattsu Am 
tmoOolk wm t^w ptawa at iMwn. '^4» 

v/inw; *aneiiwiCh Vnikce Follled" vben lint 
pTodaced At th« Greenwich Village theatre, 
downtown New York, waj duly reviewed la 
• VARIBTr. Nov tt ia «a ftt the 44tll Street 
: ltopt <Ba]rM Tlwlwl! •■■I;" tte imnaer tC 

^ An a freak attraction, the "Village rolllee" 
tahei tbe lead of «» New Tork'H legit play*, 
ol the prtMBt w PMC Olv|a ap M kttp»- 
toaalX impeMlbl* Mor* pnUiMilt; tUi 

Jia u* .iml vMk «| tiM; Oi " — ~ 

-^P^MM at a IS.SO Mate. 

^ '-. JriM-Asw awvad to tbe 44th Street roof toU 

''War&V ilM •■dins of the atrike. Vp there It 

jiM mjt9* Kist week. 

'It' !• playing tbe roof on a rental basia,- 
paying tbe Shuberta tl.OOft weekly. Down- 
town it played on percentage. Downtown al- 
so Ita aalary lut wu |4,606 a waek; op the 
roof the aatariea run to 11,000. The ia<Aiaa« 
Is Is tbe way oC.aAmpM pay.-Ar,: 
jlauur Watlib w ■ m ab l|w 
••hr«« <M0 «t the mUf tteatr*. Oa th« 

' net he li toloc paM. 9<0t. Beuio . McCoy 

' Davla downtown recei-vid 1400; uptown ah* 

: ta getting $800. 

. Bobert Edwards,, the ukelele playing long- 
ater, wltfa hi* gnlqae Ideas ot tone wrttinir, 
and one ot the big hits ot tbe performance, 
downtown received tSO weekly. 'Whether 
Edwaxds la secvring moro pay uptown is . m- 


«IM lOnaawfcli vnaga rMIKV waa Mg- 

hiittly' prsibotad ■ by Arthur Pcaiaoti; lira. 
Bawkesworth (ibather of - th« iaaaic«r)< Morris 
Green, the rabnrot agent and producer, and 
John Alurray Anderson, who is interested In 
some of the GII Boag cabaret ventures, be- 
sides being the producer- ot tbe PalsU Royal 
reruea; The show coat about $40,000 to p'ro- 
du&e. Uuch of this was on credit and Is aaid 
to liava been extiavagantfar apeat. Some .et 
-<H^>rigr-aiai ka to Om tK t pmm «a.Ma«/Mld 

^.gt-i': - ^ ■ • - • ~- 

. ..^^p'f<if*iMn,- iih»- had Mivasted abeat. •ItfNi,'. 
- tecelvsd Us mmer tmtki 

prHmitnably from Paul SaliiMn (Boag acting 
M'0alvaln'8 representative). Salvain is the 
'<;WBer of the Rector resturanta, also tbe Palaia 
Beyal, and Is interested in aeveral others. 
OntOtanding debts of the show to the nmoiuit 
.«i 19,060 or" |9i000 were also paid by Ssilvain, 
irlh^.iln paying this amonnt, secured. 61 per 
ce(it...«t Ota ifcs w / i'"-" ' 

AbM|t .t»«'waaibi ^ftar the Itftnr apsaad 
there was a aMatt -Ume scrap 
'sia>ted, aaionf ticket brOkM* «i«r the piece. 
Jii Jones found hiraself ftoxea oat. Be there- 
lipoa paid Salvain $10,000 for Salvain'/i Inter- 
eat. This left the show owned by tbe follow- 
ing; ■Jonea, 61 per cent: ilrs. Hawkcawflrth, 
. '-^Xt ffT cent.; Qreen, 12 per cent.; Anderson, 
12 per cent. . 

'. Anderaon, aa one of the authors, receives 
pe# :cait. M'tlM Cnaa. ° Fblll* 
ktf wiffta t 
l,' ats(tgiet* twijv* 
' wta Stoawk the eo w pesi t ' sC ttte aesre. This 
Ittares a lovalty e( six per cent en the gross 
i» he-paM ikm authors. 

tTiere-:jrere several side lights In connec- 
tion with :tbe staging of the "Follies," such 
SI the objection by Flo Ziegfeld to Its title, 
alleging an Infringement on Zlegfcid's "Fol- 
II«S>" .the many delays In the announced 
fl4rt(Ai .ot Dpening, and tbe Ziegfeld threat, to 
: niuiiM- bis mldalgM shows so they «;«uld be 
i-.lft*jB[^wMafi.fWi». wr asa • ' 

'"WC'^iMir: m TOia- 44th atimi fsaC-.tkera Is 
.'iM^/lMMk to ths '•fUlace VoUles." It is a 
'a^ar ot numbata aaA specialties, with the 
eoatniBing. and aeenery Ita strongest draw, 
' ether .'than the title. Tbe Roof Is drawing 
" itraniUents. ' Tbey want to see what the 
j.- tOieeuwlcta Village Fullles" stands for. It 
" stands for a lot. a^ordlng to tbe oonverss- 
:,; v^r -.-. U ths stage by Jjansv IVattg sad 

: ij" if ' Heanan. i .' ■ 

i . 'r^i'^': - Thm it BO better advertked aama-at eom- 
. this country ttasa Otpeawteb VU- 

''^a^i'^'SMt. The -yokels think .It is tbtr last place 
.■i^^-V'-'ea earth iter their tamllies to go. But the 
r'^:.^''.,' ' ;ydMto'' would like to go thentaclves. The 
l^ttase- bias been told about '- newspapers, 
nagaalnes, and. moving pictures. If a picture 
has an airtlat scene, It is laid In Washington 
Squaro. That's Greenwich Village, and the 
two scottoni run hand In hand, the biggest 
hunk 'iotellli^Bnt people have ever been naked 
'to' beileaia ' 

' .Xiai^fiM ''^Qfaoawleli ytllage" tadced aiito 
any. tttis la saa «C. Ilia best drawing cards ta 
Shnir biaiMaii' la mt outaide of Mew York 
City. That may aecoaat primarily for the 
continued success ot thia show, althoush the 
perforaiohce, estimated only as a perform- 
ance, makes a (ufflclency of entertainment 
through tbe freedpi^ allowed Its prlndpala 

There is a splendor of coloring in, this , fro- 
duotion, from the settings, to the eoattuteib 
ibat nl^.be savtaA kgr any sis waa . * WhM 
way prodoMr «f McK eta« irtttaaUbaa, A 
. aawi^,!peifaek HeuA Is p>>M--n seen. The ma«. 
11 toiylb irlMtlMr la clolbes or dresses, look ts: 

W,' . muUi* atiilMir''- 

'irniacO aHlau or to regular dedgners, i 
but small dlHorence— the fact roroalne. 

There are chorus girls and principals with 
neither ot extreme importance excepting the 
two men mentioned, besides Mr. Bdw -^m he 
ot the ake. Mr. «i^Ja»W^ j«aia. MM- 
mataly faaay la tks TMmf tkaa M baa 
ever, bees or ceald be la Tsudevllle. S|s 
idani^ talk evokes screanis and •eme of - his 
remarks , mli^t be presnmed aa bos oSlee at* 
traetlona la a 'respectable theatre, 3lr. Her- 
man, in bis blackface specialty. Is no lesa 
Herman's talk concerning those appearing in 
the show, especially Cecil Cunningham, might 
be linked with Mr. 'Watts' as a double draw.. 
Herman la developing a smooth atyle ot work- 
Mr. .liTatla' la hlB- tiaMatjr Mta. lMta. piaaftly 
due to ths atneaphera whldi la'eC aid .la His 
dams character, 'makes mueh mora tt thS' 
burlesques than vaudeville 'could note. 

Ulas Cunningham does her staging specialty, 
having the orchestra nnmber as ber blg Item, . 
Irene Olsen means nothing but * i 
Ing red head who tries to alng. 

Suaanne Morgan has a couple of WIS 
gets away with both in a comedy veM 
Bssria McOiv ia (ho Mc sianad aania 
la Ukily waaM- M IWa jpcsAattte f«r ^er 
name oaiy. (HM.daca. Mr daaeas sad la tbe 
centre of a acur MaaiAer. "Tmr Ssrs'a liar- 

Among the specialties Is Ted I.ewis with a 
sow jasx band. Lewis is an individual score, ' 
even with his trombonist glvlngl very poor 
Imitation of the original laughing brass player 
Iiewla liail. One cannot realize how good 
tbe original waa until hearing the present one 
la Lewis', band. But stJIl lawia i 
ao trouble * la jgettiatf asw. 

There are two' er tinae yttf 'catchy 
written by Mr. SiOMie aad an oqdal snmbcf' 
of attractivS ensemblea 

The "Oreeiiwich Vtllaga Follies" will draw 
anywhere. Just why there Is no No. 2 and 
No. 3 company traveling In the sticks Is a 
mystery. It makes hardly my ditterencs 
what Is t>ehtna the "Greenwich Village" title, 
and there's no one in the present east who 
saaat lie carried, atarred er tmiwnt :1a aSQ- 
'aadary. . compeinlea. or . ettir ikaaa vMh 
"Qteeawlch 'VlUaKa''..tai ^Mlr ssains .: 


Pet Baldwbi... a <«a«a««»aaa«s ••••e 

Tod Mugrftve 

Halite Baldwin. ^4 Katheria 

Senator Baldwin ^ Edward 

Jefferson Lawrence GMIoser 

Congrrasman Hamill..... Sydney Booth 

Courtney Blue .........Charles TrowlKldge 

Judith Baldwin Ruth Cbnttcrton 

Mrs. Langley Lucille 'Watson 

It you want to get a line on the chnac«s of 
a *khow In New York on opening night, get the 
confidence of tbe ticket apeculators. Uonday 
ovenlns after the second act of "^bloonllght and 
Honeysuckle," at the Miller Theatre, a small 
aggregation of them stood in the lobby and 

It ai iriMT^^fTirMSi a«^^ 
spdnded: 'Tm taigped. if I Itmom/i 

Taking at cat; VARIBTrS. represen- 
tative made a canvass of those whom he knew 
were wltn^Bsing tbe performance and put to 
them the same query and the respouas was un- 
varyingly tbe same In effect, tboi^fli aat s l a iga 
couched in the same verbiage. 

Henry Miller's . presentation of "Moontigbt and 
Honefsndde," a colaedy by George acarkorough, 
atarvlac 'Ruth Chatterbm, Jndgisc by tka gen- 
eral epInisB of the fitst-nlgbteiab mr' be . set 
down as aa almoet Unqnalifled failure. It 'con- 
tahw sonia brilliant dialog, some clever bits 
of repartee that might be set down as Oscar 
Wlldlsms, generally competent acting, but the 
story Is so trivial and nonaeaaleal as ts make 
one wonder hsw a aMUMcer of Hemp MlUer's 
espaftaMosaM naka aa eg r a gl o ai aa wrer ot 

A tw«aiy;T 
two suitors for her hand she will give 

Judge Robert "Wattsa. .v.,.. -i'Sagk jB Mi 
Mrs. •Robert Warren. .. .Miss Adera Andrews 

Ida Loring Miss Qneenie Smitik 

Myron S. Rontham. ..... .Harry Anson Truax 

Mrs. Penelope aiddiai;s....Mls8 Maud Leone 

Dorothy alddlngs... ....... Miss Kate Pullman 

Buddie Montrose.. Earl Gates 

Michael Fladiattt ^^^Ji, Martins, 

Peter .....R. D. Blakemoro 

Dances by Margaret Bdwarda 

Billy Bmersoa...w..«^<.. ^^l" I^°V^ 

Billy Rice. ......... ..V i,' ^^AiS Jf^^"' 

Billy HVest. iV.;;i.....Bert iltfOuynr, 

Fred W. WaaabaM.i-...»>^ 
Kitty Rlce...a^.««..«'»«..'».'rMII 

.tar'tka How ket« 

. Th4re are taa aals ' 

baMitltai atoekr^ aa tlis.lMaa'tt 
Tka aHBa ait.lB:«Mitjfw the last aet tlia ttanf 
betas aatMOi- «ltk ths tieoa sel^Ma brows 
*liitoaOi- 'A^iite lat'iAavlat-a.sUmif porch' 
la aaariar tba iieia d aet./ jL.«<g|«|a^eartals 
IS used, and whea aha IUtt-^ ,»m( l^' Bhewa 
tbe choma sleeplag. the other 'ilde Ut« 
raised revealing toar of the ulaatrel men ia 
their cots. 

"Roly-Boly Byes" has a buy of something 
over 30O seats wltb a 20 per cent, return tor 
four weeksh with the broksia prapUsiag to. 
take an additloaal fear 

corfclpg chorus are the 
ot the sew Mta Oiit 
Beljr Mtmt " 
Septsmbsi^ lib 
the blackfaea 
allty and daHCklM 
aad the voesllalai; and work of tbe enseinble 
witt'do nach to put the show over. Other- 
wise there Is nothing about the piece' that 
outsteps the commonplace. 

"Roly-BoIy BIyea" Is described as a three- 
act musical comedy with book, and lyrics by 
Edgar Allan 'Wolff and music by Eddy Brown 
and Xouis Qruenberg. There Is nothing to 
the book or lyrics that will ever bum up 
Broadway and aa to the musical end there 
isn't a number that will ever be beard oat- 
aldef of tbe tbsatrs Whers tbe ] 

Mr. 'VrelS baa aabaUUe^l a.-my trite 
iiiisiaiaiilaii tha i 

1 1M Is aaaptetad eC a 

goes over. 

Tbe show will draw for a short time, due 
to the personal popularity e{ Bddle Leonard, 
who U featured, but It la net a Broadway aU. 
traction that will romala tka 





aad iite.'baa Joiaed a i^aafid 
abaw ptaya bis haoi* 'tewa anc 
«sd' father dadde to have the company at 
their booM far a charity perfofnunce. The 
boy makes a discovery that will help him 
prove his laaeemee aad when he returns with 
the. show sgain later he is able to produce 
proof ot the guUt of tbe one who Is about to 
marry his old sweetfieart and thus bring 
about a bsppy ending. 

Ot the music there Isn't a single sugges- 
tion ot melody that lingers after the per- 
tormsihce, esccpi tor tbe two eld vaadeville 
numbeia, "Roly-Boly Byctf* aad "Ma." :1Aich 
were used by Mr. Leonard. - .„ 

.na aaaMd^ oad^aC tha riiiaw la paittcolaily 
w«ai|.' Vha' aidr aiwc thai was fcri^ "Ms. 
tha-ataaalaaal -ajaaa iai wo «l May saiir *a 

sa hartaaqaa than aloss mus- 
ical comedy Uacai .Other thaa tbe scenes la 
which she appeared there 'wasn't a. laagh la 
the show and Miaa Boley had ba( nia. scenes 
that amounted ' suiy thing. 

Bddle Leonard's reception on bis initial ap- 
pearance amounted to an ovation. The ai>- 
plause rang true and lasted for fully two 
mlnutea Later, when he mentioned his old 
■angs, there was another wave of applause, 
but in thelast aet came tbe indication that 
tbe Knickerbocker held a vaudeville audience, 
for when he floiahed "Ida" Ihers was a call 
tram vartoas 
hia oM'.fitvsiftag aa la 
. «a iiift. 

the papm la 

show puts Its ^ ... - 

upon the sfcouMan is cany the b«rdea>a( tta, 


It must be cenceded that this writer auniinal. 
up the flrst perfomanoe of 'The Little • Blus- ' 
DevU" correctly when he made that Stafeneni 
Joe IFcber'a Utcat production evIdeatlyVia going 
Oa ba aai u ii l a r aaa. 'MMdajr tO^iUMmmi . - 
at thaCHssao wijogral amy minute aadiaa^icd ■ . 
over the oUslaiydf Clyde Fitcb'B"B1ue Mouse" 
revauQied lata a musical play by Harry Carroll, .'4 
who has given some taBM.aMlaUt^j|Bd^anU . '-^ 
Atteridge, . who haa 'MSBMB^A.-aiif^l^^ ''('j 
made it modem. 

The story has to do with a gay old gentlenian 
and his aecretary wtio aought to 'Win blmaelt ''fT 

. aa-':. ■'■:|:; 

Tgai0liiL ths '-'' 'r^'' 

dtva. ts 

It is not dURcuIt to Imagine -the laoghaUS' 
situations that auch an ides could present, aai 
every opporttmlty Waa made the. most of. 
A number of Caml's oomposltiehs are going 
^to register big sueeees^ particularly his principal 
Ibetie." It Is most catchy 
taacCufc CKhan wcra eicett^t. 


To a'aaat- 
tbs eomedlsa aad-k 
a.TCvelatloa. . . 

The eae surprise that tha'ahav: did bring 
was tbe Introduction to Broadway ot an in- 
genue prima donna who can alng and dance. 
Lordy! how she can dance. She bos had 
ballet training, that's certain, for It shows 
in ail of her work. This Sod la Queenle 
Smith, aad with coaching thia little lady is 
certain to go a long way la maaical eoBMdy. 
She aad Mdle Leonard 

eM CM OOii OMIart^ Wh* ^iMds shswre^cept tor^ 

B. Smith is 

their anewera on •the occasion of her 
When they call she tells them she has 
"past" and hopes it won't make any 
ence.'It should t>e explUned that she la ths 
very spirit ot miscbief, but not knowing this 
both Biea squirm oat at their proposals, leaving 
ths. coast altar te bir nbWflboad lavir . iMHh 
whsai oka was lamd hi tha Weal. Tl»- iMile 
thing Is' aO' MdMlshly obvious from tbe start 
that OBS iMBiers hew the author Imagined tor 
a singlo ntoment that he could sustain the ailght- 
est interest in tbe plot's unfolding. Perhaps he 
fondly believed a few ahatta ot wit is tbe form 
of repartee would sufBoa la haM tlia aHaaHsa tu 
three tiresome acta. 

dMAMl.WnAsta W tha caat'la Maalfcrtly un- 
fair under tbe cireumatdncea. It is, however, 
only lust to them to record that they acquitted 
tbemaelves with rare Intelligence, each In his, 
or her, own way contributing all that could 
possibly have been expected under the circum- 

-As the intended "action". of the plecM Is oar- 
MA oa la hat a Mmlp-sacae, the nuuiacenMat 
Is taLka. Iilliilatad m aiO-aahjlBiam. aapenaitare 
la.^'.'aMittiw a</.pra*Ml|oa'«Mt 8aM aat at 
«■! d^gtlr bii CMMlVMi ta oa 



Beruard OranvUle with. Lillian liorralne sue 
the featured membem. Both drew^^lg aacccs as ^ 
aa did Adelaide. The chorns Is ahs.OC the ba* 
sees here la many laooas. . V- v--. 

KathartM BatisM really stanpsd'^the diew 
wMh her asoaatila daaea wtthvl^fahtlthk.. ^ 
bnatfU a Mam.aCa^MaiBa< as'^Ud-raaiMilik' 
ald^iSiatv: tta *aak daaea, 

Ulas Lorraine, as beautiful as everV.'earrted tlia .. '-'C.^ 
name part and dispharcd some woadeif ai 'gowaii ' Vv*- 
One, when shown la New Tork. is golriir to- twy ''■'. v 
a aenaatlon. Louise Kelly, apleodidly atattMaihlr^-'^s-i^^ 
Wilfred Ciarlie, alway* on *»~"fn* ''■*tiTiHt**fr 

Emery sad Edwafti .Steth»aa .MS'''-..wi 
esatribolad their alsBS. . '..'■ 

f ta d p H o l ipaa la cany m 
aia^ (bHa aa^bo 

be aet quite 

HSa sang with Ana* Saada (a atrtkfaia; bruBetta" .-vV 
aad pteaaUig actress). Their anm'ber was tbs 
real bit of the performance musically. ' Vv 

Tbe ahlmraying of tbe chorus. Is the biggest . '•§;' 
alngle auccess, and to again quote tUe local critic: 
."The Shimmy sbakinc charmers of the cbora 
lit NHalB.te the baavaaMk: . 
' •CftMa aafl flguta, hfaatlfaWf '""v -v 
■owaed, aad dia»o(t before aettiiigs that rcpNk^'X- 
seat the isteat mode In tattrlor decorating, ^^^- v<:; 
though some of the latter potaia aaaar -ia SMa>:^ 

- - - - - 4? 

looked who attestlMi 


bat tka 

crjHIt. Mr hi Ika fliat art tkey haadM tka 
'dnt aumbcr with Leoaard la anperb' style. 
' Vkata are sixteen girls ia the ensemble aad 

they are all big girls, but they_ certainly jrork 
hard, both singing and dancing. 

Kate Pullman, who worked through the 
show with Earl Gates, pulled down an In- 
dividual hit in the lecond act in the "I 'Want 
a Man" number. She pulled an exit trick 
that wae new to Broadway and It won her 
an applause wallop. Margaret Bdwarda, a 
"classical" dancer, did a specialty ia the sec- 
ond act that woa farar. bat «hliik aaiaiH a 
little leagthy aad lat «ko 
thara waa la tha pioes dai 

Bart ilsOanIa aa.a 
aad O. Claytea' nya aa 
both'got by ileaiy. aa dM ate Adssh .Aa> 
dsaaali' whs atayed Ua 
the eiuisia of the Brat act a real kiW with a. 
touch ioC heart biterest. 

OtUe'ia^ the cast are Hugh Chllvera, With 
but little Is do; Harry Anion Truax, Frank 
Martin*, H. D. Blakemore, and Eddie Mailer. 
A' mlasttsl chorus ot eight men Is alse car- 

flad. "■•>.:•;• ■ 

*. • • • 

iBiHy WiBct. . 

Xew Golden, former pjrtnclpat conU' ;*v 
edian with "Hello, Paree!" has been ,- 
slemed with the Billy "\;V'e3t comediea. 
The outfit haa also taken on Theodore -^5) 
I/Orch. formerly leading man 'wltb tba 
Orect Northern Stock 


The Royal Italian Opera troupe is fea- 
tured at the Terrace Gardens, Chicago. 
Vmk. Ijoe Is the manager and tenor ot 
tlM troupe; Anita Jaggi. sopraaov Vio^ , 
M ghnnian, mezio hophuim; -Steve. Mi:. 
Hula. bafltmM; Hwlwiitiitn £«o, 
linlat, had Bawor HanMso^'itute. 

Edward Rowland at Gayety, Buffalo. 

BuflfSlo, Oct 1. 
Edward Rowland, former manager of 
the Lyceum, ■Washington, D. C, is now 
managing tba Gayety ber«b succeeding 
■jiim lat» RMnrtl Mttca> 


.Tirr Ioo«e »t tt« Mond»r matta**, 
^^tmontt and taemvr. and Uh artUta iaurt 
ters »Tiffere4 keenlr. particularly On early 
MBil?er». Thlngi 4ida't iMtf^ t» ;»*»Mr th»,/lwjJ» 

est foU«.-.- • ■■ " -t.^r^" 'J«3f V-. 

^HslttB 'IP'VVkl 'ilMBeNllrr^fllfBI', 'tettMJT'* 

'JMht b • «0BtataI. flAttonr. . But vatoblait 
Sj^vetk tlM tbewbt oonea that htr typ* 
at bnttatlea Im more than Oatt«ry— it !■ Art. 
CM <>>• capItaL It goea. Juliet wai 8<a«ron*> 
M alwaya U, eomto» back tor halt a jgy 
legitimate encorea. aad (tvIoK another laipiPf 
aoaatlon *lth each Ntlini. . 
, TtM Moaleal. Hantam opeiiaA. {,^kl» v*** 
be» wltk a atranUiic o( tata^MUMia 1» om* 
:tMl a kaid tim* oC It. 

'■'^UtUt CutmM iaA Xawa Barria. with a 
'il M pamhwiialla that th«r don't n<ed, sot 
'v.' - 'Mar kawtny with aa act that eaaayad ilntiar. 
■''"^Mlm'*^' comedy. In addition to the team. 
0.- s^f^aw la aa elderly man who doea a comedy 
■^KmMT- l^e team daaca bcautUally and alns 
alcely. and thafa wtak'^mM^M eaaflak their 
■ Wtoru to. The aoK teit' 4 piMila. 

took tl» '»*y« a» iaa* artwiar ttey *tw 
' fettair aflv' a trhlle, and, alrancaly enonch. 
''" Ihii Iwaii tl'i" ^"1^ frrnmrl at bis nifty "Jvit 
5?-'^-a; iCItda" aon«, amllfd at hie parodiea end hia 
-'iaiiclaat pace like tbla: "Wanted, room by (en- 
'0 'ttanaa with bay window." He banded out » 
#,C '«e tboe. ai>d eaeh one Bot a roar, Thia pwvea 
?i*/-»ejand farthof argainen t ttet tb« Lea gue ot 

^^I^^SiTlftwaiiak Jr.. gat 'airMr >k-'irt*«" 

irllh more eaeriy than llntoh. 
^tv' AUn Brooks' followed JuUet In liU iketcb, 
^*ViB»liwed laat week at the Palace JTheatre. Mr. 
bi^i^'Jlwak* took objection to the etateraent' printed 
^Tto laat weok'a review that he waa a •goring 
:;s'^»ctor." That waa not Intended KiiMlUa 
'!! rr 'iK, tia aUltty m an a«lor.. Leo tMtridNMb ii 
Sa IB AmoM I>aly. SalTrW 
_ ^—aaa of his poaea la cmmai 
r^:,;^Sm&.- "in OoUan 'find Senae** Mr. Brooha 

p'^'^^MMtca the character of ji world-weary cynic 
tjffth money, and If that ktw d.<^» chMrattw Ia 
iSu v^H^jie portrayed for a vaaSlVfllr MtfaM%' It 
^'isiat be with posing. ' 

JU and Fanny Stedman were well . wealted. 
SKXtara Sablna. aaalsted by ^ Maurice .SMtaar. 


Chicago. Oct. 1. 
"YiiO wiliMlia niiiaiinin Seeley and Anna 
"^^iMIer-iiia.- a. 4eBd teat for the champion-. 
_ Alp of the PaUce vavderOla aariaa^ thla w ie jf . 
- Both aw jtaduatg of tha *%h«il<»f' . *el»ol 
liat a d aaUa ar mlK^ a tawafc 
.W-Api thrwch tl^t oaie and hotb Mtfllwa tk 
^tlday mbannni and Anna aca aong delineftota 
mat variety, clasa. atrlklnc iMisonallty and 
reiiann that la not depcndeint on fad or tranal- 
'twy whim. 

. Blossom waa a todolo toaser and had a pen- 
K^.v (ikaiit tho3e daya for getting does to the ataga 
K'vJHth her pretty curvea and belting pw.i 
iltet wen Madak hat charged mVOL vm 
,£l|MBdta. Thar la an iMa.- JM iMfto •■ ^la 
^^tkv imAfb-^lirta leeaa a voica trltli na fnsa 
^.tat' tB kanilMii It. atanda tip with-t6t dig- 
\'iMt ot n diva and delivers a cycle ot oinntiera 
'.ttat might grace a prima donnet. 

Supporting her are Bennle Plolda and Orosa- 
Ban, Lynch and Lope*. U It i» Blouom'a 
tteory that big acU are valuabla aeta ihe 
airuinty attalna what ahe foaa aftar. Bit.tha 
aaUanca U not.eaUraly with har ia fbto plan. 
i^mnm ta Mi* l|M» mmi ta «{oalng poaltion 
r^iiar' tTCOiiecs wkal iMw Omt w* their own. 
^■r^^-WnM never ieaoh that spot. Flelda la a 
.gtaius In hIa way and haa a quaint manner 
*t putting over drawling talk and aong; hut 
hli capaclty^Ia three minutea. He does al>out 
alne aa it la. The other Iwya are nifty wnrfc- 
•n and all that, but ahouM be In aa act of 
ttair own. No. 2 In "one." Bloaaom. beiaolt. 

g^mi a leeaptlon that even diewad h«r% «p. 

Ckandler. flrat tima at lha Falaea In 
^ Muiy yeara, atartcd without much bang, got 

7\ nlllng and, before aho had come to her first 
i'lStlt, hod the house In complete surrender. She 
::^tlM np tho works In No.. 4 poaltion. Her lyrlca 
: «* -brtlUaat. and are ptOKtammed aa the work 


'lIXe a man eC breeding and culture. 
Uark N'eleoB, ene of the original Five Jug- 
;.; gUng Nelsons, opened with hata and clubs; very 
, gOoa. Bliorman, Van ami Ilyman next, always 
, f illed here, got lota of laughs on knockabout 
■ eowedy ana Iota of recalls on harmony. CDon- 
a«n and Blair could not appear as their bag- 
**(e ha« Mt- mmwti yet. aad Vera Sablna 
. '."Mblad In ftan -the Majeatic. gattiag a good 
^■aad aa bar nsat daiNlag tarn. 

"The Wu. Bmt,** a Maitaitdw proAwlian, 

out olaveilir. 
hoUsr with • BoOs Sagrea ^is flrat perform- 
anea la the part), baa » anS ladlvlduality and 
aoored, The aet la handaoma aad the plot la 
amusingly "wl*a," with the aleepwalking doll 
proving to be wide awake. Tta« meral la that 
*lt la a great ll(« If you don't weak-end, or 
' aamathlng to that aSect. and laolde Illlab 
:aaiarv««ata.-lt t* ' 
.•...O^ievm: aad Im. la 
eC biah ,bn»il> est orit as '«r yoto. and 
f ktai^a Oto^paBr (Bbrfa Frllkla, U 
aervas corraetiy) cloaed with a whoop - hurrah 
of ' Kuaalan song aad dance, holding In many 
ilotr opening. Eualneu. capaetty. - 

■a «• UTT.T. fOBi KILLEB 

, Oit 1. 

lAPsMii MB fMi'waak, arttli Ow W M Wna a t 
parts (air, hot tta tote rather aour. 
The ilrst five acts «« the bill vrare o( the type 
which elaasify aa dumb or qoasl-dtunb, followed . 
by. oaty one slagln* ^d dancing torn, ending 
up with a ieud, florid, cheapand no lay ooneoe- ' 
tlon which haa long since aMIvad Mt aaiCil-. 
neaa, if it ever had any. ... -j.-' ' 

■ lha Cheat JMaaM eiiaia the bML ^Ba la • 
cantortiealrt. - JMoMaa. .waiMar-Hi " >»nw aWg - 
white, la an arttat in his partlealar itae. 
. MAntI and Fartl. accordion acd pieeoto 
with neither of the two having anything aensa- 
tlonal to sell, but the combination ot the two 
Instruments eeema to b« a relief, and they got 
.over nlceiy, particularly the boy with the pleco' 
They. opeiied. together, each did .a medley sr 

' BqvaldB aad'Daafeigaa 
-about sizteea minniea. Mr. aad Mis. Reyao' 
' aad their two dangbtera represent about tito 

only skating family piaylng vtodevllle In thead 
.parta at the prcaeat tlsM. The two girls aT< 

virtual newcomers, although one has been it» 

the act for some time. Tet se far aa appear.. 

aacea go no one wooM auspect that two e< tl^a 

^ Chief 
A big b«aeflt win be glv^' "aaiarf' Jew<- 
onial Friday tO .Jobn 'MOka patmilsa the 
oC Htiblaua. Woods. Heiiat Do they no 
la tiM iM^ ■•■<taWpr. to^»h/ .?»°'* they 

'ttiijiia.'xwt'jniciw tar 

ThB nhaw-lm in tflHur«|tt;< 
ikSMng those appearlrfgi ' 
«Mwi>, Joe CwtHoray^ ■ ^ ^ 
. Artbut- ^ron, Predc^'" oe the 

ihwet lAVrence, and Swan, a clever 

"Walter Jones, Hazel ^ ^hn» he juggiea. as- 
enport, Helen Mensaacea a bit aad both 
Weeks, Eidwln Kica^ndUn clubs. The nu^ 
rigan, Phoebe hu eccote la ht^Arooa 
Irals Allen. Bl*'**'* Uwea atttefe* la tbal 
la an ajple, lia 


. Mward'llaishaU sabaaltted Ills daaaly. 
naat^ and aedate cartooning act, whinlac as 
much with hla decency a- with hia drawiag, . 

Beaace and Baird got the ilrst and only big 
applanaa of the bill. The tean, test In Chicago 
at the Olymple with the Julian Eltiage Review, 
la. a ahlaias esanqrta aC what can be done 
taleat la weMed lo good auteriaL The 
is bevad .to be • hH. Tresb tiMi>Miar 
nattga much, but the; beeaa m%tm im^-Wk^'jtl^ 
eace«wage It. tflie act la flneni aad |ladl..i 
dioua. easy to Itatta to, aad msy '*e,liMk at '- 
act haa not been changed In one Word or nio'.'e- 
ment aince ita laat appearance here. 
' "The Amerlcaa Ace" caaia out but didn't 
' tniav* ■ ^ '. ' ■ 

Bwinff. . 


^The average agent hereabouts wrinklea his 
nose -when a aketch comes around, the thCory 
being that the average sketch In the average 
theatre (except the two-a-day) la more or Isaa 
a' dra^ on the- BMUhak 

' tt ia srattOrhig thaMora te bbto^^ 
aa laridy) a «keteh that ataada ipii: -Mercsta 
teilK ita 10 mlautaa or ao. sals a^MtVlafMatory 
reauK at the flnlah and dees net' 'deacead to ' 
cheap hokum to drag horae iaugha.-' ; 

This Is "Tears," a little iketob preamted by 
Beralec I<a Barra and company in the bill the 
laat half. Lew. ^ntor Is the Impresario; the 
author Is not mentioned. It Is a clean, well 
acted UUIe play, with the aobUag wife aa the 

.eeateal ehanM(cr...;Pw a 

aulelde. 'Dndsr the li^eaMlMi he la dying, stia 
afaowa bar real aelf. .Mftatljr hlamlag heraelt 
for hla act. At the proper moment In her self- 
denunciation be alts up and says "April fool." 
Whereupon the telephone ring*, and the wifo 
answering It, Joyfully heara ttiat Mr. Cart- 
wright haa aicreed to take that $28,0()0 polioy 
wMife aili bar b— h e ad a cewwlasloa ot lUWO. 
Aal'se OM esrtaia deaeeada, tka aabblng i 

_ . . — - . takaa'.a bite 

Ti^' Uate ' lt comas Itown to hla 

. ■' SHOW 0*. the raaaiiidaf. repeating, this 
■ /la eatiiely devoured. . ' 
. jiid Bchiaifii, two "bo/st* who ren- 
Bay Bfllatlonal duets of the 'comedy caliber, 
girl tvoiow and simultaneously at the conettt- 
mit of each number, technically, known aa '"aifc- 
icg for" applause; Inrt^.ae liMg/jRih'^^ 
thejr sliould worry. ■ , , '-^^ 

Valaria Beigete aad Cot ia ^. 
a 'BaflMfaotaiy 

>nplia«cisa* el the.^^iO^ 
' BMy ° ba tliaataed fMia'''dba.'aAuliMr' 
la which it waa receiveiL 'Thay narad at tlie 
comedy.! and "broke" byatericallr at tha dmaa. ' 
The act now runs 23 minntea aiid playa a ^'h- 
ly. XeUam and O'Daie (New Acts). 

"Klaa Me." a Ubldd written by W^m. B. 
Frledlander, .closes the first part of the bill, and 
la a fair specinwn o< tbat 'bcaod of entertala- 
Jaiaalb, eaaM la ''aad.. aaya - to . hla 
^TW dat' to 'M; aii|tfied att4 have 
Iclda la. 9| .iBlwlia.T 1^ you haveh't 
•MIJS^ the -leaim jfills'<dm: '^ni ii^^^ deeeit- 
tiioiini'cii't aade— itJis his' wealthy aunt. They' 
each wec''^ diever woman in tbe.ca8t,.'I>6(<>- 
•Pb« flJ*'"' **' magnetlam and 

^ Kood number nloely. In the aoag 
Tuesday, jniej, one at a tim^ eight !'<amons 
"PranclllORitory," imperaoaated by the girla 
leading role.. They begin with Cleopatra, and 
New musinona and Juliet ' Siact S^Iad'p 
produced, Ui*^^^ •«» the itragittm tor.atj^i^. 
scheduled to |»'*.*»i!?<*. >?.,*.'W 

tw part of tfe. |„,i,,e«.^ ;Aa* :wli«*a^ 

■■ ■ .»ad' ee -likar 'ttkt'XiJade- 

' ■ ■ • '^"■■^[(^■0jjwere vamplr^T ' ■ 

•.••.! - f ■.V;.~onl Btoa* name wont up there. 
■ ■• • ' of applause. They opened with 

:.TIiree acta w. i»ut with their first bit <ft 
line oC the ParS)^' an* 'or8« They 
'sephitie and- ''"® LaMont. a comely girl. 

-out tbe. tine neoeaaary .to a full 

IjPMt flMaTlSaj^day night, 

Barnes and 


• :' HAZEt** Mi*n>> l Bi la e''f«r^Bet coatfaaia- 
-..Hat "hibe" is a classic bit of 
tr 1 XT 4 I, 'i^e* "riddlah" aaually 

Hazel KirKe,^], |, the few aingte 

identified for £!*-vaudevlUo who could appear 
acts, has anrorld unknown and unheralded, 
Jimmy Cass. 3ind win an audlooce wholly 
("Sliitt"X IClei'* «»« «rtiat -iB h?r line. Aad 
will ba'Kirk^ Miss .& Walker, her ac* 
. . / never uiee takcB . her eyes- oC 
— ■ AldM V eaaqr sue with the email- 
rarr^ * aaeead-aeter . ahead or . I»e- 

Oct 12 (^mcd wimbw waa added to the 
back from 00 and Co., which consists of 
nia, trill atOj^ nu^te aasociate id a aeries of 
only concert *PK^°lt and a special cyclomma 

She will h' ^ caalanet 8i>anish nura- 
„_-v.e» ehj*^" acrobaUc atepplng, 

i l! ; -*^iw>atnnw chaagea the' aecompanist 
hBwt> *B»,a9lmh Xiai Jana aCaeta the Utest 

hraals la with sooM. neat luggllnf - ■ 
th^ 0t to work aad the girls ahhw aome tu.^^ 
atepplng ruanink down the Una from buck to to4. 
work. The boy is' a corking eccentrio danoor^ ' 
and Ilia "hoeh" worl was applauded. 7h«: 
act could hold a spot on dancing alone. Add.ta' 
thla the old nun's- paatomlnUng of the 'li^rt'fi;: 
aeleVMlMg la' ttwtiitrto floiliniia ahd aoiae'-iMitKi 
omWWMdieto. ind. yen han the snrn'tatat'of i^^ 
Unt, jalor't||t'in''tha openloK a' t^ ., . - 

'■'■TlUtbm and Kraft were deuced aad' w^'^:^ 

theW alm1>Ie^r»<»toil brethraa-fMik 'eff;^^; 
dialog, whleh irio'ws them n» a walV a(t«e!.t 
they bat .]UM«;g0iajg «hh-ttaa at^iwlair:^^-^ 
got tatfrea the:^fei|li<iitay aad ebMel stcbaglyj; 

Liiilaii Fltagerald waa fourth in .the ' hatiiiBik' 
order and cleaned off the bases with her t^t^j 
talk and dialect work. laiUan'g tschnliii»:^i 
flawless, She is :ean7ing the most nerVwif; 
piano player in captivity la Clarence 'SeiuuC' 
Senqa haa a, couple bf abloa, but he strives ao 
mightily to sell. t^e^ that half of the houai wis 
panolting trylag to help blm. They liked ,Mrsa 
Fit'stanid for all of that, And her Fraach «Mii^ 
biette ead'Irl^'smlpg 'west ttes a-ha^a*ji(>'' 

Afttr latemiaiiMi pSit««ln tf flie.Oara^ 

with Dave.-Dtibw'.ac:tb».'ptiba' '-IjiSn; 
credited with wirltliv Mid' arfaasies tli» 
la the turn, and heinude^a coed job of 't|'br&^; 
ditlon to handling a- couple of aolp ' htitaht|qi;';t'. 
while the girls changed. The coatumga wbni' V 
a-re class with a capital C Katan haa j 
very, v«rr kind to the fllateja Caineroii. ' 'Tb^j-;/- 
^>en»d with "Sweeties'.' and a elever daace Cs^ l^ < 
tmlmt Mine Btfty ;kleklc# and uadardreaalnft - U 
tea a jusy walla totldwii* by a toe dance «ftth : 
a suggestion of jass miiud In. Tfaay went big;' ' 
Birendel and Bert la "traltlag for Hwf' ti«il . 
r,win kaois'-wiui tbit mmmttitir'tmt^r^ 
t 'tMA. Wi^dii#;'ftwiiiW- .mM'im^^: 
"'.as- the aap ' nWili''tqilwfc te-'ehW^lW^V- 
taaiihlBg'':irltnlbrobe. - xbi''^iiit:Mh^vK.-«j|i^>l»u 

tlL'tS' ■1^^'^ '^'*' ^ 'i'^'H^i^. 

The ' ITnlted' 'Stktea cilee dnh' fok «i«ieA/:it '.^^ 
p. m. to dose '«r up. iris etatir . the b9i!t/<tfir\ 
the eervlee acts, and they have bddM 'a - 
of new nunnbsrs that helped. "liThlle- Othan Aira > 
Buildiog Castlea in .the Air" I 
Uoott,'.' aa adloed by lA'JimT 
dandy addltlona. 



Philadelphia, Oct. t :! 
Uuch that 'was new to Pblladelpbia wa^: of«'' 
fered In thU week's bill, with two of the boat 
known headline featurj^ ' top. There vroa a" 
shitting around of aats for the opening show. . . ... ,.>, 

according' to the prograia and It brought Waltip ^' .'^-ji^^ 
C. ''|eiyi^.;oa.;siath' biatead :oC aest-te4iajil!a|e;:^''^i:r<';;:^^| 
the .'afwC.-Jke. 'haaajl^ t^**?-:* ^f^^^^ 

waa tfltMU:ire.-farr.|^ fltted>bi:tM 
and Ames aad ^rtethiep 'ini^ 
the latter apbt. 

boe of those unreivonslva' ftttdlmeei 

front Hondair matinee and refuae^- ^ 'enthqiifti^i^v 
over anythinir, denpite. that the show aa a wl»(>VH''= jvi 
was well balanced and i*.ore than, usoally, inUiijiy^yi^ 
.esttng by reosoa of the number of acta aeea'-;', 
iMfe^ for. the. first timsi . There, arere "no.- reatiy ^'- '-y^^^^^ 
bls':*ai«a«ae hlta.' .the- -ihaaett-'bMsi^c^tti^-lljlrer^ 

ni^vtettiBr' jliittad' " fr^^ 



Holhlas aew, the earphig mm mA aay. Bat 
weU doae. Miss La Barr is a aalbsr of note. 
There la ne teaaoa why the young man In the 
aet Should be dammed with anoaymlty. His 
work aa the husband Is sincere and technically 

The 'Wheeler Trio, the applause bit of the 
•teals are- 
novelty than fbr their thrllta. If "im 
turn may be said to have IndlvMaalKy, lUs eiie 
ia entitled to the doaignatioa. 

Benardl. In wop vagabound costume, played 
the accordion. Tliat'a aili An accordion player 
Is tike a xlyphone player. He plays hla in- 
strument and tbat'a all. They liked It. 
.Aiaaw aad Hiehey .followed the akatch. One 
«C tka girb ptays the plane, while tha etber 
•no alags, ni*;.veeal .aaaaabar kaa talent She 
aleaiy with 'Tba Imp tt Anadta.** la- 

Bay and hda- fandly .ware th« f ajt^M^r ■■ y . 
attfactloK The velaama :js «ot'>woti(tag(aftj|ia^; 
as usual. IcaWng (t ta Mia 'flhIHraa to *i|«c;^!^ii«i;i 
applause and then eonlSi: an tor a;l^tle «yi e » | i;.- 
of thanks. There ^ so fault to fliiil'frainri^lirilf > 
atandpolnl, however, for Foy has .''done; hla -hlfi-.^ 
aa a footllght favorite and la aanalble iii.elk>w'r 
log the youngators to do the work. They liava% 
not changed -thf. act .fnuoh aUtca teuit scon h^'^'-. 
though aaaie aew 'aMSf, tiaed. ', 'The tiirn ;. 
was a good slied'hl^'^-wiUjaeed'tb.l^BichaMig^^^^^ 
hetora it' tan repeiAt ag^hk . ' '/'^^vv-i^.A^' 
.Walter. Kelly, being a-nitiMlpW^ 


•'-..*"•■ :i 

t mm iMb apt. . Md nway frleads ia fraat; bat: *4b•^- J«i4i|«^<^ 
the tim. Vma' earaed ait he got out of the hard-bel|iid:^llimd«i^' 

tVt glvMi m enet ot not waaitnv M>y> 
a-ttilow -the ' regular show ead ua- 

a couple owas dllBcult to hold the audience p. m., and it -would thus ba 
U the alnglttalr to iudge the cet by so hand!. 
numbers to rCjig, - 
twean the opeou; Jola. 
'Ae'peta wim "k- r,\ i'm ■ . 

.■■!» V,t'.-.^'-:::V 

«!M* Ml tb* thaa.'^III&I. 


aiKkaa, the hlaoktaci^^''' " 
and tbe attalght m^^'J^^ IS^J^iJS* 
the trki, although tlK"J* 
The third 9e«*>l»;fjlk'SSLV"-rt^^ 
nothing female ah>tH ^Jj^J' -' yy ' *" '' ^ ' 

-pats tt over. 

Onit balC and. 

nm'l^ttf' f!** ^ * small ehutue eat 

•itb a gMl invtltf ailfit 

earaed all he got out of tha hard-belliidi^^tlinitfii'; 
orowd. Many ot hls.^stbrtea were acw'lieri» ":aittl: 
all brought him laughs. 'Kelly has loa'g •l^a'^ 
proved to be in a class by hlAs^lt in this pai-«' i 
tloular kind of monotog and he Is not likely t^' - 
have a aucecaaor any more than has hla hapie-' 
aake, "Tlie. Boiling Mill Man." , " '' ^ 

Tlie sew act . of . Vlareaa Amea and Adelaide 
to a-^Jhmb," u V 
diveitiMi ,tnai . tMMr «ltf . iiae and whu.e ., 
.» .• vMd waar ^/wf^ ttMn^' -mk ^i 
lAltag .o(:a»«irbd .wtd::b«HigMa,::iSh«t'r'»^^'^^ 
new Tehiele ia not likely to prora as big a ' > 
laugh winner aa tkeir former tiaveaty bit. There ■ . J«fjS: 
ts ample opportuaity for laughs la the Intra*, 
duottott whore the woman'a. d^eaa la caught '^a ' 
the Jamb of the door diaplwla* hetHmba to a ' 
f tt m t t> uul here the B iaili 'gstiK: to a ffykg 
s|Mt^ bat the aot aaga aCUr thi»^^aad deoi sat 
»iek.«» agaia oattt near. the. flniMli,whaa..«lHii 
da • Mt e( tiaveatr. daaaing ihai 't^ thain M|. 
a- Man. ' VM': #•1'.' la- »t»b»My .:'||ai|t:.>a«i|: : 


(Bccoad B«Ti«W.) - 
"Orcenwich VtllMca yolllc*" when flrrt 
^F'c"-" ' GroBDwIcli Vlllase theatre, 

. jii f • ^ downtown New Toik, wu duly reviewed In 
' VABIBTr. Mow It ia on aX the 4<tb StrMt 
'fr,";v Roof (Boy*» Tttmlnj,- tli»;. < w jil tr •< 
•;vtjii.^ :''BSM(dwi»y.' • ■• ' .;.;:>; -r. .. . 

. .. ^ .^^iily inpoMlH* MM'=vnfiaiil,:ttaii 

f|^v;Sij''^ . ^ l«» >*• week et the 

g.<. -v;^ .- -- .(heatre, that hu a «eatliic%«. 
t|^&'>*i • »l«,00O at a 13.50 icalo. 
If ''/^"'Vv;T'/ -;'.!Bi« ahow moved to the *lth 

Street roof fol- 

towing the endlnc of the strike. Up there It 
4i^:«17.00O last week. 
' ' ' la playlnc the root on a rental baalK- 
imylh* the Shutecta ll.m weekly. ..liwim* 
Mwa It plar«<t on tmiapft^- Demtvwif cl- 
rwltaaslmfy IM iM* tiM^; • VMk; «» Um 
iM tti«- nluiM'nii tir M.«ti.. Tfea laAwM 
: la te . ttie way oC adruead pay fer Broadway. 
JlBUOy .Watta^ . the principal comedian, rfr^- 
aeiyed ftSO at the Vltlage theatre. On the 
roet be la beiog paid |SO0. Bessie UcCoy 
^ Davla downtown ' receivM $400; uptown she 
Is getting MOO. 

Bohert Edwards., the nkclele song. 
at«r, with bla onlqne ideaa of song writing, 
awl MO «t the Ms bita «t the pertonaoMe. 
::*9j nM m k jr oaiiiio d .«M «o«kly. ■ ltb«a»r 
I iMiroiig to iwenliig non. ptLfr Mptdtin to n-. 
.'In^dWB. „.; .. 
-~W 'flrieenwlch Vniage FollWe" wa« orlg- 
iiiaily promoted iy Arthur Pearson, Mr*. 
Hawkcsworth (inother of- the dancer), Morris 
Orcen, the cabaret agent and producer, and 
John Uurray Andenon, who la -Interested in 
..aome at the Gil Soag cabaret yenturea, he- 
•idea belac the producer of the Palais Royal 
..reVMi^ Tb« ahojr .cost alwat Mt.OM to rto*. 
/(jMMbvil^ A'ttdto'*^ aiMl^to«BU 
'to-'iiimV^ltiiiM ■peot; ' Sraie. aC. 

it nay atHI bo In the proceaa of being paid' 

. ' pearion, who had Invested about |4,E0(, 

'wanted to' sell, and received his money back. 

priannfibly (roin fanl Salv&io (Boag acting 

as Balyaln's representative). Salvain is the 
-o^raex.ot.ths Bectc^r rflsturanta, also the Palais 

Bosral. and is Intereated b» several othera. 
' Otttstahdlng debts «t tho ahow to the amennt 

fl« f«.«9«: >or- JftMt ««io aJao laJd' kr~Nl««tn. 

wiM, .V voyfir thk ^Mont,' ooGBrM U' twr 

the show opened 
~'do^towii there was *' anuill tlmo aerap 
. started, amoni ticfcst .brokera over the piece. 

Jones found himself frozen out. He there- 
- .apoB paid Balvoln (80,000 for 8alvain> Inteir- 
. eat^ This left Uie shew owned by the follow- 
'Ing: . JoDe% II per cent.; Mrs. Hawkeswcrth, 
M'pfr .oent.; ,Oroe4, It per cent.; Anderson, 

AnderiNMi^ «m /«( tho mikora^ NosNiio 
tw* ' «a« :csBt «iii;:tbo gMaai. Philip- Bm>- 
IMiuimiti; wHf wrMs '''yoUk" wtth Aafar-' 
aoifr iaiatt cats two* per eiont.', as does A. Bald- 
wl« tttoanet the composer of the score. This 
leaves a royalty of . six per cent, on the gross 
to be paid the anthora. . 

t'hore were several side lights In connec- 
' Uoa with the staging of the "Follies," such 
M the objeetlon bjr Flo Zlegfeld to Its title, 
alitKteK. M -.teUngemcnt t/k |H«ctd«a. 
ll«k'*'.:aM' ^ntoy^ delays in tBi 
.lUitai of o^l^K Md.tho ZlacfCid threait to 
rannaif :;bto tal^^ iMwa ao they -Itenld be 
tike miynla'a own revues. 

jfnst oow on the 44th Street root there Is 
901 book to the "Village Follies." It ia a 
'nuMi. ot nnmberi and specialties, with the 
eoatinnlnc and scenery Its strongest draw, 
other than the title. The Boot Is drawing 
^tnA^ents. They want to see what the 
•■ONMnrlcli TlHas* Follies" atawto tor. It 
:iatHBii'tior a. lot, aqoordlng to tho csnvsrsa- 
ti<M.;]iMd'on .'tin. ai*at Igr tfm"^ Md 
■'Al^^SU^jpan.' . 

' Tl^ni lip BO M'tter advertised name of oom> 
'mi^ititea In tbla country than Greenwich 'Vll- 
^alie. The yokels think It ia the' last place 
on earth tor their famlllea to go. But the 
.yokels woisld like, to go themselves. The 
Villago kas been told about aewspapera, 
magjaxtnea and. mOTiag pictures. If a pleture 
has an artlat mens, It la laid la WaalilastoB 
jsqiiare. Thatfa aremwlcli Village, and the 
/two a^otl'oaii ran bMA M hand, 
^buik 'inteiui^nt' people orar 
'id'bellevai. " 
,. Bnt the"Qreenwlch Village" tacked onto 
Koy '.title Is one of the best drawing carda in 
ahow bnslnoES, In or outside of New Tork 
.City. That may account primarily for the 
.Goiitlitued success of this show, although the 
perfbrmao'c^;' estimated only as a perform- 
ance, makea : ». 'aotfldeacy of entertainment 
through the treeSfaji allowed Its principals. 

ntn la A aslMilAr 'oC oainriin Itt lMa-^ro- 
. AiactlMii' fion tkia aattfiiff la' tlw .'«<atu««a, 
1ttet nilgbt «avlaa by any aeaaoned Broad* 
'Wajr producer vt Mghi elaaa attractfooa. ' ■ A - 
■UHri|;-perfect blend is r^M —n seen. The ma- 
taHiidik wkether la clotbcs or dressea, look to 
be i'otV the ftebsBt and alwaya- {ia tasta. 

VuiaSe arUaU or to regular designers, > 
bat small allTcrenco — the fact roraalna. 

There are chorus girls and priitclpals 'wIUi 
neltW «f aBttaBW ttapMlaaaa aaiBapllav fM. 
two knan 'meBtlOBad..>MM«i' >Ir: Sdw-^j^-lM.: 
of the ufaik llr. Wafta iB''iBa«b more tegitl- 
matety fiinay In the "FUllai" than he baa 
ever, been or could .be in Tandevilte. Bts 
"dame" talk evokes screams and ■sme of; his 
remarks might be presumed as box oRice at* 
tractions in a respectable theatre. Mr. Her* 
man. In his blackface specialty, ia no - leaa 
Herman's talk concerning those appearing la 
the ahow, especially Ceoll Cunningham, misBt ': 
be .II^MA;.wlth.J(i:. Watti^' ga a donlila ttAw;.. -; 
HaniaH li dOvalophiK a am<totli'at]rl« of woiilt- 
ingr that to a< Mnneiiso advantage to him. . 
Ur. Watts la bla travesty bits here, possibly . 
due to the atmoaphere which is 'of aid to' bhi 
dame character, 'makes much more of tha- 
burlesques than vaudeville/ oould note. 

Miss Cunningham does her singing epcclslty, 
having the orchestra number as her big item. 
Irene Olsen means nothing but a good Isok- 
Ing red bead who tries to sins. 
'. aaaaana Xergaik kaa- a aavpto «C bito aM: ■ 
geta away ftthrbetll te^ a •onedy vein. 

Bessie KcOoy Is tho big starred name and 
is likely wanted In .this prodaetlon (or her 
name only. HMidooa- iM^.-daneaa and to the 
centre of a iuar.iHmibefv Tmy Bail's ]l4r> 

Among the specialties la Ted I,ewls witk a. ^ 
now jass band. Lewis Is an Individual sooM,' . 
even with his trombonist giving a very poor . 
Imitation of the original laughing brass player - ' 
tewta had. Om ..oaaiMt teallia. feewr fa>ad .. 
''thooHglaat WM nlQ'iMriiMr pnM 
in tewlar-; band. Bat .tin- LwHa '- ea ye ri da c aa .■ 
no troiifale' to catttotf imr. '■ 

There are tw6~ or three 'very 'oatehy tanas 
written by Ur. Soane aaA'an aqitai annber 
of attractive ensembles. 

The "Qreenwlch Village Folllea" will draw 
-anywhere. Just why there is no No. 2 and 
No. 3 eon^pany traveling in the sticks is a 
aiyatoty. It makea hardly any difference 
wbat M-Mted. tha 'Uraanwleli Vlllactf' ttUa^ 
. and thenCa wS «aa .la tta :prtoart .-aaat 
must bo calTlad; atanad at tetinM iif 
~ondary . companies, or iMkai 
"Greeawidi mnagal^ .m tltolr 

, ■ ; . V J - . , 8im». - 


Pet Baldwin , 

Tod MuBgrave....... 

Hallle Baldwin. 
Senator Baldwin.... 



Flora SheHfeld 

, .a. . .. . ... James Rennle 

.Katherlno Emmet 

......i.«Edward Fielding 

.(....'•bawrenae Bddinser 

k.flydnpy Booth 

.Cbailca Trowbridge 
lwta..i......,l.'..;.Riith Ghatterton 

Mrs.1 I^ngley ....Lucille Watson 

If you want to get a line on the cbnncvs ot 
a'^how ia New Tork on opening night, get the 
confidence of the ticket spccalators. Monday 
evening after the second act of "Moonli^t and 
at the .liinec ,«heatm « apall 
vt tbaia atoad to tlw .Mbty aad'. 
•ae ^ned tiie conversttlon with tbe'APWiail(: 
"WbaFs It aU about?" To which another n- 
sponded: "I'm damned If I know/JI 

Taking ttois .as a cue, VARIETY'S, represen- 
tative made a canvass of those whom he knew 
were witnessing the performance and put to 
them the same query and the respoiuie was un- 
vatylity tba aaaie to eScet, tbsngh not alwaya 
to Ibo saiM vcriiiagCb 
lltllar''s prewhtatloB of "MebnUght arid 
Honagraaekto," a comedy by Oeorgo ScarliorMigh. 
starring Ruth Chatterton, JudgInK by the gen* ' 
eral opinion ot the flrst-nlghters, may be aet 
down as an almost unquallfled tallufe. It'coi* 
tains some brilliant dialog, some clever bits 
of rapartee that might be set down as Oscar 
'Wlldlsn% sanerally eorapetaat aetlng, bat the 
story la w trivial and aanatoaleal as to maka 

experlcBoe cooH naiw aa .ogiastoiB as ertor of 

Judgm<.nt In aoeepting tiie pity' tor production. 

A twenty>year-old girl <Hlaa Chatterton) tells ' 
two suitors for her hand she will give them 
their answers on the occasion of her birthday. 
'When they- call she tells them she has had a 
and. Iiopes it won't make any dlffer- 
k'tt alisald bo explained that ahe la the a aia cW a f , bat., sot hnowhis this 
both nea •qttinn out of - Chair pnpiMala. leaving 
the coast clear for bar childhood lover with 
whom she was reared in tiM 'West The wliole 
thing la ao childishly obvious from the start 
that one wonders how the author Imagined for 
a single moment that he could sustain the slight- 
est interest In the plot's unfolding. Perhaps he 
fondly, believod. a few shafts of wit in the form 
af tapwrtaa wonld aalBea to iMdd the attaallaa iir 
tbraa tiraaoaw adta. 

To pass 'todgment on tha work of tln .to> 
dividual membera of the east ia manifestly toi*- 
fair ' under tha circumstanoea. It Is, however, 
only Just to them to record that they acquitted 
themaelvM with rare IntelllRence, each In his, 
or her. own way contributing all that could 
poaalbly have been expected under the otrcum- 

Aa th^ iatandeA •>etlon".«f the piaee to car- 
ried oik to bnt a alngle atsene. the management 
ill to jto.fatleltated .on the ntlolmum expenditure 
la tlia iaatiar of iwodactioii^ «aat Said aet of 
aoaneiy will shortly be coaitgaad to tha- atm- 

jradgo Robert -Warren. .. . . . .i.)|ngl» Cbtlvn* • 

iSi^Ro&rl, -irarraa. . . .Mlaa Adora Andrwa 

aiyron 8. Ruitbam;^ Harry Anaon Truax 

Sra Ponelopo OlMinga. . . .Miss lto«d_S!S* 
Dorothy aidOtogs Ulsa Kate PnllnM 

Buddie Montrose iLl*S.*'L'?.MJJ 

Michael Flachottl. ...rnn^ ^^'fSf • 

Peter ..H. D. Bl«*«noro 

Dances by... {...Margaret Bdwards 

Billy Bmer«0D........^<» IS?'.*! ^""^ 

Billy Bice...... ....Bddle Masler 

BIUJ. West. J, i..;sBert Jfc<3«*Vey. 

Blea;.. . . . .. .',IUaa May JBday 

' 'addla IiOtmard, Queenle . Smith and the 
<md^B oboraa ara tha ontataadtos features 

.«< «»'Bair'iBtoi 'c«t''toii^ .ionwdy. ' '"Roly-" • 
XMy |l#aak".. iwasented at tfea Satekerbockor 
fl^mba^ 'li; The peraooal froptilarlty of 
the biackfaee comedian, the winsome person- 
ality and delightful dancing ot Mlis Smith 
and the vocalizing and work of the ensemble' 
will do much to put the show over. Other- 
wise there Is nothing about the piece that 
sutsteps the commonplace.' 

"Boly-Boly Byes" is described as a three- 
act musical comedy with book a^d lyrics by 
Bdgar Allan Wolff and music by Bddy Brown 
and I«uU aruenbeitg. Shara. to iaothtoK.tO; 
the book or lyriaa jthat 'iHU ow'-Mihii.-rap 
araadway a^. aa to .tto maialeal'^aiMl: tMgre 
tmei m naalMit tlw{ wis «Nr ba .JMugt Mat' 
aiaa^aif tha^ttoiMto Dltora.t&a .ptoM:is played. 

llr. .W4iUf Itoii aatohltt** 4 TC^ trlto and 
eaua waplaice. story, of the maaway non, forced 
lata exile' Vceanae he to auspected ot a crime 
and who 'has joined a minstrel troupe. The 
ahow plays his home town and hia mother - 
and father decide to have the company at 
their home for a charity performance. The 
boy makes a discovery that will help him 
prove his Innocence and when he returns with 
the. show again later he is able to produce ' 
proof ot the guilt ot the one who la about to 
marry his old aweetfieart and thus' bring 
about a happy ending.' ' 
- Of this niusie there Isn't a single bactesr 
tian of melody that Itogeia after tli« igcr> 
fagnaaiice.r except. f«r .thai two aid yandaville 
mtotan,. .'rRtOy-Boly Bytar* and "Ida." ^VAMh 
weia'-aaad by. ]Ir..IiatoM>d. '' ''...;.:;. 

Tht comedy inM at.' the show Is particularly 
weak.. The only apot . that was bfigbt was. 
thar oecaaionad ^tppinaaee of May Bbley In 
an eceentrif. ciiankilOT-';to wliich her work 
bordered more' on burlesque than along mus* 
leal comedy lines. Other than the scenes in 
'Which she appeared there wasn't a tongk ln 
the show and Miss Boley had baf twajgMMa 
that amounted ; anything. ' - 

Eddie Leonard's, reception on his initial ap* 
pearance amounted to an ovation. The ap- 
plause rang true and tasted for fully two 
mlnotes, Xjater. when be mentloiied hto ald 
aaam tkora waa aaather wave 'of ap p laaaat 
bat iii ttanBtot J act eana Um todteaUaa flat 
tba Katokarbaekw hcM a VMdevflto andlaaee, 
for when be -tifblimi *7iSa** tlm* anus a call 
from variova parte' ot :^a boiiaa fur atliarii . at; - 
h|a. ■old' .favorite* aa to done when be.Appaaaa ' 
to tbia vaudeville ' bouaca. I^eonard appeared- 
°ia imekfa'ce during the first two acts of tBa 
piaiee 'and In whiteface for the final act. He 
altoeted the minstrel costume ia all bla 
scenes. To a ena.t many the peraenallty «( 
the comedian and bto.haadllnr of Itoaa was 
a revelation. 

The one surprise that the show did bring 
waa the Introduction to Broadway of an In- 
genue prima donna who can sing and daaioe. . 
Lordyl how she can dance.. She baa 'bad' 
ballet training^ tbat'a certain, tor it alwwa 
to all ot Her work. IMa flad to 4W««nl* 
airil with eaaflMnc thto Uttto miii to 
to fo a- teat waF'tfi antoieal MBMAy. 
autiimA Mdlo ZMMud vtca .ptaetleainir. tBa 
wbda ahpiTt «ie«|ie for. ua elmm 

Will'H. Smith to responsible for.tiia chorua. 
He ataged the! dances; but the musical di- 
rector should also come In for a share of the 
credit, for. in the ISrat act they bandied the 
first number with Leonard in superb stylOb 
There are sixteen girls in the ensemble and 
they are all big girls, but they_ certainly jrork 
hard, both singing and dancing. 

Kate Pullman, who worked through the 
show with Barl Oates, pulled down an in- 
dividual hit In the second act In tho "1 Want 
a Man" number. She pttltod aa asit trick 
that waa new .to Broadway 'aiad -it wan bar 
ait apptoiuo wallop. Wariarst Bdvai^ » 
"etoHlal" daneen dM a apaotaltjr .In tha aee- 
«aC;wt that w«,var; bat wklob oaaniad a 
nttto UauWr .aad tot tin aliglit aaUoa Ibat 
thani voa to the piece down completely. . 

Bert Meaarvla as a female Impersonator 
and O. Clayton Frye as the minstrel manager 
both ' got by nicely, as did also Adora An- 
drews, who played the mother. Bho gave 
the curtain of the first act a leal kiok With a 
touch of heart Interest. 

Others in the Coat are Hugh Chilvers, with 
but little to do; Harry Anson Truax, Prank 
Martins, H. D. Blalicniore, and Bddle Motier. 
A' mliiatrel .chorus of eight men. Is also car'^. 

*nii» iiM ia da Wtarlor to springtime, a really 
lM«tiM «ieae« with all the treea in blossom.' 
*rha jama sat to naed for the UM act. the time 
being aatumn with the trees golden brown 
foitoge. A trick iet aho^hik a Bto<Mt« porch' 
tonaad for the aeeond act. A Vl<9>]4f<)artato 
to tued, and when one b&lfto. x^ftoliai^^ 
^It chorus aleeplng, the other 'aMo ^^tor^ 
raised revealing four of the mfaistret men to 
their cots, 

"Roly-Boly Byes" has a buy of aomstbing 
over 300 seats with a 20 per canti/xatur^ (or 
four weeks,, with the broker* pzotoiaiw t«, 
take an addlUonid fotir.. -tha. Bhav. 

coea over. • 
■ ftm show wUl draw in ih .tfhort :tim», duai 
to tlio peraonat sMviriatltx 'lef Bddio Leonard. < 
wlto to.taatand^ hnjt It to lutt a ^roadway at», 
tmaitton that-, will .i«i!ua&. the .aeaaon .out; 

-1 -.i '•■ « '■ ■ '' .'-'• ■-jpW':' 

-vv;:.. ...... -^^.-j'^'C '« ^ 

- ■."'■WaBbtogten,'.»;;;aV.'^^^^ 
Aa one of the local critica aaUd josif^!^^' '.'A^ 
the <airtogia« doora are easentlal to -forcie ' o&d 
the papers to melodrama, so the'* 3919^: nnalcal 
sbow puta ito tr^ to the abtoioiy aafl' <hMMtt , , 
upon the sfaoiddMir;.M'«iinTi tit* ||fM^.*<fi(^; :tha. _.)m 

It must be conceded that this vrittf'imunined 
up the aist pertormahce of "The 
Davil" «ontectly:.irtm ha toad 
Joe W4b«r*i totMt piodintlm 
to be a sneeeasfBl one. ' Monday iilijl|(!||paaienee 
at the Belaaoo 'enjoyed every 'mlnut^- ud laughed 
over the 'eM story ot Clyde Fltch's"BIue Mouse" 
revamped Into a miislcal play by RoriT; CaiToB. 
who has given semis tuneful meloaieB,;iutid lUuold 
Atteridge. . who hak ' i«JaTCMdiA^;Ch|k'<''t>l«t^ -aad 
made It modem. ' .i;':' ' 

The alary haa to do wlth a gayi^Wviiiattotaah 
aad hto.'ae«i<to(y «Ao soaiiit' to' "Ma" htnaett 
.'pnHiotiea'rdad who 'to but recently inarrled. He 
.dqaa aat niailt to ahow hflt Uoshlng' bride to hia 
cay employer akd oontracu -with Paul^tte, tba 
little bla^ devU. . to represent bers<lf aa bis- wife,' 
It Is not dlfllcnlt to Imagine -the laughable 
situations that such an idea could, preeent, aad 
every opportunity 'Waa made tho Uoit Of. ' 
A number of Canol's eompoaltlptaa- are 'cotog 
I to register big aueeto« porUnilariy bto prhielpali 
tbem^ :'Tm So Syaq^athrtto,'' .Xt<l8..aMSt eatehy 
and tnnefai: etbsra war* <wi|lfai^ Anoonc: 
them to one that will aloe aeont MuUely, "Offloa' 
Blues," oiUised aa.tha opaBlng tfoiaNr tor tho 
chorus. ' ,■'.;..-";■■ 

Bernard OranvIHa with. Lillian ilip'rraine are 
the featured membera, .Both drear|hiS auccesses, 
aa.did Adelalda. Tha fihSiw lii .«»^^. .t^^ best 
acea here to nuuiy bmmhhi ''',-''^});'kK:-r' \ 
Xath«lBa.'Hhtllald reanjr alonM "the. ahow 

with h«r Mcw^ wjitoi^|Mp[Vii%:; n 


name part and displayed some wonderful KoWn% . 
One. when shown In New Tork, Isgolng to. oaato 'v 
a 4MB«ttoit. liovkw K»Uy, sptoDdMOy :ii^tt|£Miuit^ 
WiMiijl .Caark^. ahrayii- aa aaitolkiit'iMimiillaBi: ^ 
Jawpbtoa Bntoy ■ and ^MinA . Itorttoaai mor« ' 
tiiad'Omtrihatodvtteir aluM. . . 

Ja«k McCTowatf ia' depended upon to carry eft 
the vocal honors.' RIa three numbers seemed tt''^- 
be not quito einottgh to satisfy out front. Peter ^' 
Han sang with Anne Sands (a atrihing brunette 
and pleaaing actress). Their nviaber was the ^ 
real bit of the performance mualCaiUy. 

The ahlmmylng «( the .chortta,'!.to the biggest^ 
afajgla MHaaa% bbmH to agda tvoto-tMii toealcxtltot^,- 
."The ahtaiml'^ AiUajr dmrBiera; «l';t)!e.''<ibarai'' 
atoiply wentd not remain ' la '(bo backgniund. 
TbOy are lovely of face and dswre, beauUfally ' 
gowned, and disport before aettliiga' that repre* 
sent the latest mode in Interior decorating, al- ' 
though some of the latter pohifa toay.. -he over* - 
looked when aHUuUm bacnaaa tMltod sponllhair '• 
aetivltiea."' •■•"■■■'-, ' S " . "''^^ ■ r'..-r^ " ' i ^ 

VX«w . doUtas* . finrmw -' iwtaevsl^'cona^. 
oUim : witb '^Bdlo^ Bireeit" ^liai|k>lieeii • 
sismd .vitii .tM BiiiT ly'^i.JiBoinfrdieSf . 
The outfit has. also taken': ii^'VibiwdoM' 
Lor«h, formerly leadinff nuiB^ iiitli fb* - 

ogl)t a atorm of aitpiaua*, aa^^ltSrWiivAMiia 
standby, the drunk danot. ,. :,y'i-R j.'' ? ■'fif 
Uss Lorraine, aa beautiful sur everl' 'carried tba K*'' 

The Royal Italian Opera, troupe Is t«a> 
turcd at the Terrace Gardens, Cliicaga 
Frank Lee Is the manager and tenor ot 
the troupe; Anita Jaggt, Bopraho;. 'Vio< 
let Shutnan, mezzo soprano; Steve M 
Maria, baritone; Sebiustian Leo, via«, 
llrilst, and Ibiigw >lisnaiis;'iliit«. . 

kt^ward, RdwisiKl at Olgy«|yf . Btiffalos 
■BiiflSDo. Oct. It 
iSAinatL BiOWbxiA, tmaieit manager ot 
the liyceum, Washington, D. C, Is now 
managing the Qoyety her«, suceeediliy. 
-this lata KicbarA Patfeca.. 


iCATESliC, cmcAG^. 

„ mt' low »t tbi ifoaday autin*^ 

VifeM' mnr^l kimir. 9wtiralwi}> ;: fto.:.wrlr 
l^nbM TOac> 4MB*t li«ta to;ji^ lft!»*4MI> 

"Si^jnltet ooppeA tJ» maximuas. Th«r •»r 
' 'tiilutioB im th* . •tncereit (om of ritxurf. 
• Idllet to • wonderful. lUitterer.- But watching 
^ work th» tbottcht oontM Ouit her type 
; a< Imitation l« more thM ^^tery-rU » 
: ,'oit the oepIUL It toes. . Jultet wm - 

^' I TIM Mialctl Hmten opened. . PbIm ud 
''Oe.. wm» » «trBKlliJ». of toU-^mfts to cen- 
-"'tend wjtb. liad » hard time o( it 

CbarlM Cartmell »nd Lnar* Harrta, with s 
"lot of poruphemalla that thoj don't need, »ot 
over handllr with an act that enajred ahkBtBc, 
' dancloR and comedy. In aadiMaB to th^'tMa. 
, there to aa ekierty bm» * «*M*r 

^ vwaitir. <t)w .tM|B dattM bCMtitaiiy and ala« 
aieelr. itn# that's whiitHNf' ahMM condne theto 
%«korta t». Vht 'iolt dance to a pippin. 

Janrta. W- CiilloB' got a froaen reception, hut 
iiaok the Tel»nlt BCi good nattireilly they bo<an 
S to thaw after a while, and, strangely enough, 
^^^.tlie bouse that tad frowned at his nifty "Juat 
Wttlc ' song, imlled at his parodies and his 
feawient gaga like this: "W[anted. room by cen- 
a^^ttwun with bay wia^Mr*'* W kui4ed M* » 
.V^'vt'theso,' af«-'ea:«h'«Me' gM'ii'iiSHV-''' 'thto-«nnite.. 
^^heyond farther argument -that, the LeagtM ot 
'.Hatfama sbonid b« signed wtthevt . reservation. 

Mat Slaaarro, Jr., got away on sheer blafe. 
i- The sallftr boors, innate lassbos, ' whooped' things 
' gp while Nat, Jr., danced and led the band 
»rlth more energy than ftnlah. 
V; Alan Brooky followed Juliet in his aketeh. 
vieviewed laU wsck at tha, Plata** *hsat»s. ,l*r. 
"Brooks look •hJeetioD tci tht: atataaait prlhled 
i%)a-tast ir«k»s- fsv^w tlMt^lif .'ll»» "posing 
^^^tor," ThU wait hot -ihtihidsl ^ *' reflection 
'^i^ his aUtlty aa an actor., l,eo bitricbstein Is 
'posing aetlH'. 'So to ATnold Daly. Daly la 
S?iwi«plc'uoa» because of his poses In casual 
ixrtempo "In Dollars itad Sense" Mr. BroolcB 
S'wumcs the character of .}» world-weary cynic 
Cjrlth money, ond if that kind of a «baiMtir. la . 
v'u be portrayed for a miMevtlW aadtaMk It.' 
, 'iiust'. be .wlth. poataft. ■ - ' 

Al and yiMwy IW s '< g| i g.-1wM» Vw»U--»y»^^ 
;,tsi» -aabinh; aaaMtd . tr. VKMBt\ «piGMjr. 


; Two songblrda-IUQaaaM '. ••<i«r .•, aiM , Anna 
.JiidMr-nn.-a i)«ad >apt .for th? ebamplon- 
><p of the Pailac* ntwdevllls series, thto week. 
MBoth are graduates of the "shbuter" school 
sfliat a decato or a^ago made a furore. Both 
^ijwd through th^t croae and both outlived It. 
pIMay Bibssom and Anna are song deline<)ton 
fjkth varioty. elaas. Striking |«rBonallty and 
'iehiann that la hot idspendsnt . oa UA «e txt^ 
iHtory whim. ■ 

'temoBSOia iM. a todirto toisar and ,ln4 a ipan- 
.^jjAsnt these day* for getttag elsaa ta the stags 
«Sith her pntty etmres and belting ersr aengs 
\^t xroie Uutah but chaigad with personal 
^/iynamite. ThuCT is all gone. She watts on In 
li^i^sy gowilii, lets loose a voice with no fuu 
Bat fur to lurahen It, stands up with-ths dig- 
,;uty o( a diva and delivers a cycle of 
'itkat might gmes a prima donn^ 

, 8upportins.lMr ai» BBBgl»^»Wds. «h< 
^£an, Lynch aaa LbpSK If- tt-1» 
Ithea^y. tkat -bfK- Mta an ValwthU acts, she 
/t^MrMthtr-attUu what ah* But the 

^iik^snte Is n&t entirely with her in thfs plan. 
;^1t .s«rvoa to bring into next to closing position 
;fbar troopers who, were they on their own, 
'vouia never reach thilt spot Flelda is a 
::tenius in hli way and baa a quaint manner 
et putting over drawling talk aari Mgt-tnt 
Us capacitx^ls three nlaala» Bi.. <Mg; alwul 
as' It-U TIM .atlMr .lNKi ««. alflr work- 
illM and sit that, 'Imt sImmiM h* In aa. act ot 
'tbelr oxvn, No. 2 in "one." Blossom, hersolf, 
}Kl ovatlona coming and going, and. Fields, a 
;iaHil favorite of years' standing in cafe woric, 
■tt a reception that even showed bar's np. 
:l:^Kl8s Chandler, llrst time at the Palace In 
ilBany years, started without much bang, got 
Xtel|lnf> and, before she had coma to her first 
Vsitti tad ttM taaais M itniiipliit* t wm hilMTt flbs 
;il(d up tin works liii H«. '4 psiltloii. 3i*r lytiist 
-tae -brilliant, aitd are programmed as the work 
her accompanist Sidney tiandneld, a ''Smooth 
'YNng gentleman who looks, 'acts and talks 
^Kke a man of breeding and culture,' 
i ? Hark Melaon. ono of the original Five Jug- 
.tllng Melsonii, opened with hats and clubs; very 
.AB^. Sherman, 'Van and Hymon next always 
;|IIM Mrs, late •( lah|h« «■ kas O a h s wt . 
,',miBedr iind lets of mails oii hanaMir, O^Oon* 
.f hetl and Blair could not appear aa tiislr ;lMS> 
•.tagti had not' showed . yet and 'Veca-SaMaa 
|Wubled in from the Majestic, getting a good 
'„.-Jid on her neat dancing turn. 
<*^li» M:an Hunt." a IMedlander piwluoUoii. 

turned out cleverly. Ralph X Balteyi a 
butler with a Rolls Royos (hla first peifonn- 
aaoe la the part), has a droll IndlvtdtuUty sad 
■eond. The set Is handsome and the plot is 

;*miulnfijr "wise," with the aUspwaUdng doU 

'ptdMhi' .bs' wide amhtb' na,aMiMl;ii'.'ttiii. 

'it faTS'^inktt 'llfe if rm «oarcVirttt«M,*'«r 
aomatMNr\^Ao 'that effect and Isolde lUliii 

,Mifir.;'Aala-:it to taste. 

Doiioran and Lee In comedy, talk and aong 
of Irish brand, got over as .'of yore, and Bor- 
kitt's Company (Bbris Fridkin, If memory 
serves correctly) closed with a whoop hurrah 
of Russian aong and daaea, holding' in many 

■ Acspila a slotr. opening. 8MiiM«^ capsctiy. 

■ • : .. . ' ■> . Jam, ^ 


'Chicago. Oct, 1, 
Lopsided bill thto week, with the component 
parts fair, but ttie broth in toto rather sour. 
Th* llrst five acts on the bill were of the type 
srhloh . classify as diunb or quasi-dumb, followed 
bjr.'OjB^ ou slBgliHi 4hd dancing turn, ending 
[wo wMi m ieiat, flarMT diMp'-'aad aalnr e o hose' ' 
thm. wueh haa Mng sfaiM'^ *atll«M H«-«sifMU' 
'Bess, it it ever had any.- . . .^' 

The Great . Johnsim opened the bill. Re is a 
contortionist.' Johnson, .working' in form-fltWog 
white, la an artist, in his particular line. 

116nti and Parti, accordion and piccolo 
with neither of the two having aaythlag aeoaa* 
tloaal to sell, but the «ombhiatlon «. the t«^' 
laMrMMnl* asSM to.te a^^ nllaC, aiad Ihay-asf 
.MTsr -hlesir. piutls^sriy the Ipeir with the pkaa' 
They ,aipeaed. together, each did a aadlnr ir 
and they' flnilahed together. 
■ Xteynolds and Donkgan skated handsoiiiely 
about sixteen minutes. Mr. and Ifrs, Rayno 
' and their two daughters represent about t. 
only skating family playing vaudevUle in thea 
.parts, at the present tiase. The t<ro girls, a» 
virtaal inewopmers. altlioagh oae has lap .lb 
'the, act tor aeme tbne. Tst his tar iia' sMsw- 
ahces 'go no one would suspect that fire oil. th* 
team were parents^ They all woilc wlth.'.e^tiid. 
pep and grace. The act Is well eostuimd and 
taandsbmcly cyced. ■; - 

Sdward Marshall submitted "hla cleanly, gentle- 
manly and sedate cartooning act, winning aa 
much with bta decency a- with his drawliig^ ' 
- ^ 'BMaev : jaB»- BaM sot. tka tat ' and Mg ■ 
•umtHmm tit -the^Wt'- na.-«iak,:.lapt 'Ihi.flhicais - 
at the Olymple With the'.Jrthm BlUacr Devlev. 
Is a shining example of what caa he 'dons 
when talent la wedded to good materbl. "III*, 
olfspring la bound to b« a bit True, the- lady' 
mugs much, but the hous« seems to- Ilk* .a>)d 
encourage It. tthc act li fluent and Audi, mel^ 
dtous. easy to listen to, and lasy 'o look at Ttis.- 
ast'lyu^ not heif ehanied ene werd or ntsva* 
■eat Mace ^iW.'liat' appieacBMe' Ur*. 

,Mi^:-tmi Mit hist' iiWa't 


~,Tli» average agent hsrcahbat* wrlnklea hto 
Baa»>«lm a afccleh eeq«8,atDnBd,"tlie''.tMoiy 

.belar that the > average aketeh te -the: avesags 
theatre (except the- iwe-a-day) is more or iufi. 
a drag on the market. 

It is gratifying therefore to note (be tt ever 
so rarely) a sketch that stands up, interests 
during Its 20 minutes or so, gets a'^ satlalaotory 
result at the flnlsh and does not descend to 
cheap hokum to .drag horse laughs. . . 

Ttala. li •^niaoh'^ • little sketch presented by 
Bintoc ta Batia aai eenpaay bt tlM,,hlU the 

' Mt hatir. Lesr. Stater Is the liwMiplriiQ Urn 
aaOMir ia aot ateaftisaei.- It la a cMiiai 
aeted little play, with the sobbliig wMe as the 
central character. Her extravagance leads the 
young husband (insurance agent) to pretend 
anlcldo. ynder the Impression he to dying, she 
shows heir real self, ' bitterly blaming herself 
for hto act. At the proper moment in her stlf- 
denimelotion he sits up and says "April fboLV 
"WkMiilpaa. the telephoae ilags. and the wife 
aag^sriatf R, Joyfaliy hoaia that .Mr.: On*' 
wrlght has -agreed to tvka that VMLM iaileg 
which aeU her huahaad a eoiBialss|Ul a( |UiW, 
And as the curtain descenida, the soUUag aposs* 
U ecstatically telling h«r hvshaad what ihe 
proposes to do with the thou. 

Kothing new, the carping one maV say, But 
well done. Miss La Ban- Is a sobber of note. 
There It no reason why the young man in the 
act should be dammed with anonymity. His 

Ms r 

The .'Wheeler Trk>, the applai^ hit «( ||m 
bill, followed the picture. They'i* acmbsis. 
and their stunto are notable more for their 
novelty than for their thrills. If an acrobatic 
turn may be said to have Individuality, this one 
Is entitled to the designation. 

Renardl. In wop vagalMund cosfume, played 
'tlw .aseenllon. TImt's all. An accordion player 
la' UK*' a . slyphone pliiycr. He playa Uli In- 
strameat and that's all. They- Iked tt, • ' 

AdasM and Mickey ibilswed the sKeteh. Osa 
ot the girls plays the pinao while the other 
one ainga. The vocal member has talent. She 
opens steely with "The Lamp of Aliodin." la- 

■ .■' ■' .' -.■•t Chlof 
A big benefit will be glve>^ 
onial Friday to John Bill) 
of Hiibbard Wpofls. Hd ;< 
in the heroic endeavor to 
eata of the Tanher chltdr 
cent case which attmote{) 
comment, 'whertf John 
the Bide of hla wife yrly 
could not rescue her fi 
The show is hi char' 
Aimons those appeatir 
^'(Mraoti, .Joe Cawthora 
AiOmt Byron, Tredf 
'garet LKlmnMi' t( 
Walter Johw, Ban^ ^ 
enport.. BdM IfMi 
Weeks, Bftwih Wotc 
rtgan. I'to«lfei*' 'r 
Louis AliBBt '^ 

■': ■ 'Lm;;^"''* 

Bear- Di*''' ■ 
girt Itff 




' ter^'liwjt-iof :.tfl. 

■ ■■■'v''^r^/';»j!*. 

Three, acts 
line of the.ntl,- 
aephlne atid; 
Barnes and ^^ 


.BhaftI B^Qi^ 
acts, h«ui ' KF 
Jimmy ■ Caar 
("Sllm") KIe» 
wlU be Klrke 


Oct. 12 & 
back from u 
nla, win step 
only concert 

She wilt b 
Bftckett. th' 
anlst. and 

overused i 
a couple 0. 
fintohing wli. 
at ths siagli: 
' to |«. 
't|M epeib. 
•he 'iMts what I. 
much gusto— the * 
work on the - 'time, 
No, 2 on the two-a-< 
Skipper, Kennedy a 
success., the btaokfnee 
and the straight mr- 
the trio, although th> 
Cfes IMHI t/tmm- p^ 
aothlag tMsal* alioBt > 
pnts tt over. 
"Around the Map" .. 




Jlibdef U back irftli tt^aNW- 
^ alooff (lie Itoes. cff ?kto 

iMataff ot Uanor, 
' Oiiik Ii« iBnt .aldhia of 
^nhlch the Antl-Saloo» 
,pt indorse. He opened 
'^eatipg the bouse as: 
40W mbumers of the 
)» Barleycorn." Among 
•id that liauor moved 
and those who used 
^ireles. It. waa born, in 
\ft.f&eath moos-^ 
oif foar it iraa 
.% and at the MSt 

-^^pdi:*, and. 

rSstta He/* (10). . . 
Miniature Mwical Comedy. 

Bliu.; Full Stage (Spedal 8e0-. : 

intt WAilim IK^ 

lf^^:iMtalbIe dropii utUlsed IMcllc 
ftr A-Mwt MBeot during a Oreoiaa sub- 
few. A.jttle .eC lUIn hack etase eeatw 
and a-pletare ftaiM. effect at the head 
ol the stairs ai^e' also used in the closing 
nunober. The plot can be dismissed. It 
is the individual work of the principals 
and the production that appeals. Kach 
of the four principals is "there," and 
the choristers, while not in active com- 
petition for the beauty charopionshlp, 
are well drilled and 'can dance. One 
biondjr, the first to appear in the clos- 
ios number, stood out on appearance. 
The set represents the Interio.- of a mu- 
seum. ^Iz ielosets with . aUdinir doors 
.cuuSinnnmles, .palled' e^^^ pfotfiae 

mm .imtdnMU^ anaL-artMii 1* drbilai be 
- draanie fliegMe appear. Utiax taiy 
'Oint he wanta fte mmtmii he -veita the 
traaty bottle, Tbov i* tm ingenue, a 
Juvenile impersonating: .a profeasor to 
set near his love, and a school mistress 
who can't see liim. The dialog: is worth 
hiia and capably handled. The coii- 
mes are elaborate and the music above 
e average. Outstanding features are 
■a closing number, "If usib Reminds 
. -i of Tou," with the girla appearing 
-.Ingly at the top of the stairway axid 
coning do>vn stage iraperaonatliv dlf- 
'fereni operatic herolnee^ aid die/ateis 
,lii^ work of .tiki 

Jfted with fe- 
.'A real novelty 
rhe act opens 
I stage and is 
-TehearsaL, Josla 
Btaa "bit" and 
e others are In 
alties are in- 
°4e are many 
ui with a re- 
. of impressive 
jrloentoty bits, 
y e rt e lyp e l «to-» 
tn. Jais and 
wte and there 
.he prla^lpelB 
>by Bni ttfe mtm 
d fhelr'-wi^ ' 

.Aroae^'Wttli « 
•ra Are'Sboal- 
Batterdy b a 
wen received. 

JB production 
Sen the in- 

.'Pliea to man 
^ans who com- 
''er canine ie the 
For the rest, the 
Joggling, tihe 
plasrtog the piaa* 
.inge to no 
.■tthe dog( 
jed by-haMn a»> 
y meaoa 'ef wlTM er 
ihimmy Mt dene fey 
jet li jMt a ■■Ml. 

t . ljari**h«r wv-W bit 'With a ^ 

Ji:^ifi9k . bat that can be 

• tttk--- fMOr ^TCnedicd. and when ii c<HBes 
tiie Itaeetioa it wiU be iMiady 

tfuf^ Owen and Co. (f>. 

SS Mbis.; One, 


. ■ ■e«rt»li«f an interesting 

d^prtire.- a. plaalst- enters and plays 
•evcni. introductions, finally calling 
Owm, who explains he has been wait- 
ing for Miss Moore, a member of t^ 
act Owen goes into a comedy num- 
ber and is interrupted by a telephone 
call from a female ^Admirer,- whom he 
advises to get into one of the feoses 
and throw him smhe flowers ae be tra n 
recognize her. A ehaiaetat! woman 
with a grotesque make-up prores to be 
fals capture. Her agpeanmee-iud the 
Vatomiag o(( tlM„fecpi«ii|t i^s aood tat 

'piMM . play. 
B^ 'Vke tuns out 
-to ^mnt wrtPM it fedef appear- 
(■■o [to sttpply ttae iweancy caused by 
.a* |wn-appearanee of Miss Moore. 
JCotaV-^fiss Moore appears, and she ai^ 
aiuAry go into "Old-FAshioned WalU" 
with a double dance. The act ia franwd 
for a small-time feature. Toung Owen 
has plenty of personality and is likeable 
at all times, but his present vehicle 
lacks that touch of subtle humor which 
differentiatea between lioM" and dOM 

Song and 

xs Mins.; Thiree (Special). 
Jefferson. - 

An excellent stop, boao 
Italian flower gfil\ Opentte 
epealngi Ameriejni' aviatar ii 
' frtefe garb. . Cnmi-t n, Rvp 
en ateca/ Biit. Jnhmu to dfea ainktite 

attlce: _ _ " " ' \ _ 

.J tiaproper ar- 

rapukr medtagp denbie num- 
Can be woriced up by em- 
: «C mwe BidodleeL Ptesea m 


7 Miofl.; Full Stage (Special Apparatus). 

1 Ifefordla Opiden Whirl is a varlatloh 
-;a(-thO.*1t«^ butterfly* tum, and not 
im Midi ae:ft,imtf»tiMi after CD. riStl, 

Spa#(irfdiijrte^^ wiife'tiife''*^^ 

of the threr gMi feoldbic ed it^oltbtir 
eifd by th« tatOi'itlroa a: fesMer 
third girl sita OS « l|leyeile anranjgemeor 
inside the diamcndL - ;Aa ahe treads, tl^ 
diamond revolves at a speed that may 
be regulated by her. The opening is 
the opposite ends sailing about with 
airplane effect through wings attached 
to them. Afterward they do the ladd^ 
work, executing very fair acrobatics in 
this while revolving. The third bit Is 
the bell ringing while moving. The'sct- 
•ting against a plush curtain gives a n^;t 
look to the stage, with the bright ap|Mt> 
tatus outlined against It. ■ The girls aijt 
dressed weQ, with eadr taavtag 4i kiti 
eanyiiv 1^ ptaoea: Bat it^s fear^y^ 
a'tnn'a^nnc avomii i» ie» tij^ 
cio<liw.apol 4Mi« tigitioie'fe^ It.iifjii^ 
take the opiifei^ ipaMlMaxii: innci p^^; 
grahia. Vfee' diewfeedc la Om feudc'-^i^/ 
novelty, "Tjutterfly" turns being so faiBit> 
lar. It Ertbrd can pjit a kidc Into th^i - 
act that'ifeigit mOidl^ fm^^M what |t 
needs. BUm^,! 

Brown and Alain. 
Comedy Skit 
X3 Mios.; One. . 

. to aa appnpvMb fUom 

kind Men In tlie ainall 1 
scene ft a drep -ta oa^ 1 
of a .row er hoeaeo with p e acHcal detn 
In two. A. nan cones eat ra the durk 

stage, rattles one of the toerA a screaiB 
is beard, he disappears and the lights go 
up. The man from the adjoining hocoe 
makes his entrance, looks Into the boust 
Where he has heard the scream, ano^.- 
shrill call and the woman emerges witha 
pistol in her hand. The couple go into 
dialog, which terminates in the mas 
proposing marriage. The girl then 
tempts to enter her home, finds the 
locked, explains her plight and the , 
offers to let her remain In bis aom- 
while he remains ^xtside to stand 
guard. Prior to her entering the botaa . 
he, tells her be f* an. emissary of tilt; 
War Dvartneot and tUt he has biii- 
followed Iqr^MBn who want, to get J^: 
portant papers "Bte alao JatonM lielCK-^^ 
the MOng ptaeei jBhe goiii'lii aad'lf^^ 
dlaajpeaw Into Imt ^femi The-^ 
«Hlddy eoaaoo d«^«C felfr feooie witir||^>^ 
M' to enter her )Mi|y^ 
:.«ltfe plstoXin 
ot hMt l«b has «n«hi i« 
iota tile. iioedi 'aurii :ieiurned she ff^.' 
.neiaber o( tke l^uid. The girl then opeMV 
■the envelope and shows bin the letter^ 
wbkh diseloees she is a secret seivi^l 
agent A little more talk routine fol* 
lows and the couple go into a epscill 
song for their closing., The a«t is w^ 
presented and should be • gMf^a 
on the small circuit biUaii ' 

Kellam and O'Date.. 
Singing and 
x8 Miaa.; One. 

. Tte nani, Keliam, la tan and 
and has a|| the naUaga eit jui ; 

BmK to a»j 


ilttla 1 

(n>ere Is « 
Mtraetfvely, I 

I aOI Oile, the' ^ 
nelto writh the <iil0 -, 
n trn^WA Held It «Mi 
d-lMt. ' KellaiQ] should- VtS?] 
t,' ftet someone to 
aa tipotordate. big^tlme act, Ie 
to speak linee as well as he con p#| 
petuate nonsensicaUties, cut out #f 
"cooch" travesty finish, drop the cruHi 
"8pee<Jh" encore, and so on, and, as W*] 
fere stated, the best in show busiiMii 
isart-feeinallli-Mdeii,,..' -. UH^r 

Mgnied ta ur Witbout hestUUofl thikt B«« 
I* « draw. HtM Fatmer U Uawd •nnind ttM 

Mt p(KtfMt';«r..ato ■tlwtiig iiiw^ 

~ tte'flnt two d»7« wuted to ■•• tlu se« 

'i^^rtle- Bat (her got dteated It' Uwy «Kpec(«d 
te« much. Cor Bee lot lioraeU o*i MoBdajr aoat* 
.um mlr>. Aftar tiMt bar thlmm»r eootd.bav* 
- atfMtf «ar tptf T. a A. iMM, J».«Mirt 

' ii flm » — ■ irtlm from the maiutrenHBt tlttt 
'4 Mauaey wm a Manner and when It wu 
iiJiHkinf «lM It wa«a't. Wlitcb u Ftine«<s 
.XAltak, the champ hip awlnger, and who ooce 
tlotod QD the Western Wheel could ramul^ 
ttiat In her dxy tber didn't call anytUMf • 
aliiiniBqr; ttie/-^aat CJUled the polico. 

; iMiiliii.M-«i« •\*pMMM--lMr- total 

- /«c '(SMtM, ' boi wttk' -BM'.'tfii;^ MUM iyfaar' ' 
m this week't precran .iM ; lMr wmm m*. 
.- aftBled when opeaiog, Iho • Tuic* -win haiw 

'mm ot the best proflt peril*!* when Suadar 

night's count up Is finished. 
:;':tho rPahner turn (new acta) -is making good 
\'at tha bm ofllea ioA on th« atage, getting over 

.■am tllca«i(h Ma Jamiaff conpesitioa than aoy- 

.ttiir eia*: A. iwtf «e.itac': tagr* d« «iin*.'«M ■ 

rfe IV a ltti a w ih *- iM-«iMte~BMr2wbM'V/a^^^ 
le«ii' aa b«MMIi^-K :J|HiB-. a» lur Cm*, i^- lft " 


to • arnoopated a«aaar«. At on*, momant of 
the ^Tiet Uiai Jjordatrom hai the ttane etur- 
a «teq>-h wrt»Mia (Gdward Lrneta) uxi offloer 
(Madoa^- 8tafeiia>— carr^aig on the story la 
Wi« that la amaU (aat U a T»ude- 

725? if**?I**^ • 

•Vajhe itaciM Wwf ii< Ml worth pliqngv. 
Xa tiw anaUer tawaa It eada ■»» ■iMd-'iiL 
Thar* b a inafet deal of m^SKtOmmm-i^ 
■ beaUJea the Mee. . - 

Oh* flrat part-waa cl4aed br Nonette tmi 
tut: Ttollu. Al wara a loretr atace picture, Na- 
nette hAs no difficulty in getting to an audience 
Md - hcddtog^theia. 8to. baa given the pieseat 
' * liaqBlIM aitUair aad can go over the 
«aaia 'fllntat BMHh wanring (o be 

'Tnaea of UUi"^ with Adelaide 

aariaUnt to Mr. Brioe. Raba Backwllir Im p^ 
gramed and U at the piano. Serend Biiml>an 
ars alae programed, a couple or ao done by 
Brtce In former turns. Brice U a nifty manlp- 
■iflor of hia feet. Be li a dancer br shape 
ip^forn. and. daaeea. Mo mean asflataace la 
^^^^si^ JUm Mutn. Uvcljr Utne «lrl 
V«a Ja a pyotUr almcr with Ma of atyla to 
her wort. She baa tte .(jg^ wf'ltmiiimg ' tn- 
dueUoa war of daacliif1lat'«iiiMittir w^aSi^ 
TIM act wu Ko. S aad got away rather weJL 
n'« a QBcation if it would not have done bet- 
ter, however, opening after intennission, and 
could aund a much better poaitlon on other 
Ifa ecrtala to tiM dancing Une, with 

"fUaier" '^enbatai, op. 


What liaa beeeme ot the. very "amart" Jew- 
iah aadlence that waa'.^woot to patronlxe the 
Alhamhra not ao many yeacv agoT Do they rto 
longer lire In Harlem,' and if ao, whr don't they 
vldt the AlhambraT ThU -lack ot "ciass" in 
the aattcr oC ai»mfium kt iwx awivMtr j*. 
om.«M.Am hMil.{MM9;fK^.4hipr'MlWi..aa4' 
the ft>Bwwfig?u^iiiiMiik;*y M 
" to ' 




Pat Rooney had to stand the brunt of the 
Bee act ahowla?. He followed it in. tiM neat 
to closing spot Rooaer ia.doingr a aingle with 
a pianist, pendtog openinir with hia wUe. Ma- 
J?«fc**Ml» ;*r'« vftaiwtltai .'-ton.. Mr. Rooner 
;,'-aaaH!iiMt -tU»^alkac j*- aoft .oC advance ocoat 
•Hit,VmmU. H» aiab Mita* Myt vbBe.lMa^ 
..yit. aot appeuiir JUm^m il^lt-^i^ 'mM 
mUtUag the aalacy: Xjtt* liaint VbUfi 'm 
•j;4«irway thew-a.a leeaM «t It ftt MiiUim. 

-Cmcedins Pat bad a toogh poattion aKd the 
. «r»t time alone at tlie Palace, cutting down 
jUs running time twsidea through the spot, ^ he 
alaimtngrtr sensational as a single. If* 
'•■ 'M^ aPia^ nag, aa iever that pails him across. 

^jftipftay lltaUoa' of Frisco brought 
,MK.iaoat aH>j » M a. Fat .SMeda to dance a tot, 
a partner t».p(t«tt:irtii.l» «alltciHaa'«».- 
vith the Meaa«eaa^.')A«lMHK"^^ 
, jplaalst Is not enough: nut WU them Av'.naMf 
j^. *Drse Singles than Pat nooney and /ttey We^^'Mh a' 
^^.rorted. although If worked continuously S 'S^- 
wudeville that eouW aiy they are simply rt,.^^^ 
vi" ?f the other male singles, along 

— alMiea and mate comedr two- 

two-acts and "Sister 
-i, - '!*>••.■. -pwdwUbna. • m fiet, 

p., <mialeal comedy at $t or Mate. 8o tf -fM aar* 
^. . aits in singling and aiadbw wen.': wtl 

l^ihgl. himself -.„„ ^ uiS^iJSii^U^ 
f^:im around again aloit''i*S^PS*^ 

••K^^:»f»pactlon runs out. , 

^^^iS^' ""S** ."" th» Palace bill and 

'v !?7T? * " "''«»™l>»nl« »a Charies Irwin. He 
h'.-*^^ ttf^r bUtnaialaa. Mr. Irwln sang and 
i- -5r*^' laugh aad applaud, for 

^/.vbatever he dU .Ms mga aoMM OMdk 
r,|;lO:e Clifton Crawfarra IS^. wMa -'- -^^ 
,-w H'n* it was aa Imltatloa liit 
^/ ysbly Is Irwli^'s best 
^-/M^Crawford Is one of oiir devereat wMr 
Jj? out of It Mr. Inite 

g-.^W8 hia turn aa "Pleasant Memorlea." He 
^rl?Pi. aaie- Are. \ 

^''^ o« ."Alnt r Orandf 

fe!^"' t"'' method ainawftat and 

J^! ^«fWne wittt attghtly atepatiek bath. 
^ eta unt geitlns laugha w«ii thm and cirrlea 
V'^SL 2^^'°.^"* ^ «* aunds.just 

• 'vSii ■ I crosa fire and songs. It U 

''■'■' jjuy Sfy* y*** * *>"o of this kind, 

ft-iw ^5* ^ hearty Uugh o( 

ff r^-t^ih rwrnia iJimiii by Al ta peoile 

^» he audience, that eould not ba termed 

^*lrely original, 

w"'"""™ '^^ f**. ». Virginia Lewla 

f'-^S Two Olrle Trying to 

■ In lending class to 
. It- U ptootUotlr supplied 
««l . htU it Air ahan «c 

tb^ Ut or the 

Va aaventh; ahe olEcrM Hi'cnlip-'ae ■fw' 
which waat over. lOw' x* Ba#'/akM « 

with others which _ 

lengthened her turn la;o*ar batt 'hia'botfi'-'OC 
the new numbers then were 'SOnMy" Love.'* 
"Roses of Picardy," 'The Maasengeif* and 
••roar Brea" Perhaps the onir popnlar num- 
ber la tier routine was "Bon Jour. ITmselle." 
In -th* giving of the more familiar numbers she 
used her famous red lut. 

On directly following and neit to closir; wer* 
Hatijr Ama Seymour, the latter bringing. 

iid for her La Rue Iralr 
a teat for 
-.vMi lt. the UtUe 

bald the Ute spot wM. -mia 'Uc-tln^t ia^ta^ 
tianlst. . Joseph M Dair, drew attentioa Mth 
^a ptano sok>..hj8 playlitg of a portion ot tha 
of "Nhuslity MaxietU". beipc excepttoiMt 

•Lew^Doekatader had aaoNtbtaw ta aay u.,..., 

cuntnt evenU on opeainc latennlssion (Wew 
ACU) With a mooolog called *<A« iSar f^)." 
liews opeiUaB.eoaiment was a tauaeat'- M tha 
•paasinc of Kabae.' ■ • .» .= - 

tn the dostng Intetmlssioa position the I^rd 
Bistera created <iulte an impression with their 
new dance turn, with its speolal settings and 
corklnK wardrobe. The glris are uaingr a special 
.yehsat ra on the atage, a sextet In Colonial 
CKtmmm jbr ame reaaoa. The solo playing of, 
^Jji**"''''- **• > #*<xl «>»hd. but OA the 
«iM> .|ha male la. tMr bg^pej. Ja gpne. of the 
ONMl aad ttoMbaM feahir .iMiiC Ilia cirla 
ta natty little -ntni nr rftljajjlii ilT V^ '- 
aat awabar direetlr atlar 0tmm''ttk' '^lAm 
being aori of "Eddie Leotwida,** wttb tho dme- 
Ing done then to tha ain. of Leonard'! d^tlltfli 
Theit final oandter, with tttetlM 
turning, waa well rewanM ft - 

Aa interesting event on tbt ' ] 
th* nappearance of Miller and 
been apllt by the war. Tha boyii'Mime forth 
and really redeeratd the early section of the 
•how. .^ich was drooping. With a new costume 
the atart of the routine and 
baaiaeas thoy aoon had the 

JatM " * •ympathetlc ap- 

?»S£ nvag women ahouM put on a Ca- 
"Zf iSlz!?** '""Wt^w «»W. Lewis and White 
f./ n«nH>ewt have a bit of talk for a 
^"""Jl!^ coaweae.* air airtet act in 
'fcfw day. When "Wrttr aou^f . tt. tbar an mC 

|>»e- Both Of thee. cMa aia bnaMtta.M«HS 
, .hL Mwrast for appcaraMAa. Thar In^ 

■ '• ^ ** Improrement. 

**" Ragged Edge" Is a con-.e^jy drama 
f*"** Comedy.- written by 

: *»SIr«^. Jl«ne Noel as the wUe 

aW-£2l'JS?» ««»«^»»« ♦200 giv*a alp ta 

•MaaW* and the 

'eomedy dance took thian oiK'ta ■ Ut 

"Mrs. Welllng^on^a Surpriae" fwn way 

on third. They'lntroduce a plenltuda tt "ttt- 
tya" and it comes up from "the bar" la ncotA 
service lime. The ease with which the hol.l 
gueats ordered and got their liquor brought tit- 
ten from the house, but at that there an known 
■•^^^•^jf^the land where <«e doeaa't bara 

I Ontlft with 

1 the Ho. X , , 

hi* ac* la his fiddle, and tbat'a the traUi. 
should try the rag (tufC mon.. 

Ten Byck and Weilly. with their nicely staged 
dancing act. ctosed the Hkom. and gniog oii at 
U handicapped their cbaoees through the walk- 
lac oat. The turn hoMa clever work and de- 
acrred a better break. ' Htnaan aad Shtritr 

. Tiie abow tsptaa aad doaea with flbn. iMginaiiic. 
with a few miantea of "Tdplca df the I>ay" from 
the Literary Dlgist and luanlng oIT ttie Kino- 
gram new* pictorial at tite concldsion of the 
.hill, ■ 

The opeainc tun is Swan and Swan, a cleirer 
■blf JaniK .«(» JMlea while he jocflea. ai- 
aMM Iqr Ut. W WMij ti^ e danoea a bit and ,b6th 

Is a COM «a<tw\iMa 1^ 

aad tmlqw; jUalpii^ttng three article* In the 
air, one of which U aa apple, he takea .a bite 
of the 'apple each time it comes \iomm .iia 
band, tossing up the Rtnainder, repinlliir. tbia 
until ^the_^f rult la entirely devoured. . ' 

BayifaOnd . and Schram, two "boyat" who ren- 
der oonTersatlonal duets of the 'comedy catltMr. 
bowioc -tow aad simultaneously at the conclu- 
alM attach aanfaer, technically known aa "aak- 
iec ftj^ agvlanci bi«.ao lon« iaa they fct U 

-VUeria Bergen aad Co! la "Tiw Hath'* ottita 
■ • - iktiaitactotir comedyHlramatle' playlet - An 
wcellent exempUflcatioc' of the 'caliber of the 
attendance may be gleaned from tlie nianner 
In which It was received. They roared at tha 
comedy and "broke" hyiterlcally at the drama. 
. The act now runs 2S minutes and play* s -*h- 
I t .' M rthun and O'Oare (New Acts). 
-?Wig~ U».". a tabldtd written by Wm. 
TO i fh b ■ii ^ .ai^iaa tbe ltot"pbgltaC:<i>'*M. baia 
a-a- -r-'''-'-"-^-"-t~-^fT^ it-iirtiijini-- 

aaeat. . Tbe }a««aila eaada H'JMft fepfetfiMt^ kbi' 
•wcetheart: "rva toltL^.'H' mh»t^?ii^ 
three kids In 20 mlaatea.** - Bat ytw fiaveii't ' 
gneased tbe reason this' tiiae. & is not d'eeelv- - 
iag bis rich uncle— it.ts ids' wealthy aunt Tliey 
have a rather clever woman In the cast, Doro- 
thea Sadlier, who is full of magnetism and 
put* over a good number nlcoly. In the song 
then I* nvealed, one at a tims. eieht "famous 
viampa of blifaairt'^ b aper ia aa tcd by the gtris 
ot thechogH. Tbir. batfawlth Cleopatra and 
iMIblT BealailMk^ MMl ^^l^.: .Since Pried- 
lander takes cradtt «■ tbe'pcvcritta for stagipg 
as well aa writing the act be Is to be blaiMf . 
(or 'adorning the vampln* ot ancient hlgi^Mir. ' 
w(tb Louia- >:v siippera. Aad. when.''.' Mii' 
VHedlaader, did you -r- 1- nr hwgr 'HaffliihlB 

. nana 'and Juliet were vamplri*?^ ~ 

When the Mosconi Bros.' name went up there . 
was a wild bunt of applauae. "They opened with 
a brief IttUe ditty, but with their first bit of^ 
atepplnc. yaa fpcs^Te aad. (0(kM that . Their . 
are MilaMd : bK 'BBaia Z«i|Mii j« ' etioMly' cM,' . 

..who •l-'i^'-''f '"' lif ITin'tlniinnfrriMiiij lii i faM" 

tiutt fsr :vandr«Uip.- ■ ' '''^ -'-'v • ' ' '■ '. 
°Rae BaaaMe Wa' to::nun torn 
etrerlns balC .a dlUe* or ' mpca' BiiidiM% .aiad 
finally eoavoIlM t<t -apolociae' for ' not 'ceatlaii- 
log Indellnltely. Her "mbe" is a classic hit ot 
chaneterlzation and bet "riddish" equally : 
good. Miss Sixmuel* la one of the few single 
women of modem vauilevlllo who coutd appear 
anywhcn In the world unknown and unkeraIdo<1, 
under any aain«. j^.-wbk-.Ui'andlaoce wholly 

oa >er .taeclta M^«ii ailiii^^ And 

IM jlageraad picka «^ cnib^^' «ith.Uw'HaU<> 
•rt ftaetioa of a aeeoa a.' aawr alnail ar 

iUqd ttia alrtiat. - ■ : 

An ' UBpncnmcd number waa added 'tt the 
blll-^Neia Jane tind Co , which couists of 
Mlaa Ja'aO and a male associate Id a sertea of 
dahoesk with a planl« and a special cyclorama 
drtp. They open with a oaatanet Spanish num- 
ber, walta, B;«ualaa aad acrobatic stepping. 

thing la st&ekiam, titaiiiiaiiit '^Mlk jMc ait> 
which She kept on Umiahbit tte tafk. Viram 

the front it givea ttie effect of not wearing any. 
Placed to follow the regular bhow and ua- 
blllod. It was difficult to bold the audience 
seated after It p. m., and it -would thus be 
manUectly unfair to Jndge tbe cot by so bandi- 

■ * /oto. 


Bualneaa waa oR at the Colonial Monday night, 
bat tha ahew eoalda't be b'aihcd, for it waa • 
aoifcgr ftaaa atait ta flaiah. with only one let 
.immL'-.TUm wm t t 
tmr MM AM bgitu ^ . 

Another new act was Ifdi % , 

"BKtra Dry," which oloaed .tlw ^Nt MT-:' 
didn't need the applause o( a " ' 
front to get over, 

Tb« Bieaa ntaailr opaaad vttb A gial i 

tbU tm'in0k'UgALUif*^'-:'-M 

bieaka la with soom neat it^gtiaff atao. .y > ' ' i 
they go to work aad tha gitrts «faow aoma^S^^^ 
atepplng running down the line from book Ui'ttb'','.^^ 
work. The boy Is a i»rklng -«cc«ntrifr^daili9*«- ;-;'ii^ 
and hia "boch" worl was applauded. Tlia ^vi^i 
act could hold a spot on dancing alone. A(W to- ' - 'S 
thla the old maa'a pantomlihing of thj glri's" . VtH 
sola aan wy hi aowialrle'oegttime ahd aonie- ebA- ' ; 
otata wait^nbtb aad yoa-ba^ the sum total of a iv i^ 
iat|e» Mar |gt tar the .«gp«aa( a. t . . ; ^ i'?^ 

JP^i^W bad' IM^; «e^;-dew>^ .aad: we^'Jb-^'i^ 

their nItBiMe-foeted tnthrMi .ta^)^ 
dUIoc, which atowa than op to a .<in£'^S^5'^< 
they had tbeih%Majr «fth-tb« ^tigi^^'^igiS^^f 
P>t back' on tbe^biiAif^r'iiia tSkSTSSil^mB 
Lillian nt«g^ra>d 'wa* ■ foorth -Jn' iUi '■j,^^^'^ ■ 
order and cleaned oC the bases wifb btt -^j' 
talk and dialect work. Lilllaa's teebblkaS^';>/!bi 
dawleaa.. ishe la carrying thi . i^cSilSS^Jt^m 
piano pUyer in cspUvltjr In Clarence 'aen^'^ ^ 
Senna has a couple of abloa, but he strives so 
mightily to sell.t^iqn that lialf of the houfi 
PenpMac ttytac to. help him. . Thay liked kisa^ 
ntaBHald Cor alt of that, aad her Fnach *on< • 
tratte and M i l i 'pj ia Mp i igMt' Ifca a ho!aaa'aflre» 
Al»« lat«f»la*^;;ia^1^^ ; 
the Cameron tliliia Hi v "'*Triitg'"iir iwir jiafOIL *" ■ - 
with Dave Drejwiat'tlil'atlM "thm^n^v' i^^l 
credUed with wrftln#.iMtfi«rM«ln» the'ttitf^ 
In the turn, and he nads m cMd Job of It laS^^'v P?^* 
dittoa to hsindllng a conpla of aolp numbMf . 
while the girt* changed. •The costumes -wbtb .''M'^?'*^ 
■re etaaa with a caplut- C. Natnn haa fclitf-r 'i't-'l 
very, very kind to tbe Siaten Cameron. Tt«»^ i^^^^^ 
?P«wd with "SweaUei^r and a clew dance fe^ ' - *; jM 

Mao nifty kh^lhi and underj«Mingi- : ■ 
tbaa > jiagy wilft ftrtWalad l» a toa dance wltk ' '"-A 
a MuMlpn of Jan mixed In. They vent Mr> " vi^ 
and Bait l8"WalUnflr for Her^' tlM /'rM 
.VR'.ia kMlfe'-lrtth the acre&mlngly funny 4 
— - llbtah,^^^^ - funnier than Mr. ' 

Breadel aa tha Mqp .Miiide' trjiac, to Mf»:l& ; 
vaaMaBC5rbi4iglM>~'^iaa Btrt b«adM-a ooi^' ' 

«<^"2?«:«';»»«^"W%- ^»':'»fc«"thi*:-'**iB»ig#';- 

tha Mr mamot,-.,.,..,;.-. '^ii^- 

The United '8tatta aie« 0tab~ got aiwiW «: 
p. m. to doie 'er up. It la aaaMr tb» iagt}^: 
the service acts, and ttuy hare.hdd*^ il 'edt 
of sew aunibera that helped. "While Others 
Building Castlea in the Air" had 'llbgto 
Moon." as soloed by hu Jacry 6NllMfM^4 
daady additions.. , ^t^- 

Philadelphia, ^Oot 'i^?''''^""'*' 
Much that was new to Philadelphia waa ef<' 
fered in thla wcok> bill, with two of th? beat 
known headline featurjf* tq top. There wa* • ' - ai 
ablQlw around of ajts" for the opening •how, '^ 'i^^ 
aceotdlB(-t9 tlv> pngim and It brought 1!iraltM» \^-.;-'i^ 
, m iwft-to-«loalW 

was etfeetlve. hi^MBr^mUt^iOa^Jtf^^ 

and Ames mfmn'yMe^-MmK'Jku^ 

the; latter spot,;.: ■ - _>v 
One Of t^aeripoMl^ 
front Mpndaf IMtlnee and nfuse* to ei^tBwbfe'ji^^ 
over anythlu^t, despite that the abbw as a wl«|tjfp'Cfe^ 
was well balanced and irfife thaii wuiaUy. Intei^'''.'^^ 
esting by reason of the number of acts' aeea-''" 
iiore. for., tbt flrat time. ; There were no reaUp?" 
big agplanae Utf, .ilM-baapn. lMiac.:veF^ Wtrr': 
aMy diatrlb«teC. ■.-.',>■. ;''^;\. ■ •': -- .e, ^^-.v 
. Bddiet -aad bla tamUy ware the fea^itadl ; 
a ttH M ft gau jrba vMaraa Ja wmUns juii ju(<|' 
•d. ^^i^H^I»^<^>f <.:jt»<INK,.^iiMiwv to^iha^' 
a jplaw a —d Hwa aMM#:m -ajr A/.littMr «MM^,' 
of thanks. Then ^ v» fault W-^MP. cfm»: lMb'> 
atandpoint, hourever. for Poy baa '.V^la kit^ttRSE' 
as a footllght favorite and ia a»nshHe bC iliair*^^ 
Ing the youngators to do the workl —-'-^'i'^- 

MWMd all ba got out o( tiia 'baid-baliea 'MbiKdar^ 
crowd. Many ot bUjalerlfg wen aw'ki«b MI'>-H^^^^^ 
all brought him lavgba. ^Tllr Iwa Ima-' gBjy'' ■ -" "^jl 
proved to be in a olaas by hltiuelt Id ,tMa^^^ 'f^)^ 

ticular kind af monaln* h> i. uti.i.iLVl<..i:r.V;At<^ 

not Changed .the act fnnoh abice last sem nan.;; 
though some new . songs ar#: haed. ', >rhe tWit 
was A good tised hit,' but wiU heed'to be.ohangeir' 
bafan It'eaa rep(>at' a'galn. ' ' , ' i 

.Walter Xdly, being a Philddalpbtaa no dotditi' 
. M -anny frieoda hi (toa^ :bat •'Tiio jradvlL^ 
^HMd all ba got out o( tiia baijMoliea/j^biiidar 
crowd. *' ' ' ' 

ticular kind of monaiog and he is nCt likely 
have a auoccsaor any more than has hto natt*-"-,*-^-S 
•ake. 'The. Rolling Mill Man." .l£££2^ 
. The new act of Ftoreni Atnea and AdelaldoWS-? 
WlBtlirop, called.. "Caught in a' Jamb," Is a 
departure from their pid ooe and whUa 
••f_itt »-ffM<.auy\M>a«ba. tbnu«h their 
MH«r .li^dllBff o( malarial and bualiuaii, tta : 
■ov.^Pridale la not lUcsly to prow- »g bir^.fc. iSHsa 
lamb wtaaer a* their (braur traivoaty Mt: iSe^'^^ : V S^^ 
ta aiapto opportunity for laugha in the iatrt*' • 
duptton where the woman'*, dreas la caasht' la' 
the Jamb of the door dltplaying herlimliS to a ': . f^^ 
- p*aa et-by, and hen -the couple get oc: to a lMrtt«-'.'-' 
atart. but the aot-aaga after tfaia and doea Mt v}'^'>7^ 
(tclt.tip. gcali.aglll.aaaB. tbe iBalata.wbM'thir. '''-'■?:-->^ 
da % Mt-'4!C.1nMltr. «Mofa« that t^ tlieii «€-;:>. v> 

-I* eoqpte ' 

■ Hi* •Viot work. 
»ro«acMl 'B«<r oCarliir Uutt icorad soUdir w«a 

■ lad A-mappjr way of scttinc hli 

II; POtaU are mlased. TiM tM 

|L, Blot «pp««r«nce utd civet laotfford 

i:, ,v ...mppcu't. A couple of dan«« bita are ut«d irtwir- 
taC;>i«ttt abia to pat over a, anmber, k«rt lb* 
..MMnbtn are not thert, Betthei of tbt tOBga tiaed 
fWUlBiBK tto pnueb aecded to naka tUa act Um 
^1^5^- ■ Biod M«a. aU rl«U 

■ ^^l^JJU^'^fJ^ It -«M «•» reetiyed. 
: IOhk talMI a jDMplt «( tml c«M iM 

:'«w.ii^ omt wfli -ikM • 

- tpvt .on ids bin. 

: Xd. and Btrdit Conrmd alao alww (ood .. 
. . ; In tlMir reach for BometMnr awar (rom Um trdl* 
. nitty ilnglncc and danclnr turn. Conrad at timet 
...toorB so hard to gzt tOt lines over that lie 
'•' P^ter letaens the effect, but both lie and ; "ct 
iS?** *»* sood ateppen and work up their 
y .pmlura la oplendld atyla. ltt»r doted to u 
: ; .f/HHMmt «c -Ttit ■fiihwii Btiifc .in dM mtbor 
'-' :ui-4bi tunait MM taliM ^Stt' tt dMei^r 

tfone br the yonar an ftr • Sfik. n*'0*- 
rada have the Maa M< attlFA M Mt 

. of thii act . . ' 

yniti.'fwi Mma, a cavit oC |Mi« flifcai 

with a avff* of aoon were aleely nealved. 
' . Several of their lono art b«w and w«n deUv- 
end. « prohibition, anmber belas «ti r m rtaH)r 
w.orth while. 

■One of tlMs bett Ritely acta teen bi a lonr Una 
, to.lkat of Xoban and Co., a Jap act that cloaed 
.'; tka abow arid deaerved ta mucb tpplauae aa any* 
vf .ttteron the bUl. The perch tricica and footwork 
' 'ttt tbt two prlDdpalt ara r«al thrUtera and held 
-tbi-aadienea iBtereated lMM atart to flnlth. Tba 
,.'fM((^-ata«ln« of tte act li ako worthy «C a 
. of pnOM. 


_ ____ www -y^ Wafl'i^ 

Uasb bit af tka nimi' Hnfaect UGm^ aaC 
Corlnna .doted to aa exceptionally ttavy walk- 
y* t».t^ ««t.b €lima anftrtaaato one with whbh 


n>t abow at the Fifth ATenne Tuetday dt- 
Ttloped an unnsutl fettore, trnnaua] tot Um 
y*<y . Ititwi B cl i tt the openlnff a« pnlltd 
yw*. Mt a* tha MM and wat forcod to a 
•'»««' » ft»n ataca openlnr Nor 
la.jMi an. aftef delar tfc* aaeara Nalan and 
IMMi kad to nakt a iincli Iftek' water 
nm trader the brtdgea alaet 
Nolan'i e<jaal at a fait 
no on« ainee tb« 'vaaM. 
VIelda baa ezbiUtcd tt» \ 
ity of thlt artlat. 

Cavanagh and OVinipltlna irero tecond (new 
acU) and did nicely. Kitit Schuyler, with 
protenttout wardrobe, faukes a atronr tfToct to- 
waria origlnaUty. tat ber raalirlal wasn't on a 
•W^^ft-Mr (inllBClion ellorta. The doting 
*X*MV ZMIt Bnngalo'M" aaved tha 
K ta tta ktad «C Mtj^ ap abwa 

■Bile, landed a personal hit with eeveral 
Vlaatdtcad nnmbera. Um b«it of tbeat 

<i y-ifca.4 ot»** Khicb. although a trllla 
^IjC^lt Iv AjBrciad ia aaeh an original naaaer 

mate rapM htadway tnm^tum 

Carton Sebaatiaa pleaaad wUk'ltfa ^aeal ■■■« 
bert but -Miated «B Um ^•maA JOaa Vpi^ 

grabbed off her naoal hit with her tiH iiiWi 
nanber. The aettinga and generally Uth dte^ 
n^uur of prodnctlott help the ton immeaaoiw 
war. Vntbtnt these accetaortea tbe tpeclaltlea 
" ap pretty li^tly tor big umo coni ' 

la IM^ 


:Waltar Calvin did aleair w 

i ta rtttrt taadHiM MObw witt aar «( «a 

aeto' on a really .-occtptlnialty good bHl. 
, iWk aa the hooae waa actaal eapaeity, with 

..''il.'imiall tamavray, the credit of necessity goes 
' '(ti 'attber the drawing powers of tha aforesaid 
; nroell or the general popularity of the thealro 
■Jjlm a local iostltutlon. 

:In all falmeaa to Purcell credit may fairly be 
' ..^Jllvan to him, especially In view of his nnques- 
p:, '^r^f . v.ttaMd popularity .dvrlaf the lone run of "Uay> 
to; ^^>%'.<^«iBik*'r -rwctV litaMaat ai a legtUmato atngto 
"^^.^i^atm^ aw-u.'aitoMiBaM; eiadnc Dmn a 

. :;>fl>UI«('> (which, ialclaclliMi Maarite reaiarkt 

'.fv the orcheatra either made Uin tuiena or waa 

' ' farooua by him] he was In good voice and 

is.iVc: . ; 'tataor. The novelty came la the third act. billed 
ifeK V •a tbo Four Meyakoi. Japs, two citremely verta- 
" tKa JTapaneae glrla and two men, tbe older of 

wEbta-waa taperfloont and the other, being 

jftaif with a proaooaced Ilap, who. could 

tBe- ->BW iiali mia iMi «kit tta act, tha 
ftat psrtioB betaic atimiglit .^japantiw aerobatio 
loutlne riknning amootbly enoagh to awrt than 
•wing the modeat place on the bill awardad 
tbom. Following thlt, however, they present a 
Btringvd Instrument program that wat a hit, and 
then capped the cllnaax by putting over a song 
and daiice flnale la good lolce and perfect bar- 
- .mpy. Jaaft-iDt .tte tean .viHi tta ktaeat r • 
IthWto ac tlia aW* «Ma tfajr wawid np by 
didihg Into ayaeopatiaa and iaxx. Brtk dt 
remarkably attraclHra ftr Orlenlala. tha 
iMlttiea tor tb« 'iTrlijMiiit at 'tk«a tm Mi 

w* •• ■ " • 
■ The Three Kubca, than iMit wllltac .InriiB' 

Xi-M^'- . twaobata, bpen. TbUr twtiva-mtaittte . nMlaa 

.probably contains at much dynarolj energy aa 

•"A-^'*ft:>i'"- °' '^'"'^ °° '^xe- Powere and 

L*'<^%--'''s Walltco followed In a eldewalk sketch that con- 
^i^'.^^.-Zi'^'^/'^ «ccpt personality. Jack Inglla 

" ; -'aiina.iit wit:- aiw th e r of the many ant alaglea 

mt a«a' raaahw pnfeiHr the aolr 

. iMbOa Mt «f «mr w e t i i t wKk hk pwCona- 
aa^ waa la Ua Mlttaig 'lone of tha neighbor^ 
. dilldren." Re piaved to be botb a noi^r and 
refreshing spot as be atopped just before hit act 
bcffun to drag. "Tbe Vaglc Oiaseet" wat given 
fairly heavy billing, aa the title arousee a little 
i.V'iniriosity In the mlndt of the average theatre 
. iaber. It proved to be a Francta Nordttiom telt* 
: :4ipto akatdi, li WMb n< ■lltemli a mhim 
" iiiii'jnf liniiu k any «ais wiat Mc aad did 
•net drag. It had eaa apparttitly aeedtaa tach- 
Bleal fault la that one of tbt thaiacttra baA to 
BigBal for ourtaint and Hghto Witb a clicking de* 
Vice that conid be beard In every oomer of tbe 
• and allghtly broke up the charm of the 

act. and 

It A drop bHgii "IWA" «nh • . .„i,„ ^ 
plcted. It naed t* tthntiato the )yita, "rtm 
tains on tha wtadowt are lalaed la ' 
ahowing the' two <"»»ilta |a dUtetat 
of latlmaey. 

Dale and Burcb were fourth and bad' 
trouble with their well written talking ML' 
. "The Riding Master." The act carries a ipa> 
dal drop shoving the Interior of a ridlac 
acaacmy, and tbe. girt entert to teck letaona. 
na tMlag aiattar. la av eldeiiy man and the 
f fca wcte r aetcfc la tiaaa eat all throagb. A 
clbverlr mttttp . dtaMa .witk tedr lyrica 
brlnga tbcm into a latml dUKkw tab* with 
the old boy dltebverlag he |a ant aa 7T-W aa 
be used to be and being dia«g9d aK ly fba 
papIL Tbo girl looka Immenas and * handles 
her portion of the dialogue very well. It'e a 
big time act end would lUnd out in the bett 
-*t company, 
■ddie Here n & O e. in -The TraveUng Cales- 
» J WWiMaK farce which he bandlea 
^V^V' Ain art two wamea caat. bat Heron 
earriea tte Itafi Am* liliiUlr -H> U a 
good Ugtat *««^hiw aal tlM aist pila 
all tbmngb. The finlah after bla wifi 
dded to put oa ber lacea and 
ehortly before renoBnced nnds Heron glvlnir 
her the once over ana then tuggestlvely fol- 
lowing her into a bedroom. The way tbig tt hIh 
baadlet tbe altuaUon It glt«3 aa 
broagbt peala of laughter. 

..•'I^ S?* PuJl^^I down on* 
«f. tie b||a aCotMe'iikew foUewlnc the tketch. 

Ireland ttow,~^art Mkaia wHk •n«ed Bye to 
Broadway," a doaMe. "Ur. OaMha- BW' li 
a corking comedy Idea with ttveral aiba' vMCh 

verses. Tbey encore with Jonea reciting "Tte 
Bn«li8hman'e tament," a comedy rouUae. 
Jonea hat a corking voice but in the bigger 
booaca It would be well to wear a makenp. Be 
to a» type of linger who gets extremely red 
la tte taee after a number or twa Grant 
• toed paitaer. and tte medley of 
Grant's hitt went laiy Mg; • 

trick, oiled bit way to retolto ia tha ate to 
cloting tpot. "» w 

The ••Pathlflo Uiattrelt" review** i 
where, cloaed tbe vaudeville porttaa 
foitowed Iv. Oia featam picture. 

' -7- M-tfcUr regDUUon kmg 

dlitonea torn, btddtag W •» ST ailaalA aad 
making a tpeteb at tte italk. Uwkf hat «te 
knack of atkiag routined atatf aeam «» r " m irt B 
down to a aclence. aad Mln - Sblta '|H«f -IM 
per cent aid In every eomedy tltoatlon.' If aa 
act ever deserved to te rated at a an« Are 
eomedy turn. Dooley and Sales are certainly 
eatitlid to. tto honor. 

Wlltr aai Bradford, on aecoad, pleated with 
pop aad epeiatto mnbm Ito nan haa a 
««««« oliigtoip veiee^ ibkh atewed to e«. 
cellent advantage 'fat a iilMltai Jiigi' "MtH,— 
Polla opened aid" aaMSi ' waa- %im' .tt^ 
stult on the brassea. Johnabi, Qakw aad Mm- 
■00, a club JnggUng trio, wte biva tte right 
•*JjH>^J«J*j^cioj^. aM la 

'■: V -^[j - i' ■ ' 

* : .. pipheain. 

■• flta Francisco, Oct. 1. 

•i?!Sl.'r?VSK* inviting about 

"iSL^iS^ * l«Per. But it proved 
M ««tptteidlr WOd. ilivtor eatertolnment 
Ttert waa a^plentttade of *-ptp.- aad it waa 
atroag, both'aa to daadug and alnatet antefak 
ilea. - 
Carl Jom headlined. He offered a well- 
aelected routine. Including top-noto operaUe 
ariat and clatalcal ballads, hit turn going for 
big appreeiaUoa. • -a w 

TtejMV Ja-Da Trto went for a hit next td 
— * Myrtle Roiedale 

«2«5'IJIlLS^-!^****^ night oifertag 
roottae pattenMtf akag Oto-dM «f ttet mm 

vhea they were part aC^ 

Introduced by Thomaa' 
asual and won ' laughter, 

not be Quito np to Orpbeom ttaadard 

Kalph Duobar't "Tenaetaea Ten" found an. 
otherjtrong tpot In the going, and It drew big 
Tte high-scoring polntt were U. & 
9B8 (the "slow kid") leading tte 
and his stepping ttoota. 

Kit witb Jamet Templeton went 

In tecond potitlon, tbtlr tbadow 

jJjM^ 51t with Jamet Templeton went orer 
Wtbtr <MfcUy in tecond potitlon, tbtlr tbadow 

ToZ^ ZSi ^ «lo»«<J Bioely, 

yv-^iSr^ — 1^*^ fc *wtiig^atteatfc»a 

with baad-to> 
heiag yar> 

bgr bta 

Tte Belgiaai !iMa 
tend teUncbM; ^lla 
tlcnlarly activ* 

Madam Ellla taaprcteed. Me, % _ _ 

Who Knows," antwerad. «Mttk>i)a rapidtr. aa« 
the tpeed of the tam. BUant four^Sdth 
telpM ft good aoonw rnwTffti. 

fairly. Ika'- 

mucb. ' . 

"Where** Jly Hat" proved a good laagUaJ 
teblole. Ftel* and ■Wilson, with aongt iul 
, went ov«- big. 'The Girl from star. 
Matt lag with aonga .and dance* and !^ 
»^tr -fte audietico with'' a . ' 

■Md IIMt 'effectively. 

> tMd^iMte joneuar, dute 
r m chattacad «hroi«h. 
.» J»««r '*<ttoB lie. «daia 


. Hum Oihiaa« Oet 1. 
ConventlonaWy and IiIIiibiim piraada .Oil gta*. 
•ttt Orph^um program, whlA.atrtr '■tendi ta 

a niche of magnitude. Tte 'cariy aeeC||ip'.to'^~ 
prettly duU, miUUUng against the g^MIBl Ipk* 
preatton. Princett Rajah, Rigoletto Bna' ua' " 
Ilaster GabHel divide the lop Unee. 
Opening fonpd Reo and Helmar. acrobat*, 
tboioughljr eUted with theraselret. 
" W Mjijair-.i lji'iiM ,a»«hfag oat of the ordl- 
• j^j|^"|^|j^j||^*y^j^'J^ tethte taahlon. They 

OWfam* TinSi^ataplayed a *>"i'm nB a 
- aa^. manner of changing .her fncte a»d coarid*' 
arable conOdenoe. but the to not play talent^ 
and did not achieve tucceaa. Kit* Tilton hat 
an affected air that It diteoacertlng. itfuch 
better If she wat just hertelf. 

Uaater Gabriel got bit aceuatomed quota of 
tnlckert with "UtUe Kick," which is cow 
cmwlng- haekanaycd. Tte ragulan walked out 
ta CM tha ilr,*Ht -late* be appeared, aa they 
had' toia hhi .Mt^wpriwn «c tineA Gabriel 
bat vMMatly wag ^rit ON I«hw».hif«b . 

Xitaer aad- 1ttUt^,'mHka^. a d aU aw d ■ lan^tw; ■ 
with their naathii:'diiMla> ' Am drep ' eaidat 'i- 
aids the turn ImaMMiiiiHK " ' 

Hlgoletto Broa nm away with the boaoia, 
aeoflng the hit of. the tsaton to date;, ttm 
Swanson Bisters, who assist, are beautiful gtrU 
who know their little vaudeville. The Rigolettoi 
have the biggest amall act aeen about this Ur- 
Httcy to aaoatba 

mub . CHtMd. widi Roy Ingiabam at tb*. 

^?«Sm^a ttaiaSw SSiTtir'^ ' 
arib them well:' lOgr CnaM 'awhvi WM^ 
Uoa -wlth-kaeartcdga aad dlMRMM; .'flba^iaarv 
««n received and'*laft Wbea tte leavtps wag- - 
gotd. ' 

Frineett RajRh furnished tte performance tag. 
She It still doing the Cleopatrlck dlvertlstemeot, 
with the Arabian chair dance to concluiie. Just - 
about 60-50 with the Princess. She has gained 
nothing ..aqd loet AOthlng. Surety here Is aa 
Mt ttat.aia twifind tnm a bare idea. 

■ " ' ■ O. Jf. gofflttete. ■■ 


• V . ■■llMr Ofkaae, Oet I. . 
UUHi OtaMwrhid aa amnliar fragMw-di* 
lint half of tlida wedc Bariaaa at .tte SteAir : > 
performancea waa tte naaal aapadty. 

Lafollette, who look very mneb French mailt 
hall. It headlined. La hat a coople of faalK 
room d&ncert assisting her. Bte works mock 
at Troja did In the oM days, la a chic noanner, 
aiirectlng tte costomary air of the Froich 
-X* »at a a ehto a to were well received. 



,J^JL^^ " eepeclty at tte Bteh- 

SSJ^?22tS£^ week-rbm 
Dtehjr aad aom aid tte Qois^ Fow atand- 
Ing oat at tte ntjor ■rrlaaai Ttaaiii^"^ 

tirst l;Sf ran' very alewly, WHMrHlnm mZ 
*!» excitement In tte early SMtlia. 

*»»^*U tea a novel Idea In bar •'• f^ 
'"-J""*"^ '** eiaggerato the hick vanda- 
ctertcter die atsumet. The material to 
' aad la tte aala well bandied. Tte t«»n 

Saa Franoiaee, Oct. I 
Tte ahow runs tmoothly tbta wetk aad n^. 

mSl^tLSL!^'^'^ "Jam. ¥V«tl!,bt 
■" aniMiug, oloabig aatiifactorily. It it 

• '*iJ""Hj*" tpeclaltlet itaading 

^S?lf Offeraan'a "nut^ 

• *»rtta»'a Bate and WHtoid 

Janrlt* excellent aingtng: A. ^ wiuara 
helped. ■ 
Porter «. -Wbtto Bad 4ki 
sketch. "Thi IWiaaij.-rmaliail 

aeetcded a laeep- 
» tmhanalal to ttelr 


Irh . . ; «»4 a■I^ two aoac wrltera who are 

. — — 


l)^:/^: : • ani'SMir aal Ch^ la 1 


. tloa 'an 

*ork as eveiaeaa . 
'Tte pair art ntb« 

^th practically tte • 
very well while thty 
wthtr qu ietly. 

."yP*' C'-. doalng tbe flret half, 
l!u!!!7-»?5y ."Tl Miytown." a fanciful 

iSSL'iSMj!^?* •'•abundance of 

tingt ever In vandt^te. Rmptt'^faTa 
dual role givea a highly leglUmate perfomauce. 

Opening intermlsalon were the Quixey Four, 
a male quartet of alngor* and instruraentallsts. 
The turn benefited by the elow moving bill that 
had preceded and bad no difllculty In cleaning 
np a hit of rtotou* proportlqiaL Tte plaalat, 

xm B compdy hit came with ai Wohlman. 
wtiinied with a bit cf talk, bat moeUy 
^ te "Ma. . Bto Impreasion of Jack Nbr- 
cabaret artltt doing 

, .J^*^T?!2! *^ H« pot over « 
1 J^"* W* m» fte, called "Meet 
M* « rantagea." with Bhateth Wawl aaSt^ 
Ing from the audience. Ckafleld aad BobbwS 
for a high acora with comedy talk. iaoattoS 
"-riiuigy order. It'a a goodrtr^t aad 
Htbrew comio combination. \ ""^^ ^ 
»* FIvt Horak Slttera, with aerUl work 
23|2j»c"»^r ttelr. telng an ■ l!in 

(ownt and nifty 
With rtnglag, 
* Arthur 
aad amgfNiB 

San Franciwtw 'O.L 1. 
Tbe Klnawa Brothers opened a pleaalwV' 
with excellent equlllbrlttio atunta, 
Voadet, feaiata 

•ttge Mttlagt, wibred a . 
In which .he was ater 
■Altoe. irtw directed tte 

CrclgbtbB aad Btamm dM 
through tte mart appearaaoa' 
competence of MJta Creightoa. 

Gillen, Carlton and^Co. held genuine Interett 
with a d(etch*that brings to the fore a Juvenile 
wartar wte to provided witb enoagh fat Itnet 
to' BHdM then y^ ^vrovaL dte t wart, (kt 
vOtato, Bdto tte Mart «C tte ilt siWDi ^ ■ 
per aad- 'teraMa. aa Mw ttic BaiV 
ambroalo to snail time aallhnniaa 

Ueateaaat Oerard haa tte Mt ad'ttemMA - 
S* 1. one-armed, having lost 'tte rlgbt meadNi ' 
ia Arcon^e Wood. Gerard loote and acts Uir 
time asd coold become standard In that dlvW 
alon by sticking to bla excellaat piano playlnC 
exeltttlvely aad pracUalag atewnanship. Bt 
•aaa'an <h w^ -<iMa ap.. •' ■-. 

, " . . " . Samuel. 

FAIACE, bew osubahs. 

Stow OrieusL Oat- & 
last aa at tlM-«MMa tte fkit iHt. 

ef this week, with tte anal tnaaatai Iw**.'; 

nect prevailing. • ■" 

Jonla and her Hawaliant ocenpy the stellar 
potitlon. Her act la much as formerly, mnnlog 
10 tte ntual Hawaiian ttandard. Placed at tto 
end, Jonla held the auditors Intact 
J5"!??J'?^*!^^tef'«* llrrt with jcylophonlof. 

' " " n, but managed to 
Bp heavier, tmll* 


Hector, Weber and Iml _ 
hato and glovea They art a __, 

one member thooUng comedK — — 
watn't much. They met friendly approval 
Kary Stoddard tegan tlowly, but did better 
tte prosMd. Her cottumlng it not te 
M tt «l|tt hs. Btr dUfotloa of exabtf 
eatofh to aaett* ter > 

■ 3 
. i 



(All hou8«8 open for the week with'lfonday m&tlnee, when not otherwise lndl«' 

Ihe bUI« below afe grouped In dlvlsioni, according to the- booking offices they 
■ 'nn lapptled from. 

- Vbe maimer Ja which tbe«e bllle are printed does not denote the relative Impcr- 
'.iiaee of Mts ww their program posltlcne. 
' *Stieat«t ttaSM ladlcatee act la now doing new turn, or reappearing after absence 
' i-wwaevme, or appearing l» ^My VltMi tor the flrat time: 

TUmttaa * B«U 

af M7 iuxfl«u Co 
MuniM * CM»pb«n 
HBWIiil wii PI — wK O* 


Vklcrle £«rrete C« 
BuDtins & Pnneia 
Wen« 4b Wolfua 
; tt^loa 4k Brown 
KUM ft Termini 

ilfSilt to rn) 

. Dry" 
' AUmi Stanley Co 
Lwi^nt Broa 
'^fniid«i * Bart . 

Siftii ft 

"4 Of W 
Carlos SobasUaa Cs 
Jack Rose 

- Creole Fashion PIkte 
Kellam & 0'D»re 
KlUf Doner Co 
mi BMnr 
Dwda * Pttlle^ 
" O. H. 

■ Sd half <1-S) 
Caanlnclutin A B 
Homer MUes Co 
Ballen & F*ull«r 
(Othcra to ffil) 

1st halt (M) 
Uiiie 3 WUrtee 
(Othen to fill) 

CaatwcU *• 
Davo Hairia' 
]rer ft OM Rote 
(Othen to fill) 
Vtoctofo UMi M. 

2d bate IM) 
rem ft Donrto 

vWMf I iMilM 
lOttera to.aU) 

1st half («-•) 
Tiring ColTiUe 
Qoion ft Cavertor 
(OUerotofUL) ■ 

M halt (9-lt) 
Prances UeNalty 
Tom Olllen 
(Others to flit) 

Proctor's Utk St 
Kiss Venn 
Uxon ft Gitday 
vllay J XelrUI* 

Joe Lavle 
'Brooks ft Oeert* 
iOtlion to flit) 

. -Vtalo-Oatr - 
Alfred XdkteU Cm 
Arthur WhItoUw 

(Two to nil) 

Jd halt.M«It> . 
allien ft H«IIc«r 
BadlnoB , 

<nu«* M«i) 

KettMi >MM» 

M half (I-t) - 
Mabel Burke Co . ' 
Ben Bemie 
Jaa B Chrson Co . . 
Dale ft Bnrch 
Reeal ft Moore 
Fashion UtnstroUi .: 

ist hUr (6-») 
The tievola4 
S Jesters . " 
BadlnoK ■ 
.Homor MOm Co 


M kalf (••!!> 
Caaalacium ft 8 
Btrtk Paye 
SoMyan ft t<e« 
AMrod Latelt Co . . 
(One to nil) ■ . •;,»• 

Dancaii & Caalar 
lAmbert WatsoavCO - 
Scott ft Cbrlaty 
niker I 
Bnan Family 

Sd half 
Z<yons ft (Saytoa 
Chaa Dlnalo Co . 
. Hayoe Calvert 
T Vonetrlana 
- (BInnlBCham apUt) 

3st luOC .- •- • 
Dniyeraltr * 
-Anger * Farkw , ^ . 
Nat JeroiM Co 
Unrray Sto 
Tho VorMilcas 

■Ml ftltovA 

Bmily DatTell 
Jlmnle Hnssey Co 
Bert Barle Olrla 
Walter C-Kelly ' 
Sculptor's Oarden 


« r 

_ Reed 
lUyao^s Co 

ft Gartrey 

ft WllBon 
en Co 

a Mh Ato 

M kalt (2-e) 
MM^feana ft I< 
AHn* lAtoU C* 

SSSSriaeRwA Oe 
(Others to mi) 

let hate (Ml 
8an«B ft Foiler 

Jas B Canon Co 
.Gnanlngham ft B 
John N Conroy A Sia 
(Others to flU> 

2d halt (O-UH 
The Rlckards 
Homer Miles Oe.. 
Holland ft Bar 

^''~9Ma DaTies Co 
V-'. ' M Carp 
f'.-, ta Rose ft LaM 
i" (Others to flll> 
.r Ist halt (C-l> 

•U. Bsther I 
53 ; . Al H White Co 
^V;, Ullan Durken 
(Others to fill) 

2d half (1^11) 
"Done la OU" 
Jiay J UeWille 
XUIen ft Francta 
lOthers to fill) 

..... ■ -L. BBOOKL«r 
>-^:?^Kelth'e Buhwlek 

yianley & BImet 
- 5™ WoUlngtoB's Co 
lleldMte ft Leediua 

T . • C Noicitt Co 
:> SUttiMlh Xmrar 
. Klai lie"' 
• \_„. Orphesaa 
' WHIle Hale ft Broa 
V Miller ft Bradford 
iUnes ft Wlnthrop 
Walter Brower 
u 8 Qlee Club 

;. ■*» Roonay Co 
■•Uli'a OroM 
U haU tt*i> 


Qleaaon S 
Adama ft Qrifflth 
Welch Mealy ft H 
Harmon A Fraacoe ' 


Patter ft HartweU 
Nippon Dao 
Bddie Homn Oe 
Sidney PtallUse . 
Howard A (Jktit 
Frisco Co 

Hamilton ft Bamea 
CamUla'a Birds 

(Columbia Split) . 
Nyco ft Bweot ' . 
4 Barsards 
Avery ft CNeU 
Permane A Bhaelei^ ' 
(One to flU> 


(Boaaoko Split) 
Ist halt 
Haven A France 
T Moore ft Qlria 
"What Mapp Rutk" 
lAUcblln ft West 
Nelson A Barry Boys- 


•(Knozvllle . 
'Ist halt 
Novelty Cllntoae 
Mande Blten 
BU» a artjPe 

B F XattM 
(Sunday openlac) 
Challen ft Keka 
Walah A BdwaMe 
Sddte Carr Co' 

Allan Roaers 
"Olrl lOee Bye«" 
Addphus Co 

lamont I ' 
IS009 a Year 
Ann Oray 
Ashley ft Dletrieh 
Henri Scott 
Rainbow Ceektag ' 
(Othara to Hit) 



^LiniBIA, 8 0. 

(Charteatoa SpUt) 
lal fcali^ 
.Bomo A Cos 
'HalUday A Bona 
(Two to m) 

' - COKUilBDS 
B F Ketth'a 
■ at Johnson 

Hobeon A Beatir 

Smltli A AMti* 

Xlnssley Beaailiot Co 

Alice Hamilton 

Bobble A Nelson 

S Stuart ais 
. (Qm to mi) ° 

9 Btoanaa A Bra 

I*rry Comor 
' ICaude Birl Co 

Bmerson & Baldwin 

Diamond k Brennaa 
' Bwea Hcaiveney 
' Chunr Wha 4 

Chas Ahem Co 


Moore ft Sterilns 
Sllba Ouval Co 
- id bait 
Badji Samboll Co 
Otto A Sherldaa 
8tevena A Bordeaac. 

,-'fa ■ 

S Reaals 
Man Oray- 
Ward A Vag 
Bob Hall 


Dandns McDonalds 
Harry Tenner Co 
Cartmell ft Harris 
Vary Howard Co 
Clark '& Bercmaa 
Martin A W^b 
Reynolds ft . 

. HAanrioir 
. Ijrte 
GUI ft Veak 
Helen Qleason Co 
BUIy Olason 
Alice Xloyd 
X«rdA Fuller 


| M|h>. 


Sheldon A DaUey 
Jjtw Hawkins 
Keana ft Wblto 
Rao B Ball ft Bro 
Sain Mann Co 
Blinoro A Wma 
Tho Maaleyr 


(Savannah SpUt) 
1st half 
S Harvard! 
Florence Oest 
Hamlin A Uaeh 
Peek A Mclntyre 
"OM in Frame" 
JKBȣY om 
■■ Id halt (|.4) 
Delwyn A Uaetta 
Brans ft 'VUM • 
NO 13 

Barnard A Merrttt 

Winchester ft CogUal 
Ist hfilf fo-g) 

The Rlckvda 

Dave Harris 

Rath Roy'e 

(Ottasra to All) 
2d bait (9-U) 
. Bstber t • 

MoNeU A IM - 

S Padden Co 

Homer Ltnd Co ' 

Badle Borden Co 

Joredah Co 


(NaAvUto: - ~ 

Tho Pelots. 
Bert Fitsdbboas 
•Vbaw Up" 
C AM Dunbar 


B F 

Countess V< 
Donn 81s 
Hagrakea 4 
Broanaa A Rnie' 
Whipple Houston 
Cbaa Seamon 
Johnson Baker 

iftnr (ta^oMs SpUt) 
let half ' 
iMrAX Hnatbis 
Xttnboriy A Pace 
Billy Setkoea " 
A Qlria 


Beeter Wober A ti 
Jones ft Greenlee 
Marie Stoddard 
J on la Ha\vaiians 

2d halt 
McConnack ft 
Riast ft Ryan .• 
Renn A CuaalaslMa 
HcrfUday A Wttlefle- . 
BIm Cltr 4 .. 
Plerlot ft ScofleM : 
Morxan ft Klottar -i- 
Geo Yoeman 
Meyers ft Noon 
M Montgomery 
Oailaglier ft Rowley 

CObeteaB) ' 

M halt (2-S) 
Miss Tonus 
Creole Fashion 
"Pltys Sake" 
Xrvlac Berlin 
Nolan * Nolan 

1st halt (A-t) 
McNeU A Feia ' 
Hilda Sponf CO 
Id A Re 


Whiting ft Burt 
Orey ft Old Rose 

iA halt (9-12) 
Ballen ft Fuller 
itm B Carson Co 

(Louisville Split) 
1st halt 
The Keeleys 
Jewell A Raymond 
.^ThoB Jackson Co 

Hawthorne A Cook 
° traeopated Steppers 
3d halt (2-4) 
Bl Rey Sis 
Mitchell ft Mitch 
Montgomery ft Alien 
Frisco ft Band 
ntty Doner Co . 
SnSnaa^ A T ' 
AlfM FarreU Co 
Ist halt (l-S) 
Norman • . ■ 
Cantwell A Walker 
HenArlckks ft Stone 
Ford Sis ft B 
Bddie B6rdon Co 

ad halt (e-u) 

S Jesters 
B Rempel Co 
Robins A Partaar 
M Burks Co 

iTwoto am 

(Ptttsbnnrb SpUt) 
let halt. 

Harden l>ua 
Jaok Trainer Co 
Mowatt A Hullon 
Jack Hanley 
(Oae to nil) 



^Sfeattanoocs SpUt) 
Ut halt 
Jennie Middletoa - 
Murray Bennett 
Van Sheldon Co 
X4Ulna Horleia Co 
Aiftoms 81s 

BaS Bros A X 
Larsay A Snee 
Almont ft -Dnaiqal 
Bert Fitxglbbona 

Adonis ft Dog 

. ^Olympio 
fPeterBburg SpUt) 
1st halt 
Albert Donnelly 
Tiick & Clare 
lolly Weld Go 
Sampson ft Douglea 
Daa Bolt Co 



Tho Dorans 
Jerome A Newell 
Wm Cutty 
Carmen's Minatrele 

td haU 
"Prosperity" r 
. Brio Tardo 
'South ft Tobin 



dreo"! 4 lofelt 
Flske ft Xiloyd _ 
Taylor Qrattea (Sa 
Jee Brtwaing ^ 
Verlaat Don - 
Ptquo ft rellowa 
Raymond Wylla Oa 
Florence Henry OO' 
Noodles Fagan 
Brown's Ravuo 
td half 

A Richards 

TouiiiSM oi^niii mK^Pr 


.yVKhWHK MiCtAPHOiie WAL^Qff; 

on Co / 
ft J f 

(Nawpeit Newt Split) 
1st half 

The ♦Tovelloa 
'Plunkett ft Satea . 
4 Farmerettea - 
Weiman ft Batty 
Rag Tlmo Car 

Lohse ft Sterllag 
Bowman Broa 
"American Ace" 
Bay Samuels 
"ArtisUo Trear* 
(Two to All) . 


Bddio Badger 
Bedsea sisters 

Wallace Oalvln 
I< ft B Dryer 
B. F. Keith's 
Dave Kindlar 
Delano A Pike 
Dudley Co V 
McCormaek ft Wallace 
Sully ft Houghtoa 
Bert Baker Co 
Iiyrlo I ' 
(Norfolk split) 
1st half 
Reed ft aittoa..% 

(Charlotte spilt) 
1st half 
Dewitt Tonng ft Sis 
Darby ft Brown 
Z«w Madden Ce - < 
Vurses Parker 
■Wlson ft Laraen 

I«st«r Raymond Oa 
Henry ft Moore ^ _ 
Sampsel ft iMtahardt 
JuUa Curtis . , 

"Tlalng Furaaeir ^ 

td half. 
4 Avolaa • f-- .* 

Clara Howard 
Alts Sparks Co 
(One to llli» ^ 

' Jeaenea ' 
Goslar ft Lnsby - : ' 
Will OaUand Ca 
Weston A CSUw ^ 

fdW* * 

Seatk^ KMtMsa ■ 
ir AH -Brown 

(JacksonvlUo aplit) 
lat bUf 
Delma A Kalk 
Benba Qubert 
swor ft Wostbfaok . 
Monaa A Aastr 

Myrtle A 
Ubonati ■ 
Hugh Herbert Cb 
Frtmrose 4 
"CHrllea' Club" 
■Me ft Bliiko 
e I<es China 

IM* to mi) . ' 

td half 
Irving ft .White -.. 
S Beittles 
(One to mi) • - . 
' RInaldo Bros 
Hoyler ft Bans •■• 
Dunn A Valeska 
Sterling Sax 4 ' ■ 
Bobby Heath Ca .'. 

td halt 
NoUa ft Nolea...' 
Werth Wwjbmjly 
He&nee AT« Vert. 
" •••• JBroa' : ■ ■ ■ 

Worden Bros 
Frankie Fay Co 
7 aiKsgow Maids 
Traverx & Douglas 
Swor Bros 

Nolan A Nolan 
Ceo Rosner 
Holmes A La Vere 
Wiloon Bros 
"Sweet Sweetloa" 

. Id half 
■Blaaldo Bros 
nana A Valaslca 
BMcs OnSett Ce 
sterllnc Sax 4 

CUe Bnek 
Fargo ft RiehaadBK.' 

.4 B«tt«renps 
J' ft I VarUn 
Beauty Vender' 

2d half ^ 
PIqno A Fellows 
Raymond -Wy Ho C» 
Fiorrace Henry Co 


Choag ft Meeiy \ 
Brown 8ia|en ^ . 
(^lumbla A yietov 
Jack La VIerl ^ 
Mabel HcCane Co 
Margaret Tonng ' 
Marx Bros 


Dataphone 1 
Mullen ft Bsrie * 
Barle ft Sunshine 
Adeline ft aoid_ 
Anna Held Jr . . 
tiaugtord ftFredericka 
Krans ft La^Sall* 
(One to flll)_' _ _ 
. BUoa 


south ft TeMft ' a 

Ballot i 

The Deiaaa 

ma-Chitty _ 
Sylvester A TaaM . 
■vans ft Wllsoa 
Bablns ft Partner 
(OUiers to All) 
Sd belt 
no Noolas . 
Birt Howard 
. Viewer Olrls 
, {Others to fllt> 

(Fall Festival) 
Vera Sablna Co 
Tllyott ft Rogers 
raair Vincent (3e . . 
Bert Xdrose 
Maiyiaad SIngera 
V A B BtantoB 
Hmnet De Toy C!e 
HMdIe Ross 
Bverett'a Wnnks 
(Troy split) 
1st halt 

. _ Majestle 
S Beattlea 
Musical Noesea 
(Two to flil) 

3d half 
Amanda Gray 
Courtney « irwia 
Leroy A OcMrge ^ . 

4 Avalaf'" 

Clara Howard 
Alex Sparks Co ' 
, ^ U hatt 
Lester Raymoad ( 
Sampeet A L 
£illa C^wtie 

■AznToir. pa. 

. BMley^ . 
The Hoetoa 
OrlBdsl A Sether 
IMeon ft Cit>nln 
.- COaa to All) 
, . Sd half 
Jackie ft Billls 
Ethel Hay HaU Oa ' 
Lang ft Shaw 
tOae to All) ■ ■ 
RHACA. It, Te 
Aaianda Gray 
Lury A Oeorco 
Emma Kraua Co 
td halt- 
Swain's Coekateop 
Overaeaa 4 
Kttrioal WMMMs . 



.Onuid O H 
Aalf («■•) 
XJrallo Hanson 3 
flea Mack 
Bliadwa Tr 


Held ft smh 

Qabby-Brea AG 
Hwrler ft Bana 
(Two »»|fllj) 

Mnllally MoCartby Co 
Dobbs ft Welch \- 
Mimic Worid 
(One to All) 
- ■ ^l^'n^ Pean 
Oabby Bros ft C 
Margaret Padui* 
Braoe Duffott Ob 
Bale ft Bareb 


Nakao JaM^ 

Page A Qray 

2d half' 
Cadi A Beralee 
Rives ft Arnold 
Greenlee ft Daytea 
•■litUo Otttagfr 

. Sfcea'a Ulpa . 
Violet ft Lewie 
Jack Oeorgo 
Sylvester Pamtly. 
Oavojr ft Daytwni ■ ; 
Johnny Reyaeids ' 
(One to Oil) - 


McMahoa ft Adetalda 
Juliv Gilford - 
CftS UcDonatd 

weith Wayton i 
„ Id halt 

ret ^adaia ■'.^•^'^ 

^ T Doyle G 
. _jo Race" 
(Oae to All) 
^ ,tdhatiC 
Chas Martin 

■^UlUe CottagiT'- 
CCwo to All) ' 

3d half 
Sherwin ft Kelly 
Pago ft Gray 
W 6-ikiand Co 
i Vowle 

. Oeacent 
Courtney ft irwln 
Xnring A White 
-wprlse. Party 
graa'a Cookatoet 
■ ^ Id BaU 
Bnuaa Xratn Cie 
Aeiaplaiie onrf 
<Om to Ml) .. 

gjnJtb A Kaaftnaa 
^!Tbe Cfat" 

„ ^ let . 

Chinese iJaas s . 
CAB Ooarad 

■ a BoioUaa. - • ; 
FNMotu A Bdeai i 

Uaeala''' ' ''^ 
4 SolarM ' " 
. Selma Corbett ; 
.■-T Maaoy Boyer Ce - 
.fiia'ne ft Cal»a^»^-^a 

■ t -VwetriaBa *^ 

■ •- .', . ■ ■ Id ^ halt:'.: 

Milooni Lemar ^ 
. Garflaid ft SSUIh-. --.iMC x;-^ 
■.-■rAll For jSmtr .^mr ■ 
■ Parker 3 ■ 

Biloa Family : ' 

Colonial- ^*-v> 
Greenlee A Dr 
Rives ft AxnaL. 

• 7«o Ibmat ; ^.^^ . '- ■■j''^" 

OAi B Conrad 

^ Osera iHeoso 
Ohaa Martin 
Clnaa MlUer A Ce^ 
(Tluee to All) : 

3d halt'- . 
Bill DooTeT^^ . V - J 
John T DoyIejOa:i V 
-Brown's Maa «ey, t?f 
One to All) : ' ■ v 



Temple 4 ' . 
'Telephone TaigW* 
Chase A lAXel? ' 
% neliaiaaiia' 

M balC . v ' 
xarlo ADufly 
Sosman A Sloan 
4 Jacks A « ()«Mea 
Guy Voypr Ce 
Frineo Kar ml - • 

Clayton ft Claytoa 
Smith ft Farmer 
Adams ft Qnhl 
Werner Amoroa 3 
(One to All) 


Weedrow Oirla . 
B May Hall Co 
Phil Davis 
Jackie A Bittfe 
Sd half 
Aus fltanlev 
C ft a McDonald Co 
Crawford A Broderlalf 
4 AsB«*a . ■■«=;.-< - •> 

Basil ft Allen . . ■ 
"Dnya of Long Agaf^ 
Boeiaan A Sloan 
Joan Moora 
AMh Broa 

Id half 
Clayton ft Claytan 
Simpson A Dean 
Blmms ft Foweri 
"Laughing Ladr" 
Jed Dooley Co. 
4 Musical Hodrfs 
miacano Bros 
Watts ft Hawlay 
Kalaulla's HawaUaaa 
Wills Gilbert C!o 
Av«ry ft Ralney 

Paal LaVUie Oa ■■■ 
4 Xetaena 

Bob Hall 
CAM aevetand 
Bae B Ball C» 
Mw.Hama Co_ 
. . Omhenm ^ • 
MuT A Dwyar Otrla 
Blmgaaa A Dean 
Ciraeka A Qaeea 


^ . . u tal l 

■vaae A 

Sntu A 
Xenay A 

(Oaa to - 


id. . 

Bueb Bros 

Kerr ft SnslgB i ^ 
. •"BWett ll** 

(Aaaa A X<aTear.. 
' Ctaslfttnta aistera 

Burke ft Kendall' 
t Weston Olrls 
Brennen A Davis ' 
CAM Cleveland.. ' 
Pederson Broa '■-'■:>' 
2d. half ..^i -' 
Rainey _ti Aymf. 

Id haff 
Brennan A Davti 
S Weiton Olria.': 
Barahan A Orolw 
Jane* Litcher r/ 
Pederson -Bros 



Ame^eaa 0»ine<hr,:f 
Tolepihone Tae-*-' - 
Adams A Ouhl 
lahkawn Bra 

•Xsttghinir Lady:' 
SIfnras A Powera 
4 Musical Hodges 
Cbatfonte Sisters 

3d half 
3 Blends 
Temple 4 
Mr A Kri Thorns 
Jean Moore _^ 
Wfrpaer Aaeeres n 

: • :■£.-:«■•. Vuia«win« -RiAiiAiiM I-08 AK 011058 ~ ffcii (One to mn - ruolldav 

BOftoa * • B««la Cl»7tOB Co mShlSn iS: M>«" gelwatlan 

. ■ ' IdTdla Barry Co Vnana{ Tht Xempa . TclUtm Ijt 

^ ■•BOSTON . Botioa WlllJW«iSo» ' Aui^SSiiSr"' , fiSu A AAtM •toUwI 

wwdoa'* Olraipto 
. - -■<8«»iljr Sq.) 
ffUnr H«U A B 
OSRovIn * AMpU 
W BDiaRtiiMin Co 

Coilega ( 

, 4k>«IOD'a OlympiA 
(Washtngtoo gt) 
Jolljr J Jones 
■lllo & Irwin 
BOWArd ft Rom 
hM&c«r & Wm» 
CMtiner 'WarOs 

flwdon'* CoBtnri Sq, 
M^to'. * Leddr 


JAB Alktas 
td balf 

Boxaiine A Brntst 

Bchert A Moore 
Andre 81a A- Foole 
lAney Haakal). . 


Florcnto Duo 
Htnip Oirla 

t R«iJ>«rt Blatm 
A Titna 

... £• Clair Co 
. A O'Brten 

'MoRlo Hall 

' J«aale Hay ward Co 
/.Tabor ft Orees 
VcCtrthy A Pair* . 
- ^ ;2d half 
Xoothby A Brerdaon 
CtruMrt RevDo 
A«tL A Hyama 
Jfartla A Fabrlnl 



;1 1-,^ . 


inord A Tridy 

JU. Shayna r 
Maick ft Bart 
Ji lrdati OlrtB 
Oordon'a Olympl* 
NIpp * O'Brien 
Ford A Truly 
M«in(e 1^ ClAlr Co 
mtSi A Earl 
attACn Glrl» 
^. - l^Tjrt hall • 

XftMr Aiicd^r 

- i ■> Colonial 
Xoothby A Bverdeeo 
Kail A Brown 
Aall. A }Iyam8 
:]!*hitno & Seals 

ad baU 
%a«Ul« A Cockle 
■ A^Fay 
ymtd. Co 
Bius 4 -W 


7^11 B. AMMlioiK Co 
3JkM HarWua 

■ ■ S« Wf . 

Srawii Cardnar A B 
Oua Wilson 
Baaamon Johnson Co 
IfAdca Kennedy 

., jalpb A Hay 
•'Wrence A Kliit • 
•dea A BhlllpB 
•■■ r 2(1 half 
, , ■ / :';ioreiiEo Duo 
u^i^ '^' . itiBCa.TthT A Btemard 
- "%&,i'''.-r-''»«rdon ft Perry 
1! '•• «Clob Mates" 

Gardner A B 
3d Half 
Lawrence A Kleist 
Olldea A Fhilllpa 
(Others to nil) 
Susanna A Brneal 
JioM> A Wbltnaa 
*VelMaa'' . 
Cbaa WilMa _ „ 
Winchester A Onrlln 

2d halt '• 
Smith A Kins 
Alton A Allen : ' 
Will H AcmstroilK Op 
JAM Harkins 


rWlIkes-Barre spilt) 

Chief Tendataoe *- 
C J Moore 
Bernard A Mrrrltt 
"That Melody" 
(One to fill) 

Palace ' 
9 A B Camnan ' ° 
Alex ft Mack 
Andre Sla ft P 
fiwarti A Cllflord 
"On High Seas" 

2d h«l£ " ■ 
Uargot Fr a seiili Cm .. 
Art Smith 
Tracy A McBrlda 
Shea A Carrol • 
Mabel Norman 

Alvem Slaters 
Art Smith 
Allen A Doir Tail 
Bckert & Moore 
»X!ura For Blueaf . " 

2d bait 
JAB Aikens . 

Foley A La Tear . . 
Olaea A Jebniaoa 

<Scniitin Mt) 

Evelyn A Macmtllp 
Haniy J K«lv - 
"Boat Shop** 
Dentarest & Collette 
S Niton 

Margo Fr&ncots Co 
John O'Uallcy 
Tracy & McBrlde 
Vardon A Perrjr 
Rosamond Jehnaob Cs 

F:A E CanMAr - , 
Jarrow . " • •■ • 
Jerome A NewpA - . 
Swarts A QJttM ■ 
"■clwev" . - 

Smith A Kln« 
Loney JIaakell 
McCarthy & Steraatd 
Shea A Carroll 
"Club Mates" 

2d hair 
Ralph ft May 
Allen A Dos Vtel 
Benle Olrla 
Ales Mack 




XBtXM Mil playa Vlc- 
tOTia P-ll) 
VI, ■■ 2 8 J"" Band 

r*>.'. JB«ottl'a Co 

I' L -i'^' - " 3Veber A Bldnor 
l^dell A Lacey 
Btepheng & HolUster 
Jlminy Savo Co 
'Robbie Cordone 

T-s cmoAoo 

Iriiie irranklln 
.Plsrence Roberta Co 

■V--. ' ■ J »S*(OW A Moore 
! ■ \ . .B**»'t''» Ponies 
r'l;^^ r-r, - Bladle A Rameden 
\ Bitdly A Ardine 
V BViRtpn A >1alda 

i. tOM to flII) 
' ' FaUMM 

•J- 5«Ti«* A Crawford 
-fi MacFarland 
/ Jeaaidiine A HeonlMr 

Rlrtll Bodd 
r Uaracbll Hentertf 
r PUano - 

A Ward 
Ball* Bros 

Oofl Bdwarda Co 
XloZjallen A Carson 
Earns A Frablto 
<; Marie Baft Bmni 
{:■. . 3m CMtm 


Tattlae It Omi" 
McIntoSi Maids 

Nell Lockwood 
Tina Lemer 
Lons Tack Sam Co 
Uoyd A CTbristie 
(Sunday opening) 
"Reckleas Eve" 
Murphy ft White 
BIfreda Wynn 
Qeorea Price 
Van OIloB 
The Bradnaa 
Mollle Melntyie Co 

i: -I 

(BundMT epealBc) 
SheUa.Ttrry Co 
3!My Bolman Co 
Arthur West Co ~ 
Lloyd A Wells 
Garclnettl Bros 
Juttcrlintt Tlelaona 
Venlta- Gould 

(Sunday optnlog) 
TBaiTX Watson Co ' 
Oliver A Olp 
HIekey Bros 
Nelson A Chain 
Mason A F'orrcst 
B T Alexander 

Chinese Band 


BttTO Jobasa . 


Bessie Clayton Co 
Lydia Barry Co 
Will J Wai4 Op 
Boyee Comb- /. 


Frank Dobson Co 
Patrlcola A Myera 
Rockwell A-^ox 
Don Fonr Cue A Haw 
BIsie White 
IfaaBae A Clen 
Blossom Beetay Co' 

Briscoe A SaA 
Btoart BaiMP- 
O'Boonell A 
MS lamB 0> 

Nat Nasaani 'lt 

Andrew Mack- 
Bensae A Baird 

"Qolden Bird" 
Adams A Thomas 

(Sunday opening) 
I.ambert A Ball 
Bva Shirley Co 
Dunham A Bdwarda 
Oreen A Myra 
Wlllianis A Mitchell 
dean A SUvarman 

IT SportaT' 


Bernard A-SaSy 

Claud le Coleman 

(Sunday opening) 
Alice Els Co 
Regny A LocsaiM 
■Tango 8b»9^ 
Ctrl Jorn 
Ja Da Trio 
Belgtum Trio 
Bart A Roscdala 
(Sunday •penlag) 
Byama A Molatyrs 
Oaoir I^mlM ' 
Arsant Bros 
Madge Maltland 
Olbsnn.A Connell 

•.. Orpheam 
(Sunday opening) 
"Not Tet Marie" 

Sidney A Townlcy 
Donald Roberts 
Farreli Taylor Co 
Fern- KlnR Co 
Jack Morrlssey 

<Sanw bni Playa 
Fraano le-uj 
Jeltaa TauMn 
Mash A CDoaatn 
Ted Doner 

Dnnham A CMalley 
Ceo Xally Co 
The Seabacks 

\ Xing Co 

sr. LoDis . 

Orpbenm ' 
Morgan Dancers 
Sherman Van A B 
A A F SteadaMA 
Mr A Mm mSSmkm 

aora. NersM* 
ItHical Banters 
> ST PADlt 
(Sunday openlaf) 
Gertrude Hoftraaa 
B ft J Connelly 
Espe A Dutton 
Meredith A Snooser 
Three Jahns 

(Wed opening) 
V&ij ft WaldroB 
"Heartland" . . 
"Current of Wwtf* 
B ft J Creigbtoa 
Hayden ft Brcell , 
The Vivians- 
Sutter A Dell 

(Snndav opening) 
Stone A . Kalis 
Honey Boys- 
Harry Breen 
Maleta BonconI 
Sybil Vane 
Mow BIlis 
Ben. A .Wood 

(Sunday opmlac) 
Comfort A Klni; 
Norwood A Hall^- 
A Raich Co 
Boh Tlpf Co 
Melnotte Duo 
Jon J Mort on 

Saraaofr A Otris 
TlM Sharrocks 
Wailam Bb» 
Kumm.'n. Jaw 
I«t A OylMlgi 
"Golanr (J«m^ 
Carl Biwn r>y'» Pela 
Harry Oreen Co 
B ft H Mann 
Lillian {!ha-w 
F A Walters 
The Pickfords 
.. . . -> ■ •- , 


Dr. M. J. Carjr 

McVlcher's TtaeatM ^ " 
Special Rates to 


Mate-Ukke nnaln JMDdlag. CUeage 


J ft la Carte ° 
. Sd hatt 
nO'Kvbens -• 
Barry A Leigbton 
(One t» All) 

Kenny Mason A S 
Weber Bock A F 
(One to All) 

2d half 
Geo A Tony 
Flske A Fallon 
'or-s MInslrela 
„^ -Majeitle 
Over Seas Resii^ 
2d bait 
Frear BaggrttftF 
Boss A Thora 
Dolly Kay 
•■New Leader" 
Jerome A Herbert 
Dcgnon A Clifton 
_ Orphenm 
Hamilton Broa 
OuB Brdman 
A A B Leibler 
Roy Lapearl 
"That's eolng Soma' 
_ 2d half 
Redmond A WeUa 
3 BweethaaHs 
Fred Lawla. 
Bewell Tronpe 
«IM to fill) 


• American 

ne Bimbos ' 
Bnile A Dot 
Oe«e Waters 
Byron ft Band 
(One to All) 
„ 2d hair 
P. Conchna Jr Co 
Oalvln A Bath 
Sam Ward 
"Oh Auntie** 
(Twf to fill) 

Uaeobi mpp 
P Conchas Jr- Co 
Oalvln A Bath 
Wanser A P«l»ey 


2d half 
LsRoy A LaRor 
Haary Barton Co 
-(IkMe-to fill) 
Cavbna Duo 
Harvey Haney A 
Wayne Marshall A G 
CMb A Cody 
Moran A Wiser 

• 2d half 
Melvin Broa 
Lee A Lawrence 
Bond Wilson Co 
Brltt ■Wood 
Qlasgow Molds 


. Colombia 
PireHP Baggett A F 
Dolly Kay 
Rita Mario Onk - 
Neal Abel 
Melvin Bros 

2d half 
Ward ft Dooley 
Dorothy Vaughn 
Arthur DeVpy Co 
Skipper Kennedy A B 
"Melody Ga rden' ' 


Keating A Walton 
a Bwestliearta 

BHSP iMtftM 

Powell Troape 
2d half 
Hamilton Broa 
Gus Erdman 
A A B Leibler 
Roy LaPearl 
"That's Going Some" 

W>rd A Dudley 
. Manning A Hall 
Arthur DeVoy Co 
~ A B Gordon 
~ lift Belles 


. ^ Craad 
D Dugas A Var t 
Qnty Ravua 
(TWO to fill) 

ad halt 
OA Br 

Brown's' Rleblandart 
Pat Barrett 
(One to flit) 



The Kemps. . 
Ben A Arltsa 
Caalov'a Mlutrag 

M half 
VWBce A. LaRoy 
Banrey Haney A O 
MmfiaglL Walton 
IASot worth Co 
<Ilm« Haute apUt) 
lat half 
Carradinl's Animal* 
Manning Slatera 
'.'Welcome Home" 
Jeanne Boydell 
TiM* Swift A KellF 
— two 

Styaa A Arnold •■ ■ ■■ 
•Vebor Thy ctuidieark 

ruolldav In DlaleT* 

Sebastian Merrill Ob ' 
Fonies LeRoy Co 
■"Im tbo Dark" 
BmAt A Staart . 
VMAovas (lypalea 

3d halt 
Kenny Uollia A M 
Gilbert A SanI 
Dave FerguBon Co 
The Kemps 
"Miniature ReviM** 
ST PAQIi- -. - 

td halt 
Ergottl A UlI'L 
Brlarre ft Xing 
MUlcr A Lyie 
IMW Gillette 
Lucy Ollietia 
Brierra A King 
Minnie Stanley Co 
leaks A Allen 


Ihrgiaia Bellaa 
Bobby Henahaw 
Norrla Animals 
(Two to fill) 

Whitney's Dolla 
Souther Sextet 
Robblns A Fulton 
Carl Eugene Troupe 
(One to flll) 

2d half 
Williams A Colver 
"Those Present" 
Geo Randall. Co 
(Two to 011> 

Dorotlur Vaagba 
Bebby ~ ^ 

Uttla Jim 
PAP Honlten 
Cabaret DeLuxe 
Geo Raadair Co 
(One to fill) * 
ad halt 

Sltatof Oe 

Carl Itagena Tr 
(One to flll) 
810BX CTTT. lA 
Orpheum . 
B A J Gray 
Nelson A Chain 
Janis A Cbaplow 
"Theoe Present" 
Harry Hinea 
Collins A H^rt 

2d half 
Sverest's Monks 
GllSord ft Willa 
Clayton A Lena* 
-Mav Huat** 
Daaay H ~ 
Baton Sla 


Rndler Stein A P 
Kdw Hume Co 
Ben Benny 
Deiton Mareena A D 
(One to flin 

td half 
Jeaka A - A lien 

VTmS. *» *U» 

Fraacia A PhlHipa 
Redmond A-Wella 
Mabel Harper Ce 
Oeae Gracae 

Baip«r. A Bhoiv 


■ f?apttal TfcMliii BoBdiBC 
Moat complatrty • evolpped dental 
olll ce. In 9MmS . Bvaare District. . 

'*^e5»JSf' • A; m to siw'p. ». 

aa katt . 

M 'WUtwwA A Bflf» 

Hector .,. 
■ Dmsr Dean (Ja- 
- Jeaaetta Cbllds 
.-Arthur I.aVlae Co 
Samarofr A Spnio 
Beck ft Stone 
■Daisy D»iin C6 
Brltt Wood 
lErgotti A Llll'ptns 

2d half 
PAP Hoalton 
Peronne A Oliver 
Wanxer A Palmer 
"Cabaret DeLuM^- - 
(One to flll) . 

ST liOOIS - 
Lazier Worth Ce 
Bomer A DUbaM ^ 
••Mlaiatnre Revnef* 
Bawy A Layton 
Ba'Ve Ferguson Co 

2d half 
Bell A Arlira 
"In (he Dark" 
Bryant A Stuart 
;TalaMva8 Gypsies 
(Oae to flll) 

wmard A Jonea 
Robert A Deawat 

Moran A; Wiser : 
(One tofllU^^ 


C A H Polly 
Edna May Foster Co 
Brown's HIghlandsaa jt 
Pat Barrett 
(One to flll) 

2d half 
Kroroka Brvs 
D Dngag ft Var ♦ 
Gypsy Revue 

lot 1 

a Carlteae- ^ . 
Story A Clalll . ^ V^ 
"The SaboitolMerf* 

Jack OstarsHUB, 
Stone A Hayw ' 
"Miss 1920 " 


StraaA - 
Moore A Shay 
Gee Bcane Ce 
Walton. A Brandt 
B McKenale Co 

2d half 
Trenelle Trio 

Patnam BnOdfaig. New TeA CHy ' 

inw TORK GITX Q^llsle A Romer 
BanM A KiBsen 
CiMlBatlne Cancert 

ad half 
PeiMwie De vegae 
Jehaaea Bros A J 
B Matthews C» ' 
" ma A Burt 

Oieeley Squaiv 
Minns A Bryant 
Bums A Garry 
Olive LeCompte Cc 
Louise Carter Co 
Bert Hanlon 
Walling A LaFavar 

2d ■ 
Fred Allen 

McLoagklfa * 1 
Wayne A Beenaa 
Barrqn A Bart 
Peteira Sestet 
LaRna A Btoae 
Stewart Pattoa Co 
Lane A Plant 
Iiae ValadottJi 
tOM to flll) 

Sd half 
Speaeer A Rose 
wni H Fox 
Hodaoa A Jonee 
Francea Rice 
a Lllllee 

Louisa Carter Co 
Bert Hanlea 
Vittorla A Georgette 
(One to nil) 

Bell A Caroa _ 
Johnson Bros # 
Bsra MattbnnrA 0» 
Fred Allen 
J A 8 Delior 

ad half 

a Valdarea - 

Peiul Abbott Oe 
liaarle Ordway C» 
torn to flll) 

MsaMmWut Cto MMNd^t 

\ DelaaeM 

Hall ft Gibson 
McCana A Roblae 
Frances Rice 
Stan Stanley Co 
liOekbart A Laddie 
„ 3d half 
1gmtt$i Waylands 

<Mtva IioC&niroo 
Oaili A-Franeia ' 
Btu. Stanley Co 
*I°A Caron 

fdephones, PSANBUW WMOi 

mm itm 


»to«'«s|asai« V.K- 

Will H Wtar 
M Bnsaott Co- . 

2d half 
Walllne ft LaFavor 
Downing A Benin 
OaiUale ft Bomer 
AntliMiy A Rogera 

Spanear A Rose. 
Botty BIdxtd ce 
- Mel Zloe ' 
I Orkginyo 

3d halt 
Tecbow'a Cats 
Rail ft Qlbson - 
W PlBhter Co 
Harry C Oreen 
Constantlne Dancera 

Boole vard 
Brawn's Dogs 
Crane Slatcrn 
"Salvation MoHjr" 
Wm Slato ' 
J Levy A Oiria> 

3d bait'..- - 
J Orcgorya ' ■■■ 
Burns 'A Garry 
Stewart Patten Co . 
Marie Russell Co 
Avanae B- 
Russell A Beatrice 
Downing A'Bnain 
LaHoen A Duprccco 
Tbee Potter DoaA - 

Broura A - 
Darethgr Beye 
Wolfe Gilbert 


Same Btaa. 

Jd " ' 

Gordon A 

LaRue ft Steae. 
Betty Bldred Co 
Boms ft Kiasen 
Percira Sestet- 

Halea MorettI 

Hudson A Jones 
Anthony 4 Rogers 
Faahlona De Vogue 

2d halt 
Wkype A Beeman 
, lilBslrange Slaters 
Royal Pour 
Mel KIce 
J ftS DeUcr- 


Rose Garden 
LaHoen A Dupreece 
Mayo ft Irwin 

****** KJte* 

Henry Fray _ 
Penri.AblMtt Ce 

Xd Italt- 
Loektaart A Laddlo 
Mildred Rogers . ■ ■ 
Lana ft Plant 
J Levy AOina - 
- WarwUk. - 
PeacI Duo 
Baekett A Fraada- 
Laurie Ordway A Oe 

^ .- Sd lialf 
Rwaell A Beatrice 
HcLougblln ft Braaa 
Steve Freda 
3 Taqnla 

e« A Freeman 
Violet A Charles 
Dawson ft Calvert 
Broughtoa A. Turner 
]«ag«sR A BmitR ^ 
1 lalgbtsa'a R«[rao . 

2d halt . 
Bareeney A RooaoF 
(One to flll) 
Wm Lytell Co 
Doyle A Blaine 
Bell A Gray 


Jerone MenMi Oe 

June Mills A Co 
Wells A Crest 



Ward A ' 
.fOlbor A Oiims 


DenaaAS ■ 
- 2d- bait 
Vi^. A Charles 
Daweea A Covert 
Br ei g hton A Taraep 
lUgdon A Bmith 
i Xitigh ton's Revaof 

Da Rona 
Belleau A Donln 
Gprdon A Delmar 
LeRoy Lytton Co 
' Barry Antrim 
M Bnrke A Band 

3d half 
Harry Lamed- 
. DeLlgbt Sisters 
MwmrA Driseiril 

Cohn A Drbla 

^ondliil A Bn„_ 

PanI A Pauline 
Jack -Rei^dy 
Maboney A Rogere 
Ronair A Ward 
Armstrong ft Jaiai 
Payton Award 

■ Uberty ' - 
LeQaUr A SarapesA 
Howard ft Jenklna ''■ 
Dora Bllton Co 
WaiA A Kine^ 
Ii—e tl e Concentratlaa 
Morten . Bros 
Reacy Harat 


■ . fi 

8 Mbn . Ce 

Jim Reynolda 
'Wheeler Trio - 
Harry Lamed '-f 
DeUght Sisters 
"Business Is 
ZuhD A Dr^ 

Gordon A t>einuHr 
LeRoy Lytton Ce ' " * 
Harxy Antrim 
XBoche & Band ' 
■AinLTON, CAK : 
Harris A Hollowa> 
Dale A DeVoa 
Gook A Oatiaan 
mu j Ryaaa . 
• U s e e ReVaa 

Loew rii- 
Dorothy Roys 
Freeman A Lewla ^ 
Brown Oardtaor-A Si' 
(Two to fill* .-.T- 

2d half 
Aerial DeGralTs 
AUen CllSord A B . 
McCann A BeMea: : 
RneaaU A DeWJttu - 

cmr, Wm':- 

Xing Bros- . • ; 

Oelghton A Stams '- 
€UU Carlton Co 
XteMt Chas Gerard OS 

Til 11 Ill's ~' 
All Rajah 0» . . 
Ubert Carltaa ' 
t Dominos ■ ' 

Theissons Dogs 
8am J Harris 
llynan Adler Co 
Harrtaaa - A ' Burr - 
Marcene Xemne A 9 ■ 

as Bait 
Ward A Warden 
Feiber A Qrlffia ■ 
Poor Old Jim 
flcanlen Denos A 8 
The Tomlina 
Peggy Brooke 
MlUoy Kaough Oo 
Carson A Wlllard 
loPeUte Jennie Ce_ 

(Sunday opening) 

A Green 

• Co V 

Now in' the b|t aHsiMllim 

AddroM NMii iiAkU OQT. 20: 


Al^ t M IMC* .If. 

Smut Adtor C» 
giirlwn & Bmr _ 


0«oKmM * Bra. 

> * Inria . r , 
2d bolt 

read Puo 
^ackctt & Franoi« ' 
Jones & Sylveiter 


BnswII ft DeWttt . 
nrlor ft Vraoela 

The Panblejrs 
. B*I«n UontU 

(Dae to flllj 

Bamw Bro» 
Ooldle & Ayen 
ad I<ea«ls^ Ca 

td half 

I & Keitnetb 

. * Foxwortk 

'VftlTktlon MoUjr 
Ihn SlBto 

X«rpbr * Dtlaeelt' > 
iltena ft Gr»» 
Tnm ft V«rnon 
noil Klkel" 

Sd hftlf 
lCac«* A AnlM 
BleliMB ft Denia 
SoblawB ft ThomM ' 
uunbertl >' 
W A M Rogen - 

•'. ST. IMVa ■ 

BenntBsten ft Scott 
W«la«r ft Relax 
A Bulllvftn Co 
BMiJa lACooat 
Shirman ft FulUr 

3d bait 
King Broa 

Crtlskton ft Stamm . 
QUI JBgglatoB Pa _ _ 


Mare* ft Antta 
Roblnaon ft Tbomaa 
W ft, M Rogcra 
▲rg6aae ■ 

2d Halt 

Berrldc Braa 

naraaea Btar •- 
Marcaa * way 
Taa ft Tenkoa' .' 
•Vk Mlkel* , . 


Cornelia ft Adele 
Nada Norraina i.' 
Bminett ft Moora > - 
Anderson ft Bean 
I^oaa ft Toaea ^ 

■ — 



Jewelers to.ihe Profesaion 


New Seek aad Chkaga Ofllcca 




Ibnie bUI plajra Ana- 
cwda a; Jdamula •) 
Mt Uaka Olria 
..Xtea Wjrae Co 
•Wmher neaae». 
M1«>OUtw . 
Oiek 41 Vemon 
C^cUair Btaacttea 


"Honeymooa laa." 
Sbanr ft BBraart 
Uakaremka Dm ' 
Hnrry UTtngatoa 
Auitla ft Delaaer .. 

* TA, CAK 

Aifai* Jv^ni 
MlaMi- ft .Cmm 
Okia F«nr 

B Horrell Co ■ ■ 

Carl McCullough . 

Caatlnv Cam bet U 

_ . Fantacca 

PriiBToie UlnatnUi,. 

Btnw VtJjBtm ' 

Btotb ft X^eander 

K«B«y ft Dresner 

UfM Beotb 

tHa HardeaatJe Co 

_ . Pantagtb 

Kste ft Wller 

BtmlTict Broe 

Cbaa Mack Co 
.'Carda.ft Noll 

'<M* Wbltehead 
:.HUTr Glrard Co 

(Same Mil playa 
'Helena f ) ' 

— ft l.7nn 
Cbaa Uadhelm Oft 
iMla DeCtave 
BlBon City 4 
■tatVnn Rolllokers 
^ „ JPantasM ■. 
Bell & Bva^ 
Rose Valyda. 
Zi«Eler Twlna 
Creamer Barton, ft 8 
madlo OlrU 
. Steward ft Ollaa . . 

" ft BlniBa Dean 

Bay Conlln- ' 
S Romanoff Sia 
Zfttle tAmba 
: IwrencA RayHeld ' 
(Sandar opening) 
Jarvls Revue 
^fldd ft Rom 

llerak 81a 

■ Al Wohtman 


gorelty Mlnntral?'^** 
Tbe Cromwells ■ 
Babmarlna-r 7 
. ■^P> ft Va Sla 
•WIet Dlka 
Or»e« PoBh 
'OBTIAin>, OKB, 

Saakatooa IMI) 
"Maklas MovImT.. : 
Brady ft Mjaboaleg' • 
V Menereau Ca - . 
Wm Dick 
H' ft B Conley 
Baymond Wllbert .. • 
Broslas. ft Brown . :'* ' 
Oomtac^raaiBtlea ■ 

Oorotby Lewir 

Joe Jackiibn 
The Shattucka 
RIalto Quartet 
Otlrain Danceta 
Oaylord Herron 
tiae McRae 

SAK ntANcnco 

Paatagae ' ' 
(Bandar opentag) 
Marie FitZKibtaft^ 

Cldtholiii A : 

BanKdr-ft Rnaaen 
Skwnltn of Moscow 
Foqr Lcona 
Frank "Ward •• ' - 
Qulgler ft F 
Dance Fantasy 
Duabar ft Tnrnor 
"Temptation"- ' 

OPOKAn. . 
_ Pantamg ■ 
Wolfa ft PattWMB 
W B WIltttle . ■ 
Knireaay 9o9t ' 

Aawroa ft Jeaaett* 

Xuroa 4 


"Ob Billy" 
Hall A Sfiaptro 
Joe Roberta 
David S Hall Co 
BtogpolA ft Spier 
VANTOimai* B Q 

II * M ^ 

Bavw Da Togw 
SMUt ft TTard 
g White Kubaa 

S Bitrtoa 
ZaenrK n 


"Oh Tfddy" 
FranK nush 
O S Oordnn Co 
Oeorirta Koirard 
Heros ft TreatOB 


Catering to th* IfaaatMegl TMhetten. For 

•Jdlea and irentlemen. Hair DrcRslnff. 
aaampoolnr. Manicuring and Hydro-Facial 
Jaaasaee. Specialist In the sciontlflc care 
S-Jy^S®"- »ift<r. Itching scalp and 

dandmir. Jgnlck resulm. 

AnMlatniMta taade. TcL Brgant SSSS 

StoMunara' A O 

' . WENmPBO . 

Aerial Uaeka v 
. Vtotmt ft CiMiek 

Btayaaa ft Bnasell 
I «ao n a r d A Aadaraoa 



AauMoa A CIaA - 

Olia CUrk 
I«Ua l^iaw Co 
Bmpira Comedy 4 

Jea Faaton Co 

Monroe ft Oram 
"OlrU Harmony L'd" 
l«wrence ft Bdwarda 
Hager ft Ooodwin 
Tameo Kaiiyama 
Bebepii'a Cirena 
Arthnr Uoyd 
Olga SamenoS t 
Cook ft.tioreBM 
BonlaettI 4 

Anofoa A Obar 

CU(t Claric 
Wla Sliaw Co 
Empire Comedy 4 

Joe VaatoB Co 


Harrta ft Nolan 
Sam ft Ada B e an lf. 
4 Renneea 
Joe Darcy 

KellyField Playew • 


Amoroa ft ObajT 
ClIS Clark 
I«Ua Shaw Co 
Bxnplre Comedy 
Joe FantOB Co 

wni Xorria 
Fare ft Jaek Smith 
Stevar A ^vajoy 



Ban nanciace 

Mabta Fonda * 
Murray ft Fopfeom 
6 NI«hton. • ^^^^ 

Bllly Wolgast 
Becker ft Adana ' 
Hawtbome MI-«W|fc^ 

Bob vrhite 
. ODmalla' ft^ 

■ ad kalf 

BlUy Wolcast 
Becker ft Adagw . 
Hawthorne Mlnatreti 
Bob White 
Cornelia ft WUbur 

2<\ half 
SInglnr Three 
Angel ft Fuller 
Nixon ft Sana 
Dixon ft Bell 



"Olrla ol er* 


AU BIpon 

tee .A Bennett 
■Beate A Herr 
Sd halt 

Mabel F»nda Trio 
'Da Botae ft Ellis 

Morrar ft Fopkova 

Md Lewis 

K MIgbtona 

AU' Ripen 
Lee A Bennett 
^ A Herr 

(Svnday opening) 
B ft 8 Cracklea 
J ft J Latighlia ■ 
Marion Munson 
Hall ft Tyaoa ' 
Lew AVard 
:BBla Nonvlan Ca 
(Sunday opening) 
Bull Bear Indlma 
Rusaell £ Belt 
etccd'a Sextet - 
Browning ft Darla 
N Bennett'a Olrla 
Boss ft Bonnie 
Bbrapnel Dodgera 

(etbers to flll> 


Roaa 1^ 
Fogartjr ft-- 
Dan Abeam 
Stradford 4 


De Bene A Bllla 

Singing Three 
8 Plabera 

Angel ft Fuller 
Nixon ft Sans ■ 


The Puppetta 

Roaa ft Bonnie -. . 

Daa Aheam 

Fogarty ft Poatcr - 

Btiadford 4 


A R 


Biltr Wolgait 
Becker ft Adaata 
g Plah*ra 

Bhwthome'a MInatfall- 

VALXBIO. -: . 

The Puppetta . . 
Roaa ft Bonnie. 
Dan Abeam 
Stradford 4 

Late New York and Boston Bills 

Keith's KlTcralda 
Jim Jazz Xing 
Heiene Pavla 
T ft T O'Heara Co 
Joe Laurie 
Chaa ICinr Ce 
Bailey ft Cawas • 
Imhoff Cona A Oe -. 
Jrving Berlin 
Banadell A Dayo 
Herman ft ShlRiy 
Tbe Narcraagw - 
Quixey 4 ' ■ 
Regal ft Moore 
Harriet Rempla Ce"' 
Dot Brenner 
DIekinaon ft Deagea 
Chicken Chow Mela 
. B,V.l{elth'a 
Helen Jaekley 
Raymond ft Sobnaua 
J ft S^Leonaad 
Laba U eroff Oe ' ■ 

MAM XeFaitaaS 

Will M. Creaar . 
Oantler a Brl eklayeri 
Claire A Atwoed 
Hughes Uus Doo 
Coakley ft Dunievy 
BAB Adair 
Bantoa A Hayca 
Wilbur Mack Co ■ 
Bella Bakor 
La Fran ea B i 


Lewla A White. 
Ltda KeVmaa 0» . 

Jack Ingles 
Magic Olafmeo 
Ellda Morrill 
"4 Pity's Sake" 
4 Harmony Kings 
Volln»'r'Bttp« T.n»Tiarda 
Cummlnga ft WUte 

Metropolitan S 
The Naggly 5 

2d half 
Tojetti & Baaaett 
Gurler A Halt 
DeLea AT 


Felix ft Flaber 


Allen ft Lyman 
Bjran & Heatey 
Apollo Trio 

2d half 
Vhe- Xdtona 
O^Conner ft DIzoa 
iimcopated Rehesraat 
Ferna-Litt Co 
Bowers Walters C " 

F A M Bri ttOB 
Peaae ft Dawson 
Lane ft Bankr 
UMilie A Coekie 
SiMBsikI Deo 

Sd hair 
Bentley & Walah ' 
Chaa RcUly 
Qmy ft Oraliam 
M A A CUrk 
'Melody Mansion" 

The KelCona " 
A ft D LeRoy 
Qntoa ft'Finlay 
Bowers Walters. Crocker 

2d half 
The NogRly 6 
Alien ft. Lyman 
■van ft Hoaley 
Owkl A Takl 

I.TNM. KAflB. 

StawnH A . 

Jesale Reed 
°B ft L WnltoB 
(Airley ft HaU 
Bxpnaitloa 4 • 
Ctetl BUIred * Chit 
2d taaie 


Rirkainlth Sia 
McCart ft Bradford 
8 Nell ft Keller 
VUta Jo 

Mareae ft Mallay 
Z<ogaii ft Oenava 

B. F. Kelth'a 
Herbert's Doga 
Frtd Berrena \ 
Tonngblood Carson 
Waltora & Walters 
"Bagged JIdge" 
Louiae Onnniag Co 
H ft A Seymour 
Winalen's Llona 

ftaak OoBiey Ca, 
LawlfA NMtM, : 
' Ika Brtanta 


Strand ' 
AI' Jeroino 
3'Connor ft DiMft 
H Harrington Ce ■, 
DeLea A Ormas 

Id halt 
Daly It Berlaw 
B ft P Valentlge - 
Lane ft Halpar ' •. ' 
Mary Haynea C9' ' 
Orrille Stamm 

BVaakllB Park 
- KVa 

Matnmelltan a..; ; 
Wlkoila ft Kallakalaw 
Apollo' Trio • v;ri< •• • • 
Bentley ft Walsk-^ 
Oj.« Cbaa Bellly 

H ft A cnaik , . 
•WaMy Be— latr 
J C Mertaa CSol 

2d half 
F ft M Britton 
Pease ft DawaoB 
■•Pettlcoati" . 
Sevan ft Flint 
Bowei^ Walters. C , 
ninVPOBT. B. I.! 
Optra Honae 
Daisy ft Barlow 

• -.B AT VMiaUae , 

' Jhnrla A Hairlsoo 
Marr Baynei Oe . 
SwUe 8tamm 

2d half 
Louisa 'Vemon 
Two Ladellaa 
H Harrington Co 

• . Oetta ft Flnlay 

Bevan -ft Flint 
SUIlar. Packer - 
Oiar ft amham " 
2d half 


Jarvia A BairlM 
Oaopw A.'ttd 

Thurtdey gveniits, October t, the 
Friars' cnub will glv« the first of a se- 
r|cg of «r«<^ "C'ub Nigbts" tbAt art 
toMono Of fhc^ features of the oi«a<«lza« 
tili'a wtBtar program the mem' 

biiB -t«g«iliir at iekSt one night each 
.wMlb . -tlj^ Kk^ ot ttiM« I^Bforvial lie> 
']igMlaa--Miln^B«B''lB«»'adi«r SeUtoa' ' 
as tl>fr gWjiB'^- wafi. 9k :Mei>;^ilif^. it 
mereor IflM biteraated liitliit 
of the amusement fl'jM the gathoring 
will lake on an M. P. aspect; Xhtch 
chairman that Is ipcinled for'ihie fol- 
lowing dinners will gather about him 
the reprp lUtatives of the particular line 
that h is iiitacsted tu The dinner will 
a table ^'hote a;f<itr a n^ served at 
(.30 on the gala nights- Among the 
gueata of note jr ttial affair will 
be Arthur Brisbane^ Dt. John F. Erd- 
mann, George Gordon Battle and "Wil- 
liam Qrossraan. • There wlU also be en- 
tartainnent in keeping with the amuser 
iMDt t^Randi. t«pir«geot«d, /and on tfals 
.eocMoB Docofhy Dalfon. Do^'Xan;^' 
«ad JUee BriUiy wm niA»:pttmMl 
TMHWww' aiA tlireo -i fla tfi ^ wjB l ^- ipfeigl' 
siq|Mw'wlU.lw':diovii>. '"Vk"' 

Inability to spread the-i 
flnt nights for next inreek appears to 
have jammed ne<t ITonday .with ilve 
premieres. It is possible that the nev 
offerings will be segregated as to debuts 
before the end of the week, but elnce 
there is a minimum of eight premieres 
decided, on, and nine nay be attempted, 
none can have a night of its own. The 
present schedule for next Monday cadto 
^or "D^alssee," at the Empire; B. H. 
Sothem and Julia Marlowe, at the Shu- 
bert; "The Girl in a Limousine," at the 
Zntlnge; Mclntyre and Heath in "Helld^ 
Alexander," at the ' 44 th Streets and 
"Hitchy-Koo," at the Uberty. The lat- 
ter naay be put over for a few dayR,.but 
thg Jbglance exprcissed determtnatlMi .to 
lljtart Jtfentey. It Is vragtoisily. icfart^ 
~ii*faMMre^^«ho Stan Jir *i)»>. 



Adelinl Patti, the world -famed '|^fiiid^/;'''> 
donna, died last woek at Cnjffj^-^'i^^ 
Castle, South Watesr In her ' gtirei^^ w: 
seventh year. ■ ■ ■ ' .-l■i$iii-• -■':; u■ 
Mme. Fattt was a nattvg sttiSB^^^^B 
Spain, and wag brought iO:.Ailiieiiilf0^ 
Sag her Infaaey. She began hi^'ea^iHti^^ 
as a Binger on tl^ New Torfp'Stsvifjii:^ 

WSi mum :'^iBftd•:^llier^:!|l^^^ilp<^:^v 



, tlM dIreeflOB of her lialf-btotherr Mtos 
Barllil. and her brother-in-law, Ma^rlc«f'^v 
Stakoscb. .Her Hret appearance wag'at ;? 
a public concert in Kew York in ISSOr ' - 
under the direction of Max Mantzek, and - ' 
thereafter for fotir or five years she sang* \ 
under the management of hor brotheif-i 

J OF ova MOTUEB . • . • . 



n'lio Pasaed Away September tftli, li>lg ' 

r.etty and Dick • , : ■ 

In 1850 she went on her first conc^ 
tour in the West Indies and made .hiftt^ 
first appearance in Covent .G8irdel)it> 
Iiondon. May 14, 1861. She sang thMtt; 
every season until 1884. In 1885 and ISi^; 
she s&ng at Her Majesty's Opda.: .HiK 
last ig^peaxance in America wag bif^l^^ 
last of her numerous "farewell toilriii"-ai|t; 

Madison Square ;Qarden, in liid4. 

Site was married three times, in 19dt^; ; :H;i^=<<f:& 
to Haniy» Marquis de Cans, ftaom Bliem ' ' ■ 
aba .WM diivorced iQ ISSS. la l|S(f^sh^ 
WRa'^i|iMiQrted':io::;Nicoiia|,.,air 'itmiiiks^im^':^ 

"sniseT .-a«ari«»v'laibvn-. in vaudevUia- 
aa "The Cttrl froiji' Botte." died Bii 
■Ur»M the TOgQlt of an automobile aci^^^?':^ 
dent near liswlstftwn, Mont, 8ept, 
The ear in which Miss Berkia ^od ftlur 
other passengers were riding binpt*- 
turned on the road. Ail of the' oibMg 
escaped with slight bruises. In privat'e*' 
life the deceased was Mrs. Harold W.. 



Who Died September ' 17, t9t9. 
Gone But Never to Be Pordotteh. 


Berry and a talented violinist. In 1911 
Miss Berkln played the Orpheum Clr» 
cult and later appeared in eastem 
vaudeville. At one time she was ^tli. 
Waber and Fields in Jirew yorlc. 'Bi|(ii^^^^ 
vtee«>i«!ere held at: the Yan^tly resti^k^f: 

A coroner's verdict of death by ex- 
ternal violence, following the investiga- 
tion of the death at tbe Chicago State 
Hospital for the Insane Wednesday of 
Julius Bookbinder, has caused local 
show people to demand a full Investiga- 
tion of the case. 

Bookbinder, advance man for musical 
comedy and burliesque attractions, died 
following an attack by a negri* patient. 
Bookbinder's nurse was away and there 
was no attendant near at the time to 

Indignation among show people rah 
feigh when the coroner's Jury In the cftso 
ntmrned. a verdlet without neklns' ai. 
ncotanendattoa- «C aay IdM. 

Jot) BfeHoaaML ^naaiggr it tlio IgjMl 
Ootainbig. la takliw ilM iirftifetlvii to' the 
•aOTO for a wNttplet* fen^istlfeittioiK ' . 

Lotttg BartiBahbl^ : V ; 

Louis Borllnghoft, age 62; died 
27 at his home, 72 Van Dyne Avsgllbff 
Brooklyn. The deceased was ^ weil*V 
known musical director. His last ■'^^f^,; 
gagement was at the America^ 
New York. A widoB and fetir^i^Ui 
survive,. BMr.b'" 
hoff. ' 

Mrs. Rose Gsrberf mother «^ liot 
BflUa GfltfbMr, dk4 IB 

Mrs. Hairy Murphy died at her home 
In New Tork last week. She was th*' 
mother of the late Harold t(Kk#oodf 
Mr. Murphy,. who survives, recently ap« 
peared In vaudeville with Frank Con* 
roy. Plwrtotisly he was «^nBect«d wltti 
the Vaudeville M«aagers' Prot«((Uv«r 
.Association. ' : 

BM%4BCTmlwwi|gL- wtlgJ frei ftm Wljaiii* 
'eiieo>' ,8^'. ST BB.'.tl*- 17a«(ci^- for/. 
WumglMili to Jaltt.Aio Sany..t6uty.':m4\' 
aikwtiBBt iko CMg'.PwUlfB Bi;'«tMi|iiiir. 

Alt?.: :Vv ■ jj. 


^llgpTDenial hf M )Mnn on BUkmg PuWic—U. S. Gw- 

J^te^iiB«i;Ti«:k«tm Are 

^'^«ai>:v^ Charging 

by Locd OrdiiiMit^^ 

i>«:isioii>ii AppMl FramCb^ 

'. \0 Agency Men.'.. f :•. . 

■■■■■ ■• ^■•-•■"•'-'V'^'' 

4, ■ t -vv . 

. , , Th« la«t two W*« ■ 

lietn a dollar harvest for the specs; 
■'^^|^i;i|U Ifew YoA theatre mo^and with 

•with, the majority ol the theatre ticket 
ipecbiftOng --■a|feno»e» "S®^ , the'"." and . 

. 80 easy had the money been coming for 
'^i^^g^Uflii^^ tbey have been 

tblit<!b«t fe# 'weeto on iiew. piodu^MM 

^(rtthittt first . having Been Um^ , "Hie »- 
Butt- is that they hiiTH» b««K '■la* . ©n^* 
few. tut do not seem .to ndB««i*lta. 
least. Kight row lh«i» M<i-.*bW»" fcr • 
li'^of the 39 attiwetiaiia litasrnff on 
.Si^way. This te a m«N«.tti&miml oom- 
d'ttlon so early In the seaaim. 
^ ' However, whatever the losses" are on 
the plays they have bought for which 
HftiUed to develop into hits, the specs flg- 
ttre they will more than make It up on 
»ose pieces that have gotten over with 
^Brt'.puhllc. No matter what the prices 
' Jilted by the speculators the public 
seems wUlIng to l»ay to 8*10 ^ 
'.iratil Silt*. ■ 

, ■ AlMmit six months ago there was an 
'"«iibi«|ifle iMissed by the Kew York Board 
^tSfSaOdWiaeii^flrohlbltlng theatre ticket 
ttg^ioa fta=i.taktii|K niore than BO cents 
■ ai » ptemlittt^<»W box-olllce price 
. of the tld»t ilift I** ■prvice the agency 
'I'it^iiiiUxa, jUr««r-iMi the ordinance is con- 
:»rned It Is looked ap«i^ IM a. Joke by aU 
of the agencies, wtih fbe p«iMlbK enep*. 
of two in the ientlre. rittjTi .Today 
: tHeatro tickets in the agencies are iwrth 
i whatever price the man behind the coBO- 
ter can get for them regardless ol-nfliat 
' I^-w may say. 

" i)iirlng the week Just past the cases 
of L.eo Nevrman and Joseph Cohen, both 
spisculators, came up on appeal before 
Judge Rosalsky. Both of the men had 
been arrested for an alleged violation of 
the new ordinance and convicted by Mag- 
istrate Nolan. Louis Marshall, attorney 
^^fMr'thedefendantB, asserted the ordinance 
^>^jnui unconstitutional and that the Board 
^''-^llC'iiilderinen lacked Jurisdiction to enact 
Bueh pttivlsions in _aa mnUnance. The 
Judge reserved dedsien pendtag ntaafs- 

to have been a teat 

allowed premium clear, for the purchaser 
of the seat pays the 6-cent tax on that, 
as he pays the' war tax on the box .oAw 
price, but on the excess amount. ' 

Last week the Jewish holidays . toward 
the week end held a r^ord for the prices 
asked and received for theatre tickets 
about town. . Everybody was out to go to 
the theatre, and tl2 and $15 a pair for 
• :$^t8 for the performances about town 
were common. But no one in an ofnclal. 
capacjtty seemed, to . ctue .who got the 
HMney or bow.inncii imi jaid. 
. . One manager, a vety. pnn|inent officer 
of the.Pimdacing lIBMgenf km i k%i »m, 
•ttUedOile w«A hetadJMd seinMl^^fl^ 
Mt ebediiag «p the vrantani UhU tte 
iveeolMidrs were tM^t he 

saw <»ii3r'dne way out for t&e maangere, 
and that was the cutting off of the spee-- 
iilators entirely.. He said that this quee« 
tion was one that would be taken. Up by 
the Producing Managers' Association be- 
fore the current season was ended. 

In a great measure, however, the pub- 
lic and not the speculator is to blame for 
the high prices and the violations of the 
' law. Standing in one agency Tuesday 
of thifc week several instances were wlt- 
ne.ssed where a would-be purchaser of 
scats gave orders that tickets would 
have to be secured in certain locations 
no matter what the cost.mts. Several 
like instances were wltaeawd to another 
agency, only here the agency refused to 
act In the capacity of shopping broker, 
and the buyer was fotoed to. go elae^ 

•n» ineUMtlon oT tbe viMli at this 
iinie to Imy Uik T*«inina Ocstte seats 
brIagfrOMmiMnt ott^a tkal; It fhellwetre 
manager wants to nlse his 12 scale to 

13 or $3.50, as has been done by some, 
why should he not do it at the bof office 
' ° in preference to allowing the specs to 
raise it to f4. S5 or more without the 
manager being declared in? It seems 
evident to many the public Is willing to 
pay the box-ofllce price for a hit attrac- 
tion, whereas they mentally berate the 
theatre if obliged to give up high pcfcM 
through the ticket agencies. 

.Oscar &DglMid«r« ai ettMoer -flt ^^ 
802 Broadway, w«» last week'^puoa W 
Renee Bouclcault, grandd>M»t sr fC 
Dion Bouclcault and daughter o«. A WPr 
Boucicault, the playwright and a«^. 
who married Alexander Marks, eMO 
known as Alexander Bouclcault, : 
1918. When Miss Boucicault • miinloa 
Marks she kept her maiden name by a 
stipulation entered Into by the couple. • 

Mrs. Bouclcault, after the birth of her 
tottghter. Arime Patricia Bouclcault. 
ante into a largo fortune left by her 
gnadfOther, Isaac Holbrook. a wealthy 
.plate glass manufacturer, and estab* 
ttHMd oai oftlM fwrtune a: trust fund of 
IWJW^ tto lnooBie of which was to go 
tor her own support and tlM-MippoiVot 
the daughter. On the dcatt>. er Oie-M^ 
the principal of the.tod ^was to fO 10 
the nsxt Of Ida <rt 4ke decadent Hbk 
Bnglander was nude the tn*ileo .o£1»o 

fund. " . ■ 

In the papers filed la the suit SMur- . 
day Mrs. Bouclcault says that her hus- 
band was arrested In Philadelphia Mon- 
day of last week, In the following lan- 
guage: "Plaintiff was introduced to de- 
fendant by one Aiexan..ler Marks, also 
known as Alexander Hill, also known as 
iloward B. Bouclcault. who recently 
(September 22, 1919) when arrested In 
PbOadeU^iia. give lOnnam^^to^the police 

■ The walkout yesterday by 10,000 press* 
men and feeders inadvertently put a, 
crimp into the billing progress attendant. 
x»ou ia manm lead 1^ -«C-.-;fi^e»t,, 

Sam EMflfch; Mlfhar, «». S^el Alber- 
tinl, concert' sopmnJiw "la N*w 

Sept. 22. ; .ill 

Mary Elree. formerly, a awmnaif: of , 
"Let's Go" show at the CasiiMH'Plig: 
Francisco, was married last moBtt la . 
that city to Harry Riegler, a-x*ttOB 

Mile; Aida Etlennctte Guignard. re- 
ported to be a well known dancer from 
France, where she Is known on the 
stage as Nyota Nyoka. was married in 
San Francisco last week to Andre Kra- 
jevvski. The couple will leave Oct. 5 
for Tahiti, where Krajewski Is said to 
be a banker. 

Esther Gerring, with a girl act oi) the 
Pantages circuit, was married In San 
Standsco last week to- Fred W. Car- 
btami taon>profes8lonal. 

BMe White (vaudevdle) to Abe 
FrankH hiir.lpliinist, at Saii Antonio. 

CRvt.' n. ' Mlaa White was at, the 
MaaeatlB tMatce In . that ctty' at m 
time.' ■ • 

tions. . • 

In certain auartere, e^^edaBy the in.i 
depenaenf producers of JUmfl who arr 
waWng for their- campaign books, -presji, 
, etc, to exploit their respecUv*; ; 
a note of anxJ«.ty showed itself, 
^ ffcat printers have been wamv 
ttig ti^ir ttamtB Sat the past month. \a. 
Mt.thelr atuCVdone «iaewliere, a good- 
muv vradoem lil^ advaik., 
tags, and «ie aionr vCoieed t<> give thel*. 
orders elsewhere, pHnoftially; otit-of, 
town, losing out In the bievttable iie-np. 
It was estimated Wednea<|ay^tiiat mil-, 
lions of doUam wcjtti o|:fr|aiijii ay-^Ma t- 
ordinarily wa* tvKtdfnA tnUk .theitrleal: ^ 
Urms in the city was -.loet: •*» -Joeal . 
printers. Most of this wa«k was gl»e^ /• 
over to printers in Chicago. - -ivV; 

The present strike Involves, and ac«: 
tually tied up, 250 printing plants, other; 
than ,newspaj>«rs, including . those of 
moga^nes, trade papers and periodicals. 

The strike la the result of the failure 
of employers and pressmen and feeders 
to agree as to the demands .fo r a forty. . 
four-hour week and a %age JtaunaM afti 


It was felt the strike would cause aa 
SsdeOnite . tie-99, o« pnwtiially all tho 
^- potodidils "^llMii^ 

ami ^raaoioeft 19l«L ']. 
"The Mastiueiaderfl,'^ wlt£ Otir^l^MH 
Post, at the Curran at )2.6<h;^i»9^^taw.^ ;■ 
around- (SI.OOO in Its engs^lnnit«.t ' bt; 
three weeks. That exceeds, the gross, 
takings for any previous dramatic Plaj - 
. there. The engagement ends this weej^i ' ' 
' At the Columbia, the John B. Kellerd, 
Shakesperean repertoiTB .i8:l^0t^aa y li l i|^t:: 
torlly drawing. 

•■Pollyanna" at the Alcazkr. Js doing' 
well enough to warrant Its reteiition for 
a second week. . ' - -i 

. The "Will King company. With vaude- 
ville at the Casino, is going along to 
profitable business. . Acke<lH a ii ,;>u>d;^ 
Harris have extended .tbe Kin^C^ OfUi?>:;: 
: tract- tor more -weekfc -• r 

itpoes have been going 
h:§>^;!m^'i^0gii^-iaaii&m^ and gathering the 
^'''^^"-'''''■iiiiS!^ getting as high as S< a seat for 
tiolcets that soli at UBS ait th^ lnHf otBce, 
fitiaadiw 'war ta& 

' The Joke of the entire matter to that 
the agency men have te gliie the U. 6. 
Govenunent a report oh thdr atlea,- to 

that the war tax on the excess amount 
oyer the hox-ofUce price may he didy 
tabulated by the revenue officers and the 
government secure its share of the prrt- 
Its. The war tax measure reads that the 
government shall receive 10 per cent, 
tax on the box-offlce price of the tickets 
and the same amount on the 60-cent 
advance that is permitted . the agency 
men. and on all .that the specs get above 
, . ihe 66-cent advai.ce the government la 
fOtHled to SO per cent. Thismeans that 
:. AM agaaekii crt their N cents tewColiy 

'■M-.'-' ■ ■■■■■■■ ■ ■': ' ■ ' . ■ 


The American Burlesque Circuit eea- 
son have been active with -the blue 
pencil and with the season .hot -aiz 
weeks old every show on the wketf has 
been seen with but two enqklons. - 

The two shows that - haven't oome 
under the eagle eye of the eensors as 
yet are Pat mtjte's •YSaleiy OMIT and •. 
'tSrown Up BaUes.'* Keith* of thsae 
attracttons has reoetvod a cdtaa MO «C 
health, ner^ ataadiag anoipt beoiMe 
they .havent. played tenftMor IhVoMdUa 
tor efaimrvatlon, - 

The hoaid oimaiata oC Gea VeA and 
Win. Jenutaga' la tiie Seat while' 1. "O, 
■ HOrit ant Sam Levy do the Weatem 

Bert Rand'k WHie Dottfaad. . 
The wife of Bert Baad. with tte 
"Tempters,". Is being detalaed-ln Caaada 
hgr the Caandian ImnMstatien offidals. 
Band te now on the road with the rifovr 
and will be notifled by the American 
Department of Labor. Mrs. I^nd was 
Vera McFettcrs. 

■ / .•■ •■ 

' Dr. and Mrs. Lovitt, in Chicago, son. 
Mrs. Lovitt is known professionally as 
Majle Tyrell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Warner Paul Richmond, 
at their home in Baltimore, lost week, a 
son. Mrs. Richmond was formerly Felice 
Rcse (Rose-Standish Flayers). 

lAr. and Mrs. Ferdiiand Munler, on 
tbil' oaaat, daughter. The mother is 
knewB HBOfeaatDniaBy ■ aa - Charlotte 
Treaduiwr..- - 
'Mr. .aad. Mti. 4'th«r .Ptawtadool at 
their lume' iil Mew. Tori; pleirt. 12, 

Mr. and im. H. .Beigli, la ■ l^aiidflii; 
England. Sept. IS, daughter. Tho .pa* 
rents play the vimdevtUe aet kMim as 
• MerltfO Oo fl n iten ii^ ' 

Akron,- O., Oct. 1. ' 
Al Llchtman, general manager of th» 
Famous Players-Lasky Film Company,^ 
and H. H. Buxbaum. distributing direc- 
tor, were In Akron this week completing^ 

details for tte Mdldlng V fM'tt'WK 

here. " . ' -■ ■ ■ ■ --. i' ^ ■ 

"We are planning: the praBgntiOB of 
two new picture houses in .'Akron''~and^> 
yoimgstown,". Buxbaum said. ''We- arr:;;; 
also at work on plans for two theatres. : 
at Newcastle. Pai and" Gi esiiiflli|l.'i;^ya;*- 
he declared. • ' • 

KArmwirssHow. ; ^ i;. 

For some rSMMi. Mby Irwia haa M*?' 
reproduced "And iOie "Water's -.Wa^ps*;^: 
put on shortly befoire the" s(ianMr..a^' 

rived. ' ■ 

Miss Irwin was in New Y«fk • lhto<;- 
week, looking about for another proiluc-^ 
ing association in connecUoA with tlie;.. -i^': 
'Ptoy.'aeeMig to --*^ ' -■"^^ 


John Golden has placed Charles AlthofC 
unAer contract for a number of years 
fM. is now looking a play for the former 
vaadevniian. Althoff scored mw mt the 
inOlTliaal hits in the production 9t 
''Thnndsr,*' at thti Ciiterioii. 


"Boiy-Boly Eye*. 
A musical comedy In three acts; book »nd 
lyrlcB by Edgar Allan Wolff: mualo by Bdtly 
Brown and Louis Qreenbeis. . At the VMShST. 
bocker, September St. . 

"Roly-Boly gywf.wai piehrtiy iJeMS the 
puMie tor whWh « ts Istesdeeu-^WoiW. 
•1lely>Bo(y Byti^ nu its iiiulKlcatlons for 
~ Meceat wltk a iniUle that dotes 
'ptajn «C sInMt any kin0.-^-6iu. 

' Jack Cagwiii, "Hello 

• - OecU Cunningham leaves the 'x!recn- „^,_ 
■ wkh' Village Follies" Saturday andv.v V; 

opens with Comstock & Gest's "Rose vt"- % 

China." October 18. UUian Fitzgerald ;. ;? 

Is being. joaniidered to ijeptaM .her .in. 

the "Follleaf^ ■ • ; " - ' ' • • ■■ 

J, i- • ' 

William Jennings, assistant 
manager of the American . 
Association, Is gotaig to leave Ifim fade 
for two weeks' vacation in Bonth CSaio* 
Una Friday. Mr. Jennings Will vWt 
with relatives in that State. 

Burlesque Changes. v 
Al Raymo will replace Lew Welch and- 
EU Walsh will be added to Sam How^O- .-^ 
"City Sports." -foa 

Joe Blrtnem. Fay Shirley and Ja« 
Heenan for rParistan FUrtaT* (Oiarlea 
Robinson). . ' ' ;7| 


Weed fs mlsain^ from New 
0be left the city with msa^ uii' 
jAte litthlnd ber and tt la'reported 
Sr^lMilllet Attorney is Interested In 
- — -i'gpiregeiitirtiere- 


JilM WcM HUM M- N«v r«k from 
Bbatoa etaff latt jHtatBi. INlB fiBMiMttw-; 
atelr established .kiBM«rM s'«« :i6««t 
office bvildlnffriudietiAeajK^dii.llKlMaM; 
to manage and prodace vMdiivftfijI 4mh/ 
booking through the Keith offtee.' llM- 
voman alleged a isoston connection tliat 
vould enable her, she said, to secure the 
Keith booking privilege. At the Keith 
oiBce ' about that time nothing was 
known of Miss Weed aptf ah>i » e .0lttt<i 
no boolcing privilege. ■ ' 

The woman persisted In her vaude- 
Tille attempts, bdt as far as known did 
nothing besides producing one act or 
aiding in its production. The turn 
opened at the Grand Opera House, on 
. Eighth avenue, for a showing. Followr- 
,iBg the first, day memJoers of the act ap< 
;yausd,at the -office of the Vaudeville 
IBMMiera' ftotective Association, mak- 
ing complaint of treatmtat by the act's 
^anageiOMtt. The V. U.'-Pi A. called 
Weed tuK : 

The wife «C Wllllani Birandell, known 
professionally as Bella Brandeli, was 
attttcked by a bsU erased soldier last 
week and aanowly eaeapcd. iMow'ia^ 

Jury. ■■ 

Olen B. Christy, a -tonner lieutenant 
in the A.. aL ifi '-Mnm- \ ttut assailant 
CbrlMy has be«B tseiivvrtag. flram shell 
shOfBlK'r-Bi liad a lai«» stiiek of amnuk 
nltlo#«i||i.wei4HMa:;Ji~lii«' ' " 

■ - A -iiiiirt^^^^^ — 

tr:v--.\ Iier ftnrthir 

in Ifew.Taric 

^..■.Iiiss.Weed..wns:liMt;]h-liM i 
- 'ttefeeeBt^4n«irili^'^iis':t» iriMn^sfete; 

hera.Mitwssk W^'M^ 
A Oreenlroodi « nal estate nan in this 
aUy. ■ Thft'iOtA Ut ths&r.auuir^Ee has 
'SoC'beeB decMed. - ". *- * 
vJillss Fulton is the principal , stock- 
W holder of the Fulton, Oakland. She 
wni leave for New York in a few weeks 
r>: to arrange for the production of her 
f.;; . sew musical comedy, 'The Humming 
Biid," for which the music was written 

l^vlW9 :^^AILZ .iLl BATTLE CREEK. 

• ' Chicago, Oct, 1. 

m?^/ The Bijou (Butterfleld), Battle Creek, 
Iflch., is now -playing vaudeville twice 
daily at 60 cents top. 

W. a Butterfleld Intimates that inay 
lecome. 1h»: vMntmi. tmUer «n Us 
•Ircuit ■ . 

. The opening of Butterflold's new 
.;„v. Segent at Flint, Hieh., seating 1.600. Is 
•■■ "aiiw-.set .t<ir -JaiB;.'lf' ■ - — ■ • 

i- r^ - San Francisco, Oct 1. 

: Alina Grant returned here from the 
Orient on the Nanking last week, aftn- 
eight in'ontiia with th(& Banvard ICoaleal 
Comedy company, which was organised 
i) this city, iflfls Grant teperCar.dthe 
OAqw is doing a big baataetss. ■ ^ ^ a^^^^^^^^^^^ 
:^>BplAK-B^ toft. th« abiiw sC fOtMg' 
mJfiif. airit'-mrttaK- jo Wm Orant' .:«rfli 
^f'^iaaicy - wtii^ AijijipiiY. ^iM» f|jit (iwn-jjiPB^ 
^^StBAomd) wttdn he net la CUniu ' 


^i^r Pittsburgh, Oct. 1. 

t Master of Ballantrae" Is at the 

Shubert-Pltt with Walker Whiteside as 
ita star. It's a Wuter Haat Bcbducitioii. 
•bowing here for the 

Ciuujges are being _ . 

to the ptay amearlaB la K«w Toiib 

The sattinr Is a ftatna^' Budi set Is 
*layed M ttm, nn» Insi Mk. kot a 
dUCerent^nr la smb tIniN ^Thls 
; Inds eoipliMlls to entete nwin i B eits oC 
the Piece. 


A eonedy la three acii, by riiiBnJi|natHf . 
. At^Jlie Bllos, September 28. 

' some witty linea and s human 
the farelcal altuatioiu from 

. at WW 


tt«t:*Aa aMluui«« 
tfeat its astfeir bai<*«i* 
eat eC IMIIsy— . 

fired at Jlta, Bnuidan t|noii|ii a will- 
dow by tie halt ctaaed seiaiar. 4nw. 
nptiiled thb, police, who arresteiA -Mn. 
and discovered the young arsenial' in' 
his rooms. 

Realizing his condition the court pas* 
doned him, stipulating he remove from 
his present residence at 626 West 188th 
street. He was immediately rearrested 
by the police on a charge of violating 
the Sullivan (Are arnw) -ter laif .^fertl 
in »2.0O0 ball. - • .. • ■ : i.^:. 

- ' Baltimore. Oct. 1. 

Mond&jr, at Ford'i. Cbarles Dtlllagham present. 
ed for the first time on any atai^' a new 
operetta by Fritz Kreliler and Victor Jacobi, 
eoUtled ."Apple Bloaaoms." It nay be said tttat 

is aoitesra VM eelr Is'thirasir play 

a' mmleal eomedy of-. su' iirei B B elesanee and oM* 
time mwleal dicntty, b«t tt la addltioiiailr later, 
estinr In that it totKbcs chord of altnost'for* 
(otten beaaty^vevlvlnr, aa It does, the memory , 
of those hauotiof Vleaaeae pporettas that 
relsned auprenK before the Bnsllah and Amer> 
lean antlwm e( liglit muaieal Mtertalnmsnt over- 
nsi. tks aaU. Ths aair. tev the ,an«*n4 
ssM . st h pnakn piescMatieh Is the waakoeas ot 
tko bo«k..''ne. thjpeH ^^^^f- '^-^f ^'^ - tm ■- 
Bwbi^lsr-liia-lftiNtle la eM oiMi'^ llii fawi 
erer enlertalalnsiy. sad aenres Ita beat pnrpoai. 
as the aettlv for the moalcal entertatmneat' 
The flrst scene takea place at a (rlrl's boardtac 
school, the heroine entaelng herself to her 
cbmn'a brother. But a marrlaso has already 
beaaanaiised for her. and shs is carried off by 
to'iaarry • rich yoons man whbni atie 

piOir. "tfc^ i Saiit' waiirlsd ptf^em^' 

tinae their affairs with ;thelr former flamea until 
a divorce seema imminent,- and the ancle agrees 
to arrange this for them and then they decide they 
don't want it, as thty have by that time fallen in 
love with each other. The story ia not very 
closely knit. The action beinr very i^ggy. espe- 
eially ia the flrst act, and at times in the last 
Ml,L 9«'wssk-hiiw as yiijt a trite laiis and too 
'^aiBss, tat; wUft .napMUona. .a tehiBsrwl 
as, at SMW-er itiii nAat pimalMs 1^; ; . 
.nm Suie W sUSWll^las oi^^ 
•t aBi' Mt tms ia one ot Its aittraetlons, It any- 
(ki^ althottrh it ia probablo that oooMdy In a 
Udkler v«itt of some lort wilt be Intcodnced'-be. 
fM« It flnlAes its run here preparatory to going 
H Uanhattan for the triater. It is Bow m aliao. 
lately tfratgbt op«f«tls. U will go dlieat to the 
Olobe. New York. 

Much credit Is due to Fred G. Latham and 
Edward Rdy ce.. who staged the production, for 
the daneinc-aad.eaatable nunltera. which leave 
aotUng SMN to ke tftalred. The DUIIngham 
ehonja waa prM«at|.ita tf^. sad they iai« 
an attraotlva leoklaK «eiMtioB oC sfcls sSd awn, 
, '?"'"^l5')M*' well. 

■nalgMT coatnmea are.niade of tho.rlchaat 
ftfcilas asd, aa lii all recent ' sndaSUanb an 

wdftna la color, in the tint snsnii ntroiieM 
wean gray. The bridal aceiie is eostoned In 
pini(, and the reception scene In green, the ball 
scene in purple. In this wondorfnl scene gowns 
made ot feathers are worn. The scenery is 

. Urban, and Is remarkably, done tiirougbout. 
! Y>M' «> alsr east e('"4Mto Bloasonis" Is ad- 

mraWr ihtaaa, and It wanU bs auneolt to imag. 
ina a better aulted - muI' IHMa .3anaatt. wba 
sings the leading. rote, tea «eliMitfal flgare, and 
although In the flrst act tier voIm was weak, 
probably due to nervousneaa, It strengthened per. 
eeptlbly after the flrst song, and after that all 
her nuiahera went big. John Charles Thomas 
alnga the r o|« of tba dlasatisfled' husband, and 
■Side 9mm a tar SHsnerlama was quite perfect 
p aa taaOlBg eC ths aatay songa whiob earns 
kla way, Re.d««a not anew antlt the second 
set. and when h«j did be stened Itke Skew ter 
■nreni minute*, as be was at one time a local 
concert singer and lived here for many years.' At 
.tte end of tfaia act the appUtuse was so long 
sad tumultuous that at last Ur. Krelaler was 

. ftreed to go up on the stage from the audlenee 
nd safssMUy aekaowiedgo the reeepthm. to be- 
tttif i>f tbii wsnsgBwent: " 

As the wUe^s fbmr Insile.' TS-Olial XaiaM 
Is deiightfoi, as la also. .FMrsaea Shlrlay, (he 
widow, with whom the hnabaad had been hav- 
ing a little allair. Rena Parker and Roy Atwell 
contribute moat of ths element ot comedy eta 
valet and maid. 
BacIi one of the composers lias contrlbulod 

. ebovt the same amount of music, with' r >. 
Jhoobl'a by far the moat nutdorn and haimtiag 


The possibility of a biff boom in the 
cabaret line, which was appaireht 19 
days agOk h> gradually weakening, dtis 
t» mdjbm- loerease of saloon pro- 
prietors nsMny aiiplleotlons for a re» 
vivfffitrttllbiima^ Oioaiih the new 
llB«u» trill MBlr carry thant' to Jan. .11. 
itm; iitea. Ma Bsrteymm is liptea- 
idiiB to. go to hls -graiva. W^Mj^ vliootiM 
"M'-Ufmir. Tork City, im^-'ti» (tea/da«i ' 
ago) appiied for a th^ months* 'UMUNb 
but since that time 100 have heoi en- 
rolled; The many belated applications 
is due to Jim fact that the bonding com' 
panles hate diinbleid their 
bonds.. - ''-^ "■'■■'''. 

Raymond Midgeley Is producing a new 
revue at Bockwell Terrace, Brooklyn, to., 
open early this month. In the <».st tire 
included BUeweila Lloyd, Rene lAiiyiTf, 
Flo Wells and Miller and Uack. 

Cabaret proprietors, who have beeji 
Jubilant all week over the perslsteint 
rumors that the. official demobilization of 
the arfliy will be announced, were lifted 
to heights of ectasy Wednesday by. the 
news that the Suprc;me Court of <Hil6« hy 
a yote o€ ff to 1, hasr^deei^ed that' |1ie 
L'eglala:tBre..«loBe 4ws;>w»'.Uie^ 
raUfy the^ast of X^fttlounNbiittlUMi. 
and'tlmi tt TCQolns a nfjfeBdnM^irii^^ 

■ M tbr toeoi^ . Tlie A&ti>ailiE^ 

. Is the dsdjslM and tt ncW 
be talten at once for review to the United 
fiKates Ehipreme Court^-. ; 
- iSlnillar actions have. be«i». bnMtght la 
other States. ■'' . ' 

The efCect of the decision is to deciai^ 
that ratidcatibn is not complete merely 
by acts of the Legislature in States hav- 
ing referendum law; it the proper' de- 

■ mahd for a popular vote he made. The 
. aq^endment cannot take effect. untU a 

sfter ratification is 

Montreal, Oct. 1.' 

After an absence of four years from . 
the vaudeville stage. Alice Lloyd re- 
appieared here yesterday before a ca- 
pacity audience and received the heavi- 
est ovation ever tendered a vaudcvilllan 
in this city. 

After doing 40 nilnutcs. the andlMice 
wanted more. Miss Ltdyil reUnid iHih 
a speech. . 

Her song repertoire starts with 
''When Tbu Come' Nea* Miei.*'' ' Nekt wis 
"Jn the Old yktorian Oayi" (with hOop 
skirt costiuneX, then an raiglisAi^ e^^ 
song, 'TJifi irow First "Wlte' Bvdr Do 
Thatr* and; fho.jMnKt 4K noviaty. tiaivibar'. 

'Tou uthp; ;4iiid iMhir mmk^ the 

andleiloe waajaskad |o Jobi In Una -ebor- 
us with aMr::iMiras thrtiwiii cat a M«en. 

•Miss Lloyd's • fifth ioiig was^ 1 Ci^t 
Forget the Days When I Wm TOttng." 
SVIjhVwlng .this a request invitation to 
the andleaee brought responses for 
"Splaish^Me"^ and for her filial encorie 
Miss Lloyd sang 'Who Are Tou Get- 
ting At, Ea?" 

Several floral offerings passed over 
the footlights to Miss Lloyd at the 
opening performanpes. 

Others on the Princess bill this week 
are Yalentlne and Bell. Foley and 
O'Nell Helen Gleason and Co,, Jos. L. 
Browning; Rath Brothers. Idorrls and 
Campbell, jfolfaiieii and StaaMnd. - 

of the two. He has contributed most of the 
ensemble numbers and duets. . 

Adete and ITred .Aatalro grve two ohai|iiIns 
daaoiac Bfsaslan that are way above the amr* 
age and ate ftsUnctive. due to the gmes «( the 
Strl and tba eiaveraeas ot the boy. Oilio A^.ls 
ma V i a g las the ooai p any. Tbero waa as etalMSIm 
of thirty-tra Msoes andsr the dlnetlsa el vm- 
lUm U. Daly that sboau als» eoiis la ta' apis»> 

Not for some time in this city has so much 
Interest been raised by a premiere, and .with' a 
I2.B0 charge toe the wkoie Srat floor and a 
raise to t> fresUsed later la the mtk, the 
hrasA, a^wttbstaadlna was paehsl. Che < 
slaSBi vAIdi amds Itseit f elt at all 
bave.bem a Jggr te the K s ft isii 

' • ' Olteote. 

Ethel Hal), formerly private eecrctary to 
Mack Bennett and now a resident of Denver, 
has filtd suit for $10,C0O against Wallace A. 
Colemaii, alletlng breach of.pronilae. Colmaan 
ia assistant' aalcs monafsr - tir the - Oa ertele t 
Aatomobile. Company. '^ 'v. '" 

' ; Philadelphia, Oct. ■ ■ 

Of the two new attractions thla Weelc, 
George White's "Scandals of Iflld". got 
by far the better returns. The show; 
opened to a capacity house Mondiiy^.; 
made a decided hit with the press utd'^v 
public, and It is estimated that it MiiimA 
to do at least 920,000 this week iPthe 

■SVWrest. "'^.,4?^^;??:. 

The other show, Bomey. BernaiiCM^ 
•The Hon. Sani B:ar«s/V.i^i(»peiBiiH* 
well at the Aiaifta^iiiiuie^ 
has. har41]yBotteQ^%der -iM^AS^ 
mrdwon iSvimr hwa ie^^yiitatftter^ ohafa«terik''^-i^- 
thiiig Of jtha sania MHrt M ia tM^mmi 
hew 'pleee.-- The pM(i»;tiilookea 'v9ttti>ii^% 
a hlt.,.^:. .'i^. • ■■■~: ~'i^'.y' --.:.S''>^ 

All the dthllr. legithBaie:iM«s In iitfitHir-- 
were holdovers, except "The Lbgle oC ^: 
, Larry? at the Walnut. This piece, whl^' ^ 
. has Barry MoCohhacfc ois its star; iesiihe.^ 
In llrom its opening at Scranton wtth v 
glowing press notices and was very well 
received here. It did verjr good bus- 
iness ^Monday night at the popular scale. 

The Al Jolson show at the Shuhert.. 
is the big money tmaker, with no let>«qp.:i 
in Us draw, . playing to capacity aliiiowt;! 
every show, and with the sti^dght";^"^ 
downstairs ln-rogue%4sA9ilBii#w>W|P^ 
ton of money. ■ ■il'3.';":'v 

Florence Reed in "Roads ot.i)«it|^d^ : 
Is dohig fairly, at tho ^l4r;t^ ~ aaiCtW 
move BatiMay to' aiato 'ti«9:^ior^ ':^ 

■Bast" ; ' ■■ -r^r^T^^si 

' " The Gallo Opera ComiMuar 'liMil'biMittv 
uniUfle to d* at the: CijwirtinH'^^ 
opera house, . . Wldle, tb^ ■epmpiuiy . 'iaiS 

week. , .i-?:*^'; -u 
^.^"Ihiraa^lfWei |Basfc''.one o^.the.I^5 
4^uaas Ivw^ tara lonitrlfane, Is atitt doiii#' 
flde.bttslness at the Oitrrlck, and has a%%^i 
otheir wMfc.'tb stay. .' Mrs. Klsk^.Is: drsklisfei 
bg medium busine8.tjii "jWii^iS^i^iaPj 
irOrUmns" at the Broad. ^^^''^^^ ^^ v? 


:.V.v-^"fl»: : 



Wo do not-reOih the lkmr.fkNs, <ViMi^ 
du Cran,'^ l,iiat pipdooed at the -iScala; b«t':^ 
amhoM, Andre/.Binon and Mbttesy-BoB,^.fet? 
pttnty of laughs, and (t may haW a gpod nui^. 
ao It can be reported aa somewhat a looat Swr- '; 

iPaauuot does not gft to war, but . is draite^ 
late adniliilBtiallae. ismti -.he > inidom . ap|i«st« 
aad lita fMead Bartiaad.'|ii^^ bton de^iivrsd, 
phyateally unQt for awviesi; fl«pl*Bot,'~ asaji^i^ 
tM name of ^Pa^urol. SoMlsr Pamatttt Is^w^ 
mately called for' service on the frmt,'.-sli'vt!(rw 
trand has to go, whero he achlevea cloiHnif 
deeds under - the name of X>amaM>l« . adv:.^|i^> 
awarded the military croas, ThnS'-^"***^^- 
decorated for being a slacker, 

Betbead Is vttie- tarter brother of 
ntlstfsas, siia.llMrt'lte:a a|ls<:Hp..whaB 
Friquette, r nnM' ItUipits Ennmt<6l. - llEoiioi 
the sitnatka' ireimyiMilea. Vbta thSM 
Bertrand (in the persoi^ oC PauianM). IS 
to the army ' to linderso ' a -'(lirnirr 
examipatlon, and kept in bsmeks.' BS ti huSjt^ 
tied by his' commanding officer bocausa yrll^ 
quette declines the advances of that ifipertn';' 
but she flastly. savep her lover's fotsfv Ww^:- 
rylng favor with^he ofllesr. ' . 
- nMm..,'ls:.a'-taaMir' 
bbwk liMper . ivho, is: 

It's a wonder hbw the Troneh.<eens«r. t|N^ 
have tolerated su<h a faroo, pattlouU^ f iiii. 
tbese times. It may be extremely ftintky.' ^^niti 
ia no oompliment to Treneh pIlMKWtJghts.i^^; 

.Iiateel Simon, .the star. . is, aC/teuripe,' diy«(l«V' 
lag Is .the tele-'e(-Caiaiirali\^v; '::/:':vn:;;'4-;^^ 

■ '' ^- ■ ■!= '''/'■V ^^y;.v'j'^-:Alif;i 

fMfVJUl 0I|8W VMS 

• 6f the t.5(Mi ;e«|.:ioiaSie iif.,._,__ 
adittatment to tha Batii^.: sbwe^ ,?^ 
strike vt^M. tiuw<lt twoeks^ 
seron have' been;: soCtled*-' '-v.:' 

The remaining, cases ire. Louise T|l«i 
den, Henry Warwick, Olive' Heeyes 
Smith, .Eugenie Young find J3d Taylbi^ 
of the "Better 'Qle" against Chas. Co* 
burn; Eddie Garvey, of "Listen Les« 
ter" against John Cort. . and Louiao, 
Bydmoutb ot "TlUlai.'* agailhst iQek 
Tyler. f'^ 

These will come up for cohstderatloa 
this - week at d meeting of tba joint 
arbitration board with an. umpire. .'{^^ 
render final decision. .'Iti^ 





Another picturs theatre opened la FJatlHIh^'.v 
Colo., tost WSsk, OBtMsg ttM seeoad saelit'vtfttif' 

VOL. 1. NO. 22 




Will coptaia tb« MGOod in- 
■fUlfaient of "Amusements in 
.^nrope," by Hayden Talfaojt 


Two Sunn Bnape Blue 

-Wati' - ■ 

, saw 4>M^El|efta Burlesque Couon 1 

'ipmta ana to date; with tlie sctteon only 
%^ weeks oM, every liiow en tlM wbedl 
^>«m vhtt* wutM yimi-Wf- two - 

that haven't come 

•!« oC ib» eenwn are 
^ ^ite'i 'YSelety GMrta" and 'XSrowa 
Vp Babies-** Neither of these atbtic- 
tlMui have received a clean bill of 
iMBlth, merely etaitdliw eanmyt bc«aiwe 
tlMy haTettt ^InraA twfltaT fMNKatIa 
fln* observation. 

• Tiie Board conaists of George Peck 
aind nmta J*mim» the But. while 

ICnrie! Tomig; the aixteen-year-old 
daughter of Mrs. Arthur P. Eggleston, 
a wiealthy Boston proprietor of a chain 
tf theatres In Springfleld, Mass.; Vine- 
yard Haven, Masa^ and her own city, 
im Cound here by Mary Hamilton, a 
1T«W Tork poUeewoniaii, after an ab> 
leoce of seveml days tttm her home. 
,^T1M girl had nia away from boardiac 
■ehool af tet an iante aeeident, which kai 



Bllillioiu in Business Lost to Local Printers— Manf Faileil 
to Send Their Work Out of Town antf Are Caught 
Sliort— Strike Involves 250 Plants— 44:Hour 
Wedc and $14 Increase Deauukled. . . > 

' ■■■■ / : ■■ ' 


Gives Miss Bloom Letter to Ges> 
' aid Du Maimer to Initiate { 
Tbat Idea in London and 
On tiie Continent. 

The walkout yester^ by 10,000 press 
men and feeders put a crimp Into billing 
proKress. Especially among the inde- 
pendent producers of Alma who are 
waltlns Cor their campaign Iwoks. press 
buU^tlns, etc, to exploit their respecUve 
features, a keen note of anxiety showed 

Despite warnings, u good many pro* 
ducers filled to give their orders dse- 
Wben^ spliikelpany out of town, and axe 
ttitiig: Mt In the Inevitable tie-tipw. 
' It was catlmtad.l«te yeatiitday alMir- 
noon that mmiQMi «( «rtln». vactt eC 

from theatrical firms in the city was 
lost to local printers. Most of this 
work was given over to pfinters in Chi- 
cago, and Kastem attractions hereafter 
mi- -t wire to the 'West for adequate bill, 
lug matter. 

The present strike involves and actu- 
ally tied up 250 printing plants oQier 
than newspapers, .ncludingr those of 
magazines, trade papers and periodicals. 

Tht strike la the result of the fkttiiM. 
of Mfloiye iM and pnasnen «ad faeden 
. to M to ilM aoMads U ' 

SalliDE on the Caronja for Euroii. 
were itc. and Mrs. Sol Bloom and their 
daughter, Yera Bloom, an '^esii« 
Telegram" staff writer, who will spend 
three months over there gathering data 
for a series of political articles for 
"Harpers," as wen as theatrical "dope" 
<for the Sunday editions of her newspa* 
pars. Daniel IVohman has given VM ■ 
Bloea a letter .<tf latrodnctkMi -to Oendl 
Da HMnicr. . ao# stanring In Dnt 

lea. Jliai 
■after 'three 

A prize of (600 is being offered 1^ , 
Bogs Bflsealrtd for fba best o ve r t ure 
anbnltted to 1dm beAiie Ifardi SI. ISM. 

The competition is open to any composer 
resUttiig In this ce aatr y aad the only 

VK0 9BBEBB iS (OUtm, 

too dUDcnti lor Mttore to prevent its be- 
ing played wUk m. llndted nnmber of 
Wr tki 

aereens Instead or one will be 
at the Capital Theatre. One, for 
topical features, news reels, short com- 
edies, eto, located IBS .feet trma the 
opwrattog^iaenu Is It ftak iMgh asd-14 

■ '' y M wi i|* tw»; fcift. ta iBn.viwr Is Ae 


A letter to A. P. Albee from^ Cbailes 
' Q. Kilpatrick posted In the Keith Ex- 
; «kange. caOs attention to an insurance 
policy off«:ed by the North Amerlcaa 
Accident Insurance Comjiatv of Chicago. 
. It. Is didBed to be tie oidr " ~ 

er. ittjtiiy irbfle 

bat sbnad. 

a dtyblock. This 
and II fset wMs. 


IS. td isd and iff; 
aad «bN lai^iPf 
a- CMattty ocean' 

a akto grafting 
her .beauty. 

Mm aC iAa 

d t ra etw ' the SdiolR Oaatomai; W. 

"W. Htnnlston, assistant director of the 
PhUharmonlo Society: Josiab Znro, an 
operatic personality; Edward Palck, di- 
rector of musie at Aeolian Hall; Otto 
Langey. of the orchestral department 
of GL j^dllnner and Co.. and Bmest 
eeaductor at the RivoU. 

..■ : fc" . 

of pof ormers Is feoated. It i 
aot itay your agents any mor»tlMUi 
I per cent." The agents -ta the Pntaan 

BulTdhkg aire cognisant .of the fact. 


' Plttoburgh. Oct. 1. 

"The Master of Ballantrae" Is at the 
Shubert-Pltt with "Walker 'Whiteside as 
its star. It's a 'Walter Hast production, 
showing for the first time on this side. 

Changes are uelng made preparatory 
to the play appearing In Mew Tork. 

The setting is a feature. Bach aet la 
played In the same large room hot a dit- 
fareat view ts seen each time. This 
taada emphasis to the action of tlM pleea, 

fmUaai Anthony Magnlre has been 
caned la to f*-wilto tta f lr l i wmto B aC 

Th^ are 400 of euch policies h^ bf 
members of the Bamum and BaUcgr 

Mrs. FraAk Tbmey is suing Stbd 
Stern for |25 as a result of a Boatoa 
bulldog sale by the latter. Mrs. Sten 
refused to refund the a^hag piico of 
$26 when the canine was retmned. ^ 

Teetnr Kamarl ft ha ai. CbliMgoi 
publisher, has porphiueA an : 
issues. Including Chaplfai's 
travesty. Xremer will surround tt* : 
<5haplln picture wltb a Spanluh n«vW:> 
and place It in « New Terik: Immis pif^Hi 
run, about Oct. 18. • ■ . / -^^ 

tt DAILY YARiBT f of ]%ar»dbti^?:0««^ 


===== ==-|g|a' 


Not Enough in It for Latter— Abrant of Uiiited AftisU Gets 
IS fdr Cent and Wanted S From GolKUryn— EzIuIh 

•r ^i>iton Roflur About Fairbanks' Prices. 

One Demands a Rebate. 

d^al ' between Om' 

|;viVBitod ;4HIMr:. Ooi^Pi^ and Oold- 
Ti^' wya, jifl^'lec -irhlch .t^ .1«t^ ocganizar 
li'; 'tiMi'wM (o dlstHbiiCe^die productions of 
^.l ' tK(»''^lflr F^ur.'' Jii«'!j|«iyDlt8l]r been dei- 
» - clared off. The attorn^ and the prin- 
p;' clpals are novr on their wa/ Bast and 
t - are due In New York tomorrow, 
fe,. Under the plan which Hlrani Abrams 
■ Juui to the release ot the United pic- 
|;' tures. he receives 15 per cent of the gross 
tor hla share In marketing the pictures. 
^■ His arrangement with Goldwyn was to 
have been for 8 per cent, which would 
have netted' him t per cent lor having 
i: originally held the contract- for dl"tribu- 
f - ^tlon. 'The Gtoldwyn people Would have 
; -• 'been laboring under a loss to distribute 
the pictures on such a percentage, but' 
they believed that the prestige ot mar- 
• keting the pictures of the four.lilgl attt^ 
. W9uld bare r^MUd thoa for the.attdiil 
S^-' -low;'-"-- " • ■ 
i'/ Repwrts thju fi«ve ftae^ New Toirtc 

'. firsni varioiis parto.^ j^e-ebantrsr on tlie • 
' first Douglas Fairbanks 'pleturei "His 
Majesty, the Americaiu" have been 
'rather disappointing from the eibifoltor's 
'standpoint. The market price' that Was 
pJaced on the picture was 'a6 higli in 
most Instances that the exhibitors can- 
not come out on top. •' 

One row that has cropped up was the 
rental of the picture for two weeks to 
Harry Leonhardt on the Coast for $5,000. 
In San Francisco the picture vras rented 
for one w^^at $1,SOO, and this brought 
a yell from the Leonhardt fiu*i4a,'wUeh. 
demanded a "kick-back." 

In the Paraunount daj^s the cost of 6p- 
.eratlng the sales department, which was 
under, the directiMKof Hiram Abrama at 
that time, dlways ran over 17-,per cent 
of - the gross. Therefore . it baa. been 
raither Hard to figure how he was going 
to manlpolate to get the "Big Four" pro* 
idnetkMS over on a 15 per cent imib 
Htfi»fr'«-^rollt foFfifniiself . ■ "■. 

^^T'^ HC^iqu^^ the Aetor< 

l^v ••Equity and the Vaudeville Branch of- the 
%oar A's (White Bats) held a Joint ses- 
P^^Im' ia tb» Sfultr. offlcep yesterdajr. ' All 

'of - the applicatlbaa xebetyed -. -br the 

^ Bquity daring and since the strike, were 

fc?v '";gpne over and those determined by the 
y-'-' "committee as coining within the juris- 
' diction ot the ■Vaudeville Branch were 
;> placed on £Ie. The applicants will- be 
jjotifled durhig the week, that they have 
ri.: .been transferred -to the Vaudeville 

jis?:',.: Jim I£arco headed the Vaudeville 
^^^Branch committee and Paul Dalzell the 
.Baulty committee. The exact number 
of Biciattr members to be transferred, as 
ja nsal^ of tb« oommittee's declsioBS 
■•;*»» Mt teon tab^pateS as jt/L -. 

; Before tbe .CaxMiia left ; port " Sir 

a Bitiivaxd on tbo' tmmI« kD0#a 

^^;^i>iwleTiUe circles ia Bvdpe tn Don 
i^C<.^MiHw .was permitted to land, thanks 

' Samael Qofawyn expects, to «M Ibr 

the British capital a month from this 
Friday's date. .He is speeding, bock to 
Kew Yoric flrom Culver citr and is due. 
next .]?rlday. 

- iThe' Woman in' Room 13". and "Reads 
*d! beMB]r,'' liot^ tiie.iif9P«rtr of A. 
Woods, are now being filmed. 

In the United Kingdma Gtoldwyn fea- 
tures are disMbirted-ihroogir tile Btehl 
Company in Londonl While Mr. Qolid- 
wyn is In Europe. Jeffrey Bemerd, gen- 
eral manager for .Stohl,- will tpend some 
time in New Tork with the object of 
enlarging, pians for Stohl rtiltaM- ia 
America through Goldwyn. 

It was al^o said that the Stohl Com- 
pany, might become flnaooial factors ip 

of Oen. Sir Arthur 
_ «t1ttii»" JWUitfi army, who la sail 

^£ a!*' have brought Influence to bear in 
artist's behalf. Grimes had been 
•rossing and re-crossihg fhe Atlantic 
ttuiumerable times in an effort to . se- 
cure admittance to America, lia-vlng 
■ jyn prevented from doing so u^der the 
:Jfi^tract labor laws. 


Cincinnati, O., Sept 30. 

• Ira O. Ison, known professionally as 
Oeorgo Leon, playing here with UiO 
'Ualds of America" at the Ol/mpla. baa 

. ped suit £oF divorce agataist Bei^ 
uon. oewheaUng; W. Va, diaigtas- iia. 
Sdeutr. anegiiiK hsr m|sw>aaiw?f to iNtii* 
^ bflCMt. lNt liw aAsr OM4r 

"^taarriaeo la Ml* 


. "And AU. the King's jBtocaea.? tte l9bor 
aud capital play .vxtttea .by ISottm Am»» 
paonar, lo oe pmnnea ay im OBMUUk 
vuUhmwUs aremiere la BiIttaofit lMi 
Oct if* These engaged to pfay the piin- 
■ «|pal -roles, .ate Katberya Kiddbw, Tyrone 
fiowecK Howard A^loe WOsoa-aad 
Lark Taylor.. .'V 

HofFmtm Rewriting His Play. 

, "Welcome Stranger," the now produc- 
tion oomlnff from the Cohan & Harris 
Ann, la being rewritten by Ita author, 

. Aaron Hoffmaiv prior to Its 

Cecil Cunningham leaives the "Green- 
wich ViUago Follies" this Saturday 
night and opens with Comstock.a Gesfa 
«Rose of Ghlva* Oct IS. . UlUaa Rttn- 
gerafd id belag eoaeidored Co nplMe her 
ia tke TWUmo 

Tr»ae-Mftrk ReeUtereil. \ l^-^^i 

Dally (Except Sunday) t>f'~r..^n 

' "A Scream in Um Night^ a ^fllnlek 
feature, will replace "The Miracle Man" 
at the Broadway Theatre on Sunday. 
Despite- the bust that. The ^lOraele 
ICaa" iHui been doing aa InuriMM' tNial- 
•e«. at the lMaa^ .it waa. decided ikM 
it would be adviaaMe to 'take It oK 
of Broadway after a als week ran. The 
picture was projected at the Oeorge M. 
Co.haa Rivoli .and Broadway theatres 
ftnr two 

: .?riie: wUe of 'Wiiltan, Brand^U; (Beqe;. 
'Bniindeil) tra at^^ jilUiXtr 
soldierbMt^^iije^ WtnimAt; 

.-injury. :. 

dim B. '0>risty lleii.t<aajit 
in the A. &fF; was the 'assailant Christy ' 
has. _b«e^^i^^eCtireirlag; aheU^sl^ck 
and 'hadV(k|^ posiasSliwit .a-'ttnge- «bide 
of -ammunition and weapons in his 
apartment in the same.- building with 
his near victim. 

A rifle loaded with buck shot was 
fired at Mrs. Brandell' through a window 
by the half -crazed soldier. She noti- 
fied the police who arrested : him and 
diaeoywMt the. young. ariniiilL.'JIii. IJs 


Realizing his condition' the court par- 
doned him stipulating that he remove 
ft«m Ills present restdene^ 'at 625 West 
ISSth Mreet. He was Immediately re- 
.. arretted by the . police on a charge of 
vtehutlag the Sullivan taw and held hi 

i Cent. 

Annual... ^.v..... 13 Foreign. 

• - Albanyj N.-T., Oct I. 

Areadhi Photoplay Ooii^ ^ietine ^^fh. 
atres. 110.000; Manhattan. Monica A. 
Smith, Anna^ H. Bpgan, Beatrice B. 

Head, .19H Washlivtm KVWHMk^Bnolt- 


Link Film Co.. pictures, flp.dOO: .Blan- 
hattan. Joseph H. Ijuaj^ntHh. Hatai 
Lapgrock. ISdward M. 
.Eastern .FatMniy. 

Italia o( 

-Tork. • - •;■ 

. . Roet'ft.Bldrldge Combined 8hMiK-iao« 
pictures, $3,100. /phan W; .Auwni^-.Tt 
West 48th street. New Toirk. ' 

Bergmaii Nayan Studio. Inc.- theatri- 
cals, $10,000; Manhattan. Bmlle Hap- 
good. Mary H. Klrkpatrick, Robert W. 
Bergman, 30 Middleton avenue, Jsunatca. 
li. I. 

Diamond Amusement Corp., pictiures, 
$3,000; Manhattan. XiCopold ■ Priedman, 
David Blum, Matue Hanunerstoin, 1493 
• Broadway, New York. 

Star Laboratory, Inc., pictures, $3,000; 
Manhattan, Same as above. 

"Where's Tour Wife" Co., theatricals, 
$22,000: Peekshiil. N. 7. Robert S. 
Doubteday. Dennis J. Harrington, -BUsa* 
both J. Alanader. Peekiktt, M, T- 


B. Btwajlne, Leoii XMifBnaii. IM West 

TMh street Ne wTorfc. 

Amsterdam Stadtos,. Inc., plcturea, 
$500; Manhattan. A. Gevlrtzl, Ida Gov- 
irtzi, Alex J. Bimberg, 220 West 43d 
street, New Tork. 

Oscar Hammerstein, Inc.; capital, 
$20,000. Emma S. Hammerstein, 049 
West ESnd avenue; George Blumentfaal, 
21 West 27th street; J. S. D w i l tehj , 333 
Broadffay, New Tork. 

Blessing Producing Company, theat- 
rical; capital, 15,000. William Morris 
and William Morris, Ir, IM Ft, Wash- 
ington avenue ; Henry B. Dizey, Fort 
.Washington, L. I. 

. .JIareus. XiOew Bealty Corporation; 

aiotlflia pietwM j cacir oa b«sineaa with 
.Jtsm9^.. M»it!m' lMem^:ii>im .Bern? 

atelilr H II. SdMMk; 14M BNodway, 

NewTocfc. • 

.VOI«. 1. 
V I ■■■ 


N'o. 23.- 

Show biislness always gets" thQ:,wItt4i^^^'Ki^^ 
of It. Just as soon as the managora-'tt- ;^^^ 
nounce they we going to build -Iw; 01^^ - 
twenty million dollar theatres, the;ite^.>. ^ -'^ 
workers go out and hold up the work bk ^i. 
the girders. It Just makes a j)rw%iL$mk%:,j^^ 

work twioe aa^lNuid. 

' Soinio of the entertainers who w*rc' flr? 
France are now looking around for a ..i;?^^ 
new wan so they can. gio to .iiJ^ again. ^jSjr 

The . doak. and suit' ,biurfa^^|t^»i»^ 
have some exclusive feiMtliir* J ;eiaf ;^r^^^ 
them was a tailors* strike twice a ye?(Jr.. 
Nowadlays-T^weU. need we go futth^t ^ 

■' ■ CfiwiS/Freaks' of -the. Fu|^^ 
ikaq who nev^r-weiit ottt.Mata^^^^ 
. Man who; was ..b«v«i|: ,«|iieB4..t^ ^l^^!^ 
union.- . '.. i^ "'""" 

Uttle bcr.>ithi!ifWOa-jfilt^^ 
a penny. ■;• ■'.T'fS{^Siiii 

" ^ong wrltoff! whosoever ini^^ 
■DIxiel ■''■■ ■:'V:/'-}M;y« 

Landlord who ia loved by his t^ai|l| 
Week-end guest who really enioiit 
himself. • . . :-yv^; ^■■^'h'f 

Wife who liked her husband's sleiidf !iv>;; 
raphen ■ ' : . ^ ' 

Actor who didn't "make the part"'hfan« ' 
■•elfc- - ■ ■ ■ -* ... 
■ ^Author who.dlda't bhkiM th^vfaU^fnl^ 

: :lj|»vle'«oiq»aadyp-^ 
money by wdhs the 
tras" hi alt the niOb 

The Italian poet Vho atarted. Jijifr! 
war roust have Just repelved^jfclitlBO' 
ment from a miislc publisher. '•■ 

What ever became of all those wiw 
books the boys were working ont If 5«m. - ;>.^^^:;^^^ 
try to sell one now, Uioy -a* yoti wtat^'^/;^^ • 
wMr-yMt.afereftrii^.to;-: ---/m-'^m^^ 

Newspaper headline rieiids, 'KJIrl Who . 
Ctota Uanrled as Means ol^ SttVipEOrtPJduA 


trouble— o^rybody is so biiarv 
tbetr own stuff they' h«v«i» thtfo^f 
the«tte*«ilw»*,-.- -"r .'•- •^'^^v 

King Albert of Belgium is on his way 
to America. This will give the.s^ewatk: 
comedians a great ehaaoe ioahowt^^'Vdv^^ 

know met Ali" . ' "^ 

Women are making night inspections 
of tbe New York food markets. The boy" 
lu^i;tt.b!Ma..dolng.t^ same on W»';dc|^;: . --^i^^^^i^^ 

Oa'JM.-lf -jiha gMtt<rtd days wlli'lrtf, : ■ ! -ferA-, 
cMtto' a .mepury. ''Il^i |i^' 'the'"'/. W-^V 
day..l8n'tth«'iM«Mt date' two.^aMiitjbaJft^^ ; . . ....W^t 

Wbrtd's W0aah«w^drt 

.- ■-' • ■ -^•^#?*^'''.->-'''--i:';v - - - 

' 'cOUMBIi 

iany W^aoa ta fki» altvftetloii at tte 

iBnuidway burlesque bouM this \ wilk. 
■BXQr cleaned up and M« 

"beef trust" haa been dlscbarged. Nov? 
v]^ baa what he calls Farlsiaji 
< '^initri.'* ' Vm 'SmC Srotr* Uvea loner- 
'- 'itar it nrt to paaoa and tone tb« 
•^pariaian Vliirl.'* ' . ' 

BHly WataM la proteWy ihe moj* 
/ tiiil4iM dAiaeter In- hmrtaaqtte. Billy 
l^am Elves them. what they want in 
way. Billy Watson always 
* them what they wanted (under 
cover), and Billy Watson is giving it to 
Sem this season, but Billy Is masquur- 
adlng. He la showing the burlMque 

■ nogula how to do R nicely, but he.!* 

has "canned" oieatjB* Ma ^eayy" 

IS Kitls. keesimr ai few under tbe 

• Bpwicer in Spencer's original "Grogan 
character cannot be held under the leash 
'oFmodem burlesque. Neither or the 
Billys are of modern burlesque. They 
both love to throw that old double «nr 
tendro around the stage and they both 
know how to do it artlatlcally. . 
. OTiiB show canlM »o asoepliaa^ Mr 

■ Watson. 
Vbis diow Is new. 

rrbto show hasn't the old Krauameyer 
ikhey scene Insofar as the scenic Inveatl- 

■ tiire Is concerned, but its the old alley 
show just the same, tapered oft prottie^ 
staged better (minus the cats aaa tlia 

tithCF jnropa). but the alley 

- /£hla filMnv has comedy soenea, lensthy 

onea in which Watson and Spencer 
'luggJe thte comedy, and those two ' eggs 
|*U>w;how to do It. They spear their 
^l^hs with that deUcate touch that 
SliSpes th. censors, but it is always en- 
by the auditors. What a wondMP- 
iia comblnaUon Watson and Sp^oor 
make. And to add' tn tkU ivwMcm 
eombinatton this ssMOO, IWUaoii baa 
iQdgai^ Bixley. 

. Blxley does his original tramp char- 
'iSster. Bix^ey knows how to ""tramp, 
and Bixley "tramps" well In this show. 
In Caet, Blxley is becoming Watsonteed. 

The female end of "Parisian Whirl 
is well picked. They handled mos t of 
the number^ and the naaabaas wava ex- 
cellent, but .in a Bflly Watwa fbaw, Vm 
i^lPy Watson, and this "Wrd" never 

He Isn't missing this season, for Its 
the best show he has staged since he 
left the left-footed wheeL At the Co- 
lumbia they howled at bis comedy 
menes, and In a Watson show the com- 
edy scenes stop everything. Road man- 
agers can look ahead with pleasnra w 
iSVataon'santval, for be win do buslnesis. 

this season than be baa 

liipae to tba paat, and Watson _hplda a 

^'«•'finRr recorts.-' 


With the return from Toronto yester- 
day, ^^is J. Selznlck announced the 
YyarofaAse by Select Pictures Corp. of the 
.imHin stock of Select Pictures, Ltd., of 
r€UM|jA^ which tocludes a temporary 
■Viinmagement for Select to use all the 
T^iUnuK^ ofBces of the Regal Flhn Co., 
'^^lAO^ 'Ot Canada, tbwogb -wbleb Select 
Vfin iMMs tondltav tto dii Mtom iia 

. FhlU|>- y llMMMlj CMMnl 

manager eC ADen Bran,' toteiaato ta 
Guiada.' baa been appototed managwr oC 
Canadiaa Stieet, with headgaarfMi ta 
Toronto. The new mnaacnnnt bacoMa 

/ effective Oct. 4. 


'^•:'-K^"^Sni» company engaged to. suppcnrt 
.V /:$othem and Marlowe in their Shake- 
u: Kpearean season Include Alma Kruger, 
17orth Idmlson, Ursula Fauclt, Kate 
c-Wllaon; Virginia Frallch, Frederick 
, Lewiik Heary Stanford. Rowland Buck- 
• stone- Frank Peters, T. S. Crawley, 
llalcomb Bradley, V. I* QranvUle, Ver- 
non Kolsoe. Colvitle Sunn. Boyd Clarke. 
3. Latham and W. P. Adams. 
At Mwaop is au«teal diractor. 



Bill Quald Is tondng tb«m away as 
usual at the Vtfib Avenue; the first 
bale of bia absw Is np to the usual high 
aveiaca eC tUs bouse. At 8:16 when 
the first of the vaudevlllians walked on 
they were standing around in back of 
the ropes. The "Fashion Minstrels" 
are the topllners and the girls shiihm'ed 
their way Into instantaneous favor. 

Kolan and Nolan, one of the best 
Juggling , acta in the gaipe. opened, and 
wm .followed by Cayansgh. and Tpmp- 
kta* a liew aet, to songs and talk.- - 

ZHsie Schuyler in the dress and 
evolutions, with some elabontta 
robe, was in third position. 

Dale and Burch, a clever man and 
woman, were fourth. They have a 
clever skit in "one" called "The Hiding 
JKaster," and their dancing at the flnlsh/ 
rpMlad" tbea. 

BMie Heron and company ta "The 
Raveling Salesman" made them laugh 
with his uproariously f unny sketch. It's 
a great little comedy idea and capably 

- Bert Grant an.d Bill Jones, the song 
writer and singer, pulled down the hit 
of. t^e show fMlowing. They, cang oodles 
«C aaw aunian end ware ftread to a 

Jarrow, tbe taventer of ttia tefliea 
trick, te stlB featinini; it tMd ntaea 
palming with his kidding and hokum. 
He Is in th6 SOO eltas as a shownutn and ' 
they were strong for htm at this house. 

The Fashion Minstrels, which will be 
reviewed under Kew Acts in VABIBTY 
Weekly closed Jpst bsfora tbe Ceatora 

Wilbur Ettierton. 
John Bmeraon... 
Isabol Bmtrson.. 
Catherine kmea. . 
Jain«a Darwin. .. 
George Covper. , 

. .Sarry T. Iforer 

Charles K«at 

Acnea Ayres 

...Helen Fergnaoa 

: Brio ifajra* 

.Oeors* Uajeroal 


Following the exiimple of Mack Sen- 
nett; In t<lving the public a chance to 
give his bathing beauties of the fihns 
the once over at so much per look, 
Bernard Mc B addffu tba ptayaieat caltora 

tm of bto 

The torn will ba Jtoeksd 
-ta aenfaMaoB wi<b a neir 
tan teeaatly eaapleted iqr MMAden, 
which asvnmda .the vegetartatn * add 
physical eoltaie flieorles practiced and 
taught by McFadden for the past 20 
years. A deal is under way for a Broad- 
way theatre, and if completed tbe Mc- 
Fadden outfit will open for a run Oct 6. 


Syracuse, Oct. 1. 

A request that tbe city authorities 
ban the "sblnuny" and '^zz" daaees 
was made yesterday to Commissloaiar of 
Public Safety Walter Nicholson. 

Nicholson declared be knew of no elty 
.aidiaanee tbat woald atop .tba 
aMhoogb dandnf niaatera 

Aaaa Held ir. aad Bniaet Gllfoii wfll 
IMavt «> aonadr 'n/ ' iW ' V and. 
aot at DoAstaM'a fhaaiNb Wltantactaa. 
DeL. tottl^t Ifisa BUA Witt toetaiaa ta 
her wardrobe of twcihra diaaCH taa ta- 
mous "Peacock Cknmf vUdi haraiatlMr 
wore, as well as a great moBliar o| lur 
mother's lewels. 


Due to the printers' strike, wbl(3i1ie- 
came effective yesterday, programs for 
the New Tork Hippodrome are being 
published by a Philadelphia concern. 

Tbe Hip orders 90,000 programs 

New Majr fcy Wlllati Mae)b 

Under cover Ed. Rush stole away 
last Friday and launched Into the le- 
gitimate field by producing a three-act 
•> comedy drama, •The Loglo of Larry," 
by Wlllard Mack. The show played 
three performances at Qcranton Friday 
and faturdar and sat amir iHft * 

|1«760 gKMMb ' 

Ollea Baymond Oeorce Backus 

Only this I^ to be regretted about "The 
GamblfTi^'* that its mthor. Gbarlea 
KlalB.. Is no longer with us to again tmp^ . 
nlih ah equally gripplns a atory firom 
his script as In the present feature pre- 
sented by Albert E. Smith, with Hairy 
T. UOrey as the star, and beartoff Iha 
IkmA name of (he Vitasn^ph, 
'?^Rrae eboogh. tbere are tbe Vrtaff irtio 
vie with the departed craftsman' in de- 
picting certain phases 'Characteristic in 
lite ot this nation: but to ttirtelevant to 
recall hk name onee jnereT ttpetiaSts 
when the phnto taoaa of bto pbqr aoa- 
tributes anotbSr tonrd to fbp. departed. 

Memory may recall' the presentation 
of tbe play at the Ifaslne Elliott Thea- 
tre when Its creator was still alive. At 
the time the vehicle and its commercial 
^.iluation proved an unequalled puzzle 
tp. its sponsors. For one week Its re- 
oelpts were more than the avarage, yet 
another It did not do Quite so well, and. 
those who backed it . bad faith, and 
ftMlly tt wan a ptaea tar ttaait af aasM- 
tflbatlOB^to wbat Hair aeetta the dete- 
vocable pasti ' 

And in ita prese n t version it still has 
that gripping appeal; that same fasclr - 
nation for the weak yet strong Wilbur 
Emerson, who shoulders tbe resi>onsI- 
bility of all to save bis father and even 
one of his errantly yellow partners from 
tbe living hell of prison bars. 

There is a difference here, however, 
of the Wilbur £bn«raBa-.8a tataepvelei 
by Harry T. Horey.and-ma-aBaw-ataar- 
acter as played by George Nash to tbe 
original. The latter was suave, a par- 
lor-kind of flhancier. Horey's version 
is different He suggests here the finan- 
cier as a warriw, a gambler that fasci- 
nates and wins the sympathy of his 
auditors, or as in this case, of wit- 
nesses, rather than their contempt be- 
cause of cleanliness of motive. ' 

na script has been detHy bandied by 
Sam Taylor and lAden BttUiavd: 'tts 
d! ectlon is bgr BaiH Seaxdoi^ .ad aoMMt 
meritorious fob. - 9o tta- artgtaal has 
been added numerous scenes, but to tbia 
case. Instead of detracting and leavtog 
absurd gaps in the action, b<Mstsr.1ip a 
succession of episodes that are ONMt 
flawless In their continuity. 

The story Is unchanged from tbe orig- 
inal and picturizes tbe four men who 
pool, tbelr tatereste in- a battle for 
maia agatast tba bigger money of the 
day. who ptay tba aane gaoNt, but ta ttM 
daifc. Agato there to tbe adaqiaato lava 
toterest of Catherine Ames for the too 
absorbed Wilbur. She mantes, Impul- 
sively, the district attorney, and then 
regrets her choice. And her husbancT, 
described in the literature of the titles 
"as a nan of deep passions," ia Insti- 
gated by a Jealous motive to trap her 
lover and .his confederates, not only for 
tbe sake of pollttcal ambition, but 
antoh tkemair iibo to tba OUaet r 

wUene Ugbest TCgird and wta*. i 

.an tonoccat afteetlMi. 

Its ptot throoghout la absorbing 'airil 
the cast is one of the best that has ever 
stepped within grace of a camera. Par- 
ticularly effective in their respective 
parts Tvere Charles Kent, as Emerson's 
father; Helen Ferguson as Catherine 
Ames, and George Majeroni as George 
Cowper. James Darwin made a good 
district attonugr. If Mt too tobiunan. 
Mil. «to CMIeB Bay u w t . at Oeoige 


Movie Night Oct. 9, With Edga? 
Selwyn Host— Arthur Brisbane 
. Gnciiif TIfiiiMi jngjftipih, Koh 
yen. wad 

On Thursday evening, Oct. 9, the 
Friars' Club will give the first of a series : 
of weekly "Club Mights" that are to.ljt i 
one ot the features of the organlsatlbtfif 
wtoiar .prdgrton to bring tbe .na a alie to' -i 
togalhafr at leaat one night aaeb viaslfr 
neflrst MX tiMte tofdraoal Beheialaiiiiaf. ' 
talta 'vlll bare Kdgar fleUaa aa^ tltt - 
tm Mt.BMen'lB toore «r 
ta' fheraiottoa pJetaroieaii 
of the anaaan^ttt .lieu, tba .gtfhfrbig : 
wfll takeva «i IC^ P. aspk^ ' ' ' * 
EUteh chairman that Is appointed for 
the following dinners will gather about 
him the representatives of the particular 
line that he ia interested In. The dinner 
will be a table d'hote affair and. served 
at 6:80 on the gala nighta . , 

Among tbe guests of note for the In- 
itial affair will be Arthur Brisbane, Dr. 
John F. Krdmann. George Gordon Battle 
and William Grossman. There will also 
be entertainment In keej^lng with the 
amusement branch represMited. and on ... 
this occasion Dorothy Dalton, Doris Kea- 
yon and AUcjB Brady. wlU inillii;:V^^ 
appearance and threa'atai^.Jtogl.agb^yit-- ' 
pictures wni be shoanL- . .° ir'<-^^V«%i^^S 

William B. Feaklns will manage' Sir 
Johnston Forbes-Robertson's liictilrs- 
recital tour when the star arrives to 
America next month. The tour -will 
embrace the E:a8tem and llld^ Wet^ 
em prtodpal oitiea^ Shakespearean 
Jeete teiBtar'1lMi..|iaito ait ^ tdgia^ 
^Mk -tv-iim laeta«ir."-FMbdii' 

ad; Ma 

vavdenile theatr«, may open TluuiksflTliigi 

The pletare muss V Ithaca.. X 
»w.:e»ia taatais ftMr t mi...'::- 

link Ramphrcr of Chicago, ill for a week 
or has been ordered to the eootitry for r»* 

Charlea Cornell la prodacflw a new csfaiirtt 
•how for the Film Cafe. WitH U ydaelpaU 
aad a ehoraa oC M, it wia.CMB thttmjfigU. *- 
The Pariitease WM slss laye a sMia'pteiawt 

WCmM. _ '■ 

to .SMIsar taft: lireai toe iCMUa. 


Klein Bros, Join Qaietiet. 

Klein Bros., who recently signed a 
five year contract with the Shuberts, 
will be added to the cast of the "Galetlea 
of 1919" when that production' opaaa at 
the Wtoter Garden Oct 6. 

. Tom DlsKlc, the dancer, will atari rehears 
tag with "Tiddlers Three" tomorrov. The 
place was to hare , opened Sapt 1 at tbe Mod- 
tsak, BioaUyn. bat was bald oat an aMoait 

,l^iibs stetta:Ilto«le.npUg^J|yj|||^i. ^ 

Uayo tk Trwln dropped eat of the CtiattUa 
Sunday bill aft«r the natlnee, owtag to tk* 

£i£S^w!!it2f* irfi]i''%«SSr mSSmS*** toS' 

Mptaeed " 

Gertie Bauman Insured. 

By an arrangement with the Travel- 
lers' Insurance Company, of Hartford, 
tbe Wilaer-Romberg Corporation haa 
taken out a policy insurfltf Qcirtto i 
oaa'a lega for |t6,Q0«. 


feircd te the Nora Bayes Theatre last 

. No answer baa been filed aa yst. ' 

Abner Symmons brousbt suit asalnat Bd- 
ward 8. Keller and Bllwood 7. Bostwlck lan 
week for an accounting ot tbe proflta accro* 
ins from "The 13tb Chair," the road ihow « 
wbleh they jointly owned. Symmona beins u* 
po as e i or of a one-tentJi intereat, wblcb oa 
mnrcbaaed for ttOO. Thnufli Attoneya Heorr 
aad PMirtak » CMdaiMk. ha alitse* 
statMMgte w es M d torn are aby* 
aC aM«CasaaeUag .to Ms wtuaati^ 

^ ' D AILY VARIETT' ■ v-;-^ ^ ■- • ";-'[J§ 

I II I " ' ' • "in "' 



Unusual Chance to Be Taken fay 
..Present ylTbrld's Three-Cush- " 
>i 1 tBH Champion— To Defend 
^ ■ ' Rank in Cleveland. 

jtobert Cannefar, the preaent -world's 
ttif«a.«iahlOB champion, wUl defend Ms 
^ iii ilM opn-ieiNiiqfioM trnmii^ 

^ifSt^- . . .■ 

-tr'jnii* wm be.Qw tot time In tlw Ida- 

tory of billiards that a champion has 
. rlidted bis title in opea compeUtlon, 
iic(^r9re tlw stliniiatioB tlii^^ M 
iifetad Ik. Wiee efTMT 40 day* 
^^^e winner 6t the toumomnii .win 
acquire the cbaiiwMinthIp and m «ddi« 
Uon Jl.500 prtee money. BrunmrKk- 
Balke pays the champion $2,400 a year 
and guarantees him a tour of Canada 
»n<l America, 70 cities ^wlng played In 
about 18 weeks. The tour figures to net 
him about ; $8,400, so the championship 
te/irortb in the neighborhood ot $15,000 
-tie the billiard season of seven months. 
7-Tiie chjunpionshlp will b» an 

■amnl event from now on. and In tho 
eoipias one 10 players wUl M 'pUsked 
■efl^llMn the chanpton' llran tbo -fol- 

^^^^^^^ i i i M 

JProtective Amusement Company Seeks to Have P«tthe En- 
I: joined— Case Will Be Argued This Month— Defendant 
-Denies Thai Plaintiff Has Sole Right to Use of ^ > 
Onolo Watanna Picture — Sold by the v V i^i^V^ 
' ' PuUiahers to PMnck J. Caae^ • 

, no'dra^ Wva F^me. Me- 
tiiMirt. EOts, Jadnon,' Moonib Otia, Heal, 
Keiselt. Gelette^ liorta;. Onv^ and. 

Denton. ■ " - • 

Added' interest Ik elven to tte eeaft* 

ing event" by the presence of De Oro^ 
from whom Cannefax wOn tho title in 
the last championship match held at ttM 
, Friars Club the flrat week In If ay. . 

" near^iM ^im 



^.•^•>?5A-neaf -riot . 
\' Strand Theafrs, BfoMdyn* «» 
^ Bight iriien Jbie UUki praldnit «C thm 
% theatre eomiMgr. «tt«nptod to italet a 
•' Itfrnber oCtowifrea who wwo TUXUag at 
' the top of their toIco for adlnlHlBn ta 
the theatr& The lobby tiras fillod wttli 
- about 1,000 persons waiting to get ad« 
mission to the second' evening show la 
tho house when some one in tbe throng 
started to shout, "Let us in!" 

The cry was taken up by some of the 
rowdy element and they began sboatlng 
and pushing, causing several wonni la 
the crowd to become hysterical. 

During the excitement Mark got at 
the top of the mezzanine floor stairway 
end urged the crowd to have patience. 
As he was talking be opened the door 
leading to this floor, when there was a 
. sudden rush ot those standing about 
Um into the theatre. • 
Mese people were followed by others, 
;^^:l^d several persons were trampled upon, 
policeman standing outside ot the. 
bouse turned in a call for the reserves 
from the Adams Street Police Station, 
and they upon their arrival Qulokly 
-..dcovs.the crowd off this floor aal- back 


: -Rmiy H. McClaskey, head of the 
Benry Burr Muslo Corporation, and 
Naiore popularly known to the phono- 
Tinaph world as "Henry Burr," is spon- 
. airing a fall and winter tour of the 
Popular Record Artists, whereby book- 
logs for a number of well known pho- 
nograph singers and Instrumentalists 
*lll be arranged. The touring Tocalists 
■will be, besides Mr. Burr, Frank Crox- 
ton, Billy Murray, John H. Meyer and 
Albert Campbell. Monroe Silvers, -the 
ntonolcglst, Fred Van Bps, banjolst, and 
I^ank Banta, p]|Uilst^ . oonpris9 tba ^est 

— — — r:M^^0^ 

Boxers Practically Accept Ttn^0fM 
Offered and Will Fight at 130, ^ 
.. Gr«at Battle.Bxpected--^^ 

Before Judge Julius M. Mayer in the 
Federal Circuit Court yesterday, (Wed- 
nesday) the Protective Amusement 
Company, Inc., filed a. petition . for a 
restraining order against the Patbe Ex- 
change Inc; Judge Mayer directed that 
that motion be placed on the October 
calendar for argument at an early date. 

The order is to prevent the Pathe 
Company from exploiting the film "A 
Japanese Nightlhgaleu"^ which had been 
dramatized and placed In fl&o form. from 
the book of the same name written by 
Mrs. Wlnltred Babcock, undei- her noin 
de plittM of **Onoto Watanna." In the 
conq^UlBt filed Iqr the TroteeflVe Com- 
pany tlMjF'idalBi that Oib esfvjO^. 
tlM Uiik. Ha lamHIraHmiit «aa. 
sold Iqr; Mrs. Babeqpfc to the va^^jifbii^ 
of flia ^BBMaii Vmut CempaiikiB 
publlcathMi. -inMi it , la .' 
Companlni m'iuiaiaiBaiit tti IMS^aoM 
Patrick J. Casey the rights to jwodaoo' 
tho story in film form; and tat tttrn 
Casey sold It to the Protective <!om- 
pany. Early last year, the complaint 
reads, the Protective people 'earned that 

the Pathe Company had been- exploiting 
the film in various parts of the country 
and deriving a large revenue from the 
use of the picture. They ask that be- 
sides the restraining order the defen- 
dant company be required to account 
to the plaintiff for the moneys' earned 
by its use. 

The defendant corporation denies that 
the Protective Company has the sole . 
right to use the film and announce their 
intention to continue Its ezplottailont 
Tbay acknowledge that they have been 
'Waiiillliig the picture and give {ta a 
reason U)^t they purchased th«! rights 
to the same from Darcy and 'Wolfotd, 
rli^ to the produetba tirom Coaey. 
niQr. also allege that Casiv 1« a laiua- , 
Mr and vlce-preaideat of th« plaintiff 
e^iMiiatlon and'^ihat ha .Know 'ait oil 
that the Pathe Compaajp.. MM 
the flln. They also allega tliat 
fha'pkintlff ediporat^ tras alao aware 
of liia arrangements aia^ arlth Casey 
throuigh Darcy & IVolford, and that 
there exists no 'oasis for the petition 
by the Protective Amusement Company. 

TssV Harlan Tucker vtll do the male lead. 

.'"VtM Magdalene of KatvUle" has been m- 
lestea tor Oltre «lisis>if see 

K. VUbet has 

IC. A. Levjr' has been appointed nuMsser 
eC the WadtfactM 

. Julllenne Scott has been plaetd saler 
eoBtTMt by Famous Plajran-Laaky. 

Beaale Barrlsealo'a hext will be a ptctarixa- 
tloa ot Jean Judaon'a novel, ."Btckonins 
Roads." This WUI XoUow "^tty Kelly, X. D." 

CNH la 

aladya Bhickwcll ha* Snlahed "Tbe DevH'a 
Riddle" and will begin work on Forrest Hal- 
•ey's "Flame of FtsdC*. vatmt. BtWpffA.vLe 

Salnt'a direction. 

Johnny Dundee and Jo^ajr. 
. axa'-aa,soitd as matched. for :'^':<^i^M^ 

Athletle Association of Jersey City. AK^- r-''^^ 
t&ough no offlclal announcement hM' '^ ~^^ 
been made it Is learned from ai^ auUtoli?| 
tatlve source close to the club offl6tmi|^ 
that both boxers have practically aoV 
cepted the terms offered and. in 
probability the weights will bO 
pounds at 3 p. m. Ught day. 

This looks like tlie.niatch' of tho^ 
son and will aioo^ txenandoua eni 
asm aroynd the IHimi^ whsrs 
'dee . haa an t/amnxm- laVMiinis 
haVa eialmo4 that KUbana haa 
attwpad the Scoieh-Wiqi aiMv. 

XimiMif : laMBt flve-M<^ 
oyer Frankia Buna oa« 'tfiar:ijfw««^ 
idols,' has mado/lilia a^'blg wi^^^^^^ 

L9ZE O'BSQX.Y |U8 A mm,7Z^}' ^ 

X«ke J. OTMiir. aa ^ )am,4it 
iaiij|B.. M«aty a< tto^ , 

taaa'a'-lUia-aotm; '•' '^X' '^^^■f^:^^-:'-'^ 

iSr. OTtoiny iiants'to'loMW-i^ 
feels to stand before a eanura ^ttMl^r; 
keeps y6u mbvtrig. • Some years ago iia 
was an actor, and a bad one, says htf, 
d'Reilly. Mow that he' has advancedt 
out of the Juvenile .classification, the 
Brooklyn poliUoian wants the e5tpeil^/. v;; v5.^^^ 
ence of seeing himself In action. . v '■^•^ 

■'■ Just how Mr. O'ROilly ia going aboittf ^ i^i^S 
it he doesn't know. But he .aoeidK 
oodles of publiolty for hlmseU In' t|H|; 
venture, and lots of money for the liRBir -^v-'j^ 
. Island exhibitors, even - tiio)lg%';^'.^|^Wi?^'£1'^J 
O'Reilly-starred feature fltm, 
local proposition. 

EUnor Abbott's storr, "Old Dad," 'will be 
atlUaed br Mlldrad Harris for her sast re- 

June Caprice has begun work on her naf(- 
eat Albert Cappelint production, "Llttla 
Mother Hubbard," to be releaiad throofh 
Pathe. The storr is adapted from Qilhrttf D. 
Bailey's ptajr, '.Xtsa-Anu" 

<Taa Nipht^ Off a Whiii. 

Nights In a BunMMaf waa tab] 
suspended at B^nliamt, Bu. 
week. Arthur C. Alsto ^ . 
toui' 'in' eharge, said^'fce .^aaa' 
suspend on account ^of ' booking irofti 
tions in the territory the show la a^: 
peartng in, but that it will 
tour again at 'Wllkesbarre 

8am 'Wood wUl dltief- WsHsm ' BeM la 
•'Speed Carr," by .B. Wtodhease. Wsed . 
was f omuHr sslsUst dtoesler te jOtitt be 

. Skavtas^s seat wOI be "Xsot 
Unetet fey Whanril 'Lawnaea. 

Blark OoldalBa 
Billy nanmi te 

Edward Bills WSI dfeSOt 

•^he Imp." 

written by Vrank 
r, the Meet seeaarle editor. In oeilabois- 
tlsa with Lt^rton arares Qamun, playwrtsht. 
.has feesB purchased by Selntck for Blaine 
HiaauBSMtainrs secgnd valUale foUowisa "The 
Cosatey OMsta." . 

The A. R. riaoher prodttotloa af the Bobart^ 
1r. CBambMraP nvnt, Vtk»'0kMmg Baal>" 
retltled 'The AnutslBg.Lwrafs." 

I resunae' Ita^r^ti^^ 

.on oct,:hi^0:r00 




FMnar' wbA 'ttmOy iKiin.jmm^^1ji»i 
an 'tha;liauretanl»:'Vhuri<jMf^:^m|^ 
aC tUa .mek, ]fR"FolleiV'' wliov;^:''t^g;#^ 
owner of the Vullw etociat In Auflllii^^ 
plans to i^eualn about ^ feur ihoothd^^'^^^^ 
London. Ben Pilller, Jr./ who acc<^*>>i5: 
panies his father aHroa4 will retiitrttiiip' ^; 
tWB oowitnr la the ^^"^ 

William P. a. Earle will direct Bageae 
OBilBa Is "The Broken MUeay." 

Irvln B. Cobb and Oeersa Barr BcCntebeoa 
will write the atorles for Ifaclyn Arbnckle. 

Paul Sehoflald has 
H. Ince's 

been slgeed far nwoMs 
far a pHtM ot two 

Pis KOVEII PFP;tl.eilALb. 

Snydney Smith, last with D. W. QrltUtb. 
has joined tho Fox forces. Ha will ba 
eatad ia the execatWa oSleea 

BagtaaM.aa Eoeaa .wiH aot return^ tf!; 
the New Toifc BotaM ar musio crit^y| 
but will dmta his tlmo to finishing hiij|i ;>ii 
new opera, "Rip Van Winkle," which Ja fe' 
aelMdnled for a premiere in Chicago be- , 
fore It is seen hero at the Xiexington, 

James Croaa will dlraet Hoadliil la Us nest 
piotara, wUeh has not ' 


Bthel Clayton Is 
Than The 

''Xora Deadlr 
Aebtrt a VIssola's 

Hanry BcBae will direet Maria Walcamp's 
saUiM. 'iMsls eC Las* 


A cable received in New Tork yester- 
day said Wllkle Bard had sailed from 
England on the Saxonla, 

The English comedian is coming over 
to appear in the Keith big time vaude- 
ville theatres at a reported sAUury ot 

Meiei Clothe$ Shop v | ; vS 

Suite and Overcests that BMpeak l^^. v^i: 
Class, 135 te |7|k . _^ : 
^AT* Mng.XMHK an,.': 


'. . .»■ 

. ' ■ - • ■ •- .:.ftV -vV- . . - V >?v?^3-; »--^v->; w^^^'. % 

1 - »^ • 


:-7 ■ 


Mi u^t <Jleal mrith lAf 

^^^^^ 1^ J. SHUBERT 1^ 


7Ae «peci'of nttmber is shortly to be issued, Annomce' 
menft nuiU be accepted for it at the regsdar advertising ratje*. 

- ■ - ■ " ' ." *— ■ ■. -.' 

■£ . 

^ ■■ffl^^i>?-;-.'-'V.^u^: — - 


You'd Be Surprteed 



Idiii-IQrw&s baah-M^d sty 
Mar- * 

Kb4)0d-y nn- der-stood^vby, Mar-y loved 
Jolut-oyBie-ittarit-arlle wa^ To tne lad 



^ iUl tbe oth-er girls passed liim .by 

Bdvsbecoold plcksacha beau With a twink-l^ In her eye' 

He has the bag- 1 - est pTiouo Al-most ev-'ry oth- er day 


EvrVy one yMrt-t4 to hmm 

She made this re - ply. _ 
A new girl will eay ._ 

icn tti 


Wd be snr- (rleed He Is-n^ 

jHieh at a dance Bnt thenwhen he talnsyoii home 
'■flMsb In thought lat\i^n he gets In the dark 

yond he sar- prised. Hedoes-nt 
you'd be ear- prised I kncfw he 

' 'lofilililDBBidi-af li^ birf dogjkjotee a lmA He^gottbe' 

flocks as slonr M flw jcto Jm fOi Milmlteli^^ it dead* " ~ 


,face an An A'gel but there's a dev-'ll in his , eye He^scchadel-l-catethin^ bat\vfaenhe 
cold as an Es-kl-mo Buttheiosfl'-rd In bis eyes Hrdoes-iftsayver-y much hotwhenho 

/starts In to sqoeese Tend be snr- prised Hedoes-nt lo6kyer-y strong bxtwhcnjooeltonhls knee' 
starts in to speak Youd he sur-prlsed Heb not so good at the start but at .the end of a. week , 



Wd be snr;s. prised. a^ par ty or eA a. haU* Iva got ^lo,ad-fiit.!beV, 

•YoiM be snr * fctoei. JOa. ft'ttiMfc ear ot .te tnbl^ i— 

rnoth-lng'af all/ ^fiiS in a* mor-fls chahr!?^'''^^ - fyoa'd be, 8ur=-» prlfied.^ 
Ibut an-ybrato but in jfc^ %fLxH ''^th\^ aouM be^sar«-* Wised.,. 

Copyright i»t A by il^in|7l«ri^ 

ifiiJ CI c t 

.1 ^ /-V 

J- -J 

'VAIDBTY Wantt eorrnpondent*, newspaper men 

iktUntIc City if to h&va a new thntre. of at 
4piwt >B Imtcuod and modnnlsed hoaat v^wn 
lit aair^lUe <wlr> aiaB j d lalrtrtmi e iit i it if te 
tb* iftwtat Mrt.o i fe wBi «% «i* ian« 
vhm vmMh* l^ihe atlfuiiM. 
" Mtnn. It la luthortta- 

•4 :"si-:*.Lj; ^.j^ Capt&lB John Toong the pier 
to Iw entirety rebuilt lato a medera 

' MBW.— Nazlmova in "The Brmt," dIaijipolaU 
iMat to tnanr admlren here. - v •>- 

' STRAND. -Tom Moore In "Hearteaw." ; • • 
ALBAVOR'S.-Cotoied Btltlmere. aJl ^riiail 
a» ia ita k»t lUki 'aa4 tall 4oat aaita^ Ja egaa* 
aw lHM.iMa vaak-to iim?l«r fln^- 

— -iMtea lmt Iprt'-'a*.*. 
) ««ia,^ aHpnlacljr large 

1 OJiltPieM^'Tfiiilii'. 
n«atr of Mwtpaper aface 


OLTMPIC 'AND LTRIC— PKlorci and vauila. 
Tlile. Oettinf tbe{r<<rrith iiobod|r-not even the 
naatcement— very partknUr about nhat " 
era. WiHM.# 


• l:'-;^J^*5^''|ttportnat epenlnga TlMiaday« Wt* JRMI • 
" '" tnon In "DeoIfcMe" at the Apollo, ander' 
Cbariea riohntan,. Inc., asl 
^tere of "The Lock of the 
gt tte ClfcMt Tttii »ag«g, c i an a i y ; 

doim front arlio aeaaNd to gct aa Btteh.'aeit . 
oat o( the perforaumce as the moat'enthnalaatle 
of the darker bRtbtesL Tbe oame of the comedy - 
waa "Tlie Children e( th4» Sun," and It traced 
■kel^ly and bistorically the orJsUi oC the 
necro race. The company loasht to produce a 
fMiBiae naoalcat CMaedy, and they Moeacdiid' 
;Mfl7 vett- aa ter:*a,ala9tas«a 

^\;jitlreeUon e( 


BbH- Omkb. itnme nuna^er of the Btraad. 
, eiw ea n e t a "he haa aooepted the poittiw.eC 
mvmitt M the minr yBimaal Ootpecatlaii' aiiA 

la |aU » doaea .yeani, 

MUjlViMMV' 'Blilh Ma* Jiik, 

provincial oonpanM -afii'iHr ' - - 
Sondaya wore played jiat 
bualneaa; Jt la reported. 

■^Ihe Onkaown PurpleV at the Teck last week 
at .ftreairlyljUter a>ti>ndAy and literally 
■M-4ta« a«f(i^te latter, half e( the week- 
:«M:ViK'atAiiHlr:;mttia^Uoa;freai the bot- 



•'VV? -ktfai^tla City l« a' en'y 
'^^S^^iaV convenUon ball, bat anoUcr tbeatry,. and 
■ ■ «aapa«U«> " **» boteU, yt.fjyt' 

' 2" •';}nnb kouM and a aeriea of bnnsaki^ arflh.- a 
vK'SiSinln. poek »a t?l««».U;wV»e^#«a^ 
-^Wihed^aa a *aii eC lhe.'aa.apef«ttwk.»la«t. at; 
' •"•'.''"3lLLJ'Xl-J|l--l niliiiiiwi' » I Tl '"T IUt»«uttMt'.Ha$el 
-^-^^le^^^W IV 1^ ihtM wboUr UwdDi teve 
H^^^SSt tak*B aw at the Bbore- ' Tbe c^avaatloa 
- >'{S3raadi theatra a» to be b»iUt at GalliiBnil* 
■■ '''v'lMiiciS' aad tba Boardwalic on the appenaoat 
''^iSt «t 'Chtlaea and the fkrtheat froa the Am< 

"i'f^ii ITT...! _uL.v 1^ jif Hm Iiii riMMil 

^:i>SiibSi^dor Hotel, whieb 1* fait at the 

" . - .GOKDON'B OLYMPIA.— Film and vaodevHle. - 
" BCOLLAT OLTMPIA.-YaudevlU^ with Mm. 
dred-Carr, ■keteb;' Whlppie,' Haataa aod £e.; 
Jwdan and Naweit.. .81 
miltawii. with fllBi. -'.- 

pliy. >Vla ifajcaty.". 

sr. \ Iambs. -VnndevlUe and plcturet. 
BIA.-P^tiiRa. N , : : 

MAJB«ne>«eaMI and Jaal areek at 
timet." •• ' ' v:.- •' '~ 


>>^>-r-''Fuat8r . Show «t : eaaaeltx at tlKt.> 

Oea Uajileid. at tka mw 




'''•''^"?'.:"''"lrritiWMT Rainbow Olrl,"' with BlUy 

■■' -V.-^^^^^Ele bade, again for the third year'a 
>.,.:.^.,.-v"^^^^^^^^ ^^^^y If am It il eUlL, 

■ ' " " ' " here. 
■^^tV;-V,*f.>£^ £ Heath In "HeUo, 

'^^^'y 'iaiiuMaK^' ^HK^ SOphJe Tucker and ber Jaw 
.^Jif^pM^l^SiA iM tie aiay bit of the ahow, ara tnmlns 
■ i^S^^vSvSSi away dariac the atay tier«. Thla ahow 
^ NJc'^f^iti t^ -moiOtiTtnt iniataca ot ahlaiaqr daaclaK. Jaaa 
iaiwlc and aoosa §ttUr -wmmm aM mlmr 
. -jCl jtrei men mixed IB." 
^V^ 'JIABTLAND.— Keith'a vandeTille. 
' ■>i .COIX>NLAIi.~"Tbe RevelathMia of » ' WMg . 
^ - 'd^ not ONMh amh Ifca iw «ate < a.i»yt 
We eapeeted fkaaa the IH»r • T%mt M aaMw 


' "ktaccla at a ««MaB %*e haa Mile • aiatake 
iMt past ■ The mlatake waa net ae ciaat, bat 

Wmae very homaa ghoats eoow^befm her aa a 

■■'^■'-'rtwM. Her buaband leania her aecret. bat le-' 
~ tatna hta faith In her. The old story and not 
.^^:'*ary much improved In thla neeat 
<vv:^ii|iif<enoe Brooke itnd Owendolya 

; ■;th«'t»« • 
• aSftPObBOM*.— "The l<aal, pnPb" 
edmedy^ pwaea t e d by ^^W 

?;i?^'^3^"«|irli and to aaaUy ttoi Wt wm vm, 
tigiwiior Beee; have thf only other turn 
■';~\-ikit erin awawrei up aaywhere aear the 
aiaaiiira ef tbe;aiuBlcal playlet. Hal Lancton 

MniV--, Qniy- have • ; comedy aklt. The plcttire pro- 

^jff^^t:hxmmr'iamM» of "High Pocketa," a Westaca 
i-' ~:'%->^TaiBai faatortac Katharine 
iW^:V''''^-V^Xt^ Beoalaoa: Untt and Jeff la 

[;;^K&-^^'i^^*a>/' nd • Mna<tf < 

^■ ^/:>i-::::-<aAXOaSi-*» aaaaalty poor blU for thla 
i:i^':itOtm, with the offering "Oems at Oraad 
i^iy^ipttmr leadlnc and Has Tork'e dogs mnnlnc 
r^y^~B^'-:i^ (Hot lecond; alao on the bill are 'The Three 
.'I ' - Pals." Lairr Barldna aad Beya aad I<eo Hoyti^ 
••Ibrbldden," featnrtot Jte rhaitii ChafM^ 
la the flln featore. 
"VICTORIA.— "Brown of Kanrard" flka, UUiaa 
^- aad Twla BNthen. JLithpr HWi Bw iaa y Raa< 

J:-':x:yMAcai nil' 

TRBMONT.— Second wcek of Grant lOtebelIJa 
"A Prince "There Waa." " Cbnaervative crltlea 

claliB Ultcbell beat actor in town at this time, 

but "fiiiddtea" I>eit vehTcle. 
COLONIAL.— Cloalng week of "Hitchy-Kooi" 
FAftK BQUARB.-' ■Buddies;" aard b .to near 

the end 'at teeal^ engageaiant' after' v^fltaUa en- . 

' 'WIlaBUK.— "Nothing Bat Love," second week. 

GOPUBT.— "Fysraalion," third week. 

ARLINO TON.-'-Potaah and Perlmutter." 
Rather unuaual departu-e (or leadi in a stock 
.company to try . and depict two charactera so 
cloaely allied to dialect aa the principals in thia 
show. Craig and Powell played the name role#. 

CASDRX— "Bttta^flks ( Baaadwnyl**- 

'Wrd oC PlMdiae" at the OauUk. 
•!Mn*dl haa^.ltadiac tot*. 

■ ^■Mt Mt* vapleirllle heoset are doing a big even- 
/e*» J '' ffl« «a- Mrttoies an oflC with thoae north' 
^ ^5L?E5** P«* to* tter are steadily m- 
' ' *" Xwrf -wndMrtOe houses -except 

..the Tftrinple now hiw(i ».' " ' 

..vllle and picture*, ^plih n 

, af the Mil?*, Orpheum and OetenUI. 

At the flira bouses: "Egg Crate Waltop" at 
Rroadway-Strand; -rThe Brat" at Adams: 
. Byangeltne" at Wcahlngtea, and "Toten" -at 

.-^Mal- tHtf-fm'jtt^. ate 

\As yottlMTe 


Seyen BEREHTS U&ke 




Vnnem "MonUCrUto, Jr./' cemca Uto the Bos- 
Uoins a«t Monday aa lanavntlaa to 
dandag darinc the Utsnatoriana win 
be totndiMed. TWi k the I 
aa far aa la fcaeira, artoi 
b« auecesrfoUy tried ont It is alao atated that 
booklfss for practically the entire leaaoa have 
been ooatOeted te tkia 



Thb name of Ruby Norton Is now being car- 
ried in the ads of "Nothing Bat Love," the 
auilcal (bow at the 'Wilbur. Andrew Tooities 
Wfs the only one featured whta the ahev atraek 

I 'fiti-jJ^'fet^' end Tom Smlljb appear in "All in Fun." Jack 
" '.:ZiMghton'a Rerae la a minstrel turn; BUI and 

Mai ibiMll aad 

irhen Hitchcock winds up at the Colonial this 
Week his pfaMe will be Uken by Cecil Lean, with 
.CMa ItaylMd ia "Look Who's Here." The '^Fol- 
Vmr weta snspoaed toToilow Bitchy, bat e*l^ 
dewtiy their -ABslBV. yaw to Mtor Itotoii 
rents this aC Otof ' 

' toad. 

OATHrrT.—'X:abatet Girls." 
n»iI.T.-"ne IfhM e( Mty.'* 
'ttlte Brida.*£ 

Recbeit W. Pattee, associated with the He&ry 
Jewett Players as manager of the Copley The- 
atre ever since this company was formed here, 
coonecttoa with the bensa. Be 





Modem ]aszlng . «C Ikt ItoWl aloay «r -<ha 

prodigal sure of inceeaa all alony the road. 

MAJSSnC—'The Velvet Lady." Fraes agent 
there. with a lot of live atuil. Stn* to ae well 
thoagli.-ndvaaes Is light Herbert* ■ auar «■ 
te.v«t it over here. 

yi^- finaa iiiii: 

ifB. '^Hgg 0PWOlfB >i^tnlta Stewart la 
* BJagdoitt eC AMnHk^ 
8EAB.-"The Bkth «C • 


Hi^ is tdxeinuicl you t&at ^ciur diteis fkir 
6om to iVil 1, 192();'^m# 

due. Your dieck lor Five Dbllais ivill bring you 

one of the new PINK membership , cards, without 
which you are not in good standing and not entitled 
to protection of this organization. It is al^olutely 
necessary for ,eyery inember to can^y a psdidup card. 

INinJLlilbNFB $10 ¥ORHE9t MEMBliRS 

Initiation fee together .with first period dues must 
acounpany all applications. 

Att Menbtn Sm4 y««r Cemet Pe n mme iU Adinu* 
We Haoe Something Important for You, 

HPlIRY CHESl^iUmD^ Secret^ 

229 WEST 40di STKEEt 

New Yoik Cily 



I, JExtends his sincerest thanks to our many friends, instrumental in makiiig his yife$^ 

•: ■■^■■v•: 

e and with the ehthusiasdc tiecp| 

( B A L E A D FOX T BO T ) 


RICHMOND i-lilv 

Professional and Orchestra Dqpt.; 1552 Broadwajr 


SMi '''''''''' ' ^^=:ssss:^^sM^i^^M^=sss=s=s=sss=si 







XIBW<Mia 8T. 

NOT H I N €5 BU T^ ' H 







I! A BLAUFu;;, kahn 

rU 3V €\^ALSTyNE i 





.1 XfST 












eVERYTMMO ( Prx>fessiona1 Copies, Vocal OrchestirMtions, 
nemrm Y0II\ Dance Orchestrations Etc. 

tiftw. 4eiaa« 






SKI mz vh 

•01 lonfiMi wdg; 



. T O»OIIT » 
ttyvMSi • 

197 roj»T 0T. yn* 


sr. LOUIS 



32£ wASBnaTM ar 

905 harketst. 


427 5Q BROAPVMir 









5^.'.'-.»?,'' - ... 
S»i;3t-^r'='- i.'. . 


Dm. St — ^Roch««tfr 
, c»— Aibanr'Tray 
»*<» * 
, 3mi. fl— AehpH.. AaMUrdM* 
lX-JK»J«irtle.' GkMHW 
IS— >Iilw«ak«e 

Feh. t — loabrrflla 
CtoclaMft ' 
SS— Columbas 
lUr. J— T«iuHr»tew» 
S— Tokdo- 
IB— Oran< B >| » >aS 
St— ^tate-UUi* 
_ 89— naTtaa 



■v. ' 

- t ■ • 


Wi^te^v^ Mr. 

Sir V.-',j •- 

? - 






■ HI 

riMnflKb (ndiexUd by th« 

Upwfno Iter mi c*)Kk 


mtmmSktmmmmtt. OOiv 
MwB|(lNnSi(lilidr " ^ 






£9S ffeSB 46 89 IBmraRZ Kl 



■ ^ 



Trunks and lieather Goods 

W« Mt h VmUIm Offer ¥«■' 
'!AU> I -AfclMbirtliMlly | AJLt 
KAin I tfm wmt*. ' - I STYLES 

V*'*' A coB wiK convince you 


tsia* IS kMMM^lM 


SPECIAL AT... .... 

1573 BROADWAY, N. Y. 

. «BL. >KTAinr IMS 


FOR a quarter of a centaiy we have 
been recognized primarily for tbe 
great beauty oC our furniture de- 
signs—and for Uie very low prlcea we 
offer; because of our Joeation out of tlie 
higb^ rent aohe. We cater especially to 
WudVwu dt the profesaion. 

yberty Loan Bonds Accepted 
at Full Faes Value 

im. VALUE $245 

tM* VAUIB S375 

^r'^^rAP^*^ $585 

licMivMUy inch ririod r«r»llow 

. A 6-lU)OM,ArABT<iiiaiT ^fTlTA 
$l,MO> VALUE $40U 
£ltb«r*t< Dulisi !• P*r<o4 Fumllur* 







Otswil I WMk - t2.» 

m;oe I tx.» 

lu.eo I $a.og 


tM.oo I ts.ot 



Uffv Aniuati Up t« t«.«M 

Write for New SO-Tm* C»tolo« 
iBd t-Fac* 8pe«l*l 8au Orsntor 

Tamt amir «1«> to Nt* roit . 

Statt. Ktw Jtnv md ConiMeUcut 
BoaHy meked jCW r.ireet IM* by 
SStli or Itth BirMt Clru n owa Cars 






sal ■ _■ •■ 


Central 1801 


:i^ 28 W^.J2aA Slracil^ fUw^rk City 
Opeaini Oelokar 1, Hisli*«law rehearsal rooms, 10x25, with plane, will be 
tented only te Msb' ' ■ * ~ 


, •: AMD SMAtl. XADI AS8I8TAIW r-' 




X, $30 Week to Right Girls , 



S*10 Nevim Street, Brookb% N. T. 
Long and Steady ^^igagaiaent fai New. Vock 

Ofafce yiwalte Mils WeMt (Sopl. W> « 



Xtrat Tivo Brieases: 

'^ool9«iise Sc9ndar~''Sheriff Nell's Comeback'' 

aaninf TOLLY MOBAN ■ » 

' WANTED-^Ioodtalei^lbriidniesma^ 
|tiwn; iJlo loir ^ ^ . '^^^ 

16M Broadway, Neyr York Ci^ 
: ' -7, : ' Phone Circle iI988 • 

:^A8S(icIation with a Music Publish- 

1-^ ing Firm 

:<.'oAMbad bl^ . a professional ealiertainer , 
and enlertalned liww -two 



wMM ftetlliV aitowr Mik wlOi Vlati-i 
nam Fialsk* wllk U BMnUTai InUto-i 


nlMM K an MlliM 


$i 95 


II WMt MM Stmt M 

years with the Second Division. 
The applicant to .ihtei«sted • Ja ihe 
■f, dcnaonstratlng and selling of sheet inusic 
.as well aa the Professional Departntent^ 
A«traM,fri'R; oaw.eC Tarletsr. T> 



VARiEnr mniRE 

Oiip»BB xna nasoNai. dibbction or 

i'v^lltji , 

ll Misl jOHH I MORAN 


''""^'^ ' .MS P w rto r ^ tth Am» New York. 

I ! r^^■ ■^ T^'v'.■. •r ■ 


fOR TAUKvnif Act 

YounK Lady Gsrmnail 

state trIcVs you do; Kcml photo If posnlble 
Addresji Ilor 433, Varirty, Nfw York 

Wantecl to Leaie 


Harold 'D. Bames 
Battle Creek, Mich. 

Tank for Sale 

GUm (roat mrlmmln^ tank II ft. x t ft. x 
T f t, Inelediis hettins apparstm, Oltsnr ead 
diriar tewen eoaplote, all ia lltat class cm* 
■ ■ dKISB. BSttaMe fw stadls psrpoina. 

P. McAVOT, «70J isth A.^e., 

W A MTFr^ *• P''*' •■"'^ "f*' Bath Beach. Brooklyn. W. r. 

»» *-«^oharaotep end do rubo 

dance. .JOHN WHITE, «are Nortnan ■ 

Jeirorlee. ^Ml Betate nnwt Bldg, Mifla- 

4alplila, Pik 





WsiMl ■s p t es d m Mri. .% 
OHABUES ALTHOrr played an old flddl«r 
Inimitably. Hla aqueMcy vote* and bU funn]f:> 
loea waa hln hsartjr wsteoena.. 

Now Flaying In "TIiHndar" at thn ;i ' 


Son^s Are TM X^M^^I 

The Shoulder Shakin' Blues That Beats 'Em All 

oi Gharm and 



llf JBanad They j^ye AbmitiPne MBglity Fmdi Frmn Start to Fillidl^ 

I 1^ the Sweetest 
Rose Tliat Grows in 

Just to ftiemind You 
of the Really Novel DIXIE Song 

119 No. Clark St. 


Masonic Temple 

~: ' Pirofjenional Coikies and Orehet- 
trafioiis Free to All Recof^- 
nized Artists 

Dance Orchestrations of Any of . 
These Hits— 25c. Each 



226 West 46di Street, New York 



A Wonderful East Indian Song 
with a Sensational Melody. 
For Singers — ^For Dumb Acts 

ISl tremont St. 

485 Main St. 



. M' ^ 8m IVacclKo, Oct. I. 

Mt Cor But < 

i IK Mctk n«Mftrl< tt» Minnr. is liM 

Carl Arey, wprewnthij the Jot. W. Stem CSa, 
K.f arrived here last week to 
'^■^ tWi hen far Ua concern. 


ia tiM Btoeklba Hippodrome, while en 
hm Iron Stockton, nn Ue car over a 

hk «!» tan IV 

tab moaicU ilww'fgr-^ 

Al Hallttt waa AmnM- I* «ltfe» *Mi flw vi^, 
centtr (onned trio — ■iBukl M letaw H iHtt^ 

typbold fever. 

tm B.. DoUejr U baidc la tlta A. & H. offlcee 
•fUr as a bae a ee ot Mreral weeks daring which 
tUM ka was aoeeaMfaUjr opaiated tor a cataract 
m kto right ««k - . . 

to ta tha bat to attend tha 
iBMranea Convention at-SltlMbMSk. Baatat 
will vMt New Tork cltn «lMi* fca wM 'ta Ika 
■mat of Frank Fogartjr. 

Kb Vert the daacei; opened at tbe Palaca 

• Dorothy Oreenan, of the Ackerman & Harris 
r'^^V^^f v: . ansa ataO, ia tooklng aCter tlM twoklac abecU 

Mkjr NauMqr 
ia tbe 

OUIa Stewart, of Stewart and Oliver, will go 
to Iiendon to viatt her aOsM, following her irea-' 


r Jobwd tlH 'wmj. 

' jt .the Orpbenn, Oakland. 

:;Florence Kennedr. fonnerlr of "Let'a Go" 
•on first prUe In the 'Teit Uovle Contest" 
held br the 8. F. "Bulletin." Several bun- 
^dcad (irUi partiolvated. Tha wioMr ia .ta ba 
i^van % ^kaiiM imictK v|U. hav» a put 
tbe r mm mmKHf* «kklk ««i ba i l r ee l i*. 
V -iir. Jiatakall fWlhii. -' . .■ 

. C^fha Otand la the MIssloa District has been 
nibodeled and rananwd the Healart. The Re< 
nut will be under the aopenrlBton oC B e b a rt - 
.|||' Biiham, and F. J. LarUa, ia nuuacar." 

^^t^'>--v^"v^v^yBrB. Brl^^ow baa.biMn addea to the, stalt oC 

senee of Smn^ 


DsiMbr Lewis reramed her Pan toiir tieta tUa 
after a two weeks' lay-off: Mhn I>nris 
aoUy Heaahaw oa tha toad i 

Alt Katiauer has rtaicoed bis 
Caaino to enter commetcial Belda. 


aalM ea tha Sonoma for Aaa- 

' ''jVkaak HUI. treasurer recently at the Curran, 
v^pa.if(t for the east to accept the Dianagcment 
ifC'Vena ef (ha . '1 Lara Tou" oonpaniea for 

Go Before Your Mirror! 

the ImprovJ-ment TJrtiad 

m: just played a month 
of shows last week 

h Doloth and Soperior 

Two Good Things There 

r (LcttM th« HiiU) 

Lift Up One Sido 
•f yotir f a e e 
Cempar* it with 
tha •th«r aidfc 

(Call, Write or 'Phone Xnlelnrfcaekar M). 




Vila. ICAItCBX. BROmnCI, Deslsaer and Creator of 
' Q«wiM f or Vaudaville, Burlesque and Revua* 
Bryant lito 



mZlkl OFFER 

t (tUA&tiPr^<')to¥£eTs mA'kiikttitid Ma pn^ 

"Bar "Ukly" "Marpby* ] 

"Bartnjsnn" •^aaeatraeto" "^a^lar* 

Five Yean 

B>WARD GKMrnm W. 42d Sl 

Kith • doB&r aa~^ hovr/iBF'ovartlaMi-'. 
wa«« aeale retelred tha ladensaieBt aC ttM iSm' 
atrical- workers' federa'!o% 

Colons Xraeat Smith, Uical recrultlns oOcer, 
ta aearcblcr for vaadevllle talent and mua-eiana 
fnm the. nnka of tha aetvlee mea to tear Call* 

paa d aea d a (bt act. 
Newton are featored. 

AboUtloa of war-Uaaa attMa iai with 
to passperta was snnoanced bera, Ucdor 
■tnctloaa ftoa Washlactoa paaaeogera wll( i 
iMta^-aitVM. ta'Hiiart' at tha < 
ihr IdaatiawtloB, Imt may ham tbair 
.:«laba. on tha pteia before mtUng. 'Mo i 


cM aoti^ bars parted. Shejr. 
Mallnaa prodnctaw each far ' 


ijpak 'EMUacton. manacer ot the Imperial, 
which' howa recently amalgamated its Intcresta 


Hart Banto ta apendlns a ooople «^ weeks i 
Ha tka laimm «< "Watotaoa. : 


Frtd Allen Loe¥» Tiiat 

Dlraetar lIMtK UVX 



BeeentriQ Guitar Comedian li 




VmdeTille acts wanted for Dee. Sailing anward. Ben 9. lUer. Addreaa Beceacrl 

. » Warwlek St, London N. W. A. Ben Feller will be located la New York STarch | 
Sea W. Jl. A. lii Clilcafo. See Sita Unrphy, Ackerman-Hairlf, San FrancUco. 

Or Showi 

9,omg to Detroit or Rochester for weel^ 
(A October 13tfa communioite widi i 





The most wonderful and elaborate array 
of innumerable speciaUy designed cos- 
tumes, electrical effects^ propSf etc4 
valued at $24^000 

and recently used in the production, "Follow Me," now on 
sale at a great sacrifice. Women's costumes and gowns 
were made by Lucille and Hickson and Maison-Bernard 
Companies, while the men's apparel was designed and 
made by Brooks Company. 

strand' Theatre BniMin?, New YaA City ' ' 

nouiicenteiite nfili be accepted Ivrit «l tlie regidar 
adyertiftiiig rates.' .. 

h ThwB Theatres 


HUGH D. McINTOSH, Governor Director v - J 

CMb AMnm: "NUSHMAC,'' Hm« Mw; TIVOLI TMBATBE, ftitaK, AMtr*!!* 

iBipfwIadw. IKNHHIAIf' iil^'FEHIlSS <M fitrti'i«$tt'1Milf;,'l^^ 










to play Detroit, send in your open time, Addres&j 


io th« atar roIa>«t 


MaiwotHMi WALTER HAM* Central 

■int. ; 




i4i6inioADWAY, Nimrir^)^ 

If You 

The Western Vaudeville 
Managers' Association 

MORT SINGER, G«mr«l Manager 

vow BKiiUT 

; Heikert & Meis^ 
Tnuik Co. 

■- WMklwtM Ave.. St. 

in & 

Gnoriiii & Co. 

Tb« LMrfht LN*Ml 


■nr iM of Becds, nidc br 


277-379 Colamlwa Ave. 
San Fnaelieo, CmL - 

Remtifsr Yoqr ftee 

Ysu MNtt iMk toed to f*o4. Maar 
ef Hit "PralmlH" ktrt tktiJMi Mi 
ntilatd tatttr itrti to tartai M^*"* 



iirr CKEAM. XkicnaL AtolaUIr tandcMi 

II tkt «a uiT put oC the My. . No dlatiac' 

•tenbif . ciaiclslnf nor Ukloc duif nooi dtiio. Jbt* 
ttt BMtUh flgun. Tor men and mucii. Prtca, poM- 
tr.M: MBPI«, lOe. CURME * CORRiC 
Ml lumm 6. BrMklw. M. T^-PImm: 


R U N K O 

t«% DIaeMDt to tta MMm_ 


Ust £'.» ) 


01 AH Kiatfi fw All OeeiilMS 

Kennel and Entwisks 


741 Jlonroe St., North Bergen, X. J. 

If TW lHMr» My^ PKN XDBK whUo 

Ims E. Wallers 

KMv KvUnd'H Newest Tandevllle Agencr 
' 180 Tremont 8t-, Borton, Mass. 

Call— '.Yr (fr— Wir« T«). Bwi HI 

TRUNKS, $5.00 

Bis BariraliM. HaT« bcea tti«d. Alaa • f«w 
SeeomI Hand Jnoovation and FU>r« Wardrak* 
Trunk!, $10 and $1S. A few eztr* Jarge VMp* 
etly Trunks. Also eld Tajrler and Bat Tranks. 
Parlor Floor, S8 West Slit St., New Xsck Cltjr. 

Cateriaf te iiii Priftiilon for 20 Ymti 



aU tkal knr« fta* kthrt.— "WirM." 


Aairiu'* Qnitol Ttealrs AWe l etoly ied«»ei<wl 



Matinee T^lMj ig^SK' 



1493 Broadway 
New York 






nurtkMB tlMatis 
BlKkslocM Hotel 
Cblcag* .AthlMte Ak 

Dllnoii Athletic Clnb 
Del Fndo Hotd 
Chicago Beach Bold 
Bunst BcsUnraat 
Detroit A. a Detroit. 

Italnba flaidoie 
Sotttli Shore Couotr; 


WlnKn Hotel, Cere- 

laad. 0. 
Slaeo Botel 
I.aSalle HoM 
fieirkk Bl«|. 
Hth near . Aik «r: 

Mf* n«la| eMcats-VllIt Ol 



10^0 Discount to All Prof«»ienab 

158 West 45th Street 




CANDLER BtDG.*** West «iid Street 

E. Oalizi & Bro, no pa 


GraateK FntlMtaNl As! ~ 
cordion Maauraetaren 
and Bcpalren. . Inoom- 
panUe Saadal Wettai 
New a 

... ->...> I.' 

Madam J^rt^ yi^rHes- 

Dear Vaudeville Friends! 

• ■ . - .1 

' I have postponed the opening oC my new vaiidevilfe seasoaf 
in order to establish under my personal -^directioii the DOREE^ 
pleasare o£ discussing "VOICED .wi^ t^^ 
■led tfaat.yonr flinging, is. not on a p^r with the rtstcijj/iiiitt 
come up and -see. ne iuid/iet me help-. jfs^valize your talenta.' 
Remember no niatter how'gieat'nor hbw^^^^ your voice may be^ 
it can be imjproved in an unbelieVably ^iliort ti&e -st^ 
of i^dobr act . gresd^' enhanced. Play part- oi -yov^i season in; 

.; • jCjpfrdurflyL^ycw 

;^es*^ $eirenty^sccond 


Bamtone of international Reputation. 
Sdeotific Voice Diagnostician amd. Director o£ Operatfi 
; IntefpretatiDn. . 


VOICE BUILDING, Manager and Genedft Director. 


Teaclier. ■ 



iSstii^shed Orgamst of Knox Crescent, Mqntteat r ; ^ 
Ontorio and Concert; Coach, Piano add Oigra Instnl€tioii.i 

Drooping Pointed 

' feattnea eemeM. WMa- 
His wd Btanlibei Bawnd Ad- 
vice and Booklit Free. Hoais tlU 
7 eiealap; BondaTi It t« L 


Amoiea'a laaadlni Face Spedallat 

ym. Stt. Fifth Xloor, Ucrkker'a Theater Bids. 


da aft tatn tkli ataaip «a 
tbaai. "TlMre^a A Raaioal" 

Mall or wire orders cara- 
tallr attended to. Wire 




lawaiflsel natwea CoRedcd. Witaf ■ ^ 
Hee and Blemlahea Remored. Ad- 
vice and .Booklet Free. Hours lilt 
r tmlDfa; Sunday. IQ to 1.' 


Amcrlc&'i LcaillDf Vice BmelalM 
Boom 508. Fl/th Floor. Mcrirker'i Thoater BIdK 

3k I. TeaBoiEh 



CMe^ Bids., 


Have Energy and 
^Ambition to Do Thinae 

Eaerrlae strenttheiia everr muscle and o^an 
In the body; mtIII grlve rou Health, Vim and 
Vigor. Oae moatlt'a treatment mailed sealed 
<er tt.Ci. Mnmt taMk K at 
f er porlicKan. 


^X/IIX< convert PlevraC or Ffcntlli 

" lole plaia Ulster or M«rter. Urs. or 
V>*a,-^9ily, quickly and plMiantlr. Atbo> 
luia is tke perfect make up remover. fff<#r 
t^B Mn in good ecti^Uien. 
AXA7Z£^'B ts tut 
Q> Id I and t eosea 
tSbm foil tUht (or 
tbe iskk«4B bos; 
UM la u sad 1 n. case. 

ttnr.ALaoURiB St tnr tnH 
m Oeaisc la bsNrp. 


p AdtBB 4tiiet - • 

. ^ JOHNNYMILLER ■ . . - " ^' / JAMES MACK ^ ■; v;.?^: 

Late of New York Winter Gaidm Prodiictioas ''KSsin^ 1915-1917. .;.;y*VMM<.v..%. ..Direction McssrSv SHw^^ 

Hippodrome* New York .*. ... ••.•..«••.. .. . • .. .. .. ...■.'.^.i', , , , « • • •>•• •.Direction:, Mr. Cliftfc..E^JhipjjBj^roT 

Knickerbocker Theatre New Y<Nrk| "Fads and Faiidcs......*;*.«.>^,*..**.y.....«.v..^ tnuigex' 

Hq>podrome^ London^ "HeMo, Tango** ... ^ • • •> ••.tf. • • » ••i . i*r>*.«.« < VP^*!w5iwi -Jtci'-'Ailji?!. DepwuRfiP* 

Fdies Bergere» Paris. • • • .<■«.•••••••••*.......<.• ...•.>. .. .Direc^on Mr.- Bin^tt;;' 

Now playing VaudeWlIe at B. F. lUttik's Rirardde this week (Sept. 39) and one of Vaudevillc^a biggest Comedy Hits. - I 

Direction Harry Fitzgerald. Many tlianks to Mr. Eddie Darling. Songs by JAMES T. DUIi'FY^ 

General Execgtiye OflKces 


New Yorfc 

|fe Lnbin Personally Interviews Artists Daily 
Between 11 and 1 

Ads km «ff ^ Soattttn tafitmy iiiie N. T. Office 

HHth AMMteaBMihlias 

J. C. BIATimWS In dme 

B. 8. 

. Theatrical EfUei^isei^^^ 

/ ' ' VJiUnEVJLLB:JiQmcr:{^. ^^^^^^^ 

General Execiitiye Offices • 




Loop End BIdfl. 
177 N. State 8t. 

Putnam Bidfl. 
1403 Braadwagr 




■■■ ;t» 


ladison and Deaifbom Sbmts 


"Jhe Keystone of Hotel Hospitality" 
OStn Special Weekly Rates to .the Profeasidn 


VM TO SIWAVEflT OlST fITRRRT - Ffaene: Colambun HlBi 

An Movator. fireproof bunding of the newcnt type, havlns eVerjr device and convenience. 
Apartntenta are beauttCullr arranged, and conai*t o( !, 3, and t room8, with kitchen* 
MA iatehmatt«% W«d bath and -phone. 117,00 Vm WMkbrt ' 

-Amnm Mt wunwilMttonw to CliariM Tenenbaiinii, IrrJaftoa SUB, 
Mo comiMtioK with any other h«a««. 

. V.:.;.".r,-^.- 

■jnione! Bryant 1M< 


Oeo> P. Sohneider, rrop. 


Complete for Housekeepmg— Clean and Airy 
323 West 43rd Street, NEW YORK CITY . 

M BooBia. CatMinr to the comfort and .conrenienee of the 

StecuB Heat fetc«tr<o lA^X .... |».oo up 

Tel. Btyant SB4^S.18SS 

Oat Block to TiBM Bqiwre 

The Edmonds Furnished Aparlinents 

. MBS. .an>8«a DAMUn^ FimrlttrMM _ *_ 

rrirate Bath and 'Phone 
la Rach Apartment 


Tin I 

stoirrn atknor 


Bg*yy * S.*^ ajd 47th StrceU. One Block West of Brosdwar 

'.Ti^ii^ ■Vj*^."'"' ■■••■•»•-■••■» Hlith4;i«M Furnished Apartment*^ 
gWCqy l*Wfmi|IMlt MRS. OBOROR HIBCBL, Mgr. Phoneai Bryant 8959-t 

SOO flousekeepg Apartme^^ 

(Of the better olass, within reach of ecoiaonucal folks) 

- " ■ ■ " - " " cltj 

I/nder the direct mipervhion •( tlie owncn*. I.ociited In the 'heart of the city, Joxt off 
Breodwajr, close to all bookiiuc offlce*. principal theatre*, department store*, traction line*, 
"I>" road aad Mitnrar. 

We are the largeat faalntataum of tionnekeepinK famiahed opartmeati aMcialiilng to. 
thjMjgeej i elkfc We are oa the «i!M«id dall^. Vide ' r . . 

I opartmeati apecl 
Iwwee Bwpt eervlM -and 

smut -HCAT AND 


Ml l« U7 Wot 4Ith 81. PMOt! aiywt 6I$S 

A bulldiae d« luw. Jnt oanpldtdi elmttor 
•lurtatiiti aimiMl I* lallN e( o«*, two aad <lir«« , 
rooni. wim tiled kilk ud (litwir. tllM UlokeiK, 
kltehcmttei. Th*H ••artnanti *Mk»dy ntry Itiiivry 
kntow* Is aiodicn lelinai. 

ISS.N U» Meilhliii tiMO «» WeMv 


141 -M7 Wilt 4M St ntaw' Srynt 711 1 

0*«. tlirw tad fear reen a«arl«ta|>. wlik kit- 
•iMiitMti, arlvkta katk md t*i*»hea*a. The »ri**cv 
ttiett ■NnMkkli .in mM for ii *«• or ita at- 
traaHMN. T Sn.OI U» w«*Uir 


312, 314 tad lid Wait 49tk S(. Rhone: Bryant BS60 
An up-to-the-nlRUle. new. flrtprotf bulliting. ar- 
nngtd la aaartneatt of Ihrra »il four rxiomi mKIi 
MttkMi tad iirifDM halli. 'Pkon* la etch tport- 

: SryMl 41M-8I31 
Ik, funilikad te a' 

•17.00 U» WtaMy 


W M« MLWiil 4M St neat! S 

Time me (eur. ftent with kith, 

degrtt ¥ nttftmiw that tioiH anylklai It thlf 
t»t tf buHMai. jHtn tpirtMteti loeaaimv 
data four or eiart edelOh 

Addrem all.C( 
r !nelpal OBIce— T( 



■ KOO 

•u wnm^v AMD vr 


A.t_ gBjHi iMet„„ i; B eai .C—twl . 
' 'AldWBV'OQiniliraBi Jfaoacer 

. . .' i'r- 

-ATei^ieriwd:. . 


KanMt Bead, LjrabiMk, ii, t,/ V^onled In OoMaio aervlee. 

. :...'JU 

Under direction of >f. & J. Suesktifd' 


One Block' ftrom Time* Sooare 


248 WEST 42.idilljiiRV^kVW-Y^^ t^- 

AhM||i Opfs 



Ohp mw ffabtoiy and artlsls sro at your oorvieo. 


2«B WosI 4lkh atrsot^ Now Vorfc City/ 


JTe tOtr for ner or iarit Imnd' nut itmrni had SniOk W tiiii Itta^'aai- m** . 
I^fll. M ' ■ ■ -lorwoiia «le*lli«ilKpSwr«Sp^ 

• Mfa •«d Idatt. tot w-^fuhnll a»a» for fouf awfowL 

SCENEI^ STUDIO iV, Uy9ia, Mgf:,) 

■ ■;. ■' " Phone: Bryant M48 


,%tf*r.'A..' ■ 



' f V ,?A.: y. 


and- Designs 
or Act 

146 1. OLAXK ST., Chicago, HL 




All Modim iMprwreatalt— Gaatrally . Loatttd 
. Ratea: 75e. aad Up 



Bst HBNRV e,jilNERe liio. 



(ContPsI iPsPfc Wsol> 



Reg. Price 

SfMlallilM la tMi lite, wt art tMt ie tava you 
at^jMHt M'pir .««Nt ea Ihtatrioel ftttwMr. Mr. 
Halt Htrrli, fermarhf el Mllltn, tntf Mr, Sidney 
Ungar. (armerlir el €*mmay<ra have eliarfe of -«kU 
dipartmant and are parlleultrly tusllfled t« plv* 
tde eararyl attention the thaahlotl prolotalon 


Meor 00th Streii. Open Kvte. unUI 10 

f ... ■■ . 


INC. * 

Pimliictionis of bistiitction: 

(P. DODD AOKiSRMAK, beeirner> 
NEW YORK city; 'i 

■ " -I 

V ■ 


October 13. ..... . . , . .Keith'*, Wailiingtclix '''■■-■^ i 

0^Ur 20. . . .Keith*! Jlivenide, iew Yo^: " < ' 


;«re the hit of fh6 bOl- 
^^.J^Qlth's. this weelc. .jLfKolo.. 

3'>V!' riviS 

Ifttqpped the show.' Mtkr 
fyii'siv wtuit the fkudii^ce 

f>)i9|eomiiiii;'Dltpl|^^ By 
n ;aiMl .C«nMlir 
Kkiimm City, M«f' 

^ ™ May 3, l^^s; France, Revue 


; : '^LE AMERipA^j^^ ; i 

' ihif^aibtie Brooi 
NoTemlwr 17. . . . .Onlieiun, Brooklyn 

Ildyember 84. . . . i . i .C^>V>lui^ 

lle^ember l..v...>.AUbuaabxa, Sew YoiIe;^! 

DisMbar 8 ^ . . . . . .vlM^^^Plfo^^ 

December 15, . . J . ; .ttaxyland, BaltMpra 
. December 22. . . i . . . . . . . iBans, f ittsbnxg^ 

December 29 .v.vV.Teiaple^ D?tiwxt 

^January . 6; ^ v^v v . .v^ Eo<di«lbKis.' ■■\ 
47Miiuay'. jO'i-Vt'tiv.wvt ..... ••••ovv-iivSra ■' - 
: J anuary 28 ... ♦. »• ♦^.c^i^i * . » . .Baoiilton 
. February 23; . JV^ .V ; . ^^.^USIwa^i, Buflat^ 

March. 1 . . . . ; , » ., . ... ....*. ... . Zoniaift^^ 

Uaroh 16 . 

Ifaroh 22 .......... «> i> .". > « ..v . Xotfvll 

^ March 29 ....... . ... . . «>.v . . Ipirtli^ 



wma mffnyiwr nail' to TAluiiTT, 
, vofioMUMi. ikovHRsnma .wi. cni» 

CDLAB «MraM wait tIDt >■ Al>> 

tarlmtf iPCTi a> WM > . nit iwb 
unBOmiT. : . .. 


Uvi^tm Mrp 
F'-'-Iitor BIiTm 
[:' :'::»tteU Bom 
'Aflns Percy 

Ball * Jteiit 
Baakoit I*M 
B«buk Om 
fMtUa jBobt 

nSSa iMia ' 

•nm«r nub* 
Boanar Karl 

Bruiic Nellie 
BuatlnK Emma ' 
Burke Jacqueline 
DuTton Tlioa 
Burhaman Mra 

Carpenter Irrfas 
Caryll OrtBfc, . 

.Cblyo 0«rtrS3a 
Church Wuren 
CtaM * RadcUffe 
Clapton A CaaaAB 

Claite Dorl* - 
Cteveiaad BaM 
Clifford Bey 
Clyde Ora ■ 
Cochrane snaaaor 
Collni M 
Collina Billy 
Cop* at Hutton 
Cormlc&n Roee 
Comes Walter . 
OaBfroTe Irwin 
~3iutjMf . PaalUM 

Domqae I>oa 
Donovan Fannie 
Dormand Uay 
DotsoB iSr 
Douslae 'Walter 
Dowlimr Hay 

Dunbar Chaa 
Dunham WaKar 
Duobar Baater 
Dn Ftosne 
OOMI Arthnr 
Daaa Vn B B 

Eberle dteo . 
EmnnM Mr * 
Rnclla Jack 


StcMuUlp aceomodoUoDa acranfad ui all Une'i, at U»la Oflka ITwitI M« 

very fan; amnte early, fonlsa- Money bouglit aaa mU T IhlTtr Itimfll tlrin1H,a|H 

PAUL TAD8IG & BON, IM Katt l«th BU, Nfw YoHf. Phone: fltvrvMant nMrSUT 

BowId Chaa 

S>yna Hacel 
_raaae Stella 
Brenoaa MUi A 
Drlea Fmait 
Brittaia Vtraak 

ISIB Bi 'art w y 

CKmwtll lira B 
<k«an»«ll XaaiM 
;OlrU«r Jeaa 

Barilnr QUa 

Uanow J 

' Da'Tenpert AmI ' 
Delto Oaito 
Delmar Hatry 
Da Ulllo Ookta 
Da No^l Helena 
Daanla Baoier 
Oa Pm TiMBiaa 
pa ,Via« BabMa 
Sa YatJFnak 
Oawitt Kany 
Dexter Rtlpb 
Dlamead Beatrlea 

BfrToa Je« 
Bfalaad CL. 
■rajia faaa^, 
Brareat Fraak ' 

Voftjx Barney 
V»lda Al 
VIelda Bally 
■ I Dell 

at Jack 

reaytte JuUH 
■rtayna Vrank ' 

tSltaoa 4lirti 
Olak Lao 
aofhrtk * Ooyla 
OoUen llaUa . 
Oordoa BaiBMf' 
Qravee Aliea 
Orceit A Parker ' 
Orinia- Jack 
Orota lAntA 

Haeltatl JaaaattU 
Ban IhiUca 

JTallar B*a 
Fallar lir 

aaAibiaa:;Ja«l . 
<lardaar..VHi . 
Qutdaar Ibw 
Oatca * Fiadlay 
Qaylor Ploaeta 
OlMMna NalUa 
flttl .Vt»Mk 

liarrU At 


557 Fifth Avenue, at 46th Street 

BAVK A urairB TaXtf DaxiVBMBi W 

om xoo» wmam viMM n to 

awtey Haiaa 
Headwaoa Nmhmi' 
Bepp 4 
Howard Cbta 
Heivy Meale 
Uendrlcki Hanaaa 
Henry Arthur 
Bill Farcy 
Hold Ur « Ml* Mas 
Hoffman X«r 

Hopney J 

HudaoB Bate 
Hatha W«n 

Xramka Brea 
Karlafldd R«Mk - 
Kyne Cbae 

Bell JacQDcllaa 
!<• Don A Bcckmaa 
Ltneaater Ja ~ 
Xta Sank 

Iieopea Ca r aaen 
la Rm Bva 
XiMaard Albert 
If Tow Baba • 

; {mS^ Mrf 

IxK^cr Chaa •■ 
liobea Ralpb ' 
Lorialae Oacar 
!«ala ft llltahaU 
tawrlo Rene* 

HeOnrailck )oa 
UcKlttrlck J J 
Mcicmcrlck Geo 
McHahon Jack 
HcUakon ft Adelaide 
Mack OtU 

.Face Vunlm 
Faytoa FraiK 
Paaaey Art ' 
nmilkM flk-noaa 

" ftttMiai'a. 'X 'J 

Qollta Mr A' Mra 

Race .Tboaua 
RaedaU BoVtrf 
Rayntpiid Slatani 
Raynora . Wyllia 
Rcftt Petty 
Reavia Rutb 
Reece Kittle 
RalBcoM Mlaa A- 
Relnacb L M 
BaMaao n OUta 

nC^lpaW' WllaQB 

Booney TtMoiaa 
B«H CoroUaa 

Boarlca Arthur 

'Weber C " 
• ..."Weber Joe ^..vr:' 

^alllactaii AMrt«; H 

^ -WWttaU Srmiae - - • — '-^ 
W|laaa .^Matta . :. 

nua»i>^ V -^^ ■ 'fe: 


iehabort M « 
Bcholl Geo 
Beaton BlUla ' 
Bcymoor Oiaea 
SheelMQ tamtk 

Buchea . 
HuglMa' Karl* 

Hatehinea Alloa 
Hylan ferry 

Jafolta Tom 
Jerome E^inlly 
Jonea Eltaet 
JoDca Uartba 
Jonea Johnajr 
Jonea IfabM ■' 
Jam Karl 

Evodnv Goiwna— Street Costumes 
Uwiritt and .Hats , 

•KtrcHu pO'RNisHra 
•s WMi ibMiiiih'M. : ' cmuoo^ nx. 

naiMi IbuiMiih ITM 





"■^ • BO!(HCED 190LII> 


Kay Rtttb ' 
Kay Dolly 
Keane Chaa 
Kcefe Chria 
Ke«lerB Pljrinc 
Kelly Moatya 
KIlby Harry 
Klac Boy 
Keynold H 
Klngabara; Howard 
Kiifewaod Blllld 
KirtehaMr Hattia 
Kaodrew Pearl 
Koebb M 

Knox W Cromwall 
Kol>el Praaoea 

Hatakard l^ytha 
Valtetu BeHa 
Haaaan Hany 
Maien Idaoda , 

Maido * Huntar 

^^ai« BMa ; 

Smva Ireaa 
Meteaya Frank 
UarUn Jack 
Miller Jamea 
Horllraer Robart 
Uoran Oeorga 

Humy %Bi 
Vyera Mra 
. Byera Walter 
..Byra Otia . 

abantay aartvaM 
Shtrloek Slitera 
Sbirlay .Carol 
nulaar' Joa " 
Bimpaea Pnany 
Stanley. Mileaa . 
Stevena Betty 
Stevens Amelia 
Stevena Valera 
Rtrok Frank 
Stuart Aoatin 
Stylea Hany 
BmbartABd Oatta 

Vaytor Chaa 

Tcny Frank 
. Tbamaa Vera 

ion L II • 

Edward* Sarah' 

Karl Rnbgr ' - 
Earl * Wrigkt 

aarbell. AlbKt 
Oardoa;'B<qr ' 

Howard Xartia 

IvatiQB tWak 
Laa MUlrad 

Naal TITalter 

Oakhr Harry 
Ovarbolta Tammy 

Walker Budftr 
Ward N B 

.IV xov somr AP wajmsBot 




Mata-laka Balldlar. Ohleaco. ' Ml' .i^. iUlt .''^ 

IRRKR DUBOODE? Formerly with 
9AaBI< BANOVBiBdMb SMeklMia 


iff' , • A 'i'-'-'f'.v'.-c : ■ • - 

.■■|il^^:■.^■>■■■'-.■^.y■ :■■ .. • — 

■■'r.-.v -.-,i.v--~>i' •■■ • ' 

Trombon« Piano Cornftt • Oruma Clarimt Violin 

AT PALACE, NEW YORK, THIS WEEK (SEPT. 29i Sfoppuv Om Sht^ Epery 



(Oct •-Oet. XtL) 

■ JfJkSf Jux Rerne" 6-7 Qayetr SUmx Otr U- 

Citttttrjr Kahaia City Uo> 

•'ATlktonr < -m^nmrnt* WMwataf u Bmt-' 

Md Boston. .. 

"Bctutr R9Vtto" 6 L O IS BUndara St Louis. 
. *'B«aiitr Triut" C Gayety Toronto 13 Qayety 

.Sthjnaa 8bow < Jacques Wat«rbury 13 Miner's 
' Bropx Hew Tork . 

*Ve(t-8^w la' Town" t Miner's Bronx New 
' T6rk 13 Orpjieam ratcrssn. 
'Ww .BIrda" I Oayety Minneapolis 12-14 
iCHjr. ■ • 

JtW A OBilcr'Chtcaca IS Oftjraty 

■ liitnHt :» ^ . 


•■Bowcrjro" « Bmpire Toledo It Lyric Dayton. 
"Broadway Belles" S Troctdero Phlladelpbta 

13 Bmpire Hoboken. 
'3tirlei4ue Review" <-8 Cohen's Newburc 
Cohen's Pouehkeepsle 13 Casino Boston. 
"BiirlMjue "Wosder 8lio#" ( Lyric Dayton 
T. IS Qlyi^e OlMiiinatL 
y-Bmltmnt • I^eem WMUngtoo IS 

as BUott 

WALTER HAST presents 



Towrinc Sontheni eitlea, foreauMt 

■rOoldeB CMok" C Col«mM« Mnr T«rk U rEib«lr*OlrW C 

F«aa CIcciilt 




"Hstio AneriM." •-• BuUUa 
Iiwnbeic.btlM IS Oaytty 

"^p Rip Harrab" • 
Hartls Sc Seaawn's Mkw Twk. 

Wtm* aw • 




t Century 

iCUr Mm 13 


"Jasa BaMMT « Aeadsmy BaM* U 

Roily TJtyr 6 Perth Amboy T Piatnfleld I 
Stamford »-ll Park Bridgeport 13<lt 
Cohen's KewlRMi U-U Coiwn'a PwwjhktSBrts. 

"Kewpte Dolls" • Stnraf« BmIm IST 

New Tork. 

•T.»d Litters" 

L O. 

''rx>ndon Bellei" C Caglno Boston 13 C»laai« 

bla New York. 
"Maldi of America" 6 Gayety Plttsbursh IJ- 

II Tarlt Vouncatown 1(-1| Qraad Akron. 
Marion Dave ( Peoples Philadelphia IJ Pal- 

ae« Baltimore. 
"Sfidnlcht Uaidena" « Oayety Mllwankee 13 

^M«ty M. Vul. - ■ 

■r'MV Oayety St Unda 13 

Umkmf •• .OvMr IMliaiik ,1t 

Lrcenm TTMhUictMii' 
"Monie . Carlo CIrlaf' • Pmmi Cta«iU IS 
, oty Baltimdlfe. 
"Oh FrcDchy" « Oaytty LMlsTiUo U Ly^- 

ceura Colomboa. . ■ . -. 

t>h Oirts^u-c onlHimi VMMMa is 

JetMy 'city. 

"Pace Makers" < Qllmoro SpriitiilM. |ML^ 
ccster Worcester -Mass. * 
VTArisUn Flirts" C Bijan : ' 
Broadway Camden. 

vin mimilk. ■ 

"^TMk »V BMP • ^ flwMr 
Ba««aHa:' anleiw 1i«U 

"Ranle Dastle" • Bmpire Cleveland 13 CaiU* 

lae Detroit! 
"Record Breakers"- ( Star Brooklfn 

more Spricrfield Mas 
Reeves Al C Oayety BuRalo 13 Oayety ^B««ki|^< 

Reynolds Abe S-T Berehel Des Kotaei:'jlir- 

Gayety OmaJuu 
■ •'RoaeUnd OlrU" ( Gayety K^naas City 

Graad Tre^tea IS Star Cterelaott: 
"Social Follies" ( HaJeaUe ScraBtM '1|^( 
Arinory BIngbamton 1(-1( Inter Wlacua 

Ftiis. . :v. 

"Social Uaid«" S Columbia Chicaco . IS-it 

Berehel Des Molnei Iowa. 
■'Some Show" 6 Uaymarket Chicago 13 Qay^ 
• unwaokee. 

*Wtit qirur t ar^*mr Cwao^ iSili*- 




. PiUtadelphia. 
Stacoa'iS '^IK Ravlaw" 

Aeadetsiy Boflalab 
•Tollies o( d¥s^ S CtajWlV 

Hartford. ' '~~ '' 

"Foiliea of PteasanT S OayVtjr B UDrti y 
Gayety Newark. 
•■Frsncb F^liaflT'S mnHln StWkM IS BUr 

Bropklyn. - ■ 
•DUila W la .qw«r • BwUc.* Mew 
i TMc-ltl^msIn BnMlira. -. 
"Olria de CMilca":« Olympic ClncinnaU IS Star 

ft Oart«ii>' ChJcaco. 
■Virls itrom Follies" 6 Englewood dhlcafo IS 
Bsymarket Chicago. 

"Qirla trbm 7oyland" 6 Oayety Newark 

lS-1* Granii; Trenton. 
*nirla Otria Qirla" <-8 Armory BIngbamton 
: S-lt^Iliter Niagara Falls 13 Star Toronto. 
*Virls f TJ S A" 6 Gaytty Omaha 13 Oayety 

Kansas City Mo. 

. •■ I'RHrin Ri i(,'i(^N- .-NNXoi. Nc:i:.\ii:\ r 


■ ' W'f-iMlcr yiMi iiii ■«|j|iciriurtity. lo- -.•our«'' soiU'-./ali^uliiii.-.'v 

fSl'nd i'leillify-viiur^clf uifli liu' Intr.n 
Va' [iiisilioii lo "tfiT yiiu. -If yi'i I'-" 
Ipur firoftf-sioiuiUilejiiiHiileiU-a! LmV 

lOf.iil, --(inii ;ininl)frs.wo- are ui 

^feld ^ULldLnisi^t Frolic 

ifast two good ioeii 


* ChtftM* .« <kiFMF PMniKv>* Oaf^ 

Toronto. . • . ...iil^- 

"Step LlvelrOlrV e Uajestic JersejT. Clta^ , 

Perth Amboy 14 Platntleld it 'Stardil^ 

16-18 Park Bridgeport. ' " " '''"^-. X 
Stone & Plllard S-0 Grand Terre ilaote.4^ 

Park Indianapolis IS Carety Loul8TilUt<'{ . 
"Sweet SweeUea Girls" S Olympki NTer iniik ' 

13 Oayaiy BiMliIni- -^-. . -.^ v^.^ 

•*Temp«M< C aeuSiiiA St LMta'Si^-jlltAii 

Tern Haata IS>1S Parte litftabii»«ll»- f -*'/ < 
Centory Maw* ' 6 SnplM^ A»aiv.'#. ; 

Oayety Boston. " 
•V ictory Belleaf' < !• O IS Oayety St LotUi; ' 
Watson Billy f Oayety St Paul 13 Oarf^ 

Welch Ben t Oayety Hontreal] IS Etcplie Al* 

bany. ■ ' ■ ' t 

'White Pat < Lyceum Colamboi II Vlo^rta 
■ . PltUbnrgh. ^ 
■Williams Mollle 6 Oayety Waahlngton IS Gar- 
crty Plttaburgh, 


Az Iz 


Uhelele Ike'f 


, AAA 

iisi — -i 

— ^ 


If i!^ 

pray tliat }WU come 

And let me 

4:,., S 

Tbatiiow I 

"•^J J — 1 cf* 

5 W lJ1£ 


Copyright MCMXIX by Jos.W. Stem & Co.,New York 

IN ANyr KE^ 


CHICAGO ■ - Jos. ¥ SterR &r Co- 

. iiOH.curKSt. Professional Studios • 

Cpposil? the New N VA-^ ■ 

BOSTON .i'y 
181 Tremont SV:'- • 

4-35 Ma^n ST:. 

■ DANCE- ■■ 

■fS ! 


W-^H" ■''-■r.l 


: - ■;: -v.::-'^' '^f- % •■•1? ■ •1 


Earned lx) S10t^ as my mai^rial is fuut proteciedi 


Direction, HAIWY BURTCm 

OCX nrwn^ijm^ 

Hom& of Dreu 


Dancing Frocks and 

^asdnatmg Mcdeb of fhe 

ILatest Paris creations, rep- 
ttaen&ig the Best the 
Coimtrjr Can 0£fer. 
Every ilodel an Oiiginil 
Idea, having been care- 
fully selected to meet with 
tiie enthusiastic approba- 

130 West 45th Street 

^. New York City 

'ft.-' . 

no^M . ntywt, nil 


■aster Sirengih-Builder 
Cf The Bloodi 

/Sirongi SlbrAf Mm 
MmI ' lleoHliyii BMMpM.Wi 

9,000,000 Paepl* Um H 


ORAND OFSBA H0U8K-"|>ad«lcr* 

foL Tlie play Is aurely InprobaUe.' bvl 
thcless channlnK. Excellent builneaa. . 

BHUBE}RT-COLONIAl^.-"Blra ot Fkltidiae," 
with Florence Rockwell. ForenBtallr' poyBlM*. 
OrAcBtia toicsd ooder Um slagii."' 


STAB.— "Bwleaqae Wonder SiMw." 

SUPIRB.— "OWs Inm tlM FaUteB.** 

lAKirs liiomTr.^'niiiawflMi^ . 

Brat," _ ^, ; . ■ ■ ■ 
LOEWS BOCLIP.' CKirtw Say . 

H«iur." . . • 

X.OE1Vfl tmuUCAN^-MnhMm 


STANDARD.— "What ilni I bidr* Uae Uamr. 
KNICKBRBOCKBR.-BMai« Barilscaleln "H«r 

mm la "A Hn'a 

FIfhf • ■> " 

STRAN]X-4>anikr vmm te •Dtaite 

■ ar>-iL .c -DAT. . 

QRViUBUlC.— Ytaderin*. 

TABOR ORAMD.— VaodevlUe and picttmt. ' 
DBNHASf.— Wllkw Flayers In "UUic Tims.'.' 
BrVOU.-Doratli7 FhOUpa la "The Riclit. to 


BXALia-Bobnt Wsnriok la ^T<dd la tb* 

' 'iMm Than WholetalS Pnew \ 

ma— a«tts» Watslx in "ni« WlnoiDC Sti«ke" 
aa* Me Mt JMalliM . Itevm ■ !■ . '^ha 

is iBaiia(«r of tto comiiaity.' 

The Plain Dealer Film Tuples W2S glTan Its 
first ahowtnc this week at t!i« New Gorton 
Sanara Theatre. Cblo fltoa follovera are bound 

X n V. "Baowlamaca" (Mr. , and Un. VuS 
T. Flood)' baiwijnk ictanwd Mm tba baMla- 

llelda to their bent In ' LeJcawaed. Ur. Fined, 
who la a aidger. made Ua debut at Cbatean 
Thierry. Mngins In a gnrden, whl«h a . tew 
hoars earlier had been osed to nmalc n battcry- 
ol American T5a He matted a rose, wh< ^ he. 
picked from the garden, to Mra Flood In Cleve- 
land. One year later they nere both picking 
roata ftom the- Chateau -Thierry cordon. Mr. 
Flood . aaair and Mrs. Flood aceuapanled MM 
In ItaBM^ Itair, Aaalila, Ottfumf, Balgiom, 
HaOtnd and i^j***^ Ftmlly tt^r i>*fwnt 
known aa^Hia Mm! thtUT iaC iiba T. II. a 

iaaOEaCA.~Aalta Stnntit tn "Her Kiotaom 

STRAND.— Wamn Xandgan tn "A .WbUa 
Man's Cbaaea."- tntllui .BBaMll.lB "mx ><Mt 
Xoar." • •■ ' ■•- •■ ......... .. 

TRIKCBS8.-auutellaj In *7ka:Bkr Cnta 

OaoTKO, S. Heermance, scenic artist at tb^ Den- 
ham, bad his first opportunity this week to put 
Ui peraonal impreulons of France on the caa* 
. vas. R« was a member of tba 863d Int. In 
Ftanea dating tba war and bad an opportunity to 
■•••adatadytbo aMnci wlMMtlt%'vlot aC •XUae 

am bOa, 9Ua vedc U dmaltaii 
Uin ia paint ioia aoanki aSecta for «ba piodae- 
tta-ar tMfe 'plar a^ tba Senbam. and kk baa 
aeani lbm, y aT M ad « raal atibo^hera tat m. 

Local newBpapera cairied a atory thia week to 
the etreot WllUam Famum Is either In Greeley 
m ha« a living double. A man anawerlng tba 
description of Famum tried to purchase an avl> 
atloa «eat at a Oiesley rtore^ He said that ha 
aa aailBl Wf .mvt' tba jomrMif. 

A naw. laamber ot the fnikes Players . Canity 
at tba Sanbam ia Ma Kaya^ .Bba will play tn- 


. lYou who know style must ap«> vi 
■ 'predate these smart furs. The- ' 
<>most appropriate piece' fmr;;: 
• >every occasion Is here priced at; ; • 
"is less than you 'Would li^ve' tot 
l^pay wholesale^ - ^ ^i'^ 

.♦ : 

Special DUcount to m^Q 



. ai.WestMtfa. Street 

According to word received by Denver film 
exchange^ all tha plctora bouaea In .CbeyaaiMk 
TVJrOb. have ndoptad* i 

fWowr manager of tharLoa Asgclai 
(ar -Galdwyn, baa oob» W..3)caTar ta. 
'. taka' flbargr «r the efflca of same Brm In tMa 
«ltr.° Ba aucoaeda B. Bradley Fish, who ta 
> la hava made new aOtiattang ta tba 

Sally Tysber ot "Daddies'' again proved the 
proverbial professional good heart, when she 
told Judg^e Silbert that she did not want to 
press a claim against Ben Bcker. a 18-year 
old waiter,' Who bad' stolen a piirao containing 
1110 tMm 'ber room whtie aerving tea. Tbe 
MMr told tba JMCB lia was tkii i 
«r Ma aind voibei'. fndta anM 

the mat and santaneed Urn lla tha wmMmiaa Sir 
SO days, but geld hie wonM Imw a nwtlon In 

mitigation on Wednesday. 

Lew Thompson, who recently resigned from 
the Universal Exchange In this city to tal:e 
charge of dlsirlbutlng tha Clara Kimball Toung 
releases throughout Ohio, was tendered a - fare- 
well banquet last Ifonday at the WInton Hotel 
by hia i 

A. B. Laniiing, exhibitor of Julesherg, has 
enlarged bis theatrical ho;dlnga by tbe puxcbaas 
at tba Lyrle at c^bappell, N«b. 



OS Xoema 
WUh Baths 
Spaelal Bstea 



Wbat tba . 
Needa After 
the Show 


w THs MfEAar SF m niiAnMM.«i 

A aemininillr. plelun tbeatta baa 
n*ad nt Oaatla Back, Oai.. so nitH wolb «C 
Danvsiv Tba eltf acbootbonss baa bata aaulpped 
'With aeiaca and proiectlon room, and rtgiilar 
ahows are being eondticted trl-we^ly, under the 
dlroctlon of Che school principal For years 
Castle Itock has been anxious to get a plotnra 
show, but every Independent exhlbtlor 
has coma In hat failed to remala 

When "Tbe Wliard of ..the,.ItnafT waa pra> 
aented at the. Oiand by ttaa Studio., Clttb- tnr 
one week last eprltv, Dr. DilTord attended one 
of tbe perfon^aacea. Loretta Eggteston sang 
from the ataae "Wbat la.Lqver Dr. Oittord 
waa impramtd* ."PMi. Uiay maa .^gnlad ittda 
W/ek. . . ' 

Second aU-qIght fllm . bousa hero-Tbe Won- 

Tbeatra dwmn.ia tha Slir Bon Bartn in Wyo- 
% kaoMns oliMit t» «Mil> 
iCk thaSa«t«r«wfen«<n 
■■a- loc M aB t a ii yjwrt dama «vaaaM In i«iM.aa ' 
aar In ablpptas ebtrgea. 

0. W. Wandcrly. manager of the Rourke and 
Wonderly theatres, La Junta, Col.. Is en* 
joying a fall vacation with relatlvea In Dayton. 
Oliio. Wdnderly baa t>een sUgbtly Indisposed 
(or atveml wedia and will take a long rest h*- 
(oia retumlni^ to bla bnslnesa enteiprlsea. 

Dr. Chester Walbtda, well-known locally ag' 
tba only mala to bare afpaared - ta tha <M< 
lege Club Plays, it leavtngf iar ipttabiinb lit 
baoiima one of tha (^!aftF,i9Vhi''Cbtnttla' °Iiip 
atttttta aC Xacbnalogr. 

' ITatk. o» tba new ftttm w at OrMlatr la 'tii«> 
gnaalnc, and' it la'aapeetcd that tba playbouie 
wm ba' opened by Iba middte o( October. Tba 
tmlMIng It 140 feet deep by 39 la width And 
bat a c<dllng"'of 21 feet abo*« the mala 'Beer. 
Xtia atntiug daptctty win ba Abmit 80ft 

Specialty Girls Wanted 

For the 1920 Edition of 


Sixth Successful Season — Alwayt 
Conceded to Bo tha "Claaaiosf QiH, 
MiMtwol A o» ill V eifdowMloI 

Can Plaeo A1 End Q?ri— Muat Do 
BUokfaeo ^ and Sino and Dance— A 
Claaoy 8inoinq and Daneing Sister 
Toim— Girl Muaieiana Eccentric 
Danoop— <"Bliiefl^ Sinoor and any BjS 
Suitable Novelty. NOW RBHaXaa* 

Male Minstrel People 

\yantedfor Novel Vaudeville MInatrel 
Act— Sinaera, Cemedian8,Danoere.and 
a Quartette— Only Reliably P*op^ 
Conaidered. ' ' 

All Applioantg Apply in Peraon at 
UNITY HALL, 841 W. 47th 8t. New 
York, or Write, Care of Lew OoMwv 
Palace Thaatra Building, New York 

CHAS; W. BOyail, M<«na«ti^ 

If::.; - 

Better Gniveniaices 



Wheat You 


i- irORAT.—'l 1«T« Ton.' 

BNOUSH'a— '7ollyMina," llrM IwMi M«ll 
-O'Brien Miii«tr«i*, Mc6nd^4^'.j 

CIBCUir.— 'Pictar**. 

nit. I4rrte*a B«w,bMeinent 4»dc« lloor irlll 
fe* ie«npt«t»a Wltiun a iboirt tlm«. DaBCtsg 
' tfeiMcIkMt tbe evenlnr-wsn- !)• permitted. 

JoMpb 'X. Oavln, bouM vt^JMgae: at- tim 
Xorrlo, foriiMrly w«a treaanrw W am Btftaip 
•polli «nd Boston ba<el>»lli cIubK ■ 

Ad Miller, inanager'°%l Sngllatt'^ to • foll- 
fl«dC«d cIUecd of IndUaapoilJi now, jMiViiiC 
Mid Us (arm near CehmtbUb P- 
imf-imt and. basgacft'. " - 
work (If . 'rtmedellinc tba Oqkhmnn, Terra 
'to BWinr'cMnpletiUm.' Tlw new bouM 
^St' be colonial in dciign and •will apeclalice 
in flim productions. Tm A Keating, owners, 
•ipMt the Improvemtnta to be done by Ko- 
1. ■• . 

Itank O. nembttteh'B newObio Mm tbeater 
In West ,ohio street wil]:b« mdjr fw eventw 
ivitbin a tew. weeks. 

tlie .Isle, film, adODls: 
tbe iall week prpgrain poUey. UPbe J«la baa 

Vlctnree twiea. weekly, heratofore. 

Mllai; A-'Wasinntli. Denal^ JB, Mcdwrds, 
AniMl. A.:>Kiebaid*^ Bavl V. Haok<itt; and Al- 
IM- C. jsoonte. are iaeorporaton et tbe 
Roanoke Movlnv Picture Co., operatlnv at 
Beaaoke, Ind., capUal. tiO.OOO. 
' Cbarlfa W. Tj'ler has been oamed tbe Jn- 
diani^wiia agent of tbe Cxtilbltors MutoaL. ' 

. mnnranp B < - jw e ti fc t iuiuwu ^. 

.vmuaiD,-Ann» mnrart ia 
at Dnaina." 

, Btatins in "Seasdal" la paletUaed' for 
; week. ■ • . • ■• ',• 
J ^^^^ -■' ■ 

Helen ^'Wbttman Joined flw. MUaa . IjUlbia 
Bwae la tbiii city. '; 

"Wblle tbe<«otambla to sow in ito tbUd we^tk 
a( MattoMd- irhatf.balaivMti A !■ 
to My ftnr' MsiiiHM d^' oIlMrWlia 1 
«« uawinMBt la 1* ta- la tbto dty. At tua 
ttdM-H d6ea bM Mam flM* tbe Ootninbia to ro- 
lac to pat (be Gayety «vt ot bnalaeai, .and' «a 
' tbe other hand it don't lodk aa it tbere are 
eaonsii people in town snfllclently Intereated . 
In burlesan* to pnt tbe 8. B. O. eat on tbe 
two boosea. niinga may pork- np irtiea cfloler 
w«atb4r eomes, bat .la. tbe neaattnie it la a 
case of watchful waiting for tbe new venture. 

8o f ar aa c«d be learned from aotboritatlTO 
iourcM, the new bouse planned for Tanderllle 
and plotores la this city will not ntaterlaJlie 
naia after OM«iie Baalnaa geta bU Aba pal- 
ace la operattoa,' and maybe not .nn tUa. 
Tbe fact to thalftbe people wa* IN' bibtod 
tbe proposition are anil^im to. 
lb. BhaiotaB'a yartlM Ma 
tbeatre. bnriMHb 

na Vatleaa Cbeliy went ever Mr. Jba iiln 
^ty,. Mat- -betng aeid" ont la^aliMiti. inA 
■ craMa Itota* aii In a ^lala tmiUmK ii cat la. 

The memberi of the Piokett Stock, playinr 
|be Danville Opcriv House, pnt on a apeciat sbow 
at the United States Pnblio Service Uoapital. 
through the courtesy of Manager B. B. Cridler. 
The hospital vas opened by the' goveraneat in 
succession to United Statea Army Oentral Hos- 
pital NOb la, ftr BMB «b» 'iraife abetl-shocked or 
wba- inKeriag. ftm ' lilM doe to 

• Vka'Seymonr Opera BtriMe, at Mount IfbRia, 
Vt. T., . to a tbinc of tbe paat, tbe property bav 
Ing been iibtd .to' the Feiry Knitting Company, 
wbp wlU remodel tbe building into a branch <ac- 
tory. t«Bt wlDter during the epldemto «f in- 
fluenza it was converted into an emergeiicgr 
bowital and baa been closed ainoe. • 

For uniformity to exchange, the; j 
ftM MtM ^Co.ym accept ^iBpodlft^^ 
for YAsmrr at tlw pravaiUnt; 

Through this manner of trans^ ■■ 
mlBBioD, a^ ganger of Jobs to tbe 
player is averted; yAJj^tY, aa> 
romea fu]l risk and acknowlddees . 
the Pall Mail Co.'e receipts am its 
own re<:eipt8 for all money placed 
wtt^tbe Pall ifall ta.ViJRiBTY'S 

W ■ 

iWliai You Want a 

Ma ana Pilila" wttt lo tha tat 
BL laK Ins a mtmltal' critto 
tbie sMsm's impresario. 

' Tbe mother of Lillian Heriein died recently. 

film eicbanges and sxbtbltors In this liclnlty 
are bavlng one ot their nanal pow-wowai Tba 
want a bigfaer rental, tba eiblbitcni 



A swlmmln('tanlit ■ecbnd tai ibe' to 1liie «M' 
at tbe New toiik .Hippodrome, baa been in- 
•tailed In tbe Victoria here. Manager Mlddla- 
ton of the burlesque hoiioo baa amnged for 
weekly Friday nigbt contests and eabibltloaa^ 
tbe first to be held this week. 

Bavld Wark QrUntb, producer of "Bnkken 
^caaoms," which opened at the Ihiqueane 
. MraDday. to eipected to arrive here any day. 
WtBk a** win be same o( bto leadhig artleta, 
w t ^Wfy UnUk Otob. Bobert Bamn. Glarloa 


Should Keep R|P^^^^ 


We corrv everv ei/mlUL o/ athletto 
equipment— from a ten to a c<m- 
vlete ovmnasium. 

Write for our new Oataloe Jfo. V, 

Art ,BHt .fcg; 

Alex Tayk & Co^ Inc. 

AthhiUi Miiitr$ 


Xvita to 

■am ^ 

Aittour Oniqmttoa, 


PGet the Habl^ 

Ha alMMad 

Go to 



I,TCEVH.-'Tlfty.Flfty, Ud.** ital UK; 
VOb, Look," aeeond bait 

. PAT'B.— Itasmanlan ^upe, Five Jass Pblead«, 
Al Tkytor, Cook and Oatmaa, "Tbe Votoa la 
tbe Bart.* ' . Barly and North; Thela Baia la 

60X.tniBIA.-"Hlgb I^e Olrls." 

VIC!TQ]UA.-"Half Fast Two," Tlrginta and 
Gladys, Bert LyteU In "One Thing at a TKae 
0'Z>ay (lllm), first half; Viola Dana ia "Bome 
Bride" . <nim>, two aets to flll. wcond balL 

CK>SDON.-Bnid Benaett in "Btepptog Oat," 
tat halt: Borotty Olsb to "Oat at Lack.", ate- 

"She"* a flood Vellow" w«mA 
Nixon to tbe- laigeet opening 
reported by llanager HUty 

"Zbe Big ChkBOS^' 

«C tta 

at tbe Ahrta Hm- 

"Walker Wbitealde showed a macb better Mt 
ot acting In "Tbe Vaater ot Ballantrae," which 
opened at tba Sbnbut-Pitt Monday nigbt, than 
In hJa last seaaoa'e work. Stevenson's narratlre 
has bean well dramatized and bttle et tbe 
■titngtb of tbe piece has been tost, especlally 
wftb :mte(Me'a fine iroifc tad •(■ 
acHag snpporUng caat 

ftVLB aOOO-One Strap I SPECIAL^ 

Vm Oayety enjeyed it* bMt 



aiA OMl, 

In Fine Quality J 
wwn/ French Heel. Col> I 
•fftjuniitd, Bldok, RH Pinib 
Uit» Shm 


Sil eOtAMBH^ IMT silt 8tr«ei||: 

. W Srd AT«jnie, near lOth -Strteijl-? ^liW'l 

B. F. Keith's Vaudeville Ex 


(Fd«M TiiertTO PniUmg, 1^ 





ArtisU can book cBrect by addressing S. K. IHXXSDON 


'^bytlm!." iMt MM at XOi lUlortr'a Th»> 

Alls* Uayd opmmA her T»udevlU« muea. at 

' Wtrtc OB Iioew'% Ottawa, la ao f ar 
Ik'ta cipected to bs ready by Xma*. 

liontnal will c*t cntB< epwa Oot. 6 with 
•aa Carlo Ofaad Opera Ce. at HU Kajeaty'a 
•at SottU aad hla Oiand Opera Co. at tha 

The local Orphewa tor tlia flrat time to Ita hli- 
tory hO B wa a road ^vdifellOB e( the. leslUaata 
mtm Ink wvek. It waa" «Vw tae ThNau" Th* 
Mwya company, headed by Norman Haekett, 
waa booked to {day Salt I<ake aeveral «eeka ago, 
but oondltlODa arlalnc from the tallroad atrika 
ea the Pacldc C<aat made It impoiaible. Pre* 
vbnu booklaes pitrented the Bait IaJco Theatre 
fiom accommodatinc the comedy at a later 
date, ao an armntement waa made wherahy (be 
OipbcwB waa lanM iaia. a 'lailt'* kiM Ar a 
Btagle alfbt. 

A. R. Blitckner, wbo )■ known at T^omlng^i 
Cowboy Tenor, made hl« premiere at the Amer- 
ican (picturea) laat week. Hla vocal telecUona 

OBPBGinc.— VanderUle. .: 

.T>aHi a VtraBcata wA tie atntaC' la twa' 
tta rrancala wOi ylay Xtoew** TavdeirlUe. 

T. JUder ta maklsr a hit at the 
irttk %la community alnBlntr. He 
ttia andieiiee ta Join In with him. 

The Liberty In State atreet ia to be rebuilt and 
mAde Into a fltst-ctau picture" bouae. The 
Swanaon Theatre Circuit will operate and plant 
an admlnlon acale of 25-SOl AJteratlona and 

'''W AatBrea mow at Uw 

IB ^ 

i» Short," R. DtBli; Hale FerfnaoB in 
'■■ -A floclaty EzUe," AUea; "ChootInt a Wife," 
<}raad: "ForbiddeB.** BotaBta; "The BtaaUa 
Buab," TlvoU; Anita Btwrart la -nm Wndk,- 

- . Bd Wrethe Borleaque Co. at the Oayaly. 

'3fe«aatlo from KnsiaBd, ^rliare they mn tak- 
iBfi. ptcturca for the Unlwaraat. Fhll Baaa. 
the IContreal manafter, had a band to meet 
tli9^ after which a parade waa tlven with 
-ttret larse can ta Wfaidaor HOlaL lira aaA 
lUai Pato ai 
Knr Tarfe. 

Itepoita persist that a new picture theatre 
fleiHaad to be the larseat In the city ia aoon to': 
k* ta^t feM. >b>— a |» Mac nal eatat* m> 
I « • iNa* Jb adl '•• ta delaytac daa> 

■M t* ba tlw 

Ika new theatre. Ba- 
feeth the Fox and Vh« 

lac DortlDO." 
ZiTRia— Larry XBatinc aai Oan 

■leal comedy atook.- 
HBILIO.— Dark. 

STRAND.— Hastmova la "The Brat." 
lltAJBSnc— Dooflaa Falrbonka ia 
Majiety. tha American." aecand weak. .. 


COLUMBTA.—Brltlah picture. "ChooaiaK a 



CASINO, UBX, -«iBAin^ oBcm miM 


Sara W. Cohn, until recently manager of the 
Sunset Tbeatrci baa been ' made manager ot 
the ezpioltirtlon department of '."tt Baalart Pie- 
ture Corporation, and will leave aoaa la JBlkB 
hia headquarter! In New Tork. 

Oeraldlne Dora haa Joined the BalMr Sledc. 

The BaBIc 

ALLSCiltBNr.-'WUIIaa Oaztea A Co. !«• ; 
-"The Junior paitner." Bjran aad Ryan. Ba«- 
I^nn A Co., WilBaai Biarikk and Saiania." 
Slaten, Make Jbfi .aai ta tatai^ . 
Perfect I^orer." 

NIXON'S GRAND.— 'Teiy Good, Eddie," 
Kelae aad Xel«lit«a. Freaial. Kennedy aad 

Ukely lecatioa aC 
ports luiVe coaneeted bp 
ama Piar«»I«alQr 

Vred It. BBBlt, tbtatriqil 
Internally here when b« alipped flrom a 'beam 
while bansins by bla toea at Oaa Powers' sew 
and tt ia rcpoctod tor fciBPllal aatkorittea 

VMlw. startiac Oe.. of 
appear IM the Beeordar'a Court tua week to 
a ehaiga Cor atrnwlny tha Deoapaey-'WU- 
Bt the ~ 
a ' 



' XmII* Bltoa. a aereen eartaoHta^ * Jialma 
tareatloB of a new appar&tna whereby tha 
tttlit. and tlia eattooa ntay ahow almul' 
tane»iuly In animated form on the aoreea. 
He will try out hla device practically wltli 
tka DnlTerial, who algned hlj aezrleaa re- 

Booking over aevanty-fiva first*elaa8 vaudevilla 
thBBtraa and aixtv heuBta playing tabloida iit 
Naw York, Ohifl^ w. Va« PmiMi^ Ky^ Ind^ and 
eontiiiflant " 

Asia delaf East ar 
Harlai a Weeli Oaea— Wire; 
Wrtta. 'Pkaae-ne tprfaa. 


eus tun 


bceotlTe Maaacw 
Iktoklnf Maanagtr 
Bun Tbaatrs Bld^ 

_ PETE mm 

Mmatheatn Blda, 
' BtalM-Lake Tbestie Bldg 

n* Brlibane ISldc. 
BUrrAlO. N.T. 
tM ApeUa BUS. 

OLOBS.-'ltarried TU Wireleas.** ]Mi:]^ 
Klnley. Revtaw Oomlques, UcCartaa -wal °lBie - 
rone. Corcoran and Hack, Omet, Kramer aBd: ' 
Oraet, Lane and Uoran, The Owl Club, Jba.. 
and Eldna Connors and Wmy'a ^nikina. 

KBY8TONE.— H. Bart McHueh's "FUy:, 
mateik" BUly SlUott. Hebnea and Lararv 
tmaf aad Aair. Una MUea and the lUm fm^' 
Umi, "AB'titaw at tta Baase." 

WIUJAU FBNN.-Flnt halt: '^>a'lfth» 
•e Toath." Wllaoa Btothenb OflBdan aai- 
Kather. UoUaUy, HoweU and BcCaxthy; Httena 
Jaddey aad the Aim foature, "Chooeisc a 
Wife." LAst halt: J. Rosamond Jofcnaon and 
the Jazx Five, Rlvea and Arnold, Kuyler and 
Baan, Marva Rban. Prevoat and Gonlet. film 
tHtara, ^Tbe Perlbet-ZMr." 

vmtcm'B. Itmmut J. WelA'a Biaslrda la 
*x:haidea Mtop Bmi,? 
0AStMO>-''»a BMt«nnB.*. . 
PBOPLK'S.-"Harry Haeting«> Bit- flbiMb" ^' 
TROCACERO.-Sam Howe's "Sport Olila,'*- * 
BUOU.— "The French FroUcs." 
' GATBTT.— Tom Coyaa A Oe. Stock BurlesoQe.' 

8TANr.ET.-Attlta Blawart in "Her Kiaftai^ 
at Dreams" Xext 'ifMlb 3AmilM IMbMBAC 
»iaie Ufc Line." . ..f 

PAl,ACHr-WiB]laea Beid la 'iSM ijiltafs. 
Man." KaBt iPHk^ MBit ~ 

' VICTORIA.-Tom Mix in "WilderAeas Tmli" , 

Next week. Georee Beban In "Hearts of Mea."^ . 

COLONIAI^,— Eugene O'Brien In "Tha P*^r^ 
feet Lover" and "Chooalnff a 'Wife," tt^^i 
days each. ■ 

ARCADIA.— Idadga Kennedy ia "Strtctfj^.- 

CAFROi^-Oanthr SallaB In . HBriirt- J 
iMt hat. 

From Ootrida' 


•The BpoileBs." 

for the Defense." 

STRAND.-Ulas Blina BatfeB te "Iba 
leadlac fndow." ^ • • 


Paris, Oct 1. 
GMMses Duval, playwright, died, beifli 





ipk«p«r>" "Dp«t»m and Down." 
. AVSNXJB.— J5-J7, CoIodUJ Com«ay Co., 
Maeoted Vm Uilton M Fad<m>b«ck In 
Ilhe End Of X, Perfect Day." Thl*. play w«» 
prMeDted - at the Bmpren Tbeatre by th* 
Bnipresa Play era iMt iprins under tbe title 
■ft "Peggy From Klllamey." all week, 
lUreoa Motlcal Comedy Co. preaenUl' "Ob. 

BJOYAL.— "Sin* of Ambition." flba. 
; ikPBBIAIj.— Dark. 

0RPHB'J1I.--Tandevme. > " 

PANTAOBa— VMdevUI*. . 
IVXr-Dwtla. rtiiMWi IH'-A 3fU li 

061IINION.— "For Better, For -Won*," 

am. ' 

OLOBB.— Elsie Fersnion In "The Ava- 

COLONIAIi.— Madro Kennedy In "Friend 
Hnibaod." . 

liAPLB UDAV.— Second week of "kickejr." 

BROADWAY— Pint half. Clam Baitall 
ToooB In "Cfaeatlag .Cheaten." 

Coir'-<s at the Bmpreaa. 'Upstairs and- 
Down," "Pale First," "What'e rour Hnaband 
SdDsf and "DeLttxe Annie," atl new to thla 
my. BooUnsa fof the Avenue are "A Sanch- 



BUPIRS.— Flnt half, "The Birth of a Race." 
film, held over: drawinir excellent bnelneaa. toet 
half, -'■MacnsbU," with Cbt«mc«y Olcott. " 

WIBTIMO.-Flnt halt, "Tip in Kabel'a Room." 

oimbm tNii ifiimy. but mi; ••my^iftir. 

Ltd.*» • 

BASTABLE.— FIrat biOC.Mit l^eleh and HIi 
Bevne. This show as prMented here Uonday 
afternoon ta a first rate example of what the 
Columbia Wheel iiromlsed Would be minua thle 
staeon. mich's buBlnesi Is mainly sugxcatlve, 
and bis lines mostly unclean where they are not 
The «bow ' necda rebnfldlac througbout. 

at aU ia doe to the 
bacd' woiMw ^feminine contlniient 
Laat taU, "Brlnctnc Up nObw te aotUtf." 
Xezt weeli, flrat half. "Hell* iMln.'* 

TEUPLG.— VandeTllle^ 
CRESCENT.— Vaudeville. 
STRAND.— First part. "Tbe.Rlcbt to Happt* 
MM." Onlr li 


Waralw U IMBtra MMR of Uw State 
• fend «( -BwtedIan poriar M ez-. 
•ddlen waa Inaed late Uat weejc t>y>Cluirlea 
o: Blakeelee. pnaldent of the Amerlean 
Ziecloii p£ Broomo County. The swtndlera' ap- 
pealed la BlBBhamton theatres, offering 
boner mile for sale, saying that the proceed* 
would be divided ajnong the members of the 
legion. Blakestee advtsea that the «al« «( 



in '■. ' 


On page 6 of thia Imu* ia an 
articia on tha amuaement field in 
Continantal Europe, vrritten by 
Haydan Talbot. 

. There will be thraa inataUmants, 
eevering tha ImH i i —l at v»iid«vimr 
•Ad pieturea. 
Mtk Talbelfa aitie|» thb wMk 

tared by the 
ftaak Ketaaa; 

Tbe prettiest masleal ferce to Wt tta BUtable 
here in two seasons filled «a eagiaMM there 
last half of last week. It was "The Honolulu 
OirL'" With the addition ot a half dozen more 
ehome girle and attention tf . the book.. the abow 
wenld have little trouble j 
|2 top in the sUcliB. 

Tuoibourine and Boneik 
erganlntlon at SyraeaM 
tng far It* itanval 

• -1 . ' -. 
MnrfA »ad Its 

when the Colonla opened, 


ainsical comedy 

•TOty. liftr. Ltd.." btonght two I 
lunaa thto week^ wtMa' tba plaqr Ci^i* i^rih* 
-Wletlng here tbe laat'kait «lMr %!iN^Mt«k 
Barber, the damsr* daS ' 'Ua- :al|H(j ' 


Smoking will be permitted in ttta' 
eled City Opera Hooae In Watertowa by lts~ 
owner, BIy Biting. 

Tlia BjTaeoM munleipal anthortUea are 
/gUMy . K »— t».*aa .tli 

t naida Iqr daaefa* maatan aiad Mkata 
that the two stapa be made "mboten." 

Anneaneement is made ot the engagement 
vt Frances A. Allan ot Wata^tawa tie Attrad. 
Walker of Los Aagak^ aaiMaai dlnetarnv 
Xary Plckford. 

Investigation of the presentation of an al- 
leged "Red" propaganda play, "Tbe American 
Worker," la underway in Blnghamton. Tbe 
play waa preaeated last week la . the Xiitti'- 
aairiaa^llHalaa ItaMgh tba aieat!l« It lit 1 
M tin M-aanat Kef| Wla* at the 

party to BiBginiiiUM. katoban •( . 

kamton poliea dapartmMi wtta legia tii*-i>iHr»' 
and accordinr to reporta at poUoo headquar' 
tera arrests may be made beeauaa ot the por> 
tntyal oC aom* ot the ebaraoiaia la tbe. 

■• By- 
KEITH'S.— Vandavnia^ 
p6Lr8.-New A. H. Woodi^'piilactloti. 
Olrl la the ZJmouslne," opAlas Sunday, 
includes Joba Cumberland. Doris 
Zelda jSeati and Chuiaa .Busies. 

<XA1Z0NAX£-'mie tittle Wbepper*' ' by f)tt«'^ 
Bkfbacb. Rudolf Frimt and BIda Dndlfir< 
Opened last week in Baltimore and here 8m>,' 
.day nlgbt. t.ocaI press roost geastona in pralsa. ; 
Tha east baa VIvfenna l^gal. Sydney' Orastr' 
Ulldred Richardson, Barry Browne^ , VT. ^ 
Ferguaoo, Ztevid Tgnreaosb. Iiatta X4al 

8mJBBRT.BBI<A8CO.-lqe Weber praseall 
•HU Zdttt* BhM Devil" by Harold AtUridg*^ 
jrWi tbe amie ty Htonr Canou. eaat ta#^C 
by Bemaid OfBwrna aad r^r - -^^"^^-^ 
OthaiB ata. Jiuif, KoOeiinkii, JMa 
mutad Claika" ■ and" ■ 'ADMa.' BaeUey^ ■jpli«ilSS?s,j^' 
alased by Lew Morton, ^bUe tbe duM atii^4%^'* 
assembUea were directed by J«banl« T Ttnglxii"''' .. 
MuslMl veralon of Clyde - Fitcl^B- '"The ' SlBa^^®?*?^ 

BHITBBRT-^ARRICK.-Eachel Crotbers' ■'v'^iBS'-'M 
Eaat," with Henry Hull and Constance Bln««»/: g 

Constance Blnasy, 
aopportsd >y what appears to be the orlgbial 
aaat tliat pmaatad tba piece here at this taouas : 
.Ut tta lalttal abowlBg late last aeason. BuaU' 
■ana .ataitsd oS excelleaUy, 
i6kArBTT.—"Mald« of America." - . v?^^ 

LTCBUM.—' Broadway BeUcs." s'l 
COSMOd.— Clark's Royal Bawtilana 
aad King; Mathaile, Fanaii df iqiiki. 
aad Hsekett, Carte> FlahelL .: ' 
carter FiabeU. 


•l' - 

Opera Company at the Wletiag 

the a«ni> 

Dear," b«> 



Boila & Co. 

ng TWNETTE, tha AnMriean 

Danoing Girl. 


Bjnan.iat * mcobs 

Closed for about two yean. 
■Icq, at Oneida, raopeaed 

a new contract with Fox. Since tbe expiration- 
s( the old contract the Befcel. prbnarlly a Fara> 
at-Arteraft hooae, boa basB fllUas la wUh 

Tbe Vatican Choirs appeared at the Aran beiii° 
on Friday night. Tha audlanca totaled abdn^ 
rMh tba iMleai aia^ Amb tS ta fT. 



fore iarse opening hoaea. "Tka 
Came Back" next. 

OPERA ROUBB-"Uommer," the new Bel. 
wyn play, with Uaiy Shaw in tbe title role, 
'ar* Oay Clements. Arthur Hohl. Arvid 
Brie Snmttt Karjorle Vonaegut, Ethan- 
AUen, Andre Aubrey, Bageaa Llaoobi; Bayneldi 
Bvana ' and Ottoa X.- Unrigbt <>Ba«da' at- 

' Krlanger bouse 
«ttb "JTust 

For tba first time Waai«lnar(oa Is to ' i 
o( the Winter Oardea produeUops ibafoii'ril^i 
goes to M*w Tork and U to paM ita oiltleiai^); 
before It la shown in any otber dty;^ *;!R^' 
Baarioir Show oC' ni9^ e^aws bare for 'tw^ 

bora :Mnt^^Blaailhe-BlBib 0ii!lam'-:wifih»ia^p,-'4s^:, 
George Monroe. Avon "Cootedy - Frari 1tiiaiiiuM<^^Mf!i 
Demey (principal dancer vltb Oa Optai'-Kliilim!^ 

Ura Mcdella Gray'a Judgment against tbe 
Seneca Amusement Ca, operating the Ores, 
cent theatre here, will not be aatlafled until 
the Apellate Division, Third Department, Sn* 
preme Court, paeses on tbe contested iaaaa*, 
according to notice of appeaV filed wltb tbe 
Onondaga County Clerk ben- lata laat weak.. 
Mrs. Gray, a negraasb tlaisu aba WW> dealad 
tba il^t ta pac^aaa "tm» «Wn ' 
Seer <l tba Cvwewt.MeaMa aC'l 
ma «aaa waa tiiad I 

a Jary, aad • 


FAT*8i^ldan Ttoapa, Aator : 
VHapIa, AlVin aad-Rlebarda, Ada ' 
merly a Providence singer, Jone* and Cntie. 

With the opening of the aew Erlang«i>' bouse,' 
the Mayflower, lesltlniate is how ia full swing. 
First time three bouses pt&ylng legitimate, 
What interests manager now ia wbetbec ar mt 
Skovidence is big enough to aitisiMit . tlaaa^ . 
Some managers Jeclare It la. 

The Vatican Choristers, now touring the 
oonntry, appeared before a large bouse at the 
Uajastis Sunday nlghL The program, 
any heard here recently, was appreot* 
I tba Saa laewtlaa the i 



CARTER., ^1^1 


naaooal DlrcetioB. Bn^ WooUMir 

Vf. V. M. A. Western B. r. KoUh 




Personal Diroction, SAMUEL BAERWITZ 

Wrins out the old and wring in the new ''ON THE OLD CLOTH E8.UiNt&'^ 

By PAULKENO ' -"-'A^hT:::^^ 


Wsatorn Representative, HELEN MURPHY AGENCY 


Offering Artistic Hand Balai 



Pantases Circuit 
■ItoBMMMMMl. tiW. DAMnUOb 


. Fuller Circuit, Australia 


|..rf:»i.<,.,. - 

FiracM ^«**>^ 









fsSa^ifeji'^viiR?^ .... 




Jlioie; aid St^^ 


In BacUnd 
Nw Vark Rair.: 

Ln4M lUpr.; 
, Uil* St, W. C. i 


Ea|n«h Panwm tl 

WESTON 4 m . 



I feBiw^ • Mag la 'tay VUa Obm 
bat I da «aK to av tUi: Tba cIm- 
aicai (icp that 1 tmoA la atauiir 
dornirlfU tapoalM*'(iar ur Ibtni 
••ilUni laaaaa talM «■ aailfc I* 
(i»-tnl I d* It.Jwt lk»-a|M 


kiir idtt ■» 

8«»t n-t* — Caloalal Tkwlnb 
UUaa. M. V. . 

•wt ts-u— 

' «.«. 





■Now TeurfaiB Orpheum Circuit 

Arthur West 


■ ■ ■ - • w 

Bf W9 KAHN . . 
MUm' BiifinfillTn WUBKt WKBEIfc 

EeprenentatJre, SIMON AOENCT 


KID i 


AvammAK ENnsRHtnsBS 

te Vmt 

imm «ttr 

V Atkwiiuui-Harrla. 9 no Francbeo. 



r ATTOR. YAims ^ mm 


WMk 8«pt<.l& jBnmdl. Phlta^^rifjitea 
thon DotraHb tl io ln il w 
ront»« oto* 

jm and HAiOAN 


HuBte'Cae: Wlte says 'Tou Putrid 
Puppy" (meaning "Dirty Dog"). I aay 
— ^"^peat that and I'll make you the 
liotlMr- «C.^ftr0iM|' 
"When I vaiti wir 
for Bowa. -"• • 

Loew Circuit 

Do yoiiii think the 


will affect the boys 

who play 
Hawaiian Guitars ? 


Loew Circuit Direction Mark Levy 

Dear Atuitie: 

TUa SMiMp I sbouM aave "at least" 
as I am booked U ; weela for Xeeir, 

2S ««elc8 fbr-Faatages, 10 veeka Moss 
time aiad 8 weeks in England. Sor« 
ry, but am not able to say where 
£ wiU be on Xmas Daay, 1928. 

Tour affectiottate nephew. 

Loew Circuit Oireotion, Marie Levy 


Cat* eC 

and Out 

Aubiimdali^ L. L 



"American Boy and Enaiiah QiriP 
la . 




8AYS-An oyrtar iii « Mi wMi a *i 
lik* a luilt ... 

* » * jr jk ^ Jk * 


Coowdiaar and 1 dUA Mir 



"Um Uw H«U 

Oscar Lorame — Orpheum Circuit. 

8t«cplng «how>— Kaxt ta CiMlai 

■ '■i.i^ 







Bloflgh and Lockard 

A Beak Act ttet Mea Kat Vaa a lUao* 


. Mepboaa; Wellinatoa 

onoAioo^ nb 

'T.'-r/-- - ■ ■ - ■ ■ T ■ ■ | _ ^ _ i j ., L ii . 1 . I .■ I I - II ■ I . I J M . II . I U.I. J . 1 r II ■ J j i - I . ■ n i I- - - - " " '" ''" ■ - „ i .■i«w—»ipMi— —WfciwiWjt**^— 

to teak 

^^fci^ la tiniaa4salaU dreaa, tta* 

tlu |kHd^«MM«, «r Ik* mm afccnr old 
IMitato kwk 'tai euam la • acMi* irUcli paa> 

Xenaoa ZaOepeadiat Vtlm Co. Miiioiiiie** 
Ms ZUU«a Ite 

t, alst iBdtf ^ 
^(tken^ The aaw dbveComto will 
:^^ g> O, KawiBMU wito tar the vutt two rear* 
keu tko flna.'* fonaiml auuctr. RobM- 
^^^^ i* wUns a Ms 'c^v* fllmliw popaiur 
-^jjilndn pkya. AoMBS othern tliey tav* Jart 

narlUa IMIimi trtnr u la BleUrJvith ti* 
WllattKttt .«C Sobwt Hletaciia' "TIm CaU «t 
th« Blood." Anotber abtablUtr to tli* 
•cnaa Also, la tha caat im iwor Novello, tks 
Mnpoaer> Tho srodactlon ik the work «f 
laOttla Kaicantoa «f Bocl«t«. dea Fttnut lUr- 


witttM tar innak Daaar. 
thaSdaet nMailo •dltor, la wMboiatdla with 
lajrtoa QnwM Ocomhu luia bam pon^Msd tr 


_ la IMi^ I w i t lB c ea ayr. pletttra tlytHf 

"■•iia fctw run tip wfcweyisr' boW' 
.'ti ctAalned. «nd on all , handa a °ilMl 
poller la obaanabtai' 

FmHiaMrtt tt aa lr aat 

^^^IW' t**' * doMn khieiaaak yet tifght 'wm pie* 
^|M; hoM«a are bainv boIU at a cost of over 
^JiM^WO. Tbcae niiall towns, theatrlcallr "nnm- 
^^ier tw«t,'* coimot ttand the strain and som»- 
■ • «ie will go to the wall very diortly, and It la 
'. wif tlian likely that the aomeanea will ba Hm 

lew men vho have come Into tba tnU^ 
: «! by th« stoctM < prttM .Wt^O. 

tottf thin*- 1* Al»B*\l« 'I?0d«eia»_ . 
r^ iha n w a io t at a at uiM. uaniiaalaa.lMva am Wa,. 
g^jjt ju ea t Maa at how la da< or Iha ee*. ' 

& la London trade circles thara la mticb talk 
.'«t a tnilon al bl»-a3riatlar-itelp!*ttaalfa.aaai^ 
hpalm Mbkh, whea JaifNA. fa. laMtai aaA-iaa-' 
^dlilic IKMh wflt -aal tta^imimd trom ' oadir- 
Pia^ 'iMt 'aC OHr ^riiteBi 'aM anaii tndtvidaat 
^WMMr.. Aaala, caariled : advesttaeineDta ar« 
f'^aprlHlaf is tka ttaatrlcal paper* ofteriaK to 
^^Inaia ' aad 'MaterUI*'. Iwaati ttat taw- 

iM laadlac Brl^ 

RWaie" sad wtU 
"BT^mo a( 


Jane Capclea ha* hagm work on her noweat 
Albert CappeUal pradueUon, "Uttle Uother 
Huhbaidk" to ba rakaaad .tbmih JPatha . .Tha 
itear la admlaa fkaM ' OHnv A -BaUv^ piaii 

The aoit of Clara LooIbo Bumham. writer, 
aeatnst the Universal for an acconntlng of rojnsl- 
tiea due her (ram the acreea adaptation of one 
aC bar baali% waa tfMn^aaad laat weak, bavlar 

the kaici" 

Ibca Deadl y 
a yigdbtt'a dbiactlM. 

> . The Reial prodaetot eoaeera Iv <a a»bMr 
i 'llead. Four producert, two ot tbMa from 
;:towican atudloa; are belar Iw*. IW. 
■ -l Ualnwarin* Is pro^BCiar twair 
Ml eonediiesi taatadic Wlita 
JaM tba Basal ah a liman. 

t»t Xiaaoay, wxi D«ka Aldlai^ 

assistant dli;e«tor (or tha llorosco 



Henry McBae will direct Uarle Vaicamp'a 
aaajt Vahraias^ satlaU antltM. 'Tatala vt l^a* 

. .. .1. B. KeDamn^ int 
>^iibs aomipaay — *** * — 

Oarld P. Bowella. the lUia dlatrlbutor rep* 
pwillm First • Nattonal. Select, Metro. 
I<r«a Classica. and ther AnlU Stewart pro- 
lutianj, has brought his preMnt Britlak trip 
b a elaaa and Is, ^apactinc tm Bcandlnavla^ 

?'y.»a saw Xanaim. Fosa "tocky Cat" pro- 
doaa aot come np to the high atand- 
' :<baait by mil Hy Ship Cornea noma." Tha 
IhotegTaphy of Bart Tord and Joe Roaan- 
. jtkt)^ Jr, la axcellent, and tha ataglns la good. 
'.■l|lit: tlM aomedy la raally (area sons mad. 
^ilttray Tearla and a big and ezpenalva cast 
' that Vass is sparing' no money la Ilia 
to baaO^ oat. nba sooda." 

rf-^ ■ . . ■ • . •• ; • 

..^jdeaTa iclvata show of Its prodocttoa af 
^ba Cklaaaa Fnsala," tba Olmlaation of tb* 
"«w Theatre play, aaya that it can be done 
tUs sids. Tha production, ander tha dl- 

. JJ^^^a of p-rod Ooodwln, la magnlflcent. and 
-i,<V actln* of Leon IS. ZJon, author of the 
y^Jf^t wlio appaara la bia orislnal part of tha 
'^ahiiaia Ght VUtaa Romer. Sybil 

/^vqial|^aaa LRUaa ;Bkaltbwstt*: bava navar 

** «>«ual teSTia'S'^h aangMtaSSsa 

js hia work. There la, howaver, one tatbar 
^•ad-exampiS of carele«m<«Hi whi«h. may ipoil 
g** *av la tha aaraa tC tba bifpatottlMt- 

Th» FndUBan .Anusaoiaat Coip. is 
asw aerial, "lite Invtalbla Bay." 

"Ttu Ifadalana of^olvtUtf ■ baa b««a 
1 Sboaiai^s aakt pradaeHl^ • 

M. A. I<evy baa bieen appointed nanacat sC- 
the Waddngton Bzblbitors-Uutusl BzdnBge, 

Barrlaoa Foid la eomlas 1 
Mba aiaxgaartla Clark la 
ITaltar : 

Btelte K. Thibet baa bees atgnad with tl>» 
Apex PhotapUys Gotpaiatbn. caiittallaea at 

Besate Barrlscaiia'a itait wfH be ^tMt^BuiOm 
of Jean Judaoa's aawaC "BsUBoateK. 

This wlU foUow ■■Kitty Mft^H:. to.*"'' 

Elclunan wia db^t, 

BUnor Ahbott'a atory, "OH Dad." iriU ba 

br KiUsaa Hinto Cor »i 

> Wood wBK 
Omi" bgrJ-. K 

B«ri]r BsHawm diraetpr ta CM! Da : 

Mark Goldalna baa been ilgned b^ 
BIII7 I^arsona to direct all tils comedieai 

Edward mila will direct Blate JanlaT next. 

•sal, tbaBbaaa at Qtaacwr. A AtK wUab^ 

alarting In a comparathraly hambte .ww»; 
rapidly takaa <k. foraaMSi plaea 
tantiag avMaraa. kiu aaw ac^alrad |ba 

: are btcbuataMr to take tbaav 
latn* sailaadip. SeiaBe Itttia whlla aco the edi- 
tor of a paper mdcb patronised by photoplay 
enthuslaata published the atoiT of tha Broadwst 
prodoetUw, "A Boul'a CraoUUIoa." te wa % 
synopala aoppUed tor that ^sposa Ir - tbs-lnini . 
pabUcUir departoMnt. Tka 

Zn soma tUags tta British may bo Slew* and 
ta aeaas- «M4a wtoubtadly an. bat tbay . bam 
laat ■» tlsw la waatkaMiii the aMipn. "XiadS : 
Valtows tha FIbn." Radfen. a bic LondoB flirn 
ut castOBiera, have taken It very deeply to iteart,' 
The other day they saat down to the Twickea* 
ham L6ndon FUa Coaipan; atndloa, ' where the 
"Pursuit of Patmaa" la being "shot," Sot only 
dresaaa tnt the aunnequiaia who could be guar- 
antaad ta.,wear them with tha beat affect, ,.aa 
welL tha Ds^lata tmUxtn, 1 
. th» i 

. Fo Mowing the Atlanta Company's one mUUon 
pound sumauncetnent there are rumora of a 
tea nllllea producing comsaay tor Britlab pie^ 

Tet another British mm tnodocing compaay 
baa been registered. This ii the Seardon Britiah 
Fllma. The prime mover ts Jsmea Reardon, 
Btndlo manager (or Banna'a Waltbamatow »vt> 
fit. and proisBV sr'ilMiqr^aC^lbar'fHHM ft*' 

Jtaraiy TTilde, the HshtweigM champion who 
defeated Fal Moors at OlyniMa. la going ta for 
fllin.renthig. He is ^}olblng O. W. Fish, the 
ihowman, who Is handling the Hoodlol stuff 
In Wale*. During bis Aaurkaa tour atucb o( 
his time wUl be apent la liabw Uin»f/i 
for bia firm to handle. 

Tlie Charles Urban Company, LtlU bt tha 
throes of getting thalr- Parlslin atudloa I9 
working order after nearly live yean of ctosura^ 
are handling a strong maladraaia of Bohaniaa 
Ufa from their Idcdou atudK a play which 
Dapbaa Olaaj "TliBain ■ Clawfc". Mar 
Ualty Moore. «al Xfka aMflalt BtadSb." 

A apeclol aub-commlttee oC the Actota' Asao- 
elatlon tuts the lot of klneooa srtista in hand 
and a atnmg cominlttea it busily considering 
bow baai it caa ba bapmraC Oaa of the novel 
la y aMdal eq|tiact br fciaiina arMiitS';*^ 
asasBlttaa-fli^vtltt st Am aMaant' wKi'Ba* 
BltieB ar- tba ttii'playar Is aayU^g Mt ae« 
' aura. la. answer to a queatlon of the aecratajy 
af the A, A. iafonnad tha VABHETT repra* 
aentatlva tluit no ateps were being taken to 
attend to ttte bogus ashool and agent. This 
.appaara to be a mistake, as Ur. Bogus la mak- 
■ ■ " ialt. , . • ■ 

' nad Paul, of Iiondon, la reaponslble for a 
novelty la Slnu which will, bowrever, aat be 
abovs to tlu trade for aome time. Tired, ap> 
parently, of the facea of Ma company, he de- 
cided to work oat . a oomplete comedy ahowtng 
nothing bat hia artlita' feet and anklea with 


The great Film Trada Fancy Dreaa . Ball, 
wbiob should have taken plaee In Oototver at 
tha Albert HaU, wilt not bacooa a fact notU 

One of the vary knowing onee ham discovered 
Ibsn are aver. 20.000 deadheads la IiHido^. 

"Ave la a atngla day. 

•Tha Cave lAdy," a pftir tlT 
due for late tall ptoduetlOKh l«l 
on the acieen under the ICMi 
Bay Alltaon starred. 

Tom Taitiaa will raleaas hla ipacial prodnetloa, 
"Tba Oreat Bubr." adapted from the Drury laane 
awllar. through Vita. Ho viu atast iMrk wit!*' 

' C. A.' Yduisoa. fomerty geenaiai exchange 'naa< 
agar. , baa baaa appelated aatrataiy of the Vaited 
to SMSSSI a B. 

Uyron Selsnicfc has purchased tha rights to 
"Hla Wife'a Money,'^ by Mar Tolly. Miss Tully 
was the atttbos>«(. *Wlu]raAj|l(i»**.lt^1^ 
I as a vabkii tor 1 

CMtart F.. 

U bls'l 

■ "Mtieir of Yrath»'baa been yarehaarf -lir' 
Betanldc Films and wlU be used aa a vcbKIa $m^''^'-'r0 
Bateae O'Btim. "-- -"-t - 7ir1li TTiiiMiC' ' ~-''f^ 

8iiba<t Ih anMit 'CanMiirA oaptato.ia;«aa.$liiii^ 
BMtiSb aaagrt'' .baa 'baaa «p»«lata«- ■aaagarVai'M '.'^^ 
the Attatraliaa biaB|«h,«( tba Ite VUnb CbptlU'-^''^''''^^'"'^ 
Braetta'a baad«MMstrwUi|: bo at Bi^nsA.; 

. 'XDMMOkSMWbmi given alwi^ eei^ 
new Alberta , tetrtteiy branch. . Bebtit A. SMt . 
Witt ba located ta Yaaeoavar. B. C, aad W. » ; 

Ms aaOth. «rtis 

■ ' """" '-''vfyiJ^^j^ 

\ Onitt I* ^iWbwb. fonnarly eenneeted-wltt°-?--'''''';rK^^^^^ 

tana OnwrntiM siic tte ighaaMMlMa.1^^^^^,^.. 

Capita Theatre Building aOfliig at tMngoin^ 
tlon. H. H. BeaJI, anotber > a., ■sevared'-j^iti./c'gs^ 
connection wltb Unlvsraal laat week, wbai* M'-M^ci^^ 
waa head •( (he tt. ma >aWtfeitr fticeas;:; ^ '\ 
■ " ■ ■■• -1 ■■ \V>^. ■■. , . .■ 

Ooldwya baa created a. new PkV Mi<UaB '^bf.v^Tf^.^v'X^^W^ 
partmen^ aa a reiult of tha many baadtea atant ?>^>^-: 
pteoea they wlU bava at their 41q»oa»l (or aaraw : 
adaptation by virtue of the new Sbubert-WaodO >-asai« 
affiliation. Since only proven aoeeeaaaa or iiteeaa > 
easily adapted for tlip^ aonpien con be empligrsA; 
put of the masa o( nuinuacrli;it% It will xeqolHifai i.-.'^j^^;! 
expert ptayreadar'a wtnk»,:.w)lftmi^ .t^tti.i — ' ' 
plctnrizatloa valuea,' •' 

The Rlskln Brotbera are sponsoring the TTetor 
Moore Productions, Inc., recently organised ta 
..exploit Ur. Hooia la k nuinber of pleturisatioaa: 
a< bis toincr stma sneoaaaaa. : B. Bobert BMUn 
wiU ba la obaiga of prod^otbnr at Jstiumnflta^ : 
Fbu, iijkan:tbe tfwdtos ara iMMsd.' 

Qeorge Ueltord, one ot the dliaotora wUh the 
Fhrnoua-Laaky, arrived la 8«a Fnuieiaofr Ua»- 
'j^-'Uk Mtm- ibya-'-iMiiiiMa (or a . saw :'v«ratak^ at 
jbalt «MlaM "^Tba ft^^ 
lag bim ware Ittab Banyv Ibm 
Mara h aU and Waiter JLaac " 
jEhqf fegg twaa .'SilacMi '.ait Ik 

XJoBsia Phtars»t»i*ft;;fclli.'l*r:»nMolM^ 
suast ta. mm mAlfUati HaaitfaF-idi^eotar -v^^M^-i^ 

George B. Laafc la atagiag tha 
tha featurea at tbe CaUtorste ThaaM. 
and MwUga ata lialMlac ^ 

Bugena OMtH Weabnii 
Fox WeeklFi gataaaaf 
PaclHo- Coat :.wbaw i 
caQMramea'.vha ■M'tt'cttaiiiiritfi' 

-Banaabeay'a CMi»i>mt'':-lm-ilkitgMM-!^^ 
laK Pau Seaidaa ptQ9i0t>m^^mt>ft4iW^ 
ortMlaatiSB.'' Btflth^aff^iS'-^jM^' wiSS^^ B^^rf' 



Maclyn Arbuckle is again; ta bs (eataraA te 
plotorei. Aaaoanca^ei^t waa.madft^lhsi waafc' ^7::';-:j:^;7' 
of tha f ormatimi e( the Sua Aatonle FtctaaM ' ^i! ' 

Caraoratleii, with tba purpose- oT stairiaf i>».,,--Jf'::.-M^S 
'Wtatern 'Character actorv ^V' 

The Capallanl produotloa ot "A ijamael ■li .-v.' v^\■i'■;•^rifi*| 
Dtstreaa" heads tbe Path* 'program *fsMlo»S*'?-;H!^^li?4i^ 
tor Novambar .}t* Cralgbtoa. Hale •ad:^«iw 

LsCtlia Jr. MHwt 

leased ag-gr jbt trnlr gMij«dt,. hea«ta« 


tram it 

t Wo ■•hd:.iJiwg'X:%'a;7Sf5£*!i 

■v9?; > ■:; v:i:.;;'.-V-.;^v#.Jj?5»'¥r* 

.-^ '.. .•-, '■' ' ..- ^^Sftv 
. ' ' ; . • "''/'.'Vf'.-r'.; :- '^i^'; ;:'i"'/fi 

' sa»«.,»-«i«..i.iaMiV^4;^,;':^''r*^,fev 

■ — ■ " ■" 

Albert A. 'BaaseU. U acting aa director 
tha.ArtUm Btudlos. Cleveland. J^. Bassati!v ' 
bi the SOB at tb« late Ruaselt Bassatt^ w|if'! 
•••aa#ttk-'I^ Pi>«o» masF yeaso... f;.<i^-|v.;^v;!i^A\ 

-ttgtA to iop*o«ie». <'Aliaa>«iuBr'Talond^ 
' ^.vm 'wa» «MMd ,br:^;,prwj<l 

yiluwaga'and all prtato at'thia f^*^* — ^■ 

mMmkm' 'Witt''iMir:.1iir^MlM . 

. •- >v 'fV ^vSSeM 

Wli KMlnr '....M.ixxxNora Cecil 

MMtlto.. .,..Inin»Broolw 

: •Votll'*' RIM >■ Albert Hart 

;v;v ■ .....,.,.«,.....Bawln Sturgla 

<'Jv?;vf»^TOlc" .-t< ••••••• .W. R. Randall 

■ D»B" • Blchard Taber 

; .VUHait BaanBOod a« lliai CnuM In the U'.:* 
V K pMt «t the Olm.wlik Hm Mim M«Mi A MgWr 
; •apUvatin* enteriatnaBMib It .If a W«M 

:-■--*>:■*«• fashioned ffow O^-.ttUtf W fUV »■ 9mm- 
'■ ':ji'--:.-tiMgb, the •c«nario fof iriUcb wa« furnlibM tr. 
W X Clariuon lOIton 

7 : - It iM .ft MpaSr valB attd in addition baa a 
tnteU Ok Bia>r tirilt tbnt addt owuMermbt* 
' >r t» s eM»- iunalivt mviMtoliy t«M. 

me atory «et« many a ta«^ •■d toWtatt- 
UlUy diawa one Into the bellrf' ttot M •!»- 
a tale as ttal* might baTo happened. It 
tlw ftdTWtuiM ot two women who . 
t a^WlM on a Ocaerted latand In 
, Btr mat thlir CMttet with a gaa* 
:«( wooka. lata tbe at«r •omea • taadaw.'* 
;^*in« fellow, who. to all outwar*' avpear- 
"•aawk i* a eonrlot, and who mnkea a eleaa 
.-4iltl§ tnm the boat on which the women are 
baaatnccrs, right under the noae ot armed de- 
tMtTree. Later he fnlla Into the lianda «« tha 
can«. who befriend htm and aend "^ai ta 
a botue of "myvp" {BttfO-«Hre«*»» wMeli tli»y 
eareleMir left beWB4 l» tto Iwuaa occapled 

br ih« WMBM. H» 'V!?! 
warn eoma ta tlM temto tber are bald in check 
ifillaa Cnua«k-M ah* threatens to throw (he 
•Wmd" at them. Tili unexpected twist in the 
iSy ceme^ to tWvM thnt the aap- 

S convict who Juwea «trt)»M* to » 
tobwt detective." ^, ' , 

To Frank Crane Hiust go the credit for 01- 

wcUng an luteresuo. ""V^K-^ii 
to be believed « net P«» »»• 
iieliic it. N**«rthelom It la weoannended. 


• - i halt on the antl-booca propaganda 
H, The country haa gone 'dry, anyway, and 
. an tha horrible exnimpJee that can be .hovrn 
oa' the acteen aia not going to help the battle 
Ipr prnhlblUta at thl» aiage o£ the game, tor 
^tbttlon haa won Ita fight, ,,L-.m 
^^a liaw of Nature." la Juat abwtt Uiw Ml 
the propagan4a plctuiea, no bettW>. Wj^. 

aala tto MM •( t>w ••*•■ 
" SPwM«k^t» Btt tboaa aeqoalhtaC with the 
• ■ '• 'W-^SiSilftl r — can one man do to many 
' 'Slata aa an <irtsaited to Mr. FUcher and do 
■ tk*ii» wellf ^ ^. 

The data on which Mr. Flecher baaed hie 
Itory was necured from Richmond ViMMn 
Hobfoo, ao the acreen atatee. B. P. * • 
K iob irtNa ki Mk a» ^MSi'lS 
. litatlago Kaiftor tlian »• IWi-««» 
' '. Jato tkH Vnla 'of Mr. Flacher. 
' ' ' V -l inw itMr tai the dantage that'tOOH tan do 
to » young man. The whole .being a - lively 
race from pOat to Judge's aland between Demon 
Bum and the undertaker, with a brother, a 
couple of lively road houaea, a aprinkllnB of 
copa, murder, forgery and a few Aghta. Thcae 
. have been uken IB' a J«HHad'«|» iHUDaar ta. 
tlva axctisa Car tha nlMttlaa that are wi> 
. SIMM- to M Utanpt Kt continuity az- 

^ ^ory. ^After the 

:jia ' ■ttempt to keep thlnga running according 
' ' {a Royle. The company appeara to lie com- 
posed principally of amataofg ' JuAflllg ftvui 
■•• V . their work on the acreen. 

. -."The lAW o( Kditure" la abaolutely Malnat 
: ; 'an lawa oC: fllndom and hardly abapaa op Car 
v>r;::.aiiythl|)c WMpt' tlw W!|will*r iMuawh wkna 
" V ^tlMr^'t iNn it alva a nw Kbeat tha ataiy. 

• ' ; - ■ Fred. 

" |t J A MtJtfflTEB OP EVE. 

^ Ziondon, Sept. ». 

^j:'-^:J'Ur Hugh Strangewaya Bdward BenAeld 

''Joha Bond..... ••••••tBalpb Foetar 

'';^-,^:.Ch^iliit atcgsiaifaya..... ...OaaMran Carr 

; ' .^fljMwnr -ttsmamya •••••• t«0la«aft Rama 

i^iMloa i 8mi&* •»v»***«*«««t*««*«t« TIaiat Soyaon 

■/^. '' i;. Thla li tha flrat Important prodaction In 
0v'V'.''Wtileh Stewart Rome, probably the flrat ot 
' ' ' Brltlah kinema atari baa been eeen ainoo hia 
daihoblUzatloa and . since the courts decided 
, ' ' that bla itage name waa bla property and not 
'.' : ■ that ot hIa late employera. the Hepworth Com- 
. .. ^poiny. At an actor be aaaraii to have Improved 
tnatly alaaa' w» mm felm laat, allhaoKli ba 
' atlU poaaMMw atnaga awvtdWBta at the iiaada 
whldt la'* toMgwar woaU ba natural en'oiigh, 
hot la an IDngllUi»aa lead one to think he 
hardly knowa what to do with them. How- 
aver, this is, after all, a mere matter of per* 
goaat ta'sta, and an unimportant oar it tbkl, 

to «C a* 


•'A. Daughter ot Eve" reliea mora upon tbe 
straight itrengtb and gripping power of Iti 
story for the tucceas It undoubtedly achieved 
upon ita pratniere, although tbe locatloaa. are 
of tare beauty and the Interiors are perfect 
examplea of tha natural In stagecraftt tha 
aeaaaa .kr atotkt MM tfeoaa whera tha laatag 
car ta tMifntff alanv oaaa too good roada beliMr 
ezeeptlonslly good. 

From their childhood up Jessica and Sydney 
have been lovers, although all the time she 
has perpetuilly been the cause of his getting 
into trouble while their lives have been per- 
■latenlly overshadowed by th3 sneaking ]eal- 
ouv of Sydney's eonaln, Charlea. Maturity 
ladB' tgtmt • lnppf«o-iMkyt kaaM*. fellow 
and Ma 'Oim° vant aneiBT. B* hatat being 
busy, ptmctoallty la mknown to Un. Ihea 
cornea tbe day whan a Ug bnslneaa deal tika 
to be cloied, and he Is sent by his unele to do 
It. ' On the way be meets' Jessica in her new 
motor car. Time enough for a spin, be argues, 
before catcblnfe the train and getting on with 
the busbieae. The car breaks down, however, 
and he haa to return t»r a atebanie. laavtng 
Jessica to doa* in the aumhtaa. Ha ntaaes 
tba trnin «iid tte kulnaaa dial IMto .thmch. 
mt Wgk mmvttt tnraa Mn. «Mft urt Ha 
spends hla tine am|d dlaaoiate aumnmdlngs. 
Brokenrliearted at his worthleaaneas, Jessica 
marries an elderly peer and goes obroad. 
Ordered home ion account ot her health, she 
interviews a apeciallst, who orders complete 
rest— no letters to bo written or received, no 
newspapcra. She meets {Sydney and takes him 
Mma to ilanar, wlim. ksertnc ol( hto gabtbllng 
dabta, at* iaataU oa toadiai hlii the nenqr 
to pay for thorn. Hi HaiP Mib Vitjr tatt. with 
his old love, until at'laat aha lata him oat at 
the houae secretly. 

That rieht Charlea murders Sir Hugh, mak- 
ing everything point to Sydney as the guilty 
party, lie Is arrested and can account for 
neither the money he has paid hIa debta with 
or .nlwn hi waa at. tha tlnm of the mnidar- 

to da ao woaM Jaepardlaa tha leod aaina of tto"^~*lfS!*'^' ^ ^ ^ 
woman ha haa leat but atlU tovM. ItaawMto 

in her seelvslon. Jessica gets back har-lMatth. 

then on the ino'ming that will aoe the end of 
her newaleaa exile she see., a newspaper that 
tells her Sydney Is to be hung In a few hours 
tor the .munler of Sir ftugh. She reads also 
of hia alienee, and understands. "He must be 
nvad at any cost and she persuades a racing 
'Hiateriat tio help har: The big car eats up the 
nallao aat 'daahaa ap ta tka friasa gataa aalr 
to flad a waiisar putttaw' up tha notiea; that 
telle bow iho aentenea of the law has been 
carried out on Sydney. In hor horror ahe 
aoreama out— then wakes to find herself In 
Sydney's arms while a mechanic tries to look 
uneoncemed-^he has been dreaming. The nr 
is repaired, the 'business appointment Is kept 
aueeesafully and, well there are no old men 
for ^aailcai anbaasadors or otherwise. 

A, mttllnr caod fealurt, . abaalutety devoid of 
the slleMest tittct of naitintaa. tHinmH liona, 
as we have aatd befar*, givaa a aiarllnc p«r> 
formnncs of Sydney, id Is' ably avltported by 
Violet Hopson. who haa donj much good work 
since the long-ago days when her ndmlrera 
used to call hor "the dear, dellRhtful vll- 
lalnesH." a strong, supporting east, Including 
a child, Vesta flylva. who plays Jessica In 
«ha sarly days of her childhood, and a couple 
Of ciawr ladib prova lhamaelvas quite equal 
to the itoar etobu mado vpea tbtm. ' 

L P. a. 


Alice Deam«iid.. .......'.......Sizla Iioe 

Aa Adventurar "Out of Xnok". . .Arthur iaehrena 
Sk HMntir..... ••••■•-•^•tn««Dwtt A -Vtooher 

adivtatlOB ftoii tba aovil tfrt 
fey b Xk Oraat Wataen. thla fea- 
ture, dlatrihatad threoili tba World and di- 
rected by David O. Flaehar, toncbai upon aome 
psycholofical trutha, unfoldlnc la dva fMto 
tnoeh that la la human' natwo' vorih tfllto 
depleting In this fashion. 

Xiaeking In continuity that whftb It' must 
have poasessed In the narrotor'a taxi. It atlU 
haa Mfltaiant to aMattato; bat to aowmU 
meat Car tha aaMMiMat iavw'g ftlatak 
times paariav iitor Chora Cha iMia' if ' ' 
really aaak - ta got 

Paragraph upon paragraph Is thrown upon 
the screen of purs text to acquaint tba wit- 
ness with what la to follow, nia oaljr aarvao 
as. a reflection on the ahortoomlngs. 
. illia- ptetura tella tbe story ot men and 
iMiMa wha'aia tbrawn upon a- tiaplcal talaad 
piaaiaHia a( fMtoit muatm, Wuat mhi Uva 
at boat aa ha-ar .gha aiar.' Aid hi aa dotar 
does the anthar' reolly explain his "Where 
Honda An Looaad"; meaning, in other words, 
that charaetar..wben really put to tha laat, la 
a reserved fagca'abMh aala hidiratUy by pr a oi 

Tbe picture goes on lo untold tha egoism of 
one man, who loves sclentllle reioarcb mora 
than ha doaa tha woaiM. who abaaat, hat Mt 
oulte. .yielda beraelf to bim. 8a marrtaa and 

tire* of her. goea back to bla work and mgleeta 
ber. From A distaaeo the Adrantwcr makea 
his observation, and a constant gnairtw bt bto. 
heart almost devours him; he, taov haeatMa 
mad for tbe society of a mate. 

The picture winds up with a strugsle. for 
the possession of tbe woiaan, and, strange as 
It msqr aaem. the woman takes equal pleasure 
ta baaring t?nt her hiiahapd baa h*M) killed 
by tha Advaatmar. in 

The faatwa nair win ita i«dtoB»e. te tt to 
above tha avwastk hot to aat at tM- Mghaat 


Its photographic value, pnrltculnrly that of 
a hurrlc(inc storn on the Island, does much 
to |Nil;tt 


The. Dear Ona..,. .„„.....•; .; 

•na BSy« 

K the blue book, that la It over any auch 
Item of reconl comes Into being, embracing 
films that have elevated the Industry from 
mere Industry to art, "The Mother and the 
MW" gmat by rights of its nrtistio qualiflca- 
tlana taka lU place apart or with "intoler- 
Moa," tCjrtUab thto (iatm ia only an excetpt. 

« ann ataad oa Ito.awa marite hi ita antlceiy 
under tha now title, or taka lu place la tba 
larger woik and Hnd its nfcha of Importanoo. 
despite Its reception when exhibited as a whole 
years ago. 

Onlike most pictures dealing with the same 
oubJ(}ct, It dovlHtes from porsuaslvo deception 
to attain lU end. Hero, Insload, the author 
. Md|dtooiar have observed the inconalstency 
■aC preamt-day laws, and, as auch, often dnea 
Into its net two laaaeaat vlcUma. Vbmith no 
fault of their own thay an dt Ita maroy unUI 
a kindlier fate " 

back Into a worM whUb dM hat bailtato ta 

cast a atone. ' 

The superior worlcmanship and tha attention 
to the minutest detail plus the thorough con- 
irtoUoB that It can right a wrong that really 
citato is all that U needed to achieve auccesa, 
whlii It doca.. 

Vhtf* to aeanety aaythtng new la It tfaat 
baa not Vktoi aaan. M tba aatoUinff aC .'Talal* 
araaoa^" parhapi^ wllh 'tba •wapUoa aC aa tan 
tetvolnlod aeene or two. 

The "Dear One" Is Just oa dear and' the 
"Boy" la oa boyish as when -the Orst camera 
rccUterod hIa photographic value. 
The best thing about It all la that wlut It 
•taito atat ta pnaeh rtnga traa. 


Mac Murray's- latest starring production gives 
her an opportunity to piny a double role. Tha 
picture Is a Leonce Ferret production adapted 
for .the screen from "Tho Woman In White" 
by VrUk(9 ColUna. It is a rather wearying 
ta cWar. 4m. abt loata that •ma tha gamut from 
tho alnaa to Mgh iaetolr Mid cvan geoa ao far 
aa to have the old. oil anb*Uila of "'Wife In 
Name Only." Aa a ratlvro pleturi It falls, to 
rank with the premnt good preductlona on tbe 

Tbe story la that of twin alatera. Tbe father 
and mother separated, each taking cn*i of the 
girls. On her deathbed the wife confldes bejr 
.story t,o a gambler. .She haa- nonken to tha 
daptba of poverty wb'tla tha huhbami has ilaan 
to hK tha hoad. «C a'thnoua alaci wrtn. Tha 
pimblar aanda tha Uri te .allheal, 'liMka up tba 
steel man, gets Into hla eonfldenee and Ann II y 
marries the girl, although she la in love with 
another man. It la alt pn^ of a campaign that' 
the gambling man has laid out ttr Maielf to 
. obtain control of the steel plant. 

He Is aware the one daughter at school has 
a weak heart. So he takes her from school 
and ptaoaa har lit bto teuntor homa^ Maaii< 
tbaa ha haa bnaghi his wlfk' te Haw York 
and drugged her, framing an Inwalty* oharga 
and shipping ber off to an aaylnm;- 4ha girl 
with the weak heart' Is hla* nest victim. He 
does a ghost stunt for her benefit and she 
passes out ot tha picture, he palming off hor 
dead body as tlint of his wife. (He waa the 
busiest guy over when It came to villainy.) 
HMWWV tba. jmng hero gets id bla private 
eOWt- gad boats him to a f nuala, attar wMeh 
ha inwafHUir tepplaa fNm a wtadav tad tha 
end dada him with a htaek Maakal' over Mb 

The picture Is one of the real old fashioned 
thrillers. In It Misa Murray gets a chance to 
pray all over the lot. In the scene at her com- 
ing out party ahe oven forgot herself to the 
aactant of ImVing her hair down her back. 
' Other than Iflaa Murray. Mr. Olnnd is the 
only one ta the oaat wha gaA. a' ptrftnaaaea 
worthy mora tbaa tiaaaliig mentkm. 

Awl. : 

' IOVE,90irOB,ABD--^ 

. TW* to a Pharka MWisr ft adaeMaa a( the 

Independent Saleif Corporation's Fanous DIi;ee- 
tora' Series. 8ttta.rt HAImea and Elllea Cassidy 
are featured. Tho principal wt^llop the picture 
holds Is that Mr. Holmes Is playtngr a heroic role 
Instead of the usual heavy he essays on the 
acroen. The picture la the uaiial triangle idea of 
high Boclety, with a little touch of tbe "Mislead* 
iBf Udjr" cftvo nun itdC pidtod by tba bark 
' The atoty ia ilmplo tBaiigH |a Iti aray. ilia 
husband (Mr. Hblmes) ratnraa from overscaa to 
discover that hla wife .to laadlDit a rather htip- 
hasard sort ofan existence surratudeil by a flook 
of social pirates, and cigarette amoklng. and 
ghmbUng weok-endera Among theae la the vU- 
tata who WBBtt t* grab' aS Oa girt;' 

ovoa gboa aa fir aa ta but-Bblmea Itolaiaa' 
Eolmosr beat la vUlatay. The hnsboad dadS^ 
takea thlnga la bto own hands, and havtag^^ 
a flyer in the aervloe ha naturally has his 
plane right at tba U>ng Island bomsw He ts2s» 
tha wife taito tt and takes her (br a trt» Z 


wbata the will be away tnm 
I Md trtoa.* MMa ad tha "nS^ 
oa- bv. ' Xa tha add ibto bial^. 

Finally tbe heavy oemaa te the Meg^ .a^ 

the husband and he inix It^fttr a real lively 
Tlie wife by this time decides ahe really 4)2^ 
her husband and that she baa beea a raikS^ 
foolish girl In the past. - 

Holmea gtvsa a tathsr olavar pertormancs. \ 
It to,bti!d,.*a taMBBlto eaani. aaK to aeeing kia^'^ 
ptenag the hew taelead «f the heavy, b, m» • 
haa all ot hla heavy tricka and irtmatloinHir' ia^ j 
crop oat in thto picture MUdCMtMy ta a 
eltislve lady In front olT the camera. TlMie u^, 
times when she looks forty, and .gain, la e*^ j 
toln shoots, ahe 'looks rather young and pretl^;' 

Just a fair feature without any particular 
punijb. but one that wlU fUl In nicely on dotbis 
fMlara hiUo. |t vMa aaad-ilgr tbia pnrpoae at 
tha CIreto one alglit darfa«tbe onrreat week. 



Batbtr haphaaard aa ta oeaittauity, but 
a fairly interesting feature, Is the latest H."')j£j"i 
'Warner production, "FOr a Wbmah's Hamtflji 
It is a Roblnson-Cole produetimi ttlMisjE''^ 
through the Bxhlbitora' Mutual. ■Ma dlfeew'^' 
was handled by Parke Frame. "' .•■*.{{« 

The story atarta out fairly well but the leuri' 
ends are auch at the llnUb that an audt^i''^'^ 
at Iioaw.!a-'Kaw Utifc alailad to kid the taif^'^4 
'9M feet of tba ptelare with mtok apputuse. tW^-^: 
trouble evidently waa that aO much tootags' 
was used earlier It was impossiblo to bring i>* !v 
story around to the logical conclusion, -IrUi'ii'^i 
cleaning up of the counter plot ends, and tifti-'-) 
kce? within the required length. ' . f 

The scene of the piece Is laid In EUigland and 
India. Ths herd ta a doctor ta tbe British^ onny; 
Ha ta. aogaccd la vany .t 'yanng Bngiiah (far 
wheat Ihlhar baa JM .died. At the readtag at .m 
the will tha mother. daiiglitar and the hm wififi 
Dreaent. Another wasaan .sIibwb nn. ahd> tUlmtaix- 

present. Another waataa.ehowa up,. ShtelaM^- 
that ahe was the wife of the dead man The 
flance. who knows how ' mother and daughtar 
revere tho memory of the husband and father, 
decides fo hnndle tho case In his own manner. 
Ho stands for s "hush money" tap. but the 
transaetlaa to vi^ltaaatad by .tha .widow, ah^ 
then reCaaeo ta let ' Mm marry the daatbtsr/ 
unless he givea aa: laataut aaplaaAttoa.. VUs 
he cannot do and to ha retiKoa . hla peil ai' 
India without the girl who was to be hla brida. . 
However, hor brother Is In the governmont serT- 
Ico in India and Is mixed up in a couplt s(! 
»hndy dcalH. Later the sister comes on tlja ' 
scene and th» hero managea to get the,toy .0^ ' 
ad a itmNk ttvat tba girl from the pvtfm.-: 
'kllto Iho THtata and .flatabte. tha ; pkitfua .Mv 
clutching tha beAilne In' tall ai!ne. ' - ,X' 

It ia the oonventk>na|,tt«K, i^dht down t^tlf.: 
"atmoaphere" touch of it cooeh daincsr. MpMt . 
which no Far ISaat picture wbuld'be oeiw!i(Kr,;; 
■ ftoma of 'the scenes are Intercttng as "ai)qobi?-!;j 
bllt, nothing in the feature. "'"' ' 



A Japanese story is the latest Robertaon-flala 
production starring Sessue Hayakawa, enlJUtl 
"Tha Dragon. Painter," released by tbe < Kb 
hlMtOK^MUtiial. It Is a aoreen tolUng ot atslti. 
that 'to fall of heart lateraat find pathos, -iflli ;'; 
t twiit at .ttih'aad that raliam tho haavyf^tM^ 
ady that bha hung ever tha story fer abspt^lW'-. 
tetla. .... 

"Tbi'"l>ragon Fainter" was adapted (or .^^ 
screen by B. Rlchord Schayer fiomi the itdq 
by Mary McNeil Fenolloaa. WlllUm WortbUW 
ton directed the picture, tithlle the canvcm vedl 
was handled by Frank D, Williams. 

The entire action takea place In Japan, wh^ 
• the hero is a natural artist, but living a wiU 
Ufa la t^e hllla Down In the ottlea there Is a. 
■nat'aitlat, tho..hMt e< hta Uat^ toaktat tar ti: 
bdRaUeaaceaanrto htaatma SabaaadMiiit'" 
ter, but the great dl8appolntm.^t of Ms lib H - 
that no son waa bom to him. ^be boy ta tto ' 
bills Is slightly demented, with an obsessiea .to 
must hunt there until he llnds his dragon lirtte. 
He Is lured to the city to mtft the great artii^ 
fallq In love with the daui^ter. but after li* 
weds her his gift of pialntlng vantshea The gitji 
knowing, that Itaa ta the cause of the lack «. 
applicatioa. diaeidea to sacrifice herself, and lew 
appaaiaaaMi onninlta auiolda' In bla sri«(j#; 
hty again tuma to painting and aehl«vM;'.t|<c., 
Bundous fbme, Then the glil, wlio baa riiWE;' 
been hi a convent all tbe tlmo^ ntuma to liita 
and there is the usual happy ending. 

From a production ataindi^likt "The DmgDS 
Painter" Is as pretty a picture as Hoyakav* 
has appeared in In several yeareu The outdoor 
locations ore rtally wonderful and tbe Interttf: 
acta ate perfect. i'- 

IB latttag the bill acenea the photographer.'^ 
.lirertt aauM miarltaUa lhati, A ctoud eftf;^' 
over tbe awtatalaa ta deeUMdly one of iH'i; 
bestv ■•• *5 

The picture formed part «C a dpnble feal 
bill at the Cltole ttaia but ta ttroug 
to stand alone Id gay h — - - — •■ 
liked at all. ' , • -1% 

...... aa |f||W '.-J 


jia tfeaMBM •( MT*rftl nonUH from th* 
M» netmpolia, m vtiit to tlie Strand 8un< 
, i,jlta to reveal wiy ohange In the ityl* of 
i^^ittlwnont or the totroauoUon of any novel- 
I'STilSo be ""r®' *■* lound 

MSlAh rtlow prior to departure, but the worW 

end eo eboald publlo entertainment* 
f/^a^ saoWtWt 8tniid aywbonr OrOhMrtim 
' "i^Md -Voter'* "Otaran" fMr tin mrwtoM, vtaKb- 
by tlM Vovleal Be view, made up of 
.{r«m 'Pfttlw Newa, Klnoframe and 
Tutia^apid camera. Walter Pontlns, tenor, 
—jUni two vocnlizationB, one ot which, "Jort 
■'aflonr »t Twilight," earned tor him splendid 
' Loreclatlon by the audience. The feature, 
' iSSand IMy Algy." ta reviewed Mparately. 

wtcr that «aw BMon fliMftHb • •MM 
: MutDo; an Intmatliif serai« Omd A. BtIiUq, 
^ iMirt natter ot the Strang, ezecnted a vloUa 
i 'wtk*^ the tbow eloaed with the ~ ' 
|S|||^|ii.I,loyd comedy, "Pay Toor'Dueo." 

: VbH fte )w* 

tiiiireik ttM Mn at tli»^Mdlo- «WH t* Iw 
itienseat .both fk«in'.,.tb» rinw^ftUA •£ 
4iii«rtaliunciit and muieally. Tho wrty 
point waa the comedy. * Fok-Sanahlne, 
beid atl of tbo old atuff, Inelrfding tbo 
'iuiistat autoB. tbe ehaainsr eoM >>td flaally 
Oi eid hokum ot falliiw thmi|h tht. fliora. 
l>it tbat It Kot a few iauKha. . 
' Tiie Ritlto ihow waa opened with the 
^^kowaky oyertnre "1S12." which the 
juidfo orchMtra rendered to better advant-. 
in than did tha mtulolaiM at tbo Strand 
jijHtyardi vi>«> tha.oamtoaMlea- had tfto ad« 
■'pmift balBV iMwibprtaa^irith <«: apoeial : 
(■fUll* Mttlnv that w«a ,it|tgiid (or It, Tj^o 
' r aiuaical aeioctloaa at tha bill wero tbo 
Kfi rf iiiean'a Sonc'* from "Philemon and Baucia." 
Ij^mr by Bmannel Uat, and the "Bird bons" 
vfiMm "! Fagllacel."'hy Anna Reiner, a pleaa- 
(K calonit,ura soprano. 

A Bruce iccnio entitled "The lioneaomo 
Fap" was one of the most eftectlve ecreen 
Via. It carried a heart throb tbat will be 
^. tpprtelatod br all -lawn of 'dovb ' Tho Hlalta 
fe<^(»ino wtt . lathaf Okti hawavor,' ralyliMi 
|(iK.»MldtBt ^ilaoBViaw. tar tt» *rtflol»M 

f'l^vikt feature «aa' Charioa Bay In iM'^ara- 
Mant-Artcraft ' pletwr«t "Tha anf- Crata 
TOtop." ; IVeA . -. 

^ BI70II 

beat tbliiB et the ecreen entertainment 
HiiMM at the JHvoll thio wook la tho "Fatty" 
iipiM«Ma aomadr "Vack SUci." Tba. fea- 
tlm, Haorlfla VaormWa Varamoont-Artr 
•J^pdt Nloiao,' Tho LIfo tlno,*^ U aiow and 
r.'itfairy, ao it really remalna for the comedy 
•,'i<».t»rry the show. 

V:,V11ie bill opens xrlth the overture "Rienti," 
nicbard Wagner. It waa very well played 
-r^d earned thunderous applaiiae. The Rivoll 
nctorlal was weak at thla houie aa well aA 
f^4( the Riaito. The Duet from "Martha," 
' i'lni by Martin Brefel an 
i^iiooided tho featnro. • ' 

^Mtt Bala dliaelfd ttiliit 
Tavaaa/^ a MiraBtai' 
wwhdaBOti fhltad la artata mnah'af aa 
nnlon otlur than .tha mnarita diiaolod 
■M'-ih* aroteaaaa drctalag >( tha wanna. 
Jtuiaret Leefaaa and vanbim HbU naia .lha 

i^>The tea-pourlns contest which hoa become a 
^.^^IWHkly feature In the creen roam of the 
I'jIXItcII wu presided over last Sunday by 
^>'9«rathy Salton, who was a charmint hoateaa 
'^ttd aair that tveryono got thoir flU aC taa 
:::'«ld eako, althtnch Kufo RIoaenftM bayaiad 

offlnc a«« tana ta th* naana aC 
ir^l^r ilM ihlntr wlth loim vary r>o< au 1 


dio, Sat ho reeovatik laama to h>v* th'o woman 
and. WBBta t» taka her for . wifOb Th* villain 
rotan% aa4 Ik la OhmmMd- ha la ih|» 
wha Mai ta aaiaiflt IBabetl* aad waa 
•lUa for tbo UIUbv of her father and tba 
atabhlDv of Paul. 

Mitchell Lawla la noted for the reaUara of tho 
flghta In hia pictarcs, and this one la no ex- 
, caption. When he finally wins and Is alMUt to 
■tab tho heavy, 'the 'n'Ife having been Informed 
the father of her child Is her leg;iil husband, 
savaa him by telling Paul she really loves him. 
She promlsta to ao away with her legal hus- 
baad that algbt«. btpft tha aamlHpiliMI 
oaeo mora •ondcavara to lavMt Sabolta; 
wolf dos tears him to pieces (very realistic), tho 
wlto-eonfes*ei>4o Pau) aha lovca blm, Babctto 
la batrothod to Another Canuck and all 

• Mia. 


latest MIti'hell Lewis production to be re- 
leased by Select Is "Faith of the Strong." ai- 
Hcted by Kobert N, Bradbury. It follows closely 
:tt* Unn of prior Uitchell Lewis No.-thwest pro- 
':.jj^on«, with I,ewlt portraying bio familiar 
le^Kk ehanuxterlsatlon. 
'v^oipenotva InUroa^ Is suatalnod.anttl.tho flaal 
;«Bch an< MfMat tthraniA a ' ' 

^ o( twl■^ 

.' lathe nnMdbi^tf tho talau 
:;.>>ftii] LaRne (towltt inaka at a lumber camp, 
si'lMre Babette (PafrlflCa Palmer) tuns wild as 
.'■'Clrl attired In trousers and a pleco of string 
' a- suspender. Her father is a dronttard and 
; A* Is watched oyer by Paul. He looks upon 
v^w as a mere Idd, but she appamtly has a 
*belt deeper affection (or the big-hearted, home- 
Vjaaberlack. Paul reaeuea her tnjn the vll- 
;!#ta, irbo soea'to his home and t«Ua his wi(* 
^-.^t they aia Mt 'nallir waiitM, aMhoaih a 
1* alboat ta ' ba bora ta than. Vho wM* 
l-ptH to klU herself nther than hHng an lllo-^ 
I^VUnate ebild Into the world; Is carried to the 
^'>!#I.Dbtei'o homo and placed upon a cot opposite 
^1 who hlib been sGrlousiy Injured while res- 
hit the minister's Bible from the burning 
f,^'^^- "f?" *« marry the girl to Icgltl- 

^■■Ktlso the child.' understandlnff ho la about to 

'-BACdc srici'S ' 

The latest Paranouiit-Afbiifdcl* .teltao*. *b« 
titled "Back 8taB«"'.ta oaa ol tho hoot «eiii*- 
dloa UMdiattr'aaaMdlai haa avpaarad la- (»r 
eom* tiaMu - A»' itha 'RIwlMthto wtek It waa 
the (troaciit palat in favor «(- the screen 
ontertalDnoBt that waa efferedt overshadow* 
Ing tho feature. It la ail tha^oM jriap-'atlck 
'atuB Imaginable, but It la-ah^vtaittfod'that 
It pulla laughs readily. 

The scene of action la back 'stage of a 
vau^Ievllle theatre with Fatty ' and Buster 
Keatou' as the stage hands. THe troupe ar- 
rive and the strong man atarta to reugh- 
hoilH tho plaao. Finally, ha la mtjMit .«Hli . 
the aid of a trunk fidi of dumh^bdliMgid tha 
whoi* ahav umptiac -ttit' lifm' sirl" 
that 'wwf tha airiakaai ta ^ .afaoiif ilnn. 
• Shs, with tha aaBistanee of tbe atage handa, 
deddea to pat en a ahow. jii la all broad 
burlesque' from that point on, Jammed with 
laughs and ' fliled with, mlahapa. 

tt ta a real comedy scream from first ta 


Jack Hearns, the Romany Rye.....Jaek Holt' 

I,aura .Seona Owen 

Bos Wallace Beery 

Ruth Heckett ...Paulino Stark 

Jo* Heckett .Tully Marahall 

Phillip Royaton...... ........ ...Lowla J. Cody 

llaariao' »iB t ir ' ai«ni>B teltet pradaetlon; re- 
loasNd. aa Mrahammt-Artcraft, is entitled 
"Th* Ufa Uaio" and' la based on the old 
KasilaliBiolodrania |*Romsny Rye." The ptc- 
tara la -rather slow and draggy and depends 
largely for Itis big punch of a big acanio *(-, 
feet, as Is the prescribed formula Vltk all at 
the eld Bngllsh'niollers. 

The continuity of the atory at present 
shows that there )nuBt haVe been a great 
deal a( outtlng dene, lor at tlaua tha 'atory 
4a aioaodlnsly Jumpy. CMi waa aadliatitadly 
dcha .to 'waadMha aoUan iC .tha itlac*, but It 
dM not Help Wy madh. ' 

In the enaetmaat of tha atory tho principal 
credit is due to lAW Osdy, SiMB* Ow*n, Jack. 
Holt and -Wallaee Beery for any Interest that 
will bo taken. They hold thi story at all 
times. Tully Mar. hall la In the cast but only 
In a bit: however the bit is well played. 

The big scene of the piece Is tho wreck of 
an ocean liner. This Is well worked Up and 
the Interior ot tho vessel with the rush et 
watern and tho .hr*oohaf buay attiata' hold 
■uspens*. During tba iuly .vart' aC tho- (lo- 
tore thoni a/o aavMral mthar sratly rwa> 
aoaaaa irhleh ploaaa tha tyap. i ■ .' 

to Chi, and there becomek Ik ^liir/alN^m^^ a 
figbteKa tiaiaing «aaip.. ^Ua -MB .'to.'.aiBc iha 
"donbla ea*B%*' aM'la|'tbariaat"ai^vpta la aia( . 
lata tho itai; kt WtMUiiM, ■oSir aialnat. 

"Youns Howard," wliom he recoinltOa as the 
'"dandy boy" from the^ome town. After. takia* 
a boating for four rounds ho mttiagea to slip 
over the .ogig-cralo w..ll6p, wins the fight, gets 
|2,SO0 (or'hlo bit, and Howart In turn gives the 
cops the informntlon that tho boy Is a fugitive 
from Justice. Of course, he is cleared .and . 
"TouBg Howard" branded . aa . the real orooK. 
and all ends happily. . ..'•?''-'. 

ftaya the taad «n!*«i)* Ray aiid 



htr tl«ea« teiy 


Ilm Kolly...i •'•L*'^*''*^'!*' 

Kitty Haakall .....».-.....;.... 9ena«i Voer* 

Parry Wood* ..•.i».JaMt Connony 

Dave Hask«ll '...•••>.«. 

"Fatty" Brennan Ooorge William* 

'Aaalctant Promoter •/»2?J!?'"* 

"Spider" Blake Otto Hoffinann 

Constable ........Bd JOMOn 

Kiffht Referee ., .I>ewltt Van Court 

"Baiiiing" Miliar Arthur Vimtt 

Fighters • •••••••• , , <.j», •< • t« • 

Al XanCman, BwXtrkwood, Jar- 
dan, JlmmlTFavlaey,. laiia aiMiar 

Charles Ray is to bo seen in one of his 
usual "small town chump" characterisations 
with tho usual heroic touches at tho finish 
In his latest Faramount-Artcraft release, *n- 
tiUod "The. Bgs Crate -Waliop," Tha. atory 
la by Julian Joa*ph*on aad wa* dijroaUd by 
Jarwna Stann. tt la » lypleal Bay ftatara' 
whlith holda aa lla auUlaqdlac pnaeh a aailc 
Ing prize flght aota* la wkltih tha ^?*nr erat* 
wallop" managaa. to -flsally 'brUiK vMory to 
tho "rubo." ■■ 

Tho eoono Is laid In a small town In tho mid- 
dle-West, where Bay 1* the vasslstant general 
manager bf tho local branch of the express com- 
pany. He Is In love with the daughter of the 
gonere.1 managcrj and she tends tho aoda fona- 
Uln at th* local drug atorci Oheie la a fUaady 
bar", ia^ town. Mobody kaaaa vliaa k*. atta hIa 
dongb, pai ha apmda half M hi*, tin* la Chi- 
oago. Ho la alao making a hid. Mr th* girl.' 

On* nighi tbo exprosa olBc* 1* nibbed of $2,000, 
and Ray lo .auapocted of the crime. Ho in turn 
thinks that It was the father ot the girl he 
1' vcs .that took the money and decides to run 
iiivax, so that they will not discover that it 
waa the old man. Ho ride* the brake beams 


MMle.Itel MOcMiiw^ g Wyr 
Osorga ttmi^w^c. .iT.^^.. ;>Bmanr. JahnaBa ■ 
Larry jAwaoa Charle* Spota 

Joahph- Harper Henry Barrowa' 

Ifolaa Harper Lillian Laagdon 

Signer Bnrico Oeorge PerTolat 

One of the sore spots in this feature pro- 
duced by the American In five ai^ and dis- 
tributed by Paths, la tbat while It employe 
a auhatanttal enough theme (Or atory valuer 
It hi iaad*4aat«iy connected. Much of thla, 
a*, donbt. 'la da* ta diroatloa^ although there 
aro aoMiai^ that '-a«niiai* a|^;.«f*n top aome 
of the b*at->tfaaina>. i'- / ^. .',' 'V ■ ■ 
. In lu wntlraly It Idoaa.iiot Vim 
thicttbihed vaiuatlon. ' .'Tli. Idat 'lit c :.ato- 

-aM^ alNr and do««>'t lavMyr aAOi .gmaa 

.work «• .tsU'tho antwaai,'.'''- 

Tha' atcilri^ aaaoana ti.- emiatear' toal^ M.reia- 
tlvaa of a demented hoirea* whose fortune has 
dwMM tluongh their extra vjeanOc. News : 
Oom«* to them that their charge's betrothed, 
who Ixa* been thought killed I.n tbe war, is 
on his way to claim her as his bride. They 
seek to avoid any revelation of their con- 
duct by substituting a cabaret dancer of quite 
enough charm ai>d ot similar features to on- 
set any suspicion, lie , come* and I* Enam- 
ored with the auhatltiM!* 'aad :.laaraia Jatdir 
her true position. Tbe.daaan ih-'eoaaolaiiaa 
alrl«kaa and ;f«vaala alk.'. nM"wid.:l» a'aiaa-. 
oiira for meatal thoath't. 

Tber* 1* one outstanding featnra la a . iaadh 
used OftltfirOt •ceao, and that la arhaa' t|i* 
daaaair-«|riw.-la.»«d*r thw ■ia|Ma[rW:-ai»ll-'!«« 
' Wtieob th* awaar ^ tha imiim iteM bar 
eaeapa with her would-be redoemar by throw* 
Ing a rala'ablo ring Into in cxpectaot crowd 
of the under Vorld that Is soon lighting 
madly tor tho ijreclovs stone. A poculiar 
lighting effect Is tho exterior of this caf* 
roalllent under Its many ore lights, while 
the area, about It Is In almost total black- 

The author Is Daniel 7. Whltcomb and 
George L.. Cox Is lU dllMtar. . TlM lattMT.Iwa 
done better work. 

Uargarlla Khlior ax the star «aajlta'bDth 
tbo . part of tbe dan<!«r and the donontod 



H*l*n O'Noll 
Willy Crmby 
Madano La 
Mra, Philip 
Helen Trent 
Edward Wales . . . 

Stephen" Lee 

Inspector Donahue 

...j.Tvonno Delva 
...;....Creighlon Halo 

r creigBion Haio 

Orange .UMM.jHiotwoU 

Maion.... iChthitbMjKaya 

Smaan* Colbert 

Oeorge Denebourg 

.Marc McDermott 

Walter Law 


■I'adyilairtoaGaathani.....Madalla* Travena : 

ate Chaiiaa C h a t h a m ..., ,.<nuirlM Claw, 

.Qartrnd* Jeana* Calhoni ' 

Rtephen Hartley Wheeler Oakman 

The Dowaiter Lady 8t. Aubrey. Blinor Hancock 
TO* Hon. Oeorge Oranville. Oeorge Haekatbom 
Oeetor Kent Bdwla Booth TUMji 

■ - A.'dun- bora out at -wadlaclt' Ma aiwry r«i^v: 'i^M^^'^. 
aod lar.belacVhoTC.tat tha wafld .doeaj-imt-V^:^:'"^-^^^^^^ 
• look at it that way aad to save it' fiom tii 
atlgma of niegltlmtey oomea alMjt'a■W<tm|jl';' 
yearnlng for the posacsvton of one at tekit' - 
in name. If not her own fleah and blo*4i ' .^7^^^ 
brings It up as her own, shaping Ms MHiiir '-'.S'k^if^i 
and giving it every benefit that th* ' sbosnt ■ V ^'- ' |i^.Spr 
mother would bestow upon it . '^ ''^^^':^l^^0f^/^ 

This is tho vital subject of "The SplendH(?'>*Si^^§|5 
by For from the story ' 

' '''''^-^ 

a beeom* hoia. .'2lotwalw^<ram'a^t>te^K';»^^^ 

*- onm-n-m daai5?aa'-'*a*--aS^im*|P2 

'la tha-*.itlMiirif)r;^;.Th*. res:- ta mam.'t^)k^;^^'?^^^mm'^ 


Sin," a production 
by.B. Kurst. 

The story concerns Lady Chatham, the 
American wife of a British oOlclal. She i* 
childless ond convinces the doctor who r«> 
lleves her slstor-in-law'* condition that the 
child, born unavoidably out of wedlookr' 
ohouM beeom* hota. Botaralac (ram- a 
to..(h*-C ' ■ -• - ■ ^ " ■■ ■ - 

' <r*al.'la'tha-'.hiMiirif)(.>v.Th*. resi- ta aMw-'te^t;: 
play, with tenm altiifitions,' howawrt' at V^^.'-M:^^'^^ 
plaining aad "avoiding 'a tragedy whW^-thaS'.';^^^^^^^^ 
husband, smitten ■■.with- i*aIons^ ::'»im3t^'";^^SM^.. 
crushes the happlnehl-.' hia'. wl(*' ani4;. lttp?i:^i vSW^ 
accidental Joy.'" ^ ■:.iv:i:r:''.±'!ps:^^^!i 

Tho scenario Is dofliy handled one. 
author is Howard M. Mitchell. The 
although. «^«intteaa^.4Mia«Mr;at%'miftaair^ . 

Margn<<rlte Callard,.ii;....;.ldad:alne TrsWi* '''Virr"^-!^!!^ 
Bmiie cuiiard ... .'....^..Cbarlea Arllrti' i?;::'.':;; ' Wi> 
B»i loc . . . IT, ir.-.j, at «t'..»«r'*«««<*iFraak bolip.i;;;.'iV;-<' >';® 

D«..Brioaa*.-. . ...J,; a.i v . . . . ... .JaS'li^SBliH,; 

A good, tense stOfr.a«plM' by D*imlao(i'M||.:?J%i§^^ 

I* the new vebicio la inM^luuiam -'jimmiiA^^^ 
su>.rs: It is a f rntafa IMn'Tfllii y\W':aMi«i.^ 
shortly after bar.temr trtim^ Uiffnia-WilU^'i 

did Sin." ' ;' , ■, '•• 

It has a background of tbe Intrigues and paJ- . ..,,,„,, 

piUtlnr ijwraent which may be expected to traaa- .-. 's^'ij^ffl(.-a 
. pira.'in' anr Bunpcan bouse, and especially^ la:^; .''v>^.»=|iti^^ 
thia'camV where Bull* Culfaud ia enlrmte^^witii ; S -:?ifhi'iiiM 
th* i«a|ictoiihlllty d( dmwlh«^nB.h''aib»#t>«<iitiS:i;;i 


with the exception probably ot Edgar 
Allen Poe's tale of "The Fall of the Iloua* at 
U*her," tber* are few atorle*, or playa. ta-*a 
man apedlta. aa haaatlat aad laMa* with 
a toaah at tba gmaaoma aa teyard Valllar'a 
"Thirtaontli Chair." ■ 

In tha feature, play of the spoken drama 
piadooed by the Acme and diatrtbuttd by 
Palbe, there is an equally eonpclllajg. atfry, 
coroblnlnt all the elomoMa 

Its reception is an aawrH a» 
thrown on the screen. 

In the play there was a consistent effort 
made to dismember the medium's bag of 
tricks In full view of tbo audience. ' By delag 
as much in th* (*atnr«, It ailsht ha«a 1 
tha doabl* purpoa* ot eaavaylac 
tha ahaaawnem and pratapm at aa^aaUad 

Vha ' alary blaiaa^ aad la an Intoresimg 

manner of continuous action, 011 the solution 
ot the double murder of two prominent men. 
One meets death In a mystorlous fashion, the 
other, his friend. Is stabbed during a "spirit- 
ual" seance, convened for tho purpose of find- 
ing tho murderer of tho first. 

By far tt)* be*t acting Is tbe oialn-oyapt 
daa* br }tarta' Bhatwall. Mm la aingled out 
IMT* dsaHIt* that tfe* drat twa nam*d la tb* 
aaat ara aaiaiaalad aa' tfe* featured .playara, 
Tniaraaa dMIon la m eiaentlal In a apmhlaf ■ 
part, in the feature Miss Bhotwall poipapaaa 
what may be compared as an afulvalaat la 
the film world, and that is naiao.„ 

Particularly (-frulgent wer* tho scenes that 
transjjire during th* two seance'a,,, T^y afe 
atagey, but,.iMvertlwl«pt .«me.ntlaj|. 99- aatar* 

T* Ma-hoaai ^ eooiep : th**i«hM»aaV 
eraffily coanMBg ta/^aman, 'i^ 
would o««rtbmw th* MiM ViMpbtM^I 
over to her eiiemtea 

Though repitt* from beglnnlne to end with i^ll 
the tricks cvor exploited In the melodtamatlo 
vein, the action that follows in which Belloo 
discovers Madame CuIiard to be his first love 
whom he abandoned; and Culiard's secretary to 
be his lllcgitlmato child whom he nearly idfya 
to aet poBseaslon of th* treaty; all thi* ;a>ia<i*d 
by a highly capabi*. eaat 1* high-«laaa.~"BMlOb>* 
aad do«i not aaOtr to < aa*iB|m*nt «b* tlUa 
, ta aaothor. bolpk ■, . ■ '•, ■■ ••",•,■,'.'. 
M^tny of the ■ooaca ar* In *aeoi%wlth what ' ^: 
might rsprsoent the privaoy of a Vrehch bciMV'^' ''^^ 
and French surroundlns*. IWJoulatly.. .-lamfciw^ 
nentatlve of Paris is th* uadMlimiM ^dbnOa^tpi '.^'"^^ 
^he aimche and absinthe flenda '" ' '^i-v''-'''i'i'W=%^.ijiS' 

-As In -The Splendid Sin," this nOWOat tmim^^/^^i^SP^ 
is also directed by Howard MItcbOIt,' .■'yy';0iJ^^^^:^eSKm, 


R. C. Cartoafs highly . suoocssful Bnglteh 
ady af th* aiioribw.aal ' Maara- «[M^r»i^itfili!'.. . 

IWh* at tha 'past' ,B«iiamtiM-''l*n<!i(' tla!^t:'-i^^ 
adrably to aereon ' adaptation - 
•^buw," sports, and depicts the lit* 
wealthy nobility, wfaleb la, miwmrm'.m'^ti^'-1»b-:''-r-ici^-fy.j: 
those who know'bf '4t"'0iiIr'-lMa madiatf!:;ahd'';.:^'f^ 

hearsay. VS-'/jiv^iliiS?' 

For this reason, If no other, "Lord and I^dy' 
Algy," with any kind of a modem film .pipdllOr:^ 
tiMBi would bo almost certabi to < peeing- '■.VHk: 
tgHatd by Ooldwyli, intolllgtntly directtd.lir^W: 
Bsawnont. with excellent lighting efteot* and: 
aplondld settings, the R. O. Carton piece I* an 
exceedingly fine specimen of modem ploy screen- 

Tho story Is too well Iinown to require retell- 
ing, other than to recall to those wbo may h^Vo r^~i' 
forgotten it that Lord .Algy U constantly :oBt« ' :v,' 
wittid by his sweet . Wife l» tb*tr.«Ma* «( Bfi»-< 
that ot wagering on tbe racaa. Ba pUka 
and ab* tbo Oontrary. flh* I* 
him around to ber way of tbinktag and l**t/9i, 
him, retomtng to the home of her ai 
she loves him dearly, and every tlm*. bO 'iijMS 
into a "Jam" she eomca to his rescue. . 

The culmination, when ho goes, smash on onf ^■, u 

horse suid she cleans op a fortunO on tb* '^^'{■■^^'^^^^■^'' ■^ 
ner of tbe same race. Not much in this, - >,Ou/v>S''i^^^'/;^ 
Biay aay, but tt la .not tha plot, bat tb* netliodj!.::;^!;;^ 
at Ha.jataMtaiK aad the people abbitt whom Jvir.ii^uj^f 
■lawrliiMk- - , ■ • • ■ ., ■ ''*'^'^-'<'^'-''^'*- 

Vpm Hooro looks and aSu th«- gentlomaa 
a nicety— *s much a* an , Anerleah aoior 1 
look like an Klngllsh nobleman-apd NMnyj^.',^^;^^;Y '. 
Chlldcrs mnl<CB a stunning Lady ' Algy^ lhj.'w4tfei/f - 
entire cwit, is .uada .up of-. eom]p«ient 'teitt^'f^^^^ri' 

■to Aftati^v^- rV '0it:>y- 



-f 31 

^Ith th« Maw Jeney 8Ute prlmrlM 
(Mt of tlM trar. plctara mm ar* concm- 

tlM varlotu cotmnunltiWiMlbs qowtton. 
TlM BaUUtoM* L »t > — «C N«w Jir- 

'iMnHttrr Snnday exhlbltlom of photo- 
BeporUi MMivad at tli* haad- 
oC fli* MMiMHd AnoelatlOB o£ 
tlw MOtlOB Fletnn Industry. Ino, Indl- 
CtU thJit la all probability the New Jer- 

tional Amodattoa, luu worked tirelesaly 
for the bin, is eODTlaeed in the preMot 
ttaw ot Mwlal aad tadnstrial unreat tboae 
men who have tn tlw paat obeimcted the 
menaure will this year realise the danger 
of nialntalnlnfr a eeriMlegs rettrfcllon 

Upon one o^Uw nost po^oi faagrttoMl 

Much of the oppotltlon to the WMt" 
w, ita ohainplona asaert, baa been do* 
to a mlBrepreientatloo concerning Its 
provtaiona. It la iMlieved by majiy of 
iia opponenta that It la a wide-open 
compolaory meaaare^ wbereaa the aall* 
ent. feature of the aoeceatcd law la ita 
letinadiim qDaIitr» which merely per* 
atta «adi eomanntty to deelda for ItaMf 
whether or not and to what extent mo- 

tion ^ettirey ahaU be exhibited on smM 
day. ' 

In tlie cam of New Tozk States WMk~^ 
paased an onablioc law during tha^ ^ 
leglalativo Besaioo. a noticeable fttitS^ 
off iB crime in those commanltlae wlSl 
paaaed erdlnaneea peanUtttiw -^^^^ 

Connecticut, another State which 

- Jvf*v^ liiv' : . 

f ! v''.j9i'V'"-'v. ' 


l^^ntemplated Acqiiisitiom of Hanclred Million Dollar Chain 
^ Theatres hy Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and Advance in F^a- 
Players Stock, Said to Be Beginninn; of New 
Financial Era in Pictinre lndiutry* 

MI liM vtrMt; 

ForwMd FQbi Mateibnion, Im., mollon 
pictures, $tO,(IOO, Ifanhkttan. Josepli Sometb, 
487 BlMt ITEth itreet, S»mTi«l U Rartman, 
(2t "West 111th atreot, M. D. Bparrcw, aOO 
Nortbern avenue. 

Tuiitcr&Mt ftff&ntittg CoMpMiy, capital 
|BO,O«0; l^on Bpachner. 119 WMt 4llla.«tn«t: 
Arthur Wright, Jamea Jotuma, IMirMt 4Ttk 
■treet, N*w Yorh city. 

WriKht rratacUoa, capital |37.C0«; yrm. ». 
Wrichtf 'WaatalBBton, D. C, ; D. C Rnuel), 
ilM, Ik l; J. .Irving Wclaman, i< Park row. 
.« York «lt*_ 

Maw TarttllMMtn Moeala, J»ti» MankaU 
taih 9tS>Me; P. Jj. Anderaoa, A. A. JtnhtM^-Ii. 

B. ftaiittr, Babykm, 1» I. 



_ Biwta CaMwa ■ , 

Bdwlii Carewe^ Harry Ctbii 

baum, titl Broadway 

Pandes^Mfir. Cp.^lM« phemwrapha. metl«|.t 
plotares, tO.OQO; Marian ntraebl, Bllnor KHk« 

Ik OvauMb H. 


D-vl To those gifted few. In the film Indus- 
' #ho poBBe|)a an analytical mind, 
|^in>0eema to^be a great deal of con- 
If ;iH«tfi>> IwttrMB tlie report that Kuhn, 
Oik •M^iiB' tmbark on the build- 
„ Ikeq^aMMr «C a hundred inOllon 
diiybi ft flMibi% .nditheBoaden 

Vtoym-LiAjr iKodc on tin 

f lUa week. 

' It iB known that flome of th« inpw- 

tant offlcers at Famous-Lasky hav« for 
aome time past been on intimate terms 
with several of the important officers of 
Xubn, Loeb & Co. It Ms aJsb known 
that aB far back as three year* ago there 
.ins a contemplated afHIIation between 
• llM tankers and film producers, v/lth. a 
■l^knr to reeapltitflzlng the kitter's stock 
jHd InuudifenK Ohanclal campaign 
' vflh ibe adm; 6f establishing the entire 
iMrtkn 9lcttir« industry > tinner 
:fcail4BK '|^n|ii>^ tai d «ive 

iTtTti, |2,SO0, tM aharcA XMhattaa. 
Kalacr, MM Bmatb afaaaa^ i 

Im Corp., 

way. New York. 

Areaidlai) Fl 
Friedman, p. Slum 


nat esioi^rim 
stood, because the war'Atacc^^iiiged the 
bankers from venturing itto k nev-.fl«IA 
of operation at that particular time, bat 
BOW that -the^ountry is beirtg- restored 
to normal peace-time activity it is the 
assumption the bankers wish to resume 
the former plan, particularly In view- bl 
the fact the picture indtistry. has adr 
jianced during that Interval in spite of 
the war and Internal dlffleultles. . 

A resume ot tte attaation as it appeals 
l^lo the bankers, according- to some one 
-Iriw sboald know, is'as folloiira:. 
■ Vamma Pkyers-Iiksky Is , cagdtalized 
It t2»jm.9Mi t>m tHiO^:^ HVHA lBMiv 
paying (8 a idipurar :^le : 
jgpwer Is pore Marl?: - |S!r.par-tf^^ 

at inwent' afi- laa&^U^xiuia tTiOM^ 
:tv«r. with Oie exewtton-dTa smttn tKmd 
■•fimt, the last' of which /Is redeemable 
iii .1922. As a comparison of values 
l^jiith other stocks on the market, it is 
' felling far below its worth. '.A certain 
tire stock which pays about .one-eighth 
the dividends of Famous-liasky has sold 
for more than Famous at its highest 
peak, and is now selling for two-thirds 
the Famotjs price on the Exchange. A 
famous oil stock paying $12 a year. $4 
more than F&mous, is selling for more 
tlMui twice as much as-t|M.lUin atodi; 

Mtt while Wan BtfMt aaA 

des iMk . vpooi iSm' 
»wer «t tiofliEi as a orttorlOB'aC Itaelr 
Mint, tbtef apiinlN-fvta inore h^^Uf 
tMr yetgntlal fature oaniiiw power, 
«ii:^#iiD. it OOMM to this phase of the 
. 9iMti0i .inunons Players' future earn- 
- tag power is .considered to be unlimited. 

It is believed Famous^ Players and 
tbelr banking friends are anxlotis to put 
th« Famous stock at its triie valuation 
ts soon as possible before the advent 
of the Marcus Ixiew stock. It is felt 
t^t a great rivalry has sprung np In 
lecent weeks between the two firms be^ 
cause of the one's policy to invade the 
exhibiUnc iMd. iuid' tba otlier'a ean* 
^•nipiatea iMailttin tgr llModtailDV vra^ 
4ueera v 

Juanrea^ tkt^ llmhattaa; tkaatricaiot, 
n«,Me. p. aaart^. n. sAoat a. Tsgai; am 

**«4way, nnr-mtlii'"' ■■■ 

Sdinlek StoAot, Bm., llaataattan, tlOiOOO: 
"area common atook no par value; active 
^Ditai, tt«,ooo; p. ooadfeoa. «. hl Tla»ay. 
■a- y. liniitntii,' m ^fiammk^ ' 

Chsiiaa 0. 
tbastricala^ •».•••, 

um $!,#••» shaw*;!«ailtoltaa. .^Ww 
(jasahea-. Ut mm nlity4Nia stnet. .0. K 

Broadway. New Tork. » ■ 

: Kmlni Plctmre ntlea. Im^ Maakaltan. 
111,001 : a Ob Dobba, A. WoMSaba, Jf. San*. 

}ll,tN: dltectm twSSST'lvStaa ltl4^lta£ 
feauaa avaana. Maw Haafe: Alaanadav IVataa 
M ChaaaBalat avaasak Braoldya; Aama Walaa- 
aaiae addrcaa. 

Beeblve Ride Ca. <conce8slona and ajnuae- 
ment devices), capital 410,000; directorn, 
Adolph -Klein, tia-Baat 72d atreat; Joaeph 

aomm u« Wcat isiui. amati -Adaiiri» 

■en, Bobert B. Flcker; 47 Weat itrect. 

U>iila fa«obaen Rntaiiiriace, Inc., motloa 
picturea, 11,000; Louis Jacobean, Edw, U. nat» 
lerty. Murray A. Harrla, 14S2 BroRdway. . 

Arcady PUm Corp., motion pictures, I2';;0aat 
l>opold Priedman. Dav1<I Blum, Matl« Haia« 
meratelri, 1943 Bronilvrny. 

Adrian Johnson Photo Play SyHtem, 'Uitfci''' 
Manhattan, 15,000; E. Small, C, J. Mab^?-. • i.-c.-i 
M. Hammerateln, 1403 Broadway, New Torfc 'v^i ^i-;":-^ 
_Trt>8«at« Theatre Corp.) w. I. N. Loflanfl. ' 
Pranh Jachson, Charles It. Jonea, of Dover. ■ 

Aaterican .C'ioema Corp., Manhattan. 

Beal Art Picture Corp,, Delaware, (IM 
aharea aI common stocli n« par vamei.JWt 
capital ten aharea. Repreeantatlve, - K,-' 
.Oonid, 37 W all street. N^w Tork. - 

''U" HAS FIVE M0R08C0 LEAD*; < 

Loa Angeles, Oct. 1^ . ; 
The Universal has five of Oliver 
Morbsoo's former leading men appeaJt;« 
Ing In its productions — to wit: Forrest 
Stanley, who Is appearing with Oral 
Carewe; Clyde' Fillmore, Harland Tuek^. 
er, Thurston Hall, who has quit to Pi- eta8C''«Bd. David But]e^.^ ^ 
f ;• I ' i " -t it-: 



lAYl^rERy OF TH^ moj^' $ I 

'T^HIS is a tnysteiv ^r. Tlw piAlk lw siiMiiih^tttrnecl to mystery stories and tlte newspapers, nu^incs 
•*1 aod fcook publisher? have teen smait enougK to moet tite Jeman J. 

mjistny spcciu tight no^t ym will find you hav« a house'iiljer. 

If you will get behind a high class 
£mil« ChautarJ noticecj the fuss tIw$r^iJi>ltc^ 




ARTHUR S. KANE, Prf siAnt 



in Oitkr to ComlMit Pft^jndke Agaipit 
BritidiJMacle Product— B. & C. Engaging Americpn 
Tllil* mniA Are Making Sup«r^ead»r«k 

^ Iiondon, Sept It. 

F^tervivweA by VAKIETT. Edward 
^^fltdtit managing -director ot the British 
' afcCWonJal Company, whose latest fea- 
S£ *'A Sinless fitaner." baa provided a 
2^0^* sensation, Btat;^ that not only 
MB this big film been^roduced solely 
« view ot helping the exploitation 
3 I f ft W rV *** Id America, but the same 
b« Hit-oC Ita ImmedJate predeces- 

fb'WAody's ChlldJ* . . • ^^^2^^. 
♦this poUcy baa been aidgUK. v»B» 
fiUy cognizant ot the ujihm iliwt'ttecea- 
ttry before prejudtee, eoOId lie br«km 
ium. bat he telt eerttiK Joamlmwva^ 
extend the hand of wHdOBM ftaBMipaBt. . 
1 the Alms from this cotitttty vmi «f • 
properly high standard. ProftlctlOli 
England had naturally been at a: vay 
low ebb owing to the war and lack of 
proper financial support, bo the B. & C. 
tad determined that the only way of 
obtainlag the high quality of films neces- 
tary was by using Ameri^n experience 
experience which had tak^n a biff 
leap forward - In the fiitMval which 
dapsed b^Mw AM fltatUiS '9tmA the 
veriA war. 

ikere was hitherto, untouched British 
maery. new localities, and a real at- 
ansphere could be Imparted into any- 
;tlihig necessary by the closeness of the 
tioent These facta would give the 
film a big pull abroad It the 
was of the best and the money 
wtthont itiat. There were 
IpiavmXMlBr tew British theatres, and 
^" tern of money obtainable 

within the indted' Klng- 
aatanUy 1liidie«:.'tli«L:iln|t:9rlUah^. 

of a pictnre lf that ptetoTCi iq^ 
prodnced solely with. % yUnt ■ to > 

ih righta! 

I B. & C. were enterprising enough 
!ttd had sufBcIent faith in America to 
imow tliat if a really finished picture ', 
^iiru produced a world market would be 
created that would more than cover the 
risk and repay the extra cost entailed. 

Pursuing their policy, they had en- 
cased the best obtainable staff in Brit- 
lis to assist an American producing 
itaff that had come to England to help 
In the pioneer work of the British world 
production. The first of the big pro- 
ductions CTwelye-Ten") was the work 
Herbert Brenon, and ft proved that 
brilliant photography, good sets 
careful production success could 
achieved. Ja "A Unless Sinner" this 
the ctMb For these two 

that Oe knomMve «( the M- 
lie hel noaM vise the hoyin 
lie iMim a iesl if ttii vtatBticeme op 

i Ow abutdard set to ev«ry other way . 

third big featoret, rwebodire 
I," British artists with a big Amerl- 
t(aa following had been engaged — Josie 
fOoUins, so successful in the American 
i^yroducUon ot "A WouMiAi Honor." and. 
' Godfrey Tearle. 

In this picture many famous beauty 
*Pet8 are shown. The location of the 
ttory has been laid in the Balkans and 
Ital7, and nothing In the way ot ex- 
pense or trouble has been spared to ob- 
^ a true atmosphere. In these three 
Qlina B. & C. have endeavored to please 
the public of the world and not, as hltb- 
Brltoln alon& The stories are 
and of a lenarkably .emm^pOU- 

tlats have been truly British, yet the 
production has been American, and no 
expense has been apared to get the Vmr 
best And that !■ the ftttoM jMley lOC 

the firm. 

B. & C. have acquired i^Jarge nuin- 
ber of plays, famous, noyel^ cmd orig- 
inal scenarios of world-wide appeal, and 
these will be cast .with artists who have 
a world-wide following, regardless ot 
expense. In this way the firm hoi>e8 very 
shortly to place before the American 
pobUo the result eC,tt« wort; 90 that the 
haaiittaii' iMt -Briia&'. win aeMi in 
fhkuStr lurtletle.ill>lMii 
•ndlenoe of eooaliB to^M^^ 

pcdiaM that e^tt telr 
hyraelipKietty can tiie film traOa .h^eanie 
wwld-irMe and the output ol ihe iBaest 
quality. The linn, Mr. Godsal con- 
tinued, fchew that the fight was stlU 
hard and uphill and that their pioneer 
werk was more Idealistic than proflta,bIe, 
but they were long-sighted enough to 
see that once a standard of British pro- 
duction had been established they could 
expect profit to Join their ideal while 
universal reciprocity vtamidA'liib Indns- 
try in every land. 

They had found their American staff 
full of ardor and enthusiasm, f\illy con- 
scious of their, dlfllculties and Just as > 
fully determined to come out on top, and 
in the very near future^ when he (lilr. 
Godsal) croased the Atlantic to shew the : 
reanlta ot tMT work, he was tfom Vbtt 
American buyers wotdd realise the prog' 
wts made and that Britain coiild at Uuit 
produce features that were worth' tfbow- 
ing In American thMtres. 
.s V.-M'C have e^Me<l JTctee CtoUIni) f or 
jfic iletans, of :ii|di^^obody's Chnd" 
is .the flist io ^if^mA^ oaaSKvr 
Tau^. wm alM» liif .hrsenanai. as wm * 
Cattanae HalOaaa. Oth^ Istax^ with 
whoai anaagements are being made are 
IMty llDoray Janet Alexander and 
Xjsnderdale Maltland. Negotiations are 
also In hand whereby severai-'Aiiier^can 
stars will join the company. • ' 

The American etaff of the B. & C. are 
as follows: George Edwardea Hall, the 
producer who finished what Brenon had 
begun in "A Sinless Sinner"; James 
McKay, George Fitch, EI Moses (prin- 
cipal cameraman), Charles Ritchie: and 
others. All have been with Herbert 
Brenon in most ef his prodncttoasv. 


London, Oct I. 
British Uon Slhns Ca luqi gone bank- 
rupt. lt8iiUill|tiBaan'«CUTi,itar 

$27,965. ^ 

David Falcke, managing 
the company 120,000. 

Oeorge 'Walsh la going to Slaine ts^. 
rest up and recuperate from an in>' 
Jury to hl3 blp which he. austianed re« 
cently in a match race .vttll' a race 
horse at Aqueduct 

Ond of the best ot the season's two- 
year-olds and Walsh raced six furlongs 
for a side bet Johnny Loftus had 
the leg up on the runner and 'Walsh 
was leading near the finish, when the 
Jodny ' went to the whip and the 
^thMNNii^bred passed Walsh in .a burst 
ot: weed, joltfiw 1^ mA. throwing 
him to the tcadCr - : ■ 

VOJaOK JUDOUERT, $24,821. 

In. the suit of Nat Brown, Carl Ander- 
■oa and Robert T. Kane against Herman 
Kats and John R de Wolf, offloers of 
the Paralta Plays, a Judgment for $24,- 
821 was entered against the defendants 
last week by default. 

The action is based on & monetary 
loan of over |4O,0O0 last year, the Judg- 
ment amount being a balance that was 


London, Oct. 1. 
Chester A Fox, manager for Famous 
.£layera-La{riiy.. in Orea( Britain. ha«sr^ 


Lawrence Marston began action in the 
Supreme Court last -'reek against the 
Bmancipatlon Film Corporation for the 
rabevfcy .pt lUMi aUeged due a«. a ie- 
aatt-eC 'lr«a«h e< 'eitnlcaet '«b ,ttf:.:jle^ . 
llBBiaBt!^ yart 

ne cM^^laiflit itiiliM'lMl iiftii ~«4taited 
Uist Ifay at 1160 wecMy ft* tte.MSt.Ot 
managing director. On Sept 4» atthengh 
he held himsdf ln ;xeadlnemb pw se his 
allegations, for the 'further/carrying out 
of his duties, his employers Irefiised to 
allow him to render his services. 

Ko answers Jpp'.lMiaa^ine^ as'yatrto 
the charges. ' ; . 

WUi ate irataitn ikom TOiMto.'yiiatw- 
day, tiiirie T fViiimVif eiiwonnffifl tlin 
pnr^iwi ny fiideet^ flM^^ieattoCHrtecae- 
of Select Pietaraa, -. Ltd.. «t Oanai^ 
which htchidss a taawbraiy ammge- 
ment for Seieet to use ^ the branch 
offices of the Itegal Viha: Cte,, Ltd.. of 
Canada, through which ''Select has-lMen 
handling its distribotion. 

Philip Kauftman, formerly general 
manager of Allen Bros.' interests In 
Canada, has been appointed manager of 
Canadian Select With headquarters Jn 
Toronto. The new i 
effective Oct 4. 

Enuhett J.' Flinn is .dlrectliig WlUlaar 
Buasell in a new . feature for Fox en- 
tltka 'rEastward &0I*. Vaesday scenes 
: were tsCBB at' Stb avenue. aod.vOnd 
■street with , JUiasell joflaplnr'ttMi fha' 
t^' .of one baa to the other. . f 
. A. tasfirA was attraetfd andl JTo^ 
fifr lilbcklng. traflle. He was ta|cct!i to' 
thb Itest 5iBt fiitreet poU<^|jitatioiinHid 
Uterlamtlgned in/ the TdflMIIe IWee. 
Cbiurt, where he was discharged vrith a', 
reprimand by Magistrate Corrigan. 

"The Sport of Kings," by Arthur" 
Somers Roche, which ran serially in the 
now defunct Every Week magazine, has 
beMk aoaulred for screen adaptation by 
the Bottdi* Metto Hetan^^^O^ 

Tom Moore Re.Signs With Goldwyn. 
Tom ICoore has been re-signed by 
CkMwya- for two yean and Is now va-, 
tai. Kew. .Teck City wltti hlB 
Bto li tqfNMrted' ior have 

. Jamea Q. Clemmer of' Seattle^ one e£ 

the most enterprising exhibitors of the 
Northwest arrived in New York last 
week. He will remain here for the 
meetlngB of the United and First Na- 

tet wtth the U tttiar" 

sal. Is fta tttad American pfeture dhee? 
tor to be signed for active service abroad 
by the recently formed Atlanta Film 
Syndicate,- Ltd.. of London. The other 
two are Roy Neill and George Irving. 


Aubrey M. Kennedy began a suit for 
150,000 against 'William Steiner, the 
picture man, for an accounting of serv- 
ices rendered and the income of a cer- 
tain number of picture productions. 
, . O'Brlftii.ldalevlnaky A DriscoU rncar- 
MBtt^" " 

80 much money Is being poured .t^. c^;; 
;w«ll connected Bnglish families into ^r^i 
screen and stage visntures, and so manjr;^^^ 
of the hastily acquired munition for^ 
tunes are being diverted into these; - 
channels, that news of a new big com-? " 
pany causes little surprise here. Many 
have been formed. Nothing like thto 
boom has been seen since the aristoc- 
racy plunged on the Mississippi Biibblei v;- 

Socialism, radical reform, labor domw.i;^'^ 
Ination, the need of great lands for. ■ '{^i^^'lfgjj. 

the need of great lands forj: 
agricultural purposes, and the caitipaign : 
against the estate owning dukes begun : 
years ago by Premier David Lloyd- ' 
George, are all making land a poor in- 
vestment It may be swept any moment 
out of the power of the lords. They are 
selling as much as they can to tenants 
and others, and putting the capital into 
various ventures. 

Much of it Is gobVinte amuaemen^j;: 
Adoiph Ztiko^' meiimu- taii*^ 
Imagination. ' , ' ; 

' The latest semen ' eonliiaay to be ' 
fonaed Is the AlltiuoiiNi Cmdj^u 
la put out capitaltted at |S,MO,0O0.,'^)ff>}?^^H^ 
the already Incorporated Scltli^ r^tw !^^ 
duolng Compuay. ' ' * -^YV'^-ii 

The ostenaihi^ eo^iitrol Is in thO'1i||^^ 
of a boiupi -erdtew^tofa headed- by^iSi^^ 
Vaiter-iM'note/iiid'.lMfliiUag VhatlMitM^^Mp 
''" ot'-P»»llalB(Bil^n!#"H^^^j# 


OoraUl 0a Ibnrlef, Cbixfea Hi 

A. M JCauhemi and Wjklter Hutehlnsbii^;^s<-^'^ 
• 'The. Literary Cwmmlttee, Vrhleh'^ wlll^' i-^'H 
Bupervlae the artistic productions, - in^ ' 
eludes Sir Arthur "Wing Pbtero, Qeorge : ; ^ 

B. ' Simms, R-0. 'Oartia- aad ' lSdwaxd;K^>/fid^t« 
Knoblauch.: ' 

The company has purchased land'^jKl^,|^|^ 
Hampton Court and will put up the,blitr«MMf4^ 
gest studios In Great Britain. Aiati^^Ki'' 
has bought land at Harrow ,-We^}^iV'0y§$%:, 
Park for studios, offices and li)iyiB<^'-^^:^'^^'Pi:W^ 
employes. ■" 

They have already sold ^helr first 
five years' output to the First National ^ 
.^«f .America. . • '' -■-^'' ■ ■ -f/JJp 

■ -Three American directors have, be#ni>-,;;j -a^Kl 
enlMted ' and they "'have bbugbt'''a^^?jth^('^;:!-p^ 
Britiab Actors': Company and^planV '..' -1%'% 

SH>nowing an announcement by . 
.wyn It. will build theatreii^ln ojiy' 
"Ml^toyitc^- I^ dUOcult t<> aiit 

la'fliat'rttn. itvwaa««Bi(W^ 

' of the^Sl^ubwiL'fbeaitfMr 

'Coimtiy^l h^tdrned-oWia^^.a^^ 

.'tt>.'bi''operate^':as 'iiitiiaxnt'lam^ 

Thi' .ooaneetlon of Friuik . J,' '.C3odsDi|,'i:M'?p:^^^ 
iHth Lee ":Shubert and'-4>.vV^*><>^- '<u>>i|^#?|^^ 
Qoldwyn has also given 'i^\tO' |ntimoiHif'yT^^^^^^^^^ 
the two leglt managerl'.^U'; becWnf ^ f r^ - ; 
Snterested in G<fldwyn'o;>'jtei?thc«mlng;; 
theatre operating and building plans. 
In support of the Shpbert houses l>elng ■'. .'. V.-v' 
turned over to Ooldwyn, It was poliit^4;r;i;^,i?:ii*^£|^ 
out that the Shuberts are larif e stocky r'^'^.^^t' 
holders In the Goldwyn cdi^oi^tlon- "'-^"y-^^?^ 

At the , Qoldwyn offlcteB^-Gabrlei 
Hess would not confirm .or ^^fly-vtwfe^?:;^^^^^:^!^ 
Shubert report, stating '?he'iaip«^ i^ 
it position to make a deteite " " "^^ 
■Mat until tod^y (W'i^ii '^luk Buai) 
Ckddwya tuatHMi tiii^aildta tron^ 

The death of "SmillMT' Bill Parapn^^l^-^^^^^^^ 
president of the Nation4li..ln Los Ans|)9l'eB:|:^ 
Sunday will have no effect on'ihe iSTd^/r^ 
tional's releasing agreement with Qbldi'^^:|#^*f;. 
wyn, calling for the delivery of one rf'^ 
Parsons' comedies a month untir Jili^' *"^ ^ 
3, 1920. The National has t«l 
comedies on the shelf. ; > 

Isadore Bernstein end Vfm. lA Plan| 
officers of the National, named as 'ei(« 
ecutors of Parsons' will, will , coi\di|i^: 
tbe.afCaIca ot the coneem for " 
ent. A lawolliig wiH['be 
Angeles latec hf the /weak fn^ 

Mrs, Plokford Is in Town, 
Jadic-aiiAlliry..'ii 1""" 


'§im 'CilN»'9lM0l::tll<M>r9;lM^ backed : lAjp^-^fi^^ '. 


- "Dea«Sec/:Oct. .'I.-; 
i rPtaM to offset the effect of the ao- 
jNilied .Vox monopoly tbrougU ttie pur- 
■0iiuMi ot-tour Cuitta street tbet^tres an 
tMtog backed 1^ local pietim:exhibltora - 
llfitb. the aid of the ^^guBww Players- 
'^iiukjr corporfttton. 

ot ttatto mi 'iHrtai^, ih« ; 
t-Arteraft housea herer.lia.y'fls' . 
^'li'ebnjunetion with the Famous £>ia]rera, 
y^l^qiciteised an option on the present loca- 
' 0t tbo Rlalto and. ground odjouilng, 
^^ -Mid, with a view to building a,; ' 
^taaUnOi vieljiv bmuj* thatviprtU iuc. 
bHIKtsMI ogpoiiWoBtB tlie n«.aMi^«a.v 
: ^llC -tka ofM ttMktMil (wi^ratlnK 
wItUB a «adida-«( llMBM.Modfai"oa C^j|:^_ 
tfai atnet. Fox owwm^pmt.iii§iii^ifii-,jBt' 
' t»tii«r8 are aecond-nm •: 6«pe* .::<"lBii!i?» 
the America. Prince— a n d Jv f glp to 0>» 
. only competitors of Fox. ■ 
; : l%e largest of the Fox houae* tm the 
idvoU. located at the extreme eastern 
end of film row, white two of his other 
' houses are In the same block, The 
;liRlalto IB the farthest west of all. 

It la the belief of the owners, accord- 
Uig to gossip, that if the Blalto can i>» 
' iSoubled or trebled in siae that a lion's 
4^^ » btuinesa can be kep t on this 

>^.V-';': imi-vl the street, hence the plaiu for a 
t:t^-C^-''--mg nn' i^tmtn. The fkoanclal suppwt 
i-jiM »»w»«« Plajrem-Lasky was solicited 
;^;\^'?i^'' rfi96aiiM of the aacmtude of the under* 
:^^4.-:.'^^^ becMMt'^ the advaatagea 

v^:;?:3iViiM|.,«-thoate»WMM give lR'tlw.flBUU- 
vt^^ttoi; isC'tta' fietnraa.'' 

ntaMm-lB aam tm Ifsw Totl^' 

with lam heada U Om Wutam 
' Vpiayers wjiaiilnHna When ha' Ml 
^Dimver he waa oatensibly heaM for 

■"Ktm. Orleans. 

- V It la underatood that the option given . 
pa the Curtis street property calls for 
' a consideration of t600,000. while the 
new theatre will cost fl.OOO.OOO to erect- 
and equip. If present plans of the pro- - 
Biotera are not changed, a lobby at 
leMt K feet by 1S6 feet will be a feature 
' ot the new structure. It la figured that 
I this lobby will take care of overflow 
> ecowds without subjecting them to the 
«( ttM weather, and ttst k wlU 

be!an incentive to' pull itiroim other the- 
atres should th^ be RUariiv .to.J^^ 

Herman HobMas has beeii' iuji^^ 
Genwal iSalwIiRMffjer forVvx. * ;S^«as 
, f oniierly %aai||taj>trt»"W. ' S%ebiem. 
. ,Tbe office to -wWeh Mr. Itbbblna .has 
bcien'-iaKMilnted- isr oewty <cteM^-'.tT6v 
mady.-4ultiM-added % ll^. ^ee 
floe lhr«!iigh.-t^ 4rer^^^-flaUUopeiiing up . 
ititnditifitlon' oiC jOlir-Vm^tiin- 
t» ha^ « -geaetat stt- 
■■Wto waehatiigas ia'ffais .eotiuir 

■ • • -. - :.. . 

Rosa Dougan has started a suit 
against Jack Nobel, the picture'director. ; 
to recover a settlement of commlsstoos 
she claims are due her. Miss Dpiigait, 
plaeed'Kobel with Vltagraph.:Cor a aeries^ 
of pictures at fl,750 a picture for direc* 
tion. He bos been with the company 
for some time, and, .i<ioording to 
remtt:. ' 

■ ; • * LoBdni, eSit l.'.- 
The proposetS porchase ot the .yhrietr 
Controlling Company's theatrto for 
$i;25O,000 by Stoll-Culllver Is held up 
through the reported refusal ot Ave of 
the controlling companjr housea.te 
cede to the change. 

Sir Alfred Butt and Sir Walter Pe- 
Frece, who control the controlling com- 
pany, have received 1100,000 as the In- 
itial ilepostt on the purchase. This was 
paid by M»a8ra.'Stoll & Gulliver wHeh 
the Opening negotiations started. ' 

While DeF^e or Butt, or. both, tiav!» 
the' majbrlty ^of shares in some of -the 
ob^eetiiig towns, *tbey can not override 
the mlhqcllsf . thioagh booirliig .cjtatr^ta 
existing .bai^raeB. the 'thealrM iiad ya- 
ri^ity . ColftiiMIMig Oempany, 
ot iresirs'to limine.' 'Some oir ii^ 
iqg .contracts rap ftoaa teft bQ>,t'n«htr 
Ttani • ' .* . ' 

'Wiieaev -ti Wai be 'smoothed^ imiit ' 
nM-nb oira |dst how V^re!paiwd to'pce^ 
diet It iB unlikely a deiil between the 
principal, ppirties will be made for tho^o 
houses not objecting. That would leave 
tfie controlling company with about ,ftve 
tfaieafres only it is obligated to book: for. 
JThe full l>ookings of the cont rolling 
company in the contemplated transfer 
arO' Glasgow, New Castle, Leeds. Sh^it- 
fleld, Manchester. Brighton, Portsmouth; 
Boscohde, South End. Woolveriiampton 
and AJbanihi|i. Paris. . ■ 

-Amoait ttia otleettDi; houses ^re tlmse 
kt' li a iMl i j f i l jyi -lawaWfl. Kui Meds...- - 
This. pNtNHted ttaasfer Jua^^bjam. ot 
huge nioiiient.-aiUi0ugh.^eld wTikifi^st^ 
it»:.iiM«er' «v«r,;liras 'Imm: 
awira of th* ig«gfaH<«( 

ag» aKa^ w •eeoimt' oC it 

lijTellSf oC'h honik betaig tossed ia 

their nl£Uft when thejr rendered a selec* 
tlon' frotti *^hanha«iaer" Saturday night 
in the Blaito Theatre, did not deter 
Hugo Relsenfeld and the members of Z 
bis orchestra from putting all of their * ^ 
effort and endeavor Into the rendition -'■ 
of the selection! Captain Samuel Belton 1 
and 25 detectives 'from the West 47lh .i 
Btt'eet police station were planted about ' to prevent the bomb tossing. ; 

Saturddy momthg Director Relsen- ; 
f^ received through the mail a lettSr '1 
signed by a "Mrs. Fields," faiCMadpr J 
him tbe;'.i«iidUl«9t of the~Qfniian mnil^^'ij 
waa'a.dirwt l|'tha imnrlfisii pee- 
ptk.«iii^«^ »;«atjr aa.a BMntaor et;.^ 
Ilij^agiMl te M» «iat tt 

to . hp iteTy^ 9«iB^aiBiM took the leMwli 
liiiton ^t<DebQd«{eted=totha anlA-oC ths 
s«leetiM»;. f If ofWIpig ' ' 


mxaa iuson to stab.. 

. Los Angeiei^ Oct. 1. 
Shirlejr Mason, -wbe haa ttM Mff.pacC 
la -Maarioe Vo a t mm% ' Ttmbuuh Is- 
is.gDiartoater. This 
of Vlola'Dsaa nrin entAr 
under Sydney Ciriien'a sponsor- 
ship and she win be^ on the first of a 
aeries of six-reel productions Dec. 1 at 

United Ralesiinfl Cuckoo 

I flnltad Pietares llMatnaii l» m- 
tikS BMr swias oC oiOMMaa oC.«w 

"itha'CLSB. Pitlea Oc Ino, a loeal 
Invport honsev la iii lebeipt oC a print 
ofa tS-re^ pra a Mt l iii ataccfag Jaoie 
Johnson, the te-hsaivywciglit jMgyiat 

It was made in Barcelona, Spain, by 
the Royal -Flhn Companyi and Is entitled 
"Strength." The colored star conduct- 
ed a physical culture institution there. 

The feature will be released locally, 
either aa a special or In serial Install- 
aunts sC two reels each. 
• *■■ 

OeBTer, Oct 1. 
BUM ma, Coonarir .pAtal* 
taiyOiiMfc dt iwia H, last 


.*-^:;^-;; ;4CtotfmBatt Sevt; 5| 
lr^"ai»afafh»> lar ia»Mr of | 

.' nioiis. :'E*laiirim.-&sUty, AI'-XtofeUMBi 4a-'| 
Ctnfdniiafl todagr, aaya, aaA the n^^k 
foUowir thsk city hi tb have two or ihi#^ 
n'ew -pictttre -th^tres seating firom SHH^ 

to 4,0(10. ■ ' ■ 

It ia .propojsed to erect them by i,hi:^ 
Famous' Players-Lasky, through co- 
. operativ'e plans with local exhibitor^, or 
nfione. ' ' 

Iiocol picture 4nen see In the an- | 
nouncemeht a film battle between the 
Hiarry Interesto and the Ascher Broth- ; 
ere, 'Tise. flany people control a chain = 
• oC ' theatt^ here: The Aacfaers inteal^ 
Imddiifiig > big picture hoaae at Vlift^ 
and Seventh ^streets. 

Attorney Ben Heidingsfeld, acting for 
the Keith-Hati7 Interests, hi looking for 

Mrs. Julia Wheelock, commander o( 
Barbara Freltchie Post of the American ^ 
Legion, the newly formed organlzatlpn, jj 
of those wlio saw service in the war, has* 
launched a movement calling , on picture 
theatre pMijptletors in Mew Twh SUtB-^ 
to chunta tha same ndnilasiiwi ■ rata ttf^ 
Suadsr as oa week dajra 
Xs trdar to eany ont4ier plan. lfra:V; 
iin as* ta^slatlaik Several : 
flbr UM. Maw To 

for the ChevTClat 
Ca, duMgiag breaA aC 
tan^tair.- 8ha wants to 

Emily Stevens Feature Finished. 

"The Sacred Flame," in which Emily 
Stevens is being starred by the Schomer- 
Ross Productions, has been completed. 
The method bt dlstributlM-la ta ha aa- 
aMineed in a fsw laya. 

."Duams" Third Week. 

It has been decided to extend the run 
of the Fox feature. "The lAst of the 
Duanes," at the Central TheaUe for an 
additional (third) ^eek. 

The policy at the Central has been 
"tKiaa," with Ihre ahops a-dsgr. 

The Vanderburgli-Paramount explo- V 
ration expedition sailed last Friday for 
Naples, the first legr of their trip to ^ 
British Elast Africa. Which they if 
reach via the Suez Canal from Italy. ^ 
. The' Famous Players-Lasky Corp. edu'.j' 
eational department is ' sponsoring tlM; 
e npedttka tai eaitiaaetloa with the ao'^i 
ave MBaM-lMwktar tte 



• ^^tff 

■ ■■■ '^-im 

StiD gdng l»g in our fifth month at Maxim's Cafe j^ ^^^ 

Zjpok for our pHonograpli records which will be out shortly pi 3.ying 3,11 our o\^|i 

^ BLAGK AND WHITE MELODY BOYS organized -%il,15a^^ onjy los^ t^p 4a|| 
lice. / ■ ■ --y '^-^^ 

Due to our contract with phonograph companie^y we will he compelled to remain in 

Ibic fiMr ibe coming season, and we, ilien^bre, ihank mani^rs for their x^jetB^iif^ 

|toductions in Chicago and Boston, respectively. 

.^,^-|^:^Hon^ WU See^'ll^ Act PewonaUy if You Avf 

: ''.'flia 

■ -SI 


,...-.>,Vl !i -li . . 

Miniature Recital of 

•■' ■ '.r.-.s,i.-vi " 

•• '■'si'/'?!. 

, ■ < . • ■ , • •■- ■ . • i- •. ■ ' •• - . . ■ .. • ■ . ■ - ■ • i- ,t- ■ V .• .<?^.J.P5| 

.,rf*.. a>:.;>! - . ■ 

,.J..,. . . - ,f-. 

"* ' ■ ■ - • LJ-— MiJ»*i»cf 

>r«w . Toik. 
kr Vultty, Inc. Aaaual 8ub«crlp- 
UoB, |S> Blngla eovlaik U c«oU 

MEW YORK Canr, 0<!mBBE 10^ m9 

antarad u Mtead «I«M 
1*01. mt tM Poet O0M 

N. T., uiidar th* Act <d lUrok a, lltlji 

>0M , at N•W;•■;ifift^^.;-;Cii^St 

Sire IVAN $^ 


vtkeatra Ticka Sp^iiUtors Giiaran^^ That Amount 

fr^B^^ BigfMt Buy, Getting OymiW^fi004pt 
i Ei<ltt W^ieiur-AgcnciM and Hotel* Now ^ 
^ ' ^^^^^ Nightly to Theatr«»^ 

•^i^, This w«»k bolda fbf reoord for .-buy»" 
^ii,olb':]ai».p#t« ot;tlM''tliMii^ ikiektt ipwu- 

>j:,'aia'- theatre* apprdxlmatttljr f SBOJ)O0 In 
?f.:l t4vance purahttM ot seat*. Thia brings 
.r the total of bu^s now running to 35, 
tioA with the avcirage tMlnv about fl.OOO 
^ a night to dach theatre, tb« apeoulators 
rf;.',an turnlne over $26,000 a night to the 
^liiumagers. ' 

hi; -.The bigg^t buy of the week Is for 
'. the now Charles Dillingham production. 
"Apple BloBiiomfl," at the Olobe; The 
insulators Ifave taken 460 seats a night 
*Y eight weeks. With, the plrlce scale 
f iniitplng fimn'lt to |3.60, this brings the 
C't^^lMgr to MOMtmnK over |M.ilNM for th« 

^i.^hVh* bujr tor^ RayiiUHiA '^tdioodc in 
fif-*B»x^ taat 
ir^pa^ with ths specs i»idng.'4o6 a night. 
^Im I2.S0 and 9t. ' The bur 

^.i^wtiiUi about 130.000. The buy for "The 
^. v|^l in the Linv>uslne" at the Eltlngo 
|?vp' almost as large, the agencies tak^ 
^' .ISO seats a liigfat for. four weeks. 
|*;;Jtaf ]9othem and Marlowe alt the Shu- 
j|i«rt'"the agencies are oairylng 9O0i a 
^'l.'j^ht for the run, and the same amo^nt 
I vlas been taken for the new Molntyrb 
t§;mi Heath show at the IMr^loortll 
^: ;Rtreet for. fQur weeks. • 
y ;, There .la -a- tremendous demand for 
mm» to toftewly^ 

■.|.^''frbe others that have buya include 
: : ?The Boyal Vagabond" (Cohan & Har- 
T Ms): -isee Saw" (Cohan); "Thunder" 
I (Criterion; ''Llghtnln'" (Gaiety); "The 
Oancer" (Karris); ^'Moonlight and 
Btoh^ysuokle^' (Milter) ; "Clarence" 
{HudBon); "Roly Boly Byes" (Knioker:. 
A«!jker): "Adam and. Eva" (liongacre): 
fTho (Sold Diggers" (Lyqeuni); "CMllan 
iObthes" (Morosco) "Zlegf eld SblUeB" 
'^(Atnsterdam); "Greenwich Village ifbt- 
(Bayes) : "The J«rt!» '(Plymbnth) ; 
^^ighue Night". (TrbioeH)} "Voice In 
|;|S>*; J9ufc^ (Bepttbtie): "Oh. What # 
'«3«at>il): ^Qoutdal" Wiirty-nlnth 
lfwM«)j;, ,W0ttM ;aii<l >Am. 

(Vanderbilt); and "T|m SIkii^ CMe*; 
ttas; <ir .ijiir cwti»>r 9*^^* ^ \ : 

The buy for Grace George at the Van* 
derbUt ends Saturday night.' with the 
show going out. and that of fori. "Thun- 
der" also ends that night; although it 
has run but three weeks, while the buy 
was for four, with an option for an ad- 
ditional four. The attraction was to 
have closed tomorrow and ait the tickets 
for the last of the four weeks were 
called in. When it was defifded to con? 
tlnue the show the- speottliilbri MfUfS?^. 
to take the seaU back. < - 

^e cut rate nuu-ket has been running 
strong during the last week. Business 
has been holding up strong, and the 
late buyers there have been getting the 
beheflt of the dump from the premium 
agencies who were overboard on some 
of the near-hits for which there were 
buys. The list on Wednesday Included 
orchestra seats for "An Bxohange of 
Wives" (Bijou); "Lonely Homito'^ (Ca- 
sino); "Up from Nowhere" (Cotn^y); 
"The Dancer" (Hac£ls); "ClriUan 
Clothes" (M9raM«>{. '?yolM in the DtjUK" 
(RepobUo); "Tbo Oii«ll«««P* (8al«yji)i 
diid fWMt Would and She XMt iYwiktm 
bUO^: :9n».1«]oony seats were UsttS tor. 
tfao; fMknrlBg attraetiOM: HCiHiaaon 
AUU** (Broadhurst); '"thunder" (Ori- 
terlbn); "The St6rm" (Forty-eighth 
Street); "Shubert GaieUes" (Winter 
Garden); "The Five Million" (Lyrlo); 
**At JvlSMPl^^oMse); "Hdto, Aiezaii- 

Ohlcagts Oct: I. 

Chicago's newest thorotighflu^ Uie 
widened North Michigan avenue, is to 
have an -unusual two-level theatre, to 
be part of an 18-8tory studio and office 
building to be ereoted on the new. boule- 
'vard at' aruidV>imMi:'aft..»;'-«ogi^'.gC' 
1)1,000,000. ■ 

For the first time In Chicago's his- 
tory, the motor playgoer will enter a 
playhouse at a different level than the 
pedestrian. Automobiles will use tho 
sub-street below the raised boulevard 
And oil the Grand .avenue level, where 
'there' Is space for parking. Special 
elevators and etalrways wlU lead to the 
foyer. ^ 

The theatre, for whioh the tentative 
name, "The Ulehlgan." has .been CdOpt*' 
ed^ will SMU 1.TM and .ir. Stekuied to 
hoiiee Isgltlnato attrabtliiM VI jt 'imd 
a Nor Tork prodiiciiat -ftnli' Mil lidtt a 
Mk -teni* iMvio' ot^.^ thaitre. A Wb* 
d|eatiklMad«j| '^*tter W. AUIsehlager, 
the aMhitMi flC ll^ project, has pur- 

Just to be different Thomas. Grant 
Springer, one of the trio responsible' for 
"Where's Tour Wife," at the Punch and 
Judy theatre, and. also the dramatic re- 
viewer for "Snappy Stories." is going 
to take a 1^1 out of ItlmssU la the issue 
of the ni«i|g||io lii'iflrfqIi.'tM'iMn fifv^ 
the play. 

Springer says that he of all should 
know what's the matter, with the pleiee 
and he promises to apaire his cO-authors. 
His st(uid will be somewhat different 
from that of Alan Dale's oni "The Ma- 
donna; of the VUtnre." 


Chicago, Oct I. 
The . speculators took bea'vy punish- 
aiiHl aiai itm local worM's series imme. 
Itlihday, the big day, it rained, and Mon- 
day was cold— so was .the series by 

David T. NOdertandeir haiT Isased the 
Shttbert-Detroit .ftvm the owner, B. 
Olds. Nederlander takes it on a toiig* 
time lease after the termination of the 
present lease with IL D. Stair and. the 
Shuberta, whieh has two aaore yeaia to 
run. ' . ■• 

The lease Involves about ten millions 
of dollars. Mr. Nederlander has an op- 
tion to buy. Just what he will do with 
the property he has not decided. He 
has made often to several theatrical 
concerns, but the price asked for the 
theatre Is almosi prohibitive, even 
tbmiaA he iuw.acreed to remodel and. 
■ tt. . ■ -i- 

^7 the tlflw tt stood 4 to 1 agalMt flie 

White Sox. 

• linidw tM« Mats were beiag hawked 

at |t/ ^ •• 


' Detsiolt, Oct. S. 

]>etcolt still e eama to ho la the runnlag 
<ar tko M fliwwo. IMH vMk at tfi* 
Opani Boose, '*nte Piwalac flhosr,* tto 

Shabert attraction, did a gtoai o( flSilKB. 

At the (Sairiok for Ita oightb retom 
engagement "Tbo - Blnl. o£ POradMf . 
wraoved |lt,4lt 'Oil .iMi%«ii. - 



A plan for training stage hands 
other back stage employees Is to ' ]b4. 
tried out bir titelCeith house la the nMtr; 
futuio,' Qiiio l4nnoli, thO stage manaiiur^- 
ot the XUvaMstdit la orMttoA'irtlli at^^ 



■ thenriilK aa^' 'It la' fmumiia^ 
tko-'avpioval^'oC. tfco' • I Brt tii'^¥'lm<lf ti r! ' v : 

■ "Iho'l. A. « Jf. «... ■ .. 

Am 't^:faiHat:MJth»'-»ibA$: 

ntaaa«e«^ 01 ihO Slat'Streat^mMtir^ 
otiisr satlaflibtory trOhsAra 'hk*: 

silKcd. ■ . ■ ' '■'.';■••'''/•,:■■■ !'| 

The plan,' which la sanctioned by tte - 
union officials. Is to develop and make ' - 
all promotions among the Keith em« . 
'ployees of th^ I, A.' T. S. B. firom menV- v'.i::' 
bera of the orgaiiteation now In ttie eoi'i;, • < 
ploy of the Keith olllce. ; ■ '■..:■ '■:■•;' i^i^^t'^, 
(Heretofore It was customary iilivuMjfp^'''''' 
vacancy ocourAd' to send word .to iihO'V 
"bnlon and a man would be Supplied tcT ' 
the labor locals. Under th^ atiyr' oMor 
all promotions wlll ibe made ftOiQ the ■ 
present forca , • 

J, J.'Maloney and other Kalth ofllclala ■ ' ■'.i.p 
.aro .' putting the 'stanP' ot-^M'''''' 
.ap»NMM<^;:ttM' lde%. aBd.itj#:^daa^|p|^ 

•-•:'- — '■'■I ■■ ■ ^■.■'■v^-''^.r::i^:-J:>;ril 

■ ^/Ditriaiti 
' Vhe Tanq^. tboitires of titfo < 

BOehsster, both owned by J. B. , , . , 

-^t!OCA^.by Car) XiOthrop hi the Keitl^^|%.^,» 
' agen(b^ New Tork, is innovating a'''stj;lf^^;^;^'i?'>.v^ 
of ;holdinj -over Its headline features, v^-;^^?^^^!^^'''! 

The- plan is Mr. Ix>throp's. It starta:; •:^'«|:*^'^ 
with the engagement of Belle Baker jtor;'; 
two weeks each at both houses. ^S!i0;',- 
week MisB Baker la at tho local Templ|^V- 
next week at the .Temple, RooheffteirJ.;to . . ^ 
Oct 20, back to tho Temple h«re, aiiiftiJjiysM^^ 
. Oct. 27 returning to the'TempJe, Bo^bi<^»4;W^>lspf|^ 

■ ter. 

With the alternating weelw the:thea!^|(l;,y^^;^,^p■^ 

naaagoments believe they will s,eoim^' 
more time for advance publlpltir, beajdA 
bringing back what : wiU Jodc iUE^;l^:«^^^ . 
although return attraction./,- ••<.; 

.The-;|lieatras par ::<l»o-/.oaois»i : '<Sj^«ft^ 
o«iuad'b9r.tbe iIt«nuMag. JitmilM.'' 'J(-0y>i0>^flMiM 

$6.60 FOR smmasisAW3i!^$§0mI^ 

An .established. ptU^ of 48.S9; ibnOva^^mi^'^ 
Ing tai^ .for-the sntiro.- Iwsw^ l||oicr^^:^^!:'./.iv;Sv 
eaeli o(tlio«|walnt iliMM t^^M-Wsi^^ 

at. the BhUbert. • ^ 
■ This wail regardsd aa'« preo^dant^'Mt^^; ■■ii^.fW-} 
la 91^ Urww than «6at the XOtroi^ H ^^:>^ 
tan wtB.duage' tlia eoiniiif 8eaiwp-fM^.'.>T-' 
Its iiMts In tho ordiiMrtra; end 'ft.lO'bt«;:':'<5: ?'.'>:'''::' 
low the figure estabHshMI fbr wrdiMtitf- V^'' ^ 
chairs by the OklWBO'Olpm IrtlfaiJSMi^'^ '^^ 
In January. -.v ■• ' •'.■•■ ■' •■ ;vH;r ,::.,.,x;;iii:. 

;Ohlcago> 0!!if,S.i;-''.;;#- " 
. IfOn Houseman is -press agent')kNr.''twi'^^''.?^'/.. 
TMIeaia Choir; ^o Pope's sta^^ «|iBW*t^ '' "^^^^ 


Clemenceaa CalFs Both Side* Into Conference and Agree- 
IpH? I' H inent Is Reached — Employees All Returned to Work 
!rSlt£;5 i Tuesday Night— Strike Leaders Asked Head oP - 
. Go venuiient to Bring About SettlemenI — 

:^^tlie request' of th« 'atrfke leaden.' 
C^ShnneiKeaa yesterday wttM 
ivar between the managenii actors 
•ther employees which luts heeir 
on for several weeks. The Fre- 
took the matter up ^ with 1£ Xaf- 

iuqid ha called a 

^^ Aftenooii and e m - jo ae tatunMd to 
winrlc last night. 


London, Oct, 8. 
■■r-^ Hespite optlmisUc.reports the biff rail- 
way strike Jias p^r«A hsros. with the 
itheatrlcal business. 

At a mectins of the managers last 
. ffridav it -woa decided to can? on. Ttaa^ 
ticket speculators are the bardeat bitr. 
as, they are not protected by any . strike- 
'jBlause in their purchases of Mocks iA 
;Beat8. However, they ean w«Ul afford 
■ -^ lose. 

^ GritertOii» with "Our Mr. Beppel- 

iK<--ytt^r eloeea Oet..lV wben tiM house ' 
, ;&^»^^I^:h•L•t■ke^ eiwr bai : 

, . ^_ ; ^.tt.the. 


WMg/afi' «t, tt» PavUlDi. iMus doing 
IjUrtis diilr Utat^,xm atrfk» sua 
the bnsfoen there was hot littto af^ 
lected. ' 

Butini; the tie-up th» cinema, trada- 
m«' arranged Cor the traaspottation^ ot 
flhiiiS throughout the United Kiogdoni 
under the direction and control of H. 
: Jl./Boanu ot the Pbilllpa FUn Trading 
Company. Depots have been establldied 
ailt Qverliimdoi^ with a principal clear* 



Oct. S. 


CWr JU&wftBiitt Mir aipsan wtot ffir 
vltilt^ dlt«e» 
tiie- OobMUoc: Gpnipanyr aaft 

y;-':(Qhi|irles Gidhver 'Js flMt pwehMer, 

Ki:-^M '--^ieiniaB' to his London Theatre of Vi(t» 
?VP%V?1; - ,: jrteUes. of which Blr Oswald StOll im 





"Ston Is now appointed managing dl- 
: rector of the Variety CDntrolIing Com- 
' paiQr. with DePrece as chairman, which 
eteatesr nore or less of a theatrical 

:5^1KIB£^BVn^ OUT BftEBEGS. 
r. : y ^ ^ London. OcL. 8. 

Oswald. StoU hu i^mhaaed Slv 
istteir SMiereee's Intemt^ ^ «C 
^.Ifaesit rey. ,t h» Vadalr Ott^MilDa 
iOMnpany- droHtb -. 

' ita vKwrlo^ aliMI fta TODBSIi* It 

■ Attred Butt taA, M* tTaltac SeFrece'a 
holdinga In tbefciraitt-' TUm would give 
Bt^^ and Gulliver control «« they are 
co-managing directors. The puiichase <rf 
; the DeFrece stock without ButtTfl i ' " 
iresult In. a clash ot authority. 


Parlai 0«tolMra 
'Hm strika.ieontlAuea; ■ 

.^Cremi: IJondon to investigate the sttau' 
* tlon. for the Variety ArtlBts Federation. 
DetogBfts: r epre sent lag the artists asi 
managers met today the BOntster of Arts; 
but faHsd t» arrive at i 

A meethw ef the 
and stage bands was haW^Ainrardp at 
Ibe gjndketo lS»mlimum% «lw» a 


Ctovesit. ^wawsgew 


Sbipdon. October S. 
Jose Conins., who, hi addition . to ap- 
pearing' as leading lady in "The Uiald of 
the Ifoontains" at Daly's, is under qoin- 
tcaeti to the JBrltlsh and Colonial FEba. 
pfMSOratloa as picture atar, has bees 
oamveUed ti> :reaM( 
*S. a C*^ pMoetiair oaiias to. Iltnwu 
The tola .lem be taken' by Tmnm 
AtttuvO, ttmm li4y tt-Klaabm.Tlmml' 
at the' " - . 


• ' Iiondon, Oct. 8. 
Sir Thonms Beechain has ofCered 
Percy Burton 70 per cent, of the grosa 
receipts to continue the Lowell Thomas 
lectures at Covent Garden,. Burton 
fuses- te. iw n tiiiiiii ihi i um he* «■ 

■ ■ SeaW Ott^V, 
V^^toge hands at the Slag's TKaatie. 
H a wiweB wnlth, have goae on' strflBei -ds*. 
taaadlnr Dcyment similar to thatla lgnar 
in tit» West Bnd playhouses. 


London, Oct. 9. 
J.Im Sacks has postponed his Londoa 
presentatioaot "Tiger Bose," aa» in the 
meantime the Bobert XMaine pradnctioa 

. .' pajanioata. 

Charles Fathe sailed tat New TMc 
October t on the La Fkaaee. The 
boat Is takhig over Qaigr Deslys. 

Man Uiidac wffl gei 


London. Oct. t. 
The Olympia amphitheatre, in whit^ 
Charles Cochran holds his big ftstle eav> 
■isals, will open as a circus Dea tL 

•Sonny Barfcos (who enae- tiHa a 
eonple of months ago aad;:«aMMMat 
Wmsdf aa the 


aSnaH vfee vaath have awde a 
«lalt to New Tcii« has deeMed to 
his press representative. Walter 
Dttggan, In his steads Brrol is to become 
financially Intwested in a. new Londoa 
film producing cOncem. He is in Parla 
this week In the interests ot Florens 


London, Oct. 8. 
Maggie Duggan, an Hnglish star of a 
decade ago» died la Uvsrpoel Oat 1^ 


CWhert'lilltor saUOd October t oh the^ 
Adriatic to supervise the production In 
New York <^ his London success^ 
"Monalenr Beaucaire." The piece is 
sohsdntod for preaenUUon at tbe New 
la November. 

' 717 Mav momua. 

■ Paris, October 8. 
The. MagadCr" Mlace will prohahly re- 
open in November with plcturei^ under 
control of Jay jjould. . 
The AUato CHaee ia leepeafaa adth 


. GhleagawOet I.-. 
.Jack I3enapaey has signed again wltti 
the Sells Floto Circus at Se.OOO a week 

to finish out the season. 

<aio% cub le-epena taiaWith #ltK 
Sir Walter DeVkeee duUnaaa of the 
eompaay.' It already' has 1,000 menx-i 
harm f . Soso, late manager of Ciro's; 
P8ri«, is manager ot tbe London estabo 
lishaient^ and the chef has been 
ed from the Casino, BeauvUle. 

ChUlson Ohrmaa, the (."ima dmma, 
■Mzded October 4 at Grewtwleh, 
Conau. to William F. Melhtilsh, hipaiif a 
Walt Street banking house. " '* 

Mra Uelhulsh will not retire f.-on. the 
stag- A legtllmate production proffer 
was declined by her, owing to unfutoiled. 
vaudeville engagements for tfaia season. 
Before entering vaudeville, Ifiss Ohrman 
had achieved distinction In concert. 
Since leaving It she has- become what ff 
knpwn. as a standard vaodevilte attrao- 

FrxOet. 8. . 
have 'beaa:.vaiijMUI|)^' ire-: 
as going to keainL.|ii».tt* 
alagci, have Ibially aiettted 
dewn. Thcy liave' entered the field, ot 
picture - exhibitors in Denver and In 
this .connection will also do an occas- 
sional act in their own theatre. 

hfr. and Mrs. Milton, have purchased 
ti -> Alcott, .a atthuchsn liaBse ia North 

Eiisa Cansino Sued for Separation.^ 

Through Harry Saks Hechhetaer. hla 
attorn^. -Nathaniel A. Jaclcola. has be- 
gan legal action for separation . and 
custody of th«li; adopted son,; .Gabriel, 
nine years old, against Elisa Cansino 
Jackoia,. wfae Js-^ ttie vandmriila.Caa^ 
sinoa " 

Chartei Withers stepped on Van Hoven's 
Mnw hat Jag'^/wT Vas tejoiB*! irtU>- 


Londion, Oct 8. 
i. B. B^ltfa pro ^i a etlaa of ^Tlia 
Hvrthant of VenSea^'^ whi^ phiyed V-^- 
rig. T<rHitih.,tir 
to iae° nllMis 

\ at'lhe ' 

1) IM 


Chicago, Oct. 8. ' 
Charles Freeman, principal booklna ' 
man ot tbe association here, has been 
ordered to the Michael Reese Hospital 
for a week, where be will be observed 
for stomach trouble. 
' operation may be required. 

- The billing foe the new vaudeville pro* 
ductlon starring BiUy -Rock^.-wUt> j 
•Billy pock and Onr, Two, 
Five and Two MOre.Oitls.'* 

It wM ^ips a - O efc. J»f.Mjaa aaaryku><lr 
Baltlmorau • r -.'i-. -. 

Another preiaeUos Mr. Cellar is 
handling for time is'-'thtii headed Igf 
Anatol Frledland. .it ia called "Musics 
Kua," and win have a:«ibtttle cT ."Ami- 
IfH Skjediead amd-.-lEBa 'MdSA -I«itt|a 



Bee Palmer's Band have given tha 
shimmier their notice of leaving. 

. The musicians claim they were prom- 
ised equal billing, which didn't material*' 

the notice. . ' • 4; , 

Lew Qeeketader Side 
Lew Doi^tader. minstrel nun, aftee 
celebrating bis sisty-tliird birthday - last: 
week was forced to. cancel hie engagcv 
meat at the Riverei^--, New ToiDa^' 
through illness. His case developed 
more seriously, this week and he was. 
removed to tbe RockvUle Centre Saali^ 
taWnm, IConday, wher^ be maar 
ta-.nadergo a slight Operation. . 


• Peter A. Llnd^ baa sued Ua wifi^fBOk^^^ '^^ 
for divorce. Both.'a^ -m' vauievUiek^^..^ '^^^^ 
. TB« himbaad aBeaee lue wtfs wi^ 
out with ethsr i|Bn ,.whtle he was ,t» - v 
tfas aimr. Hte jitfomier to BeaJamto. 

tUxir^ win 'idar' 
istartiiv ri«irit week. ' 
nw Impeiaoaattir win oOer ah entira^ 
ly' new act the 
e ng agement. 


Jim Toney (Toney and Norman) has ■ 
been signed as the featured cmaettiil 
flag, the Capitol theatre productldlL.'j.'::'' 


London, October 8. 

XlM Attiah Bxhibltors Film Co. has 
been Incorporated with a registered cap- 
ital of 9230,000. 

Its managing director is fl, NttniMi^ i 
tator — " 

iRitH »LAYBiia (tbmmA. 

:Z4qdb%'.6etober a • 
aad i^^Uah Piayaia 
tor vAncHea fn 
Oe eeiMla there. 

Tbe Awootated Offleca 

New York! Harry J. Pitzgerald, 16«t 
HM iwwtlt the WmUfB ~ 


I^IUinoif Tni«t Compaiqr Said to Be Behind Proposed New 
^ >. yeadetrille Financial Tramaction—Consumation o| . : 
4 10^4n;Cliicago Reported Now to Be pifi|y a ; 
Matter of a Few DaysT ' 


g^: Oeflnlte' report» of the conaummation 
Bv^aC 'tbe reorgaedfeatlotf-. of the Orpheum 
^^Srcuit ia dally expected' from Cbica^ 
^^-^fhe Orpheum group of . directors left 
p fair that city la«t week. It Is said in 
' York the nUnoiB. Trust Co. Is be- 
^ V|iind the proposed. Nformed OipbCfiiiii. 
gr^'^lbat .is to have a ijpHplliiii stt^ .ic' at 
ff^ieast |6a,00«,(»«r ^ i ; : ' . 

. .A percentage ef^thv «raltei eel 
F *t $10,000,000, is' to iie lidA^k-i 
- : fond by the company, tdr'mt putptiu 
- ef premotlnr -n«w^' biittdfiv projecta 
. These will 'be ' ifaMtly In the fram ot 
■'"^^ciOrpheum theatres in- cities- where 
'Orpheums are now located, giving the 
circuit two theatres to a town, with one 
, playing the present Orpheum big time 
|« - brand of vaudevtllei whilst the other will 
give a big bill at poptilar prices. 

In the reorganization there -will l>e 
only Included, according to present ac- 
counts, the cities where the Orpheum 
>^ Circuit Itself Is now .operating, and . is 
-practically the sole ownei', with tiw es- 
1 ceptioo of ati'Isciatiea' .exception or two 
g.' along the Ondieim roate" wliene local 

ers themselves will work out that end 
of It 

Whether the OrpheUm's new stock is 
to be placed on the miarket is not Icnown. 
although there seems little doubt in 
many quarters that it will be offered 
for sale in Chicago and farther W^st. 

.The I<oew reorganizsitlon Is likewise 
expected to give present holders of Loew 
etb^. fieveral shares in the new com- 
pany for one in the old. With the Loew 
expectation that after listing the new 
tame will be-aooted at par at least, the 
I<oeir..atpcUMldertf look forward to , a 
melo'h eaiflng of a considerable dimen- 
sion, 'jnst BOW. according to all reports, 
there no Loew stock to be had at any 
reasonable prfce^ the owners banging on 
tliMinji: ^tto ramors* oC. the . «oming 

tliMlMl '^■wt' tf< w ?wi*':-tlw ^i i wi i m iw i • 
tlon, elOiwMiinai iMiiw^Htt fBUBQi^b 
hi* boldlBiti ' Mril'tip^ 

: noUi jrl| "eOMtaw' to "lUNit liiifr ; a4 
qMjettvo .-flhila of tbeatna -' 

i :«lll -iioitab|r''''lMnve four 
^: "ttwres in' tti aiw t»mpany fbiT^cM of 
^..Jtlietr current hoMlbig** .Witb ai niur^ 

price set on fheinew stodb' tbls woatd 
(4 allow any - of tbe'(tai)heum stockholders 
;\^'' et the present tinie tg. dispose of hold- 
!^:".WBg8 in the new venture, to a sufficient 

unount to give then what might now 
1^- bo demanded by them for the Orpheum 

"Stock aiid still retain, after the sale, 
r:' an interest in the new corporation. • 
Ij-' The reports do not say. whether the 
[t^ reformed Orpheum Circuit will include 
^^t'^the Western Vaudeville Managers' As- 
^-,:sbciatIoa in Chicago or any of thei the- 
^^-atres booked'tbrough that agency. Th« 
il^.:' issoeletlOB Is conboUed by the Martin 
1^ Seek groop of OittHum stoekfaoldiers, 
f:^^'^hlch includes Mort Slngier '(tiie 

(Matlon's geaana imuml. 

l^i^'-Tehr, the lOHMikea.lnA ar'ttiil * 

^/; aalA'ii^Itbo Orn^^ 

of impdrtiilnce. have merged their 
lf;^|iMlng8 for 'the aid of the new' com- 
^V:U»tV ftnd that none, others up to. the 
I' ttane of its completion wllll>e declared 
In. That, says the storyi shuts but from 
^: . 'the deal uty theatre circuit or manage- 
^/went now boeiitng Ouva^ ^'W. V. 
'y. U. A. 

The Orpheum deal Is Ukene'd by many 
.to the plan of Marcus Loew . that Is 
being worked out. Mr. Loew annooneed 
the olher day ah Intent to reorganise 
with a capital of 1100,000,000. Inside 
information says'.Loew's ««m»t^««i1 i«. 
. .sources are not even ItanlteAl'to |400.- 
r.. ., 000,000; that he can easily proowe .all 
^:-.the ntoney haaiay need for the tCnlflil- - 
nent of hia f w oi snt and extenatro tflins 
. of operatio» Ip U» waOevHle and ntcr 
v\ tare Belds. 

i-^ . X "P/ Morgan group Is credited 
'f- SL?^ .■Mnaors, as the Kuhn, 

f ; ^[•W a Co, bniieh of financiers are said 
b. ^ b* bflhlqd* Famous . Players-Lasky. 
Btroet holds yet another crowd of 
nonejred men who are favorable to- 
St:-^*ted theatre Investment That Is the 
fes?^ ^^5™^ group, which takes la. tha 
?:^«»atham National Bank. 

i j There has 1>een a surmise made along 
- ;Broadway that eventually it may be 
^ - found the moneyed Interests behind the 
^'^l^ew and OrpIieum .vdeals will be Inter- 
r4:'^lockcd, though there': Is "'ho suggestion of 
^Out at present. It todiMilaraa Uie bank- 

' : ■ Chicagii^'.Oet 8. 

' ' Matilin' Beck left yesterday for New 
York; 'Morris Meyerfeld left for the 
Coast ~emd Herman Fehr went back to 
~ Vllwaukige. . 

Before leaving Chicago all denied any 
contemplated change of 'policy in Or- 
-pbeiun circuit matters. ' ". 

IS CHOBTO^ Gilaiis. 

■ ■ . •' San Francisco, Oct 8. 
The Win King Musical Comedy Co., 
playing on a run at the Casino here, 
employs 32 chorus girls. But SO of 
them .appear, weekly. The othw two 

"■" 'V^^'WIItlRttUIIWt. : ■■"•- 
. Ruif us Xemalre Is again associated 
with Ed Davidow in the booking busi- 
ness. Lemaire withdrew from the agency 
which bears his name more than a year 
ago after a misunderstanding, later go- 
ing Into the navy. 

There are three houses playing Sun- 
day nights in the Shubert .string, they 
being^ the "Winter Garden. Central and 
Fortyrfourtb Street. Another house iuay 
be.'ad^e^.' ' 

LennQre waa lately In ^negotiations 
;Wltti Ku Biurt finr a I^itlnuito bocildag 
aganoy. - ' . ' . ■ 

The Interest held by Qdward S. Keller 
in the legit production of . "While Ton 
Walt" has been sold by the agent to his 
partner In the venture, iS.lmer Bostwiclc. 
.The ptoca was tried ov^.i^ a waoi 

utMtbdnlwik'Mr soiiiie sUgM rifvislon. 

V Paid Extrs for Jump . 

San Francisco, Oct. 8. 
The new Hippodrome, .Hureka, Calif., 
will be completed Jan. 1, 'When it will 
play three acts of A. & 11. vjaudevlUe. 
Ii will be a three day stand and owing 
to the time consumed . In nuiklng the 
Jump, act*; paid pro>tta;'fo< Hve 

days. :■ :■ : ■ : : ' . 

Tifihe, Single, on Loew Time. 

Harry Tighe,' doing a single act, 
opened at the Greeley Square for the 
Lor»^' Circuit the first half of tblst week. 

den&ro., (Dave) and GkM 'staft..Att the 
aame clreiilt Sept 40. ' , 

LOEW Buinro sotsts^bs s^pusss. 

Marcus Loew la report 1 to have se- 
cured a string of Southern theatres that 
h^ will, parallel the Charles Hodklns clr- 
sult .with. These bouses - are to play 
Loew's vaudeville policy. The Hodklns- 
booked houses are suppUad wlith bills 

It was understood In vaudeville elr- 
cles Wednesday the, jUwir Southwn deal 
wouM be- "Aniiaalia -beiibwi' itm"fu4 ■ ^ 

Houston. TekrOist; t« .;, 
The transfer of the Pridce Theatto. 
here, from the Epstein interests to the 
Houston Amusement Company, la ac- 
cepted as a Marcus Loew deaL It has 
been reported of late the Loew people 
wanted the Prince. 

Mr. Michael, president of the. Houston 
Amufiement Co., refuses to say anything 
concerning the future of the theatre. 

^. Vhiff for Poor Kirow. 

' 3rockton, Mass., Oct 8. . 

Mary Ruyat 22, an actress who took 
part in a vaudeville aqt at the Brockton 
Fair here last week, was ilned $S in-the 
Police . C jurt there one day last week 
oh a charge of throwing a cup of .coffee 
at Mrs. Louise Robinson, who conducted 
an c- "ling tent on the grotmda. 

Ura. Robinson, hi court decbtred. that 
the ghrl called fOr a cop of coffee to take 
out and was gone only a few mbsotes 
. tlAeil ahe returned .eUlaUfig that the 
eoffbe tikstied «rf IceroeesuK ^ 

iJk aqjoiiMiit lolloirea , during which 
tjtie oBP of b«MB^ was thrown. Thei inla-r . 
•ile lAd its eoiit«nM nai^ escaped 
||ttU% lIn. the head. , 

Chicago. Oct. 8. ■ 
Wdifian B. Crane, tbj» veteran a;etor. 
pai^ttnig thioi^ Ch^igo from CaltCor- 
nla. en : iroate tiLNem in .ieom»any 
wlUi' hii«. w«n. amwiaiieei llmt^^ 
)Mw»:-oi-'hia.''^>'9aat-. .was: to. 
atmiige tor fhB- vfMwli^ a play: 

his tarewall' amv^ance on' ..dia stage. 
He said he bad the script «r the play 
with him, bulk did qot diaooiw the na- 
ture of the play. Mr. <!riitte la 74 years 

of age> .-. u. ■ . ■: • 

■»."■'••.•■•!■» ohiiiMpoi--oot»'ai« 

'. .HUnle mVtUm [tt UM ' Cioiila- 
natl ~ -"ai;ltaiijr^''iM^-''<ln ;'-«;''iii^H|i|dQg': "In 
Kelthr« : CiB<^atf.'''anii '''wiwtnS - other 
Midwest towns after the world's aerlM. 
He has been offered $760. This Is .a 
departure, as it was generally under- 
stood that the policy of playing -bM*-, 
ball heroes had been scratched aerenil ■ 
years back by the Keith houses. 


Fawtucket, R. I., Oct, 8. 
A. A. ''(pitz, of Providence, announced 
he is soon to 1>uild a 1200,000 theatre In 
WoonsQcket, and also announcei^ an 
option on tte American Hall property, 
Bast avenoe. this city. He will rebuild 
this structure^ converting It into a the- 
ateo with capacity bf-8.4001. 

Ppfiey not yet decided niNii* At pres- 
old' tfinMttdMt 'tasa:. bat ' ana .vmadnrllle 
a KMth. 

Ml about a 

Cdelsten Brooks Reynolds and Donegan. 

After Ernest Edelsten, the London 
ageiit saw Reynolds and Donegan at 
the State-Lake, he gave the act a oon« 
tract for U wMks In ISaglana at tYM 

The contract starts after the turn M» 
flalsbed iUi present vatidevllle booktaica 

■ .Fantages Vaudeville at Chloo. 

San Francisco, Oot. 8. 

Commencing next week, Chlco, Calif., 
will play Pantages vaudeville Wednes- 
day and Thursday. 

The San Jose date has retwn^d to 
the two-day -polioy, for the acts' .jtO. bo 
able to play the Chioo di^teiu 


■v"> ''v-'itdtihestei; N, "li'H^Oiii^li.l;,,,,..,;,,-^^ 
"When Capt JUn Moore and a con* ^ 
ductor on a New Yorjt Central train s ' 
could not agrees ai ,cajrload ^f show goods ''<-*^'< 
waa unhitched from the train arid left 
at Geneva, though billed for Blchmow^i^ jlga^^l 
Va. Captain Jim and his company alrt» ^iv|;!f|i^fi 
decided, to hop off at Geneva, enjoying a- V" '^^^^^^^ 
stopover privilege on their- throtwh; v Stff i 
tickets. . ^'^^i/r:^-y^0M 
. 'It^'aefms ,that;rWbjMi' .tbii^ coQatK^;^|i#^^ 
'iiidnd'^. for^the key ta tho tai^tfti^'^s^m 
'Au«d- to hand' it.:oy4ir.'.^ llhiieiMfijtam^y'-^^^ 

said .ho iwderstood thare 

..eMijn Ba|4',that: tho only ij|jm::in''«r.^t\:,f If 
' tlKT'OBv intii im$t\i!tVtm(m<tb»''ti^^ 
to look «fi«r It and.proteet If firom -^nf^wM 
thing that might arl86. 

When the conductor refused to tftk<( 
thfr eaptaln'r word it was too mooh 
bis hot Southern blood. When the ttaWkx^/4?^! 
reached Geneva the conductor had-ilui(" , 
captain arrested for 'assault, onA, txi^^^q"^^ 
telephoning to the division superlntwAii 'P?;^?^^ 
ent was ordered to ahtmt the car onto" -:' r^^i^^ 
a swltob. The entire company, tiding in 
the coaches, followed their leader .to tbie -^v^'^^^^^^^^ 
police station and later to a hciteI^;ii!rtiito^ 
th% tmn.'WlilsiMd aMN^ jninaa ' ono' hit^::-.--?:^}^!^^ 

The captain Immediately engfuiiejg^l!^ 
lawyer and began A' suit afl^fiist the'lWnt? 
road for losses liustalned by being dtti' 
out of the train. Neirt day he made, av^' 
rangemehts to have the car eftrrted aloii9 
on another train, as- aoon as hts oasilk- 
could be fettled In police court 6it)|r^^ 
Judge Dltmars aocepted his :plea 
guilty of assault on the oonibM^ -'a^it'';. . v^^^ 
aasessied him ten dollara. " ■•^--v^^;' %^j^M 

Hw J^teo told the captain to hand ib^ . . 
money over to Chief of INrtloe^\3p(M»W : ^ 
Kane. The ohief «iM .bttsy'at^ttO; tim(^^ v^':^^^^ 
and iirtien the c^ialn :tlinMt a si^ji^IiMt 
up baiiAlUlil o( 

puttt'iirlilir)^Mlc9t;iirr ' ' - ' ' 


^took^tto 'rMi^'fkMik^ais. -p^kot: iefai:'^^;'i^:;#^ 
lntaiiti(n':'fl( «iitwintf"lt'«B -tlio.^wM^ , ■ ..M 
'iHi#ifk'''M'fMl|d:-tlltf'''R« -bniy ^staiiMm^&^^m 
«tv«n oneidttlUur WIls. " ■ • .• ' ' '^x^i^^^M^i*^ 

The dhtefs lili^tttrieB about the irtter«i« 
abonts.of Captain J'lm Moore, his- co^«^^^. ;,v^^^ 
pany and their delayed baggage cay. 
brought out the information that . ^0 

whole outfit had ono^ mora, irta^tidfi^i^^^ 
their journey to Virginia. ■ ''''■■^^^■^^^.fg.. 

Tl»e claim agklntft the raUroijd^ bwn- : ^^^^^ 
pany Is still pendliig, left In theiluuidirdr-;^^ 

aikm w i w. smith o-srien.-.' i---''-'S::^i^^Mm 

' SOH(FS KitCE INCMAaElj,^''-*'^^ 

; The popular s<nig number; 'ToiiVi Be, "vi.rS;^ 
Sinprised^by -inHnir- »Briao*vJ€ 
-popidiUr j^t^OtaiM-'M^-r*'^'— ^-'^ 

8mI1 :^B«n«kiitt;>-1bttabi«Mr<' -»aiuMPi^.-''^'/--r - V 

■; vUBqSii aohjg- had <b«£n lunieCiiln^i^ii^^^^ 
/dStctf-n.nnmber."- ' ;!rm:f:^^&m^ 
. ---FormeAy aelllng^nt-ir eto^saiSI^ 
the -song per.8be«t :broughtltlMi^3eM^^n^'^:^%p 
concern wholesale 6H 'cents.. : Jm '^^-^^^ 
duotion numbed" It brings 18 centisiBsiili^: v^^;|;Jf 
copy -to the publishing house. i'u^0^'^0^^ 

It is seldom a change in the prtcO ji^^^^ 
a published number is made, 
to reduce the selling price after 
when first put out In the Ugh grade'. ^^^^iS 
class. The demand for •'You'd Be Sui>rV^;^vp^?^ 
prised," by the music dealers, althoil^i; ' ' '^^^ 
the number was first sung only l(^<v 
' — by Mr. Berlin, caused the tUt ^ r '^W^^^ , 

- V, * .K>- 

A. E. A. KEETINO ipXT Wipp^ 

The A. B. A. will hbld 9i'KflMvii.-xptf^.' 
Ing nes^ waek. TtMt .4ata ; f in l b? iH^i 
elded j^. Om Wmir sswioll liie^tteg ^^o- 
.dlay^^CVridai^. Before the: strike It 

the^e&stiiaivoC the -Xhi^ty <ttt''hqld<'^^^:## 
bi-aaiuid •sBe!d;^in#iMi^^ V, 
.'general- 'meetisjKi ^^iirlil'l^-'lield yoMA^^^ 


Small Tliijl* 

Ht^mJltOn, 0.* Oct; 8; 
During an engagement of Sousa's Band " 
at the High School Auditorium here 
someone succeeded in getting back on;,:- 
the. sta^e and taking a quantity ot'^' 
sttiagab valiied a)^ |60,,.f^m tbe .lMi^t 

».l»8l!ptttr?;.'^-t- Y»^:^e 


Washington, Oct S. 

- itM: tSuut* covmptauef *nd co-op<!ra> 
iMi' tMtireen two xavjAo aasoclations and 
liiManals hai been aied by the Federal 
' jRAuSe Commlnton. The duurge r«1iitet 
' fo tte nla of sheet muele In the United 

/ . -Vbi «OlBi>laInt ts.dated September U, 
iMb 'll 'fllAe iipon the reiQondenta to 

..flii an -vuntw. within thirty days. 'The 
ibit 'heairiag before the eommlsslon has 

■^b^mmUt faf Kovonber. ai; Msrt; in this 

' :f Vni» fiia eeanMlat M tte aMAiwe Mr 

■ ' ■ -' 

Mtnl Trad* ConmlMtai «■. The Mnrie P-V 
. Ifd^enP AHoebUoB at tk* ValM StatMi; Na; 
ICnuU' JUaodatien ef Sheat Muaio Dealen^ 
Vhtnita JP. I}eI«tiB7 IsdivMditnr and aa preal- 
Aaat. B. Grant 'St* Inidlvldaailx und aa vie*- 
jpnaldwt, J. U. Frlanlx indlvMoaUr and aa aao* 
•atarymnd traaaoiar ol the national Aaaodatfan 

■^Smmr, ^iffSca W. HMuyar^ ^nman 1. XasN 

aqr. Edward P. Little, Bolio'ea T. Vaddos, I>, 
W. Unier, Harold Orth, OosUv Bchlrmer. 8. 

.. Snieat, FUlpltt. Paul A. Sditeltt, ClaTtvn T. 

^BmoKr, Cbarlea H. WiUla. Vr. H. Witt, Harvqr 
f. Wood, Individually and aa direetan «(. -tta 
Natknal A8800latl3 of She«t Unslo OMknk asA 
all tlM metnlMra of aald Aaaoolatton. 

; 'MiocKKr MO. dm 

Onaplalnt la the' matlw el' On 
' Mm <^ Beet Ion S of aa Jkflt of 
fnvad September 26, W14. 
' ' 1lM Federal Trade ConmlMrioa havlnK 
.to txtleve from a preilmlaarr inveatlgation made 
pr It that Tbe UiHlc PnblUhera' Aaaoclatloa of 
' ilN Vaited State*, National Asaoeiatlon of Sheet 
I Xlealen, Tkmiaa F.. Delaney, ladlyldaaUf 

as Meretary and treaaniw of the Nathmal Aaa»- 
' Watloa of Sheet Hnalo Dealer^ and Walter 
Mdiar, J. Elmer Barvejr, Charles W. Homeyer, 
' iWtllbm J. Kearney, Edward P. Little, Bolmea 
sr. Maddex, L. W. Ulller. Harold Ortb, doataT 
Bchlrmer, S. Srnect Phllpitt, Paul A. Sohmitt, 
Ciaytoa 'F. Sammy, Charlea H. Willto.' W. H. 
yfi$*. Harm J. Weed, fadlvldnaUy aal «• 

■ ri»teii ef, jVk WiilliiMil iwrtmiDa dC SlMtt 
; >liMdt bealan, end all the mtmbeti of said Aaw- 
?MitlM, hcreiaaftar refemd: to «a icapondaota, 

been for more Ihaa tlireo yeara last part, 
IMiat vnfatr methoda of eompetttlon In iateratate 

, cMoiBaroe In violation of the provisions of Sec- 

' idjta^ Otaa Act of Oonffresa approved September 
% midi, aaMtled "As Act t» create a Federal 

'^i^^il|>t^ Oemai^^ Its vmran .aDa 

4m<ft and for other pmp o wa ,** fad. it amMSi^ 
taiir (hat a yroeeedtnt by It In. Atpoot thercoC 
wnM W to the latereet of tha'- pnblle, Isauea 
•Ms eaavMiBt ataUng its cbarsea la that reapect 

'.•^wiilHstaiHlon and belief aa foUowa: 

FARAOBAPH ONB: That The Mualo PablUh. 
jeb? Aaaoclatloa of the tlnttod Statea la a mem- 

. IMrahlp oorporatlOB erganlted under the lawa of 

IS (faansaaed et Ih^nhw aHnAan^ men ar l«sa. 
Mar pnbUahera of moaie and engaged la the 
.haalBoaa ef publlsbing mualo In the varlonia 
. Btatea of the United Statea and aelllng both at 
^irholeaale and retail and tranaportlng the aama 
" In and among the varloua Statea and the Sla- 
triet of Colnmbla; that reapondent National As- 
aoeiatlon of Sbeot Xnalo Dealm is an unin- 
tatamtaA as a wla t lea aeiaaiaia akeat the jwur 
int bavlac aw maibM% am or ta«, who ara 
jpdiMTelieffieagaiMI In the biuioeui of dealing 
•'il;iail eidlBg waiteal pnhllcatlona at retail in 

■ aad among the several Statea of the United 
: atatM and the DIatriet of Colombia; that Thomas 

F. OelaBagr, Chicago. lUlnola, la the prealdent 
«( tbo National Aaaoolatlon of Sheet Uusle Deal, 
era and is interestad aad engaged la the bnslaea* 
' eC HMiSblas anile aaA la else intesMrtsa la and 
- sameil m tt» bariaess e( atlllar lerie at ra- 
tal}, that B. Grant Bge la vle»>vrealdeat ef the 
National Aaaocladen of Sheet Unaio Dealera and 
. It engaged la the biulnen of selltag miulcal 
pnUtcatlona at retail, that J. If. Priaulx is eeo> 
Mtary and treasurer of the National Aasooiatlon 
ef Bboet llualo Dealera and ia oonneo*ed with 
Om flna o< Charles B. Dltwa 4fe Gompaay, pnb^ 

er iwiniie^ ■ir ^'!l^!r 

> 3. Kearney. Bdwird F. JUttla, Hohret. 
V.Middos, Xfc W. Hitler, Harold Orth. GwUv 
anast pulpitis Paol A, Seiial^ 

Clayton F. Sammy, Chartea R. Willis, W. rf. 
Witt, Harvey J. Wood, and ex-oflleio, the oiiloera 
above named of aaid natloaal AamelatloB «f 
Sheet Moilc Dealera, are 4ireeton and Mmhais 
of the aald' aaaoclatlon. 

' PAltAORAPH TWO: That tor many years It 
has boea thft custom tor pabllihers ef mualo to 
iwtnt a sriea. oa the title pagtv wMoh ptieo as 
iwlated OB the titis page of th* aiiiaio • many 
years ago the prico at which the matte was sold 
to Ute publlo generally "-y pnbllalMwa and retail 
dealera; that in the conrse of time ai the result 
of competition K became a general enatom ' sell 
sach moate at BO per cent, or ona-halt of - the 
' price printed on the title r«ge of the, dieet. 
Haay dealers and publiahera sold anslo to the 
vabHe at'Ma thia » per ont «l the prico 
•priatM «a tte titIs page, and diaim and pab> 
llahera sold moale ta stfMls, e«i<w. ooU* ta 
and music teaclwFS at dtseoaata auMh ai eaeiea 
of SO per cent. 

> PABAOBAFH ^rHRBB: That vrtth tha'fihtttt. 
parposo and effect 6f aUflilng eompetttlon la tn« 
tmtata commeroe In the bualness of salUng 
mualcal publications ia, and throughout th« 
Vatted SUtea and the Dlartrlct of Cblnmbla to 

sths public generally and to achoolt, eoavants. 
eMhMB.aM tte AwalUai the t ae^ aaA 'ta anite 
teaekwBl Ufa leapeadaiflfBtlMal AMoelatioa o( 
Sheet ;]laBieAtaIen aad tha aMaAm thereof 
and , nioh .^' them- did oonapira -Ugatkp. and 
wl^,;ttis ipapondent. The Uwlc Pal)UaliMaP ^Aa« 
aftctatleo of the United statlte, and with pdb* 
llahera of mualcal publleationa to Sx and mala- 
tala apeolllo atandaid resale prices of musical 
pttblleatloaa la the varioBB <8tat«a of the United 
StalH aa« la by tta 
MnaktrsaC the Mttl^' AhideiaUM at ■ 
Moate Dealera and other dealers aad 
aalliag mnalcal pBbllcatloas to the pabM; 
that as a- result of said oonaplraey and the acts 
of the reapondeati the prioet of noalcal pub- 

' Itcationa to the publlo aad to the anialo piefea* 
sloa have been eahaaead gtnitrally IhNWIWBt' 
the United States. 

PABAORAPR POUR: Tha^for the purpose 
and with the intent and elf act nwntioned In 
^ WWM bJfcw the r««ettd- 

Unlted States aad the Nattaaal' i^!S.^^n *^ 
Sheet Music Dealera tot more thaa tbriis jwan . 
last past have held, aad do hold, ahanal amt- 
iags during the sam« areek and in the aanw elty. 
that such meetlnga of said asaoeiattoaa ara oas- 
aUy held on alternate daya, ,that tha meetings 
ofWMh aaaoeiatlOB fere attended by members of 
the other aei w i |atl ig Ms take part la such 
meetinw^ tha* winlft ie s " wpreaenttat ons as- 
aooiattofi 'teafcr with eoaualttaea tepteeentinv 
the etker aasodattoa and wlUi othw% penmu^ 
flranL, eorporatlona or eaaoclatloaa latmatsd tat 
or eigaged 1b pnUlablng or dealing la musical 
pubUcatlona In oonneetion with and la Mlatloa 
to the matters herein alleged; that most'of the 
membera of The Mualo Pabllahera* Aaaoclatton 
^^. paued aiatte ara ate members of the 
IJrtta^l Ajsoelsllea et Otet Moalo Dealers; 
that reaoluttona calcnlated or inteadi ' to MaiUt 
In taiereased prices to the publlo and te tbo 
mnalo profesalen have been and are passed by 
one of said anociatlona and at times by lU 
members or by part of them acting together, 
recommending acUoa by the other asapciatlon 
Md Its membera, and that auch reaotutlons 
baje beae | ■ aad ar e, fatUlsd and approved by 
^1^. aw etlatlBa or^by Us member*, or 

S?^!L252i *• ««t 

by Its aiMaben era parted OMab ' 
^ FARAOIUPB Fivst Aat ta jpemMotlon with 
the general ooBsplraey sr4 ptaas iIwifs alleged, 
and for tha purpose of anppianMntinB aad mafr- 
Ing more effective the woife et the atsoelaUona 
of Increasing and enhancing the prteo which th« 
prttto aad tbe musloai profenloh ahouM be re- 
Vured 1o pay for mnalcal publleationa, certain 
nemben <« saM aaaoeiationa, white gathered to- 
gether at tines during the periods fixed for tha 
hoiditig of the BMotlnga of lald aiMihtlmiB atet 
and agreed together upon polldes «r taeMaaa of 
prioe and upon uniform ratea and achediiles of 
priees of certain olasaea of competiUve musical 
publioatlons. and that pursuant to and as a 
result Of such agreements and nnderatandlngs 
the rates and the prices of auch mualcal pub- 
lications wore so Inoreaaed and advanced. 
. PARAGRAPH BIX: That poramnt to the gen- 

vby (be ■BM eseaalallMHi'KBd.agNad te ttr mm^ 
bWB- (hereef. the said Nattoeat Aaawlatka «t 
■heat Mualo Saatea Frepared aad dlatrtbuted 

ll^«defBl tmdd (^aiiittiMi at W^aUnglta Pi^ 

llealers — ^Indmdital Respondents Alto 


In the County Clerk's ofllce just ptlor 
to Its closing Saturday, papers were 
filed In A separation suit birougfat by 
Ur8. X>orothy Chase, wife of the fiancy 
sfcater. . agsjiist li«r;' hasbapd. . . Itok 
Chase alleiei enirtt and Jmiawwin tmXi^ 

. Mrs. Chase gtvea b«r husband's salary 
M f MO ^per week .dai4 «van4hat h» ta, 
ta tteat demanA. terhls >|iffo8MsH»nBl ea»' 
paeltK. On thia 'Meovit she mHHm Vt». 
owftt tt. ftV^WM^ her •]!•• 

Buuir dmd.'wniiwiil.iwt. wm the 'nMstm- 

BAH OFF SBiniiaiT OF 906& 

iUlwatikeay Oet. S. 
'W. D. Carrlck. general bagerase agent 
vt thi Uilwitikee toad, -hag- Issued word 
to agents and train baagage si«i that all 
territory Quarantined on account of 
rabies. Including Idllwaukee, Hacine^ 
Kenosha,^ Oxaukee^ Wauliegha, Je^Mraon, 
'V\ralwortb, Dane and Wa^hfngtoif -Aoite-' 
ties, has been relea:.3d. 

No permit covering the moveiBieBt ef 
dofs within the State iajrew^^ 

>Clewn Nialit" at 60 Club, 
A "Clown l^ight" was held at^e Ftfty 
Club Wednesday. ^It is the first eittb 
•vent eC that partleidar iKtrt slnbe the 

ahUly throughout the ViUtea SUtea and the Dt». 

tJaot the said Mfetlona' '^aMCktlt^^ iSbart 
Mnaie DeaMra to eealHrm/te M aalMUMiail, eit 
Increased prices aoa^ <o~ be enfiorced by th* 
said aaaociationa aad the aaembera of Na- 
tional Aaaoolatlon of Sheet Mnslc Dealers, and 
theretiy and by variooy letters and other com* 
nunlcatlpns and by personal aoUolUttqii endeav- 
. ewtvtik' aad^'dldi -penoade and induce moalo 
daaiiia Bot..taimnlieta et ineh Nauonat Aaaoeia* 
tion of sheiilt Moile Jitalm to eeaforia te aaeh . 
standard et riaaalo prtcea aa.lbMd aad .affiMd W 
fee tbe teape n deBta aa afbitaaaM. 

PARAORAPH snVlilf } That as a' taault at 
said conspiracy and ce-«|ierathm hetweaa aald 
two aaaoelatlons and the BMmbeza oC. sald two 
aaaociationa, competitloa has been lariiely olln» 
Inated and the price reaulred to be paid by tha 
publlo aad the musical profesilon fop mosleal 
publications has been greatly enhancel 

TOV, The MnsIC Publiahera' AasoclaUon et tbe 
ThUttd States Nattooal Aaaoctotloa of Sheet 
JnMe Aaatata fOmmt V« Salaptib. ladtoUntfly 
Siad aa sneMiBlt m tftaat OsOadteMaany 
aiid aa vlee-preaid«Bt; J. M. Priaulx, Indtvld- 
anilr aad as aeerataiy aad treasurer of the 
National AaaocUtion of Sheet Mualo Dealera; 
"Walter Piacher, 3. Bhnw Harvey. Charlea W. 
Homeyer. WUIiam 1. Kearney, Edward P. Lit- 
tle, ROImae T. Maddez. X.. W. Mtlter, Harold 
Orth, aoaisr 8ehlnMr. '& Bra^iat Phllpitt Baal 
A. mM^ Clasrtta 9. j$inmt; Qheriae B, mi- 
.qsi W' .H, imi teny- J. 'Weed, ta^lrUiuBay 
aiid as directors of the National Assootatloa of 
Sheet Maat» Dealera. and aU. the memhen of 
aald Aasoctation, that the charges of this com^ 
plaint will be heard by the Federal Trade Com- 
mlsaloa, at its office in the City of Waahtngton, 
D. C.^ on the 224 day of November, A. D., ISlt, 
at 10.80 o'clock, la the forenoon of the aald day, 
er. M sofa thwfMfnv aa the' saaM ^ey «e ' 
leatM, at wbMb ttaae tad plaee yon 'Shall btva. 
the right to appear and show eaoip whj^ aa 
order should not be entered by the Federal Trade 
Commlaston requiring you and mA.'.«t- fn ta 
eeaie and deaiat front the vMMtaas eC taw 
charged in tbia complaint. 

And yon will further take notice that wlthta 
thirty (80) daya after the service of thto com- 
plaint, you are required'to file with the Com- 
mission an answer In ooBfermity.wlth Bale nx 
oC the Mte. aad SMMUee baft 

IN WRNBSS WHBZtaOF, the Faiml . 

Commlaaion has caosad this ceotplatat to be ls«' 
sued, signed by ita' aeoretary, aad lia oflleial 
seal to be amzed hereto, at tha City of Waah- 
tngton, D. 0., this 12th day b( 
D., i8ia 

By the Commlaaion. 


Se IMllllV 

fttr the 


Unless RTSse matter is addressed 

to VARIETY, New Vork^ it 
ean not be asmirad t§ pn^W Men- 
tion. . , 

No press niMtorslMiiH Ita wUrtMSd 
to any membar ef Varie|y>. itaff. 


\: V. /''^jraoejri^BepV^ 
In Sydney's TlieaiMti' 
Her li«JeBty*a, grand o»enu. . . 
GriteriAB. •WolBg tJjjA : ^ . 
— — ■ ■ jBaddonc.**" ^ 

Of Toour ,<itast. UrtU 
;dieir). ■ 
jB^ttBer'sL Louie London, Bi^iara, Emtr* 

■ea mid Baste. stUty and Mo Co.- 
MSrand, "Cripp|« Cratk^ <iwriwtf|. 
Hojrt^ pictares. : * 

T VMue, rSunnsni«W* (|P;q). 

Her Majeatye, ^Maartlmo." V J 

llosw* nJ^tnln*" (remarkable hit), 
lOatt, 1>BlliM» (next, '-Old Lady ti*jL I 
m?ail. liadB of the Iriiufea" I 
B|J«m miudeyine and ^eme^ ' •• ' : | 

'HaUta, pictuxea, 

'Bbjit'* plelnnii, ■ 

Muriel fitanr wilt open In ^e Silin^^^l 
Witness" at Adelaide S^tambe? 11 ' 

to itlnd'attlta.Qittiid..Adelaiae;:^ 

'. Ssaitoi -9roB. wttl build a vaudeville ^ 
tnntia at liDBioire thta r^' 

fllil.,&iitth has been engaged by Hugh 
p. lliaatMh to' pUqr 14 ;Bua Buss." 

An . hinoyatlbn inad'e by TtvoB 
management to , a lug tea every T^-s* 
day and'lWitoy.-. 

Sflnnla Love has oancelled her Bng](ii|(^y,!'^ 
dates to star here In "Buzi Buss." l'. '-:. 

Hugh J, m^d luui been niade a knlghtv J 
MTthe Ordpp.O!C;Lfop<^ IL i^ 

. . : WfeMOh) :]Md«!ai^'. tha^aew idiow. aip 'ii 
, iha im^M a m- .>tt-:to a .torth-bw^;;.; 
inqne, wa Iub Mtaar unlqua eop^ ;'^ 

J Vvx .htii'. aoonii bi -The Ji 

oc^tte-vmage,*.'' .... 

Toiaaiy Claseey has arrived under eii« ' 
sagement to rnv^li TlMaitrai, ta play ia ''-A 

"BUW,BU8Z." • I 

Moon and Slorrls have been engaged^ ■ 
by J. and K Tait to play In this yea^ ^< 
pantomime, "Mother Hubbard." t? 

Wallace Brownlow committed sulcldii.. 
last week In iMelboume. He was an oiA^ ' 
WUUamsqn fav^rtto and made liia flni" ^ 
•PPearanea hem ibirnu lOa itoistlieb^-to ^'1 

here. ' . j, ■■■i-.y 

The JTack Walter Ooindf Ofti^i^'Ml^ 
to a tottr of the Btet 

Jrced itanii^; the pianist of the Wal-^ 
lar.. OQw ,taaa ..reeeniy married to Miaa 
BadE to Udbonnii: ' \T 

Phil Smith, prindpal comedian with 
J. C. Williamson's Comle Op^ Oo« hai|: 
been, sued by his wife fbr alimony.- hI^-^^ 
Ing 148 rerweelc. ' ," . 

John D. O'Hara received great praia* - 
by the press for his jwrtrayal of Llgbt> 
nln' Bill Jones," "the greatest liar i^' 
earth." Victory Batemaa, Bob Tmnif 
and John Beck atod reoehred V9iMi 
Witato'^toover^ArfeiM; :^^ . 

; Ladd and Arnold avi 
on the Fuller Circuit 

dOta|F lb tlf0*Mf 

Maud lif^meb leadlns lady isrlth J. C. 
wiiuamsoanp Bnguah comto Opem O9W 
was the eo-reapdndent In a divoroe oaad - 
last week. Her toMOand. Btgar WacMb 
.theatrlof.i nuutagtoV •eeofed a .deerea 
nisi on the gronaA of' fear Bitoeoadnet 
with Itotart Ps^ Bfloepr 
eaas ereatod a teBsatlen. 




0etltim A9^ Matrioiony and Three MoiiIIh? 

Hoaeymoon f rqp to Pacific Coast — ^Always a Thorn in 
Side of W. V. M. A. Owing to His Aggressive tactic* . 
--4)iiIUtum Will Enter Adminutratiye Ofke^ 


. Chicago, Oct 8. 
flam KaU.'^.itooldnff manager and par- 
ptrttar lQ the iPlnn & Heiman 
lliintft; ' <MM .«< tlw. most, t^ed about 
(%oA^ In. <ll TMidei^ and for eight 
fntn-ti hMM vC oonstant eontMition cn 
^r^m-W.^ K'.X'.'i^l hfttuiam t€ hta 
I aggre^ldvv 'ta0^ iAout 19 **^' 

I "-itm tnim the hookfn'g fleld. 
^4:4~^hl win be fharrtod earljr tiat inapth 
iM-jHid will go to the'Paoliac Xioaat with his 
ibrlde tor a three monchB* honeymoon, 
i It is said "on the Jnslde" he -will sever 
vHUs personality from tho booking end 
I:; with his departure, and that when he 
I . letums he wiU move into the F. & H. 
f ; idmiiilstratlve oipcM In an eiecutlver 
^. 'Capacity. That office is divorced from. 
»V the booking floor, and is devoted to 
t^ty. matters, operation of houaea, In- 
inMtmeDt hi th»tre propertteflt' ate; 
£aM has nmde a fortune. 
: < Nat Kalchehn, starting as Kahl's offlce 
<kigy, and who roM to the post of chief 
limfntitnt to KjahC will be left in osten- 
hMtt diaige «f tli» books, and as ter^s 
i^ lnkowii It Is tfO^Utrat tO'gl<v» Um a 
Mil wltli'a viow-^ liavhig Ua^vi 
';lCidil in oomi^lato eontrol oC the ( 
Arts It hB '^mMa ^ to 1»m exacting 
i^jinoederits <tiiilrtio< Igr tbo famoua: 
'^^iMsent' Itenmbmlt--'''"- - 

':, The significance of tho aboy<0 ^ 
^'^ . fiNten Chicago Is ill -th« removal 
3'i^Xahl as virtually the principal ibOokfbg 
S^Vmn of the "Western VaudevMo Man- 
|i:l«gers' AssoelaUoiu Booking for the linn 
mtb Hehnan olreult ot vaudevWe theatres 
the middle west. Kahl h^ grown tt> 
/• be notorious for considering his firm's 
biterests only, thereby becoming equally 
i notorious among, vaudeville acts of that 
I I'Wion a» well as those from the east 
' wbo'went vest eaveeUng to play "Aqso- 

P' JOe AiOlai«ft-Ms.«iimvlialnea-to' 
mtt^rY^.A. QmltJfM IMei, who is ap-^ 
^^-iteliiB in aMfm i^tetarea, has oM only 
li^ttdfiatiM ubHtr €f oovrina liii Mt in. 
I^ttf «ittret9v tmt Is also utfng tha aum 
|i'fiiijlal nukeuii. '•■ 
p In his complaint Jkdcson atfttes tho 
p . K. V. A. had ruled be had the right to 
||:[;:|uie a certain tramp facial makeup and 
p:'Mttsder this ruling desires protection. 
If James C. Morton has complained to 

Om N. V. a. that Mr. id Mrs. Hugh 
If: Itaunltt, who have been appeartng. la 
|$^,1Im Keeney theatres, are usingaj^ooa ' 
!? l .lC business belonging to him. 
It ' Be said tho hit was given to hhn iif 
I; .fiuTy Houdinl In Kansas City, MO4 
If ^ liore than 10 years ago. 
?f 'A The business in controversy is tho 

tae of the dimuny on 'he stage, disap« 
to llitai^ when MOrton says, "Mother, 
^ v -ltave the room." This bit was dons by 
? Uorton * Moore In "The Merry 'Whhrl.'* 
; Also hi vaudeville: - 
I Three oomplatots were nutda to the 
t V. A. Monday; O^. luntlly 
|; > Aftiged that Blerl"Fingr«e was nitng 
p. » Aeteii. flOM ShaakflslvlaA'' which 

a« wroto, .aadopma not i«ylBg aaqr toy- 
i-.aitjr. . . . : ■ • ■■• 

I . Chartefl Orapwhi lodged a oonpIalBt 
■saittst AtOau nmnunteia and 
Anflile Selwyn. diairgliig that In the 
ttnsleal play they were using, the 
;:;'VhMveitnt Bit." which he originated in 
:^ali vaudevUto ofCwUig. "Jeds* 'Vacation.'* 

John J. Murphy lodged a complaint 
against EkL Maxwell, of the F^ve Max* 
well4 In which he stated.he had. an ln< 
terest In the act, anl that the latter 
failed to notify him of further bookings 
for the SLCt and also dropped him from 
the partnmshlp. without .his eonsent 

mian Burke, 24 years old. In vaade- 
vUIe. residing at SIO W'est 148th street 
was arlraigaed la the Court of Spec'ai 
SesflliBiia'lMtt W^wib.diaiged; witli ; 
.las: tM'-poitlo iMaltIi' inr 
■■the-'cflUBgO... . 

Penethre BmiBa, af Miitgaidwiiirfra 
■Btvlslon, declared he kiad. appralmided - 
July 10, after Iwfiag fmiad Mvwal 
paoiagoi itf '%Blte powdii* ti ter p«fi> 
session, which he co^iBsasuted anil Mat 
to the Central- Testing LaboratiSry for 
ozaminat* n. They pronounced the 
:^uflC" opium, he asserted. 

Miss Burke promised the court to take 
regular treatment as prescribed by a 
physMan, and was allowed to go oa 
sentence. . 

"With the daring hold up of the ca^dUev ' 
a^ the Strand Boot and the robbery iff 
several motloa ploture houses la tit*' 
Qtty, the ' inanagera ^ tho cl^oaAwA^ 
tiMatreft have tilk«i;«vtir pindKatl&K (o^^ 
Scoteot tlMqioolT<B flnaaeially 
aaar su^^aet Ml^ pwpMnted' ' 

Aniift HoM, Jr, Opening at Colonial. 

Anna Held, Jr« and Emmett Ollfoil 
have been jlKwked for their Initial New. 
Tork apl^meace at the OOloiilal Thea- 
tre octobap'-'ir.;' V ■■ 
. Boaaaie Steinvt has the aet 


Lew Dockatader withdrew from the 
Riverside last week. Illness, replaced by 
Klein Broa 

, Pereria Sextette were out bt the htU 
at'liOeWs American (first half) oa ae^ 
eouat' of 'tlie: iIM»ss of one of the iii«oa- 
ttera . iGMlleii 'aBd Ifnkaliy replaaed 
them.'. ^ ' ■ -■ ■■ ■- •/:< ■-. "' 
. flirar Bratheni-Mt: fiia liill at KMtVit 
Fhnadelplilii. Oct. «, doe I0 llitf^ e( 
JUm atm- Ibey eiiveet to teoian 
IS at .j^yiaoasn. - 

Dwina iha past noMti seveeat'laMr-? 

have adAed 'luAj^ttp'' 
ta tbitfvvvwtotts types of pot- 
ieiea sod' daiing : tjha past week more 
than |SM,OM' ht pelleles have been 
issued to the cautious theatre managers. 
These policies protect them from loss 
through hold>up In the theatres and 
their bank messengers being held up 
oa tho way to the bank. 

"What is known as "inside" insuranoe. 
or theatre proper, covering the money 
In the liox oifice and the theatre 
roll, exacts a premium of ,|& for eau^: 
S1.009 of Insurance. This poliiar is <^ : 
erative from 7 a. m. until midnight.^ 
Any extra hourj besides these an .eiMlift' 
premium of 6 per cent. Is ehatge^ iiiitlii^: 
a noaadmum of SS per cent, chaiice lur^ 
five boun. The charge, .covered by VbiS^l 
«S. p?r.osat:a«Miyt> Jo.fjMW 

^'9m^"-".- '■-■1' ;■• 

'ir.'liV.iWK'T ADTKBTISK. IN TAX&^ClBi««'' 


-.■MOMO'^'SAHao'tvni'MO;. -v-.- 

Mitsr. •yartetsr*. 
H«r Tork* X.Y. 

•r . . - - ,v ' ' s 

I SB stm.sdtsrtlsiiliK ift "Varistgr* aa« t 

to tsU JStt 

Jiossusa X bsvs found U brings no rtsults. < 
It seoms dif fiirent poaple have queatldnod qy , 

sanity througti tsy waokly ^drMtising in the "Variety** 

that socond lint Jtist ahoTo would ansasr iaiiB^ ^ ' 

fflora fully than anything else I could say. 

. You. know how I started iqy advertising, eaqpaign^ 

f irst agr iassi^tiBC a sosll «ut sf ^igysslfe ttosa ■Sftemit MVS* 
sdfwrtlssBSBta in oat iosua a»i eontiminc slatt with |M«t V 
sds Irttkly. 

Z had every ehanee ir. tha world to find out . 
tht yalut of tha "Variety" and that I ontored into a nt» 
eontraot irith you last weeic is sufficient to say that X 
■SM ttniriiietd. 

. Ail «hov bttsinoss is sdTortitii^. if tht 
attragt Vssking sgont dOosh* t rdalist that * I t»» If X 
were stllihg .grease i>aint, ooatvnest eoenery or any otiisv. 
artiolt neooSsary for the production of an act or play* 
I would naturally advertise in a theatrical paper ;aii4 
mii^t be considered snart if X secured results. 

AS X sm a boojcins asent and have ror serTicea 
for salt • X saTtrtiss tHat fact and the faet that X rsssira , 
«n« toai^t rsetlTSi irwm S» to 8q.O lettera daily from 
"Variety* advertising fron Acts (playwrights, produeerSt 
sgente. costuaers* scenic artists* etc. sort of pro vts .to 
BO X haven* t wasted any money in nalcing the name of 
XOWa through "Variety" known to the show world. 

If futura results fron yodr paper wiSl be 
tudf as big« thsn Itt mtlE YOVOiO bs called brainless. 
erasy» or anorthlng tlss that alght please than. 

Vith thanks for all the favors shewn to «a 
and wishing "Vslriety" everything it can get. X 



. .„ ^^- v>j -v uy;Agg^^ 


.-.. A- 


'^■r'iJ-:=;i^:'::-:M$^arge from fh* luniu, Boi/aen TtMat m&muied to go torn 

)%k:prXiy'-'Mptr^M the tHV^rtamt umiMCMMiit «jiMfiM €a6MB^4» TiUUSTK* 

' Xuroge md 





. trqiidpn, Sept. 20. 
^Wlthla the eoiniMU98 of a single arttt 
In VAIII]!rnr,tt la InpoMQito to do 
tban MiNly. jii^^ millM*: «C tho 
inotioa tkiuK^imHU^ 'tt 
day. It vatfM to «tMK to 
thla qwM * AotalMI mirvesr «C Vm 
origin, growth aod final completion oC 
A- military machine. For ttM 

^- Vi' "fllm business In Geraany today la by all 
0j:^^f^:^6aixa the biggest thing and in the best 
it- v;;--."'*hape of all Germany's commercial or- 
' ' r-gaalzatlona. 

V All told there are about 360 separate 
- outfits making pictures in Germany at 
: the present time. Painstaking inveatl- 

Stioas forced me to the conclusion that 
r of these ooncenu ought not to be In 
M>iuinesa In tt>o same class as the 
iAinerlcaa so-called "independent" pro- 
ducers they are actually doing their best 
tto I^U- the Indostty In the shortest pos- 
'ifim^bne. Ueuwhll^^ hovever. they 
iur» reavNr a 0iitSm harnk^^ 
%my 'mm at flM»-^.;MMkla« tiaA m- 
-^ liIUtinK iMetBTCO tf tte Bltlilast lasKgitt- 
^oM« kind. Xt the abolitioni of the oonaoir- 
shlpr-fonowing the l oi ortiii oB 
Nbvembw, resulted ta ■ UmuM ' In 'fhi 
: spoken drama (and It most assuredly 
did) the results on the screen are past 

One of the most striking examples of 
this class of pictures — most striking be- 
' cause it Is doing tbe biggest business of 
any film In Germany today — is a five- 
reel featiure entitled "OUterent From the 
Rest." The dUTerence referred to has to 
■ do with the hero (!) of the unspeakably 
f.ti--.iBMty story— a degenerate creature who 
^:^{ v.l^Iorles in bis "aSalap. with youtha It 
'P^'^inMa iu tUbimgli" to justify such 
: so far as to show 

' dii jM iiiit ipMidliU his case eloquently 
9'^i^liik:ciaiui''Wbimi» lB w trial for having 
#^!^«il6Bded 'taitamTMtal laws. 
'>'>^;'.^Ziyec7:<me'of theiM.llf 

.^ems mibt go ott^oC bu o l iiow aft 
' ;the censorship ifl mrestabllshed— proba^ 
' : bly not until gext January after the gen- 
;f>ial elections, there oelng nothing to In- 
dicate a change 9f mental attitude on 
• the part of the present government 
towards their policy of keeping the peo- 
. pie "amused" at all costs. Big profits 
^baye.been bo easy to make — In Bpite of 
v ' : . their ignorance of the first rudiments of 
: they can not 

, V l^OiPQ to compete with first class produc- 
' ; ' era the nioment tb^y iare. prohibited from 
' : making utie of solaolousiiesa . ' 

'.. tbltee producing concerns In Ger* 
^'j-j^piir today irtiicb are altogether repu- 
t^tible aiil ^tum proAua la xtrlnarlly 
. idMa are tte WOiiiSiaur IddhtqiriiBlktiiist, 
PDtfSA and Uhhrennin. Vttongh the 
-|%«irart,eBjr of the pfpprletors of ttw flvst 
'^.' f#i>''iBa]Aed-'e(ibc«ftts I bad . an dppor- 
fC^ity to Investigate thoroughly their 
-°. plants and finished' product, tiie latter 
especially projected for me in thetf own 
jl. projection rooms. 

The average release turned out by any 
1^' on<i of these three companies is equal to 
tiie best features being produced in 
America today, One super feature, 
made by Decla, and not yet completed, 
aCems to my eye a step ia advance of 
anythiifg ever filmed anywhere before. 
If the opportunity ever offers itself I am 
of the opinion that thh great D. W. 
' Griaith himself will be quick to say that 
it outdoes anything he ever managed to 
put on the screen. 

V There wo 4,800 motion picture houses 
«^ (owed^^^OB)' in. Germany, and 86 of 
-^K^lM^^^geA aad.'.Utfupl '^aaa vt 

mM^-^-li lure'reated and rm-lgr tha flhvaa Ug 
^xitja^ AauB. Oat Hi. mm W ~ 
W^td':;;^.:^^^-•^aIom the oMt of the i»«tfagt-naeMe:ii 
I got UMsk-HfflilMitt aay nHK>ftNlBK 
metboda Ikelng ItmiiBea.. . PraSti are de- 
rived from showlnga Ift.-tiM.iWBalnlDg 
. 4,716 Kinoa Austria- aaA Bnnpury, Ru- 
mania and Turkey — during the war and 
■Inoo the anDi8tiee-H>lCered Germany's 

only outside market, but all told - It- 
prints still continue to satisQr tiia .da- ■ 
mands for the average release. 

Holland and the Scandinavian coun- 
tries are beginning to show pictures 
made by the three big German produc- 
ers, but as yet this export trade doesn't 
amount to much. In fact the m|p who 
eoBtroI the destinies of tfia Gomian lllm 
IndasHy inilat: that 4li«ar «>•' 
oetMd at tlie 
toratgB naikataftaaa in aeeiwc ti6 It tliat 
the hoiM^aaik^- rmalna entirely In 
their baab. 'Jdt fhraa are frankly bent 
on making pictures that Oenaaa audi- 
ences will like in preference to those 
made in other countries. With five 
years' start on the rest of the world — ^in 
so far as discovering German taste In 
films and educating film fans to demand 
their brand of pictures are concerned — 
it seems reasonabfe to r pose that 
American film Invaders wi. ..nd them- 
selves up against a tough game in (3er- 

At this time it is said, there are 660 
aeparate iBlms made fn America stored 
.in vaults In Copenhagen. Heads of the 
''Wb three German concerns have seen 
most of tbeaeHileUuea mn off tor tbon. 
In their opiiilan 7l| pw'oant> «t tii^ total 
ntnhber'aco worthlesa-rfNa^ a-' 
oihlbltor'a pelat of view aadl if 
wottld do dainiBgo to viay kino's eetab- 
Usbed btts^ess. - TM -'cematnlng 26 per 
ceiit>*-tfeiM. ropresewtaHvo' Ctennan pro- 
diAim liam told me— are as good (but 
no better than) as thebr own average 
releases. But With the rate of exchange 
what It la and with what they consider 
the ridiculously high prices being asked 
by the Americans for these best films, 
there Is little likelihood of any of these 
° pictures ever VUi^t ftm tar 
. audiences. 

la this coaneetiaa tt OMiat be re- 
lermany inmsa tta geat 
" iiC the world koqim hr heart are 


boa cnea van*. . Not only haa att Oat- 

man tain Um;fvm hoaid of OrllBtb or 
FamOtta Flayers or VOX or- aiiy of the 
other big American film producing con- 
cerns. Our stars are equally unknown. 
In other words there are 200,000,000 peo- 
ple in central Surope who never beard 
of Chaplin, VaUbulu, Hax^ . Ploklatd 
or Clarke, 

Whidk -la ana wa^ ait luroving with a 
bang hBW'^vary -yoang oinr film industry . 
Is— and how aav -oar staiial Bat' how 
misiny Aaurieaaa' lBMiir - any -oC" Ui eae 
nania prliHr W'jMy/XMir 

H«ira*er. thiol8ii0tiniUMato*y. Hot 
only do -Qotman 'andtaaeea Know aofh^ 
mg about our iirodneerii or stare— they 
"dcrknow all alwut'tboir'own. , "Wbatever 
the Orlfflth nande or the trade'mark of 
Famous Players may mean to Ainerican 
.film fans— to Germans any one of the 
',big , three concerns' name means as 
inu^h, ' Incidentally they have their own 
"Bill \ Hart' 'and other star^ as firmly 
fixed' in their affections as film fans in 
Anaerica, Wherefore it is not. difficult 
to understand that Axq^erican producers 
can not expect to have it . all their own 
way In entering this market. - 

I questioned nitany of the principals' 
of the &lunich concern and of Decla as 
to their personal opinion .of American 
pictures and American atara. Xbe an- 
swers I got wero limpiMngly sIntUw lit 
almost eveir easa. -^ Aaoa It Is thea? man 
who lu!g^ dfltahataie m tttttnda of 
. tia-Ctarpaa iaKhililtQr,.lt iiiay'1ia<latar-' 
•atfaw ta. knoir thUr opinion. BiMir tt 

1. She *%eotf mala itar la AatMiba la ' 
not na AoMrfoaii at alllt It la Ssssue 

<(aiapUB wwia ba '« il|it* 

•C'hia ateilea and baeraM 
fhaa oeuM never appreciate bis style of 


4. Mary Pickford and Clara EtenbaU 
Young are the two female stars in Amer- 
ica who could wIa a following in Ger- 
many— the former because the Ingenue 
type la lAaoat :unknown In the German 
the latter because she 
lUes the usual ^rpe of 
aaai In appi»arance 
Md-oialiML 'tiian '«gar*-af ' tha othar 

6. Generally speaking, however, . 
lean films, can never obtain a footing In 
Germany so long as the existing rule of 
subordinating everything to an exploita- 
tion of the star continues — ^because Ger- 
man film audiences demand first of all 
logical, Interesting, well-constructed 
dramas, and' so long as they ieure ade- 
quately cast and directed it doesn't mat- 
.ter at all to tbem who the actors or 
who Cbo dttactor amy be. 

<!w W <irjiir '^ WTT^iff*'*^ ^ r awaking of 
a Oaraaaii dhti airaVhaitfaite^ tevdluUon- 
Mifl lill imailrwn llba ataaaard^ 
lianSit; PiUodk and other 
hers of the Anthoctf 
what these eondltkma ara'fiag;^ i 
edly will feel like aeadlaK st ' 
I-told-you-so to Julian -JbtanaiM apd- 
other photoplay magaxine editbrst" For 
in Germany today eveiry demand made 
by representative American authors upon 
American-^film producers (demands that 
to date have been laughed at by the pro. 
ducers) is taken as a matter of course 
by the German producer. In the Ger- 
man film industry they don't put quota- 
tion marks around "the play's the thing." 
■They take tbe Shakespearean maxim 

To cite a concrete example that, came 
under my notice I take one of the most 
reeent nleases of the Munchner Ucht- 
apMkiiiiBt^ ,a* flve-reel drama entitled 
'Tha Hnnter.ttf FjOL* To>«ln with, it 
A MM aa -."A QUaifliatae Utaamr-^ba 
avOtat bifaiK l«tiilg Gaagbofab Tha 
ea^ iniEiaaiaa mta'M.^^ 

dnima was apoken- of aa reverently as a 

Wagnerian opernl To suggest that any- 
thing Gan^hofer would tiu*n out could 
not be worth filming produced about tlia 
same result as telling lasky that Mary 
Pickford might not be able to act! 

Any of a score of authors writing for 
the pictures In Germany today receive 
a guaranteed annual income of anywhere 
between $40,000 and |IOO,000 a year. The 
highest paid flbn star In Germany today 
gets exactly $80,500. Host of the filha 
atara reoelva lees than one third oC that ■ 

an of tha inm aetiwaiTO lUiMirl^ 
ranka of the legitimate stage) ^add OM. 
best director and camera 'man In ~ fhe 
Munich concern's employ were employed 
in . making the picture. But the ^only 
name advertised is the aaOaai^l :Aiid 
that's only part of it •' 

Ganghofer made more money out of 
this one picture than stars, director and 
camera man all put togetherl 

Not .one foot of film could be made — 
except under Ganghofer's eye! 

Ifot one extra man or woman could 
take iMrt In* any scene until be or she 
iMd presented their costume aad nako 
up to Guigbofer and. he had\pnt.hlB 
atainp od approval on them! 
- BrclT 'lhtiKior set and exterior lojsation" 
to hava-the QaaghoCar 
It 0ohld be ■hatiigiaat 
Idi^lao eArary p m p a r iy- hall ;.to.. ba 
~ tb . tahn MIlMPa MT - M^ ba 

iiiid oven , this la not' aOt ' - 
Ganghofer la only one of a dozen emi- 
nent authors under yearly contract with 
the •Munich concern. Stars and direc- 
tors are seldom put under contract! 
Camera men are counted of greater im- 
portance than either star or director! 
There Is no lack of either actors or dl- 
. rectors for Geman film makers to choose 
from. But camera men are few. And 
aa for authors— well, the demand for 
their exclusive services makes the posi- 
tion of American film stars look like 
nothing at all in comparison! 

When I heard tbe heads of these Char- 
man concerns repeating over and 
again names of huUvidnala I. kad 

.Tha hlghast daaa dtaeolar geta 
ItMO t» 92JM for eaoblUta he 
bat aa ha la atwaya aagagtH by the irfe- 
tare, and never under n yeariy contract 
bis annual Income seldom exceeds $8,000 
a year. Camem men receive just as big 
salaries as thehr directors. A camera 
man's assistant gets as much as $1,150. 
for one picture! - . 

The average flye-reel picture . coats 
about $30,000 to produce.. The averapa 
first-run kino seats, about 1^00, and 
plays to about $604) a day. The-jQuuner 
T il pbtaple la TtafBatqi^:hk lAmIdh, for 

jpf 0M''aB«|».poputai» Unee ta'M, 
_ Wed.lMtar thai^ $Mt:^ 
aM._XlKmfit-. tl«a ^ipar, - .fiv» p«b<. 

ra gfiraat beglnalw^iat 
|iiMiA:ln Qia aftnTOon and hwdudhig 
■Ihi ijdi lijp " . :PHeea range btmn 27 cents 'o 
fff ceMa wllb the bulk of the house at 
60 cents. 

American exhibitors are going to have 
an opportunity in the near future of see- 
ing for themselves just what German 
producers have been accomplishing In 
the past five years when Hilton Douglas 
Eeilbronner, one of .the beads of the 
Munchner "Jcntspielkvnst.- -and ■- BtUt 
Fommer, head of Decla, aniva -la 
Tork with several dhnBv«f 'aHih!-«w« 
make. umtaaahaiiftai-^fM^tiaamai^' ^ 
Mew Terl^ friiaro far ' 
was la the: 

he %aa b0Ba«:-Baaaaia|r4|l|~ia 
^ Ihw paan Jipfigra^.tha war ho' fen ta 

.>^ljsnM^-c, Gkiman girl, and 

Wnensber father refused 

■tBJWVlIt her to go to America, Hell- 
bronner - .became " a Cferman subject 
Pommer is Oie D. W. Griffith of the Ger- 
man motion picture industry — still a 
>oung mdn Just turned SO^who has 
forced his way to the very top of the 
game by a remarkable combination- of 
brains and nerva In the days corre- 
spondlnfc with America's old Bio^ph 
halcyon period, Pommer was bliifQng 
German capital Into backing ' Um -as a 
film producer, although be iaaa thea 
hardly out of his 'teeaa. But after tJI, 
Ponuner and HeilbnMoilMr aie oidy two 
of many superlati«dy clever man cb> 
gaged in the-Cteiiaaii-ttai.ibidn8try °' 
.- And hi thatifftat Ikia null food f«r 
: ftiwHriain who care iny. 

>^^hig abont kaaphfk tfa Ifth faidustry of 
tha nnltad States not only in its pres- 
• ^ Impwtmee, but making it 

hteher plane In the facs 
y th e Ibtat liitanfc ent competition it has 
evachad to fiihl^ 

A FUrbanW release would never 
go for a minute with German audiences, 
because of the star's inability to act, and 
because of tbe wild imffrnbaliilitHa .Of the 
atorles he acreena, 

.tter think worth 
tha anfhora tiiey have 


tSaaghofer gets 28,000 marks for every 
picture of his that is ilhned. At tbe old 
rate of exchange this is' about $6,600. 
ITnder his contract the Munich concern 
must accept not less than six tOf his 
photo dramas within a -year— and as 
novo as be aMy write In 


' ftritoiaiK, Oct.* S. 

Lewis. ]L Bosworth, one-time vaude* 
vUUan, la suing his wife, Mrs. Gertrude 
O Bosworth, for absolute divorce. Hot- 
worth, now residing here, succeeded iat 
Ijaving the papers served on his wlfa 
on a Utloa street last Saturday after a 
six months' search. Service was made 
through an old school chum of Mrb 

The couple were married at Cort- 
land In December, 1906. 

Bosworth claims that while he vraa 
traveling the vaudeville circuit with 
his jugglhig act, bla wife 
the sights at Sylvan 
reaorta. They have no 

Lsfl LaeW Cireakvat llBi^ 

New Orleans. Oct 8. 
Nell Gilbert and Girla gave up tfa«l'. 
Iioew circuit : Um-. hya^:- .Mtnfniaf - tt-^ 

New Xoik. ■■ -.-jX. ''. X;' ■^'■•i^ i^. 



'- mir'Wataoii of "Beet Tnurtftea* fi- 

io b« commended upoa losloir the '^rturt." 
Tills oeaoon Watson has jratberefl aa 
aggregation of comely girls of medioa 
Use, with tile reaaU that be is tiie shov 
end not tbe glxls. 

iitf tbs ^botfJL tm sot 
.b whlta satin iliort 

of nUte Witt '' 

' Tbe opening «fl«ne was oolorfal. with 
the girls In blue skirts and pink txMllees. 
. Of tbe principals. Pearl lAuler carried 
•S tbe flag tor dressing. Her. clothes 
tm -to tiw tii^btlir dnped evening type 
•ad were nade of tbe costliest naterlals. 
A black iBce and Jet was very lundsome. 
wUle a frock .«f gold cloth, seemingly 
£ Jong, ^8 cut to Show a goodly part of 
^--fhs liiBbu JUl :0ir'lll«i IMfietB hsMl- 
^; i-^AtMna ymki' %gtntlwMiMifiiy 3«3g» >»t 

mt " ■ ■ ' ■ • • 

The imn ttook the 
Ipue* dtown-ira* tiny miaifi mOles. 
^mw tJkht around the ankka. Jm anr- 
Ortss was Quite ftall with hloe feather 

Pearl Turner looked her Trench cbar>' 
-acter in a tightly fitting purple aatln 
dress, made with a liigh collar I ut bare 
haeib Long back, panels were faced In 
Miss Turner looked very nice in 

: Bee Palmer apt>earea befcire a purple' 
baekgroond in a black net -dress. Tbe 
bodice was of solid 8sfa scales and 
the skirts were of many layers of tuMe. 
There was nothing new hi theinodel, but 
Miss Palmer looked very well. «spe<da]ly 
her feet. Ser only other diaage was 
«uite sinailar, 'the <aifleer«M ieiav aa- 

JtaC-ftoai Hm 4 



fliied or othtrwiae./ 

So long as Billy Arlington appears on 
the stage with his violin it : doe«i*t 
matter about the rest at fhn '•QbHim 
Crook" show. - 

At the same time it would have 
helped the show at the Columbia this 
week had the yhorus been better 
dressed. The costumes of the opening 
of the. flrst and second aet iran'-ttg 
only ones worth while. 
. <M the women prlnctp<js LouIm 
Barlow was the best dressed and with 
her dancing partner, Andy Bennet, re* 
eeived rounds of applause. Her flrst 
dress, it hooped skirt affair, was a lit- 
tle different tUjtn most. Two soubrette 
costumes In diaded green tfpA blue 
taffeta and hi .aerraral biange shades 
i^ere partlcuUarf^ '.handsome. 
Juliet Babnont -srare ma tad looiaiig 

as • Viotvra voenriOi Vw BefSire ia 
Ml ifisea to don a Tlnk chiffon negUge. 
She soon appears 'In a purple -one'plece 
dress. Uias Bergere knows bow, to 
wear evening clothes «nd her gown of 
Uboe with trimmings of brl|(ht green 
ebiff «t and velvet was traty beatrtitnl. 

Coiinne Francis (with Tony Hunting) 
appeared in an indifferent dress of peach 
colored cfalftan. 

.Bee fahmr. the muehty ovenated. Is 
dreasill|^<tha aaaae aa tiba |li«t week witti 
the eouivtlai « xaniavInK tha >aiMl^ 
4le0?ea «( iMT white 4r«aa. T^ iwnlt 
iii^'ilSiii/f0».9itmi^6^m^ mbft'or- iias atleiast 
Mis 4tf aetjAibirea 
away siiaicM hgr 
daanni. ' Tfte iaet was better dUa weak 
inasmiidi as It had been qiiickBaiBd: 

Hilda Wolfers (with her comical part- 
ner^ Herbert Williams), la Irokfng better 
this season. In a. brocade gown taking in 
tbe ripas and maure sliades with toiiches 

The eleventh of November is soon with 
vs mai^klnig Hba anniversary of the close 
of the . .world's war, but Ijltnt Gits- 
Blee'and/Irene JBordoni are still taUdaf 
apoa'^. Xbair act fairly Wdu «f the 
i^,.^Jjimgmttm^iM. ills« J9ov4mk|> 

sequ^^iowlat. viiiifr ^ ■ ■ 
neathi V j^wtMr goim waa ol 
idng tjrpe widiHoae fim Jet-ana .iftei ether 
bla^ velvet, the ^ttalh.'bdBg 'ttned la 
burnt orange. An exaggerated head 
dress was of aigrettes. Miss Bordoni's 
voice is fast falling her. Her singing 
of Mr. Gitz-Rice's lovely "Pal" song 
must have made the composer wince. 
She did much better with a new Irving 
BerUn ballad. 

S'allmi and Brown also had war Yeferr. 
encear Jdore credit to these boj^ of theif 
4ia their bit, biit let thein JocsiA % 

Bbrlick atfd 

wtUi M' en^B^ 

Hn' doiaftiihai, ; ften . one 

; ;hl : -:tii0KU. 

VtaaU^y 4fucf dUBott 
for tte more awderu 

VHQT well la °s akM aC 

te vursil» 

At least when you go to • anMn^^time 
'show, yon^see acts not seen before. One 
may also never see them again, but that 
isn't here nor there. 

At the. Americaii the show the first 
' iHOt aiienea with the; Vahtdona. One. a 
plump woman, aeeoied to nallat 
funny she looked la abbHwri>te| 
fit 'UawM' hdMra -'tidnanatt te '' 
ate'.-dK'felagMa'-iaMiir nBd-'ia i 
So that la ' not. a NdinI 
mayba. " • - . 

An act called McLaughlin and Jhrans 
do that lovely ^'Cbong" pninber in 
Chinese costumes. The girTs pants 
were blue satin with a rtiort inauve 
naadarin coat. She looked very thick, 
as she was'underdressed in a grean satin 
male suit The girl's Bo.wery number 
ranks with the niaay whieh haVa gm» 


Via" ant a 
in a lace 
m» «t her heat Plain 
fiidlowed by simple 
■11 wen made. A sort of 
was worn in 
It haa Antta a grown-up 
for Miss Kennedy Hud Jk dMpfk 
naturaL ' , ' 

One of the treats in New Toik.'ii'« 
Hon4ay matinee at the Palac%: to 'iha 
show good or bad, and .ttia.-waac the 
bill is unusually bad. 

Opening, Uaxlne Brothers and Bobby 
shows the clever fox terrier growing 
fat Kloss and Termini, two boys in 
food looking stage suits of brown, show 
nothing new. Valerie Bergere in a 
idnteh «a No. t U dohig ai jplsjrlat oH olA 


l i nB ii h i iit •# 
hnad tO'S'sntea !ln°4i'; 
ataiopl:. iMtd jCondar «» aaninr .; an 
eateitiiilile professional eaU. "Vnian 'he 

entered a man with a revolver mrdered 
him to throw up his handa Roienberg 
gave him battle and was badly: hurt, 
but managed to escape. By tbe time he 
reached the office the aaaaUant;. had 
escaped. . ' • • 

The wonld-be robber left baggage be- 
hbad hia^ ^ i f^tfag that haiMd.a^ thmm 



Vnak Uoyd In rrhree Aces and a 
Queien," by James Jfadlson, assisted by 
' Jaok Thome, Ann Pord, and Matt Wal- 
tara (Max Hart). 

fUattar and'iiJlUott in "A HnSband for 
Tea Minut^," by Charles Horwits. 

Helen Plngree in a skbtch by Edgar 
Allen Woolf (Sol Unger). 

Irene Meyers, single (I. Kaufman). 

Tetsuwari Japs Cf our '.' man* 'Ons 
woman), (Jack Flyim^ 

Five Vonsters (foar aea, one woman). 

Jupiter and Xai% .dor nn9 wmy 'act 


newapaper nun, 
ph^rlet caUed rroa aian AMI 
Lambert and Watson are ttttltmi, ^tUe 
^Urdtamabei^ «jt thk - — ^ 

4nlhi Cittaid in in 

Syi^m Ottaea ana: Urn PeOQck^ twa 


man ae^' ln -„ 

■0Bnnca rabtard, nioftbkiBiat. 

IBtinoA .ptiinK and GtewiU ^llanttt, 

I BMndtfDaviS' tdaaeo. 
"An the Ktara Horises.* 
I Arnt. replaeing Uiarle ITymi in 
•TOwt Lady* at BulTalo: 
Srthciln Clare Ward, with «n^idd1era 

lioalee Muldener, '♦BMendly Bnemies." 

Betty Rosa, formerly of the TOllies." 
has joined Raymond Hltchcock'9. 
"Hitchy Koo" now at the Liberty. 

Dolly Connolly went into the cast of 
'XSreenwicb Village Follies" Monday, 
replacing Cecil Cunningham. . ' 

Ada Meule has ri^laead'^lPaiBnr- 
OHea in "Tumble Inn."- 


K Rajr , Oomatoek, through William 
XOeln, Jus counsol. has brought action 
agataist Billy Rode and IVances White, 
alleging a breach of contract, dabnlng 
he held a legal document whereby the 
duo were' to appear iniii^ 'lda- aiiM|i||e- 
njent this season. 

Miss White is atop the Amsterdam 
Roof at present and Bock is .abotft to 
open his new vaudeville prbduetloii. The 
exact terms of the alleged contract will 
be determined this week after a eon^er.^ 
ence between the d^fwdanta and th^ 
attorney,' Alfired 
Qroaamaa 'ft VoiliainB. ' 


"Tiflk" Humpbrejr has id&d * ^thm- 
Qy" daaBEtmant In iha M^itt 
booklair oflleah /and nw a lrta d 

maa fiila end ftr'tlie IT. JL 

The Bennett J 
- children^ do Iltfle wlUi Erane. FrankUn^ 
"Juiitor'a Child.* Thear ehaiq^iM to 
. diort ekirts of two lace 'rufflea with 
yellow oyer dresses. Tbe yellow ma- 
terial had a border of many colors. 

In the Stewart Fallen Co., the girls 
wore A conventional frock of nuiuve 

Se O61IFXK si|4 'Ob, . . 
■ in "soiraa Toir Ziavm.'* 

Stataeaqne sad -Moaa*. a tellshtMl Btnger 
Itk tbe dMTMt •nnwiatioB. surilr oe 
Brokdwar manurar luu foen Mt as mu is 


not in a product: 
Hie -Kettb iMiaicsis. have 



' Lois Leigh, hurt in an automoti^le 
neotdent last week, is oonflned to Ji^^ , 
rata hoapltal on Statea ZslaadL 

McNulty is in Booseri^' fitii«? 
K -lOla^- litegumttte, »tta],;>^:1Mtl^ tNnfUgk r«aviriair;'j|l|f>^ 
cttirflcMbton 'aaat- tentlon;1^ #'1|praflMtiMk. tnpM<eft:|i^ 

Mike McNulty, who Im noev9!^tOK^^^ 
tnm an operation performed 4t :#al' 
Roosevelt fioapltal last week, is exti#Bt>i!>> 
ed to leave that institution l>y Satuawii^ 
, Ullion 3taok is at the AsBeridan Tkfp-. :■ 
atrioal Heapltal. <aUM^KO|, anttarliv 

ated oa nt the American TheahW^ 

Hoqiital, Chicago, and id zscov6j4|ij^^t ^ 

Lew t>ockstader was unable to 
his eogagement XiUneas) at .^Uh'a 
Philadelphia, this week, and . JCilt : 43a3> . 
lias took hia plaoe, epiiMnK ]<oi|Ui4^v 
'matinee, .--iu / 

iM " F ra w lcey it hal, owner of thavJUilk^ 
ATanne and Halsay #tra«t 
Brooklyn, is seriously IU with 


Oolda CI«MiIbU^(ll]nfer> 
iilttn, -«C;<lyatar Ba^^ 
New irork, OctiObe 2 

Grace Lang to Victor Heron, at 
land. Ore., September 30. . The 'hria<»' la 
'the prima donna of *"0h Teddy," and'^ 
her husband Is of tbe Heras BnOfwf}; 
atbletlo turn. Both acts are playhiir 
the same Fantifeip' Clrpuit road ihe^ 

Hr. and Vxi, Hoiria ^VHOdtt ^(>^fcbfn 
BuMan XNnoa^^) <|it; the SOsarooMfi 
Boapttal, 9r«w : 'lr^ 
daughter; ' 

Mr. and Mrs 
it, son. The mother is prdteiiMil 

■ "''Xt, iund 4fEa^^^a^^MiBC^ 
tar far " " ~ " 


Robert : H." ^iSit6;ii^mi'Bi0^^<S^ 


The lat jst edition, to the ranks <K( 
York musie publidieni is 
Co., which haa ' opened. 
Oale^ Theatre Building. 

A. Ji9tti^ head of the company^ hi^TiP 
Ing for yearn admired tM wrtttitg ifail^; 

iUr of Anita Owana, detemrfnied to>^(imir 
the pvbllihing dtia .wK»* her comsiDal^ 
timaM nJiQels ftv bin aong oatalbgut. 
.Ittete mmg§ If mi intUf 
cored bg a large ea«h payment.'' nnd 
from these three the Jones Co. bdUerie 
they win Iw able to popularize a ntia- 
ber which will rival, if It does not actii, 
ally exceed in popular favor her famous 
*^weetest Bunch of Iteisies." 

. Miss Owezui has for several years be^a 
writing for the Bemick house, to whSsSh 
^ waa under contiact to ^mUbi^^ 
ao«ci*]rwtr. .■.■■..(!'•■'"■ 

~i M.i-t»):..... - 


Maybello 8hep Aebbed. 

Chleairo^ Oot . t.' 
Bobbers got away with tiiWimtk 
itf gooda tr«ni the Ma^le; IftKiP 9a«e 


iieeHng Held Tuesday Night and Former ChiePs Resigiuh 
Ito^ Accepted— Rewill of Long Standing Row— Will 
|U#hm Made Vice-President— Club to Mwe Over 
St Regis Reslauranl--Woiiicil 
Plinneil Fpt;. 

the BurlMqae Club 
o( tt$ lut niMting, 
trtw w«re present 

cTeotea rBlntofa" 
Wm Boehm (Roelm 

lie resignation of Henr>' C. Jacobs as 
president was accepted. Mr. Jacobs la 
ot the Ann of Jacobs A Jemon, and has 
been the bead «t «l» «Wb ditttaB tha 
last two years. 

it'Waa deioldad to rmove from fha 

the thre« lloon In ^a bitfWiaf a* 4f tik 
street now .;l»«ri«»;U».8t:BiBlp Bff- 


Th6 building win be enliwly renovated 
and quarters for the acooeiinaidation of 
female members are Included In the new 

- plans.' This was impossible in the re- 
^-it^Marir' apaes of the present headquar- 

t«ifc- Tbo new home will be leased And 
tba'annual rental will be |5,5O0. Tom 
Wind «W be the eosiodiaa. of the new 
plaeei. "■■ 

L H. "Blotch" Ooeper and Ban 

Kabn donated |80O for advertising and 
eiqieBses which wlU be incurred M » B*!^ 
tti^mbership drtve» to be atarted IBI- 

v Jaia^ does- are to be raised and ail 
^mbccft B«t Itt good arianUos «fl} 

'!d>Wf|wd. . 

"<^iusgM:'tbatlt aad' <Mp<r donated. 
$1,000 addltlMMU, eaeh eai^tttntins ISM 

to the <slub treasury to pniiiMa a fluid, to 
guarantee the leasing oC tlM..aMr dnM> 
rooms and to defiay Vttm oCher' nd- 

- 4|entiU expenses of moving. • 

Cooper and Roehm were unanimously 
elected and thanked thosa present for 
tbetr fionfidance bi q^lwa of accept^ 

Bbehm's eiectten 
larly popular, aa^b^. kaa.totB ft 
weirker in the inteeMt .eC DM «hdk 
, itis ofganiaatiORr 

'i'^^BvAe9ia» irtodc may 1m installed at 
Qia aaprait Tieatit^ Cliicdnnatl. after 
ttie endeavar «f Uimr WeiliB^aui. who 
Moently bovglit tlie 'ilftiittfiSr'W g«t t&s 
. AyiMKieaB Wheel aibowa to. play this 
ItbtMe, came to naaght on Tuesday. ^ . 
' Weltsman. accompanied by his lintth- 
isr-in-law. Sam Levey, who operates the 
.(J^ltac Theatre in Detroit; Louis Smil- 
ansky, his attorney, also of Detroit and 
-Igas'y Herk of Chicago, arrived in New 
York Monday for a conference with tbo 
American Burlesque Circuit They had 
tvrp meetings Monday with President 
4360186 H. Peck and one with officials of 
the Columbia Circuit, IncludinK Rud 
Zlynlcka, who operates the Olympic, Cin- 
.cUiiiati, wh(; plays Columbia showa . 
. . ]i^eitzman told the Ameirlcan people 
W liieard they were anxious to get . a 
. liN^ae^n that city, so lie purchased' .Om 
Empretn, paying. IKH^iOOO for the prop> 
erty. ' Ite mttA'ht was ready to start 
av lw aMiia>t*t the 

at'lkla tfma eooldbot take up the i 

: sitipik.fnr'Clnciiinatt wttk him, bqt that 
' thte . ..(^dnnatl Opelratbig Company, 
which ^lirafl conducting the Olympic The- 
atre, would run the house and guarantee 
him six per cent, on his investment 
TUa anai)gem«nt was aot aatiafactoiy 

and Weltsman 
the opening of 

decided to arrange 
a stodc iNirlesqaa'' 

a secret censor. It la 
Ok tba CbiBBiMa Wlrtid, w^iteh 
ouutsjpat dM OolaiiBliU 
lag, lUw Yaiit 

' Ke caie aacBptlBg tlM oOelala ot tte 

Coitunbla'knowi lAiia Vbm aent 
Is. He inspecto attraetloaa aa^ 

on the Columbia route^ reportk 
to the heads of that wbed. ' ' 

While the travelling shows on ' the 
'Columbia time are reported upon by 
house managers along the line, these re^ 
ports are not wholly accepted and are 
confirmed by the single censor, espe- 
cially where the report Indicates a weak- 
ness of any sort in the production. 

The censor also reports upon the con- 
dition of the theatres, bow operated and 
gives a general reattna^ He la -aatd to 
be one of tbe' aioiit 4ik|^aiCed ,BMn tn 
hinifaaqaa 'aad was a a jmeto d tlirba^' nn- 
cajabiBtlea ter the dntiea. 

"tbuir ^^Mir 9hii ItHdlly had Ohailia 
Knam 4to«%IA •^M^^Bbo'* in B«t- 

&io oet \. • 

. Xaiirai' Hamlilidn 4ir Bwara 
stock. '. ' '■" ■■ 

Sella Clark replacing Veggy Branna, 
as prima donna. In "The Sightseers." 
' Matt Kennedy replacing wmiamJWMr 
in Sam Howe's Big Show. ' , 

Mtttie Be Vere and Franck Mackie 
for "Aviatioa Girls," «eplactng Bmeat 

.Ahierican Drops Bristslf N. it 

Bristol, N. -J., which has played the 
American Burlesque Circuit attractions 
Wednesday each week, has been dropped 
from the roster. The house was q|H 
erated by B. A. ZtMrMi |fho aintwla tlib ' 
Grand, Trenton. 

Levine played all shorw'B at Bristol on 
a guarantee, but it did hoit prove i^wflt- 
able. The shows will stUl.yliijr^nonton 
Friday and Saturday. 

Hastings Leave for Coast. 

Sterry Hastings, the burlesque .pro- 
diMer, and Mrs. fastings, left llUniday 
for a seven weeka*. vlalt to the CouL 
caiuL iUnwda la lit duusa |>C tiba 

«r K.C Is Ha 
G«NWga - Oaltagher, - inanager of the 
Ctayety; K^uiaaB City. Mo., whlcb plays 
Columbia CIneuK iattraotlons, arrived la 
Mew York Monday to confer with PriaaU' 
dent J. Herbert Mack, of the Circuit 

Lulu Beesbn Back. 

Lulu Beeson will return to burlesque 
this season, opening: with the "BosUm- ■ 

iwllll.ave an ingenue,: 

^piiriM^lii a tCo^: tiie' noMO 
..have retained. Hoaiae.. Qross- 
4> Vorhaua. their attttrheys, to 
patent the pseudonym, "Mary; .Barl," 
which heretofore has been the hon-de- 
songwrite of Robert King.' 

With the namis becoming widely ex- 
ploited as author of "fiefuitlful OUK" . 


Jkeeto ft Jtrntoa's "OoMen Crook," fofttartas 
BtUy Adinston, ti a food asod*! to iMttt«ra-ih» 
19ia bnrlcaqm vcltlolM after. It is od« of the 
elcancft dwira on the Wheel and doc«n't ateii- 
fle« aartbtnc from the MBttstleii. Tli«,.tbow Is 
Mbemlly produced and Is la two acts ud eigbt 
aecnca fonr «t the soease Mag la 'itae 

tttmlof It »bavi the aTenge. ' Tw«ty.«a» 4bai^ 
iiters are carrtodi, .noaa ot them raaatacti fiaor 
dlmeniloiia. Plijnically tbs glria avence «» 
well la sppMisace and are a Mr lot -wcally. 

Sl(ht cbaiigei an made, fonr in the Ont paft 
and an eqoU nnntber la the lait baU. All the 
d rewtna ntns to the knee iMglh eOeet. two eC 
the fltSUcat bili« oi»flBea-'dnsn*'vanr dae* 
•letter , ; ■ ' • 

gaBr aaida vriaclpsls anA:tve la>. 
lAiWagUa aiaaMI— tte ■ 
lifa tts Inflvt sbssMlari 
agtad job •( It ' 
Arilaatw- Is aiiiig B' Johnstoa for a nmalBC 
mate, aad 'Iha'iatter .doei a aap tramp to Ar- 
Unf ton's WIee crmcka. Both of the btta- with 
the Instnunenta were big laosb Kctters. u wu 
another piece of badnesa In "one" with Walter 
lia Fkye ai a nance. 

Jullett Belmont, the aiiow prima donna^ w»e 
irood itoflC. The fcaute' fSAloa is capahbr haa- 
dled. and the ataow bas a vtvadooib . 4vwy sM- 


Bbe taaai 

la.aal S wtlk a mie partaer. Banartr ttMt went 
•ver blii BMMet Shows a rsiy . wortbw>Ua 
xoutlBe oC •oeeBtrio and aciobatie aoft ahoe 


The vocal honors beloos to Ann Uyers.^ the 
Insenue, who habdlea lazs nambera In' bls-Unte 
Btyle, "Blues" waa ber best number, and the 
pulled "S' inodined ahlmmy which could atand 
elaboration, but they are gettlns cautious 'In 

Another atoslnc act In "one" waa "Xtm Fall 
MaU Trio" (Henneaaey. Ia Taro amd Carl Tar- 
lor). Very anapviablr attlzed in walk.tas solta 
.aad teppsrstlsy j«« sa»a wl f S bM i ji ii l sssi b i ii i 
to Ms tctama . . _ • 

Jallett .BdSMBt had a ^Mclaltyjin^^ secead 
half, and her vIoUd playlag and alngliiK 'sot 
over nieely. 

Aet' i is.aa aUeamlcal tiaVMtjr, wHili diaija- 
ten pattiMtac JNatfw, INUdtt.^ ~ ~" 
-ola.'jaM -;^li«iM ,aattlag'pl«a« mtmitiM 

■||-yaar lrig>: 

■ttm t^j\%iy'' - ' 

Beta* S >' aoMlaad, whidi followed- Ibe- Uaa 
need, by Berlin at the flaale 9t the Ont act ot 
the Oobaa .Beview a few seasons baelu Tho 
ehoriatera are ooaturaed In white, with black 
nuale notei on the dreaaea, and the prinelpala 
' are dreaaed accordlnsly. The aet Bbowa the 
'Voddeia of Music" and different Inatnmenta 
depleted on the' drops. 

Another lemlalscent bit la the aubmarloe bual- 
ceaa^ with Arllaston aa a gob and I.AFoye aa an ' 
overbearing offlcec The tangled talk aaeat Jtae. 
Baa* of tko ahlp has bees done la- e s ati i p il a 
by .BaymoDd and Caverly. 

Iff a aood entertainment aad as clean aa a 
bound'a tooth. Abe X«Tltt, now A. Oaaglaa 
Xavitt la credited wMb I 
aad alter 

iiMar «< gaabwrai 


Barry Cooper replacing Leb'! 
rBiit^[rfltos. Of. Roadway," • 

mni^^l^r: • lii ■ yeplaetaigV draee 

Howard at Union Square. 

Jim Baiy replacing Nat Brown in 
"Blue, Birds" (L N. Weber). 

Sky Shirley and Joe Burton for 'Tarla- 

Jti fiaymo for Sport Girls (Ike Weber). 

~Eiu^.'W9rd for London Bellea 

Sight Seen. 

Bmetf -miiaU* dooper. who deserted 

«B the CMaihiila CIndit' 
- Pay 'Shirley reidaolBC Jiaaiaa'.Haatt'lB 
"Parisian- Flirts." - 

'WhW Zella Russeh aad Bany 
Uo'rton leave the "Burlesque Review" 
tor a musical comedy production . this 
month; ESlvla Bates will'' repbui^ . Iflpa 
RvBse^, No svbstltato has beea.'CMai; 
for iforton as yet ' ■ 

JCitty Severe and Bmle Miuik niplA.c> 
Ing ESniest. Schroder and .GAMalfaal-'hi 

the ^Aviators.' '^.^.t^ • 

Ruby . Wallace and 
.witb.'1he BlueUid.r . 

,;>:.. .... 

Vkal flMiir 'lg * 
CM dnfhb IM ~ 
cannot be adjusted un^ 
of Justice' HcAvoy, In the Supreme 

Court, on an enjoining order Cot 20, was 
brought to light when the second bear- . 
ing on the charge of felonious assault 
made against James Hunt, a musician, 
by Fred 'Deacon" Johnson, was ad- 
journed for a week by Magistrate Max 
Levine in the West Side Court Tuesday. ■ 
The row and assault charge are due to 
the fact that Jobnison and severil «£ bis 
a ^bsnge-ln polloy <«t 
bl|r jlorning- It Into a btialheas 

m m rn i ll Trg wlu ^ xSSii'tSSS 
such move. 

The decision expected from Justice / 
McAvoy is one to enjoin the Clef Club 
Singers and Players Managers, Inc. from 
using the club house and deriving any • 
benefits throush the prestige ^Icb the. 
organization has etMlflMMd' In Uie4r' 
amusement field. 

According to Jobnbini.. who was InaU^ 
«C tlMjOld^iih ind. 1« pifsitf4f^ 

«Eteait.«C iw aervlett and Jair t&a^ 
dub 4100^. ' ^^Miii -jiu^^ 
ijane). " •Meathira -;iwiiiw''al|(a/liidHl)iad .'t> 
the club tor retreshiiii)j |pJ B»a other ob* - 
ligations to the stiin'eCtR,40.' Xttort^.r 
were made by' him and ^e club to coI< 
lect the amount due. biit the reply was ; 
that those who owed ^dl^ not feel as' 
though they should pay for the refresh- , 
ments or the services accorded to them 
In the club, -as they feljt. that this was ; 
all coming to them. ' " . r 

. At that- thn* the nte^Oiairahiii .of^. t^ 
^Vb- -'i^w- U»i and :^;-d^ ' wete; -|t,;|i^;^ 
year jnih, .a.-jbuc b(;^.^Ksvr.oaiw;ertat':ai»^ 
Mfitiu satartaiimwCi^^gb^tt In^the -.^ib.-'''- 

le'thla way. was'ft,MO; a-year, 'While ' 
the expenses exceeded f 6,000 a' year. 

" Jofanso{i sent oiit for members 
wlKMn he knew to be toterested In tbe'~. S 
organization and wai^ted to keep It in-'' 
tact About 160 responded, and at th»v . 
meeting it was decided to.^toiin the naarx. '^^ J 
corporation with a. .fi^tai lot' Attjiit^-^ fK-h 
raie ataarea In. the new ;«M|»aratI«n-.4«ibj?^ 
ni6d t ut' «aai,aaid to-Bh aimAwlim^t 

. „, ,_«lo»*i" • 'J 

liliini-ii'iiAriijMr aiweifef '- 
bar 'tbiifO i*h» ' 'danha aaabiat - fhb 

6M «Mu 'lb;fhla-ttaan«r- Jehaimn'toi«ie 
1 6,400 in stock 'and |t.40O was given to 
other membeta In stock for 'the claims 
that were held by them. In this trans-' 
action the fuznltnra' and other . b^<nig«. 
ings of the old iaBhr IWW UmiimI. aiwr ttr 
the new. • J'..' r.-" ->' ' - • - >• * 

A notice was posted in tlM hallway aC' 
the dub bouse Bepten^iar IS by Johii-' 
aon. to the efeet thtii- tto BMinbraifa^' 
list itf iOia aotpsKitibB haid been clwed,' 
bat'. ■Bgib'wii-'dL tfiie -iMnr iar^- 
''wnM'-ba ^lyiMltttf Ste 
9hak^iaiqr.-«ft\'«i]lea:ta .jpM^"- : 
his aaaB and I&ivai-'tlli''«i9: inui bsA^ 
tohbn, He'thstt ciniiMMtbeaijiu^ 
where Johnson lived and requieated pier- 
nlsslon to go into the club rooms to- see 
if mail was there for hbn. This pennis- 
sion was denied by Johnson, who told 
him there was nothing for him, and that 
in the future he would have to keep out 
of the building aa he was not a member ' 
of the new corporation. An argument 
ensued between the two men, when,' 
Johnson alleges, Hunt hit him over the 
head with an iron ash'tray inflicting a 
wound which necessitated liia cgotatjg'ta < 
the t>olyclinlo hospital aaii'lwrtBga'-tiio '' r.^- 
stitches put to his aealp.- ■» .- ' " 

Upon .leaving the biqilta^ Jtfbii»oireb-' ' • ' 
tainada sammons.for'Hiiht in the -r; 
Side Pbltee Court, but aa he could liot be 
found > a wanrant for felonious assault 
was obtafaied, which was served on Hunt . 
laat Satiuday morning. 

The case waa heard by Magistrate 
McAdoq that morning, and after hear* 
ing the statement of Johnson and testl- ,1 
mony of Hunt that the complainant had /fi 
attempted to hit him with an unbrella ' 
rack lirlor to his Wving struck htm, . 
the heartac .waft put orsir aatU Tueateyw : 


; -4 

Nmr Twk 

' fMiiw0lnnios 

IS rarelKB... 

- 81ari« <9f>i««> IS e«aU 

L.V1. ,jfc,^.i-» 

NO. 7. 

I AUGUST 2*. mt 

is- "Ot Variety, published weekly at New Toik. 
f'r.-n,.Y., for ApriU 

' State or New York, Coanty of New Tork. M.: 
Before me. a NotuT PuliUc in sDd for tbe 
Bute and count; a>forenid. penouilly appeared 
. ^lodiuk JiBwa,*'Vlnc beta diilr ■worn, ac- 
r 'Millie t» lftw> dtp«M a«id aan that, k* la th* 
aMMcer «C VarMr. tkat tb* Cal- 
•"Biiilhi l«- t* Ik* bfit of hia kaowledg* Mrf ba* 
£ vlhC • tfM MttoMtt ot the owMnMy, aaa- 
-■gnnent. etc, of tha aforesaid ptiMlcatlen (or 
. tbe dale iibown la tha above caption, required 
. . by the Act of Anroft 3i, 1012. embodied iQ Sec- 
tion m, Poatal lAWS and Rcsulatlona, printed 
M tha rrvaiM »t ttto fMm. to .wH: 
' 1. That thKaiuMi Md add inaf of the pab- 

ine pab- 

• am' - 
i^yjMletr. lae, KM 

Wf^ SStn^taM SDtWHM,- Ml 

Tork City. . . , ■ 

' ~ lUamfing Bdltor-Moiiih.- - ' - 

:: . Bsdneaa ManaKer JMH» iMIH> I'M 

way. New Tork City. . ■ . 

S. That the owners ara: wMll|S',flH 
Broadway. New York. Cltjrt *HM fM 
. . UM Broadway, N«w Turk CKy. / 
s>'L^^:& . VMI dla kaMHi boadhaldets. mortnceaa 
2$^'aat Mbtr wHmhtt boUera uwdIbc or baldins 1 
p.? Mr wML' tr Moi* ot total aBMiat of baodik 
^'VWflMM.«rMi>er seearlUea aiwr Ntaa. 
m ' ?.4.'^tat llM two baraKtaphs Mat above, gtr-- 
K"'. tar tbe ntimea uf the owners, atodthotders and 
I',., aacorily holders. It any. contain not only the 
U«t of atockholdcra and secnrtty- holders as thay 
appear upon the buoka oC the company, bat alaa, 
iB eaaes where the itockbolder or lecurlty bold^ 
i' . . appears apon the books of the company aa tma*- 
p - tM or In any other tUluciary relation, the naaM- 

a( tbt penoo of torpuralioa (or wbMB 
> la acting; la given, alaa tkat Ua mM two' 

„ J*a (Ul fegnwledfe and bdlaf aa to the diw 

aomatancea and conditions under which steck- 
■ kolders and security buldera who do not app<~ar 
. .wpun the Ixmks of the company as truiteee hold 
atock and aecurltiea in a capacity uther than 
.that of a bona Sde owner: and this afllant tiaa 
BO reason to believe that any other person, 
■elation or corporation has any iiilM 
Indirect In the said itock, bonda ar , 

- ties than aa as stattd by him. 

- &. Ibat- tfe* avaiaM aamber bC eoplaa aC 
-aoch iaaia aC this MUlcatian aaU or dMrtbutsd. 
.tbraogh tha aiaila ar athcrwiaa. to paid aub- 

- 'acribata 4«ttar the aU aiaatha .preecdlnc tha 
dale ritowa-abova la ...... <Thl8 inforraatloa 

; .Jata«Und MB dal^ vnbllcations only.) 
f ' ' ■ .'• . JOSHUA LOWTB, 
^' Bualneas Mnnacer. 

m>„: ' 3mom to and aubscrlhed before me this =Stb 
*-.-.«i;y of September. 1019. 


With the Productog Manoserv* A8M> 
'ciatlon a pennanent inBtitutlon. it majr 
'-flnd a profitable-^ field worth' ezplortng 
' iter the benefltr oC^ Its mamlMm la the 
.theatre ticket apeculathm bwinHaL flie 

^^^^I«ir Xetk Jloard ol Af^m^ *tt«np«ed 
help the puHle^lb tliMre tiekat buy- . 

^^oa flpees aie < . 

tti«jegitlamte'fbeatre brafcense oC> 
r$v-«Ma that do sUck to the SO-cent In- 

Other epeculators In coupon* 
are back to their old tricka — all they, can 
Mcure— with the public again, liberallj 

mented clientele, that, U through the 
ruab. could not iid& idt'10iMittHilnk' 
go upstair*. , 

-. Witii tha 

to «o 

^ang- - 

t the municipal 
' iiC. any city 
tlBKf - fil* ■peenlKtttttf |iMftto*,vhM 
tinf iMettoe imiui im aaeBii^ya <»tof^qihi 
But tlM thaair* nnnagm cu. Th^Jtil- - 
ways oouM. It lent a question Just noir ' 
'Whether the managers want to or not; 
it i* to their interest to do so. If the 
$2 theatre is now 12.50 and going to %t 
or 13.50, why not have the public satis- 
fied with those prices? They would 
likely be quite agreeable to paying the 
amount at the box offlce. They have 
jMild more to the specs and through the 
eztortloit became iftcensed at the spec 
and theatre as well. If the ttekets were 
on sale at the. box ofilce^ the fwa|fd* iTMlfUl^ 
go there and buy them. 

production cost before the show opened, 
through .the specs purchasing large 
blocks ot seats fcir four or eight weeks, 
paying in bulk \a admnce. It guaran- 
teed in a way a nightly sale and this 
was the single advantage, unless tbe 
Kodneer was so badly in need eC monear 
iM^bitaA 'vox, reittsti' ••• • ■ ■ • • : 

111* Aswointion muld take the place 
«C lb* gpeaiaXBr in the nattar -aC 'Iniys.'' 
SoMlir VWMBK llM IL A. BMittiMn «M 

speculaton eontaliL I«t Om AmnSb^^ 
ease a prodveer tx iltiaMm'^l^^ TiimaA 
after the production ha* beeii inaide. if it 
looks like a box office card. The-Aaap- 

ciatlon could take a lien on the show i 
keep the tickets away from the specs. 

Pmiitganda Is the answer to . i^e-edu- 
eate <the public— propaganda bbA- a new 
.iVSlMi With :thaatre tnasarant - It's 
JaaTft^tMBtlon «e.d*llun and fltnla with 

who oi^ epM» tbaatra*. ; VlMsr pco- 
duce the show or give tiie dunir. a the- 
atre to. play in: Uiaii* ia the.invesbnent. . 
Then they sit hack and ^low tbe iqiee* 

to malte almost a* much it not more 

money, comparatively, than they do out 
of the attraction. If we found that 
VARlETy with its mariced sale price of 
15 cents could be sold on Broadway for 
80, IS or 40 centa a copy, Ave would 
eitlMV increase the. price of \ARIETir 
.aw:«Bl«oaraelv«*i. v.- ..>^^ ..- 

War^ the Association to start a cam- 
paign of education and do it on the 
-level informing the public through the 
AHy press that , seats In any theatre of 
a nMOabclr could be secured' at the box 
'.tiMB jtiwit palas 10 M* tbat those 

it er BOL it-we^Mnt b»:-tiHW; t>«' 
'l!«iflv tiiB'«wblie bscanii 'aiiAHr^ ot the 
ebuwe fh' Mindltiaiiik. Ttat':ilUi|!$M<^ 
ih'itfl wmbuncenicnts cbbM ai^ any 

theatre patron buying theatre seats at a 
largtr premium than 60 cents per ticket 
inform the Association, giving it the 
name of the spec who overcharged. 
Upon that information the Awoeiation 
could :take such action as ihigbC b^suit- 

The Aasociatitfn ^aight do as a bod:^ 
what one individ(HiI.aMiHiger ii^s cta^ed 
. an often eafc. noC hai' dtoiaa -Thaiv 
\ fbe)pi'eiM:M|^i 
l»^ltldntiik ■beOoliNB'Ife'^ 
2M$a' a IrtM to- uany. Juat iirlfir 
fbas' «Mit wiwif to atop, it eoiild'haVe 
bCeii explained in the past by tho conii- 
ml^ion percentagie they received from 
the brokera. But that is liQ reason at 
present with the managers In a position 
to secure more money at the box oflUce 
in 'the actual sale and increased box 
ofllce price of tickets, if they obtain the 
good will of the public at the samo time. 

If , RTOpaaanda costs the Asscciation 
tlOUOOO yearly for'two years, to accom- 
plish UiLj. it would be the best invest- 
ment' ever made fdr the legitimate pro- 
ducers, with its efltoet outside bC N«nr 
Ysrtr as well as on Broadwa^r. It waoM 
ia Oir 

. The 'Aiaociatien might- take up tbe 
.natter with a Tlair to onee more indne* 
■'tag the pablle :to ienoio an advanob asla - 


;;«Mrii« tiiilr tbM. ■ But Uiario si-ta tto 
- : .«aatre -itta they do' thahr tiokit* 
"at a ticket hrahawia' omea^ Whattiar «hr 

VhMjority qf thaiKfre atteoAmts on Bmad- 
;'Way are native* of New Tork or tran- 

. 'aients has never been determined. The 
presumption is that transients have 

/ l&ade the Unprecedented theatre busi- 
ness of Broadway for the past two 
years. Natives would not pay the prices 

l-'r demanded. Natives can flndJi 

' . to go: transients can not. 

ent flf -towBt.-atfflt .aei 
far the theatre^ re- 
'^Hait' allsaia jo( the- manager and 

Ticket speculating is a l^UmatO 

business when it's legltlmat<i. It's an ac- 
commodation, and as such Is worth a 
fee, but It's not legitimate when some 
specs stand' la together for the |<>{» 
price any one will i>ay and procure tiie 
tickets for these sales through sources 
the manager may guess at if tie does 
not really know. • ' ' . ' '.^^ 

The troulilo with ticket speculation of 
recent - yean has been tha "buys.** 
Speculator* as a- body beaamo jrtrgniger. 
Unandally. it aaamad, thaa auuiy* jpfdb' 
du ttw . " tte'fbqv* Waa a tanlphitlMi and 
aoHw-flt 0* Mnaalrllirina hitT* CallMi Mr 
it. mr mm a chuMa to .4i9''Mit tho 

The hotel ticket agencies on a chain 
are the best "plug" for any attraction if 
• they work for the show. These hotel 
stands as a rule charge but the 50-ceht 
advance. The other specs are liot plug- 
gers in that sense. They go after the 
big hits, for the most money at a spec's 
otflce Is in the big talta Tliey want the 
tickets for that show and they get them. 
The tickets bring large profits and the 
people in the front of tliia theatre where 
the show Is playing know that Can 
aiijrtliiiiK iio -plainar -«r»: * waa tar l o r 
but tho 9t«daoar and lattltoT 

-"The initial performance of the Uurlfl 
Ostrlcho show, "Dream Olrls," which will 
' signalize the appearance of the former 
screen artist la spoken drama, la ached' 
uled to open ai ! tlte Lyceum, Pateraoa, ' 
N. J., in about three! weeks. 

the last time this team pUyei for 
Loew Aenttof tiMr^'jphlMtr.-.iM, 

weekly. i/-'''"^^*; 

Madame Caro . Roma has left 
Tork to take charge of the CoiuiMnp<^>^. 
. tory of Music at Miami, Fla. 

H kolailike a dianoe for thriVf M. A.' 
to build up aomathfog wtth-ihf JJhaatre 
patron that wlQ iilM8e .tfeo-.9«BUil^^^i^^ 
nakia oMi|Mgr..ior. thai^.nMui|Mar. Mo one 
kobira'-wMn tho 'lhei^ .1* going 
to. if the specs hu been able to send 
it up' twice as high as| it should hkve 
gone then the theatre managers should 
be able to send it at least half that far, 
without the specs being allowed in on it. 
There must be a lot of prosperity in 
this country. It's apt ^o remain and be- 
come stronger. Pros|/erity ia so nunpant 
that the cut-rate ticket offices may find 
difficulty In holding business. And the 
cut rate was the only speculating office 
that ever did a theatre any real good. 

The theatre iii!ghl have escaped an 
admission war tax if it were not for the 
specs. Or ai' leiist^ tfie/thieaiTa' .wou.Id 
have, been much more lightly taxed tNh 
the M par. leent. ptit im. and'the threat- 
ened ad^itlooal, It per eeat ila. Wlish- 
ington there .are' pnitiohllPbiit fwr' fi W aa - 
tors and CCagreasniett im - lihTe'^^^^^ 
been ,np aiiUtial the^ tl4»i 'iq^ulatora 
taf ' Mew Tdtik 'Wheiianir they visit 
.^OidiAway. tliey sao ;tho shows and jjiay 
"Ugh' liar thmb IHmhi th^y are tai lVash- 
- ington. they rataia. thM grouch the specs 
gave them. And.-' ti^'ene.ver •"•'(» opiwr- 
tunity arrives the the$itre«tare nationally 
soaked, all theatres. . because the law- 
makers class all theatres as the same 
an.d figure such things can no* go on 
without the managers jknbwlng of them. 
The Washington bunch Is. a. pretty wise 
one itself. Then there are, always the 
local officials, who ^o through the «ime 
experience. That leaves the theatre for- 
ever a mark, figuring from any ..ay. but 
especially becatise as the official, wher- 
ever he may be looated, has been soaked 
in the p^et, be Ul ever ready to soak 
back In the present. One U. S, Senator 
when In New York net so .lohg ago' wa* 
obliged to giv«» up'SiG for a pair.<)t Mttti. 
WMt 'iMiiddn^ he j^o to any theatre ^dr. 

Louis Magnolia ..haa. been appointed 
manager of the Sttiuid, Far Rockaway. 
It Is one of- the properties of the Strand 
Theatre Company, of New York, with 
tjia aaaao policy, <jc4cturcs). . 

Edgar McGregor, who produced "The 
Velvet Lady" here last season, wiiihea tO' 
deny that Solly Ward has left the cist 

■ The atery ia la«t week's VABIBrr 
that Ryan had ^Mi -av* dtekarinfe «tlh 
Loaw ta d«tfaA^lv"thi»^!niiidevflllihi. 

Harry Thoflfiam wUL' . . .... . 

nlversary oC U* ^iiir-^mtrilli^a^ ^ 

.tober xa. ■■ : . :-^ -.y-^iM^^mi 

! 'nrho. Roto and the khnuf dramaUiecftl^i 
Ifir l^ttlei Louise luUek front Thacken^l^i;:^?^.. 
fUry stoiy of the same name, was re* ''o'^-^ -' 
Vlved Monday night for the last ireek <»t'- 
Tony Sarg's Marionettes at the Proy'> 
incetown Playen^ Theatre' In Qreenn^oh 

Wish Wynne, the English character 
singing comedienne, will open her Amer* 
lean tour at the Colonial. October tt* 
B^. ipril^^4|i4^..M,-thf ...f^ 

' havo' ' atrtib-'-'-Bavo -.....,1 u. . 
Thoraday'.oB tho Caraiaiilaf .' .TiWh'. ooyi'.^ 
had coatiacta for two. . years abroiad;-:' -^^^^^^^^ 
Morton remain* abroad aait will plajf -'v'^V^^r^ 
on^ the tnlaaoe of the bookings! wiw i y '^-^l 

. a nec paitnor... Kramer. .Will break! in ik. 
"ainglar " ' " 

mf^y*^ : Maimer ::^V'j^:>.ik 

CIsofsnte Csmpanini, director of the^ vS 
Chicago Opera Company, is Id the We«t 
for an extended stay there, putting thoV 
finishing touches on rehearsals prtot^ tp^ . : 
the tour of the company. Mr. CiiiB- ' 
paninl was accompanied by Madaia.'- 
Campaalni and Alleaandro Dolol. , ^o - V 
nearest ainger in atyleto.Caruao'VoC.jija .iV- . 
praaent gcnecatton ot VfU^iibmmm^^ 

At. Straasman is handling the pttV?^ 
liclty.for "Where la Your .WIfe7!T>«^h{|h^^ 
opened at the. IHineh A ^ Jady;^Bpip^^ 
on Saturday night 


Chester^lliUBfcwall 1^ been delegateil^ 

to . assist Billy" X)elah«y in bookiiqi; fiui.r' 
string of hoaaiMi in tho'|'amiiy'I>i^M«> 
ment. Keiair itiN^aiica ' WkuOarilOi-^^ 
wa* lertaeriy <H9len«^Jfll^ 'th«rrs^ 
bookihf ' oAew .hai; ■JiHt>bMa>nliai|ft^ 
''Ihe^l^/B:? Kbyii'itflir' i*r^^ 

BrtMjotikhir'tho v«Uae$fe^l<f)i\t^v: » 

fiiM'Hlir^rtll phiea^-hl* .neif ismS6«S^^S^ 
-mnaieU'-ahow;' "Keeping Vp 'Htm'^m^^^^^ 
Jonesea" by Jarhes Herbert, In reh0iftf«C;^' ^ f ^Y.^^^ 
next week. The show will havo -^^s^ 
principals and 16 In the choniit j'ttfe^Jv&jS^^^^ 
opens ia Syracuse Thanksgiving week-V ^'^C«f§; /; 

Leone. Cass Beer, dramatio editor- 'e< c 
the Morning Oregon ian, Portland^ -Ore;»^%7 
arrived In New- York Tuesday to s^eiottyr- 
a belated honeymoon looking ovfer:;tlii3f ^ 
current attractioi|S' with her huabipd*' : ' 

H. w. aiekit'' " 'V-'-- ; 

Hermsn Im Roth has rietinrned to Ktblr v 
T^ric after three weeks in B^jd^ 
Ife, Rolfi ;said %■. waf M th.eatriciiil?'^ 
viotee .oaise that ehnlM bira Wea^'^'; 

William MoiTit inn leaite New 
W<4><lMi^ 16 Join the'^giwry 
fUe'jMji4 ifcartfT-hi'B^ 

■ 'l>a*Na,liirel*:<ne.,^haa 
IdHilhv MQivorting cast fM "rrhe' tM^-^VV^., 
eal 'lOniieat'* a comedy drama: Jti^~~^ 
CaHton, fiiifry Burkbart, L. A. Barrett, ' 
May Harvey, Barbara Orey, Lotiise Fife '! 
Allen. Qea StiUwelt and CharHM'Otarr 
ney. The show will' '0|M ''Oel^'':>ir^^^^^ 
Harriaburg, Pa. ; ' 

William Moere Patch ha* called off 
the rehearsal for the musical show "it's 
Up to You." Vatch say* he lias returned 
the script to tbe authors a* It doeH nji^r 
meaanra up to the atandatA of ou^reift • 
pivdiMttaaa: ■" ■ ' ' -'^^ • -^^ • 

Qiiiasppe Do Luoea, baritone of tha* 
liet'^ and ono of tho' a^oi^a on tM: 
bill for next duiida(y-:idmV:«a)h 
4hh Hi»90droMa^-tNi tfeptMed-^' yeiN - 
IMIM «r Me Inability 

PIOY G(m(»tS 100 Mi^ 

Part in $1,000,000 Drive as Main Object of Actors' 
V Mottonal Day Exercises, Dec 15— ^Meet- . • 


'inntiioM ^it^inouMStwis^ 

Sjnraoufl«, Oct. S. 

The Tv-Brmest theatrical -newspaper 
war In tbe lilstonr of Sjrraciue Is now 
on. Tbe struggle started on Sunday 
'When all but five theatres wltliarew 
their advertisinff from the STraense 
• . . ■ ' ■ . •' . Post Standard, the honses remainfnir 

■ . helngr the Bastable (barlesqce). Temple 

W . , - _ , ^ p ■ . . and Crescent (TatiderUle), and the 

ietwonc or Conimittees Throughout Country rormect to Take Happy hoot, Regrent and Top (pie. 

ttjresjj. _ ■ ■ , _ . 

WbSUi the figfat prlmarttr «u 'Mined 
;St . tke Sundagr Feist ' BtaadarO, Om 
iiottses trtaltih wtthdr^v also cancelled 
their Mflors for the diiljr {morelniir) 
■fiost Btuidard.thia iiM0^'« 
iMBBserii AM to H MftaveC it. irar b« 
A 10B«*^Uini* MtHW «h* Post' WUmitutA 
■fidta cKcium their tmvsr- ■' 

Aoemrdiiiir to the juMfeferR;' lUieir 
aethm iris caused by 11liit:'ptkt!af»'\'iin' 
nenmeenieiif ■ of iiigtliBOipiiMif ''<boit« In 
rates and « geaanl llknitrii «n t6e part 
ot the PAst' Stiuidara Bwnieetneiit to 
slve the theatres aervlee. Fartteularly, 
the house Qianagers axe kicking against 
the Post Standard's method of r^ew-; 
toff the shows. The notices have been 
eat to a mtnlmuin and one line heads 
used. The twit, the managers say, Is 
not with the Post Stsndard dramatte 
^itor, but with the men above l|lm. 

Perhaps the matter would have inot 
reached the show-^own stag« had not 
it been Intimated that advertlslns- rates 
were to rise. The Post Standard ;S«m- 
day edition has about half the city 
circulation of the Sunday Herald, and 
the theatre , managers eould not see why 
'- sImUIA «s»Bet u' imeli. ••■i^,^''-^ 

: '^itlh the goyAmoriB of 40 States and 
IM tsayors <>t more than 100 dtles 
actively interested in the oountry>wlde 
Tiietirork of comniitteea, the campaign, 
/for the milllon'dollar fund for the Ac- 
"torsV Pund as the main object of Ac- 
^torsf Memoria] Day, December 6, is 
iaipitdly progressing. 
'^'''IJits week will see several important 
iqie^tin^a in New York In preparation 
ior . the final reports, due November B, 
^^j^tib is one month prior to the me- 
-ilDmrial and which is the date ~set by 
'^9'MiniBiitees for the completion of 
drive. One ineetliir «t ' t^. Lamb*' 
(Shibi Wednesday^^llwtr' 1i(igithOTl)i«^ 
the > ^taetroitdUtan «oiuiidti«M; and 
.Vbim^. .a nesting of thui^ ' aiaii-. 
■migeka waa hdft ia ^eb( pleaii lor ttw 
li^cfqniULBces OB the atterQoon «f . Se- 

r:l;4!fte ifortc eit f|ie o^iwibtf^n 
JiiBti^ .^vartoos JBdiiatrlea te «ot 
•niinc tldtets h^t In aerarlBc; pledges 
and contributions. So ent|iusiastie 
liave these weekly meetings beien that 
yr. fiL ("Bit BlU';) Edwards has set 
91.000,000 as New Tork's quota despite 
that tiiat sum is the total prlglnally an- 
ticipated. A sample of the Idnd of- 
feel^ expressed by memhera of com- 
mittees, who include some of . the bler- 
.. . . geat men in the coimtry. can be eited 
1'':^'^^'' ^ . from a meeting last week when the head 
1# I'-y^;^ :^ «f a certain Fifth avenue store said he 
.^pYjjtild (give 92.000 for a gallery seat 
.^{iciiets for the Memorial Day matl-' 
ar«. iMit hetng aold. The commit-. 
MMn lOedgwa .«( j«ontrlb«timit 
inivli retWB « batch al tMna am 
:|pin;ih» MMdhw. The haaa of a 

theatre may have as many as four 
conunlttees working for its quota. One. 
of the few theatres not given more thaiv 
one conamittee. Is the New .Amsterdaffl, 
which 1» assigned to .the New Tork 
Stock. EUchaige. 

Associated with Mr. Edwards on the. 
Greater New Tork Coaomlttee are John 
D. Rodnfeiler, Jr., Henry P. DavlMn; . 
Cleveland H. Dodfe^ ^KmilaiB'O. Ife- 
Ado«b =€tooiOT IIT* PMUiHu * 
nrkmii; Ubiiatk . 'ZiVdeeker, 
U. aiMB, Mnrflnwr Ifc 

tndte fiiefBOMi. te Ita anabenritip 439i^> 
•mar. Biw^mla .Stieag and thM* oOier 
ftdind raisnpa hank governors^ the gov- 
ernors oC. 91 8tatcsi.Bs>Presldent Wil- 
liam n. tait, Daniel Frohmen. J. Ogden 
Amour. J. Hamilton Lewis, Julius 
Bosenwald, WilUam Fellowes Morgan, 
and a number of prominent women, 
among whom are Mre. E. M. Harriman. 
Mrs. Courtland Barnes, Mrs. John T. 
Pratt, Mra Lewis Slad«b Clioe' Catpenlar 
and Alice Kauser. , ■ - 



It Is said that the 
drew thedr advertislnir ondep!I^w 
ment, pending the orgaolMitlmi 
.jot.^a jpianaferBf 

Miiliilkirtoti ftB 

lot Mn tMtetii 1mt th» 4hi»b» i 
to It;- th» ttdteu behw dlgMtHittd by 
Wk' «imtrnnttor smoiif his amplovM 
, . T^ie haale idea In back of the pbn Is 

-mat the general publle was asked so 
auuty times during the war to con- 
tribute It is not now ta be asked to 
purchase tickets for Memorial Day. The 
Ms men of the country have acknowl- 
edged the debt due- to the theatre and 
its people and, therefora they are tak- 
ing the burden of subscription upon 
themselves. At the same thne the the- 
atres will ba tilled and it is hoped the 
Actors' Fund will be made safe in per- 
petuity. The committeemen In their 
talks recognized tbe fact that the Ac- 
tors' Fund in Its present condition would 
call for financial support every to of- 
ten. So they are determined to "All the 
haskeil in one sweep." Should the drive 
figo over the top" not only wilt the Fund 
, be permanent, but the thirty yean' bur- 

frii/^'^-~4»n ot Its board of dlreotors be lifted. 

.' iSr, Sdwards demonstrated to .Uie 
Tarlous committees thoA tlwir ewtcPni- 
tlinil will 111 ^ w<0! xeinoiva MNM ' 
nr» of income tax- for fli« piMMt tbAt. 
It was through hSa eCCorta aa tax wA- 
liictor that ainy contrflmtioM to the Ae« 
tmrif Fand In this <bilv» pUl ha fire* b( 
liiiBdnMi tax. ; The pnnbun «|E flteatn 
:11diwti|i.liB mtt enmptimaer aw Imr, tat 
(ii»mtrIIratloos whicb lead to lh» ctft «f 
tleikets Is exenqit. It .waa i/bmn that a 
. «pinniltteenid;n . Bialdnr. or aeenrlng a 
. cohtrlbtttlon of 9600 means that ordl- . 
aarily 9200 of that amount wooM go' 
iio the government income tax. 

Of tbe round SO legitimate theatres 
IB New Tork, there have been 108 com- 
mittees assigned. Each house is given 
ii flertatn' quota ol' money which should 

Tha 'ooflilnr to .the Playhouse iaext 
wedc '«( Oenga O^; Tyler's prpdnetlon 
«f »A -Tonng Mah'a Fan^ started a 
lot of talk about the alt^d'resnmptlon 
of iriendty relations between William 
A. Brady tad A. I>. Brlanger. .Inquhry 
failed to reveal any foundation for tbe 
rumor, the reason for the switch of the 
Tyler play from the Criterion to the 
Playhouse be^ the lack of sufficient 
stage room at the Criterion. From 
Providence, where the piece is .plajdng 
this week, cornea word that the produc- 
tion carries 12 scenes, which have to: be 
changed quickly,! wma 'Vfog tallt Mi. 

There seems to be no slghlflcigaM' itf 
the playing of a Tyler-Erlanger attrao- 
tlon la ttfe bouse ot a Shubert ally. 
Cobsii and BaxOi pMNotod '^Tlw iM- 
tla TeaelMr at Om FliarhOMa aai .lut 
smr Btadr wodnoaS niie. InaMtnn»> 
tible wur at tho Mmd. ' Asata in 
the new IMWnafhin Aov iost opeiwd 
at tho Globei; are two 8faidMr» atttetai, 
WUda Biauwtt aad - Jtfha 


Wilmington. Del., Oct 8. 
Harry Carroll has been here rehears- 
ing new numbers In "The Little Blue 
Devil," a musical comedy that opened 
Monday. The piece has made an ex- 
cellent impression and Is expected to 
get over when in finished foTm. There 
Is a lot' to be don^ with It Mr. Car- 
roll , comes down from Philadelphia, 
where be la playing Keith's with Anna 
Wbeaton, each nlghtt rehearses the 
numbers all morning and . reftma. io 
tho Quaker City hi thao ^ .lAior 4ha 

Fraiak. .'QiUmctre^ ^eeuttvo i^Mn^ljri^ M 
the Actors' Equity AsaogtotteB^ iiygp bald 
been cortously , ill fto tiM liMt tlwoe 
weeks at :his hone In Sfiunomtt. Kiwi., 
la n^w im the roaA to sood Health again 
and eapecta (o nangMvhls^;^!^ 
Equity; oilbae jOStiit'OviL U. 

The. seveno' lienroas brM&Anini suf- 
farad by Giliinow. ao the result' of his 
numerous tettvities dnring the strike, 
was ocmpllcated by the AOntraetlng of 
a bad cold, two weeks ago- 

A. E. A.'S PL&T BEADINfi BtmE&ir. 

Plans for the establidunent of a pet** 
' Bunent pinr readlnir bnreau is behig 
eonaidered by the Actomr Utility. Asao- 
elatlon. Siieh' ia biireai^ iim establlilud 
durlnr .thiB Mceiit atrllstk:»lth IIm oWeot 
«( eo-opkattva -iiQodiMdtpB. A aoattniia- 
tka «< tbio 44>^xttiont has not ~mi pro- 
.avetagj^ In vloir. but'iather thatftiir- 
lanaUcn of a aeryiiBe tfCmilae to aetonk - 
The idea Is^ that In the reading «t 
plays roles suitable for stars or cluttae- 
ters suited to others would be discerned. 
Such 'itora in mind would be so in- 
Informed, and it would be up to them 
to Interest managers in the producing of 
the plays. It Is considere'' that such a 
bureau would not only be of aid to play- 
«nk but to authDrs as well. ' •:< ■ 


Syracttso, Oat. S> 
Evelyn . Mason, with "Bringiag ' Up 
Father in Society," which played' the 

cood .-«ld: ''«oao«iaa^-''iai^^ ' 
ftr xaara In tba •^Aefhna^ 
Terseneaa-AcoQraoy" ahop of Pairk Row 
■eema to have -passed and In its stead 
there has been Injected ah' atmosphere 
of the battia fronts of Europe. The - 
reason la that Xionie V. DeFoe. dramatic - 
erltlo of the World has taken exception ( 
to the fact that Karl K. Kitchen la do-- : 
Ing the publicity 'for the Xtaymoad .^1 
Hitchcock tfMNT fWtie^-lEotr tha -i 
Liberty. '1 

The ftrst indication there was some-^ 
- tblnar' wron^ came "to light last Sunday S 
when there.failed to appear in the reg- 
alar dramatic department ot the World | 
any announcement of the opening of °'s 
rHitchy-Koo- ni. the Uberty. KItcheti :: | 
.was "kidded* regarding getting some- •■ '% 
thing into . his own paper and stated ^ 
that Mr. DeFoe thought that it was 
"unetWcal" for a member of . the . staff . ?i 
of any publication to do. publicity Ijiir- ;l 
a theatre or a .ehow. : Tpbo matter «nu| ^ 

awn refeKzM.cita tha vnu^^ 
and them was an' sunfaaienBeii^: j6ada' 
whcn»r'0*:*ttraetloii w«a auieaaeed:; 
Jn tb^ neiars cohunub: -' 

put that atartiid lui' iaaw battle 
wbieii the wMa «i4i^9 - aeem* to ha^ 
baconiie «f ' lata lovolved. Sldee 
hava beiaa .athiai.-Mi^flA fluestioii of, 
"otldes.". . . ■.■.■'.■••.'..■.■■■...; ,-■ 
^ Kltcheft atatoA he ba« Wn working 
for the Hftaheadi tBterwM 
than tluieai'.Fwn near 4ad thi» question 
had. aavw' -bsAifa eoito .vp: Howieveir 
ha .atalad aiafr lia dM' not heU^ve that 
ha. ^nia doing ahy inoro Work for Ms 
attraction than Mr, DeFoe was lor 
David Belaaco. Aecordiner to Kitchen, 
DeFoe edited a book on the theatre 
which Behwcb - baa written fmd the- 
stbry .thAt appeared in « recent , laoe 
of The Satmday .Evening Post .sigoeil^ 
by Belasco was written by Louis 
Foe. Kitchen alleges, and states hfl. 
authority for that was the " ' ' 
manager of the Belasco office. 

r Oct 8. 

. When '<TarIdr, iScrihroom and Bat^ 
apinea 1 fere Monday niglit. Oene Cl«|it. ' 
land, as md^udy, played Nlta LdsUii' 
In the piece. Dorothy Chappell, ep- ' 
gaged for the role, disappeared aher'' ^ 
the Wellsboro eagaceaMnl: Satiiid^;^ 
night *' • 'i;^;-: 

.Reappearing Monday afternoon 'f6^{'^ 
demanding to go back in her role. ; J^'. 
Dick Rider, manager for the eomipany;1K^-'^ . 
fused to permit her, stating as she had; 
nrmoircd her trunk from the th^atr^' ,: 
leaylser. the sfadWs propertlaB in IM^ 
dTM^ag room, the role had b«ea Xxuxii^. 
ovnr to If Iss Cleveland, ' >; 

Miss Obappell wanted to return by 
virtue of tba twp^^raduf wUoa.: 
left hera ter nav-'^riitlc.'; :." 

' ".»"•■?■ ■' 

. • — ■ ■; 

The time booked for Marc Klai^a ; 
production of "Petroleum Pete'V 'la: 
Scranton next Monday haf been shift^ 
to the Walter Wanger presentation''^'. 
"The Purple SUpper^** a piece "by. Maifia'' 
Thompaoa Dawfeai alagad by -wllteih 
~H. Post . 

Wanger has switched his booklngav 
from tho Shuberta to K. it B. 

'^^.y.^"^' wX"l^ S -FLIRTING. rampEWl^^ 

Tha allow g6«a to AOantle 


Phd - Mlndn haa 'immMded ^beeea 
Brndnr as draamtlo edftor of the New 
York Tribune. His Ate jtUcIo appeared 
In the paper Monday morning under the 
caption ot "Capt Impudence." 

Mindll is a press agent and . has held 
the dramatic desk down vrovjouaiy In 
. Ua mwapapor «ar«av* 

bride of Attomay Bdward P. Ifai^ 
of Waabfugton. D. O, ahg«;l|y before' tiie 
Saturday nuttlaae^. rwiim the bride 
aada ^ aatraaea at..aia.|natlneek the 
orchestra struck up the wedding march, 
and Wra. ■ liiirpiv waa called to the 
iront iot .eongratmatioak Ifrs. ICnr- 
l^«iWftt remafai wltb tha ahow for n 
f«w waelai, later ' Jotailiiflr her huaiaad 
la Waahlngton. 

Lord Dunsany Over Here Lecturing. 
Lord Ditnsany Is diie in tbisi . . ... y 
earl; - •'-t- week for an extended lecture 
tc jr under the mana.: -nent of the Bond 
Bureau. The titled playwright I" ret '.ed 
to Sir H .-aoo PIunket\ th(; T« - r. 
His Ijicture subject wlU be in retatbw 

Ous BiU la contemplating puttlnt'^ 
over another ahow In tba first olasa' 
hottsea. He has arranged with Mort K 
Singer to produce "The FIteUng' Prini* 
cess," a musical piece atas«4^ . In ' Cht^' 
ca«;o elffbt years afl;o. HUt^feoia It Is it 

sood piece of propwir io» ai» iiaat,:aad . 
has eaglBsad Birry Bulcalr for Ua fiir^'- 

nar nia.-'. .' 'r. ■■. ' 

Theta MUl ba 99 peojpla In, fh« eoa^;, 

■ ■ ■'/ ''' • '^--^i 


Henry W. Savage is stairtlng prdduc- ; 
tlon on a new rural play which miiy be ;; 
ready in about- she weeks. The ijiiece la ' 
a dramath^tlon of<'aiia~'rt Jaa. C. Lb:--: 
oohi'a tides of ^ Ca)^ . Oad' foOu. TbaV 
attvd'a ^ttle to /"ShavSaga.* , 
. ■ . ';;."::•"■■ . .• ■■ .. • . 

;5 ; 


iKJ^KKVC'.'.:^.' ■ 

lilis jmm B^iEEN 

Ck^ tht^M Aji»iiut MiAM«w by Joint Arbitratioii Boatidi 
blil^^¥^fril4i^ It Be Reopened^ ; 

Sa^t Edwards and Franldui^W in Vitiii)ceville ;. 
iuiid at FinI Refused to Re|«H^;io^ 




llii^^^imou^ the tUr«e or four odd cases 
Tviil alleged dlstf Imlnatioh by managers 
^^g uinMit : .Eqtultjr AietorB'^ Association 
l|^ ati| wiliitMi BtUI remalaliig to be adjusted 
iiif'rtho ape^T Joint P. lA. V^- B. A. 
; 'v»arbIimttoit: oommlttee. . aulte. the most 
: ^tmusual 10 that <tf Iid«ards «nd .F|«nk- 
< vs. George -l*fl<tfii: 'Bdwatds: ana 
^■?jfranklta were mp«hW "J*^*** 
'pIFtaefi .. nanaidd x;-lwr:"?Iiede*er. •. : They 
i^g^jiritlked out 

;PiChlcago. , ' ■ . 

K ; Accordintr toi' the' complaint llteff wltti. 
ji tb6 committee tte team applied for re- 
SS^instatement ftUowlnf the -strike . and 
|t|^re offered Inferior roles whtOh/thejr 
illifused. ■ , ■ 

gJi!:' TMwarda and Franklin say they then, 
cf.^^^ed an agreement with iMderOT that 
■^:'Wh would kbtde by a decWon of tho; 

committee. The- committee decided In 
vr 'tavor of Edwards and FraliWln, but, 
5v aOcordlng to the latter, when they In- 
It lcnned Lederer of the decision Lederer 
P^Mttsed to enter latdT ii .cmiMwiee with 
pfii«M. '■ -v - 

PSf'Lederer say* -the whole affair was 
ISStiidently a misunderstanding. "Upon 
Sl'th* resumption of - 'Angel Face." f ollow- 
Ipiag the Equity strike. I sent Bdwatde 

wheii tile ' strike 

^SSuoA Franklin a wire to report for work, 
lililje wire was sent to an addrwa Bd- 
' 'irards and Franklin gave me. They 
:^'tiaimed they did not receive It. I then 
read in VARIEJTY that Edwards and 
i^^nklin had been booked for a tour 
° 'jlC^ie Ovpheoni iClrcult by Ernie Toung, 
Chlii^ ageht, . I wlred>to. jToung 
^t^iniiiiedlately. adcing information' ai^^.to 
.'Vaudeville Mtas.' The wlre 'ivas 
to ISt. Batt by Mr. Toiinfi'. where 
i«a«4b antf JYankllii were' . playlbur. 
Tounir later wired me-fiwKrde- and 
il^ had |afiwiBed.h&a lli^ 
inimeajiate^. odl oi(f tteir>iMid^^ 
.^klngiBt I . '■ '"^ '■ , ' ■' 

thei^ to.iUwiaiilfe AM 
^A-ffif-a aeeoiril time t^ report; but: thiir. 
^pled to do ae. ' laater thejr piit rtiie 
JUnatter in the hahds of tfte Eaalty. 
il^eanwhlle I secured Tyler ' Brooke for 
'ttr. Edwarda* part. AbOnt ten days 
<l||o I held a, conference with Edwards 
i;aad Franklin to reach an understanding 
<§:|riiereby the trouble might be atralght- 
j'ened out. At this conference I sigrned 
|^%hat I believed to be an agreement to 
llinbmlt to arbitration. The Joint cOm- 
"^;^tillttee heard the case and it was sug< 
;^gested I place Edwards and Franklin 
! to, other parts 'in: 'Angel Face,* whleh I 
j:Mreed to do. Edwards and Franklin, 
l^boirever, refused to accept the parts of • 
cferca tliem. This refusal took place In 
5i|he presence of .wltnosses." 
■ifi The Joint committee, according to the 
^fequlty, :nformed tiederer he (Lederer) 
c- irbdid have to abide by the original de« 
^tlplon. It Lederer continues to refuse 
;l)>, make . satisfactory settlement with 
:JB3ward8 and Franklin, an Eciulty olB* 
i;<!rtBl stated this week that the P. iS. ~A.- 
V *lll call itpoif A. L. Brtanger and Harry 
Powers to settle, the. latter being the 
vtmiers of. "Angel. Face," of which Led* 
-;*nr ;le manager. 

The ease nuiy lie given another hear- 
.-vtag, Lederer hwrbig aaked that the oum 
[^>s reopened. . 

' Acra IN "QAmes." 

! with the movtaff of the "Oaltlea of 
;»19" from the 44th Street to the Wln- 
rJ^r Garden this week, there were several 
jgWflt changes Inoidentnl to the wlth- 
Jflrawal of Nora Bayes and Brvlhg Fisher, 
j^ho left to go out In Mtaa Bayea'"La- 
Flrafa**;.: Among , tlw addtttong ate 

the Klein brothers and Davis and :bar. 
nell. formerly Cole, Russell and Bavia 
At a ^hearsal Monday afternoon a 
flopk of choristera: aiid^only vamped, 
saying |h|!gr were tired; 1»ds In p&rt led 
' fbe ^11^!^ t/baw, 

The following Is a copy (tf ttae.oBleM 
arbitration agreement numh^ -of' 'the- 
JBanlty and P. M. A. are called- upon to 

xalgl^ ^fore a complaint la presented to ; 

. the:<iolnt P. M. A.-A. EL Ai arbltraUon 
committee for adjustmeiit. 

between, .and.' • . ^ ...^i. . • . 

. iiA fbiiBtderation of thla agreement is 
the' aanii «f One Dollar, paid -Tiy <a«*' 
vtatjrj^li^M^ tlM- other; the.r9C#lpt 
WlHn«o< >1s heriehr;: ael!ai«»w . 
other good anil' valiia^f bontUMra^ 
passing between the paitlea. - ' 

StSerencjM 6t opinion hairtiig ariipea 
between. . « ■ i • « . and . . • •<> *.• ^r^f. 
garding the terniis of . ; . . . .^iSloyiBMHBt ' 
and the present status Of thehr oimtnie- 
tual relations toward each otheiv> and 
the prxtles desiring to have all matters 
of disagreement and dispute between 

. them settled by arbltrattoni the parties 
lHiNl>y,mut!ialiy agree that'............, 

• ••• •••••••••*• • ftUd •••••eeeeeeef 

• •■••■»•*••••••• fiDld •■«*.•••«•••••• ftfO 

hereby chosen as arbitrators, and 

Is hereby chosen as a seventh arbitrator, 

' wh(^ la to have ^one vote providing the 
six iurbitratOn ortg are uci- 

' able' io agrifie^'' The said' arbitrators are 
to hear' {he'eytdence of 'the^ parties con- 

■ oeraing i^ld dispute' and tioVd^lde and 
aettie the u^me, and the parties hereby 
:appoInt 8aih arbitrators thefar>re8peistive 
agents, with full power to flhally decide 
and settle said diaputa; or -olalnik and 

: ■ agree tiiat the 'decl«lM:;.iiC-.aaldrai1iltrii< 
tore -shatt. opi^rtit^ta.^ft •gMenieiit be- 
tween the pacUea liMliig!theaanie.l>liid'> 
tag foroa «* If tiinMI vsmi IMw«pa th» 
parUaa Mirabat and akidl be JIbA ' 
. Vha partiea hereto ahatt ivpear.before 
the boacd :of .arfeitrators aa appointed 
herehy . and 'gLlre their testbnony at the 
ofllcea of ihe Actmra^ Equity Association, 
ROOn^ . 608, Longacro Building, 1476 

Broadway, New York City, at M. 

on m» 1919. 

The , deelslon of a majority of said 
arbltratora Bhall be the decision of all. 
It shall be made In writing and ahall 
bo signed by at least ISour ^tf the ooneur- 
rlng arbitrators. 


ilni^rprlnts of X66t4:Cwber, in the 
ehorua of "The Passing Show," playing 
the Lyrlo, were fohrarded yea- 
M VtM Dndianiv^ ivplfoef lja fba 
aiiihiMrttlMi. ' ■ ■ 
Mm Ootfear wis tmaeily a daniit«r<. 
ta-lav oC imas R. PiuroaK a . 
Chicago broker, who was found dead in 
his home two weeks agOb 
' A subsequent iiiveatlgaUOn by the 
police for a possible clue that might lead 
to the arrest of the mysterious assailant 
revealed, it Is allied by the Chicago 
authorities, ° fingerprints of a woman. 
These were taken ftom the Impressions 
left on a plate on the breakfast table In 
the room where the wealthy broker died. 

Miss Corber obtained a divorce from 
Thomas Purcell, It has been ascertained 
here, July 17. 1919. She bad llwd iit^tK^ 
Purcell homestead five years. 

"The father^s ohlet objection to me," 
sho said, "was on account of my age. 
He had a penchant for severe sarcasm, 
although possessed of many admlraUe 
qnalitlea and firlenda. I was only 17 
whan X- married. However* there was 
-no -teal apmltr IwMeett ha. -and I fitA 
''v«ry''vS«iiry^'fiir'.^the :iaittbdei'y--«C --hbi 

• coHAir sncL mas. 

.*., Chicago, Oct. 8. 

George M. Cohaii gave out . an interr' 
view, here in humorous but uad^l^d|ng- . 
.ly. bitter vein. When asked wheOiar .lm 
intaiids to do a, COhan Bdvue this yMr 
he aiuni;ereA %et^.C^^ 3Hrrlte. 4, ra- 
. vib."' ialM atafed IhailM ia throuiih 
irith.MiiaridtiMi^^ <j^. 
not i int#id to M imd: 1^ :;ha #01. 
retail his ifmc Vtotfc' atuB.CUIaU^ 
atrM and' wm ^l^'wcita a^^ 
plays enejich^ to Heiiii V Ba-^ 

yond tlwt ha satd^Oat Skm^Hiwiftauwin 
conUnueMn aetlve aharge .of the.arq^ 
affairs.: ' ■ • V -V ^' 

He stated that his daughter; >C(eor- 
gette. will soon be here aitd.' he fiitifods 
to put her out In k play, adding •Bvery 
time I see 'William A. Brady, presents. 
• Alice Brady*, l-get ■.Jefihwufc^-^- 

George M. Cohan returned to . l^ew 
York Monday after a trip to the -Central 
West, which had as its main objective 
the viewing of 'the world's series ball 
games. He said tbat' his first hunch 
-that the series was a cinch for the Bed 
Sox made it easy for. him tS.iiiat*"'^; 
final games. 

Mr. Cohan returned to prepare tor 
the Actors' Fidelity League benefit at 
the Century next Sunday. He Intends 
to continue his vacation after that. 


Following an objection raised by the 
p. M.. A, against the Equity uahwtba call 
boards for A. Xh A. atlokwi notloiM of 
meetlnga etpi, tha Bqiiity arranged yes- 
terday . for eadli . tnntiUing deputy to 
eangr a nhall baneUn hoardi whlOh wilt 
'ha plaoed near; the ireguhur call hoard. 
The P. 11 A> ha8 agreed to the auhst;)- 
tute plan.' ' 

B«Vity4«PUties formerly appointed by 
the president are now elected by mem- - 
hers .c( their respective companies. In 
ao eccda nce with :an amendment to the 
Bintty hy-latnp ,adbpted last week. 


While the opening of Comatock & 
Gesfs "Aphrodite" is sot for Nov. 10 it 
is still undecided by the management 
who will play the title role. 

Several applicants have . read, the 
part. The role calbi fiw, ft 
uniiaual oaj^biUtlea 1 

' . QeMge Blumeni^al*'- long assoelated 
with the late 08ear , Bhuiim«^^ in 
business, in eonjuisetioii With 'Others who 
venerate the memory of the deceased 
Impresario, has started a movement to 
erect a memorial to his memory. 

Just what form this memorial shall 
take has not yet been dotermlned and 
win not be decided until all interested 
in Its erection have been consulted. 

As a preliminary Mr. Blumenthal has 
addressed a letter to all grand opera 
artists, all vaudeville, picture and the- 
atrical managers, asking their views. 

The letter reads as follows; 

''May I ask tha consideration o( yourself and 
tbS other thaatrlcal nuuiatren ataoclated .with 
you la New. TorK city, to the- end of planning a 
maniortal to te vromnlgated (or the lata Oscar 
Hammeisteinf' ' 

"Am you know, I wu.- aassOiatad wNh Str. 
Hammerstein tor nany years, in his. various 
theatrical ai\d operatto ventures, and I think It is 
fitting that those men who knew him Intimately, 
and who admired his Indefatigable work for the 
advancoment and tutterment o( things connect* 
ed wKh the theatre, and for tke theatro ItseU, 
•hontl Join. In pUumlna a fltUng nwaiortal tOy 
perpetuate Ms ataM to sons war, tor . the 
> tbeatn-solns pnhlio o( the (reatMt otty. lakllhe 
world. . -. ■ - r. 

"May I ask the Indulgence ot a reply fiway^ 
and your views on this subject?" 

Sollta Solano, last general press rep- 
resentative for Smith A Golden, is diow 
connected with the Albert Cafip^OiA. 
Productions in a irimtlar capacity. 
.'"Wallace Mtinro has succeeded to her 
post as pirem -agent, for Jehii OoMen. 

. OoimbU t^. whleh 
IdMday; Oe^ber IS, wtil'M «be oocasi#: 
of holiday maUnees In all of the Heipf; 
T'ork theatres ar irell as other thei^tNi^ 
throughout the country wherO the daj'^St' t' s'ii'' 
Is^ observed as a legal holiday. It wilt " 

.4 kl^'^ ■■•'■■■'■i<". 

mean that this will be the first time 
- sthco the settlement of the actors' strthe^'-^' 
tliAt the playeM win glTi| sttm jperform-zc 

The question of extra salaries for tha^.: 
extra pnfbrmance w^iU come up kt thi»; < 
OVid of the week. Under the strike ^tr ' 
tlement agreendent the contracts thiit ' 
were in force before the strike hold 
good, and aa these did not contain the 
provision that^ eight performances were 
to eoMstl^ute a' week the players working . 
undei; them will ,not- reeeive pay for Uie' 
extra matinee. However^ a numbet;.-M^^^ 
miMiagera Mvo? ^agreed; *o :v^-'to^^^^0^:0m 

. ■-rt'.-i-,,-'";* 

ojttra niatlneo whetheif their jebpiiix^A' 
read tt»t:Way or not; ' ' - ■ i' '■y''^^:^^iiMm 

All: of the;c<mtiaeb'tlf4t^H(i^--tftoak^^ 
ent^ hit«» Mhm th^' stdfce h«ld'«ha^:' . i vl 
Uiases attd/lM'^pliyarir^^':'*^^ 
thrtr-BaUttyr«l*i--aii' ''^W^:^^^^ 

, ■ 'Aa aa' 'afteriii'ath' -'oi^'a' e^umige ■ auit'fiDr ■ " " ""^^ 
|M;mtvMM! .began several years baek,^ 
agkliist J^eber .aiid Fields, Marie Dr^ii 
ler has begun another suit for 1793.84 
against the same defendants, alleging 
the amotint diie her for certain gowns 
aiid^ other wardrobe apparel she had ^ 
personally purchased for the WebeF: 
and Fields' big show production;: the-' 
Weber and Fields' Revival, which ra«' . , 
In 1912 at the 44th Street Theatre. The "^^^ 
defendants, answering to this .suit* 
through Alfred Beekman, of Hotise,- 
Qrossman & Vorhaus, wbo- repr««toie!;&-^;^ 
Joe . Weber only; . state-^that r her^*^,^^: 
tract stipulated shv.'YiiM ;-t6' p^ira 
.her own walrdrObe: ' ' ■ ' ■■P- 
The lafger damage suit, which is itM 
pending. It Mng. oplned by the atie«:;> ;.'^ 
neys that ftoth will come up fOr tiSilC?^^^ 
sUnuItaneotisly heiil.^ontb, ta 4Uso- .g|i;'^ - "^^^^^^^^ 
outcome.; ot ^thla-inaae' liroduotliin^i^ 


"Maid 0' Money" Is the title sel«otei - . -^V;^ 

for the nmslcal verskm' « •«i»W8<er!£ 

ifUIionB" m whttdi GkMnirtoOkift:^^^ 

to )niar.aarrriw&^ 
. ;.nuida., 'Inr-'Guy: vBoltooi'-'-'with -mueicv^by (^''-.fiMnvm 
'MMM^Kem;aiid-^'lyriiiiB-by Bud ^Sylvi^.'-^^ :>;'.;^-'^'>^^^ 

- .Tte pieMfls to ba placo.1 in reUaai^ 

ikext'wreek,' and will be brought to firoad- : 
■' WVr altar a brief out-of-town heartai; 

As much as could be ^enrned of Stuaii 
Walker's plans was disclosed ;'0*sterda.]R. , , ,. ., ^j, 
He Bald he had ''tentatively" under r^n^^^^i^yT^^ 
'slderatlon the prodaollo*i.of;.Lort?;l>;ijip;:?il?Si^ ;^ 
sany's only four-act' |ii(Wr.;''i!hrf:;n4l^ -^"'•■'^ 
it -is still unknown.' • ''■ * '■ "■'^^'^ 

Mr. Walker has under consideratloniA ?-. ; 
comedy called "Svvie Spreads ; vHOlK v . 
Wings," and twO plays by Bootli 'TwklW .,*;- 
Ington, "The MagnlAcent AmberBona^,';^' 
and "The Gibson Upright." ' - ^ - va^^v-^^ 

In the latter piece he proposes foatar-:^;^; iigs^^ 
ing Gregory Kelly, now on tour with^^^^^ ^ ^; 
■ "Seventeen." . He will olsov revive.^ whit^if ^.^ra..•*fei^iffl 
Bock of Job/* ' r-;-^v.>'; 


Edith Day la to star in a piece called 
"Irene" by James Montgomery. The 
production la. to be fostered by a com-^ 
pany at the head, of whlcH will be Carle . 
H. Carlton. In the, cast will. b'o Oeorgei 
Anderton, Sidbey .' JlirvlB; Hobart ,Cav- 
anaugh and .Fldrehoe: Mills.. 
. 'l$rhen .,tha Vigwdm^te ;ia to t^^dineak 
it na;y,;lie' seei) i^.^VQtili^ 

•.'v .-X''-:. ": . / .'.^ j:-v;,;.;"V' ; iSii^ 

- . •v.'-.'-.*'-.':l'fK'; w8 


'■■■■■iiJ ^^l 

, Edmund Lowe, returned frohi ;>lhe 
coast where he has been appearltig Hia 
pictures with Clara Kimball founiK 
has been placed under , contraot . by 
David BebUKsa ais, leading man: for |<e« 
M>n-inrle >ui; hsr new .production for 
the coming-aeason entiUed rrha S^'s 
Daughter," by. Ckioige - ■ • ^— ^ — * 
SaVid Be|aae«. / « ' 

. .-.■■J. 

t«ald fUp From NowlieMf Goiiiff— Two Tyler Slioivt 

■ad O^bW F^iil^ Aie Dne 
'twt- L^^ns' Slliir*...; 


tiM X^vta baA a Alee Btact TlM yiMiB 
benefitea by good advance billing And 
notices on Ita New York run. Renry 
TiaW and Constance Binney scored Indl- 
vldual hits. Press reviews were warm, 

^RIM: Ones Are Gradually Being Forced Out — Grace George^ Chestnut fitreet to light business and 

very\tItUe enthusiasm. The musical 
- version of Pinero's "The Magistrate," 
however. Is well acted, has some catchy 
music and ought to improve In Cavw 
during its stay. ,l?he iinajorlty of t^ 
newspaper reviews were ftivorabto. 

Business is varied among the other 
bouses where tlie attractions are holding 
over. At the Shubert the AI.JolBon 
■bow, "eUttbad." coattmifB tio ttadc *eiila 
to at evenr pocftoniuuiGek vUIe Ctowio 
mite's •«eaiidgli at mS" is nnidBig 
a eloM aecend frttb-^cowM iMiiiM .lit 
the Fiunifait Xast we^ 
got. elose to |28.(Kift. .while tli«- <!lleHi- 
dals" tO(Ac down furound «2M«|. ; 

This Is the final week for 'Bstney Baro 
nard tn "The Hon. Sam Davis" at tlte 
AdelphL Business has been fairly good 
and It should have drawn better. 'OJp 
From Nowhere" com^ Oct IS. This Is 
also the last week of "Three Fices 
East," which has been doing line busi- 
ness at the Oanrlck. David Warfleld in 
"The Auctioneer" opens Oct. 13. Mrs. 
Fiske remains another week in "Miss 
NMlie «C N'Orlecuu" at the Broad, where 
business Is only' ftdr.' The. .play . and 
eqweially ■ Mrs. FIske's 'a^fljtittd .work 
>ere9ited a'deddMRy.cAoa.'£^^ 
.diMq^te the light eupport .ftven 

*The liogic <C X^iny? li aaMlMr 
.tdiy that Is-.iiot ttairlBi^ . TIm «udt . 
her^ I wwe v iftf . la fp, the Iwiiao It to plair- 
fajR/jte'-netMiiy eeeina .icr drtnr lIieiiB Ja 
at tha'old Valnvt except :tlie feU lorld 
draam /Of the ^*>ob«8i8teT". stoflt ot the 
sensatlohal kind. "The Old Homestead" 
comes to the Walnut next week. This 
piece used to be a recoM bnaiker'at . 
this theatre years ago. 

v^Tba anusaal feature oC UM 
e» iMffoeBtage of saocessea tadleateS. 
-Otie after another new ones have been 
Stalked up with plenty of run posaiblll- 
tles. Up to now most of the new offer- 
Inga have been non-mualcal, with com- 
•lies hi the large majwity. Bat with 
three musical pieces Ui this week and 
tliree more starting Monday next, the 
Munal pn^wrtion of offerings has been 

Forty attractions hold the boards at 
present. Next week has scheduled the 
: aildval of at least nine new shows and 
i^aiaee there are lyut three or four with- 
drawals due Broadway wDl nearly readh 
r^cr.i^^s-, '. ,^^^ regular theatres not 

being the Betasco Costniy 
Ctfia Utfle (the latw beinig enlaiged). 

jrtow Hat, the biggest slaiM 

ipedc «t laat year, for 
la -ibn Sfttta VFlionMir.'' 

'A XMdr BMBetf* a* thti 
Iblugmv ^Nothing Bat Low.* arrtvfaig 
p^f^^^i4^tlM Xyrle; rA Tiomqr Ibatm Itecgr^. 
i^?^V' 'lPP*!l»g to the Plajrhouse; ■ "BWl' 
WsAJbjOr at the Bijou; rrbe Xnek of 
Kavy" at the Manhattan: "Five o'clock" 
1^ at the Pulton; "Boys Will Be BoysT* «t 
the Behnont; n^he Faithful" at the 
Ctenick and the new OQmlc opera season 

I aMtodraaa. "The Btom," at th» 
Forty-etghlU drew attention and. dupes 
up for a long run. 'Moonlight and 
Hon^rxuckle" at the Henry Miller should 
eaojoy a fair run, bat "The Dancer" at 
the Harris- did not create a favorable 
Impression. ZlegfeZd's new '^Midnight 
Frolk^ at the New Amsterdam Roof 
has started off to big takings. A mjrs* 
tery farce, "Where's Tour Wlfer* draws 
little attention at the Punch and Jwly. 

Big business rranains the rule for the 
successes and with the hotels crowded 
no slackening is expected. Next we^ 
(October 18) looms as the most impor- 
tant shift date for some time, with the 
probabilities that no eztenstye Influx of 
new attractions will' maik ttie going 
mtll late nest montb or perhaps not VB- 
tiltlM lMBd^na Thli aqaa' t nnBan tlMMt 
anr iliQfB wU alw.' airtvlBg: fbr .fluM 
tM enon^'waak gpeta.ttf ftiif^"ovft''at> 
tnetfonii MMBg:. tie jhoM tlis pireiMit 
, pace.' , , ■ ' 

liia,l|IBdeB -;tliNM .iMt' 

Vha sticcesaet-. 
gUt^-lMit .thA.iarop by otlMni' 
liM^ as t2.«HI «D «te wade SIda- Mad 
to Ipaawdl^^ aotfbea to the low groap 
4|A|Hniiandl:t8 sending out Saturday *iSp 
' ftiqia' Nowhere^ from the Comedy, lb be 
replaced by "The Five Million (now at 
the Lyric); "She Would and She Did," 
whidi suddenly flopped at the yander- 
1^ and wlU be succeeded by "At 9:45." 
whldi toovea up from the Playhouse, the 
latter theatre getting George Tyler's 
~*A Totug Man's Fancy." This piece waa 
^^.iiated to succeed "Thunder" at the Crl- 
■v^Mf • terkm, but a "trade switch" with W. A. 
iij-;*#JBrii4y was effected, laiowlng the Golden 
v'^-Si^^voOerlag another week at . the Criterion. 
:,]^ la thea- to be followed by another 
Aow. ^'Qtt the Hiring Une." 
^. . t'lduMlUMr riioW' to step. oat fb "An Ex- 
^®;Si->*l8ii^ leaves the 

'.''BftQV''''tO' iw a lf a. 

tSi¥Mia«L9temi aot «Ct«imsp-rB«. 
Sam OaiviB." 

4Qi>r A. .H. Wjopds* 

TUs wMiVa naw crop hoUs ooasldir- 
able ptfiEtiaisa 'mdiy-Kdo*' at fherLUK 
erty Ijir stire of a mnrXKh€l Barrymora . 
i la '■Declassee," by SSdp Akins. at; the 
: Xlflotpire, la figured ouf of the beat at- 
' tractions she has had In seasons; "The 
' tMrl in the lilniouslne,*' Woods' new 
bedroom f arpo at the Eltlnge, is equally 
regarded as a success; operetta came 
Into Its cwn with Charles Diltlnghani'a 
presentation of "Apple Blossoms," by 
JVits Krelsler and Victor Jacobl. at the 
Olobe, the piece being certain of a run;; 
' llielntyre and H^tb la "Hello Alex- 
' aiidet^* at the F<n*ty-f<iurth Street, how- 
-imK', was regarded as only fair, but 
aonethlag la upected of Woods' second 
'•llilomiUm:tli. tb» week, "Too Many Ilus- 
iUfla^ at Booth. This is the Mme 
:^vi«iMiviw^^Sly^^ "Boma and' 


- PhUadelphia, Oct 8. 

The top price at the Chestnut street 
«^era house has been Inereasad ffeom 
tlM to 12 this week, and tbe>^ftRBt at- 
tia6ttoii..te beneAt under, the new aeale 
wm be v*^Qood Uomlog >iidge;'* For the 
last fmmiin fbe$lN tai|» baa bm fl»^ 
turcA bgr tb* r8ftirtMtt% aaA all 4tttaef 
tiona.''ncip41aaa «C .tlini« atptW.IMiMA* 
Ing Oie ltriiiter Garden iliein^: baw 
peared at this prieft ' ■ 

On Saturday nlgfala flia aeUe was aiS» 
vanced to |2,60 top. but It never waa 
cbani d otherwise. The average musi- 
cal riiow playing the house has In the 
past been doing be^een illC-OM and 
918.00l> s week. 

Whltaker Bay has been apiwliilied 
house manager and wiU be ta4>D>iaIt>le 
for putting the house trver under^ tfe new 
policy. Leonwrd BliJsdmberg .still acts as 
xraeral laanager ier "the' iShtiberta tn 
FhiladelphlB, and la nuftlifg Ida bead-? 
qoattera ]itt the theatre. /? 

90 Ettnrnr BiousE tec. 

The deal for. the three upper floors of 
US West 47th j^peet. which therEqutty 
mui:' to have taken for dub rocms 'last 
Monday, was declareid off. Everything 
in the^ way of pielimlnariea. ior the 
signing ^ the lease had biMnVait^^bilt 
.4 bust ttlnuto hitdi occvrred. ' 
>. -ft: iBviMderatood the agents OC the 
iitb pirpp|Brty decided • that 
'Iroida not let thio preqilses fdr^club' 
pblipoaaa on anything 
.)eaie. The WmiaUr 

■ . : - . . 

«^ilb> MataiHf jat Shabarfe 
•Vafr /^ene;" the XtiehBiV OMyuMk 
operetta, out (A town this week, will ofiea 
in New York, at the Shubert, early next 

B. H. Sother.. and Jalla Marlowe, who 
began; a season of Shakespeare In that 
house Monday night, are bookel there 
for ena month. 

vaag^olMta Batilvdajr^^^ Tha la: ra- 
parted fto: bata lost eoBalderabto ihbaey. 


Bufl^o, Oct 8. 
The Shubert-Teck was sold yesterday 
to J. J. Shhbei^, 1(0 price was named in 
the -■'Iransai^on.' but said the deal 
exceeds tSAOiOOO. The Shuberts have 
held.tbe lettaa <m' the; houae .for Uia vaat 
two jraarak'-but it i^s^reported .tbat tba 

The Lambs* annual- election ot offlcws 
will bO' held Oct 16. So far no oppoal- 
iibn has apiieared to the regular ticket, 
which t carries R. H. Burnslde for shep- 
herd: ifilton Boyle, secretary; and Henry 
Smith, treasurer. 

, All oi the -above are oandidatea for t0- 

jCarroii Baek on the Reef; 
. Tbia bungalow homie 6t theiBiftrt Car* 
- nOa .bii.;thts top .o( .the Qodfrey^'buUding 
.«t Ttbr; a«mnft «iid 49th' irti^ 
to titiBir peaa cia ttii.; ■ 

Vli»-:rooC,yifM^,jt!s$^tv:^ Carton 
while he went 'Into !^a A^Viati<m; Corps. 
.The'' lease explred. Iaat imohih.; The Ctir-> 
rolls' '-unga^ow has -nim .rooms. , It la 
tha !• aeeond highest . point in Times 
Square, topped only by the Tlmos Build- 
ing. The Carrolls have lived there for 
three yeara. excepting the necessary in- 
tenniaaioa. -. 

BMiacoV ilnit aOtdoc 4^ 
«The Gold P)gger8.':at «ka X««mm I|M* 
week, Is placed as ei< Unit taiiiort^«M. te 
laat week's ptvaOifutn. 

Bolton Adaptinj} "Bal Tafoarin." 

Quy Bolton is to handle the adaptation 
of "Bal Tabarln" for Comatook & CoBt 

Tha pleee la to |» Placfid Into rehearsal 
toabeat abc wacika,^. v' 

"Vnlth, Jonaa ft Biewn." Moraaiso% 
Bifw mnaleal «h^ r«UBa»Mbiki: 
<C}harle8 Jadels. aiid 
two or the pripolpala, 

■ ■ ' ' '. ■ • ■' ••■ . • . ■ 

■. •: ■■ .■:■■■•(■ 

"Frivolitiss" Opening Oct. 20. 

The ppening .of "Frivolities." the An- 
derson-Bcdlni production, which- was to 
hay^ taken ptacs nexi.:week to Baltl- 
mdre, has been poatpinifd natll Obt 80» 
in Ptiovidence.. • .■\. 

Six piy)daetiott -:experta are. busy get- 
ting the show imder way. 

. Anelbar *Tea tor Threob" 
BUwya 4t -Co. is ongayilsing a iMoad 
to masealt *!Ziaa far Thrai^ od 

•thai ^' 

t «. 

. , which 

«V«Mi.«t tli«, Sbadbadrqarri Monday, 
irtth Walker mfiaaida starred, wiu not 
go toto New Tork week, as orig- 
InaUy planned. Although the last two 
acts of the i>iece are oousidereM,: 
lent, the first two need fixing. 

Difference of ophiidn as regai<b ^ 
changes between Waiter Hast,' the vn^^ 
ducer of "Master." and Mr. Whlteslda; - 
may lead the latter to take ovei the at-' 

It Is known that Mn^Bast has nuide #1 
tentative a^ *« *w. — -? I 

to jtlM atar .-j^th .mMdk 



^ - ■■■ ^ .■ Cblcawb Oct-iC^A^i 

ICBep. It «a. YOfnOtf* one of the few ^ 
Biwwa to aitaaj|»' th|^%4Ma*t get over. 
.IteNa fiM'BHttoasB-Mftt w^ Bnust ' 
;9;tiN9e.- to ; "A Baahftal Bero" is an- 
Booneedf ptf foUow^ ' It had origihaily 
been intended to play this piece at the 
Wpods, aa'^TrueS la Immensely popular 
bntthe auocesB of "Up in Mabel's 
Boom" Witt .probably keep that farce 
here for many niore weeks. The show' 
is jutting aa .118.009 wieekly ayerage.^^^!^ 

The Actors' Guild resumes at the Oar. 
rtek next week with: a new play, "The 
MUiialt'' by John Maaefleid. Ti^QuiUi 
wfll oONr n«. less thiw flva 'plaiys.dwfng 
{ts-aaaaott of jhlriK.we^ka, -Baoh la dne^: 
far a nui -«l .|k«to tour to six mOa, 
•99ia':itoaiMd - vWr'r;ia''''daMrihed''^^^ 

VWiowtolK It !R|ll be a piece called 
"flarvft^ on revolutionary RustOa. writ- 
tan lor XieoBld'AadnQrav, 


BhuMlia Btog and' Chatlea WlmU^^ 
are .to do 'a burlesque oh '^The iTfilsf'^la; ' 
.^e Shuberts' "The Passing Show «t 
1819," which opened in Washii){|fton 
Tuesday night, ■ 

Miss Ring wlir do ' Giannetto. . the 
character portrayed >^by John Bnry- 
nor^ Me. "^^niger doing Neri, Lbpaers 

"Joim Fergnson" 

will moye.'frtqp^rthe 
Fulton to the (Tort next Moh^iy, ienqdn> 
Ing on Broadway another two wedtaMA; 
then going en the l^bway circuit 

The booking is a stop gap for *F«y '!< 
guson's" road tour, amd the Cort beotiiie 
available through the po'sti>oneiaeiiit':ol - 
JUm C6rt's"Ju8t a Ulailte." ; , '? v: 

There seems to be a Scarcity of daBB':;. 
Ing teams of the better class, acctniV* : 
Ing to the agencies^ All of the miiis|t!«l : 
eomiedy producers are looking for mII-> 
rONsm dancing acts for their attra^oni 
and not enough "classy" bneir 'arisvivall- 
«bl9 to meet'thS' detnand: :.'': '^:^»;"v--'''i^^ 

■ ■.. - -■■ ■ ' ' • ■ . ■ :.>■^!«^fe■.^^i:Vi' 

. Ann Aawrt , With. ;''vl||fti!J;f^''^ 
Succeeding liatton fitoodai^;l\inatt 
agent fjor Henry ':!ayage!, :la^^^^^>^^ 
Ayieb. IClsa Ayers took '^er eflipl 
duties yoste^y. She was formerly, the' 
C^haa vft . Harria representative. diittliDf 
Bddle.XHlon'»;fllil^v . ;■- 

May Thompson in "An^el Faee.^ 

Julian Alfred is stagtog the^'il^m?* 
for "Angel Face;" May vTboiniiibii : 
been added to the cast. ' >- i 

Anna Wheaton With OiltIfljBj|^iM4^ 
Ct^lea B. .Dillingham has jpyb'eS iiiit'' j 
ha Wheatpn under contract ^he |ji M 
be to a new toiistcal production. 8bc^| 
g<)liW'iiito i^am 

"Midl^oMf Moving Out of Chi. 

-. Chi«^go, Oct i 
Havir doni» |6,000. Uusrt week at 
O]yni|>i0i *'Mldn2ght" will leave there, 
two wadob succeeded by rpio Flo/' 

• .-•" »■ ' '■ ■ .. 

- Ed Wynn U repbrtedo to hayisJaU 
with B, C, .Whitney for a miisleH i»li 


^JUyun tad Bra.** Xionsaen (ith Bu 
crasht oa flnnty »&4 waa nnaitMUd tqr tit* 
MMnil •liiiDp «t lut -wMk. Did tetter tbu 

XoiMlr BoBkMif CMdna (MUi WMac>< Will 
coaclode its Broadmr run on B«t«id*r. Hm 
,fU«A v«r7 aliM!* nnmivtloii attar 'MtU*> 
ipMrt of U» IMIM. tnn-to MkifnA tr *^ 


fi^> VolM ia tb« DmIc;'' RepaUte (Tth wtA). 

mod norelljr t/bitM ct tb* myaUrr. plar 
iMa. » dBMrl««,Milr • Htfto 

ttlV* VUyli^iM (tsth mak). tt* 
'vinK tf tiM lasraMnr piaya to uiln. aad «v 
. W- IwUUV- Mt' OK iMt 

ii|^tniM«.T.^.!^^ (Srd w«ek). Caiae^ 
liriiiiaiii'^ tiM lodn nm «C » 

xmi.: ;Ai^ffi»;*«srt„«iiws |iT;m . . • ■ 
j«iliiiMa illil4*^, BmMMnirt (Itk WMk)., 'u* 
tf'imft .la tUa Iftrw ifteejhtrM vltb'IMt flit tta 
ilrMMr^ nymiiy "ib;^*. la dolus fUilr - WwA 

ffOrUir ai aatiin/* Mof^iW titt iraik). BoU- 
wp alealr. -With atMnd fl2.0Mt teat lfe««. 
;<iiiiiiaia«a.V»wi<!ty. <U» waafc). Oreatwt aa 
V'^iitother comedy iraeeeaa on ' Monday night, 
'■atrving aa a. •UtrlBrt Veblete for Bthel Barry 
' .' jabre and credited irlth' bains one pt tbe beat 
' ;;pUya she haa appaeirad In^ 
^BMt la Vfnt," Aator <48th week). Btand- 
' Uug up -with the leadlns oomedr aooeeaaea 
^'^tt, and Indlcatlona. an It wtii ovtiaat aetna 
I'^' the newar Uta.' ° . - - * 
Wcbaair* of Wtaaa," BIJov (3d week). 
!j?Jf{UIed to connect and la leaving thla ireak, 
IJi-lMnK It little more than a two-waek run <it 
p^cned Sept. 2B>. A. H. WoodaT "Boa. Aba 
l^fMaali,'' ■«ltb'<9anMyjBenaM > tfoUwr actt -, 

" Aipatartem' CHtk 'w««k>, . Ms' eoB> 
Ha. Iwflariiilii jammn .IM. 

biMtrilH^ 101011' CfUl.indE): 
■how (oalla— a,.t> gat a wMtt/aC gpMlai 
sitr la te aaniai^ (mbably Oiiaaik tli» 

.liariatenee of Ita authora tbat it la' a aneeeaa 
•%Bder IT.OOO laat i»aak. 
*lhr« MllUen." Lyric <10th «eek). One of 
^Ihe flnt coBiedlea o( tbe new aeaaod.'' Baa 
v.played to ftilrly good bnalneaa and flgoiad to 
%'i1Mva been, plaoad la too big a . kooaa. Boato 
«;ia Uw ConediT i»axt weak, bains aoecatded by 
S«!MMhinir Bat Xomf / ' v" u r • 
■:fhkUm9t tU»J» Wiirtar Onte'tftilk tiMk>. 
p,^JIe>ved from . tii* 44th' Street t* iiiak«> roen for 
f^^Uo Alemidar.'* ynu reataia at -Oardan 
^kr about tbrae iraak% when 'The Faaalng 
)|Mww or lm'^ aiTlitaa. 
'IM In (be liaaoaaliM^'* Blllnga Thtatra (lat 
week). Opened Monday night and Inunedlatety 
>.4nbt)eii anotber Iaagh.wla6lng broa of o<m> 
Sji(HntratriI bedroom typ«. 
;|9Md Dlggerat" I<ycaum (Sad . weak) flxat 
iBebaoa offarlps «< tba aeaaoh. CrtditeA W 

aula auoeeaah liaa Clalio atarring. 
|<jBManriah yttUlf ^^MUea,'* 8ayw dtW 
glaik). BaUUos I* Mi'Woetlant paes «M Mil 
BM.tha beat 
S'jreariy capadtr'' 
J^KOO In. 

'^Wppy Itaya," Hippodrome (7tli weak). Tk« 
n^llg apectaele la atUt nuiiiiiis •ka||4VAI^ 
pMr, which glTfo. tt. a .na«*lfliliyhl|i|( 
L^tir the houae. ■.'... 
; *BUIa, AlaxBnder," 44th Btraet Tkeatire (lat 
ri^viek). Tha Hclntyra and ^Beath abow. which 
|^$M out early to tha amamar and playod <«r. 
^tHw ant ot tanm. ' Opaned Tinatay ali^t. 

pmir « lijMHHr 'apflkias |l^iiiiiiy .Bjdi^.]eaii^ 
PNk aeaeiaK MIk lib totloM^ laitmiinitak 
mteady.-dbikaa anil 0^ 


y** irergnBOB." ITnlton mtM, waak). Wai 
::>ilated for th* road at tkei end of tha w»ek. but 
- .kevoa over to tha Cot^ for two weeka bWora 
>.|Dlng on Subway Clieutt. Show sow fa kaadi 
f^tf^Vaiter fTaiisar. It mat war tTiOOp-'acala 
lif^Mt week. ■' ■ 
P$i«iilB/* fitMr ' (Beth week). BnwAimy'ib 
n^Mi Jeador aad «tni gotns at topiftaoi. witk 
^'*>ia|]>out otalMl taut -waeka U mlimmi^ Uv 
:4,ABialn all acBM. 

f^htU vnghi." FriBoeaa (S'th weak). Raa 
.';!^nsht on Oimly, aad-belns la a anall the* 
'£,Kit may atay indefinitely. Drew ovar pt,00a 
yyjuit frotk, which pace It ahould bold. 
ftfh, xnnt a eui,» Central (6tii week). Uovad 
V' Orer from the 8hnbert,to maka way for 8otb« 
^ and llarlowa. -Win probably remain at 
..Otntral, which haa baen In picturea fttr t»* 
^^tha, for aeyeial wyeka. "LltOo Bluo DotU". 
~ to toitanr mm month. . > 

ght WkM^ Anfltmteaii: HUA waak). 
?t>^ the front mir tebtaa aoaM at |B par 
-u. ■ every night Hbg roof riiaw can ptay to 
^\laportant money. Baa been oirar t3L0M Blgtat* 
t opening. . « 

U mmi UnummOa*," Bannr MlUw 

Cbd week). . \7bll* not eonaldaccd a tU, thla 
abow la watt rasartal' aad aitilt mlir a 

xnodeiat* mn. ' V 

•Sajral ▼asabaaC.'* Cohaa. A Barrla (t3ai 
weak). Fell oS bat allgfaUy dnrtag bat waaVfl 
i^Bmpb With mora than fl4.S0O Itt lfeiav MSI 
looks good nnttl tha boUdaya 

"Milj Boly Kyaa,T Knickerbocker (SrC weak). 
yfbtt* this attraction waa not aooorded brll- 
Uant Botlcca it haa been piaylas to racy good 
baakuaa Oka atar, Bddlo Iieonard, pnAiably 

•tha draw. 

DU/I TaadarbUt (5th 
lal with a 

* »wr- ft M^,<h>JHa)r» 


•aga"-.!* a-:amieBt';iMir asirM'-fran 'iNw ' 
ethata |tainr 'naarlil; |1BL«M bat week. 

'VeaiadU.*^- Vth ' St- Sheatra (itb 

' Btaadk'.oy ...aa 'oao tt .tha, 
mtm,%t^ .Iha. aav offorli^a HMMgii baaoa' la- 
not lam tha MRkia drew akiao to 'lIMiM. 

«Xh* Paiiaor,'* Barrla (tad waak). OoiBfr 
bat faltijr, batlag dropped niarkedly after 
Opaiia» Bacovered all^itly thla week. 

•Tbo Stotaa^*' 4Ub et Theatre (Id week). 
Kegarded aa a meldiamatlc ancoeait receiving 
atrons .Botlcea and exhlUtlBS a haary i^w. 
TwaiM<h > B » an that lt|a forLa kos- ma.' 

'^tlntMbr/r ,'OrtlortdB («^, 9raok>. 14 ipoi^ 
of .aoBi».'asiBar-nPHM itt 'tievar bmig^: 
atronglyi:' Will naMln 'aaMbar week or "tihi. 
and la due to be aucetadid by "On the Biting 

"The Jaat." Fiymouth (tlth weak). Agata 
went oloae, to 118,800. Demand aad attaod- 
anoe hita over capacity eveiy perfottbaaoa re- 
serdlaaa of we a t h e r or conditlona. 

"The ChaUaBge»" Belwya (Ith week). Baa 
beoi playing to good boabieea; but waa bumped 
in tba alamp laat we«k,.'settlns arauod nOiOOOi 
la Uaa.ta iaaiw aaal t 
by .f<B««dioar oet am 

•VwoVth litekit/*; «bnbart (lat: aiaok). 
,a .Br. Mhataiaad .'Miu iltfinM''^^ 
ntat of ; 

Bwday. ' ■ 

"Too Many Bnabaada^" Booth (lit week). 
' One of two neW playa Introdneed by A. B. 

'Woods tbia week. Opened Wodneaday 'nigtat.. 
"Dp Vtoam Nowhere,*' Comedy (Bth weak). 

Hod but a fair meanire of taklnga Without 
' aliaplns aa a hit at any time.- '£wVao' thla 
•Tha nvo: BUIiaii" HtteMaiit . , 

.Dptoad iMt ,8lit^i«qr . «libt; ^JMf, 
■'. ftoHtfc'-l^aiwild hgr w aiaii r wa. ajiA hot'i 


Tha world'a muiimiMaft IMlnOnwm.: 
much. It eonldnt. Ifoat of tiia ilwini 
war* doing a sellout btuinesi^ wtthoafc 
tlte serlea'. Notwltbstandtnj^ the esoel* 
lent buaioesa being done by some of the 
attractions, thejr will leave l^ere soon to 
make room for other shows. 

Among these Is "Usten, Lester." It 
started with a bang, getting 118,000 the 
opening 'wei^e but dropped after the 
first week. Ve'vertheless^ It I0 still doing 
good buslnesg, around $16,000, but is 
blDed to leave In thre<> week*. It is not' 
known what piece will follow it into the: 

"nrae Wba SMt** polled about tia.OtO taat 
week. It tua been going atrong at tbe. ^wera, 
with practically no competition In the way-aC 
dramatio ehows, but soea oat In two weeks. 

"Kaep U to XaafaaU," a flop, laavaa. Eriai^ 
caaa to two weeka. Tbe Broadherat pMNr tr- 
Bark .Swan saayar topped 'tS,Mf»' 

liid^MMr -'taHMiiLiqh ' 
tho aariaUaea «t Hii 
tn.Mt' tUaWOMb-^ . 

«SoaMbady'a Sweetkaartf* at the danMb i» 
fair, with about flXOOO on the wedc 

"nike R from Ka" at the -Stadebaker, toa 
walloping hit and la playtog capaefty at all giw* 
fonnancea, which neana |17,000 to fl8lOM a 

'•Tha Canatr,'* with Sandaraoa and Cawliwfa 
at the Colonial, got aboot fUtlOIV iM lMH* 
ta'twoweeka ■. ■■, , 

<«kiiHr BkUr-at Uw Oort, with Coarlafear 
aad IHaa^ to hoMias Mt. «i« At «lia 

Oread rtb» Acdotttai" 

"l^'ia Mahafa Booai 

At the Olytnplo "Mldqlght" starts Us 
second week with dTCtttir orOspeets. Th* 
Lorin Howard sbdk' oreli Is^lpla^^ 

•XhMVaiTM^^^t^^^ CKil 
Who Camcf Badi^ at tlie^yieUnlit ind 
'SAi^ess'Vat the NaU<maL There 1« 
. Jewish stock at OUcksman's house on 
Blue Island avenue and Twelfth street, 
and Oerman stoclc at the Bush Teniiple: 

Charles Stewart and Lee Morrlsni ' 
have engaged the foltowliis 'tor tlieir 
production of "Betti^ Wtkinl?'i EdOto 
Garvie. Jo^ titao6USiii9iii(^^ 

Miiilwi .. Mni' ptoet evens 
OntnliT tn 


SEASON OF 19X9-1920 

A. K A. TABWtii 

im motmijmn elected at'ii^^^tS^n^ 
of the A-XUiOUn Jitvit Pos^,^;*y^^5^^«^!^ 


American Legion, at their headquarter^ 
KMa's Chop .House, last Friday, Lt 
Camniander Wells Hawks, U. S. N,» 
■was elected post commander; W. H. 
Roddy, James Loghborougfa am". Zloyd ! 
Stoker, respectively, Ttee^ commatidersl 
Loula B. 0'8haagfad«N^ii tteoaiirWi? 
Halph Navarro. adJutia^-lBiiftVQav^^ 
X Oreen, historian. : " — ';■ ' ^ 

The following were chosen as iaaB«< 
hers of the executive committee: "W; ©.- 
Newman, Arthur -Rankin, Bugeiui . 
O'Brien, John White Conway and Wti' . 
ren Fromme. ' ' 

This organization, which fn romposifl' 
of service men of the recent wa^' is " 
distinctively a theatrical postr and 
those coaneoted with thsattw ae>m« 
papers and slUed; .tnjMNlls . Ja-: 
ftmnseffleiit w'oiMiawib iHHtip-gorBwisirf 
,;lM|ti)riK^^^ tmityi^ the '«c^ 

. J M l l HIPOtt is. jl^>K_ 

in tte pvi^^feim bein:. 
_ to ttfn slae»4m..tlM firsthand 
thml QBi)dar«< «Mli month at i p. a 
Tbe purpose oC the change was to «t« 
eottrage, the atfendanee of tho« 
ate easi«ed in thib ttuatns lqt ttiii 
tngs. ■ 

■ ■.'^'''.^?v^ 

.' . ■ ■ .. .■ (•■. - • . Ktm OHeaiM,'. Oct.iv - , 
BndMi Bsntla^ in Cosmo Hamilton** C 

play *'8e«adli^*r Ipoik^ an exeeUeBt 'ooii^ ;' 

btipatibii In point of appeal -foir 8ootii««iv 

attdtecio^s. . ,.- 
Miss Banttaic opened at the .Tubuta? 

Sunday evening. She has a tour'booked- 

titfough nine States . below the Masoii* . 

Bhcon Une that will carry her thnKiii! 

the season. , 
Business the flrot show, ■vros csap^ 

wJUi a I eavy advance for the .local wedc^: 

Miss Bunting is popular ih; 

South, and has appeared in various piifbs 

Oft this section for rtKink '^xtMaas 'hiet:', 

mm stock company ttA amnssihir^ » 

oonslderable feptitatioik : • ■ 

Bait; m- pre«eattac.. wa*.'.MKfiB^^ 
K is' :to.. ks- detibted' iimih».-^imiiiim^'^^ ''T^^'P^ 
Larrlmore eouid even eiindl ImT'^ 
Her support save In the inBtittuiV^'ti^ 
Ricbud Ifowbray is competent for road, 
audiences., but seldom ascends to a Vjiry': 
artistic level. ' Mr. Mowbmy lias .VOUti-^ 
and evidences hlstronlo knowledge^ i 

Host could Improve some of the "ap- 
pointments and should also ell^ilnats 
the doubling of one of the characteti^ ' 

But "Scardia" is there in the matter Ot . 
providing theatrio pabulum end wttlb' 
-Emma Bunting should 4o an^l-seasioit 
'olein-iV ift'-tiw-iSattlldlHidi - - ' '.'' '-^'H 

(WUSTENAY 19 ''CfLOmS.^f 

'Vmilam Courtenay Is slated for thf :^ 
lead in ''Civilian Clothes" tor ih»:jiii«(f>i;:\^_ ^ 
manent Chicago .companjf* He lii JjWWt;^-:" i-;^'^'/''.'i i^^l 
co>Bta>rIng."with^ TMa-^mse, to. "JOifli^^^^'iiJV^V^;!^ 
BMa,- leaving: tii«v:iuiir- tai'-mSlli^iit^^if^ii'^i^: 
week-- ■■ ■ •■:.'■■ 

Courtenay is coming on te tt^.^tarit' . ' ' ' "-y \^ 
to rfibeane. iritk.tli«.:ii«»'iiieoe mtm .. MA^'^f'- 

n* Amr is Mbaddiid to le«vi» <nil>' 
eaco. Tacy aooor coinir 1^ Fhdadelph^- 
ftr a ran. ' '• ■ • 

cHAia's uusiQAL smsL E 

Boston,.'. oibL.S^iv; 
John CiN^g ia to. piaoe. a miiiilcal sto^, 
oompany intioi llH^ . AriliigitOB^^^h 
vwalMr ti.. !0» hiim '= mg$igear J 
Bheohad,. tho . toiior. aaA Cftw^ ^XAmIso 
Anderson for' tiio compiany. 

Craig liai been presenting drainatib 
. Moqik' at .the house but ita vogoo seoar 
tO lwVe tWleii off. 

3i,',lB the x>Ian to, present revivals ot 
JUht and grand opera with tba e«Bi« 
pany and also to. tar mirmi 
mustoal pieces. r 


J*.*. nprodueUoB af the label liaaed by tha Aetonf Bqnlty Aaaoelailon to lis sMmbam 
aheSt ^lof wrwiStf ^ftfiX mSI^Xw' ^.l^., j^ ' *'n ^"j^^ff ff^* J!L*i?» »«Mef»n» 

' "Roaular; FWIeif J« Chioaif* ?| ' . 

' '■ . "° OMoago^ 'Oofc t/' 
"A Begttlar Fdlen" cbnlair hore firom 
tlie Oori; XVflw. Tori^ ihaA opening at 
the BlMciloiis: iiBBilpiar*: was Joaiiod Iqr 
t&ai tool. twkmmLW juM- app«uii to -M 
a oaaiMo'^ffop ' 

. .•■.SVSV-,,.,M 


■: ■>■' .■■six 

•sir ■ 

wis Hi ■ 

: TAK' il^ jaaoERS. 

Stephen •••••••••••••••••••tt"S2S5J!8Slt2 

Sun«a Btak. «SJS?^S^U 

Snddle Turner vi^uia^Ss 

Matort MttiiKW ^/i«r"»*"*"***'«IlMrtar w3S 
Violet I)»yBe—-"«""'»«"""iy5BB aslWw»y 

Un. l*inar.. "* .T;".Buth Terry 

WwV Bt. John , Pauline Hafl 

Vttada Aadrewi...... 'Tuella Gear 

&SaMt Montiomenr . .......... -Q-i^S FeMiaan 


SlSSSa It. »nd Avery Hopwooa. 

S«i«Sra travesty m tto dwnia «lrl, A»« » 
▼ery broad traverty. alone ™2!L*.t^ri«^«caro 
ST mean- attempt** anfl •»oce^'««v^ ^"JJ 
bn.^ 'Tto a«ld l«««r«" will aiB • »t ~ 

S2w» t^«^«^ than Hojwood 

IZ&^nSr^ln piece. ex>«». ot ««« 

Fil^lW none ol all chom* t^a, ^ -nL W 
^^rBelasoo haa been >«"»JL'*;*SiirS 
"maw years. rtartliiB "JlffiiSf^ bis flrrt great uplltt., ^W^- :^.- 

■ with "Tbe OoM D»K«««': SET 

• mnSfcABCMfflM t» OM plays around tiy this 
' SSiJr WMhSrtillt tlw mot Ot WS Hte to a 

iSSenn. Bto aitm tb *i»w a lot .alwut what 
SSTpeopto Mily thWk.oC. But as an auttar 
- STis Vrlctiy commewtal. write, to ^vade th« 
i; BoUce. and appears to get away with It MemM 
• : Sto scripu are preaented on Broadway. No «!• 
' SSl blwne Mr, Hopwtdd. He's an author and 
^S^J a^ • walty. Ttat muat^ coma 
: OMmgli tt^ lio* omc* Wbafa th* «ae of wrlt- 
. Zm a «tay that won't draw There aro thon- 

• .fffAKm rnt tkow laid to rert upon the readlnB. 

■ M^pwooa makes his play sort fire, those at 
' least that are rhown. A* there to only one. sjwa 

llraMn the legit Hopwood has oapllaliaed It. 
V attre Sro is 41rt. first . 4liB«overed by the .1^ 
■Vrvruttam BammersteUi, tlioaih Mr. Hamnv^M). 
' oitUtA It by another naw. AyiUle otten wished 
"^■ itr'lli* police to buss •xgi«ii<%4lM>uch bopetol ot 
' pUiMOtf for a headline attifiKlOB at Hammer'. 
: atelB'a. Often the officers aid " walk- Jn. But they ; 
'. aecm -to earefUUy keep away ti^oftt^the aam« Mrt 

if thlnf when pieced together lii a play. 
The Hopwood travesty at the I/^rceum. opening 
. ;.8eptember 80, Is of show girls and tlwl,r:/*Johna" 

■ Belasco may yet square himself pif pwfluclng 
' St by proclaiming tt is In tlM .iHktni»j'o( an 

-Ccdiieatlontil mlaw far tlw «dillc«ttaiaV j^. vrofpee- 
tlv«( 'Vohn*" . A- ••Jbhrf' to a ;*I»ril»;-.alis> la 
aomeone wlwdoesn't know much but ha*. o^uKh. 
'noney to keep people trom telling him that;. 
■r.Although technically a "John" may be thji.lafe 
.VtlameB J." Brady's aescrlptlon of himself; "a wli» 
!!'-gucker." However, -there are more , chorus; girls-, 
^•■ •fl>an Chorus glris" Johni, and th« only obiw^ 
. SctrlB on the stage are not conflned to tlM.dreMy 
. jBOileal rtMSM^ .Bwii4wiy^- ,"f.v »t!Wf»»f 
. kniows a liinneA Unt ottiMnn girt; tbe one who 
,.' ^iW^fnted or. evoIafM.' . . 
:?^r'»niiis '^jtlio "QoM Diggers," with the title ex- 
(Mtkied in the dialog as the eternal feminine 
: 'ttaiially gold digging, from her childhood days 
aipklnst her father, to- her youthful sweetheart 
for candles and theatres, to later, when her 
. time spent with a Joba . has a value for time 
v'- 'Mitir, without a ratm. , . . . .^ : . • . ■ 

'"^ Jobyna fiowtanil^^ :llibel liuniocf a dww 
Klrl ot the typl^aj "VttUlea'' type, tells the most 
' about ttaU la the eonvmaUen of tbs drat aet. 
V%4t*4i'-«iomo conversation. Tlie girls get together 
to the apartment of Jerry Laitaar's (Ina Claire) 
'V iind they gab. Just confidential gab; They tell 
... everything, almoat. In comes Clasle Gray 
(Paulino Hail) selling soap, Jerry makea them 
buy soap ot Clasle and ttegr gieetiitlr wUh Claato 
. goodrbye. Then JsRjr 'Mlg 'than uat btato" In 
kw «V. wm'IIw tiiat mnuk Toik; Bin liaa 

:. .'dertttl back; ^Says Mabel wKta ' a >»hi( 4ia '■he 
floiia on the sofa, "It's a plly She aMa'l .know 
:■ bow to use her back." ■ . 

That'a but a fair eample ot the^ Hopwood- 
- Belasco Uft-the-atage-up dialog of that first 
act, and aome more fallows in the second, ' A 
honky tofdc proprietor would have thought that 
:iii]k :W^<MV«a| tinea ttcftne thimdng A iak> 
lac tfiiuiM upon It. -anli then paaaeA It fw. 
'Minan the moving 'pletulbs riaiida 
gitt* pud this Beiaaco prodnetMl 
||l)(||}ng them. It's about time they formed 
adires into a chorus girla^ union. And through 
t&e chorus girls' union securing a minimum 
j|abM7 of tSO weekly in New York and the ease 
:«rith whioh two ot Mr. Belosco's stuge chorus 
girls catch a couple ot millionaires for hus- 
baadsb besides the dreisea «( the other chorus 
.|g|^„-i»Bipanlons on -tlia . atag^ there ahoaift to 
A''giii|ii| '4riial» ^ asptranta rto'^ the dunia as tta 
.atartv oC their stage careers. 
. JdnV' explained bow she got In the show 
buslnaia Jerry Bald slie left home after seeing 
a picture which eiblblted a girl having her 
' band kissed by a man, and the next day the girl 
was riding in her own nwchlne. "Ot course," 
added Jerry, "alter I get here (New Toik> Z 
luderstood that sometUng must have Vamwiud 
tl^t I <M m m la tlia ykitais.'* 
, ' j» tctMii ■««;«£ Mac itlriNt M^ stmn 
ttkt 'aC'.iai^'-tesjttnjUMr -litiiMlf as-, 'iMm' 
MnM •VW'VMM limns MjpM Otovute W«Bi}. 

a shrinking little chorister that Mr. Hopwood 
would not permit the tough damea who mir- 
lounded her to cbangs. Violet and Wally Saun- 
ders (Horace Bqtbam) were In love and waated 
to ntarry. Welly's oaele. Stephen (Braee 
McBae) stooA-a^lt all ehorus glMa aa wlfsa 
Jteny wM Sba.«aUM tc'tb ana die dM. Biany* 
tof aiiiitea bmiK b «w andk witb nada giv 
toe sonsnA' «> Ma naphew'a nanlaga, AI- 
tkongb the tinele apent bis most riotous week 
among chorus glrls^ be finally concluded they 
were great, eapeclally the set he bad fallen 
Into, Even when Jerry gave him a mythical 
account of her lewd doinga slBce going on the 
stage, Steve wanted to fnariy her. He didn't 
want to follow In P*t>t ^ the many otIiMCS 
Mtiy isu Uta «f. nab.9siiy oalied hw nptiMr. 
vbo bad paUmtli! wattad to tba aniar VtO* 
raim wUW * WlUI verty was going on to 
Jerry's apattmsnt laliodnelttjr ber mother to 
8te>^ Steve observed that Jerry bad not been 
as soused as he thought she was, f^r Juit pre- 
viouly there bad been a "souse scene," with 
Jerry trying to disgust Steve. That good old 
scene that dates, back to one of the first stand- 
ards is an ever-ready. 

Butr-aad there are twenty bats to Uls pteee- 
Belaaos baa.a <in«b Mt tt. rihs GoM Dlgfwsr' to 
allowtd to nm wUliBai' fhuaptog doira tba 
4lals*r It *«aa*t ntaig te tbt .tqdflto: anut . 
bear, ana see \U Te wanien 'K wUl ba' ]aM aa 
' am^.of an esperiencie ae It nilgbt be wem thay 
to alt In the parlor of a disorderly bouse 4to 
observe «nd listen. And to men who don't know 
It Is educational, but of no value as such. 

The piece starts oS a new star, a Belasco 
sUr, too, Ina Claire, but the play appears to 
have been written tor Miss Howland. She ntos . 
away with it. so far away onii' Untb Taify as 
Topsy St. John can c«ngMMa -to •Mwoadki har. 
Mlar Howland, way tott >aa« wnr . haaMttos ; to 
tUs nde, baa ttMatbat aba bandlaa aa tboafeli 
' she wcnto -tbaoi :herself. Miss Bowland la an- 
alOrta of quite some range. She can make a 
part stand up, like herself, and shades her work 
without efiort. While allotted what Is known 
as "meat," Miss Howland makes the most ot it. 
MlBS Terry's good work cannot be overlooked. 
She's aootfaer chorus 'girl in the piece wltb de- 
cent ideas and^a' future husband In St ZiOatS. ' 

Miss Claire's' tele U vapid, a part ot' tba . aee- 
toaaiy bea-efflae plot . . ' . • 

- Mr. MCBae liaa a role be plays and- ptoja wltb. 
It meant notblng to Mm,- «nej»UnK that be is 
-. Bruce MeBa<h Mr, McBae gives it the exact 
touch, but It must appeal to him like an ele- 
'mentary role an author demanded, and he Is 
' satisfled If the piodnear to' H. R^yes-Smltb 
as an attorney leat MnMybanor .auid color to 
another easy pari. ' . . ■ 

The piece is a self-player, constmeteft ndy to 
bring out the baalo theme— dirt ;• 
■The dresses are by BenBel. Ope ot tbe *0W 
. glrte, Bleanor Montgomeiy (I>ttaUa C|eai>,' a woe- 
tolly exaneiBladiia^.toafls'to:1qr ibB avtbsr. 
baa a Btaddtntt to ^ Im|! >at tbat'«BS bolR 
to banwnise with' tba ooloring ot a Ruaalan 
wMOionaa, to^ed ' into the apartment by her. 
' It was some dog and some suit. All the ctotbes , 
. Made tho stage appear, dressy, with Iliss 
- Claire's gowns the least distinctive, throngb , 
' Miss' Claire wearing the knee-length akirta- 
' alley might have looked better on. a dancing 
fioor, for surely they did. not hNdt bOBUily at- 
home with mother arouud. 

Mr. Betaieo produced the piece to ,ona' Mtr: aa 
apartment anbh as nay be tound to nnr.-aC-. 
tbe jihiea. Apartment bnises at Spventb avenue 
sa4 ntty-loiMii Btnet or to the Blidbties, be*. 
. tween Brokdmy and Blveistto. , Vtaoae. potoU 
'.. Just now.: are the popula'r pbicea. ot. Ibe *«r ' 
'girls Nr. Hopwood dr^imatlied. 

Maybe aome day when ha forgets the bos- 
oBlce, • Mr. Hopwood wlU stage-speak about 
chorus girls who .Um. two ar 'OKaa to ene room to 
aaye expeneoB. - ' State. 


; Claude Klag 

Temon Steel. 

.....Cbartee Franola 

.........Julian Royce 

out restratot, who toUa to love with a i;»«e* 
ooont. sba toni^'awli. W vnvttiallr 
ury and (ntbar-tbiui ^ a taMta dMB tbe nan 
abe lov<«. iha''. nairlea a mllltenalre leUred 
bntdier, wiia tow puN^aaed » knigbtbood. Tba 
aaa ibe toves Is a visiter at their borne. Is ac- 
cused ot cbeatlnjg at cards by the busbaiid. the 
wife refuses to believe It. makea ber husband 
admit he had beeq drinking and talis htm to 
apologise to the lover or she will leave the bouse. 
Tba bnsband apotoglaea, but . whan;- lator, 
baraeIC finds tbe tover to ebeating, ' 
lilm smA (ow to taU bar bniband il 
4ba ihaat. betovntso a cad. Queatens bar; tt dw 
dfM ba iHII give her husband certato comprom- 
lalnc tattara she has written. Uhe aends for her 
huaband and tells htm sM was mistaken an4 
ha was rlght^that the man Is a cheat 

It is develcped latiar tbat when tbe huaband 
read the leturs be ordered bar out eC bis homa 
and that she went tbat vaty liiiM wifbant biito. 
tog wltb Dw aayfhtoK at -.mtaa agMptUii Iba 
Jeweto dia ware, ma ennHa to New Tafcrtad 
Is general^ snubbed - by ber 'tonner society 
friends, feels the poAtioa she.ocentfie.- and' to 
those Vho are stIU willing to knew bar,; da- 
'olares: "Oh, to be to England now' IbBt'-JWva 
there," quoting troni Browning. 
, Drifting about, never before having bad to fig- 
ure cost to a monetary wagr, she baa atont 
tbe end ot her i toaiw aia wben •' VsnKby 
Hebrew, a adfroMa' man'irba ' baa 
a nawaboy. and' to ndmnalaaar of 
the >art|, asks ber ' to- becoaie ' bla ' wtia^ aillar 
first having attempted to secure her wttbral 
the mSirHage' ceremony. 

That very sight ber original lover vlslto tbe 
rich man's home, having, lust returned from 
Soath Africa, where he bad achieved fortune, 
and on the rich Hebrew 4lacovering be la the 
ana nan of her heart, calls tbe engagenent off. 
Sha.aMitobas tba .aattlvi^. asaa <nit a«d. atsia^ fa 
(MBt at. a'. paastait aatomoMle. wad to? 
away- dying. She sees ber lover, be.- 
be baa gone straight, made a man -of 
and Itttt If relattog bis love for a stber 
woman she talnto and on recovering hinks he 
wants ber. She dies believing he baa coina tor 
her. This last la a stroke of genius In' tlie nat^ 
ter ot play conetruetton. 

All cC : tha Charact er s- a ad ihera are' qaUa a 
Hiw^aie .iplendldiy drawa, iwwti haniaa.-tbaa 
they are theatric and Iba.wbela.itbbig to n Pto* 
turn of aodety life, botli ben sndv to.' iMdoat 
that breathes naturalness. - . 

Mlaa Barrymore has done in this piece far and 
away the finest work of her artistie career. 
Nothing else approaches It. She never once 
strikes a tolse note an dthe presentation from 

la-Jmt'i'peailbto that ka may have culled to«^:: 
tt noi tbe« wdrda^ ct Dunuto to tba' - 

Unlaaa' preaa matter is addreaaed 
diraat to.. VARIETY, New Yorkr it 
e«o not bfl. amn^ of proRiH;:lili^nr 
tion. ■ ; 

No praaf nwttar ahould ba acidraaded 
to any mainlwr 'bf Variotyli'^ff. 

every possible standpoint, borders closely upon 
perfection. It Is, Indeed, so fine that Itto 

■tb^nius tf it win -entor p<woias , an« 
. -Mikto' to that tba play is probably over. 

{ha^beMta 'Ot- tl^ aversga playgoer. But at the 
-ttrndMi^^th ito anut^ wlto the per- 

'tonU Miidarity of Miss Barrymore. It ahoald 
anjoy a -rtoi that will probably o;ily be later- 
'tttpted' by-' the return «rf warm 'Weather. And it 
' tooli^ailika an'. Meal »lar tiar..Xondon. 

Budolph Solomon. 
Bdward Thayer.., 

Barry .Qharteria 

Sir Kmmett Wllderlag. .......... 

Sir Bruce Haden... i,vi<..Itorty. Fllmmer 

C6tmt Facto pei;itagtore......Wv«Ibi]tBehnont 

■ Jean. . , , » .1 • ..i • . , «. Altsed Hesse 

Walter* iuthr a(t JtodoWb Bdwnon's....... 

■ - B^dward !« Hay 

Lady Helen Haden .'.....Ethel Barrymore 

Lady WlUerlng.. ...... ,.....'. Clare Kames 

Charlotto Ashley.. .Beatrice ^kley 

Mrs.' Uails.^,;..*.. »»••.«. .'Katherlne Harris 

Alice vaa(i».» •«»•»••• !?^«."n« ^^^^i 

Zellltoiiv"*"*'"*"*""'".''-'^''*''''"* B»vlne 

The oinesto to Act H. will be played ^lyy 
Gardner, Maude Ireslie, Shirley Qale, Prank- 
lyn Fox and Havlland Chappell. ■ ' , , 

The Throe Wonderful Waltons by MSurice 
Sommers, V. Onegin and Meyer Ber«nBon. _: . 

"A ijother who has no child— an artist with- 
out talant" This is wba.t a man ot the world 
calls lAdy Helen Haden, tho character portrayed 
by Etbol Banrymore to SSoe Aklna' plior. "B«- 
olassee." The role resembles In many reapecM 
tbe Stellar character to Oalsworthy's piece played 
by BtoUy. BUawia a seBaMl~at so aga^ %tha auna 
of wbMh daeto'tOMnetoBMBKityat tbotoonent. 
In ether leapacts It to entirely dlRere&t and can- 
not be regarded aa an Imitation, a parcphrase or 
a plaglBrlsni.~In the matter ot erudition It 
doesn't class with the Galsworthy piece; but as 
a character drawing and drama, 4t Is superior. 

The propotition presented to us Is that at a 
magnlflcent, high-strung tody of tlUe, bavtog 
- «( bar- SMWiattotoi oC "Urn Mood." - tN 
•^—^•H(m at a fhpidlr kaown aa. 
NsinM- to Iwtoy •ad.'Wltli* 

•Wto toad'Vto^ 

Jolle ',.•■•«.. ii»i.»*.«..».«.»..<«.t...BaneI'arker 
,^to i..;..,..ii,.,y..,..Iuanlta JPlotcher 

Nancy v.. •i'k>><.*(i.«.-...«riiw Bennew 
Lucy Fieldlng'..«'>'.«>.«*at«.tui...JnulM wU 
Anabel Mason .... er 

Rlchatd (Dickie) Stewart.. Perclval Knight 

Mall Carrier Frank Snawer 

Cliauffeur .......George Fordyce 

George. WlntbropOerdeo.rt .Harrison JSrockbaidc 

Harv<^y .-.«;. a. .Roy Atwell 

Phillip Campbell John Cbarlee Thomas 

Mrs. Anne Merton Florence Shirley 

New.Tork had not been offered operetta for 
several seasons until Tuesday evening, when 
it was aurely perfumed with. "Apple Blossoms" 
by Charles Dillingham at the CnojMb' It 
thatr (he smartest of . ptaygoem ««a 'tbaijs 
It's aartato fbat tbay : fiiwtad . wn » 
ptoy al KNiit tUana. Sadb.. a lliat ^Igbt indlf. 
enoe perbapa baan't been drawn In' a, long time. 
A fashion parade' passed down the aisles, bat': 
Instead of a precise crowd it waa a prapeilf" 
enthnslastio one. Tickets were at' k prSmlwn 
anil along the street M much as |20 was bid 
for one. 

The score wae mneh -beralded and credited 
. to Vrtto -Xrelalon bnt 'K dsnilepad tbait Victor 
' 9atoM' bad almost : da mvob to do wfih ti. 
OoiiUak from cMaposers of such estahlltbed. 
nato to the realm ot music much was expected 
—and-tt'waa delivered. There la no big apiaah' 
In numbers. Messrs. Krelsler and Jacobi; the 
totter a yCuhg appearing man, wrote a wonder- 
fully balanced score, one with at. least sev- 
eral numbers that will ring toiur and pleas- 
aaUy. Both man apiioaMd at thai ml -ol|i lb* 
aat, bowtoc W tbe ptovdite at tba 

eommaBt c( • bn(lar tbat "working tor tba 
vpper elaases to. an awful, atrahi upon one'e 
morala" But lb'. !> Baron can be credited 
with everything, else a« his own and of modem 
Idea. For lnstanc^ the same ' butler breezes 
forth with the thought that fast Ute means 
nothing these days, for "wtoOk women imd 
Itova Jaat baaona Mw-tooik <a»l^ea.«a4;^ 
Ma agato wbeh lb* lurotae tii^.' 
iur. hnftr tbdt she wanto a man who win wsift- 
for bar ba'rapllea: "Well I don't know, 
strike for you hut I don't know it Fd work 
tor you." 

And though there Is enough of pleasantty 
throughout "Apple Bloaooms, the charm of the : 
music overtops all else. Of nearly as much 
toiportanos ars* tba ptoysijih aptebtldl^' tiaat anA'. 
lead, by that MdiaatW aSng.blrd. ^Im' CbaHes. 

SWHUHO ■uns.. Bira, vwnn wnansa. 'Vd 

tbe wllbmy, atlnAiv'''Wllda IMiii.. -^^ 
iHqiatt baa bm on-BfoM^sy^'iB '/^ 

aiNranii tblngs'ud lait skasmi was'wtth 'Tba 
'Obi Biblad the Oan.» As to tbe latter pkov' V ' 
aha grows as the play pngresses, but to "M^M 
Blossoms" she esUMIdies herself as a stnita|K'|l 
tovortto of the first water. ' .t 5 

Mr. Dillingham has deftly dipped into veude- ^ 
vllto for portlona of his Msl^ as wltned tto i 

neentiyibii tbwioid Mi a Wtotor aoMto? <^ 
r na' jMtotna 'aWipped' briefly to - wKift'tu 
'Waa-pvMmnaad.^i-'pMiot ' waia the Brsff'-IM^..; ; 
coming batik for their -real periormanee.Btar 
the dose. 'There thi^ drew smashing applauw < 
and deserved It Tba 'dnt j^ortloa of the nite- . 
ber- was walto-like, FTed nikking'one arm luirl-: ■■ 
sontal catches with retoarkabTe soreness. Tbey ' ; 
finished o(t with rtu)id-fire work which sent tb^ 
falUujg cS Stage thfoagh a door and Which 
bwafbtv tbato^aitt ■,tto«.and.-Jwato.-'--.v - ..-^-iv 

'ltoBn..'ftiltei«v wga.:':at':.mriotllto bnt''-aiim':'.":': 
neaatfr 'wH& v'Vto the nAs-^;ii' 

a ■ nald . .liwitj nfnabtogly,- 'tba part bebig 
aenie tovartMioiB, iand her atagtog of "Brotbenb'* ■ ' 
a tune .with a lilting air, was the first number 
■ to seora. . It was a JacobI contribution, ae was . 
"AVben tbe Wedding Belle Are Ringing," a tox 
trot which Miss Bennett sang so nicely and ' 
then gracefully danced with Alan FVigan ' 
(brother of Ina Ctaire). He, too, came through 
with -•'Utite rOlrlak jpoodbye,*' a corking net* ^ 
ody ptovldad aa tlM drat Ceng for Mr. ThonaSi^ r 
XrBlslM'B;^'eiar c( Lever early to the fintl :| 
Bcl.taind inattafr. aesrtoc petot tor Miss 9eB•^^ 
nett The nnmlier: It d|sttootIy Spanish, pn^-i:; 
viding a good chorus oppbriunlty for ' graceful .i 
though simple dance evolutiona The girls hera 
wore the most distinctive coatumes, the sMrta [ 
being of ostrich plunMS,-' 'oolcmd in varieni 
shades ot lavender which ranged from wistaria ' 
to deep' puipla.L .*'l : Am i» Ui«a,*' which wat; -- 
snatlNr. wto'tfnr.r^UirF-tlMMbk' 'alao Man* .'tHh'- -L 
KnMm, ' aa ' ■inikL^i'^yaSiiiaa. 'Ttolto'K^iMne ';'v: 
by VMraiiee Blilrt«y:.ii^ Knlgb^--^- - 

■Tba "Apim BleawaaaP' begHns-at'a 
girls' school up the Hudiwn. Joseph tTrben, ' 
who designed the scenery, surely pictured tba - 
river aa it la dawn Poughkeepsle' way and 'be. 
yond. The other two scenes an Interiors anil 
whito not'Drbaneque are capitally earrled out 
At the acbodl Is- Nancy Odlaa- ScBnett) who has . 
toUan to. -ievd . with : olcMa (Z>arelWl Itol^t): 
.« .Mi old .far ..tba part. -wbltb^ls 
aicitotoed by tbe that that be baa had ''Wailji^v 
past. Btit Nancy's uncle pqto Oia itlba«b'^.' 
the alTalr and takes her off' to fito city 'US 
: warries ber to Pblllip (Mr. Tboiaaa), the ttlllk /; 
'being pre-arranged by their paieata. '; At-M-: 
both Nancy and Phillip are for allowing toeh 
ether to . go their own ways, though married, . 
but to the end .>hey find they are la )on. . 
■,lCuer,.lM-,*lmyB 'wiriMd.'to.lw 'Wad' to-'lRff* 
HssauiB ftoii, ':irbicii„ to tba 'uMiy of tbe 'tUK » 
Boy Atwdt;aa'-b 'taitter-.«lia ^'wsnta a tead , 
wife Uar. t»i9'1N!fi^ wiio thinks 'to 

tovea Maaay, carry toe comedy. Both seem to to ..■ 
to tfeMs'.aaniawhit new to them, bttt ' belhv: 
handle toe tough lines ^welL - There have Wan . 
a number ot changes since ^he out-of-town 
opening and the result Tuesday night was that , 
It was in the best possible form. 

The staging was teamed to by. Fred O. Iiaibi» ' 
and lUdwiud Itmwa^ Vbeto '■ wwk fa ■ hab^bC; 
the enaambtoa to' tba, prdior and' in Uie 'jinto< ~ 
rioiw was excellent. The - focusing apciii^ ^ ' 
score and the leaser dancing blgb-Ilgfato appaats 
to have attolned JuU tbe right tempo. ' i 

In ''Apple .Blossoms'' Kreteler, .(.JacobI and 
!,« BaMg)t:;tbave tumlsbed Kxmffmt fine and 
woHb]|l^-i.ti>e efforts of si imMll^gMuoer lUts 

;>tntlKVfM^;:/tbiled, plutBar;,4j(.^SM«pilitton.' but.'.. 
. !^'Apl^ -noaaema" showb^ti^vito appetito f^^^ 
^?ji!ipal.'.>'eperetto.:to a 
;'^a^ftooni» .duktite oC 

'l ife ; . ! 

ZtoWd — 

•*.f . ^ • ...Bdward 
■ •',••..•...«'... ..ii».|woert B^ 
» .CbatlCB-HendSj 

letto -VMbdid 

■ HookA and 'lyries are an accomplishment bgr 
WHIUm L* BaiMV Who baaed: bto aorfpC 

With tho produetion oX '"jSia iStonn" at- ]gy| 
Vorty-eighth Straet, laafdan MieCannIeK ^ 
probably aeored tb* tliHM; bit ^ Us 
-IWa appliaa^Dot toUy to tba waibtocufcr oW^i 
. tilaai :toid genito oltwto %Ucai: ike devised jW^ 
. his aialadiiMtoi bat to tb's 4|aality of th<» 
• ttself. With bat five people In ttie cast (ttjto^ 
are pracUcally but threa-^iwo of the «ve ;baW|-; 
blW)i be bnd auocMdiad to niealufsw,;^ 


i^''-iai Mi^^ " *^ font** 

^^-]£lp'tftIUBe«l of ti* ant tmt lAUh. In MMom 
ify 'il^VitoUUnc tta* viat, xeUlIed » Uttte tM nmdl 
' aad Mt tb* ftodttoM to deddlns la td-nitM 
^ lb» apparently obWous denoo^numt. 

-Vtnaie tb« d«cialoii proTSd to b* a 100 to i 
^lot, It tookod two at tbTM tliAe»-»«tlii0« 

' n ««nBlii»M* fmuOt M an XMMnMM 
IboolA la i» b« . MUU iM fHI th a t - 1» » 

; i ailttwi ky a nwduB wrttar. oatoM pouiMy b* 

W a fttiUawi 
' ^ <Xbt tvtu^ •ilMtioa to aa azMUeHt «a% 
( two tan mn abm* l> a prizrwinU fWMt bal 
' irttb a jrouac firl, Avt away from etoiUaattoa 
' tat tn antln trlntar. On* to a pibBlUrt lam* 
' bennan, tba otbtr a caUOMA EoclMnnaii. Botfe 
(9vet tho tU), U naturmL 'Th* pTtmltlrt 
. USB woaI4 mairr tb« girl U Uw la dl t t l ct 
^ band. Ha baa laanied to.lova iH»>te-4nl 
•ad eair aOiir «f tba baatt. Bat to Maftf tta 
; :alri Itam aa« ttaf«^ aaA afi itaw th« ottor. B« 
ft> b<K naa, «Ma ta tta iM'a iwia ia aaamr 
i ' to- btr aenam aiad Uie gifl bcltevw Mm bad 
>' «atr draaiml- tor nom waa lavadad. Sto 
■ i ? iwakea to flnA tba Ms aaa tbara and b« waoU 
lir. Ba telit btr M. Bba repltoa tbat bar &tb«r 
' *a bis d«atb be« bad told ber to do anytblna 
lb« big man aaked ot bnr aa tat (tba big man) 
va> ber father*! friend. Thla to aa flaa a pleea 
v. : (f wrltins aa baa bcao don* for a maladfataa 
^ to many naana. .Aid tt to aqaidtr ynU .mf. 
■,v'»ct«d by» 
' : Btrai^iCaaannA 
u:J,mamud-JUmMiim--«».m'jim» aa« Boba^ 
ii^vitoiaal.''^ wWrn lftW^iiW i lAa raamrta 
^^--.ia clever trlckciy la hto aCWto ta 
I'f^^liH for himself^ /ThV tijpv 
l&'aare also -weft played, 
ffv -vTline doea aot pwratt of datoda* analyato of 
" :;: tba rcspectira Uitdonto trlttmpfca irf tto ia« 
' dtTldoal mambata, but auOlca- it to aay^ Itot 
y-«bUa all are eacaltait. Utea UteZtXtM^ baa 
' .' taken a atep towaitf atardiMa irttb .4Mr. 
I'V ' tarlntlon 'of Xtoaattfr. . '': 
■|>V;ib«a Ja aj to— ■■J tiU a- ■ M c fcawtei i f .aftet at 

" (Mgdoa HcCormlck 

yaara aco. 
tbare to avary lodteaUon 
Stonn." to dcatlned to 
to tlita viUaiiK 

Ittto matara <iritb tooka and a cqridnc daneaiii 
sIm AallTerad a Ut irltb wbat *u pnisramad aa 
U "Indiaa Jan Daaoa" CUaC Oa-Ko-moa 

nt arar aa Ug yrtih a nnrabar called tba 
» eC tba Itv* aaaaoiaa. At tto eciscltulcft to 
toaaad i bowte knif a aald* tbat eana aaMT tatt» 
to «to..Aw^ 

' MM ko n dk lata Yattflavll 

iratofoa^ (faa) Onok aM tttltoCktoAl^aNiniaC 
botb eomtoc to veiy tondy la tba- nviBataaa 
cotaady menta. 3p^ didn't sat miicA at a 
obance to tamper ^Itta bla WTnplwa» tot ttor 
kept bim vary buay vltb otber tttaM ^aiUll 
Bawaid 'waa alao la many acenaa, 

Aataar tto famtatoa prlaelpala anatber vand^ 
TllUaa ataed out: moat pimatodBtly. tbat balaf 
SyMa CflMib vto aiaiiad.* iamam «e < 
latoa uMik itoloaad tta mat awt J 
to tor tofliaiii. «e 

vaa at tor. bait, ato datoal tto 
aaaadtotta auMa/' vblea caitod Ibr a vtortdl 
a( aacaiia Mtoa O'Denlahawa, by tto way, 
did «»eUaaitr vltt bar danea and atood out 
atoawlHM tbroacb fear nlmbla cyratlana; aa did 
SUsor Sinclair, an throoab tto ahow. 

Hltcbcook aooa afterward, witb "My Caty 
Conw ia tha Blta," flaabad tto Biat of arratat 
onatlRM dl^taya.- The tfitu wera (owned tiy 

gS^ijto* bla ptor, 
''T^ atjoy proloato«'- 

to«tfy a^tt totoMea Xstk 
-a 'toto adw eHto-fomaid wKb "Tto 
tody to Mad.'' aad UlUaa Keiabto COopar. Htot 
HitabM foaad tba akoWa eatcbieat aoag to 
•I've 'Got Sontabody WalUBff." 8b* did waU, 
too. tritia "Wtaan Blaek SaiUe Mnga I>agllacel." 
Sttaa Coapar. witb "HJtcby'a Oardas of Rotoa" 
and ^Aa OM-f)aabUmad Oatden" aeorad. Tba 
tottar aanber waa ^acgad. and bad tto muatoai 
dtraetor. Albert j. aa«^ ittoytas It a ;MHtor 
of "ttaaa^-aB tto.Ttoito toaai; tto' *lb''v""7 . - - " 
' 'Ottay«atoaa.««ii MMMl awto^-tMMIr. ifitt 
faa miiiir'aM bw tiagr.'ttf daadm' flinMW 
'CBaiiat Md XtoU Dore. Billy Roibtook and Dan 
' Bnatoa- took danced wItb Prtncaaa White Dear 
aaar Ito doaa fir a band. Holbraok and Henri 
did aplandldly wttb a prop bona atdnt. 

BItcbcodi tea eartelnly fivas. tba abow a lot 
of drasilnr, and most of It to alliiriaK. A featura 
o( tba oostufflinf to tb« plenitode ot bate lasa, 
Tba latier ia alTaeted wttb ahoaa and wltboat 
ntslac tlM totaat Frencb eiaso wllb onr owe 

SnpST-KOO, 1919. 

Bieadwar mat '■Hltchy-Xoow J»r> Monday 
'! afiM toat aboot tba way KaymMd Httehcoek . 
V. deatrad It "HficMe" *n*t eouIda*t etort the 
thins off wltboat ebattlns to (to orar-capaotty 
boose. His chatter f^ma In front of tto oroba^ 
tiu mil waa csrtsUity refreshed. It'a Rltcb* 
cacica. copyrifhted laay to atart aff hto TaiQwa^ 
ud la aum tototiifa ttat pataonal qnaUty tbat 
.to ''tto';.«Nr«liP -aC. ttair TM '<«litMfw- 
i.-'intcbia ia. abaab - • '' " ' 
fn^'At^iiO Vdodc to ambled down tto alala, witb 
riiiitlad^jililrt, ralvtt awallaw'talt aad beaver 
'. •^aS'bat, auid to brousbt Imbblea of lauxhtei; 

«lth hto eatUaa aad Inqolrlaa to many a well* 
v,ka»wn fliat ntobter. B» dida't aeem to 'mlaa 
^ any one. aava tbe erltlcav wto were motobly 
alaewbera, Monday betas a foor-ply premlaie 
- arenlBc. Ba moved aaida aa two clrls took 
r . tbalt otoira aa tba front row and totroduaed 
V tham to a Kr. tonatar, wto^ HUobto aaid aaiaa. 
Attorn Aabora. naa to aatod J..M. Oi a a tow 
I tta costonMr apadatol. . wMtliar to tod wt 
':i.]lr. Shaatcr. •-!.. 

"Too know," a*M Hltcbto, 'VUddteaa to a 
"itiava man; to tmated iaa f ar tto eestnmaa to 
V.aiy nm Aow." Spytns Bdcar Mwya, to called 
esl^ "Hello^ HdfaiS baWda da Kay." Then U 
waa: "Good eVenlBf. Btoto Janis; hope yon tova 
a good time, Blsto; atond op, will yoiiT" (and 
aba did). Bttcbto oonttnanad bto tvanlng cana^ 

> toat about tto atow wttt tatatnvttoaa i 

7:liw folk be kAaw or thwa wto oama i 
#;iMitoa toiaai" ^Jto. ^ 

Sto'dant loMir.'wiiiltortttiMto-av to'i 
..j BeBok Ed Vju: yaa'ra atot BMa^ tovaat 
ii^jaal" and a^filanaa Coltowad aiaattoa cC Wyna'a 

'' btme, and to toa^ vat Vf> BitcMe didat (n^ 

■ «et to gnat. Ito CZtoglaM; 

. Sillle Borke." 

> '. Ia intrMactnc bto abaar Bttehia Mid ttot 
i.; amalty to waa tor ctviBg aa < 
.yidatoBant to tto -abarebaa aal 

.^Mangei' canvtncad toa'ttatiwuttowtolWi 
fto it batlar te'|>«'«iak ttai 
. Bltchcbdr adttdf Oat toto o( 
irhere and mded naiiahere. Vhat i 
»lafaia "HItoby'Kdo,"- ntnealttoa.; 
ata neveltlea In tM eb^, plenty' o( tbem, aad 
. clotfcea arid comedy. "Hitehy-Koo" (an't ovar- 
. tudaned with a aeort, iboogb it toa favaral 
. cateby numbera Oeorse V. Hobart aoppltad 
' ^bat there to In tha way of book. Tto nraato 
Ud lyrlea oana IMn %elt' -Ifuiiii'* Minaiiar. 
. .MtoD Alfred ML tta ataglar aiid naA» at atavw 
r.M of it. tor tto ator to apar ima. .fto 
ivseafen pathK . '• 

The opening acen'e la a rtal noratty with a 
" 'color scheme In black and white; and it rightly 
j^Xtm a big hand. But the finale oC tba first 
j^aectlon, a pretentious Indian burleeqae dabbed 
;r; v'Tocsbontas," funiishod one of tto .ationgeat 
j^Pdata o( the evening; In fact, waa as a*Vdl 
f^^'tKar than tba ahow'o fbitab. • 
^ V la tMa aatoft vara iatrodntad a anmbar of nal 
boor iraMifja, pitadaiaaa and bravta aa 
t>. Soma at fMia eaaM aat of amtotlto 
Mnwa VUto .ttociv 

Tba .itow Ja saaalnf tao tong, aad It .' wat 

or taaaed irwtaaHL to 'toHU .^Ip^p^bXaa^ to 
Ha at atlK 'AdK 

* Tba*' toavai' 
at- tto Mew Arostetdam Theatre had Ito prr« . 
nleie . Oct 3 with tba ntual "ctoaalc" aad^ 
enee. . The lyrtes are by -Qena Buck and tto 
naalo by I>ava> Stamper, decorations and eoaalo 
inveatltvra by tXrbaa, ala«ad Iqr .Wed Wajrtoni. 
If poaalbto, Jt la afa» aMM'flOia(aip..'ttoa all 
plavlesa aeaaoaa ' 

It opana wHta a piotnra by Baa Alt Baggla, 
"Tto Geleattal- I>raaa»ar." a baaatifal Ttaloi)i 
tbat tedaajB aad tot, at aacia aatatla tf a pr a p at. 
aoat ar-ataiMAanb' «INraaily tbto dtovpaaMd 
AaiB vtotr. Miaa Allya Xtac awearsd In a n«ia« 
tor aaax "toaiiibal," aaalalad to. Artbar XKtiy 
and tto ahow i^to, \Tbto pattook nora •( pai»- 
tomtanie apectaela tton anything else, ' aa~ did 
ala» "Voder Cover." aoag by Utoa Iraaia Batkar, 
and ia whieb aevemi otber ot "tto giilar par* 
tloipated. . "Under $ervcr" cooalsted of foar 
brief Mto of voeallstng, the beat of which ia a 
ditty MtttM "Ta» TlnM^" tto slat of wUcb la 
that evtrjrbody waato a UtUa <••» dartoc wUcb 

^"'^*»mf pato Hta tto gtotoaa tTSS^Uit! 
MKb tv tova itiifalda toMaa) 
dad Sdwarda' oome nest With aome 
Jaia aauada and atepptaig^ Thto was tto first 
spaotalty by todlvlduala They reglateied a 
caod .alnid bit with tbeir ear splitting muato 
aad aUmaala gytatlona. 

. Tto aaat nnmbar waa "Tba Sorprlaa Fackaga, 
.aaac by Stotgaret Iralnr, backed up by the 
■Mik art tba conetualoa af whfc'b they diragged 
Coitia »',imait caady box to wbtob waa atbutiad 
toi#.«illi& iltoBa» whkih tbay taadatf. ta tto 
aiidIamB«, wiileh .tola, toattaatod ta giatl: at Sbt 

: diran a|lgx>ali; aaft jraaalied. ta- apenlag aC ttia 

'.114,' trpn wMtb eneiged FiaaCaa WbitalL Tboaa 
wto. bald tha rlbbona ware enabled to diaw to 
tbamitaiyea a pound boa of candy. Biaa Whita^ 
a triHo atouter than twfora she ; went to X<ett- 
don. appeared with no etockioga and aa lndlf« 
ferent number, "Tto Midnight Maid.'* . 
After aha tetlrad Vaiuito Briee appeared, do< 

-lag a tfavaaty apaeto-aoac aad.daitoC a/Mlatad 
by Hddie ' Qaator. Thto 'waa .amnMlaUngty 

. <BBB)!,,ls barlasqtt* wvh Mm. aaerlfleea 
all. aenaa' at dignity, pamlttlag' Ckator to ad- 
minister k'ieha npoa her poadrfor.. A catelqr 
.baUad aaoiad "Dearaat*^ ilaa anng by Arthor 
Vtliy aad vtaualized by seven gtila, eacb ona 
made^op to' represent a dirrerent Jewel,, the Drat 
letter .ol which stood for a word ia tba titto 
ot.tto.aoaa, na for example, a dtonaadi. a *U" 
an eawnld, an "e,^' and ao on. 

Tad X.awto and Ms jasabo band, (he membera 
at wbtob, olbar tton tha ater. warq attirad In 
FtoCBl; <oaltoM4 toipaUatod-.a lot of .daal«a- 
cdlr 4aa mnar Jeliaav ;to« tblnga prattr 

their own way. to their singing, daaoing. Jaia 
taatramenUtloa aad aa on, aapactally with tha 
UngtUns trDtabona. Tto flrat halt conolttdad 
with a mtnatrel drat part eonalattag of a aong 
by rroacaa mitak aided by tto cirto attired 
aa ailastnl atatda a to Med Way torn, to wbtob 
tkagr aomidoma w«p tto to«t "MHad" 
wtth^awiaa. la tIttwnabw.yaMtaaaaitr Utoa 
mna avvaMat to to' vatjr adf-ooaaalwia. 
maaglMat tto aaapdac tto toitod to daaea aAtb 
anybody, oonftatav haraalt to aamton aittor - 
atagly or booked to tbo atow gdrla. Aa tar 
forto to ataga daaetog with a mala partoer aba 
waa not at her beat. . 

Tbe aecond part commancad with another ' 
tebteaa by Haggln. oonstatliuir of a Vo- 
baamMdan atrntmnded by the mefflbata of hia 
banaa. Savoy aad Brennan were on for aboat 
taat naDBtaa.wltli a aairlrottttaa about. "Moaiay/* 
tflf Ki ...aaar to yaOtor todWr 'to 
to to tolitd Mr:'««ar tto -iiM£'' ' Uto 'w*^ 
taitol wai aa a pal';iilili ftoir vMr^iito airaruifa 
aC tbat hlad. Vbar ngiitoiaS aa'almlKiV aa 
ever. Mis* King and tto. irtria. cana da for . 
another nnmbar and VMia aneeeeded by Mlaa 
Wtalto with two mora dittlaa, tba Unit of which 
was a«ag ta Jjcadcn recently aad tba othar she 
annoaneed aa i new nmnber. Hal HIson has 
an elaborately staged song, dance and panto- 
mlpe called "Ltf« Is a Oamble," In whtc^ the 
girlr ate biade np to lUaatiato' wurtato ffenaa «C . 

.Vtosto .Mag.. .latpn^M . .witr : » . 

wbleii MBMitM af 'i:ii*ar ^ 'daiwa' 
jpaaadytog llH^MiMto'a rWriag'.^MiC.*; : > ' ' 
',Oaa ar tto dMat. gBntog«riy''ai(iato .atoga' Rto- 

: Vto^ttx toa nindared to 
Arthat Uttty .tod waa iUaatated by a doaea 
gMa^ totrodaeiag «a». at a ttma and paaadtog 
on tto floor.; attbod aa varipas birds at |Wr> 
gaona ptoamga. It waa a most artlatfa ptooa 
of edor aobatna design. There to the paryet. 
tha lyre bird, tbe bluebird, ato., conoludlhg with 
Mlaa Qolorea Aaired aa a white peacock, an 
actaal vlaion of lovelloesa, 

W. C. Fletda eftarod bto alwaya amuatog.aad 
accepting JaggdUv'gpaetotty; aad .tba ttoar 'oaa- 
clndad wttb Upi WbHa toaftog tto ontiia tom« 
laag wttb •!ni*<lirM » Otlag.tiirtitoi. lfcd.'' 
tto iiaitoUito aiat wIgidBi ttair Oto Hw H tto 
tM» wttt tecfca totoil to thair wliito'. Vto 
aa aaaara tto ataga hands joined 'to ;tto.'. fW' 
gltag. after i^lch tto waltata alaa i 
Tto mora emde their attaaiBta tto ; 
ona waa tba stant. 

Tbe lyrics, noate ud prodaclkm are oa a 
par with tha previous midnight s&ovra on tba 
Mew Amiterdam, Ned Waybum'a tondlinjr of 
tto' glito to most diverting and Oaoiye A.. 
Mioiioiy laadtngr «( (to «ototo4:^^toafeaalm all 
baifM to nato Ibr a; Vary 'Miit^^ 

Col. 'Winalow, a mllway roagnate of Mew 

Tork ana N«nr Ortonna. .Dan Quintan 

Uetit. Jack Wlna|ow.i hla aon, ftf U. S. Ato 
Sarvloa ........... .2^. ...,»;••>, .waok ^gwia' 

Aaat Kuti«j Uta Jata <)ii^.....%Saplto 1 
BtM Vtaiwap, hto dawhter. . . r. . iv'i'^V 


•Toots" Mc9wftt. bnah leaguer ' and eamiadf. . 
vaadevlltan .Frank Wcatpbal^ 

Joe, a servant Joe Hamlltoa. 

Simona and Slmmn. aolaalrato.. Boyle and Bmsil 
Lieat Clay ...... i....».....v««««,,.j; .yte d Bilaa; 

ZJeiit, 'Allen , .... ., Mar ray nalet 

Iitattt. Qordon, ••>.>•••••••••••>, .Harry Foraythe 

Lteat Jackaon <. .......^Jtbrtln prlffln 

"Mngan" Ctoaay, ball ptoyer Cbarlea Judson 

8pitoKa»»to •"v'"*'?JfK55 

Jtobeliny, a nlnatrri.... XAtiy Cintord 

Bull Connorai nata ot rTto Craaaaat Oly" 

K. SMtt 

Leader of Crowd .' ..Ulftpa Vato 

Mande Bradbury, friend of Bthel. . .Roriar Qainn 

Hta. Carter Oabrlal Qray: 

Olorto Carter < Chick Barrymore 

Bcaema Johnaoa, MBlalto aiaalAWf at laboMl . 

barber Bhop }»••.••«,... («.,,.,...Iiabal WUaa 
Susie Folsom. .ai •••••«•'••••••«•. •.•uottto BaicK 

Mary tawton .■.•'.•••••••n,>«>.rag[y Deinpaey 

Molile Bragg ,....•.•»••«»••;'.•... ■uot Hantell 

Anat Jaffltaaa •'•(.••••••••••••<«s,u.."lvian Holt 

Atontoar. aan aT all waric baaitorawr mlo. 

suel .....»,»»»».«»•.»»»» v.. .. j a ww a Maiittv/^ . 
Henry ci*y .'«naa|nnw^ataa <^ the 
Baady Coloaad Mnwra{|a...Thotnaa 

Maia^tn^ and Heath tove a good lively enter, 
tolnment to ttaair totaat vehicle, "Hello Alex- 
ander." It'a a hodga podge of bnrleiqae, vaude. 
vllto, mlnatrato, re roe and old tinw "niger 
aoto" all pleasingly blended together, and thor* 
oughly aeasoned with apectoltlaa >Bd gtrto. Tha 
ahow ran for twa aait ttrtt.'Wartara . boaia 
Taesftoy sight, aboat d todMHor tM loag; Tto 
laatoiiiaiw frlmiUpir tbat Mnally followa open. 
toga oC mnit''ii< tt^' mft VmM atape it np 
into a fiat tnoviair aiaaleal entertainment fuUy 
capabto bf toldtaig IW. own on Broadway. 

There's a boofc and a-'VpIot" ths Utter mean* 
Ing aa much, however, as the plot of the aver- 
age Columbia Wheel ahow. Mclntm and Uaoth 
and Soptito Tocker abarad tha bonora ' opaatog 
night. MIm Tucker landed her juggaat wallop 
weU taiaart 'to. fltoab. walUag oa at It o'eloek 
aad-mappUk'ttP ^Mtt ato aenga. Siqibto baa a 
new baaeh of jatzlau. who bloat out tbe weird 
nggy atnfr, in a atyte comparable with tha beat 
A altver elotb gown, axpenalve looking' but not 
partlcolariy becoming, worr by Mlaa Tucker 
while delivering, her numbers, added cohalder' 
ably to the Itoah. "Oh How Much Oood He^oea 
Me," done more as a ohoraetsr song than aa a 
Jaaa- aakettaBt waa tto iwtoa ot tho njtofMM 
natatyia aad. HjnMb .aia Jaat ,Un ' 

character comadlaoa they have alwaya boaab - 
Btrolllng en wbenevar tbe procesdinga Meded a' 
comedy brae and slipping over one of the 
ttoaaaad aad ona varUtlona ot tbstr tomoua 
Oeargto lltotod ctovanatlonal akita MaiTy M 
Ito Ma IMM * tealltor appearance, aad^mora. 
tbaa MM of tha gaga had ito orlKte ' way took 
to tto goad old days af mtaalialay. liat- tbrn' - 
all went over for the lought-for laughs. Tbi^ ; 
jiat OOttldn't flop wt(h the competent haad^lar''' 
aecordad them by Mctntyre and Heath. 

Vhora are two aoto and nine aceaa*. three la 
tto flrat act and six In the aaoond aeaalon. 
tto Mto « JMaeh ai»t white totertor, used 
'fiaUiA'ttr tto mlastral abow. ^rbkib 
Ito tbM.atoaa aad itaato •« tto «rit i 


aat atoada oat «b • fitor «C atagly. 

A tovaa seeBe. wlUi abarartartoUa Hibt aflaMC 
atoo eaaM in for wall fl aa w aad apftaatotlba Criua 
tha flrat btghtara, 

Tto pleoa to lllled >lth apeclaltlea. Among 
tbeaa tto AI Jetoon Imperaonatloa of Barl 
RA^td. Boyto aad Brazil's dancing act; and 
Holt and.Jtttoadalara IitrB»ny atogiag acorad 


to-» BNf. ^tt to" 
lu.** a tortagy baUad. wttb a taiitotoeaat 
ody. Thto was gimg to 7acK 'tSNrajrat aad ' 
up for several encotwa with (to aid ot tlw: 
oborua. Edgar' B. Snutb and Emily Toiing bi*^' 
credited with th^ book; Alfred Bryan tha lyrlea, ' 
and Oaao Scbwikrto tto moalc Tbe beat of tto 
aunben aaaie to Ito aeeoad act Thto waa aft 
•tojatoao^ aaatc.lad. to Roala Orean. and Uckad. 
a»to- «toM.dbarlMtoi armed with powder paOm. 
Tto p«to wwra.aaaa to faad enact on tto aailV 
porttoa of tto aadianea altttig to.aaato rtjifiiw"^ 
to the runway. Tbto «aa to MliMI''tof '^' 
"y** w?«te4y t#»%;' to iafii< » / 




PanI KerlMdii ' .'.•'« W.a.Wnngham Wa'ji ' ■ 

9?». """fM '••••••.«lrV»S,iV,.Mar» MltmSEi 


Mr* ?enfleId-Clarko..,..i,.,i4ii..,.. 

gojdan Bortvenko.......,,* 

5i°'T r***!!?*"*'"*"*"*"!/'" Adoira~ 
Moy. i.ianrt...;^,,....,,''..^-..,!!; Oeorge Burnett 

".•.•v».J...*;Heton Salinger 
n . A**?""*!.;.;. •.•«»•♦•»..*... Isabella towa 
S?*?' J>»S'<9' Hale. . ............ .ioba Halllday 

IUotord.ranfleidrCtorte<».^...^WUUani ICorrit- 

' A^'aaMitobM**t**tf'»*AiobaaB^ yveabto^ ' ' 

Just how long "»to fttncer" will oontinsa 
to easer on the alaia -ac tto Harna^ whei« it 
had Ito metngoUtas alMiwiag October 1, to a 
atottar, wbtob jpiaaaato a yrablem. <to« n 
far'.tobir akaHto abaac^to'lMi.ttaN todto- 
atalaaaaiit to- tn - 'aneikl tbat 
eigbt-week "tokb ao lattoito'.' attar 
tto place bad ita flito^atowtag at Attontto ca^r. 

Tba ptoy ia by BMwart boeto inaomnob to. 
the program Conrayad tta fitbotohlih Bbt ftaat: 
those on the "iniUe," It ,waa ^htapend anl' 
later oonflrmad. the picco to nothing leaa ttofi 
aa adaputton from the yangatton by H. Zisni^ 
yel. It waa declared two able . dbctota-'LOiila 
JC. Anapacber and Max Uarcia-^bod "b&cn ealiad 
la to ahape It befora final presentation. f? /< ' '^V ■'-> 

; la' tto ontlrrty "The Dancer" la one of ihem' '':J'>4^!^00» 
eartooa bilt not uncommon alien acrlpte tbat' . -f. ■^':;0^^p^ 
'flada- lto',way,.to -tl^e Anetlcan -theatre .beoatuo'"'.' -'''4:'>!i^M'''^' 
'ltvtoa;tba..aa«»blaaaa at a «abatoatm .anoa«b" ■ 

-.^wrfaa. :HBvi«g tM[i^.'.,.;,iv@|^^ 

1tftb.»';9^ft;jMt I 


■tbato .aivHealtair^^: 

ato. ealled to. 
.warto. wbn«. 

Ia this ease it waa obviously an exsmpto' at' 
too many cooka. In, the length of its throe acU. 
the piece sutTered from an overdose of too much - 
play doctor, with tha result there wera ttw«9-r 
uneven acta, fear<uUy miscast and a mlaaM^^' 
cation to atmoaphera almoat unforgivable. 

Tbatnatleally it to tba . eternal .eooflIeC ;ba> 
, twaea tto daineac> to .tbia Inataaoa, and bay k>xrai«. 
for a gMff 084817 wnqaai^ :to'>a':toigaKdtofi#1. 
M ?iBriiMfa aa ttiiit o^ bto tort aaeaWMir. .wto. 
aat toat aa Ito-Waw Bngtond abora, ; Bto bto 
a«Hltto<- aaoeaM in every capltol ot tto aoibr;. 
ttoant and raoeived gifts from couatleaa iUbair* 
era Be aias a atudent at Pxford and fflrat aa'ir 
bar in London. Then h« followed ber to Nloia 
aad to Mew Toxb. 

They ar* Wed. Six month of married Ufa' 
flnda them in bis cottago in tto Baritrfiirea.'' 
She.ia net waleoma to bar.faailiy bnt to bim.. 
From aUT.Mto tom|-;to.<a':iMIWtoat dniiiua|aig:. j 
into 'tto .oa.ib...aC.-:to' ' liiitoaiid ^ttoiy -oanoot. ail«,5' 
la alt that tbaa fato.-toa'fiwaliaB.-tog.'atfe.'bg^^ 


aaaoetotlona Bdt la bar heart ahe woold daafia' ' 
again. In a eraetot moment, whan ber d^Mja^,- 
tor, who., arriving onlnvlted to Induce bar to .; 
go tack again, la aocuaed by bar buaband 0£ 
being ber lover, aba goeatack to bar vngotowda ' 
with an theto "indaceney," ratbaa than vo*. 
main wltb tto parltona and their "hnMcrlay/', 
Tha end ia the < ateraotjrped. He liaa baaa ta^: 
war and baa tepaatad. tto takaa blaa jtock iaiit.v 
.. to.a MtoM wlMi m .t«ag .to bataMr. Mia^tor.<jbl«i'^: 
ratottoaa to tod tor'to a 
wltb bar director. 

UWhefa tha play falto o8 ia to tto piocaag'.aC 
le pravioualy dtacaaaad application ot jtoo naii^ 
orooka. Tbe dancer aa oanveyod by'^tto text- to 
snpposedly a tollerlna U the nusatoa school: 
why not one of tto imny gradtotea of (to 
"TaarakI" Impertot aohooto.T Tto remanee at 
adoration la built on the dtarm and lUualvantoa 
of tha dancer, only aa.a,produot «< tha tovatgn. 
ta tto:pla|r ibto tllenahlR. 

. mf aonoaadtoga lai flaaatljBglr 


' to NvfUka «air u u 

•id wltbn dlitMt Anarlcui.wqr KkoBt kwr. 
Thui IbMI* Z<owa m Um daactr to MplMdy 

' out of the picture. Bat In sH Justice to hm, 

•b* doe* some very eltectlT* work in aoma 

•ctnea that Untie -with dramatlo tervor and 

climax. Much of her work roea to diacount 
V »ad . obviate aoma IntefpeUted and 'anperfliMiia 


' la ealy^oM tiua M tka 
■mat Hag traa. That waa with Joaa 
Bojdaii BorlTenko, the dweai'a dlMetar. 
part, deaplta * drank and telt-e6afaaaed 

Hotalltjr, had araoh la it thitt won ajraipathy. 
WUIiam Uoirla aa Blchard PaalieM-Clarice 
. ftoted with bia aoenitomad rcitrmlDt in the 
iluinkleaa part of tlia Puritan villain, while 
Xoha HalUdar aa Peter .Qulnoy Hale, the 

tlifil iha iMicku at th* lli»<ifr 

<ha Caidt flC toa .aroeh Oxfoird. - oicaiuj Jtmm~ 

■pafhaaa Hato aa the Mtad brother «( Ika WUftedPalmii 
daiicer, aomatlaiea thankful for his belpleaa con- 
dition becauM be will aie leaa tragedy In the 
arerld. did aa ontatapdinc bit of characterlxa- 

to m 

the othtn v^enld he M tajaatloe. Cbailea 
Rngglea eeatribnted a aplaadld pcif ORaaaee aa 
a younc pbyaidan who "acea tUnga" and thtnka 
ha haa |on* "ott hia aat"; ZeMa 8«ara aa the 
ncddlinc aant kept the action movlnc at luat 
the exact tempo with her remarkable feedlns et 
the othtra; BaneU Faiker ia eaattrlathnly 
ai'a .tatlir with a 
ia;<«aallr • 

M «• %• iMvcr«ri 

kar apMtB. - ~ 

Tbo balance «( the eaat 60 the beat pa«IUa 
with the amaU ataterlal it van them. The 
Kieatest credit 'abould go to whoever plajed 
the part '«( "tkt tar" on the openlns niffat. to 
WaMa faufki ,Ma ^doea ready aa exceptional 
•< iMiB -M the 6aaeiUa tl|lit4atad 
rWlPMrdlii4V««naar«nli« mi. 
'M'.ti 'tMittt ' -•■ " 

' 'litff" iiflfidiL" ' 

4IF BBdirZE. 


Soaton*. Oct. & 
Pa tar O'Connell Qimee yalaatlaa 

llarjorle Schuyler Winifred _^ 

Jahet Vayne Oeialdine Blair 

BlUy Buraemaa....^. 'Warner Baxter 

WUUan ftmw wm, iBr... ■.«...«. ...WaMla Claik 
jaH^p*.« •••*«•••«••••*«« • Irvine Hltchall 
Pil«1»..Ji— .tf»i.»<toiaM OUvar Sadlb 
Tkavla .•.«»•*«.•••••••••»... ••'oba T. Dwyar 

BlalM^....n..... ..:....wniiam Waleott 

Cbaaffaar «•••••••*••.•..««•«•• ■.Harry li a n a f ra 

Detective « »...»... ^•..« « ^'« ..Bn iwt- Folloac 

Tramp ............. ..^......WtaHd CavMaagn 

The Boy CUflord Willtaoia «f Oaone Waloot 

Caretaker • •• ;Kn>cat Warner 

"Seven Mllea to Arden" waa preaented at the 
Uajeatlo blonday. Oliver Morosco presenta the 
abow which la. a new comedy by Anna NIchola 
and which la baaed on the popular novel of 
the fame isame written by Rath Sawyar. Orace 
Valentine, who acoied Mich a penoaal. Moataa 
here when "Lombardl, Ltd.." playM a MlC 
engagenient, la the; atar tl thla aew 

Undoubtedly there to aa appcil. aa. <*V«b1 
aC . tha jitoaaMo aort to "Smn lOtoa t» . 
jkagm." ' Thaaa «te ical tka aMty-'aad art* 
wpH ta the Ma^Mtlo to aaa it iNaeed oa the 
aiac* MMinhered the appeal of the story and 
alio bad In mind the many pleaaant adventoiaa 
of Polly, the principal character. If they e«- 
pected to aee tbia chaim depicted on the ataco 
It ia to be feared that they were dtnppotnted, 
for, unfortunately, "Seven Mllca to Arden" on 
the ataf* !• not the same. 

it la the oM atory of tha episodic atory 
breaking down when the woida are taken from 
the printed page and put lata th« aaaalha at 
human belnnpi ..SMaaliaMi .It- to 
plays o< the *«at ha«a' fMHto, 
Buocesa ia a sort of "wm.«4b^wliv'>: beeken- 
ing 00 the prodttcera to try arid duplicate it. 
ThU ahow ia billed aa being h worthy MC- 
cessor to "Feg o' Uy Heut," but it does not 
that the tbeatregoing public win find tha 
enjoyment ia watching iu presentation. 
Tbie does not mean that everything that 
it was poaalble to get out of the show was not 
trotted out .for the eeaaideration of the aadl< 
ence that saw the prMOiaia. It 
Uiaa Valentine, who Han to it. 

r, » a i yap w l aa ttotMft •« 
Ir haadtol 'aM kad a aavpie* 
bensive ttaa of what their rolea called for and 
did all that hmaaa beluga ooold to get thla idea 
over. But, repeating, It did not atrlke that 
"Seven Miles to Arden" flila the bill aa a play.; 
When a stoiy In which fairies and other 4lwell^ 
era of that land that yostb delighted to ram- 
ble la icta over IU appeal la iirasiatlble. One 
CiMs the. aaMHaa aaMaaMac to the -avail. 

aik -tta apeal as 

a • aa • eaa aaa 

. 'Aa a rube official Blchanl Freeman found 
fctUMf In a part that got him laughs. Despite 
that, It waa sap«rfluous, and bta nasal repartee 
Wltlt the dancer's Bohemian friends whom he 
aineatcd and aubaeaoantly biaiicht to her haa- 
taiia.4ir wntt aC^jhato- 
dac. .«lili.lB kiacb* . V' tka ' 

' aa . MMialletlai^- ~yti» 
Hht'pHmir'at ,tnmUie-t»it '.tM'-' 
ao 'Imd tatlen from grace, 'loofcad no niafa'aad 
apokft Jeaa like any one ealied'Ktna- thaa 'aky- 
feitUe ailna jniglit ahra to eoacelfa. ' - ' \, 

iai*'|il«e» mta eSteUvaly ataaid ta t«« aata; 
thai first and laat acta tiaaaplHng ta tha haiM' 
of the dancar and tha aeoond in tbo cottafa ait ° 
the couple on. the hlUa of the Bcrkshlrea. 

The play nlight :have atood a better chance It 
the script liad paaaed;tluoagh fewer handa aad 
lesa devotion to what -to 
to 'i«ally the worat ' 


X^igaa Bdward Bntier 

Banny , Dann Halloy 

Betty Neville ...Doris Kenyon 

Dr, Jlmmle Galen .......Charles Rugglea 

> TAny. Hamilton,...,.,..,,..JahB Cumberland 
Riltga ..•>••.••;••••••. ...Bamatt Parker 

•Fteddte NeaUla ...^.M..i.«y*a'.i;Vkaak Tliomaa 

.Semico Warren ....;*«*Mnrian Rushmore 

'Xuala Oalen 

Aunt Cicely ....:.....;^,>..f ....._^.Baida.8aara . 

"U^W v'oaaaa aaaa •'•••a«««W***M«t*'a» 

Take "Fair and Wanner,'^ "Ekrior, 
dad Bath." "Up in Itebel'a itoom'*: a ton or 
a-'docea other former suoeeasful farces, a smat- 
tering of the Boyt piecea, a daah of French 
aituatlona and dialog— and even then you haven't 
all that la contained in "The Qlrl ta the 
UmoHslne," which waa4>rodue«d Oct. t at the 

It ia described as a aew fiaioe ia tWe acta, 
ky 'inison Collison and i^VMnr 'Bo^ood, staged 
ky.Bartmm Hanlaaa. prodaead by A. B. Wooda. 
A|;.«Ma.Wk,4t:.ha pdd tkat.U to inatab^ the 
iW^iiaM Ihica a«a' nmttoa -nit aaaetot a t. ' It to 
m ;aitramely tuaigiy, la. ih«^■-ttat■)|t'^ aada -ja 
■ober>niJndad, highbiaw wtii Mi war aa Imt 
tattk Itttto : aitte-totokaara- -^-nTfir gtol 
Bhfl^..|rt«t^ltnikUr. ■_ 

. TU piecia. it aaa of tboaa aatertalnnento wkaia 
yoa •1aagh.i«aiaelt-Blek." suddenly recall tbat 
yob are making yonraelf ridicotoiHh leek akaal 
t* see if any one noticed yon, only ^ia flat inaiy* 
one else doing the same thing. * 
For the caliber of piece there la an IngenJoiu 
fOHadatlen to ^art with. A pair of highway- 
teito iltiiik'vp a gaatlanMn. knocking bim 
Hk' »: W aa k ia< * , V Aiiar coins thraagh 
M atolkw ikiy dMMa. to gato ttaaa tafaia At 
■ dtoetotoy tgr caiitytaK kiai 'tato the fkcMki ana* 
dears ot a ooaatry hbme. Af (er doinc so tkV 
cenclade'that bia etothes are worth aametktaK 
atrip him and throw him tinder the bed. Aa they 
depart the occupant of the bed, 
young matron. Is aroused by the 
and tuma on the llghta. From then on the fun 
to lajpid. cumulative and brilliantly ingenloua.' 
HtoiMlB aC aanftteatlona ate' piled up. and 
eacb tkaa jraa totak tha aaOMn could not poa> 
■tidy tktak. e( anMliar.- It-ia 4kWk9«:MMi fm 
wtth a'.vraelalo|i as awa 'iia' (hCaliajaOHi 
-pert Hflenwn, 

Aad -the dialog! It ta brilliantly aelattnattai ' 
and often quite naughty. For insUnce, when 
tha JIahcea of the man who waa helil up entera 
..the room and finds her tKitrotbed 1-. bed with 
•.the.ynangiliatMin friend, the gentleman, endeav- 
., •rinr to'eapklaf aaya: "I know it looka bad, but 
•'^JilStt'" .Aad acain, when a 
yM^'UMueViam^^ wtth.kaa. teea having 
.^'ju affair with the. butlfii;- fca «ya to tke kna- 
■kand of the youthful 'iilaiiaii: '*At'teaat your 
wife deceived you with a gentleman." 

And the caatt All the rhapaodic eneonliaag 
tbat came to mind at the moment 'would scarce- ' 
)y suSce to do iuatlee to the ftaa assortment 
of farceurs re^juited for the Initial preac'utatloa 
mere, is^ flrat and foremoat, tliat Inimitable 
- toatrPlwUtan favorite, John Cumborland. who 
•aea Ml tMklk .lha itofa wiik aotidaf aa bat 

IIMB tkara to JMds -Xeny«i, 'M . tke y«M«. 
atiaa. vha la pnV to bed ky a f«w|y i^i«m4 
Trke toaiBsf ta»Miiiaa (ka aiaa'^wtaMMt' 
to tor atotoii f Hi M fc • Ik Hit 

Baltimore, Oct 8. 

Monday at Ford's Margaret Anglln appeared 
In the new play by Henry Xiatanaaackeia and 
SucaaaDalkad. arigtaally aaaoaaead'aa-otka 
Fire at m»*' tort wUek it ito pvtoMt wwtoa 
to eallad 'mw Wenaa •( Braaaa." 

Mlaa AagUa -haa a part whl^-.iiliam, toK to 
go-the emotional limit Bach a part aa 8 to 
is dear to the heart of aa emotional aall*aa>; 
Miss Anglln Is suceeeaively a happy wifcb 
a suq)icloiM wlf«^ a dtalllnstoned wifa^ a 
heart-brakea wlfa^ a laaloaa wife with murder 
to her heart, -a rtaaMr ■aHiliig- wife and a 
noble, Corgtviag wUa; Wm Aagtto nspeadg to Ike varied ealto^aa tor- latoato aplaa* 

VartlMditly eMtoa to .dw atar to oaa-'jieaiie ." 
tto. kaat ia 4to itayMataia al» alto afak a 
«lrete o( caiely Ud telta a ooalldaat ot'wkat 
aha haa leamad at her haabaad'sVufaltkfal* 

aesa. A strange mixture of hysteria aad 
womanly calm Is this wife; in truth, her guests 
imagines she t> telling the confidant a. fanny 
story and twit her for not letting them alt ia 
on it.. Mlaa Anglia'a acting to this aoene, evaa 
at -tito praadefab raadied the keigktW aad tke 
of applaaM stopped the akow tor aevoal 

to Vivian .Haat, the wife of a 
it MWpitHlua tor a 

at' the 
to hIa wife, 
a eoosln -of -the wife oomea between 'them, a 
young girl violinist. Salvia Morton, and Runt 
Is soon most eiumourod and brglru meeting 
her. This keepi Roing farther and farther, until 
the toavilabte' split to his own house occurs. 

Haat «iaa„a»: totja,. tfie world with Sylvia, 
tat. aat Mm, tMpaias' eanNa, aad.:to nalisaa 
that laatodd elLtba took T jliillHI 
he ezpeelad>to <p«t ea ika-lhea «iC 4to 
bia masterpiece, .M haa pat a' 
on hla work of art aad hajNaaitoa tt'ta 8 to 
of rage and disappointment 

In the last act Hunt returns to bis home 
Just to roam aroond hla old studio. He Is but- 
tlMia Jty liis wUe. Ha begs forglvenesa 

oa hto wife'a taoe jaat tlie .* 
iliklag tor hto rVana aC . 
am left as ^ 

tolla. with tto %lto 

X pwac daraaa to aaltaa lato 'tta aa*j aa ia^"? 
liii 'taady whin the'-gi«at dajTto atrlka tor^cK^-.. 
TsanT shall cbiaa to glva the' help from-iha 
iaatda^ Hto mother poaea as aa Xngllah patriot^ ' 
bent oa. apprehotdlng enemy ilieaa. The anb- 
llettttnant tthe rank to which' the German 
reached) haia^^tor Us clotest firlend'tUa superior 
aOoar. a Vielerto Cross maa to conunaod of tha 

the Mg drive to %Uib ika A^ta^ 
importjwt part, aad it to tlie 
Gertoan; Ludwlg - Pe«l. has been '-watting 
Be li -to get tha aecret code whanby the ordaa 
may be deciphered by his soother's guest, Coloaal 
Dnpotnt, of tlw Belgian army, who la In reality 
Schaffer, the master (Serman wy. Ueatenaat 
Staatoir to>toaaa8 a diaaaa 

kat ^ • to- toMtat'-to Btalto; to; aa 
■r tomwHtaf to -ttrlr ' 
Tlia- atiaa- to^:«l ait--.«Bffito«aii«ii,- tote 
ana of tlw dtotaaM ateiputollons -of 'tl* di> 
vtees of nNtotoatoa'tlwt haa heea preaeatad'ta ..^ 
the stags to many years. Inat4ad of capturiac 
the youiig English oonunandeiv' he capturea ' ' 
tlie whole lot of the .arcb-enesUes of his conn- 
try. - .ur . 

'The play from the rise of the first cortaln c«». .' 
tlnucs to Increase in tempo and Intensity at . 1^ 
tha situation. It really grip* Ud holds tha 
iaiarast tor every slagto nwainlit ; Tbs sbowiait- ';:f-\ 
of tlM giaad - fleet -ia . tfto yalqyae , aitbougb att .> -. 

^SS^mlS^^SSS-'S?^!^^ -l^itf '•■a* M^jj? ' 

... ... ... 

Pacy Butch laon. the - aotor-manager, to ''^^ 
itiia. laadlng reto of Ueatenaat Jitaaton, met with, 
a' peraoaal triumph, but the 'arriter must «>> 
incide^wlth one of the local critics In cenaorlac 
his ^efforts for comedy In the climax of the list 
Bcene. It may, luwevet', as baa been auggeated, 
be the fault of Mr. Mllla; the author, in aa 
to dtorlCr -tka itoiglidi aa^. Tha 
it Ito aatlN aditW <Mk;r «< iadlalC^' 
Vatofck uamh tm t^ iaaard.«C 
ta tto NattfctoarAsf'w Avail wtoWM 
really weaiderfid . aa ' tke iMired adaUral atto 
atmply ^anaat ataad hto retlr^niieat, even tbougii' 
aeventy yeaia of -ave; Muriel Mltftla-Harvey; ' 
Kate Carew: .Blaaeh I<a Roy, and Eleanor 
Street all gaaa partormancas -that stood oet, 
•van above tto aaaatoat w^.af tto'tawalalto 
af the caat ' ,. 

The aeta ar^-^1 excellent, depicting Stantoa 
and. Pecl'a api^taieato at Donton, a amali towa 
oa tbo ca^^alLrtidtoBfl; .tlMr;j&Mai> at Blto-: 
' 'aC-ato;<QifPi««'9toN«nii aad Ika' 
^|iSfei|k(a;, wwlt t; 

aiaft V rm 

Irisk fUiytn,- flada tlw ahaw abatttog down 
far lack of patrmage^ aad alie with a total 
capital of I3.U and a cnofced rixpeoea. The 
ahow opens Is her dreadajg room where aba 
haa received tlie bad neas and which ah» re- allow .dampen tor apirita. She haa 
the double advantage eC yoath and the IrUto 
apirit; aad satb a' _ 
at a stow daaa art dMa* Wr 

hla atatue. 

The first act la uninteresting, but Hyena ap 
toward , the end. The second act Is by tar 
the strongest, with the third act ringing unreal 
and rather far-fetched. It lan't dcetaiva .enough 

an, .tto aiayets 
toa tkara to too 
anmad dgan aad atpnaMia 

Tkv aiiMMd to hava eaaagh liiaMi all! 1 

tbeaa added inpedlmento to their apeedk 

The cast aupporttog Mlaa Anglto to proOeiaaC 
to the main. Edna Walton makea vny littte of 
the rather- bitereatlng foto of Sylvia, .nor has 
Fred Krie yet toaad hiawelf aa the busbaad. 

Tto. ptoiF ap to anak aMva nttlsfying whaa 
ito dyaaaMe vitoM aia toMv^ataMUsed. 

Baltimore, Oct. & - 
At the Academy, Monday, Charlea EmerMt' 
Cook revealed Mariln' Brown 'a farce, "An :Ii-. 
nocent Idea," for the firat time on any -staga.- ' 
A largo aad delighted audience filled lhla-th|* . 
atoas the totaaat to tto «ity, aad 1 
Itsrif lato a atato eC 1 


t^SSi^im JSSSa^S' IBSiVICK or THE irAVT. 

et ber treablaa to attracted 
ky' a yeang man wboae faca'.ahe has never' 
asen aad wiio calU on bli fiancee while she Is 
F^tay'a-;sn«at in the dressing room. He is 

Washington, D, C, Oct 8. 
Lleat. Cilve Stanton, CC.R.K...Pernr ttutfetaiaon 

BnliiUeut, tionis Peel .AuWi^ Mather 

Lieut Commander Perrin, R.N...aeoirray Webb 

Midshipman' Wng Bden .FatrlOk -Dfdhnr 

Admiral lUtbiidSa Ototired)....w..-A. Kaye 

a' beautiful tUrbrt dflJwB cold when he aaya be is to trouble fS^a°^^f''^'f^**'-*''''''''*S^HrtLSSS^ 

noise, Bbriefca g**^A ft!*y *y ^'\ff", — w...........Tracy Banaw 

en on the fun ' MPft dto tkai tow a Police Jiwpector ................... Arthur UMt 

an ArtoB,'al»Bya.: 
away.'V ■■■;'».-.' 

In the' epitodea which follow 'rite. tmpersonalaB 
an English actress and li aecuaed of stealiac 
the Jewela of this actresa. She meets the man 
ahe la seeking 00 the road to Arden but does 
not hnow him, aa he has been the victim of 
a-ttais .wlw haa changed clothes with bim. The 
fittor. <f tto yowng jaaa. desolbed as "King 
Mlitob«''to alia pat Ut.JRdgv'b waa 
awrkyfcer Btoii to a' «liH Waabial tomiw^ 
mento foltow: tto .itoaUty aT her-'koqaalntaaea 
of the road being evaiititiilly dlacover^ by her, . 
and the Show cloaas wito a wondetful future 
outlined for Patsy. 

Aa Patsy Miss Valentlna was most enter- 
taining. It to not her fault if most of the' 
.words: of the opeotag .aeana .ot...the firat act 
•toiuU to dlrtctad tkia^^^Oia^lM^ while 
her tock to taiaad to itoi 'aiidMMa. And it to 
alao not tor fault if tor .tetita .lai^ the qaallty' 
and timbre to ovcreome tUa 'katoilcap. Sha' 
uses a slight brogue dartng- tlia entlta' ahow. 
wUob she hai\dlea exceptionally well, aAd ia 
.gtveh a few opportunities to display bar lather 
dimliiBtlva but none the less appealing flguia. 
•j!"* i>v?»'»*'»«t /w'M> the part she ptoyed 
.*:'*"gMljJMd.." ato baa to be over watch- 
m tf togHMtt aanfna to tto astoat of beiac 

• in^i * 

An AJrmM .................. .Oeoisq W(Ak- 

Mra aordon Peel Ktte Carew 

grnthJa Bdaa I to H il BarUa-Hanrey 

Dpra. Orewi «.f »«.««.'«»»»..««.». ...Blale Straaack 

Bald Ba riaBt.^v»;..'.«.. Eleanor Street 

Bawapapar Boy ..i.'.«'4 ..Bdward CrooanlOB 

British Btaejaeketa. American SaiioraT 
Police, etc. 

Before one of the moat brilliant audiences, of 
the seoacn, "The Luck of the Navy" hid ita 
firat American ahowtog Monday night at Poll'a 
na^.pilieaVwaB'stvaa a Marias valeoms, -and. 
kad -lt- hiaa pfodwad -to tkto emintiy . dnrias 
the war, it wonld'aa doaht.atill to raiiatoa to 
excellent boaaea,: Tkara to liltW -doaM bat-'tltot 
It will Ut^.pMiaagca- to.tto-Maafaattaa 
Opera Honaa,. wMfa AnaMk'St Ckat' -aia to 
present It ; - • ': 

Tha cast 'to' entirely an English one and is 
moat eifcalbat, a 'great deal of care 'eyidently 
tavtac-.hcea.ialMiq, in aetecting playera that were 
■" tia>«i ,st; the atory. wUbh- to hy 
It to aaa <« tto apai 

in theatitoat 
- Tdeav Buy to iMit ^wa aa^to 1 
the bed f amoua. 

Br. Brown, the author, - formerly - danced to 
various musical comediea that came this 'way. ' 
Be waa a fine dancer. He is a better play^ - 
wrWt In this shew lie baa achieved the inw 
peaaUjtoi to haa givaa aa a hedrooa -play withB 

ktotaia «C tto canaatoiy -ta^-aad aU pr-tMto 
^-were oeen^ed-«ff and on dattor ^ eoaiaa!aC'.' 

the ptoy. »■! - . . 

Th« story starto olT with a -bang.' ' The centaa < 
of the carefully worked out plot la ace Beaiy'"^ 
Bird, a manufacturer of beds, who haa t>eea 
more, or lesa of a roonder In his day. He to . 
rated aa tto "wicfcedeat man to Blchigan." if- 
' Mua aaytltoir; la tto kotal Mito .to' 
a toqdNat^J^toad. BnMt 

tend tto Bedmakefa* OaBveatlaB, ha a oaodi> 
datt for Ito preatdeaey, aad^Ocer to to toaa 
trying to inject a IltUe pep aad Jasa into Ua 
dying drama. 

Tto ked m ak tr ta liandlcapped by his reputa> , 
tisa;. hto friend the vlayright to handicapped 
ky hto aaore than aatortanato hlghbiowUaa. 

Ba<r Btol aaktosaa tto .pgarir 

abtatoa a atoppy Maa '« 
kta ptoy a anceeaa naliea one of the 1 
aatartaiatog atorles conceivabto 

To makp. sure that he Wotild walk clreum- 
aiectly the night before the UeeUen Bird (!»• 
cide atospend the night "in the apartment of 
Geer, who in addition to being known for bia 
proUty baa bfea to kva with tto aame girl 

totcrest thnugbont' the entire thraa-- 

tto prolog ahd the three acta. n^k,.bal«il* 
fully mofint<K$iaod tto aeeato aOeeto I 
live -n1 mtg'iifl rnprtjlartk ~ 
Bight. *. " . 

The pet of E:Dgland's heart, thi; navy, is mads 
tto' l«iiUfi«"#lto 'ot piott Maltot Ito BiOtoa 


'wkere the two aMa Jtotoad-ta apja/l aia aigirt 
aad how aeveiiu girto » »awd ta tto datatkrt 

aort of nighties, but with an iaaotoat Mto* 
gain entrance to the bediooni and wiMt tap* 
pens there, aa well aa to tell how Bird re- 
forms, acquires a wife and toUy overnight and 
to elected president of the asaoctottca would 

(CoattfUMd OB PSss 


^ Cblcago, Oct. 8. 
j>roip«r And >lMr«t open, band liftlanc«rs ud 
■Ufteni drea>«d M coU«s« *tlitot«i. AenteM 
tore BOW tilid •boat cveirtUns to cMnoaflago 
'.1m. Vm a*^'^ oollago atliMw 
Ukf 'MNMd la tba garb «C eol> 
BHrm*, tlMM two mftke a amut 

tei nifnmiid thmiMlvea with' a 

'garM *P«(!l*l Mt. Inolttdlnf back diapea of dlair 
'pattern th»t nuke the eyei drunk and kill oat- 
■ Hen. They do aomt gted trtek*, but K«t t)i«lr 
.applaoae on phoneya, which they work up with 
■bowmaiuhip tar t>«rond tiieir atatloa. CIpaed 
to a builr lund. Jamw Ead|a and Am 
dea. TMT Britiah. toilowad. ' The «M Vm 'i 
'■al jMti MMlaUr tlMi<*i bo ta .a ooatwl 
' trii M'tIMM f*Mittaii''tnair mmwIiw dueinc 
~ b6wa anrrlTed th» lady'a 

mtA .il^iae (QntU) worked swiftly 
'•Mi -Miwetly. Oirette. b ehki and bubbly, weara 
'liai^etal vatnpy postoinca \abd la the whole act 
• 'otttitde the clever piano, wbrli ot' Irvine .Ttabar 
. *(^ JCIaa Baytek* '(artiwr). Bndlay to onfooC 
r:-^>MMo.aiatan ti.m Unttm Wt* aail w>t «ata tbo 
:^V.'mi.-it vi'tmt. tittiSt 'm otopa 
' ' '^iliiUit witb'maa Ardlne In aeini dlffleiUt eatt* 
aod apth*. floea'ba abow' ctaua. ' tDeat 
'iwBd^ Fento'n and Fieldii knocked It cold with 
'r '*c6iitliio6iia comedy atuff, acme of It new and all 
' -of It (onny.' Thtlr volcoa, which they use too 
' .iUtle, are (reab . and floe, and tbelr dancing. 
;. i'alaii anbnierved to let tba.laaKha build, la top- 
^v-jiateh^-;;a»o»ped :tbo parf B rta w^ 
^/-^OOm Mt'OioM tibcadiM pt'r rM m w Vk : 

•■X'ir't- 'i fliilli'f "' tt iwani a" ''2ur iibilwm i Ui (ba 
.Mtbor'«( 'Teg^* Hy Beait'J aail "Happlneaa." 
i~f'ilgt wttb d«e respoct let bambly augseated 
ttat he ' Icnowa nothing about vaudeville needa. 
^^*Tbe oae-actei; <lt Isn't a aketch) aUrted gtiaatly 
;-' /tio». ' There was congblUc and even .'open 
■'labgbter where no .lauBbter betonCed. and tkia 
i-v^JbieW wet towala on lUaa Bbliertai' oatraooe, a 
. '^TCvy woaiily I t ny imi ' tmrn a* tbat' -rlHr -ts-iha' 
f 'ibe atyto^oC! IMgir wbo-ioea aINr tbe MM 
E <1*IA bwibk^-matboda. ■ As. esqaiaite arttata^ .4 
^v -aint: PMm. wbo pfbbaUr never got the rikM 
jirealc to plaint her among Amerlea'a aoat tanoija 
f'^^^tetressee, where she belong; «he' has all V* 
f^^ ipolMt and flneese and natural attack given to 
^.-^peat atase aouls. For that the vaudeville 
^^.^adlence only anlffed a little and Waited: Cor 
iibk^mmtti^mmti , M tfea wd. wktii 
hot Itawinad fboM' wi* bad ttim (pbtt to 

10 Ibia nadartoned llnea. who Uad becoide 

fi^/^in bi tite ' presewee' of the half -it^ted aeene. 
';^:^--Wi waii politely applauded. She should have 
0';:i1mm c h oa wd . ' ..i^er support is ordinary and hit 
f^^'^^^'^aatorial IS..«nsttltea. Her paifonallty la radiant 
:" ' .tod her technique la perfect. It Is better to 
l^-.; JK<» >ttaa4^lierta and not !ike bfr act thftn to 
^'''O'^iM -IttaBltobdrta.'. 'r 
^--inraak dafev;-« oiirldbg veatrlloquiat. #kb'tl^' 
^^;«ia MrtkMM- by- :li»^MnM; rrOtUUm UtpMi* 
^i;:t/ume' ■ Caad -tiiikilivi' H. ha« b aiaw tf afadbat- a 
^^^^ ■ ect^ a lty for' a ■ventrHoq^lat- to' enter Ilka -a 
i^':<^irglar before ' he can get In at all), ran on 
' for twenty minutes or so witb.aome witty gaga 
[' and some not ao mueh so— too inany repetltlona 
Of pet llnea held up 'Uie laoglui In: the work with 
amailagly comteal domny. Ala enoove^ 
h'yittk tbe ibaaton UttlO' girl ' daauny,- was tmaa- 

il|iii'a>.« ViUia I 
fi«M nra^kUa . and Burt Oreeti (new' aebO 
Ike' bkmr tta blg-ttnie speed, taking the 
Imiora almost . wttbout oompetition. George 
Aostin Uoore, billed as one ot the first con- 
: 'tfagmt ot eotertalnera to go across, appeared 
'>'ila 'a resplendent uniform of Bngllsh cut wi^h 
^I'^tlK'a*' Ml the Mlbtr and • T, U. C. A. emblMm 

ami Am 

Vkanee; ha 
^kaa WKT' oC them eoald 
'Malm exMuptbm ' fbr .agel Bven the old ''Or 
'.Hi drop one of tbe anvils" was used again, 
''Itoore'a appeaimnoe la dashing, and be looks 

• ighltt tbe famous Romeo ot old. He got con- 
^•■iteat tsuglM and ended powetMUy. matt to 

• Ibalag.. 'Howard's 8p<«tacl« ubiiBhUM llMuflkMb' 
AgbfeaitsMd by watk-oatai 


Tbe * plaasaat-tbced. boomlncvolesd 
Qeorgt McFarUad, with a clientele that nevar 
falls 'and ^ repectolt* that aeldom does^' sang 
bls"Mnca and went vitt, a. modest, amiable ar- 
tlatlo vavdevilllato. Tbe irtepresalble T. Roy 
, Banes and' Btaat*' Crawford sailed through 
Banw^ snrs-flre comedy,' keeping the house 
Iwwilaf all tb« time, with Ihqr coming back 

Inilaid Jatd liMa taiMi irIlbdMid *nud fay 

"m^i 'iMMiibd : wtm^ it • WbOt- 
'vUla paal^. tartwn im OS yeant were given a 
obaoea nad imftomd It. SentlmeQt Is not tbe 
only reason th(>is old boys get by^there Is some- 
thing they have learned In those S2 years that 
not even the nragea of time oan .leb tbem of. 

. ,: Chicago, Oct 8. 

.'Benchel Hcndler, or, as he is now known, 
Keradiel Hendlere, shopped the show at the 
'Jmiy m l itt fm im tlia tM* qit # wat. dtpml* 
■Mm MuulHMd'ky ike tetew a( the mtfTb 
■iitas hblecaast. In tbe sairmlh Jnniac . tbe 
ttedsb to the Utb game ot the sartM attar Vib- 
three o'at of four galnts. had d to 0; and Beracbel 
announceil It, and yet taa.^stoi>ped the show, 
^ere Is" only one thing Her^ebel can do to make 
bis act a better one than it .is. That is to re- 
tire thi) lady who works with bUni (his wife) to 
domesticity, she makes a charming enough 
Mpcaiance on tbe stage, but alowa up Mr. Head- 
>M«-a aol, wMeh otberwiaa Mk-ttm-- ttmm- th*. 
*l««rpatot oc speed. R!*»'''bMl OTiMto akl^ 
There are few .who eain baaai*'« jpia'iw a* he' 
.•an." '•:,.; ■ ; 

.1^ Josephine and Leo Hennlng, trito dance 
abiasitigiy weU together and alng fairly 'well 
••eno. and hatmoniie pretty well,' darted through 
tbelr routine with a rising sppieclation as each 
^•••Bbtr prpct«n«d. and at the end got b big 


Chicago, Oct 8. 

Percjr Hammond, ultlc of the Tribane, 
took the foUcwing naaty slam at "LiBton. 
Leater" in Sunday's dramatic colutnn: 

"Tlie management of 'Listen Lester/ 
at the lilincia, errs in. ita advertised be- 
lief that The Tribune spolce of thai en- 
tertainment ak'teusloal «omedy at its 
bMt" TIM Tribune aatdtliatifnsincnt 

paaaUm-maM^:mml(M /-MMr^iNt' - tta- 
best; but it« Npocter foaindrnip^ 
diiU ana .^ruigMriad nimit i^ 'tt mui^.. 
oomedjr at Ita wont" ' S v 

.. JiMk Xaanedy and .Ooi.. aanHod -. ta m . toad 
la .whl^ KiHMd4 ptojwd tbs part it 
UtA. t n pc l bls Jnliab who was lap 

■bi' (iM'WMni oC'esortaUp. Tbe' 
tag of a widow by the Judge and 
tsr bjr. a yonnc. friend of the juJ|». 'Cani tks 
major phase ot the sketch, which >laaaea. 
Rath Badd thrilled, pleased and won. 
Balla Brothers, acrobata, opened in a neat act, 
and Oeneral Piiano, one ot tbe basi markamen 
in the world, tjloaed. .with a pretentious ; full 
auge setUng fqiyiwtyA'wel l p a e<.ifct..1l>b*'- 
Ian front. '" j. ^ ; ,~.'. 

■ ■ CtaMaigo, 'Oct' 8; 
Joe Spagat, maitre de hotel for the 
fashionable Edgevater Beach, is going 
east next week to study (if ae can find 
such thing) liow tbe' Mew Ypik caafes 
manage to iM^i^miilnd'Bi! lKoUg;wmuiat 
liquor. ; 

Spagat was formeriy caterer and host 
for tbe American Music Hall and estab- 
lished successes at Green Mill, Marigold 
iGai^teis and other gay Chicago reaprta. 

■ ■ „. ' • Chicago. Oct. 8.' 

Bun to a weird "twist," Colosimo's. 
fbe popular after-hour resort, where, 
'.ti9 said on the quiei, a snifter may be 
Inhaled it the password is right, was 
expected to close when prohibition 
.came; instead, the place is being. en- 
larged because It can't hold the mobs. 

Expansion due to prohibition to i 
what unique in cafe line. "> 

■ . ' A 9t^^ 

1-*'. Clilpsigo, Oct. 8." 
The Dalir Show is advertising .:a 
unique drawing, caid,aui9aite|ns.«n ex- 
hibit at the'i O o ll iw iM ii.*^ Mga^ dte«M 
.on earth." 

The *'star" weighs 86,000. pounds' aoA 
to ot.tb»-Swip8 >edh|«a^^ ' r . 

Claim' Bassaga Diseriihination. 

Chicago. .Oct 8. 

Artists not members of the Actors' 
Equity Association have telephoned in 
three instances- to the Chicago Variety 
three Instances to the Chicago VARIEiTY 
ofBce that their trunks were intention- 
ally, held up on deliveries, claiming the 
Equity actors label their trunks and tbe 
union' handlers discrj^mlnate against 
theatrical baggage not so labeled. 

No .instan-res could be found upon in- 
quiry at every theatre to show that any. 
jplaytBt'a baggaee Itad been too late for 
dm .<q»eaiingVperfortnance. van bajggage 
thiUmiti .ant* .transfer Bi^' hc^teid: at. tha 


_ Oct^S. 
fiaranant tqi a decision of fhe i^.. °V. A,, 
*'TlM BuburtMailtesT* declared to have 
tieeir an infriagenent upon the basic 
idea of an act done by Morgan and Gray, 
haa bqpn entirely rewritten, with the 
points of similarity alleged to ] 
objectionable removed. ''' 

Oim^ af JleCsrIyf Piahsr. 

• ^ ' CUesisa^ ^Ooiirs. ' 
Bk Kerai^ W of the .iabst pppahr 
moslo inn .fa towm. hai left Hut Ms- 
^Cuthr'VMMr otnqiaiiy^a ChicagD, ofHce. 
Bs has been branch manager |or two 
yeais. . ' .■ 
Vhe eaus6 of the split to. said to be 
of compensation. 


Sail Francisco, Oct. '8. 

Madam Donalda Ayre has been signed 
by Eanchon and .Marco for. "Let's Oo.^ ^.j^^^l^ 
She will open with the first |)^rfori»i|i<iar' . {S 
'of the revived show pW. 'irat-'tWl-ljrjsitli^g^^ 
Liberty. Oakland. ' '. "" 

Fanchon and, Marco are risking theljf. iJi<s|p^^ 
own money oh "Let's Go." Thi -6pfr'\l&^^i 
tumes and scenery, same as thl^t ''';^^i^.'''''^'p&'i^^^ 
by the former "Let's Oo" and "Th»j:iW*!i^^ 
combined, are being f urnUbed by Xdjes^- 

.'Ilarns,. who will receltti a:''li*wij;..&S^^^^ 
the profits. The latter 
;ini'«nint<>9^'ebiitraot8 and. arransed''' nt^i^^ 
the'booktioigs. ; '.''' '' ■:, . . v'-^.i^^^f^^ 
' It lias 'l>e(»h.':di9ciMled-'tiB 'wnd .t)xt"rii^o^irW' 
wt at'.|l-;top^';' :■■'*•■:•■■■'■> ^- ''-■•■ ' '.- .^''^^tS; 

;.' V *»*i»;<!rancli«>,, Oot. .'8> 
.acba Ktaitoa JiiiMii iu'ittA^iqnppsdMs^ 
week. fiave';'baqi'.fRgai^ 

The' "''Charlotte iin'/" Si^dA'siiime -of. 
headgear that ha4 beeoiM'$i^i^"fid.: nM.lj^^^lv 
was named In honor of 'CbiKtotte.^alser. .K.IM^ 

Ite at Talt'a cafe, ' ■ ^. ' - ■ .^'.^ • 

. BlUy Wolgaat, whose dresaihg roon was irobbsl'-: l^ 
' .vilis .»lailac'.'tM|v?KlBiram;>b«a''' WaAt^ 
-Mar. ' m» ;diaairMw^;LbiK8':.>«^ 
- sied'tiie loM.'" A'eadUr^tojr^at'^tiM'afe^^jl^ 
- to the tbeft «s*fet«AMfiafc liiif^-^ 

June Burnsley, of tbe"I,et's Qo". 
tbe prise for.' Um nio«t .beautiful batliln^ gM W 


' ^a^r 

- Hocmil Ruiia WIL60N ave. 

• ' = ' • ■■ Ciilcago, Oct 8. 

Aiiother tiim in (he complicated career 
of the Wilson Avenue theatre since tbe 
death of its famous . manager,' Mitch 
Llcalzl, came with, ^'t'aato -ot a. 'liaUr 
Interest to Oon^y' Qobwi, te'^iidir 
booltlng^ it. ■ , .^'^y^-v; ;-^' ■ ■■ 

Though Holmes IS an 'atdidM 'p< tha 
W. T. M. A.. the asiMetottoh' to nbt book- 
ing the tbiMfM^flolnies hm 
person, Ihdeplriidratly.' : '- ware 
raised to '26 «nd SB obntik T^ 

'c -:i '•• ■ ■i"^?' :'!;^>V'^^>'"*v^ •'•':''•• ■■ 'V . : 

'^P^ b ess a Prtirfuciwq House.' 

Chicago, Oct 8. 
The Shubert lease on th? Princess 
(legitimate) expires with the end of this 
season/ It is not likely that the lessors 
: will renew from the owners, Mort and 

; |e;ts .tt«jafdeid as probable tliat Will 
WialKit, ni!i^,xfmag^i tak$ it 6v«r 
-as 'pn#dbi|^i^i^. <er.;tojieitii|iaj^ 
. nniaWI ;'a<wne d ^ :'■;.:' ■ ,'■•■' ■ • ■ ■.'■';,'.•.••; . 

.4wi.'a;.Miabl:' ^loeatlea' te. dp«ti'..aiMiN:v.v:<l^-* 

.Eleanor Haber. nl«€« of Qeorga OavW,' Miam-^^:A0i^% 
manager of; utjt AlclLsarr ' Wtiimed,- .bere' .'agtr^'"- 
nine months'- siihrlee iriiMad Witt ; tM eB^*^"^ ' 

^ ing-torccs.. 

Kew.l*k.tlw' " - ' ' - 

;\-,;.j.'>&.>J. _ 

:)((.. thlSj'ilfWSk.';; 

Harry Bloom, repreaenting "MoCarthyp- ..^^r^^^^^^^^^^ 
enjoys the disUnction. of being .tbs flrat rcin^'^'-:^!^; 
publisher's .repreienUtive who^.esinM here iriiair-r'^^i 
the Bast aa:atit4no|rt>e..<, Bt.-U thii<poi»!>>-r ' - . 

jof a ratOic ■: ■'.: '.:-^''',^:-.)^^: '>ii'ri^:'i\t''^^r.. 


inantB«r< «r ths Alessar, , 


"Honey" Harris will Join the Jim Port 
pany at Aatoria, Qce..- October It. tin 
ahow elosedi^ sbeeessfttt - sMson at, iVbsM 
week. ' 


li,...leadlbs.;W0man with. .Dei pitmr. 
:^^;-at:.U}e'';lto)s»llbi' 'bii'/Mit^: 
■aafT'eoateit''"' ■'■ ■'':■•■•-" - 
" ■ '\: - ■ 



Best Opera Season. 

Chicago, Oct. 8. 
- The advance sale for the Chica||0 
Grand Opera Company to date 'te. tM 
biqpfiet in the history ot grand oiiM* -^ : 
thto town. Ninety per cent, ot tbe bonii 
are aubscrtbcd -and -the aeiiMil' ntmrni^ 
are far >eyona tba n^bQird. rom 
WQdt has been awrirtth^ 
a-'-a wir nan. im BiiffftluHijiil iuunai 

' 'VORMtr . 

Benefit Sunday. . , 
Chicago, Oct .8. ' 
After numerous delays, the Police* 
men's Benefit sliAW wuLiMsiLtBiliidSjI^'^at 
the Auditorium wllh tba IroyPfiimil In 
"Ota, IdMk^'',«qr r run of <lirsa we^ 


Ftoience Bllltott."&M 
moon Town,"'. wlll appeav In a 
by Tbeatrieat Star Fioducefs. 

Lack of tickets didn't keep song pl'ugiers out 
of the Sox park during tbe Chicago end of the 
series. Earl Smith. Joe Manne and Dick 
Jumped the fence and pingged nurobeis 
> «yo «( tbe law erimped the game. 

. ■ Idrdla.Barqr,d««iMied:;Bi'iiai.o('-M^^^ 
,dgg sgj^jM |^C I^ | (yy^ 

■mt:<mmmt.. '\ ;..-•.,.' ; .:V ''-'5^''^'^V''^^^*-S-'''^'^'i^ 

Sol I.el8ser returned from ttie StrtriUUrt ww^ 
and after a brief . 'visit here Mft Jo«-I^^tii»'. 
■a. he' lateids'gii^. tolB'jt^ 

^..i. . . . .•MI^*e''«be;JWM>ami'l#tk*^ 

-li«»tog-1S4:the J«asa.os:.«fe.eMVi<lii^ 
aial -years ago, but has- been -InaoHye'iiiilBfle^fl?^^^^^^^^^^^ 

- Tbe Grossman Tiddiah- Plaj«ra:.lMJt» !'iiSirt(t"^'':;rfe 
the. Valencia for six months, t?h«re they Wiif i : .t--;^^^^^^^ 
glw performances Saturday and Himday ■ wiirt;^ -i-'V " ;' ^^i'^^j^ 

- -Billy Dalley wlll .be In advance ot "tet'a Cte." 

" at Blackitone. 

Chicago, Oct. 8. • 
After being dark a week the Black- 
stone opened Monday with Ctiarles Em- 
erson Cook's "A Regular Feller," with 
Bmest .Olendtnning and James 'Brad- 


for us 

base engaged by Bpyls 
set, ."Ike 

ZansUaff 'Oob' 

^ AndersoB, , . manailfa, editor . of . the 
• y*^" ■ ^ *^'-«««^l:-Ks*ito*«^^tbi^.,s- 
Ueal-Tiasa OMb, ; :" '"''^ ""^^''^'Vii ;-V^ '' 

William C. Winn of tbs Columbto :siaff ,i«»^' ' : 
turned. tW s Wffl^ ft rby qetsMca^ wwaiij«j|(v; ;:• ! 
; ' ''yM.'! '"''.M' ■ ; v;;«i.;,5>"'|^^v; 

■Matjf. tmria, forroeriy a< '■'■Reckku Bve", «i4v,'6 
lately at^nurg, wiu be a^Haclpal with 'T^^ 

Naw Miisie Firm. 

Chicago, Oct. 8.- 
Edgar .Van Alstyne, for yean with 
Remlck as a song writer and promoter 
of numbers, has resigned, and goes into 
business as a pMM to bsg . wi U l>|gii^ •Cat' 
tto of Toledo. '. . • 

Chuck Reisner has returned to vaudeville as 
a single, opening in Salt Liake City, Orphean. 

SSrnle Young has taken over the management 
s( ' OiBtca Samerel. personal, and for all 
I's aeta Ht Is placing. Dametel- la a 
mt aad.tM'Mt-to break la nsu .|Nn. 

Bddls Hayman has retimed <lqr iintoi> froia 
the coast, and bit futnie Is a nyatoir. H* 
doesn't have to irriilf but ft la M> sbssal 1il|s 
ton! to start an ageaejr .la 1h»'iMB SSd.liil il 
the following spring. <(,'-:• 

.Company Compl«t«i(; 

San Francisco, r <>i^^ Hi 
Heynolds Denlston has coai^let(ift;^tkl|^^ 
organiz^'tibn of his draqiatto coaj^»m^»^' 
scheduled to open all 'Hoaolulb Hi^iB^^ 
wltli a tour ot thi^ arHittt,ttf fbllow;^'"^ - r 

-:F«afllSi^'Return to states. ' '.' 

. ^ . San Franolscft Obt,..8iLL^^^^^ 
The Faynes retiimed here- i^mr;;alUli*. -,h' 
toalto ta^t'week ca 'UM.Vtaatani^'.^ ■^■■?'^^}^\. 

• ■ . . : i, . ■ ■ '.- ..■'•^■■J.f 


witting pbiB&on. Irvios 
LfUlMUng aim* tat many 

"ymit. B* it iniMiwn ttjm. Ii«r«, >.lMre 
^'fii* tongs are wmir. to coohMm 'trittre 
tbegr a»» only played. Ttia years liave 
advmced, ana Berlin has advaheed with 
ij^jini, BnwlcailyAiia^lyilea^^ Bis Ideas 
'•oAm«islo WW* abasit a> popular UMn 
'ai itunt are bow^ For wttasssr at 
'lUvtraUe Monday night wben the MAr 
enot demanded Mr. Berlin sing Ills fliiit' 
ienaatlonal song hit, "AlexaadofS |I«C« 
. true Band." Previouaiy ha had mum 

^vr.v.?r:.SA;.v(eome<ijr . 

without invitation one oC hlS atag^ 
•Nobody* Knows, and Nobody CarMb** 

. 9here Is as wide a range hefttaen UiOM 
. Iwo numbers. In thought, theme; and 
l iair as there is between the top oC the 
' Tines Building and the subway station 
beneath it. Just where Irving Betltai 
' secures his Ideas for some of his best 
: qutnbers possibly he doesn't know hto- 
sSl£ They seem to tell the IKe story of 
Irvins Berlin, for the most part That 
may be why they hit wch responsive 
. appeal in others, In lyrics and tunes. 
Victor Herbert Is a famous comi>o»er. 
• Ho writes melodies. Berlin writes tunes. 
. 4ni sticks in the punch with his words. 
Listen -lb the lyric of "You'd Be Sur- 
prised," Berlin's very hitest song; a 
eomlo with each verse full of punch 
lines. That Berlin bay can't be over 30. 
Wibat la he going to be at 60 as a song 
writer? Or oldei^-or before. He is 
without a Ibnit He wrote "You've Got 
(o Gkt Up." One can't hear a bugle with- 
^giut recalling it. That came from his 
»*'u«i - own experience at Yaphank. He wrote 
¥miyy^::^y:'.'n[^, yip, Yaphank," the best musical 
'eooiedy' Broadway has ever Been. He 
"'^S lt, aU o« It it, about blnqseU and 
fl^Mler boys In eamp. B« wrote 
dot Mir Olptaia Woridiaf toe Me 

W-''::^^^^'!^^fftli>tfi>- lirrlednr' '«WNiiiBt - thf IMInc 
■L....'..'.t/ 4l«QiliwgiM^pTlvil«■. . .H4' wrttM . 

'llNd^ hMft il6 the feMrln whether It 
liCftir • aoK a btoch or • daao^b Mr.. 
'>-mirtiii doe«n*t sine is wtfl m to writM. 
.Vjinot W sbiit to g«t'iito ganvp ovw; mA 
>';!|deiH'» «nit« . Mopdar airiiit his 

voloe wM off, .through B«rvouiBS«i' or 
a oold. It cracked on high ' qid after 
cneklng a couple of times, &ryliit .flAn»^ 
meniced to skip the top ones'! But that 
did not hurt him. No doubt half the 
. bVua paki admission to see Ikrvlng Ber- 
lin himself, thinking they had heard all 
ojt his -songs. But thoy had not. He 
^sans some new ones. A ;yrlcal Intro- 
duction was a partial apology for his 
vocalizing, then he sang without stop* 
ping, "If I Had My Way, I'd Be a iay.- 
Followtog several others, Uicluding a 
medley of the "Yaphank'^ hits, he did 
^Kobbdy Knows" with a male plant In a 
bbx for extra comedy verses, and closed 
1J«th "I Lost You" (by invitation), fin- 
ishing up after eleven as the bill's big 
hit, dd(ng 26 minutes. Irving Berlin is 
now. at the head of his own music pub- 
■' Jllhinff firm, Irving Berlin, Inc. He's so 
- «lrtaln as a box office draw It isn't' a 
' . a question whether he will eontlniie in 
^iniudevllle— the only point ia <^.yaude- 
vvitre hold himr ; fM* 


Pi'?. : 


^ ■- 

Irene- Franklin and Burt: 
ra MiiM.; Fun Stage; . 
Majcstie, CUeago. • 

Chicago, Oct 8. 
Opening cold .after an absence of 
months from vandeville and years from 
Chicago vaudeville. Irene Franklin shot 
an (ihtirsiy new act. Her routine is 
daring, even revolutionary. Appearing 

■ In' a straight gown she got a generous 
hand, and sang a little lntrpductl<^ 
about her old successes and. tektiv 
dewa Itfr hisurlant auburn jhalr and ft« 

;a»aaglaff it for each cliertta did hi 
t«m her rCMM Wattreas," "Oiamber. 
BMUd," • ' •'laMllM^a • OUK^^ . 'Xittta 
iUther" and filed AmUT" ' 
'akoounK'''awar-..UM timm 
far thp advaiielar :;hMiMu-^^ 
looked Ulta>iM fir. ■» cbtiai: hnt wher* 
does ihejiia MHb hitfT narwmt. all 
right Amf< ah' ifltMiAiiiliir^^^^i^^ by 
Barton Creen, In his nsaal straightfor- 
ward and tricitlssfl style, Irene watted 
In as a little ghetto child; as good a 
make-up characterization as her old 
Janitor's child. She sang a heart- 
touching little thing In Yiddish accent 
of a poor kid bringing a rent receipt, 
the family's most precious possession, 
to her teacher for a Christmas gift 
(Adapted from a Myra Kelly story.) 
Her intonations were, kosher save for 
an occasional slip that only brought 
back Irene Franklin without hurting 
the character. The piece de resistance 
of the musical strain was "Roslnkes 
mit Mandeln," a Jewish classic lullaby. 
The Bumbe^ dropped' just a mite at the 
end, bavliig clutched the heart mightily 
until ^en< but never sagged enough to 
prevent a hMTy band. She.ttieaoluijiCed 
to an eventng dook, undeirAresaod. gad 
tore off a tBMpvv ^ntto. ahottt a .«djD^ 
of nowadays who -fot « 
drinks Instead «C ttpmr on tha 
tomed stuff; aad M was a 

,4nM Idea i* a awn t0A Irena J«; • tmbt. 
pqUMMr. Bto , nMpi ;<ha Mimi «ith 

^ bdM^f^liniMpr «( . Jk; •■^_tor 

Shun iha toiaed the. haadMwia auuitle 
aad appeiured fa- dlny eolor oomblaa- 
ytUn'-;,(Bi''%liBiiBia: tnd ovahfa; a rl^cr 
aweh of nuo aiilkilnat hear ohade of baJr. 

She aid a i^ndi girl greeting SanUhy. 
but she did It, oh,^ so differently; and 
the . song was so different, too. She 
got laugh after laugh and rounded it 
all out with a true French music hall 
dance which shone iridescent In the 
warm rays of her Individuality, her dis- 
orderly colors and her flushing magnet- 
isnpi of person. Half a dosen recalls 
after the curtain fell were her portion. 
It started her on her way across the 
Orpbeum tour with the settled fact 
that she has an entirely new act as 
strong as the best of her old ones. And 
that seemed unlikely again after the 
numy knockout blows she had landed In 
tho vaudeville ring. This young woman 
is original and has :t]|«. soul of the true 
comedienne, seasoniht: With a dash of 
quaint pathos her oommentarie/ on 
contemporary life viewed from indtil- 
gently satirlq. angles. Green gives hw. 
a backgrounl^ot dignity which she ' 
Illuminates by. qule^. jMMnt Mm 
and again. The mnr.. aet ii time 
headltae atoff at It* flaast and., snrait. 

SU^ty, Senna and I«e (3). 
ttigers and Instrumentalists. 
sS Mins.; One. " » ■ 

I'Iftii Avenue. 

Three men In comedy songs and bal- 
indUr, playini^ their accompaniments on 
stringed instruments. The men present 
i classy appearance, in blue serge Jack- 
ets and wbtte flannel trousers. Act opens 
with a harmonised number. Two grultars 
and a mandolin are used for this. The 
lallest of the trio puts over a first rate 
' comedy song. In which ho interpolates 
•ome excellent yodelling. The trio get 
^ on the yodelling thing next with good 
reqUlts^ "On a Midnight Train aoing 
W^ili^' one of those "Casey Jones" dog- 
lerels, containing several, couplets that 
souiid blue for vaudeville, sung to the 
aeoompanlmer' of ukeleles, and "Back 
Home In Tennessee," complete the turn. 
W'Hh a little tonhig down of the "blue" 
ftplS the aot wlU At Id la any 9ld spot 

■: ■ ■ :■ >\ ■■..'>■.■- fi^. J .1- ■ 

Joe Laurie. ■ -. " 

*Whatika" (Monotog.) 
aa Mins.; One. • - ■ • 

Fonnetly of Laurie and'*ronson, Joe 
Laurie is now a single turn, really a 
monologlst. although carrying a com- 
pany for a brand new idea on the vau- 
devil're stage. Speaking of his sister, 
"Bdna," his folks and downtown where 
he liyes, Mr. Laurie remarks to the au- 
Meniee'~ Ms parents are .' la the wings 
watdilng htan. This happens after he 
has been talking and singing for 12 
aahuties. moetlr talking. He. drags from 
fha^iaga ea nafatacs two elderly peo- 
. pie. man .•aadriweamh. tnitraducing them 
aa^Mr. anu Xiri. fiiMtola:* Thar have boen 
.^awniid Iar't4:ye|n. aagrs yamc Laaiia. 
•nim ha -kUi' then aad ahMt'lfeMW 
with the old oovpla bfttiuM gluBtaik at 
each other in s'ttawBlent^ at 'MMr 
smiling at some fresh sally «(; 
"son." It's a very effective plefla<p( Mt- 
irtg. for the couple look the rel<Mi ther 
assume, and it is tinlikely that np to 
the very- close of the remaining elflfht. 
minutes "they remain there, without 
speaking, that a Iwre percentage of the 
lay audience properly grasps the situa- 
tion. It finishes off the Laurie turn so 
differently it Is bound to esUblish him. 
Previously In the talking section, Mr. 
Laurie runs lightly along, speaking 
about almost everything, but not la the 
conventional BtyIeb;makUig one blunder 
only, tellhig of his irlrl— that If the audi- 
ence tuns him out a winner he will 
then secure engagements and make 
enough to~ nlarry the girl who is wait- 
ing to hear the verdict While this 
Biada humorous In a way, it Is too 
' 'vtllsd to be in a turn that be- 
■6 much origtaiality as does M^. 
UmU/t» Bis tltl4 "Whatlka." Is taken 
^ftott the feraMT kid spoech, 'rwhat I 
earst" la tba lAUIrirC knd Bronson act 
IBr. iMUto iliet 'te go/' at 

iha epefriag. '^vi^^ ha waa of 
.Ihii tifOra4t*-%$bd#».> ''iireit-'.hU(«r^ 
' giD 'lB'^:lte:hfliii'ajM>«aTCd ;t9';;ln«!irt«C' 
that at: his IbI^i^mms. MMittonlag *ia 
ooafldenee,'' li«?iil • long wHtar, Br. 
Laurie says *h« . will abig bis comiwsl- 
tloas, going into a mediajr of popular 
song hits, bowihgr as a eompMsr would 
whenever the strains brought in Vol- 
untary applause, ending It by stathig 
those were the songs he had hot writ- 
ten. 'While this section is. brief and sure 
Are for some applause, it can go out 
when Mr. Laurie finds something bet- 
ter to replace it Another section that 
needn't wait so lonit Is Laurie's iencore 
speech. In falling for the "speech thing," 
Mr. Laurie turned a lomerisault It 
wastj^ two minutes, and as his Impres- ' 
sion was such when exiting with his 
"parepts," the young man should liave 
been Well content No author la an- 
nounced for the Laurie stuff, it hardly 
sounds like the same writer, the body 
of . the turn and the encore. As a sin- 
gle, Laurie recalls somewhat in vocal 
Intonation and style. Jack . Korworth. 
Laurie has an easy bearing on the stage 
alone.. Bis n«w ao^ for real enjoyihent 
oaa go aay phMi aaywhar*. .' 

Olive Le Cbmpte and Co. (z).' . 

Songs and Piano. . 
15 Ming.; One. 
AiBerlean -Rool. .■'_. ' •.■ 

Olive Le ^ompte, recently with the 
Farrel-Taylor Trio, has framed up a 
linging specialty, using some welt select- 
ed publlshed.-numbers. . She is assisted 
by a pianist Who is a corking musician, 
and quite an asset to the aot Opening 
with an introductory song she wears a 
becoming opera oloak which, when dis- 
carded, reveals a green evening gown. 
She exhibits a pleasing soprano voice 
and an impressive range, but her upper 
register could stand a little toning down. 
The volume attained la reniaifeahly 
strong. Miss Le Conipte has. appear- 
ance and should have no trouble advano- 
lag. She ia. imdy. aaw for , tho - 

Catherlha ¥awdl fail Co. <0)^ ' . 

Dances.. ■■'■••;•..' 
x8 Mins. ; Fall Stagt- (ipacial). 
^Fiftii Avenna; . '. 

:Catherine. Powell has onlaxgcd her 
former single toe-danelng specialty by 
Adding four glris and a mate dancer. As 
now framed the turn opens with a -hort 
dance by the girls In which Miss Powell 
figures for a few moments. Then a : 
double by Miss Powell anO. the male 
dancer, the latter wearing a French 
ar.ny uniform. Another ensemble num- 
ber by the girls, followed by Miss 
Powell's toe dance in ballet costume. For 
a flt)lsh the male dancer and the girls 
otter a combined singing and danci. g 
number called "My Ice Cream Girl." 
Miss Powell gets into this toward the 
end and slips Over another toe dan <. A 
pretty dnpery 8«t is used. The act needs 
the servtees. of a good producer i.t its 
present totm it ir^ hot 1^ oa the big 
time, «vm-«ith' JllMi Powai's penfoael 
'•aortal' ■ 

IKtty Doner and Co. <g).' 
■fipngs and Dandng.- 
aiS ISitia; Parior, 

.'and Hangiagi). 
CoKbii}^ ;•' :, 

Kitty Doner. lata «C the Winter Qsr- 
4en. Is asslstid h)r her alster IbNNv 
Boby Dale an^ Uir«« loaba <- Vh* latter 
are ussd in ae' fliiU huiBb«' alid\add 
color to the eycibtttina: dtt^etUig ' 4 
desert ecette. A blajcdk velvitfc.diMp part- 
ed hi the middle starts- thlaga ]«tth Boae 
at a piano, .kitty ettten in ttiala uttiia 
as a golfer Kraktng for hf^; ball, a flirta* 
tlon bit with double song and dancer 
•'Teach Me How to Love." A c&rlO-iet^ 
sohK her own accompanist in the or* 
chestra, and the next Is another sing- 
bis and dancing double with Kitty la 
swagi^'er Bogllsh cutaway walking suit, 
topited .bff with a brown derby. Rose ia 
prettily gowned and makes a plea;,;ng 
picture. "I'm Berty" Is the lyrical. ;-? 
medium. Then la- "oae^' Rose Is discovo 
ered In bed aad attired in pink siOtv^^i^ 
pajiuaaai 'she aut:% 
vtth a clmr daaoa Mio. Then BiMy/^fi 
■gain, in the liwt leted to mfla'a;.av«ibjjr#.i 
attire; She Tea ]>oh*t XBow tllfirj^v^ 
Bait of Xt," and polls ^a. alfilerit imi*;.; 
tino of legmania Jaszbig iiaa aayirha% 
Then to the full stage deaart Meae wMl^ 
the Arabs tumbling, '^to. Kitty whMa 
on in Arabian attire and sings 'Tm tb» 
Devil of the JaSs" following -with a ooilta 
ing acrobatic double with Bobby Oalib 
himself no mean stepper. All- dahcjt; *t 
the flnal^ with Kitty dotes a shiiAimy. 
It's the greatest dancing in vaudevUl% 
and Boae Inherlto her sister's ability. 




Aileen Stanley. 
Singing CharMMr/^ 
lo^Mini.; Oat. ■'- 


: One of thtfss'irMlly pimitm ^| 
;apngstrMfa*.:oe.,aM^ipq^^ - 

load «t 'PMlimipy^M^ 
• put h«r:.'tfBoHa'e«iV;|ii:'JiDiMi\8L 
She is a blonda «( IhU miir^4|ifiu- 
and ono on whhtii'' Clothes -leilE 
which Is Bighifled by her t*i» itU^^ , 
of wardrobe. She la accompanied b^ jliU 
young man at the piano who £ets awaiy 'C^; 
froiii the conventional way of all pi- - v 
anlsts by singing a comedy song inistesd :: 
of obliging with a solo of the heavy 
order or ragging the scales. Her open- 
ing niunber, a seaside aong, 'gets the 
house quickly and payee thi» vray.Ior 
her first of the "BlUes" colleotlon. She 
has several. In this song, "Alibi Biues," 
at first one gets the impression she Is 
attempting a "darky" portrayal of char- 
acter, while It really turns out^to be a 
"wise" type rendition. If Miss Stahlsy ; 
would tone the opening, which she dPM 
In a talky. way, down a. bit it would .tie . 
of great value to her and! speed thO soitg 
over a little easier. The balance^rot Ur 
number^ with- French and'' Iriaai'vchay- 
acterisations, for two of them, at).d tlie '•. 
Prohibition BOng' are splendidly^, rea^ 
dered with a cultivated flnlse.' ^ '^^ ■■4 
Bolsheylkl. Bla«i'! a9ai . alight' i)* slbaf 
. hwtaii "iar thk ; 'taedif^i .'«s'VU'.'..hara^ 
megporM ntt' to^ti ^HrwIeoaaMiA 
-hor.eadiaviiri, aad'it mlght'-tMiiaCvWiw 
ta gataway tt«tAiX»: ^.v^tmii^i^^^ 
f|»em ' wanting,".: iQi^n t^^glva .this 
ber. With thai^iaumihated.'the iue'wduu 
run abw^t, vli7; aJautes and - bei! set - for 
the M<Dl.4 vnwt la ^he hlg; boufles. . ' . 

Bdwards and CNtit 
Tongg aqd SaiiMa. .-tv-vT- • 
,x6 'Mine.; We.•••'•^■ .^•vv'?^»^:Vi^■'.•'■ 
:Fifa' Avenue. -.■A^^-' ,, 

Edwards and O'Neill size up. very well 
as a regulation man and -woman singing 
aad dancing combination. -Both -weti 
clothes of modish design and cariry their 
costumes in the ;classlSBt tnahner. Crossr 
flre starts 'em off nicely. . Th.ea a doulbM 
song, followed by a sIngM Iqr ihk man* 
in whleh he shows a fine saihpie o( 
BtWPinf- ^ ">il<I "shimmy" by th^ 
wenian next and a double dance 
doSins. Tho turn should easily hold 
dowh 2(0, a la.tJia latger Wlji, 
i •» ■•■' . •• ! . 

•rfe'.-i'iiffei'isiii^i (2 r':*i!-:.«-; ■' 


'! ibc/ (umed 'wi amLr >t tb« FUM* maUnaa 
Aod nigbt Monday. There Isn't Mr quMtion 
.. ;^ut tlut Be* ]Mlmer. hoIdlDK over tn her ■ec- 
end week, had considerable to do With tht dnkw. 
' '■tbla oould Im. deidaced from lotibjr conrsrea- 
'^ tloiiaana tiM-remarka heard white tbe Window 
:'■ aaWifaa ii| progreML ^Swdonl aiiA Biw limit. 
sla» h* cycdtted with a put «C ltlM ftM-^::M» . 
.'inirttir Myl^ ibiy: paid to ia» Uln:Vftlm<r 
J! '« Baitafkaa lUioai.lunbmv 
'that ther' Vemtiiaed ti' tipfUdnt vWllUaiH: wad. 
WplfuB, Who pulled out.tM Mir lUt aC'te*4how. 
and that next to cloilnr. 
Fallon and Brown cbaoKed placea with Wll- 
' llama and Wolfua at tho ntght aliowt whicb 
- igiotted tb« ex 27th DlWrion. ho)rs, No. 4, tql- 
lowtnK Valerie Bergere** noIodrMuttio pbyieL 
The team mlaaad a ttddan opftaMni^Iti^ to iniv'' 
■■ Utr> paiatsc lip the obvlottBljr' ovardiiiwii'Utiui- 
^fioBraail «lia«ia«.ee tlM^.B^ Fal> 
'i.-'iliktu knMBiMd 'nd imannoancad Imitation b( 
!^;.^Sar*. Fttkgiblmui landed aoltdly with the Palace 
f;i:.ias«ilars. Brown'a {dealing perionalltr and 
^^iireat voice alao' showed to cxfclteat advantage 
^-^n eouple of Vocal numbera, the beet liked 
:|^beinff '"Iilttle French Mother of Mine." Tlie teain 
>!f|: grabbed 'Olir enough appla'uie at the; <inMll - t<> 
^!|.><warrant a ahort encore aperch. ■ 
>*'s^tBe«i' IVimer .cloalng the lint ^ir ttftirMl off; 
rf' like « whlilWlnd,rMid; gained apetd jlrtth loch 
Itnmtdlitf .ntinMr':*^ 
p.:)mi point the iul^'i/tm^ WiOi 'a Jtift, Aaotlier 
|? jnimber '«hou1d be aiubailtated for tli« giatra-way 
4'>'A once. It iin't atrong. ehoogh to follow all of 
^^^ie ahlmmying' and Jailing that goea before, 
f v^en It cornea to the ahoulder-ahalclng thing. 
^i|t^ it there. It isn't exactly what ahe dfwa, i 
'fjhjV how ahe doea It, tjila being even more clear- 
^\fir emphasized in Miai Palmer'a Mog . at the 
'ii iHaiw'than in'tBe "•'(rtftmmy." 
kfXiMiw BefC#« has ihewa many .better .akwlolips 
A ■ hsr p«Ukt ■' iaag':.flw«4»|Hk -ptr- ' 

ntgkt.' Iket^li init doi^iH >iaiw^ 

: wk>.a pliMr with a lmrk•dklMWl|n.'ltj^•: 
'amt, a «««ia'baiwMn -Vrsnch aM^-Rofriaib;^ 
^ ; .ca*t to play tbfi pa«t of JOhii'XtnNm'-la ik aMP 

i;' nyitery. ■■ ■ . 

~ Mill Bordonl and Xieiit. -Oiti Bice did 'Very 
:V well, with tmir-f^nging n>*cialty. Misr Ber- 
t-lonl's French ehaatenfe recalls Fovgeri^ fwmty 
i^S" inaars ago. •'Pali •f Mlne^^.M 

■M BBglith was -a. 

„^*scln« the BtotiW4tay';lMtUlr^%&'i4aar;;«M^ 
'Mmntot vocaf qUallilMtlOn^. ' ' OIU^^ -BIm Utttifd 
P', itwn' a Afat .'iitW.. aMW j hlBuilf - ,WII&., his 
f'ym 'tir*Vt>''<Sajtipo«dtioha ' The adt eloaed to' an i 
r '.1 vwtion, with Mlia Boidonl'a rendition of the 
'-' "karsellialae.;" Tbie, however, wae undeniable ' 
: ' l^ind appiause." ; 

/■ - On eeoond, XIaaa andTcrmlnl met With the 
"nstuii difflcuitlea attending the early spot, bvt 
yiofkei hard with, vielln an<) acOordloB.; : .T»r*, 

^ ™Tle of Bi^iio lliMi^' tli^^ 

,'gnat attMi. .'ibMe-'UtttsI*. -Itiattiii' the' ihsst' 

■iHtaV: : r . ■ ;■ ■ 'v^;- ■: 

Opening after lnterml.-slon. Huntliig and 
.' Wands found a ratiier iiacd-b<^il«d iMinoii to 
V. ^tilo with. The blggett part Of the talk went 
!v light out through the entrance.' ' Thia was not 
,' alone becauee of the apathy of the aadi«nce, 
the uik IteeU lacking the comedy punch ex- , 
. ; picted in pregwit'-day vto^evUle aroia-ilfe. Tony 
^''vKdallvirg feiul''«twe.4M>to got iMr* Ihiin alt 
<v1be iiist 4< tM a«k Uaglae Brotlwia •■«t:$oM)y 
'x':,|pened' 4ad W^ 'Soriielc 'and jBsragatia Cliaten.' 
ridasef. Hie HMlMi tnni aet oatr M« 'fjjii 
''lit wai.ikaMitad';flu amit'ap|teins;<lMV«t»^ . 
fklta to «w M <rt ittw-ntaM «lodMViiM;..:*.- 


ivThe Mverside tfogaa' is strong on nam^a 
" w«ili« ,witb; teviairfBirilii lifcdiw, also 
. Jnniiir« - •how mink osBtraniMucMier* 
Miimont was aitorded the - audienoe tlifough 
'>.'ttie lay out would be dllfieult to aetamlne. 
^VTlie program is peculiar In its composition, with 
v; tomicts of dancing turns and nwt*' singles, 
:lhoueh a woman alngle la also :there> The 
;r|nalo single conflict Is. more in\-it^,' i>er8ons 
than materlala Joe Xivarie (N»w j^kil^ t>>* 
|;«ltor ,alngle,Mrvl|«-BstUn: (mw/^U) naklnr 
giMfc.tue duo, - i:': - 

;^'Vla dancing Ito - MBlla^'''to, fit: •ify.' tl* '-niin . 

the stngs^- ggpid a HrrwItli ttai' anajBlttto 
r»y>|j^]feata. Mo. ^ and Bamadell and Deyo eloa- 
j?" ^* (how. ' Beth ran along the same lines. 

In between was 

iwt dance production act 
;^;:I1m Charles King turn, 

" Of course the ainging thing was ever evident, 
.where has vaudeville gone -tot Musical cora- 
;>'i '*dyT Or «e«a vaMdovUla ia4o.aNHlMl ooMody 
P:vtf Urn tt MMwa anytUiig* • VhlaJleunM tlUn* 
|r ftom the bunk elasstetil to ibs' dirty, iriiiiiiniey 
{..ilttat seems to iwve atMut ruined a vanawilio 
f ' *how since the bookers found it im easy Way 
^; to (111 up tholr programs, with the singles, 
if doubles and light cometllans going iiito )2 
>, shows, still vaudeville is doing business, big 
^.'business, nearly all the time. But one can 
!p,'hever tetl. There doean't seem to be enouRh 
^MentlM oC late to Uying out a' yaudcville 
^Wl to hg«M tlM VMMsvU^ iha, an in qther 
. , fhme ether polley nlgfif ,.canw . .i^long 
1^ not And it so hard! to bust in ea'.ths 
li^Udeynie pUyers. Such as » C>U)ltol wMh 
liw***''*y"l**'«^ •'>ow and pleliuMi aaiiiMr 
HfMlMr Ihiniw, inolndiag aiMMl Mnd, at W «urts 

^fl' ? - '■ . . » "V ■ 

■s... . . .. .. 

top, Sand'it to the Sagltah. Tlhey have been 
in tlie business longer; That may be It. But 
they know their shows for years ahead ^nd 
don't, haw to ,h«ttl« Wodneadihr -aiibt to gat 
the R(ns~ itult out Jor the bir neat WMk. 
Tlioggh iii' thia jreek's' Riverside show Is a -, 
laughing sketch, "the second comedy moment 
in a bill that lacked a lot. of. comedy for~nine 
acta. The skit was the Imhof, Conn and- 
Coreene playlet. "In a Peat Rouse," full of 

WhUs Mr: Beriln got- the hit of the show, 
getting It at tba ..flalih . tt his flnit part and . 
hijfon the ^I^viiitlVB^i^iiMiM* Wt M dU;. noxt 
to tfeii' iipA. wltl^iit th*.4^ of- a AK 
mrr'BsIl^ .«iid'-Oowaiii';<^^ after 
Ihttftnlssion. Ball<ty and Cowan\eteaBed np. 
Ttiere is the young woman (Hrt: !l4mn Cowan) 
in the tunn who now has -more'' to do than 
formerly. Though cnitlni; 6ttt a couple of 
Berlin song/* so not to impetfe the- composer's 
vaudeville debut, Bailpy ' and Cowan didn't 
seem to - need more tluui 4I|air- pretence. .-All 
' «»e tbo mat^jrtal weatam *riDgt.fwa .r'gli^^ ■ 
vrtitch air. Oewira' aiiiionniBM^ at ihel^ awi 
sbng. aik ills cseuiw for the singing of it at 
il|i# date. The trie ' hsi-e a Chinese song In 
'Ooiiiume aii'd the way Mr Cowan wont after 
a French* number simply . proved what every-. 
' one must' lutve known, th&t ho Is there as a 
aong ^deliverer. . 

Tbo thlN hit was the I.aurle turn, clinched to 
some extent by Lkwl* latroaacinc .a. aoMtliy . 
bit th«t was whellir «9W/ 'TM <yM«artg HM - 
' r wftl .M«.''i;"iHtb.. their .-r«ntli^^^^ ^lanea 
Saeilds diiifiteti^ svnlMrli, .inline / the 
"Bowery" or "tough" danee iiiidi tiwift'. whirl* 
Ing, They at /least are to be. oommended with 
pregresslveness for lumundlng themselves 
with scenery- anil costumes, for they needed 
to progress, but the tame can not be said 
' for the many other dancers who have plunged - 
.into vaudeville prodnctloiis, made an .investr 
meat of acenery aad^olotiMib-' tiB.-iliid fMdi* 
•elves In p clan'wtth' Manx 'ftttetK-. Juit 'Amc>' . 
IW.;iHUi. 'all'k4jHB*;tln'-MM..»iia'>!^ - 
iBf the . MM . - 1^^^ ' follow tht 'Miidiir 'ikoaM 
. b{i . done •with, inore caution, . for where one» 
■•ta over, two are .forgotten . In the rush. It 
hat gone so' far thaf a nice neat three-act 
dancing . In Vone" ..mlglil be n riot nowadays. 

Tha' King act closed the first . half. They 
seemed more important at the RIveralde than 
at the Palaotf and tlie iwaltlon was* 
.tfr.CBr' th^.but ,ttie toin.piwiNd: atotw 'pi 'as. 
. ^Charito'rSFIiifg to forking *,,to6 h«i« ,ln m act, 

•loiibw'atC p^im :^1^Kli It- ol"" "in'rinff 

.too -.loudly, ap'psiontly, forgetting everything 
in his anxiety, .Quislde New Tork 'th*...|C(ng 
act is going . to be. ver)t good. If It's pirat(il^' 
looked after In the advance . sturr. 
No. 3 held a bright working girl In Helens 

. C'Smllea;') Davla, .Her bluing Is 'rTypes Ps«t 
(ind ^ ff rs s t n tft. .; , yits '-.Qavia . carries a .li^ll 

. l yodaeite^^ .'aiftf...aa'' .tier ' twa'.Wwt' Csrwt^ she' ' 
«(Mk|tgl;'iBto the good gn^oM tl'Uie lifitM' tmiil ° 
(Ki' tlM thfy UliM liw'W^^ "•nim." 
ih* Janliig bear, oiiened the ahoiw and Ramt. 
detl and Deyo cIiitMd It. The; latter turn le. com- 
posed of the former Ramadell Duo (brother and 
fitter) and a Miss Deyo. ' They danced and 
shewed tome . pretty . toe work, also Russian 
stepping amongst it, but the poait|pn waa Im^ 
pottlble and:.UM Rlvenld* ahowlag ' 8ho.ttld lit 
entirely ttaawa oafr aC,.tl|ii.>ciM«illiitiwfc . tt not 
te', Iheir fl%vaTv..' '■■■'yr.^.rTi^-i-^,.:,^* : ... .. 

The Blwnldt, 1nW>«taM|ty Konday sight 
H ittlf a big bouts. -..ttiS^-tlMt.. said the Mon< 

: day;.:natlMa had «m- i opii a tr»>iar-rt«ypBd-ths 

•v^amtr- . . '■.;...' •'■' ■.':.*■.' 

Rlott, tornados, alMW stoppers and tpi>ech- 
malcen adorn, ilie Colonial restum thls'«pooh- 
taking . W«ek In pitolwiily this giwtest iraudey 
vllle show. fmH tha'poiit eC'eBtertatameiit tirw 
OBsembled. ■ ,.. ■ • ■•■'■•.' 

It is almost Impestlble to dliedadm^la tei^reta 
the volume, of applause tliat gteeted the' com- 
pletion of tb6 turns; but a narrow ahade could 
be handed to "The Creole Fashion Tlnio" and 
Kitty Donor and Co.' (Tfew Acts). 

Carlos Sebastian, "Dickinson nhd Deagon (who 
substituted for Jack Hose. Ill), Kellam and 
O'Dare and Phil Baker (who shouldered the 
tenghsst .job .ot the ■ •vaalng)' Wna an riots. 

Baker Mlow«d all tlu lMlas> mat to closing 
' and alilinM op. Mww -alimi;!! pt 'in; mgi.h«y 
' deservtfi a worUf 'at mdlt for tMldfi« .tks Mi 
in- iha ednndenilal inaAner hs did and taming ' 
a' tough opening hito a riotous finish. Re 
kidded a couple of walkouts by announcing hs 
wasn't going to play "Poet and Peasant," and 
from that moment on built ,up a ■pM |ill. 
Joio rendered lawlOIW.' a pi d sl gi M.. tt^' a 
staire box. '• ■ . 

"The Gceotai Ntbloa Ptate»" eloslng the flrst 
part, iot. a reeoitillMi- that litDved him knowii 
here, hut tho romaval ;or.';th^.' wig puliod tite 
same tnereduleoa hum of talk from the hWiM,* 
This boy Is undoubtedly the greatest femsle Ira* 
pcrsonator who ever trod the bonrds. tVhen' he 
dons male nttire and sings he displays a per- 
Bonatlty as manly as b Fairbanks, making a 
perfect transition from his former feminine In- 
terpretstlon. Yet a moment later after another 
quick change he goes Into character again 
and.-hhMol fbrfeeta th«' IlinMon after the <r> 

kitty 1>mi^ iNoW AetM. with Rose Dtoiijir and 
Bshby 0«ite, -kept ihfi cut ««t epen'with Ot tttt* 
oat daaelnir aot .goni .In yeora Xtt^ was ahaw^ 
wild iMIk ilfaMra M her. Mrit. HM.daaMd oii 

and o(t, thtmmylng her bows, wttb the gallery 
wildly demanding more. 

. Mr. Sebastian made a decided impression in 
third position' with his artistic singing and danc* 
ing armngemant, - waa aUy assisted by Olga 

derton.ia a dMHy MiM*miHi'«iid:Mjd a-ottto Ui ' 
flalshed styla Miia. Myta is a graceful . daneen 
and Sebastian and she pantomime' iMreiai-ar- 
iiatio ipeclaltlea "While Others Are' Building 
Castles In the Air" and '!BubbIeland" were 
two tuneful singing numbers. The turn la 
beautifully staged and went over big. 

tio* Rodrlques, garbed as an ofOcer and enlisted 
man of the Italian navy, opened with balancing 
feats,- They feataro some daring hea^ (tanda 
witir .-llM- ta#.:;aM«iMr on a;ianr pola T^t 
aim I9dlasd ttt 'Mi^ wtttked It «v (•r hfg 
appiame. - V;-'.:; ■-. ■ • 

'.'Four of Vsi'l: a nialo 'aiiartet. were' seaaiid. 
ThetB men itrive- hard for coiriedy effecta tint ' 
. their banhonlaing remains the biggest asket- 
They - should Im careful about thetr wardrobe; . 
two of the brown suits are badty In need of 
pressing. Kellam and O'Daro started the kc> 
Ond lialf on "hlghV and Kellam clowned his 
way to an ovatioii. He (joea a halt ranee "nut" 
and ig nnilfm thji Itiiiuast «iil)iieM-B' aC' nah* 
nerisfiifa ifalHi :ih ikjlM. W .fes-lai)'V<th» |kN^ ^at" 
copgle Inl VB«asvlli«.''ii'a scimetiU^ who iiasn^t 
placed aioiinl i'iKb/'m^^ hoaaes' who la 
He looks 'like .pnduetlon 'material,, and also 
.Joined the speechmalcars.. Davis and Felle 
chMKd fbe ahow and ontncd, to a.halCjd^Wlet^ 

•'.■: ''V .,. : :.<>.-.■ ;.-:VX;jPoi*^ • 


Women, jaxs. lazz dancing and tlUkt almoot.' 
but-flnlsh. of, Brende) aAd Bert gitve tt», AJ- . 
htmbra orowd .oil vi^^h »taterttlDiMat' - a( 'tM 
hsarty.and Wkcriipiiiifly 
iMve.'hiA.ln.niany.'ak' day.' . ' 

1|nlli..tii» prMMnlMltipft at Bart MottuCh't 
. 'Tiiiyiaatsg'..' ,to I«w .Briice in the closing post- 
tl(m.'the!jlMW '|lOif .nothing ^^^^ song, dance and 
Bong, with an' Int'erpolatlon of talk here and 
there, but net enough of it. .Still the crowd 
wanted this style and called for more and mere,' 
etpeelally from Buzieli and Parker, 'AlHart.l 
ley and tl«e "Playmates" oiferlng. 

.way;. M.'iMiMdt: .witmith; iHW IH^ ''mHVt ■ 
pviMMWr^Ald abont a third ot.a. hoiitf: it »• 
stait, r Bir :tM time the turn was .Cbpiptefed , tfia 
audience had about t three-fourths filled. In the 
second spot 'wers .MasteiU and Kraft, .'with tiielr 
satire on the song and danc« man W the '"Past, 
Present and Future.". The twys bave' tlie pon- 
ventlonal dance routine, but they have nothing 
In the line of song, even though It Is the meanii 
of unfolding their dance Stoty.. Ttie boys use 
sevaiat p«a fn PtP' pi'Pf'i'M v^^^ 
adi^"°-'!l|iti|r.diiBiee «( .the.'iiMt'«iid'.pM«MV'^.. 

wHMi Isd np .to tM t en > »cl >Br>a> '.MmpT af 
the *VBlaifa*^ was'. so wtah the danilng de* 
lineatlow was. not of sufDellmt caliber for the 
closing feature, and the boys aultered aceord* 
Ingly at the hands of the audience. 

"Playnuktea,'* billed ns ''A Musical Remlnla- 
oenoe of Our Happiest Hours." or, in plain 
Bngllsb, "a teboolday" act of a oonventipnaV 
Older, with 0TS giifs and one loan., was in third 
p4WitM>n. . An of . tha . people da toaae . specialty, 
^iil^^'^^.rfiidttg^.ag rt^fiatf a vtlMI^ .ftiifr wii jwt 
W iwt iv ta the staadard dt flip teroter, 
time sehooldi^ offerings and really haf 'hMI 
one advantageous feature, and that It ths .bofiiK.. 
tiful soprano of the girl who pla)^ th^ leod^ 
The producer is aware of this fact and gives tiie 
girl the majority of the warki ualng her In two 
Binglo BongSt one doable number and for the 
flnale... The boy doea but one song and the 
other girls Juit a bit also, WliUo she oarricip the 
Imdta. The turn pleased Immeiistljir and alf 
a#t.^g|*npia the show la. lis positllMi. 
: Bddlg BwMl and Fiiny ftirinr is thtir (mn. 
ody slaglny ind fjD.tkl^g: skit; "A t^lll and a 
Way," had things 'itll their own way and toads 
tlie audience 'laugh at will,' Xto'dnot-the phono- 
graph been out of order for the'^ comedy "mar- 
riage bit." it ia more thin likely they would 
have ttopped tho show cold. 'They overcame 
the cmbaiTatamcnt of tho phonograph falling to 
work by Buss«tl sayitik "We're married, let's go 
ahead." Sotta. of the audlenct might have 
nessad gomoililMt. %m'.«i«w. ...'«fella>tha :'iiMi*' . 
iortty- dM- mt 'iiwir iBniaot: ■ "■' ' ■ '■ 

William B. rricdhindM'g ••Masleal : CbdcUII 
Bxtra Diy" closed the first' fatilt and scored 
heavily. This was the second ' girl act on the ' 
bill, and. away from the simplicity in type of the 
former it daialed tlia audience with Its spec- 
taenlarlty. The thehie is from burtosqne as 
.well as are Its principal situations; itlll the 
'bomcdy' feature Is very well handled and . put 
over in a fmatt and snappy way. It drags In 
ipeb OMI oraidi ba oat aljint thrta or Krar Mil*.- 
otti.' Wei a«MB«dlan|,. e^raeter wonan aM mm*^.' 
Stanley; the toubrette. scored heavily la tholr 
Bcenea Mlis Stanley waa a bit' handieaiiped by 
the unflnlsbcd work of the Juvenile, Who can* 
not grasp that hie part Is of a serious nkture 
Without a call for tight comedy, which he per- 
sisted in nttompting very much to his detri- 
ment. The drunk scene between the character 
woman and ramcdlan waa well done. The girls 
are a plcnslnc lot/ well gowned, but Jutt a bit 
«sreleaa in .their danolnft as they attkor. dsriaot 
can or. caandt keop te''>^ata»' la Atm' fjHMm 
CksiM^^''B«ialitr. ■'■':'•'.•■■•'■ 

XOim i^liWy, 1iiu|^ . 

airl" (New Aou), opened the second half, aa4.' 
had the house within her grasp from the ttartii 
Bhe.kept nursing along with her oharacter 
edy songs for lO minutes. They did not 
.to weary at her endeavors, but called for mora,' 
■ H;Bii«dal and Bert in a 'rwintlng for Hcr.^' 
.-•MnMI'. lo etttjsr .ee. a street 'laid with gold".' ' 
. tot ■: their . jpMBejar.',^tfa|pit.''jhad. .tl* -m»tim iP-^ . 
rhaiMndlea tetf . IM dMMUng fla^ 
into' convulsions^ which : allowed tiio jittlitt. ; to -.'^ 
score tha hit of the bill. . ■■'l^^t^lnj!: 
1.BW Brice and Co., with song," dances -and ii|,?.-A 
recitation by lew, manascd to hold . therp Into; ' 
tho flnlsh. However, Low should tet imbtlfeir:,'' 

. 'f It 


flna^e bit than the reoitiitlon, as it really doeii;-fii'^Ji^ 
not prove to be of aaincient substance to. lm^^'.s^W*^'^ 
the pxlt of tho turn pleaslns. . ■'^.fM&i'Jt&i 

v; ;,i!liilaiWpWa.-ij^^ 
sf .baw Beoksfader and .tha-'tlafet; .- '' 

.i^ns-alMence of itaw.Biiolisjbader and.'tlie':1a|nti, 
out 'of the bill . wM s^l that" prevented- 't|^: 
w^k's 'sluw fretr being one of the very 'blist 
hero In a loii > time. Despite all the handlcapo^' 
however. It was far above Uie average, .apd 
wl|ilr It jvat t'pp-litovy, with the hc^IijM|; 
feature In tho early half of 
housf Monday night wot not 
Its appuittie and .iMiheit>.to 'ikitftii^^ 
IcrtabMd. --'"•■'•-•-'■::-■■■■ "V* * ; ss.v r^;.;. 




the* bill,. a ■(?HiijM«5%^&W'»^;?1 
I a bit tUnTOt#lt»Sr;:j#Ai';'iiV'^ 

■ not.'OBiy 't»o.'early:''to.'ilww'1ts ^reai; .wortlii--l«».^?.i^>;^i*^£; 
.It'Oinpiy kpoited what would' undoubtedly Jitiva " ' --^^^ 
.lM|B'a'rip:raaring hit In (he next-to-clottnc^t.:. 
. aai 'It would have mide the ihow seem iui't 
. twiee lis. good..' 

'.. It wiM:;ann«il|Mi9d:iLew IJoekstoder w« -111^ 

ua iiui,06Uiitf^tM*l|to p 
' was .'aot:ail ;4ui«^'.^'MMf«^'\i^^ 
plinse hilii; hnt 0»|lliik,^rn|jlf!^ 


a good line of .iliMc»^dhte aaatMjkl'nifh^^ 

g*t a lot of laughii, ' ' ••■ ;. ^i-'-! 

Just, ahead of the speaker wire the Cimerott .-;:' ' ■ ' ■ 
SIstert with three or fotir very pretty danOd nnita- 
hers. With Dave Dryer at tho piano. Since seen 
hero Istti the 'Oamaron girts •have appMMd la : 
. tami with a, mutlcal tbow, and tbty kava laniw 
at the Biriadww ityle ahpat .i^iUr Wigrit tko^ 
';^:la^.yMt!' .H.iii-rMi Hoogfidiv^. toil,'' alii-: ' 

«ln» teamt now. in 'vandsVllla, . •'-' '•■• '■ ' • '^^ :''.:' ■'1■• 
1,00 Kohlmor and ' conipMy M-'tha glbfdb-'^^ 
"Two Sweethearts," Were a big laughing hit. ' 
This la a very cleverly Written character play 
let with Just enough tohllment written lnt« tha 
oogi«ly altiMUl^ii ''la orMts Interest and take 
Juit a' slight liol4 at> the htkrt. strings. .Xfr. 
Kohlmar and. Wllflpa JW do a ii>leiildld Mt.oT^ 
chaaactfir work la tka' priaelitar raiot aitd'ihapp'- 
Is a lot of hiukhii gotten ' through their iinfia..v 
and bits ' of bustaess. ' . * 

One of the biggest applause hits of the show ' 
went to the credit of Mile. Diane and Ja6|i> J. 
Rubint, who had tho cream spot on (he bill aW . ' m' V^^ 
took care of a in th» best of shape. HU«. t)lnB '' y'' it!/»^ 

* bit naughty, but mawget to' iiialBi ;':^^^^^^. ^^^^^^ 
h«r iMrtMiaea.jbMliVa/ila' |a JaM «.'>1ltt|e ' dnni"i 

\ In-' the' 'Way'jKi' x»m ■ bar '.tim- anM^'Wiiimldo*?? v-S ^.^^^n! 
She 1^ a nifty hit of shlverly that hilglte.^.:.'';^;':^'^^ 
called a light sample ot the '•ehhnmy" . w|Hioiit f ;>;i 
belnr Just that, and it certainly caught tha' * v. 0*'.-%. 
fancy of the house, for ahe had them right Willi;.- ' J 
btr. Rublnl Is a . fine . soloist, playing . WlUl . ' 

■ irtat ezpresslon and volume of tone; In, th^. 
ifslobUopS accompanying the singer blaworic stood.',, .. :> 

"r wsV'Ooto' BMBMis •wwft'rofi '^;,' :;- ;^*v 
ifiikadappiaval;'. ;■'„••.,•■••'•:•■-..(■■ ■ 




The Bl !R4r IMfia jflM 

-tie op(hfaii! <(ipM(. 

nicely with th^'Hamk ta ghiitee. The giiHM iuar^ 
graceftt^ skaters and aside from their work 
a very pretty iHotare in a couple of pretty 'odi^i^--' 
tume changes. Another big boost for the .flirg|' 
half of the bill was the hit registered by Hiizjqr' ' 
and Qnice Bliswtfrtb. The dancing bt the' lioy 
Is equal to any of the legmanla stuff seen ' ners 
in aomo. thns, 'and he got away with a riojt .b( . 
' aMiaiMa at tbo'^flnlsb' ef hi* solo dgpesi 

Bmal and Symohds'did'very. al^'-Wdtb VtM/V^^^'i^^^^^fi 
Ulking and singing. VMr viililt'-ltimt''-^^ 
count through clever iuuidiing ^iid'ljl^ii^iiilli^S^ 
have a tag flnlah that took them' off. ;iirtt!!ti||j*"<^^'i^^^^^ 
house laughing. ' . • ' '. .•'. V'^t ''-!'^S.'' v 

Edford's Golden Whirl closed the show. They! : ' 
have the usual routine oi teeth trloka with a • . 
bit. of novel work on ladders suspended from 

.•*4.«f tlM ««rlaglng bfTf The act zMt/M . 
ryattiaflthw iMsiMta^ and held the hotna 

The KInogram ptotures seem to have lott a < 
lot of life and_are gettint to be rather dreggy. ■ , 
There Is not enough variety in the subjects, but 
the "Topics of the X)%y" continue to got their 
phare of the laughs and ►est part of. them Ig 
that the aubjecte are right up to tho i " ' 

. will at Croagy «M.BhMNlw 
eeriafai of a royal- wilgowg':'t 
welcome, homo Oat waa 'gMM 'CriMy 'aftaHlMi 
yeara at service as a unit taorama^er'- of ^tha 
"Over There Theatre X,eague" was h geatiina, 
ovation. And when Creasy strolleii put later -on 
the bill In uniform and proceeded to recount 
the rod tape that surroupded- hit att«fnpt ,to. 
■t<it--av!rf'i>eaa,'>jhiW thk Kew HaiwidiM';lwatiM«i^ 
rata MaaMoL-l^- ptavv tlMit<-lia 
ani " 




wtu. tbercbr taaklac It »4nlM» fmr btm to ■» 

>,>sf<^, ' to ' Barop« ' witli «nr wontui In tha Vnltad 

S^||:'^;f;.'r; gtatM Me«Pt kll WU«. UN »adi«IK» TMllMd 

>V=ir<. tiAt Creatjr when allowei to nmVU ia a 
■ ■ monolof artut of first caliber. It w»» « bw- 
priM to many New Bncl«nd«n to Aitemtt ttat 
' 'Crawjr when to tH»9M vM'tt ebumoter Is.aUll 
. . *;Nal KMT HtnipaUM Tbakco^ tmuir uA "'*!!' 
CriMyH WiWllir li »>kli» ite X & 
P. nUI <s Mi j wte wlBB, and «mto iBMv ot 
thb atorlea he broutbt onrw with hln tpreaA 
fUfar tHan ho waa booked, bla monoloc was 
'an absolate riot that ahould be iailaitd upon 
. whenver ke U booked. Hb prtaent aketeb, "The 
Kew Store," WM to a ewttin axteBt 
capped br him Ma* «onptltoft l^.ww ■ 
interior aeL 
ViNM wbo urt tooA^oC acieaaInK the 
- .-'lEdUi konae «t never bminc more tban one real 
> ifUutm set wen aiteaced thU week by the ap- 
' jaaTanni of Blin{Ha Cania, always welcome In 
:.'i»Mton, and b«ln« billed In an espcoUlly tor- 
tnnate place in the bUi, where the had tbinga 
. her own way, with J. Walter Leopold at the 
piano. He li one ot the few acseanpaiiMa ^he 
^ eaa be dran«<> ^ biwtneas ttC tlM Mt uA 
«Mi dnw aad Mac aa wall u feaaOte tha.ytaao. 
■' t 9to tenia yaa eivMiMr )i«M*r aKM. wHh a 
Imiv tnM^ *aA1ht bill aa a whole proved 
''/v-ta ba aaNtpiioaallr ■nedth la action and nn- 
' nsiully well balaneed, containing a little o{ 
/ ' eMrythlnr and not too, much ot anything. 
V . Helena Jackley opened, billed as the "aenaa- 
t^mal girl." the nearest apprOaOh .to • IWti 
. aeneatloa ca«a In her aoncbalant mnmnam 
\a Mw^im batbinc aatt wlthwit HjfUtk 
b^W waatlittif tbat waa atrtetlr tmUm n 
' aStoa Hr aanbatie acta until lb« vaten alaet- 
''' ii'ft tttam myoT' sbe has two lood blU af 
. gyaa^tlo natlne which carry the act and aetn- 
; •Uf pot It ever for her. 
, BayBwnd aad Bchratn. a coaple ot chapi with 
'• nod voloes, tiftsd their act out ot mediocrity 
tote a real hit br. the always aato method of 
new nsterUL thif NMlvad. niM^l«Ml!H :«M 

naalnc a Ultto M* a« «k» .iinlt «( OrtHya 
■towill ■WrfT"^'"' with bis monolov. bUf 
)Ma|iitBji llt.^rasa' before" the audience realised 
tbat'ite act wis decidedly out of tha otdl- 
autt ■Bd from that point until the cnrtoln 
adt a aoul left the houae. The double aarlal 
i 'swloslng platfom novelty with the doc* n»akln» 
<}' iwd iumpi fro» one hwlnclni platform to aa« 
1'; ' other and thfa Hhrougii windoWa toto the.wlaia 
vi^ ' mve* to. be an aUaotatabr tosotaaUnir bit -ot 
''^ViM»'' 'wmXtr. -^Kr-'MblM^Nto' 'tMtwed - in tba. . 

LioMT* Mi OK. IR that wuatst .a* 
Oieaar ca.Bup,'' 
tbair »M. vehicle by tntroduo- 
va of iftohlblUon and preaentlnf a 

Varr lady-llka aert of a ilark Antony. "When 
aa act of this caliber can knock them dead in , 
enltored Bolton' It la aafo In any comer of the 

. ., United Stotea. ^.z 

' Lttba Men>ir*>asllstedby8onlaaiidJJa*.ltoroir. 

4? ' ■ ' v aenoe Of beln« aMo to put avar better charaeter 
'■^'iv Bonis than are at preaect fnrnlahed for her. 
>->^ Failowlnc the Crevy and Dayna akctoh, 9ablne 
•< Ml Oeodwlft< In tbelr luilaa pomed# novelty, 
' , with Ito unbllli^ aarprlM in the form o< a 
I ' . third member of tba >•»•»«■». *»m tte 
,■^^:^^■■■:Plalmn pit, ma^a toaa lairta»ar. Tha taiiro- , 

m-:'-^0'-:t^^m» -«i»ii^ .diWto'M* ralathra ^ 

w\''>./'-;r^\''^^;«tM«lrt^''«C'tb4 Man, and wl^en the Italian 

f^^''l^-THr7>rliMt^^ ^ aKhoratwi upon 

■ '.'.y ■ ■■ awtl wil ■ 'Wf*n»ty with other Inatrumonts 

with three eomedy talklns acta surrounded by 
a well blondcd bill, the Hoof tor the lint half 
had one ot tba best shows aeen In this bouse 
for a oonalderable period. The audlenea belnf 
•oAewhat chilled by the laok ti beatinc ftcll- 
jUta wan. Hnawlwl ttk*- to mm. in aim 
!flw<h ite Mww abvlMI •« at 'ft gnat' lalt 
,«Mli ilw I<ei Vnladons. Their variety of attmta 
'dli llM wire and the bicyele race on the home 
.:'tniltm' did not bring forth the applauM and 
' jqpprobatlan they were deserving oB. * 
, Vayne Beemaa was in the lecond poettloa 
with hta nnsleal selections, comedy talk and 
mller akfttkw demonttratkm. Beeman ii a - 
iMml tt'm ttMc ttaUag mblMtlMi anfl riicuU 
' MbW'lili- iittlra aet to tbaH ituttte'tutaad aC 
tnhw ta opM In "one" by doing a little com* 
•dy talk aamijuftagod with mualcnl accompnni'* 
■ menta, Ula talk routine ta delivered' In a very 
meohanlul way and really retaxda the epeod 
of hie tunt. Vbe roller akatlac Anlah brought a 
big round of applauiat M Mi laat Im triieka an 
teniiy, aitokodlng' ' . 

• JilitiiaTightlii aad SVIM.I0 ttiate' WHMdy-iktt^ 
•^OMMahlp m tba Snrwr.** IhM' Mar Mlint 
ipitd looted 'from the start. The a«t la a pleas- 
' liig one, but has a few rough, spoto- which are 
quite DOlloeablew especially the endeavor of tho 
.nan trying to portray A "hick" character using 
a "eockney" dialect. Their dance llnlsh, of the 
gntteiqut order, teemed io be last suited to tho 
Amarlean attdienoa^ wbtoh w il sh s d It VMjr mooh. 

toiUac a«t wM it«lik.«i ihair 

haela to tba perwa sC-anfOB and Bott, wko 
had thtoga dll their own way from the start. 
Tbe - boys .luive a good tontine ot talk, bat 
abonld realise that the war ta over and the 
government are not buying any more horsei, so 
that "gag" would ba weU eUtttaated at tltls 

'.tiflw 'aaa^ft aMr«: tV'««h«tto wt-laaartad.ln Ita 

■plaea tbrragh 'Whfc3i*1to ael wmiH ba greatly 

■enhaaeed In valne. 

Chas. allien and Ekimund Uulcahy were in 

'the closing spot of the first halt. The rt>nllne 
of songs of Mulcahy went bigr especially bis 
last number, which was an Irish song and 
threw an old Irish waman Into eonvulslons of 
laugliter whan be aang the line about f.freetaig 

''balBad,*'. Her Mag- abgudr tnn tba tram at 

;«IM' daflii tiravikt fMtb a Mr avatlM .far tta 
taan. OiUen pleaaed with |ila. dilnaa aalsettoii^ 
especially the "Old Kentucky Born*.'* . 

Bennett filster*. with their Juvenile olterlBg, 
opened tha second halt ot tbe rtiow and kapt 
It wcedlnc at the fast pace set by those who 
preeeeded them. SUwart Patten and Co., three 
men and a W0BMUB, .pieacnted a comedy skiteh, 

* r'flW Itanpaatof Mmiiwi.uu ." WbaltaoiDa and 
kaarty «MB«dir wttb oaMlMltr aad aaipaaaa haM 
tkiotigbout. brought thlg affiariac to a nn nm- 
Uva , conclusion. Zabs aad naat wtth' MMr 
eomady aklt. "The Spilt." were to' tha iMXt to 
cleslag spot At the flalsb it was a tow-up 
whether the honors ot the show wera coming 
to them or Barron and Burt, for the boys bad 
Jutt left the audience clamoring for wore, 

Vka IhiM inetm^ a baad-baianeing turn, 
SHaad the aknr. Vkalr routine of work to, well 
Mraiigad, and tha "gir. away» taa» fnm Iwad 
40 hsi^ tor the M* «■* • pMt appniHato 
flaale. tor tba aat."/'- ...i. 


Tlie Lorimer Hodaon Troupe, two women and 
two m«a. with on* at tbe totter attired aa a 
ttuap and faraiablnc comedy aplenty, gave the 
glWW What 'l)iM rxinlfed in the opening spot 
Mlli^n' hi undoabtedly the bast o( the 
vm*m ta'tliMaf aa4 ataata oat •• Ifeii aiawaa 
of .'tha'^tMn. ■' ' ; ' ■ ■ ' 

blok Hack waa miat. aaeatdtag to tlu~iira> 
■mm billing, taut.Kiag aad.nlkrvsy, billed fltth, 
entered Instead to entertain with eonedy songs 
and pianolbg, (he Utter standing out moat 
conspicuously »i the quality of tha eomblnn- 
tloB. The torn is eomtioaed of two men In 
airoBlng/^ dress, one at tho piano 'enntinuaukly, 
iMle tba other, with a very good bass, is 
apprtelated. Alibiomh .Ithad, he wosid And bet- 

tiig^wyitiyby pwou- 

Blito IVUlisma (md Co., with a ONaaCy pl«|r> 
let. "Who'a TO -Dtomar* waa alMiid to K«. • 
•pot. H was the. mat of ito ki«d anrasd the 
Waahlnglon Hrlghtii /dlitrict. and aeovred big 
M suits. The comedy talk had them lasgbing 
throughout, marking it as one of the best 
«6niedy nklls at this house In aomo time, 
.Ihottgb t>to sketch la far ttom new, 
. 'WinTlikoy IM Pctratoir Wahl (tba latlsr the. 

•r tha Wm'Uf. Mim^mim i^^ 
about 12 mlMttag, lN|t-4pia tto aa abwdaM* aC 

applause tba tiint.anp tofdail to 46 tt nilantoik 
wtobliiblng a tlna reonnB at thla houae. Vlia 
WiM Is a very elavar woman. Her eharaeter 
lecltatibn ot a school teacher to the «hUilratt 
IB yc|an to oome. anent prOhlb|,lloii, '«aa Jba 
classed as the best today. 

Xa France aad Kennedy, a blackface male 
colored comhlaatlont unbilled on the pn«ram, 
bald dowa the nest to oIimIbc lipot. bUering a 
eoawdr poglUstlo *|tolr- IKM tamght |bi^ ap- 
pli^naa and laughs IMm M ^HUUt, ''■ 9lio oagpto 
ala*^feava %.'varr oia«i( anka m tliilr putRir 
aolor being daowUvo. 

sola. VttlhiM Co., two women knd one nan. 
.ia'opaimtia aongs and Spanish dunoeab clegtA 
thi ahow, keeping the audience attentiva. 

Unltlaga »ltw«,'!eHiq^' Ui fimr of the tea- 
tow pletwt^. rmkM Oaadia in Berlin" and 
Mtok Semia(t^.«<riKtt4iw^0lrM>! di«» aa toU 
aaona* gnthartng «t tta City Tta^day nranlag. 

ITot. a alngla act aeored until HadOtt and 
Ddmar In next to clodng. Then, again, Faridi 
and Peru. closlDg tho ahow, took applauaa pre- 
cedence over their tiredecesgorn It was noth- 
ing more nor less than a show with two 'good 
acts on the last of the bill. 

nie LUieed Troupe, coaaistlng ot alx male 
Airtg'dutf ana.ibaMrioanlsod gtrl, opened the 
■h««r to fair nsulta. Tba girl li a lata addl- 
tUn. 9n li viMlir MAahbgal^ Tha.tnwa. 
Mtf^tao baiag.tnrtmliMt Ml jMftas aiMUd 
Uka oorksmtwf, do not show anything but' 
•bliity for the pop honsea 

Russell and Besolngton, man and woman, with 
tho latter offerlns sonia while her partner pulls 
tba neeassary banjo atrlngs, need nior« pep and' 
appearance. It they rovcrao the opening It 
might prove beneficial. The banjolit needs 
I a vuMy ot rag aelectlona. 

toaton aad Co. preaented what looked 
Uka • aaoMdy vlaylM. bat lacks aoMdr* U 
ttat Iraa the abjeec. It mar goat tbt ■■dler 
bouaea Katbertna Hunay to tong aiiaetlon« 
aislated by Murray Rubonik followed tba llbl- 
veraal Current Bventi. The billing (|uoting the 
pianist as an asalstant sounded funny, aa he 
seema the nainstoy ot the turn. Mlaa Murray's 
flrst number, a French ehoraote.r song, ondeav- 
orliw to Indttosaa AmaitaanaDldlMrtoieiaaln in 
MagMi MltoiNd «v AMltor oMMliM aitoattaila 

"oaa of tho:^i^laBt tiligilMiiig i.ii f i' ^ llto'tomt 
By request ^'^iftaUt toadored Ms own aeu> 
ceptlon, "Fotr-BiMpliHIy,** well apprectoted. Ilto 
gtri did two nuna aongs with changca of cc*- 
.tuma. 'or oMb. The entire offerliir. conalderlog 
the' exqUIalt^ oostuAiM worn by Mlaa Mnrray, 
vtU Just about salt tbe small tin« districto. ' 

Hackett and Deimar. . next to closing, with 
songs and dancea, were the first turn ot tho Mil 
to arouse any enthusiasm, foltowad br Bailtft: 
\aad. Fif%. arbifr.taek .t^; 1^ ■tonk. . . 

>■ ' . ; Baa FraaefaNO, Oct S.* 

The eumnt Oimm /tetlm rAm- *» alag- 
tog. moMaa« XUlifr «MkllBih bAttha hoaeia 
ara al«o abllMd by tto Seven Honey Boya and 
Barry Bieaa. 

Another aneetas ot the bUl is the Mrs. Gene 
Hughes sketch, timely with appealing sentiment : 
A touple ot stunning gowns worn by Mis. 
Hughes got strict attention. 

Brech. nest to eloflng, won howta, flnUhing 
to a larga i wtou ai .|ilt TN -l l aaiar Boys 
stopped tha iN* lu DiK' t apat Vha Dyke-s 
.yodsUw ud 4iidM aMt 'dM* dancing, bcsidea 
■thai aaaantbto' jtoUgg, get regular applause. 

The Btone-XUtag Wiikhwr la a elaniy. aiagfag , 
oftering deligUftilly 9riaaalad» aM tk ini 
received. " 

Maleto BonconI is a striking vkilinlat. bnt 
received only fair retnraa for waU esoeuted 
ciasBlcal aelMtlsna 

BybU Yam, .wlth. aa aaaiittat.aoiifaao. MaKd 
" "f"^. *'*''■ ^ •^ff^ ttttOgm «toM to (or 

^e«a Bell and Olli* Wood. opened la a dateiy 
way as a girl dancing 'Win. Tbair aM«|itilg°; 
and finishing dance got the mott. . 

Madam Ellis/ "Tha 'Woman Who knowa," re- 
.'peatad wall to her holdover week. "Tenneasce 
Tea*^ alMad : tba 4itm, «Hlto nicely. 

I Jack Josephs. 


San Praoclseo, Oct. 8. 
The Fantages bill this week to an average - 
.atow tor tho honae, with Mawfase Oolden aad 
CO. haadllntag; It la a lair .novp' of' Busaiaa 
. donees eMatog . wm ■■fOMi^'.^tiil^:- «0M 
. apbia. .The tm (HoH Mittlb'il^aiai^'''«M MlTa 
bit on beat ceatorttoaa, a w iac W a g ■ ac originality, 
•een hero. " 

ChBliolm and Oreea are a capatte team aad 
did welt with A quiet sketch. Dorach and Rua- 
atU opened .exeepttoiully with their tamllbur 
aotplo Mid novelty musical ciTerinr. Panama 
. Mo hava eelerad glrla^ very good Jasa singeta/ 
aad Wir ttto ik. blU 'VakH Oy Fimicby." 
aung dii • sola by «M M tha .flria, itoppol tba 
aat Tba trto Injact maeh pep at tha Bnlab 
with fhat and good .'aUpplag. 

Maria Flisgibboii got ayar with new and oM, . 
stories, although bar poiain about "Father" waa 
let dowh llghUy br itko kouae. McNaniara'and 
Clinton appgiNd Ifhi. t tMlh. talk and aongs. 

Jack Joaeplu, 


San Pranelaco, Oct 8. 

Tbe Hip this week has but a four^ct bill, un- 
less •'The Jasaera" nay b« called an aet The 
Joasara ara- soldlera and Opened tto atow, con- 
atog haU.aiB kaar. toeladloir a film ahowtog a - 
•aattan W Ot n e to l Fsrablaig^i Um other than a 
ate-piaaa Jaaa bead than ■ti.,in MBib-Mant. M 
tto aggraghtlOB. and tba tarn ar tt la ; 

gave thi show a very poor atari. 

Marlon Munson lias a protean act, doing aev- 
eral female characters afleetlvely and well 
enough to score on tto strength of them. Jack 
and Jane LaugbUa. danoera with a wardrobe, 
RHt.aMna alBH to..'tha stow. Billy and 8lda 
CraokMa^ hka Brawning aad Oavitk biUed. did 
Bot appear, baw Wkrt. iMI lb iNlHid aad gat 
aometbing out o( bto' ItoitiMoiili. Bli Mar- 
nattonal characlqr danoera alao did ■'■mtttilng 
for him. Nellie Bennetfa Athletes vara dit* 
appotattog to .tto eMag apoL Their wrcsUtog 
aad laarinv-lNrt'.btoV.aad nnlnteresUag. 

Jach Joteplu, 


San Frtaelaaa, Oat S. 

There wno good entortaiiimeat at tha 
Casino lost week, both In tba vaudevllla see- 
tllon and ll)o Xing ornaijiatloB. wttli t"pnv 
of tha indlvidwl muSwi ildKm uw 
erage. " , ' 

The Spanish THOk tiro men and a woman. 
With kylophone pteying, and a so..g by the 
■ "toatb* to broak the monotony ot the 

■tnU^t xylopboM. aSerlng, proved a most no- 
nqftable opening ttini. 

Bajgt Cedric Undmy, |n etvAlaa Mother 
aeeond. He atarta with atorlea ttot annadad 
new, but his delivery gives evldenoa that to|k 
Is not hia principal aaaet, which to proven 
later by some good acrobatit*. Including an ex- 
cellent aontalio dance and a hand-tolaaelac 
atunt on mpaMw».«l|ar Sona^ ttatt gatoMv 
apptousa * 

A aketdh aalltlcd "Women," ptnyed by three 
■uH- arhki with a ainglo exception, handle their 
iwrto to advantaga. na Alt, dnMihw with 
the thno girig dlaeovwlng thoy wait all mar- 
ried to the same man, «»nto1ns soma good 
laughing material and went well. WMght and 
Davis, tt mixed team, put a good line of tolk 
over In a clever manner, acorlng a deservad 
mooeaa, flrlvla Mora and Ot.. nast to alt 
la ft twa-naa tnnMa and balaMtag kali 

the ftmalo msmber added for a^oapbere. Mlaa 
Mora tlnga :'9rlng Back Thoso Wonderful boys'*, 
affectively and otberwlit lenda cloto by bier gOed 

. appcaianoo.. The men do noma ditBeuIt hal> 
ancioi on the. tmpese, moat notable being the 
head stand by one ot tha meb on tmpese whilo 
holding another tnp«aa= tor bto taoat nato to 
work.oa. Tba not to abeva tfeg^ aatall-tlna avtp. 

,«ga and oadd. oMllr kb>d antoUC •r .«toKns ^ 
tta 'limar banaw. 7k* Araa mniony Mtfda 

. waa tha flaol vaudavlJIa tun to the closlzg p6- 
ilttaa,v^ iriaUy next- to closing here, tho 
Xlag^atow following. Tbe^trlo of girls make 

.a good combination. "Oh 'What a Pal Was 
Mary" by tbe hirger maid was a big apptanie 
winner, and "Boom 202," by tbe comedienne, 
also gathered good laaght, combined with good 
harmony trio singing aani thaVgUto «wr .» 
good aiaed hit •'■ ^ 

. TlM apantPg past at. tto mit^ Xlag ahew to 
aiabotata atoga tatting and druMng raatmbW| 
a tS 'abtw.nora than a popular' priced one. ^' 
Mtniitoa waa Jewell tmraina leading an ail^; 
letlb number la which tto displayed constdaix 
able and unexpected skill in club svrlnglbg; 
Othmr feature numbers were Btbcl- 8iHniay.:|a' 
"Jelly Roll," Jack 'Wlie ilngtng "OlUBFi** Ipi 
Clalrt fltarr alnglnr "Tell Me." - , 


* New Orlcanak Oct'.*' , ;5 

Very good bill of tto Orptoua thta week, n 
haa only one dlatrtasing moment, but that 'vaa .'| 
easily forgiven, considering tto aoperlority aC ; 
tto entertainment. ■ 
Ftiatly. Bory and Bah' dUgtayad aa acrobatlo . 
, that wtf wira tui ae toodat tor ather a^bieUo 
t.-'-'''nitWi'inil».iar'.lha.maJor'.part are »«r> 
Iwoaigb atoal beopa, tto aCcct beiag . 
Blmoat 'dynaaio to evoktog applause, Ibalr .. 
dreating Is novel, tho iwMto* oontoUig much aaw 
atttff. ' tto aet ten«e'-i» flU(i-MI*.ttiy ll|kla|.':^^ 
with toth feet '.i-'-^'j 
Cervo, neat and mgnttto to a'dtgraa,. I^nd .- 
hearty appratotion tor bis. a«Gardl«a oadaMHb 
alt at whtBli' to B a w B i*' lib'iMNla* .vain, ■^^i-i^: 
Jaaat at nuait 4mM9* .tar'-Ctoftai Baa!||^>''.^ 
dladaotd «a kretevant playlet' styled '^8;ng •'; 
Stopping." Tto idea is not bod, and'Cbt Inter- ... 
pretecs competent' but thay culaad<thtir fhama >«\ 
by not working nataaklly, ...l ^ i l pi.iM' jaiiiw-':q 
made it worae. .•• •'5 

Claudia Celemaa began splendidly and did aat -.^^ 
roUaqubOi bar told. Ktr aet 'to miwb. btti»r.^'!!{ 

•fOrad toat attaon. Waa a riot here. 

Tto fipoialth Revue cartatoly atowa up all tto ' 
'attempta at dlltuslng 'Spanlth atmoaphere. No I 
foreign act has ever appeared to this city ttot ; 
could togitt to compace wlth .U In point of > 
. artistry. It haa been produced with keen vanda- 
viUa tosight and to that rarlty-«i perfect. -Saw , 

' JMmwd gBd .DttOy. wiio wumii, atiml tto . .; 

'alwir. U-to tto: bMt' two-iaaii:a«^,;j«„^'v:!.. 
bbowa aiaaa Bernard and Wvli^jn iBinnd ', 
through. They tove a lot of wlto ttult 'W^cb 
they ahoot acroaa like maatera.. Bernard" and 
Duffy, are 1020. having every requltits of this | 
day and time. i 
Kltamura Japs compose a Jap act ttot. ntvar ':, 
aqinna to graw old. .Tbay ara programmid. at V 
tto siaqdaf rltiv perfWaMra ot tto world.' ^Ptr> 
hapa thjqr.aiRa aet, but ttoir pattfi la this Unt 
havo ant :Mim aliowa to thla part at tto gM«> 


'.■ Maw Oiltaaa>. Oet'ill,,' 
FratoMy tin wif»'.fiw,Wtlair' il.'tb». 
Falaaa to an-vlair 'tha''tMt'»airl-#liw-'*a|k.'; 
Tto aadlanoa walkad' out la drovaa. Ta|tdi|! 
evening aad tkoba wto ranMlaad tMmed iraMr 

Rleir Broa. and Hlas Murray wero tbe flnl 
to take the count with their dancing not ttot . 
•pells nothing. Aa Bgyptlan -traveaty at tba 
end looked like an attenvt to do aomethlnft but ; 
It ataatd .atag. with tha laat Lacgay aad 
■aaa ataiM to idaaalag taablaii b«t aoaa dittltd 
tato tto dtapond at baaallty. VhayeitoKtadc 
iftr a tow hot the ktoaa waa fHgld. 

Almont and Oimont uaid to to attodaid 
on the big time. They tovo not advanced along 
with vauQevlH'e, belQg Just whero ttoy started 
and ualng Belectlona ' of ycster year. Ttaejr re* 
qnlra alp, datb and numtors of current vlntai*. 

.Oaa tyNHII rteolved an awful wallop. As hit 
ahtta»faltod ta nklatar. Jm aaattoned tto ftet . 

Adoaik ftenlahod b«llte;la thb 'aloitag vti^ 
tioa. Bvtr a ahowmaa lilft oRarlng. dlaoloaM 
much ttot It alluring, giving oxiMltent value la 
Ito way and t«celving toeritod oitanandatieo. . 

Los Angeles, det i 
The Maaoti opened atter a fotrtnlgiitV"? 
dorknesB with "A Prince There 'War ' 
to good business, with a big week loom' ;, 
Ing up. h 
"Civilian Clothes" at the MorosoO Ifk 
In Its 15th capacity week; "Danger" Ml 
In its fourth week at the Majestic, wl*:^ 
Evelyn 'Vnrden the new leading woniaiit 
Bucceedlnsr Florence Oakley, who *>«* 
came suddenly 111 after reading about 
her successor, who went on after seven 
hoota' stiidy^ 


Will Be Held at the Century Sunday NighfrrA^ 
But $10,000 Realized Laat liinday-^^liieorge: 

The Aptori' FW<a»ty league :rM^ •«•*• at nS: jib^jil^ 

:pi»faa^ "•"^ "'"^ BliWiwa IWLwii, I. 

l)eneflt performanco tO' b«> l»*Wl at the 

pCentury Theatr« on v Sunday night. 
^•l tl4»H4 ot thli amoimt was obtalped at 
f the aucUbtt sale In -the N«w Amsterdam 
.Theatre on Tuesday afternoon and an-'- 
^t^ Othw- 110,000 . iri» , obtained by Oeorse 
'gi'A Oohnii durtaf iiita>^^V 

last week, wis iinwtlff 'M indMy 'tnM ■ 
^In excess of the regular hox-offlce. 
?|^' More.,, than tM persais <kttended the 

t^'iale." " ■ ■ v' ■ ■ " " " 
George M. Cohan, president of the 
ff ?ldeUty I<eague. wlio returned from 
PChlca^ *w the wmt, IhtNdvietta "WH-* 
Itile ColUer as the flrst auctioneer. H*. 
tcmM Collier . M •^ partner, Willie." 

Tto TBifrt •■■^ 1* 
people, was lot down to Bttvid War- 
praeld. at $1.400. ; The l)or iwaa ietilirited 
ana' Lout* WMm bid $300, for Clara 
ilpmnn. Collier -Jelected tt^ farthest. 
I'hox from liouls for-; hl« ipoiuw. Mra. 
Jerry Cohan and Julia Arthur got the 
' ' next two boMf . tor a 1100 preinlum. 
J.J, , The iie»* four lr«iit'«it »I0. pveaUam^to 
^Thbl. . Gordon, Zelda Seam, Sam For- 
iCrcat and Ben Johnson. .^Thei last one 
was bid In by Cohan for Bam H. Har- 
-^^ rto at $l,000i Altogether $8,100 was 
■ ' realized on the sale' of boxes.; 
X?' Sam Shlpman, through. Iiouls Mann, 

ttlionght the flrst choice of orchestra 
J Jeatt at 12$ •Mth.'takinir 18 In the sec- 
i ma row^ fiOQto tbim <Bt fo«ir more a^ 
sMli ia'W name of, Vay Batnter. 
Te« XisWto took two at $25, when Ool- ' 
yJ'Hw fit that X«MiiB mlfh^ haw to w 

■M-Vxim take the gavel; Xioaia add four: 
# to Ed Rosenbaum at |t$» then Oeoive, 

M. Cohan spaiM iv aad ofltafed tlfiW 
■A for a seat tof'A. Ih JDiMlli^ 
>■ Louis recovered h|s >r«itl& Iw aHM 
' V, Cohan where Brlangar iniat«d:. .to .«lt. 
^3t* "In the gallery,, as far a^y.ap lif jBtn 
rtj!:^ get from the actors, for he atwtaw *ta 

there." The seat waa then returned. 
Wfon top of this liouls was offered $260 
IfC tOr a seat and started parlaying for 
^ $300, when Collier spoke up and said: 
p "Sam Bernard will." The remark 
i'?: caused a big laugh when liewla Oordpn 
!!:;^v took two seats at that figure. Collier ! 
^^.!:bought one seat for George Parsons at 
Its .$250. Then Cohan bid $375 each for 

two seats for Arthur Hopkins. He re- 
-.^1^ ttuested them down front as Hopkins 

wanted to look the shoi* over from an 
f>(latdvantageous point as he contemplated 

wveral productions this season and was 
p-^.. in search of material. 
, Sam Shannon- bought six seats at 

$25 eadi; Janet Beecher had tour at 
i:^^ the M«w srioe allotted to:;^ and 
P: lifaxgaiet St John tooK two It that llg- 

BCann, who had a bet on the RedSi 
p, -ink. then informed by Cohan the. Sox 
i4;''lHUI tied the score in the sixth inning, 
telimiuUhed Ui >i0t to VtaniM NaSh. 
Ifiss Nadi naAa a .iptoiiAld avmal lor 
bids aiid the fixat wiui traa TTllUa Col- 
lier on hdMi Hut Mare Klaw for two 
scats at $500 each. ITe isata: "Oomtk la 
the flnt' low, too. Get Mr. iOair as 
ftr away Ikam Brlaniar as yoa oan.*' 
W;'. Julia Arthur iHuelMH«a two ■ more 
l^«eatk at .MB eaeh, then CvlUw bid In 
^^ttn seattf lor B. B. Bobtaumi at the 
mfmm Hgure. IiowM Shomati got'tvo' 

Kanhnain <hd Otadys Hsiasen. bought a 
block of seats at this • price also, as did 
August .Site, the butcher. Qeotge H. 
Nlcolat ^ot four at $10 bonus. . Then 
Cohan bta In 13 seats at $25 premium 
tor. hlniaelf. 

Louis Cohen took SO scats in the 
front rows on the left hand side of the 
house at $S premium. Cohan bought 
lO seats' for Jack Oleason of the Friars 
at $26 over the box office price. IVlna 
Whistler, Helen Sinnbtt. Oectrgie ':Ball 
and Bearnlce . Childs ^ot . several seats 
each at. $S bonus.: ' 

Tto ' biddtaig. MjepieA to lag a bit M 
thik. p(^t.virAm ColUer stimuls^ 
tbingd ]gr..ilD|na|M i|IS60''eaeh ,|or .two 

thh flail- Mf at » wan M b* t» J.' 

.'ll)i^(lEg:'at ' iS' Mislii ' 

Th«: tbtal -reattiiMI for: the..jneheitra 
ieats'.'w&8'|10,844. ' 

It was' ann(»uiic;ed that the. :biiiiie eMBIce 
prices woidd be $$. for tiM entlN or- 
chestra and the flrst three vows in the 
balcony. The remainder of the bal-. 
cony is to bring $4, $S and $2 a seat 
and the gallery $1 a seat. 

The Actors' Equity filed a protest 
Wednesday with the Producing .Man- 
agers' Association objectingr to members 
of the P. M. A. allowing signs, three 
sheets, etc., advertising the forthcom- 
ing Fidelity League i^eneflt to be placed 
in the lobbies and outside of their the- 
atres. A conference between Equity 
officials and P. IC A. representafivsa. 
was held Wednea^ aftfiniMri ^ 
cuss the matter. ' . 

The Equity is Mwing Its right :to ob-r 
Jeet tp. P. M. A; members aUiviertlsing 
tlM SiAellty benefit da the ground that 
sMii''jtetlon ifr:dlsQrioilhatoiy'. -4l«oord. 
iiiK;:to .'^a. Ife^ mhriMil Ai; B, 

Ji^UMl/mr*iMkt^ sK^fces 
in ^I' lUUllr ah^. " Upon inquiry at 
tMp . Sinlty offices these XQiiulty miem- 
:lMm grahted'liMrmlssion to appear. ' 
Tha Atnerlean Federation of Alualclans 
. alao queried the Equity, accordihg to the 
same oflScial, as to whether the presence 
of union musicians at the Fidelity bene- 
fit would be objected to by the Equity, 
and the Federation .was told to go ahead 
and play, inasmuch as the' Bqulty- bad 
no desire to cause trouble. 

In view of the foregoing concessions, 
the Equity has set up the claim that, 
the managers should refrain from assist- 
Ing. what the A. B. A. feels Is a dis- 
tinctly rival organisation. 

Asked whether a refusal on the part 
of the P. M. A. managers to banUh the 
Fidelity benefit advertisings slg^ fkom 
their lobbies wmild result in the Shiuity 
calling upon th^ musfiilaiw. :aii« stage 
h«nds to tsCuBtt to irartc«M~tli« Kdellty 
8how,.anwt' 0t«»wt statol yoiterday 
tUat. tlM matter uNNdtt iia<v«' tb first 
oonaldina at the P. 1£ X-aI B. A. con- 
fMUBOa. In the event of a decision be- 
lUV liandered against the Equity, the 
.inattlir' would have to come before the 
Biqulty council for such action as they 
desired to take, Mr. Stewart .stated. 

A. X. A. GtiuB SETTLED. 

The cases of Benry Warwick, Helen 
Tilden, Ed'ward Taylor. Olive Beeves 
Smith and Eugenie Young, former mem- 
bers of "The Better 'Ole," all Involving 
charges of .discrimination against Chas. 
Cobum, and pending before the special 
Joint P. Hi A.-A E. A. arbitration com- 
fldtteo staice the strike ended four weeks 
aiu^ ware finally adjust^ aft ;a. meeting 
the MnmitffM.lisU in.i^e.Cobaia and 
-Qaftls bilBoM last' Fi^div 
. OObtim' was lastra6tad tO poy. fMA 
TUden and Olive Reeyes Aai^i three. 
' wafliks aahuryi wkri^iidk 'mA^ 

lflBii ''Totttiig- four' weeks salanr* 
Vaaku and: MISS Smith, h^d ' &«ith md 
,°tilaim fjar^fottr .weeks, salary, but aftieir 
a long .debata. the joint committee de- 
elded that three wieeks would, cover the- 
Smith and Tllden claims. The Equity 
on Saturday, however, agreed to pay 
Uiss Smith and Miss Tllden the extra 
week's salary demanded, the A. E. A. 
basing. its action, in. personally meeting 
part of the claims -on the ground that 
the claimants were morally, if not 
legally, entitled to the settlement asked. 

Eddie tJarveyCliiflten Lester") whose 
claim against John Cort had aiso been 
pending for four weeks alid Louise Syd- 
meth ("TilUe") with a complaint atand- 
Ing for the sam«-«lengtfai of tUne^a^lpst 
George Tyler, weM awarded' tottt lreefciB 
salary, . the . Bdm^' to Iw j^.^^ »• 


In the east of Arthur Hunter's revue 
at the PlQcadiUy, Newark, staged by 
Walter Windsor, are Sophie Bennett*^ 

.Dixie Mason, ChHs Pender, Ora Keeler, 
Bob Hunt and a chorus of ten. ^-^^ 
revue is divided into two parts, WtOl jnii'i 
|>artlcular title. ;,The:^ Five 
Hunters, a Jazz aggtStillbr ^ 

: tern, jBoaslderabl^. '.jj^si^J^; 

'^■■r> ■■.■.•.•(■•.■..-aitKiji 

. -..^.^-.apliwn ^ tk- imlte >Hhortag<i 
.aC^iialiMwt t«lMt MtiM^ 
dt^' to lt -eO^siaerable bobih hi salary tot ° 
^thjiia iiUivlto the Qiiakelr City, Aboui 
two .y^ars ago a war-time law was ^ 
passed in . Pannsylvania eliminating all ' 
kinds Of ^dancing and. cabaret entertain-'S 
ment It waa Ufted last week In PhOSM > 
delphia «nly. 'Cabarets are' noiv rvfii*. ' 
nlhg In full blast ttiere, with salad^ 
■ Jmnplhg; ... ' .■ " • ;-^v -^f^'^a 

Hdrry ' Pollock, pari MclCettrIck and 
Hairy Burke have crashed Into the 
show game. Thi^y are the sponsors for 
the new Irvln Cobb pieqe. "Boys Will 
-.Be-Boys," which comes into the Belmont 
next week. Right now the Park Bow 
papers are flgurlhg on assigning Damon 
Runyon, Bill Fransworth, Joe Ytl|m .(Jid 
Mercer, Jim Siiuottv Bill '^tf^detiiUM,' 
Orsmdtland Bloi* and JBoMiiNui ' Boliir 
tor aet as , dnuna Orltloe .in^^ipbTW' Atte 
openings ...TlMiir.ipiwanuide tMiolt *t 
least mto lko tlwao pfpnelyiMl flNl at 

- Irene Huifit la now the pri&aa^i^(]it^ 
Maxim's restaurapt to th(9Lii«^^ 

A ' revue la ■ inomised ' for the . "I^^':: 
Royal, hut'slft«W 'op«rli(lnr, th^^^^^i^^ 
has beein; givKn' a ■ BtialgSt^'.-ifWM^ 
bill. - Herbert' 01ift<!^witciiiii^ 
tured fttt»^otlotur-of >lti; : '/-'-r- ■ 

'A-ealiiiirM'sUoir'-this' ■wwk. •. it Js.the'^&ftW';'?.^M 

Jack Holland and Hannah Xcfach wUl, 
succeed Fanchon and Marco, at TaH'itV 
Cafe, Ban Fralncisco, and will' stage the/ - 
revues for the Pavo Rea^ Juid dojfjn- 
Stalrs room. The revue win ofMHl'vann ^'i 
week and have -25 people^:- :V*7^.' i'' 

' Oearge'^Weed oioiNd'.i^ 
UuiV San -FwadaeeVTiwt 'wia^ 
ea^..Ujo amusement :nMin«gina«n»^.oClwP 
- tMM ' Hotels, lot . Whiii^'4ie^4ii9Ǥ^;^^ 
duoe reviles, atii first will he liiaUU^^ 
at the S^altmoBtt-Botel, "FrlsowV 


Hcttle LoulM Wick'i ' • disnsUsaUon of 
"Tha ROM and Ui« King" iS t* hf 4WVHM .br 

tbo Provincetovm Pbyem: v 

'*VMMlac -Bt|liL'' a cosMdr in thiM aotm by 
«iilisbair 41«U. wU. 1^ Ml^^^^i^^ 
'» is- 'to be pradideA -Wm^itUtfi^, ■ ^- 

'■ RehcarMla o( •'Bliod Myiafi-vaaOr' itSlM 
tUa week. Bartley Cgsblog will . slac* ttt vra. 
duetlon. It Is * nmsitle edsiMdir' la four' sets, 
by PItU DuKleld. 

The>Fsll flieaaen at the Marigold Oar* 
dena, phleaio. opened . Wcdnesday. ivitli^ 
a^new revue by Edward Beck, miltleid 
"Spotlights." The lyrioj and m^sio iare 
by Mr. B(tak and Ralph .Fopte. In t^e 
company nre Joseph B. ^Taylor, BUse 
Wedda, Kdlth Allen, Dbrothjr Bostwltk. 
"Johnny" l^n. Chartes r6ub jkiiA>«lll 
Robinson. • 

Tlie Harmony; Trio has Joined the'-' 
: cabaret at!i the Terrace - Gardeiia, Ciit- , 
oago. The : jj^sonad is :i^aiter IA|0!hin, 
Tenneir, ' • • - 


.Morris B.,,Flnlc baa rsaignca asvinsiieter of 
the TlMate*,an(j4:to piMuee ladeperidaatiir, 

Ttaa ClUtora Brook* proAuoiton of "Helody 
HAld" has been set to have lu premiere Co-' 
tebarM'at Btaaaferf /ONm / ',]/'- - 

John Oleasoa aaJd 'John Tuesk have '^Mir! 
appointed c h a ltm an tad treuurer respeb«H«»' 

ly of the; Vt1l(i^,»Mt.6^ t)M!;ABMri«|M,|^|£«B.'-' 

Bkii^s win be . aasoeiated with 
AMwr ■ofUas to the pmdueiloii'et me Cnae 


; "Xhe Hiiuater yiolin." Its dm(. 

tit^t was •rrte lore liar,' 

"All the KIng'a Horaes.- the new. Cobum 
play by Loula K. Anipaeher, yrlW bave In Its 
cast Lee Baker, . Alma Cbaater, ZatIc Taylor, 
Marjorie Bgsleaton, Lynn Starlinc, Jnlla Halpb, 
'William Macpband, Nevln Clark, Ruth Urban 
and Howard Kyle. Tyrone Power ^alld .Katluyn 

KiddsK,--:.. . r.,: . .-,.:',.c.;, '.V • 

Jose .Chamva, iir;'nBnad Msn's 
DalMl. praaaeM ty Butler 




VlM Iftaudty .Biroliie>< Miloatae 
8teole~«t tlw SMttoaal mater . Chvdeii 
dowartowA wm.lHiTe ah.ttipfeasii So 
persbmiei nflkt llUiday. 

There will be principals Instead 
of the present^ diht, kn^ 30 chonu 
.giris iiMtaad. eC-tlii ufoal H. . 


A melodrama In four acts and five scents by 
lAnsdon HcCormlck. . 'At the Itaty^lgUb 
Street, Octob*r 2. ' ■ ^ 

"Tbt Storm" la to this day as "Davy Crocket" 
was to the theatre in tbe M's. U the tlnaber 
all fewn sp tt-eae.nn for yearsb sad . 
Dir a IMIMe.-fl'erald. 
«Mre' Is oaastaat iBlaiNst far the speglatara 
ln^<nM :0lonk*HBfH1i. ' ;• 

Haxel Rupsen.vattaipairt^a tb^^^<^^ 
suicide ia Chieagp :fUiMa3^;Jiir >;tf4i:^:^ 
bichloride et"ifiw«airy -"iriiiis aut»; rlilb' 
iak> BnAu^; 'to: iNqt^oia Memortii"^^ 

'SHtanOer,' ; . iOil^e^o • trmiUii ^jwe'-wW^t 
. .ta- na'Te ■Mnii'' cause; tit lier,«ttatn^^^r' 
' Shiit: It^iggMen singing^ in Um'/mi^pl 

'wan*.' v.^. ■. 

. ' ' TreJeri fiii^ Houasi llSth^'^iireei^V'; 
•od Edgecombe avenue^ adja^t ~'tdi'!;-'i 
the Polo GhKwuds, lMitf yali«' 
to the effects', of i>rohlbItton. Adver* *- 
tisements placii^'' throughout the jints* 
ripr and part of this exterior now. xm4<^.' 
ice oream and French pastry. - ?" ' ■ 

The fixtures and furniture of the . 
Pla?a Restaurant, 161 West Forty-sixth " 
street, were sold at auction Wednesday 
under the foreclosure of a mortgage for 
12,060 held by Benl Oalaszw^. The 
amount; realized wae Ji.BBd^:-' .; • 'S'^-; 

THbiiilX^ WiuS^^ 

wimM Atwi 6m Unt lia has iihiitM^^ 
ln'11 taaihi. Syivio Hein ia :wrlting the \ 
soQre. . Hie piece, which - has not yet^ 
heen titled, wtu be pwfii » flMI tit 



.' Prebsbly -Important, M .a Way. 

Wm. -Vr^mk Tlmtisy is suing Bthel 
Stem flw, Its, as a result of a Boston' 
bulldog sate by . the hitter. Mrs. Stwn 
reft|(w4[ to.rodmd, the jselljng price of. 
4S(. WBiMi. tbe- Minlae was rottinied. 

Mtamle,;Dupree has been geiecrtefi loM 
be. in «lMige of- tiM commftteb -^iirtaifib^ 
will coQdatit tlie mle of |^r(f0nUiw i^jut i v 
flowers 'iit' .tbe benefit perCiHfiuuiee 'ii^r 
th . Aetonf IMelHy League «t tli||Mii. . 
tury Chealre' en-pot'-lS.' '. v;^^::h''-^ 


mm. SHOW 3UE?IEW& 
.«jin:i)w piiiMm « »• »•» 

Vvicir. .SMWB liM iRlttMi ft teUchaalDr riaqm 
.IMii^ttet !• vny MMmn migar. TU mtbar 
cjgMaa on le« that 1« vaty thin at tlmei, but 
;ki «kat(M -with (i«c« and with aklll and vlth 
•h unfailing Mnao of hnmor. Only onc«'or 
twic« does his foot so thronsb. bat tbese BllKbt 
lapaea from good taat* m aaally fonttven. 

Robert Emmet Xeane aa Hennr Bird to ex- 
cellent and jirovei. MmieU a comedlRn 
mean ability. He to most ably asalited by John 
.UrMtteir, a* the bightwow playwright who vanu 
it 1w K lowbniw. tad o^i'i; tMUftWwK. oC 
' mm twv-U qiitailM 'aiiA'g^ a Imur wiFite^ 
'imrtg flHUw iiUI alMW coniiatcntly enfertaln- 
'>liW>'. VMr 'WOlK^^ end of the first act when 
' a iMautlful ydang wwnan, in a dead faint, is 
4bOTed, bed and all, into the room vbere the 
two men are eleepinr, and after she recovers 
flnds that she has been gagged to prevent- her 
flcreamtng and Is made to wiita an aiplanatlon 
ef her visit on a typewritir^iMkM «iw <C- fM 
lannleat scenes that bag beih '.geni -toni ,tor 
acme while. 

TM youBC women bt (ba east are beautiful 
aaa iUmtgfl, OliilNi'1i:bfMkgr «■ aamla Wlrif. 
ite C|lBUa«■UlK^fb • MtgU.. - in th« thin- 
f aiMt iM moit ialitcHlat «( iteM M«nika ahg * 

J. Bamea^.a ditaetlva... 

Florence Rwtlqr ;<.;...;*..;.. ........Nito Use 

Jane w.****,*^** *•«.•• .Z^utb.Fariy 

Mrs. Hope-Barrelltoa-Howe, a divorbot.'^..'.. 

^ Orace Ooodall 

Walter McT.ane Chariaa White 

Ifr. Eiwell, manager of tha Keyatone- Apt*. . . 
V ' '■ - .Harry Qucaly 

, Aaepb Hodganii « UHflMM Mpalr man.... 

■ ' -' •, '• Jack . Bollard 

Howard HMttof •i««(a'«>f Taelc Pendleton 
TlutlDtlver >..•.•••••••••■• t,;. .^^eir Edwards 

.Officer Caaay •'•••••••'•••Jaraaa A^.'Boahell 

Atbaw Ward. ot:"TlM 8tac"..>IuRay PblUlpa 

■" * QiM. RQ#eU 

.Dorothy Newell 


Roy UacNlchol 

.eater Fninic Atwell 

sran Taylor ...i Maud Qllbart 

Watson, Hentley's partner.... Arthur Xeitb 

;'. Ibere 'waa a tlm* when tha now magie.MoaA 
of a Uanhattan cocktoil waa Just a pawn la tba 
.^ramaUats' life, and aa applied to. fares earn- 
«dy It even became a kolght and graduated to a 
blabop. But now Manhattan eocklalto are of 
an obaoleaoent world, and aa applied to "Where's 
, ItaV; Qpabaiid,". dew:ril>cd as a "now myntcry 
^Uavt,". tbay rscall tbat the . piece might ha v« . 
Mm ivillttei ».loiift laog tlaw baftni 

, It .if Iba fltit vUiUnc ttMMtloa M tM*l_ ^ 

Mid Jtnir. TbaatM gUiM - tba .playkouae oii$« 
Hndar the nutnaceveait . o( .CbaHd. 'fiejpMai. '-Itg 
autbora are Thomas Qnnt Bprlnitar and'Fleta 
, Caaiikbelt Springer (Mrs. B.), atao an author - 
.and of a yery recent "good seller,", and Joaeph 
..VmL' it la aald tfauit while the script Is ' tba 
dml work 'fif ths Springers, Idr. Noel was called 
to Siva tba faice a lltUe ipoed. 

. .AM apaaa-it nas da^pita iu-^ooumulaUon of, 
'mmi dagplii «Btl«w and tbi«,.iBrtatlu on ! 

.' tlikb «««• ft tluim.UWgt#li|tBft' t^iii tegt of ewav 
lallvft tataitit. , In Hmt^ iMMk'dkuKht diyg 
Wm itg pHinloMk, flw vtwi« «l>tb« pteea. bftd 
itadually 'aettled down to a ' valt that ever'^ 
^dowed the deHclenclea of an Ineaeetlve aoript . 

Briefly, the plot blngea ob the bloodataina 
tottUd in the apartment of a newly nutrrle^ 

; aaupla who -hava left hurriedly t« go to Detroit 

'.\ Ibe. :bloodiitiktns; It most be explained, were 
,eaaaad by • pair ef ducka which bad been shot 

. |i||d. |!Minttd lir .ft Mandf^in tbg jnl^^iUi «C the 

-i Wtr BO appftNBt naam Uw \pMiso' BH oftIM 
. IB. A.detaatijw tahfo dwiw .of tbo\«Uai.: 'A 
too euriodo naKbljOr livtBg next door and wilji 
a penchant' toT' applsriac liar ear to the wall ba^; 
timea telle the story oC a quarrel between hus- 
band and wifa; The. dataoUva believei her. and 
suspicion falls on the departed busbaad. Did ha 
kill his wife and take her away in the trunk T 
mile It is Ine^diUa tbat deteotlvea should be- 
> gtoita%'tUg.oiia ddaa, fjat'liiliif ft 
i IM daeo Bvt tow. too. fiiHBil|Bb#l 
M^dtdftigi wttf 'is .itft .tunnMlgV''l!to 
Ct mmmi nit amiila nriiri . ttaoir .tiifeto, 
add all's well. ' \ 
The place Is farce and is played fta aueb, Whata 
ever m-iy be raid agaloat It. 

Probably the moet merriment Is contributed by 
Qeorge Howell aa tho "bonehead." It Is a fat 
port full of laughs and he scarcely loat any 
opportunity In It. Jamea A. -Boshell as Casey 
the cop -Wfta' ag-aMMl) of • polloeman aa any 
: atftiO'.poiloaufta'' Bitcbt owi* hepo Tba 
gtnff rtiagr iauid ntt sa MwaoB' om mpertev 
oidleor to another iMs-'tba .naldnK e( a good 
two-n-day act. 

As a Btago clalnoyant Dorothy Newoll dressed 
and pUyod the patt with a degree of exaggera* 
ilon clmracterlatlc of the type, She had all the 
extravagance of manner tbat clalrvoyanta are 
•nppoeod to have off the stage. In addition she 
poaaeaaea a natural charm and Inherent beauty 
that viitft balM tho roUy ' Untally younf ww»> 

•n as p«rsoMUiUi«ft.«to ift'iltt ladalia.te mMat 

the occult. ■ '■ ■ : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ 

Two reportera acamad bOplasaly away 
what the atmoapbcr* ot .Ma^ TiBik 

IdlMd ,ad ?*eow»« .»w ToA ra- 
^6rUili''Si«'.tn» it tbay ay«r maBlloa aeoop. 
Ane' ag ft natter of fact, tbay an never par* 
nitttad to nplar tba room wbat* a tiafady bad 
occurred, that to it tba bomlclda r— ad seea 
them first. 

The reit of the parts were adequately cast, but 
over three acts ot unreality, even U It waa fUrce. 
Tba praduetion.waa all In ona eet tod did not 

TWoifth Niaiit. ^ 

iOrsIno, Duke of lllyrla.:. . .Mr. Fredsrick Lewie 
Sebastian, brother to Viola.. Mr. Henry BUnford 
Antonio, a sea captain, friend of Sebastian, 

■. ■ . Mr. Frank Fetera 

A Sea Capiftta 'vi. Mr.. K. lU Granville 

Curio Mr. Leon Cuanlagbam 

Valentine -Mr. AndrawJmiiMr 

Oentlamen attending on the Doka.' 
Sir Toty Matat. iyae.t« to Olivia... ....>.... 

' \ •■■ ■ . :■■ <; Mr. Rowtond Buckstone 
Hr JL«**w A«Mebeek..,.._Mr. J.'Sayro Ciawles 
IttlMMab- steward to Oitvto Mr. Botbem 

,.Mr. Colvil 'Dvnn 
...Mr. Vernon Kelao 
....Mr. Boyd Clarke 
..Mlas. Alma Xrogar 

MIsa Marlowe 

Miss Norsh Lamiaon 

Fsate. a clown •••••••• < 

A Priest 


. Viola 

Iteria, .Olivia's woman. 

ViCaa to the Duke. ■• 

. Ulas Virginia Wella, Miss Barbara Sever 

Attendanta to Olivia........................ 

MIsa Katharine Pfelffar,, MIsa Wynne-Jonea, 
Hiaa Margaret Lacey, Hiaa Irene Thomaa, 
Mlaa Ijflltan Oiay, Miaa Anna Beckwitb 

After an Interval «f an even alx years Mr. 
and UHi. B. H. Sothem (Julia Marlowe) ra- 
tumed together to the speaking stage Mon- 
day night at the Shubert In what marks the 
beginning ot a three Weeka* aeaaon bero and pre- 
cedea their tour acn^a tba oaiiafiy.' . t . 

It aeemad after tlitir Iftfaeiiraa task. << 
tartalniav'iba: woaidtd «aa yiftylBC tor <c9tnit- 
liiM 'iMoltlih (Ut ^1hay oiiiM^.te^ inoie *a- 
Jwajilttid tban exhausted by tbair unaelflsh ef- 

These two Inimitable torch bearera of the 
Shakespearean . cult wars received with a cor- 
diality seldom accorded to any artists at a 
premiere in , this c.ity, particularly so with 
JuUa Uarl^we. Her reception, spontaneoua 
as riie nude .her first appearance, waa even 
mora fervid aa aba bowed to ft .tbundaroiis budr 

ttiftk ftliggBlikw ft^Mlllaat Madlhk'ftad «he 
.wfto .nUiilcad by a certain smooth- 
that wit ofbet Jnat once, and that waa 
When the curtain waa lowered in the midst of 
a apaecb and obvioudy raised again to permit 
tho'ilalab big Unao ao that tba. con- 
tinuity ti tba vwnMliiitfiM iwt tdjhra 

gap. ■ , . ■■ '■ '•• 

In production value there baa .haa 
added a note o( the IngratlaUng baehBrMiadft oC : 
the new Xbmm t^iitimiu^ ^. Ynim - 
and gtetibc' ollaeto ' al tho OlMr im 
Monaiy wm' tto -aOla' iaftttledlftia aiippairi .tMa 
tuk Vitii aupplantad by tho aewaat Mnd' of 
ncenery^ Ita valoe asamad -adequate, for It dla- 
Dilsses a great deal Ot garlabneas. 

While it forms an Unuminl contrast and ia . 
probably an unusual omiiiplo of mixing tho 
old with' the new, very little In thia instance 
may be oald against it, cicept that added ex- 
perlmenta with the llgbta might not hart 'tba 
onUra street. Moat at;. tba lUunitaMUM''allhar-. 
osoug Mm thd wlma or tho <aota,' ttifo ia . 
w^.^jiH not MiaiB: |o bo. aw light fHon Mm 
boidam ' w thftt; tho vlftyan. tftOh. atftco 
Beamed for the nonce oat of the picture, while 
too mucb of It waa unhecaasarlly lavished on 
those that were within range ot the incan- 

The costumes wrre In keeping with the new- 
ness of tb« production, and very striking, waa the 
one Mr. Sothem woft in bis old yet new role 
ot MalVoIlo. ■ . 

' Apart tnm the twe.featnred playtra partlM^ 
.Inly .oBocUva waa tba. weili ot Ilowlft«d ,Badc^ 
•hwa «a Mr TUby and' Fradarielc tAwio oa Oi* 
DolN ot lllyrla. ' J 


TTlUlaih ' jimitalio. . .i . . . .Mr. Forrest .^Mnt 

'Viola Hay .<...».•.• Mlsa Cryatal Heme 

Meakln ; Mr. Stanlay Harrlaon 

Stanner ; . . . . ji . • • •'• .Klaa Miriam Doyle 

ArchibUd Hay ; ..Mr. X«e Baker 

Margaret ArtnlUge. Miaa Marffttet Dalo 

A rather unusual thing ooeuned.ft't tho 
premiere of "An |3lxehange of Wlvea^ ftt tiM 
BUon. At tba end of tbe aaeond ot tfag thraa.jtcta 
it ftlnoat BaftnlBMWly wM hir. thooa nwk 
ont that tba new plo«|0 by COamo Bttmlllaa Wfto 
an unqualified' failure. 

At the conctuaion ot tba last act there wao' 
a conalderable reveraal of opinion, 

The trouble with the piece la that It waa 
dealgned aa a comedy and . kept constantly 
slipping into farce; therefore It Is neltbel^oiie 
or the othor, .Again tbe title discloses alto> 
gothor too much of wbat la at host a tiAck'- 
noyed subject. Five minutes after the cur- 
tain rose and it develop * that tvto ma.rrlod 
couples were residing under one roof and tbat 
there waa a- eroaa-fllrtatlan« it beaamo q;«lto 
obvloaa aittgman|;ea,by tba. aaino of tbo pteeob 
° thai tha- owtfttii of iho' aianaftid flrai aot 

witli tlw B(taaUaa aC • j 

:iitoiHdwiifo at jaftttik ' - 
By tluii aftoio proeoag ot awn or Im» ftenta 

dodaetiB|>;!^-vrinelpall]r't^H<t wak a certafnty < 
'thftit>tliO oomi^leaUoaa In'tbe second act waal^ 
araaiat oC ill VuOtt^ bainr dlasattofied "wttK 
t&e vaaatiiral eoadltloa and strive frantically 
to extrloate tbemaelvaa. . 

It then became a certainty that th? .last 
spaam would comprise a conventional clean- 
up, but the surprise came when In. the pro- 
cess of flnlthlng up there came; for the flrat* 
time in the play, a note ot naturalneaa and- 
fineerity tbat lifted the tatira allair waU 
beyond tbe pale ot lU hitherto l^aaallty.. 

Tbe play waa alow and talky la. gottiar 
itader way and ttila ^as probably nocoaaarF . 
to pliaeo^t one aitaatlott Itiftt rniiltt ooaily 
have iieaa onoonipoaaad ia. a lH-mlaa^fylfty- 
let It IMtaaio fwtliir aoOMndry to pad out 
by iatiiadiwigiii ii 'vair oC ooHMdy-aarvanta, ao 
tiMt tho «ktiro>eaat'Buniborad lilx people. 

Tha oaal aaftaNd throogh. lack ot suitable 
material vith.whti^'to dlaUngntob Itself. Tbe 
only one .aojt' 'ftltagather handicapped waa 
Margaret Dale, aa a aweet. wise little wife 
who knows ber husband's weaknesa for flirta- 
tion and pretends she isn't "on." In the 
last act Lee Baker and Chrystal Heme, aa: 
man and wife of a more substantial aort, re- 
deemed tliemselves with a splendidly writteb 
and brilliantly acted reconciliation scene. 
The fourth member of tha quartet Is Forrest 
Winant, who waa at all times farcical, n?v<ir 
once rising to tha realm of legltiatata.'oeBnd|^ 

There are but two aaU, both .M.tteafldmd* 
aomoly aaaeatod .'aad. la good taatii.". . 


Flrift iprcveiiitloii- In exehaagd bulld- 
Ings througlioai tlie eiDiuRti^ iraai itie. 
subject at a mMtliag ot tbd J!ire1n«vtn- 
tions Regulatloiig (Commltto Ot the N, A. 
M. P. I. It waa agr«ed that die fd««l 
method of reaching a 100 per cent, mfeqr 
condition waa, wherever possible, to; 
have bpUdinga 'Conatrtiqted especially 
for the puirpoae 'oC Will at!^^ 
tributloh.' , ' 

As bearing directly upon the subject 
brought lip at the meeting an excerpt is 
added from the address of George W. 
Booth, ChleC Engineer of the National 
Board of Plro Underwriters, and deliv- 
ered at the. recent convention of Fire 
Marabala' Asipolatlon, at Toronto. 

'.'ilatldii 'picture' exchanges undoubt- 
'tiiQIy inresbnt the most serious conditions 
in the InaustiTi^:' Mr. Bootli aald, "ftnd 
that tlfejr do {eoAatwite A teitl ftod yi^ty 
Wfi taa)a|rdri8;;ptfoK«A by the .iiiunfaer of 
Ana. uaually ationded .witli coivrtdentUe 
loaa ot' ltfe, whl^li IMve Adouifed In a 
number of «iieliaa|ga . wttliln the taat 
few yiMtni, . anilji .]|kjr ' laaiMetprft. .w&kdi 
demohsinrte tiuit jdiaqai .«ndi«iilc«a mtf 
housed In butldibpgii not flt^' lor gmib' 
occupahcjr and are eondueted' tn.:«n «|c- 
tremely hasardous manner. The logical 
thing to do, therefore, seems to be to 
BQfeguar^ the storage and. handling of 
the nitro-celluiose film by suitable regti- 
lationa and to use all our Influence 
toward the adoption and strict enjTowe- 
mem of these regiidatloiia: hy. itKtUk. jj^ 
city authorities. . . 

'"^ere have, just been Issued by the 
Katlmial Board regulations covering the 
stjWMH>':.MiA^.J>d.hdIing ot nltro-cellulose 
illm a* regoAunended' by the. National' 
Flro..^PtotMl^. Asaoeiatlon at Ita laat 
■ineettng.' AAknowledgibont }>•■ 
given for thie very grtat aMatgnoa rm- 
dered by the H^gttaaa .Kodak Company 
in the preparadmi'oC thorn regulattona 
and for the support pledged to their' obr 
servance by the National Association M 
the Motion Pl<?ture Industry in a set ot 
resolfitions adopted by that association. 
"There should also be mentioned the 
active campaign now being conducted 
Jointly by the Eastman Kodak Company 
and the N. A. M. P. I., to educate the 
managers of motion pictures through- 
out the country as to the dangers in« 
volvgd aiid Qie best iniT to meet thettk" 


A production of "Midnight At Max- 
im's" will be mader by Percy Bikelea aiid 
Harry Som'ers. 

It will be an elaborate girly show, 
with book by .Mr. BIkeljea. Mr. Somers 
is the miniaiior «C the KulckdlMdur . 
thaatra* - 

The ahow will be lltaay muted through 
tho iOaw * iBrtangar oOee. 

Unaahamed and. unblushing Thomaa 
'J. Oi«y.,M8ri«mied fdrtliva^^'the Broad- 
way preniMros weel^ tuiging arauhd 
a caiiiiC" Asked to explalot .ha aaia:' 
"OtMrt iue ten In London." 

Thf IPmUhm; Panaaaflai.Vla.. formerly 
playing .plotiaiMi bhi:1^(|Mn «aded -oik the 
bodka of Jiito Delmar «U1 .pitui! liest. 
w'eek five acts, splitting, with HentK 
gomery. Ala. Tb^ Jump, la .lOS'; milea. 

. The YerkvJHe, 86th rtreet, Jfow.'Sta*, 
purring stock dui^ng the yiredii ha» heeii 
Added to the 'William Belaney books for. 
Sunday vaudeville bidi|,;.: It. Vfilt . start 
"next Sunday, .OoL, 18.' afi|^RbtiKv>!^^j\> 

Ed. Mutlanay, of the B. F. Keith van- 
devllle office. :ahn6unced his engagement 
thU week to Louiae Bainett, formerly 
one of the , haiM^pmo'I^ O, 

Billy Jackaon, the Chicago agent, is in 
K«ir York looking, for acta. He will be 
han ttn'ynilk»-:pt, lon»ar.V ; 

: _ . ■"■^'- ^-•iA^r'.^pi--.:' '2 

J.J. .Mtirdeak l^ goii^ %^ 
night; l!«i lC«q»««M'MMkji^ 

Harry Mundorf, the Keith broker of 
Middle West theatres, is stiU away HI 
aiid is not expected back tmtil some time 
next month. Chester Stratjtoii is. haqr 
ditnc^hla boolu Mr. Mun4<H;( .li( :^niMi^ 
at'a Jonoy- oiMstMaort.; ;-.: v;:..i!^ 

Mabel McCano Is returning tO -yatide- 
viUe next week, appearing at the Bush- 
wick In her revue, shown last Winter. 
She will be assisted 1»y Item . Bryanr.I'il- 

liju Bi!«a«iMt g])4:ii!rai^;<fb«.i^i«i«:^^ ' 

Witkio Bard, the Ito^lah «aMd«vnl^. 
star, will avrlVe aboard .^e ^ttxonUM 
which is due to. dock at IbtUfax.on 8ai« 
urday. The liner' was listed - to- Jiv^ 
the twrt of New York, but the .deg^a^ 
tlon was changed/ .He .'Win 'ippan ak'it'fie. 
Palace Oct.^0. ' "' 

The Loew. booking oRlce .basketball! 
team will gat into action Friday when, 
they play a 'practice gan<e with .thq.. . 
Unlyergity Bettleinent five, at the Loew 
Ojmniwrinin, ,<Mi -vjlSth street The Loew 
IMlf-nit iiin «9^ U Schenck. Abe Fried- . 
nmii ^aui SaiuUn,: Ak Sohwarta. an.d 
jabk'HUiloii.- ..''° 

Qoorflo M. Cohan and Sam H. Harris, 

accompanied by the members of their . 
families, went to Boston to attend the , 
funeral of Mrs. Arthur T, Downey, wife : 
of a Boston- newspaper man, and .eldest .: 
sister of the wives of both -iMSaignrli^ 
which took place Thursday. 

. BUI Iwnmii has abandone^l tlie IdejOi ot . 
doliig'.'«.ei»iedy: act In vaiiday|]l«h vltli . 
Frgnk- WBke|l«4, ' lito 
and stgwid 'a «6ii%raet (jft ptay'-ai; OfWnie^ 
put In diia BSOBf BagUim .ihttwpNuigr ioC' 
■"Ringing Up ntfher." 

William J. O'Brien, night manager of 
the Friars Club, and EMward Berry, for- 
merly at the Park Theatre, have beenv 
engaged as assistants to ManagMti OhiA 
Rcis, at the Capitol Theatre. 

Louie Qeffan yistarday resigned, firom 
the pubUolty dapgrtmwt' of . the Actors' 
Fimd.' Be waa ffraaerDr eonneofod trith 
tha Rlalto-Rivolt oirgaatsatlon .when 
RothApflel -was aii'octor of Tiotti hoii'ses.' ' 


Tho Catholic Actors' Guild will pro- 
sent an entertainment, In conjunction 
with its iirst - .eeting of the season at 
the Playhouse, Sunday evening, Oct! 12. 

Among those who will entertal|i and 
make addresses are Slisabeth Murray. 
Milton I<ackaye, Judge XMnirlihg and 
MCergan J. O'Bciga,:.' '' 

? NTO m WEEK m. m 


<AI1 houms open for the week with Monday matinee, when not otbervlsa tnAl- 

The bttla bdow are grouped In diTlsions, aecMnlliiK to the feQpkJQs;offlGes they 
■ 'aim mpnljMk ftram* j ■ 

Til* muuMT ia which Umm Milr^MpiliiM dMt.iitft^teot* flM ivitttfttlnpor. 
tuM «£«Mi «pr their prognm vMUimui . ; ; i 

•Motetiuin indicates met to aim; doing new turn, or reappeoriMr after ab« 
aence from vaudevtne, or •ppentos-tt city where Uated tot the flret time. 


/ Keieb's Vmlmm 
bvtDB B«rlla 
. Bm rtinur C» 
Klttr Oon*r Co 
Slavi *.Itiib>al 
JM Bmtralar 
Old TtoM DuMea . 
nHBUta * suritr 

Kasln« BcM A B 
"4 of Ub"- 
L** KoUuar Oe 
Buth Rmra 
•Rbek'i. lUvae 
MUIM' 4t Maek 
Bnkaa* Cunu 
OM BoMi*r ^ 
Hahllsm * lityer 

. Keitk't C i l i a le l 
(TnpU HtaAIUM 

JImml* HJiMVee 

(gwSiVUbtoa Plate 
•weilinstonra l«i»ftM 

Bent * Uoere 
J C Ma««nt 
lArner Olrto Co ' 
Kelth'a aiit StrMt 
Bell* SIK 

4 Itlarx Broa , 
"BatS«* Bdge" 
OraiU fc Jonea 

(Two to nn; 

n. K. K«ith'« 
V a QiM ci«b 

1? Pity's 8Uw" 

wm * wottw 

Helene Saviia 
AUr«d La T«n 
Tatlactppi Ltoporte 
Bnrna Braa 

K. P. Alba* 
Cbaa Klnr 
J ft S Laonard 
Jo* TowlA 
O'Nell * K*ner 
SablBt 4k Ooodwla 
Sullr ft KeuafelOB 
LuoUle A CMhto 
itayguae * BehrMnm 

Peval i'Kg* "' ' 
"SIraet Vrmtf* 

9mt mam Co 

4 Barda 
K half 

JOMphlne LaionanA 
UoCarthy * Tf , 
^Arnold * Bomara 
Mattea 4 Praaota 
Kenned* * Baoaep 
xiBM Bfaato ca 
' Pvoetor'a Mk Ave 

3d half (»<lt) 

•Betlaai A T 


Kennedy A I 
Glwa. Irwia 

lit kaU <U-») 
•Lou HaU A B 
•Frank iDoniep 0» 

5 BeKala 
<OtlMra to All) 

a« half W'liY 
Jack Vraiaor Ifo 
■mm 'Steph*aa 
Cawli A Norton 
JoaepkteB.DavU a 

M hair (t'tt) 
•'T3one ta Oir* 
Marya A Bajratt 
Mulita A Pranela 
Blalto Co 
(Ottaera ta Oil) 

lit half (ta-tS> 

Leitar A Vlncosl 
Jumble Ina 
Xarry Con«r ' 

B. P. KeNk'o 
Oraco tiA Buo 
Cameron Bla 
"Extra Dry" 
Chas Irwin 
Xrons A Idt Salla 
Bart Barl A Olrlo . 
Du Par Boart 
aylvia Lojil. 

'KcUli<«i BiTonlda 
JUahi Tr 
^•Ma Burlio CO 
Xabort XUaer Co 
Brondei A Bnrt 
Sordoot A dote Rloo 
•Bllsobotli Mamqr . 
Cressy A DayiM 
Whltine A Burt 
Lea Rodrlqucs 
Kelth'l HOB 
2d hair (fl-lS> 
Chua Sclmfletd Co 
Dave Karri* 
:arey A Old Boae 
(Othen to fill) 

:it halt (18-11) 
Minnie Paoat A Bro 
•Phyllla Ollmore Co 
•Joaephlne Davis S 
Blatto Co 
(Two to All) 

M haU (It-W 

•Fierce A Burke 
•MofRin A Kletor 
(Otheri to flii) _ „ . 
PwctarM mth St. 
. Id halt («-l» 
*Prancea KoMvltr 
d A W Reanlnr 
Clark * Verdi 
tOtheri to. Ml) . 
^ 1st halt (t*-lB) 

•CunnlnKham A B'lt 
•Jack Trainer Co 
MIlilrcA Vnlmoro 
B<l(ile Borden Co 
(Two to All) 
^ Id half a*>>t> 
nave Karrlo 
•Beauty Vendor 
tnndrleka A StOM 
•lothen to mi) 
' Proetor^i 58(h M 
Rarlpy & Htrlep 
5Varr ft Tnnla 

Quinn A CavoriT 
Cantwell A: Walker 

3 Miltorda 
(Othecatofllt) _ ■ 

U kalt OS-It) 
A Poran 
^ A Pallor 
^_jlllB' BMTteo 
Jraee OtMaa 
•Or«y A Old Bom 

Ketthr* Bwdnrtok 


Orey/A Bvroo 
Amci A \Tlnthrop 
Jack Boa* 
Uataet MeCaao Co 
Charles Orapewla Oa 
BleklBsen A ~ 
Willie Hale ' 

Keith's ~ 
le Folia 
a Rubes 
T A K CUoara 
. BrTfMter A- Vaaea 
. > Vafetle Berm Oo, 
Broahaa A^ula'-. . 
Oonlil A liMTlav . . . , 
KOItk'i OroevpaliiA. 
Jd half (e-lt) ' 
Cavmnaoih A ToatpM. 
Tatei A Reed 
(Others to All) 

let halt (lS«t 
The t<eeolos 
Hendrtoks tt Stoao 

4 Vortona 
Itortan A Kloter 

. <Two to All) 

Kettk'k P lleeaoet 
_ Jd haU.CHir 

The 'telvhtoaa 
Alfred. LateUCe 
<Otlieni ta All) 

lit half (IS-IB) 
8wan A Swan 
Hallea A Pallor 
•"Oanaorous JdcOrta* 
Demarett A CottotI* 
(Othera to fill) 

2d. half (ti-lt) 
•PhylllB OIlBtore Co. 
Bddle Bordoa Oe 
(Ottaera to aH> 


Herman' A Cllftoa 
Barl A f^trtia 
Aaa ataalw 

Woleli .A Loaa 
•Marayl A Hania 
Al li«vaa.CM„ 
•PhlllliMi AMp 
« SterUnff 4 

aiSant, y r 

(Troy split) 
lit half 
DIcon Bowers A Co 
Faffe A Oray 
At H White Co 
Dnvli & RIek 
"lIlRh fleniT* 

' .(Baston ^^I't) 

Chan Martin 
Bernard A IWerritt 

<Thr«o to (III) 

WollaVlrKinta A V 
M^ally ficCartlqrtt 
Roland A Rap " 
.'Tiore Raea" 

: >d kalf 
miklas A .WUklne 
' Joka T. ' Dayla Co 
Molaetto A. Leodaaa . 

<Bimilashaa> split) 
lat Half 
Selma A Kolb 
Mercan A Ancer 
Bamiln A Maei 
Maud AOea 
"Cheer Up" 

^ AUBtTlN 

4sAo«son -. 
Jack l>a«lor 

3 Uanalag BIstets 
Qroenlle A DaytoB 
Mtflcal^o g aa 

fknnj A Hoop 
OrooB BNIar A Oteoa 
Pbn Davis 
Meriam*8 I>o>s 
Josle O'aieera 
Miller & Bradford 
I]erk* A Voldn 
Basil l>]mn Co 
WInatoa'o Uoas 
Roblas A PArtaer 
Alleen Stanley Co 
Lew Doekstader 
Mmi Hermann 

' BvatoV Oeekatosa 
BOhr Rosen 
^ WOOdrow Oirls 

' >d kalf 
Courtner A. Inrta. ' 
Marie Co 
Savall A Tier 

(Atlanta spOif ■ 
1st half^ 
"Otrl. ia Pram* 
Misisa Parker 
ZjOW HaddoB Co 
PMk A MelBtyro 



Rives A Arnold 
Vialo Dalor Cs 
Vfm Oaatoa.Co 
Stanley A Bines 
"Rainbow Cochtall" 
FaUaai A Biowa 
Breea Pamiiy 


Becd A Tucker 

4 BntterciTBs 
Hmp A Usore 

. <0m to flM) 

Oniett XnnSr. ft O 
•^hnlc WmM" 
<Tm ta All) 


Sylveetcr Pamitjr 
Bert Uelroao 
!?WP.B TMqMr .O) 

ts «l) 

(THABUBSTOir. ft Ck 
(Colnmbta split) 
lat half 
Darly.A Brown 
'Wliion A Laraea 
Otto A Sheridan 
lUdJiJiamboU Co 


tRoaaoko spUt) 
lat kalf 
Danteis A Waltom 
Waimaa A Benp - 
HoltCa T . 
~ Maids 

Mane A Snyder 
' Jewell A Raymond 
Thoi Jackson Co 
Bert PllxclbboDi 
Byncopatod Bteppera 
OHEflTRK. rA. 
Ray's Mannlklns 
Oruolt Kramer A O-, 
"MlmlQ World" 
Id half 
Roed A Tucker 
4 Buttercups 
Henry A Moore 
n. F. Kelth'B 
(Sdiiday opening) 
C A A aiocker 
Keane ft White 
Wrirht A^ Dietrich 

J^.vr HawtlhlB 

Raiiic pishorOe 
Ward A Taa 
The Macfrps 
(One te ni> 

H *■ 

Frank Oaby 
Hirano Bros 
Conltn A Okas 
Kinssley Bemdlet. Oo 
Blasle A Black - 
Ray Bamaela 
IAL!raishr Oirlt 
(One to «») 

(Cfcartesloa apllt) 
let haU 
Moore A Bterllnc 
"Wkat Rasp Rutb". 
LaaphHa C West 
Dowitt- Tomr A Sis 

ooitVBiBnaii, o. 

B. P. Kcftk's. 
P Brennaa A Bro 
Chaa Aheara Co 
Laba MerheC Oo 
Marlao A Maley 
Walter C Kelly 
Vera Sabina Co 

■L p. Ksith^ 
Lamoat a 
Abb Orap. 
Smith .A 
Ford A r 
Bddit B — , „ 
"Amerteon Ase." 
ToaSK . 
Alleo lloyUn- 
V A B Btaataa 
Ben Bemts 
Columbia & Victor 
Hyman Mann Co 

Suval A Symonds 
I Bejr Slilera 
Riaaldo Bros 

Boaier RoaialBO 

HoTea A Franoo 
a«or A Wettbrooke 
Billy Hart atrls 
AUo O. M. 
(Allentovm spilt) 
1st hnlf 
It Raymonii Co 
Marnret Padula 
W H Anoatronr Co 
Wolter We«nas 
"FashloB MtnitroUT' 

■Rni. PA. 


Cole A Denaky 
SholdoB A pailoy 
Tllyea A Rosses . 
Marytai " ~^ 

Toto . • _ 


M Stuart Co 


HuKb Her^rl Co 
Andrew Maek <.^. 
Briicoo A Rash 
Boyarr Trio 
(One to All) 

J^obUbT'a BMI 
YMMrtB 'A srsans . 
Ooo Toeman • 
Oallaikor A Rowley 
Morrii A Campbell 
McMnhoa Diamond CO 

Bell I>o*loy 
John T Doyta I 
Helnotte tt I 
(One to fill) 

td half 
PIquo A Fellowa 
Wells Vineiala A W 
The Geraldi 
Haywend Wylle Co 
^ ■ lot Ikalt 
Ooo Bock 
Bunn A Valooka 
The Jamesons 
Will Oakland Co 
The Bios 

Walsh A Bdwarda 
Eddie Carr Oo 
Olrl l.OM Byes 
Bob Hall 
Jurslln* N.lMin 
lACSnmLlB. FLA. 
(Savannah ipUt) 
lat kaU 

Rome A Cox 
Silver A Duval 
Adami A OrllBtk' 
3 Bnnrnrda 

j^itMKT cm 

B, p. Keith's ' 
M halt. 



0>cM 9<ntk» it m% T. A. 

WSsTonas - 
Bursa A Porata 
Dalsoy MelUa 
Orov A Old Rose 
fOusfs to fill) 

td bait 
- . .Clt<U}. 
lirsB AS' — 

McNeil A 

Boater Und Oa 
Bddt* Bordoa Co 
Jovadab Co 
(One to mi) 

lot hate 

Gsak M<rrtliair A B 
PMead A Xeans 



Qninn A Caverly 
Cantwell A Walker 
» Resale 


Lord A Fsllsr 
Greaa A Patea 
Bmle A Brais 

r •• -yT mjm - 
(OMttanoosa *pllt> 
Ist half 
The Peleta 
Bertha Otlbert 
CAM Dunbar 
ThaoiaB Maleaey 
t Oordona 
Tomer A Qraeo 
MsSsrtkr A SI 

M half 
West A Rdwards 
Reifal A Va«k 
Arthur WblleUw 
■i Baria 
Ml'ISflLUE. KP. 
B. F. KsHkli 
(Kasbvllla split) 
1st half 
I BarVarda 
Jennio MIddleton 
atris Will B Olrls 
Marie Stoddard 
B. r. Ksttb% 

Oertrade Dudley Co 
M'Corm'k A Wallaeo 
Aiiart A Lyaiaa 
Berl Baker Co 
M A M Briltea 
Delaaa » Piko 

(Now OrleaBi split) 
1st halt 
Oieaaon a 
University 1 
Herman A Prancli 
Welch Mealy A H 
(PoBsaeola spUt) 
let halt 
Beta Bras * U 
Larsey A Sneo 
Almont A Donaoat 
Doe (PNoll 
Adonis A Dor 
St. Deals 
Pelix a Flihar 
Mack & Lynn 
Bdaar Iieckmaa Co 
%aiHfl*ld aus 

MT. vgaarow. X. V. 

M kaV 

S , (a-ia) 
was A Bwaa 
[allea A muer 
Jas B CarsoB Cs 
Qracs la Rae. 
Quinn ft (a n e ily '• 
Arco Bros 

lit half 

„ I19-lt> 
Bon Smith 
Mrs Bva Pap 

A Reed 
3d halt 

Demarost A Celletto 
Rooney Bent R eu 


1st halt 
Reu.i A Wem Twins 
Florence Oesi 
Rigas A Ryan 
Bilk. City 4 

JOEWARK. N. jr. 

2d halt 

BeMM Remple Os 
Robl..s A Partner 
Mable Burke Co 
Fern A Davis 
I»rovoot A Ooulet 
(OAS to All) 

lit half 

Caaa'sk'ai A Beaaett 
Oica Opel 
Bvelyn Nesbit 
(OthMS la nil _ 

(MoMto split) 
tst half 
Oertrado Vaa I>yA 
Auser A Packar 
Mat Jerome Co 
Murray 81s 
Tho Veronieas 

24 haU 
Billy D«ol«y 
Orlndell A Bsthor 
ganwaol A Leoakart 
IbvMr A Baaa 
*Xovo Bom" 

Blaok AWUto 
I<ow Wltooa 
Strike Braaket 

(CkartotU ipUtl' 
lit halt 
T««k A Ctaro 
■Moot X<e« 
Bejktrios' Morcan Oo 
Saatpsoa A Z>oailas 
Raatime Pin ing C ar 
Bolls Baker 
Wilbur Ma(k Oo .. . 
Saatos A Hayaa 
BAB Adair 
CoaMsp A Daalafp 
Hashes Mas Doe . 
" Frajca Broa 

Qeo Mack 
Overseas 4 
BlrechoK a 


aarft^*? Smitt' 
Regal A Ma«k 
Storting 4 
a Boris ' . ' 

Turner A Ofaoe- ' 
WOaklnnd Oo _i <^-vr-.«SW4a« 

(AibSSr»iit> • '/t^ 

1st half ■ ■ ■■ ,^ .;v-ii:'*; 
Sherwin Koltp ■ 
Barry Olrls -• '■■■tr-. '-VHWi^ 
Taylor Qratton Co •^{. ''^ ■^hhM 
JAW Hennings : ' ,V/V^'iW# 

Ruth & KaufjqaBi ■■> --cV-Sf* 
rnlkoff A Roe* ^.-i'v-.V's;!**? 

ersbarc. i 
tst halt 


Bead -A CUftoa . 
Craig A ilelBsr . 
Tom Nkwa Os 


Kolsoa A Barry*s 

(Bichnkond apUl) 
1st half 
Chas Henry's Pats 
Dale A Borch 
ttarrp Oaks Co 
Ave* A O'W sn 

«iatl0t A BcbofteW 
rilllag A Jordan 
Varsball Montgonasry 
Nan Oray 

' ' Vastlmo 

(MSMj^mMrjr^ opUt) 

Hnllen A Correlll 
L ft M Hunting 
Kimberty A Pago 
nilly Bchoea 
C ut Peas A Qlrla 

(Novpsvt Neva SBlit) 

1st bait 
Mwaleal Johnsons 
Tom Hooro A' Olrls 
Mnton A Lawrence 
V 8 Corola a 
The Bandalls 

B. F. Kettkll 
Warden Bros 
Maion A Ovyaa. 
Carlos Bebsstiaa Oa 
Jack In4(l*a 
HarrtetTlsmpIs Oa 
" * A Beysjoar 

Bally Rgji ^^ Ce 

^o POstoa ' 
Xthcl M Hsil Co 
Arthvr Whiieiaw 
(Oas to nil) 

ad halt 
Nancy Boyer Oa 
Peterson K. I' 
<Two to ail) 

Notaa A Notan 
Crawford A Z. 
Braes DMBitt 
Wolion Bros 
, ' ■■ Wki. Psan 
Paters K Uwrrap 

^gSS2?? * 

■ ad half 
Dennis Broo 
Wilkons A Wllkens 
I Melody Monareho 
Burray Voeler 


namsdott A Bue 
Fred Borrsaa: _ 
Claire Vlaooak Op ' 
BImor* A Wnw - 
Ruth Bttdd 
Babbs A Nelson 
»r and Mrs. J Barry 
Oautier's Toy Shop 
ShetlAaa fienaia 
(Jonnstowa spilt) 
Ist half 
KobelB A Bothfnan 
M'Corm'k A Wlaehlll 
Olnecew Maids 
(Two to Sili 
B. y. Kelth'h 
MaHIn A Trablao 
Iiaboock A DoriMa 
4 Msyakss 
Dvaa SMsM « 
flunnp 4 


PIqua A Fellows 
Raymond Wylle Co 
The Oeralds 
Noodles FagSB ' 
(One to All) 




(Jaekainvilto *pUt) 
lit halt 
Vyie A aWeot 
Haitiday A Bsraa 
Jones A Oreenlao 
Amoros Mstem 
.fl^ne to flll) 

aiBtaa A 
Pisks A Lloy< 
Phil Davis 
Preicotif A .Bdea 

ad halt 
Jaek tavter 
Oreen A lA F*U 
Taylor OratlOB C9 
i BosellM 
FreseouTA JMaa 

sTKACinni . 


Raiso CO 
Orecn A La Fell 
Oreen Mtlhr A O 
Preemu BentOa Os 
■Tetaa Cimedy 4 

M'Mahon A Chappolto 
Carson A WiUarfl 
Psmikoff A Baas 
B. P. Ksl&'b 
n JobaooB .' 
Harry Tenny Co 
Emerion A Baldwtn 
Bmiaett Do Vey Oo 
Alice Hamllloa . 
Clark A Bergman . 
I Btoart fiutera 
(One tn mi) 

Potter A 9Ak«MI 
Nippon Dim 
Bddle Bertha Co 
Sidasy Phhiipi 
Howard A Clark 
Pripee Co 

Hamlllon A Barnes 
Camella'a Btrds 
.Rbea'b Mlppi A tssis 
Uyitle llanioa a 
Psaakls Psy Ga 

'Welob A Xosd 
At tevaa Co 
BUlia Barlow 

Memory Club - i " 

2d half 
Cecil A Boraloa a. V - 
BvsBs Jokns.<»' A' ' m:- - 
Dunp A Valtska' ■■••'.^:v:',.i^^!s- 
AUS Staalep - ■ .^>^;v•^v'^^^.;^ 


w. A H Brows . 

CboBg A MoiP ^^-PMi-M 

■fU Cat" • ,-;;.,?*fe^^n'^ 

— ^ ■ ■ ." -^i^fc'vtf 

• Sd kalt • >'|ij*!3»- . ' . 

Cllatoa A Rolniop 

"Street Drohla''^ - vV,.-r=.l«i 

Texas 4 - 

Nolson's Psts 
Ryan A Rjras _ 
Holmes A U Ptire 
'4 Pala .''> ' 
"HsIMiMP MlSkt" 
> A BiaMagi 

A TbmI 

Oeorgle , _ 

Mullen A Trare w 
(One to All) 

2d kalt 
I«Bey Haakelt 
4 Bards < 
(Two to All 

Opera fIs«M 
Wllklns A WllktaA; 
Sompait .A.LmhmI' 


una „ ^ , . 

Hoyfor A Baaa i'Fi^i^-M^fJ' 

• ' 

■ Bolgsr 

Noodles Pagan , ^ 
Mallally UoCartbp di 
Roland A Bar 


Jaok HsBloy ' 
Hobson A BeaMp : 

Mario Lo Co ■ 

Billy Qieasoa . . ; > 
Sam Mann Co ■'..■■..■'.^A 
linckott A Delnar' <;': 
(Two to All) 




Kerr A rndca' 
Anaotle Dare- 
"Billot IF" 
Baek Brea^^ . 
(Oas. t^n) . 

RalDss A Ab 
"Lasgblav Iisdp" 

Lucy Olllotlt 0» 
(One ta ill) 


t Bloadys 
Sliapasn A Dean 
Jean Moero 
I<sv» A Kisses 

Billy Lanp"" 
Jed EiooloT Co 
Mr A Mn/Thenis 

Marts A Dstfy 
Amerleas O ~ 

1^- " 

(Oas te AM 

a ^Isady* f 

'^elephanio * . 
Kenny A HolUa 
Werner Amoros I 

P* trAPNB. n 

s Weston (Hrls 
Bronnea A Davia 
Ony Voyer Co 
Brnest HIatt' 
Ooets A DaPp 
BoUelatro Bros 

Sd halt ' > ; 
Bryant A Bteime ■ ■ , 
Fred Lewis 
The Rounder . 
Arthur A L.flah Ball . . 

'Baraben A Oroha 

^ OrpkoniB ^ ' 
Bolton MareiBO A 9 
Jed Dooley Ca 
"Telephone TahgltP*". ' 
Mlok Hufford 
4 Musical Hodma . 

8d halt .;. 

•^Billet J»'l!/' ■ 


. 9' A .W lAvam 
: AMrnian ft SiMn 
. Harry Hkyward Oa 
KAttiiy * HDllla 

JPiliie* Kar-Ul 

- ta balf 

'Smith ft Farmer 
MUsten Co 

NtM AMI . 

JfoiciOHo, Din, 

TiueaM Bro». 
Omtk Se Dreir 
StOM * Hayea 
Arthur XiKby 
Barkhon ft Oroha 

• 3d halt 
HInfcel ft VtLf 
• VW . Vox Co 
■meat Hiatt 
XMIelaIra Bro« 
fOM t«.flU) 

Xarr ft Dwyef OlrU 
Orcn ft Drew 
Otty Vo^»r Co 
Arthur Blgbr 
>Wttla Gl!b«rt Co 

- - turn 
Brana ft Oitii 

Tample. 4 . . _ 

•OAVffhW liUf* 

W^Hwr -lABMrta.'S . 
td half 

■P ft TIT Lavarra 
Sonman ft Bloaa - 
lUinr.Hurvcrd C» 



Frtck * AdAlr 

Chaao * I 

Neat AM 



Bretuiei) A Davla 
S Horl Olrla 

oocta ft Duffr 

4 Miulcal Hodgea 

0WO880, MICH 
2d half , ' 
Frick A Adair 
CbaM A XjaTour 
labkaw* Jap* 


' tuM-r" — 

Smith .* — 
.Chock Kaaa' 
Adatna ft OmU ° 
Ishkiira Broa - . 
Billy l^ng \ 

U half 
BVa'm ft 'Dpeii • ' ' 
SImpaori A Dean 
l««e A Klapea 
MkltHttirord _ _ 
CMtM MMMm * V 
AuattA Dai* 

■■■ WmtUwm Ezehaaf* *. 

Slarlon .ft Xar 
p«try ft Bae 
Da Seen 81a Co 
- BATH- MBi. 
Opcis HMM. 
A A Obrrlaon 
.Itacioa ft Kay 
' Careers Sla Co 

IBcntley A Whiah 
T*vn Varvar* 
Vtva A SMitC*" 

(Seollay B<|) 
■ Til«Ui ft Bonnalt 
Al shayfto , ■ . 
••Memorlea" . 
Mack A ntrt .! 

Oardoa'a Otrmpte 
(Waabinvton 8<t> 
S Herbert Siatera 
Boothhy ft Kverdeen 
Jcaaia Hayward Co 
^^Bh- A Hyama 
v OmU Btdred ft Co 

' Sterttn A FioreaM - 
Oray A Oraham . 
' V A A Clark 
Danetna Kenoedya 

td bait 
Vvio I^dellaa 
Althoft Bta 
'II. uarrtnaton Co . 
J A M Hawkina 
Boland Trarera A Co 

Tflartan'a CratnU S«. 
■JoUy J Jonaa 
-Tfe* ValanfMra 
' . Ralan ^laaioB Co . 
Vary Hayaea Co . 
: VoWatera A Tyaoa 

I>ratoat A..Q««l«t ^ 
Wllhar. BiHstiMn Oa 
; TrMey * MeMda- 
Clark A Verdi 

'VhuikUB Park 
.Wlkolia A Kahakatan 
& Sawaon 
rd ft Porray 
2d half 
. -flaiii Xm . 

Oataa A VInley 
: .OaiMa A Hutton 
'.Wiiod/ Mnnslon" 

nvcuBriui, mass. 

three KeUona 
Oatea A FHilajT; - 

■waa ft wnmi 

•ad tol* 
The Nawi g ■ ■ 
T*> i<«a A.^Onnac 
CaneeM Bawa ■ 
Miller Paekr.- A 9 
' Soy A Arthur 


OaakI A TakI ^ 
WVmott A Heeiav 
.Cwley A Hall . . 
. -Bayiin A Flint - 
.flrha Drlanta 

.Mlr-A Bartew 
"Oaaattaa Verona 
.Bart Ptnfrea Ca 
BovtHe A .Tobia 
Jdkpaon Baker A J. 
Two Ijadellaa 
M ft J Dove 
Miller Packer A 8 
'■Jtlelody ManaloB'* 
2d halt 

Balf n . 

Be van ft Pilot ' . 

^teii Vlneast ^ ° - 
Mtlla A-X««k>»^ 
aicNally Dlnaa A O 

■td-hatt - 
Mip A O'Bdaa ■ • 
•Troaperlty" ^ 
Maiv Haynes Co 
Hattart 3_ , 

Cordon'! Olympl* 
Nip ft O'Brien 
Uanl« Ve Clahr Co 
Spencer A WilllaaM 
Pavtay Hail A.B-* . 

- ta half 
Robb-.'A Whitman 
Helen Olaaaoa Co 
dtaurka A AdelphI 
MeWaters A .Tyaon 

Helen Jackley . 
Mhybelitt Fhllllpa 
Da« A Nevlllo 
DeOnaonn* A Bakar 
Ijewla ft Norton 
JAB Aiken 

2d half 
Jolly J Jonea 
Al t<>ater A'Co 
•■Peltlcoata" • -,' 
Brana A WilaoiB 
LaonatiA, A Parray . 

JohBBon Baker A J 
Connteia Verona 
Whipple Hualon Co 
Copta ft Hutton . 
"Act Beatttlful"> • 

!d half 
Buktnno A Seala 
M'lymott A Heaoxr 
Columbia S|s 
liane ft Harper 
The Brtanta 


Oaik A 

M «aK 

Tamakl Due ' 
The Voinnteera • 
McNally Dimea A D 
Spencer ft WllllanM 
'I>«lce Bin Co 


. tnera 
The Nanley t 
Altoft Sla 
JAM Hawkiaa 
Tamakl Dtto 
Sd half 

Gray A Orakam 

Marie A Ann Clark 
DanciriK Kcnnedya 

Robb A Whitman ' 
•Concert Revue 
Trteay & McOrida 
C«>aa to nil) 

2d halt 
Helen Vincent 
Marcltt Clair Co 
.Mill* A I.«ekwood 
FaUrey Hall A B * 
ST. JOHN. N. S. 
Opem Ilooae 
CSamo bill playlna 
Uonotloh IR-IS and 
Ackers, Halifax. 18- 

Ijanra Bvana 
Fracer ft Mao 
Callahan Broa 
Larry Jj» Mont . 

(Same bill playtnf 
Strand, Hi^llfaz, It- 
IJtto Jerry 
Lee Hoyt t 
P A A Canaatf* 
Dtnclnic Dailus 
Vabar A Oiaas 


Arlxona Joe 
Biihi^p ft Harvey 
P Band^ll' Co 
Joe Martin 
Maarlea . 

Dave Klndler 
X)e l«a ft Oram 
flantbe A Tobln 
Xalaad Travera Ca 
td.hait . 
Wikblla A Kahakalaa 
Oirley A Hail . 
Peaaa A Dawaaa 
OMU * Va^, 


oinotDic cntcuii 


(Same bill playa Vic- 
toria 1S-1() 
Barry Qreen CO 
Ciecollnl . . 

Ben A Haaei Mam 
. UUiaa Shaw 
Vha ^PlekfoMa - 

r. Kew Taafe CHy 

- 4 Readlnva 

Maude Earl Co 
Boatock'a School 
Prlraroae' 4 ' 

, FentoB A Plelda 

Olsa Petrova . . 

Blcolatta Biaa ' 
. -Bteirart BatMa 

CDennell A JBIato 

Uoyd ft Wella 

Orubcr'a Anil 

Ban K Benny 
. . "Begin of World" 
' Palace 

Moraan Dancera 


Sheila Terry Co 
' Martini ft Webb 

Benaee A Baird 

licxey A Rome 

Garclnettl Bma 

lata Zarrell Co 
State lafca^ 

Bkwaom Saelay Ca 

Ch«r Hwa 4 

Bd A Birdie, Canrad 

Phlna Co 

Edith Clifford 
. M'Shayne A Hathiw'y 

flaUa Broa 


(Taaaday openlar) 
Bale A Waldraa 

"Current of rmf . 
B ft J Crelirhto* 
Kayden ft Breeli* 
The Vlvlana 
But- r A Dell 
(Sunday openinc) . 
Harry Wataon Co 
Oliver A Dip 
BIfrada Wmm 
Nelaan A ClUltii -.i. 
Haaoa A Ferreit 
Clinton Slaters ~ 
Caiindae Jaza Band 


(Sunday openinf) 
Oartrud* .Hoffman Co 
B A J Caaaelly 
Xape A Duttoa ' 
Orein A Myra 
Wllllaroa A intchall 
t Kahna 

fManoft A Sonia 

, (Saaday epealBC) . 
''Bxtra Dry" 
Oacar Lorrain 
Aranut Broa 
Madge Maltland 

Olbaon ' ft . ConnelU . 

Tattlns It $mi" 
ifitlafaaii A llaMs - 
'MaH Ladi^raad 

nna .lierner ' 
baas Tack Sam 
Lloyd A (nitiaty 


Jttllua Tannen 
Kaah A O'Donnelt 
Ted Doner 
Dunham A CMatlay 
Qea Kelly Co 
Rosa KlngMCa 
Ray Snow 
Besale . Clayton Co 
■■With Perahing" 
Leroy Talma A B- 
A A R Steadmaa 
Jaa Tbempaaa Oa • 
Nara Nanaena 
Muaical ' Hnnlen 
Franklin ft Oreen 
Jason A Halg 
Bradley A'Ardlne 
Jamoa J. Cuilen 
Howard'a Paalaa . 
Bdward MaMkdl 
HIckey Brag 

, opentns) 

"Overaeaa Revue" 

Collins * Hart 
Harry Hlnee 
Jerome ft Herbert 
Meredith A flnooaer 
Geo Price Co 

Frank Dobaon Co 
Patrlcola A .Myera 
Aockwell ft Fox 
Don Feng One A Haw 
Bisle White A Clegg 
(Snnday opealas) 
Ura a Hashaa Oa 
7 Honey Boya . • 
Mme Bllla 
Maleta Boncoal 
Tenneaaee 10' 
Sybil Vane . 

(Sunday openlns) ' 
Marguerita Sylva 
Qallagher A Martin 
Mike Bernard 
Marian Harrta 
Frawley A Loulaa 
Tlie Bradaaa 
lABmMa A Banat. 

Comfort A Xlnir 
Norwood A Rail 
A Ranch Co 
nob Tip Co 
Metaatto Duo 
Sim'J Morton 


. (13-U) 
(Same bill playa 
Stockton tC-li; 
Froano ll-U) • 
Carl Jora 
AUea Bllla • 
Beiap A LamiM • 
*!Tuisn Shtuf 
Burt ft' Roaedala 
Ja Da Trio 
Belgtam Trio 


Orpheam ^ . 
Ona Bdwarda' (Una 
Nat Maaarro Jr Co 
Josephine A Henning 
Joe B Bernard Co 
Heraehei Renlera 
Fox A Ward 
Badle A Ramaden 
Oea Plaano Co 


•Chria RIcharda 
Salon flingera 
Ja'nia A Chaploir 
'ladaor. Sparta" 


(WedoM^ay* openlni 
Bronaon A Raldwia 
Will Ward OMa :. 
Bayee ObMba^ - 
Lydia Barry 
R<>lt A Wood 
Royal Qaaeolgnea 


(Sunday opening) 
"Not Tat .Marie" 
Donald Roberta 


Farrell Taylor Co 
Stone A Kalis 
Harry. Breen 

(Sunday onenlnc) 
Sarahofl A OMs - 
The Sharroefei 
William Bba 
Kaawmwa Japa 
UIHaa Cranaton 
Oark Bmmy'e Pets 


. 'iMrAaaeclated with 


M4 Btraria Theatre Bids.. New Terk. 

_ BooklDK exclualvety with 

I aa^allr favltaC U eaU. 
— I ar Wifa. . 

*Color Qema" 

V S Jaaa Band 
Howard NIchela 
Weber A RIdnor 
LydeU A Maccy ■ 
Btepbana A HaUlatar- 

Elra Shirley Co •' 
Kitner A Reanap 
Venlta Oonla ' ' 
AMhur Weat Ga 
"Man flnnt**- 



. HtakarX Hmj 
CMtora Mlnatrela 

(OM to All) 

_ IVaahlngtan 
P^olllft A Leroy 
StyAo A . Arnold 
Harvey Haney A O 

■ M haft 
WyomlBg Trio 

' Jack Otterman-. 
~H L Wallln 3 


Harry Tanda 

• Peronne A Oliver 
Skipper Kennery ft R 
Arthur Devoy Co 
Watta ft Mawley 
"Melody Oarden" 

Id . half ' 
Mabel Whitman 0» 
Jcanetts Chllda 
Swift A Kelly 
"Oil Aantle" 
Korria Baboona 
Corradinra Animals 
Pale A Boyle. 
"Honor Thy ' 
Jeanne Boydell 

' 'Webar Ba«k -* .F 
Banlea LaBair Oa 
Mann A Wiser 

■ (Om to mi) 

• cmcAoo 

•Vtalature Raraar* 
.Wyamias Trto ' 
Jack Ofcterman ^ 
CreedAn ft Walah 

. 2d half 
Oeo A Lilly (lardan 
Atyne ft Amald 
Bud Walker 
"Mian laao" 


Xterre Haute BpUt) 
lat half . • 
RIklto A Lament 
Harvey Devora S 
Gilbert A Saol 
Bdw Kuroe Co 
Jimmy Idrana 

"Girl la Baaket" 




Kremka Broa 
B A P Houltaa 
Bobby HeDahaw 
Cabaret DeLasa 


Taylor Trlpleta 
Pat A reggy Honltaa 
DeVoe A Hoafaid 

A Falaur 

Oakaist Debna 

Sd half 
"Reckiea Bva" 
(Two to flII) 

Burke A Kendall 
Ctuta DeLand Co 
DanlelB ft Walters 

S Belmohta 
Hart Osoper A B 
CaaaoB KIrfce: Cte 
Adams ft Themaa 
Fred tArelaa Co 

Mfsp-h BelMai-CIa 

The Royeea ■ .' 
Harry Maaoa Oa ' 
Clayton ft 

■ryiat 713* 

.emvo KAtUVA A M. 

CTitciAi. PRICE rntf PI 

Ml.. MU 4H. I4M 

«Nivo ANB ^mro 

Id halt 
Dancing -4 
Belie Uontroae' 
the. Day 
<Tiiice to All) 
Peteraon Broa 
Bricnro A King 
Valeatlr' Vox 
Miller ft Lyle 
Ln^ OHlette 
.Blid-A Jaaaie Oray 
^yaa;«r n ia N»a 
Dataqr.Daaa CSa . 
Wuaer A Palmar 
Owlfonte Slatei* 
Uaceta ' 
Apollo A Apollo 
-Dancing 4 
Fred Bogera 
. Ward ft Wllaon 

Bj( V ^ 

to Oil) 
Sd balf 
1 Belmonta ^ 
C:aason-Klrhe C^a^ 
» Kraxy Kids * 
(Three to All) 
_^'W hitn 
Daisy Dean Co 
I WBIrlwinda 

Jap A liawrenoa 
1 Swaethearta 
Polly OS A C 

t Serenadera 

2d half 
Danny Simmons 
3 ■Chums 
Uarns A. Wllaon 
Bvereata Monks 
<OlMjo mi) 
.^IfOUHB. lU. 

LaSaUe Mnsieal C» 

2d half 
Mabel Harper Ca 
Arthur OeVoy CO 
Ward A Wllaon 
•Walody Oardea'* 
iOne to flll> 

Norrla' Circus 
Bobby Henahaw 

<om to nil) 

M half 
The Ooldea Bird ; 
Harry Helmda (Sa 
Fred Rogers 
Brown's Highiandaia 
(On« to nil) 

— .LDOW 

H !• WM8a4 
Arnold A Taykr 
Ha) Johaaoa Oa • . 
Fred Lewis 
Caator'a Mlnatrela 

2d half 
Kenny Haaon A 8 
Pollls ft I«Roy 
Pox A Mayo 
Barvey Haney A O 


Chief Ble Cload Oa 
Weber Beck ft P 
Bernhe I.anarr Co 
Orth ft Cody 
Horan A wiare 
:d halt 
S Caritona 
Redmond A Wells 
"Holwr Tby ChUdhm" 
Joanna Boydell 
mrBUOUB, lA 
Freer lUggott ft T 
Harrington ft Mllla 
Rose ft Thorn 
Howard A White 
.Jeanette Chllda 
DeaTaon A Cllftoa 



PAD Norman 
Wiliiami ft Culver 
Geo Randall Co . 
"AmonR Preeent" 
(One fo All) 

Sd half 
Whitney's Dolls 
Minnie Stanley Co 
rorle A Vtrglnfa 
Carl Bucnne Tr 

Davis ft McCoy 
Howard ft Scott 
Oeorge ft Tony 
Winter Garden 4 
The Knhens 
L B Raymond Co 
KaaOw A Walton 

I Caritona 
Oea A Lilly Barden 
.IMtA Mayo 
-Maila Hart 4 

2d half 
lasler Worth Co 
Arnold A Taylor 
Hal JahnaoB Co 
9am nap Vaalar Ca 
m> 'TAVh 
Kremka Broa 
Danny Simmons . 
S ^huma 
Shoppard A Ott 
Sea Shore Oirls 

icispak aUMai Oa 
The Royoes . 
HWrp ttaaaa Oa. 
(aajrtm A Lnula. . 
• fl»reaad»fs 


' DB. B. N. a , 

' HoBrsi 
» A. M. f »:«0 P. ]^ 

.Murphy A Whlta 
Bwas A WUsba ■ 

■ SA baie 
Skelly -A Matt 
CartBMU A Harria 
Holly MelBtyta Oa 
Dolly Kay . 
(T watoMI) ■ - 

Mim BBMD^ mp 


.1 Moraa' SIstera 
Slnims A Peiwera 

. John Marston Op 

Brierre A-.Kiac ' ■ 
Burns A Fabrito 
(Three to flit) 


. MajjcsUa 
Hamilton Broa 
A A B Llebler 
Adama ft HIckey 
"that's Going ' 
■Bay Lapearl 
(Oaa to Oil) 

2d half 
Dale A Boyle 
RiU Mario Oa 
~ RaUl|an 

^rhltaay'a Delia 
BotheRk Plamn 
Minnie SUiley Cg 
Lyle A Vb^iDfa 
Carl Buge'ne Tr 
2d bUf 
FAD f^orman 
wnilama A Culver 
Ofo Randall Co 
"Among Present** 
(One to All) 


lat half 
Harper A Blanka 
Hudler Stela A P 
"In the Dark" 
Brttt Wood 
(One to All) 

Franda A Fox 
Robblns A Fnaon . 
Follette Pearl ft W 
(One to Ail) 

2d half 


Mnam Building,. New Tork City. 

' Amrrlcnn ■ 

Peac'I Duo ' ■' 

Roblnaon A Tbaiaai - 
Line A-Loag 
Van A. Vernon 
Wm -Btanton .Co . 
Bcncaa A.'Doaln 
M Healy Co 
Mel Xleo 
I MartelU 

2d half 
Bveiyn ft Margaret 
Clay ft Toblnson 
Allen ailtord ft B 
Devine A Wtliiama 
"Sweet SweetiesT 
Mr ft. Mrs McDonald 
Bert Banlon 
CTwa taJBI) . 

Fred Rogers 
.Dare Austin Co 

Ba rnes ft Fre«niaa 

J A S'DelJer 
2d half 

Musical Wiylanda 
.Florence Ring 
-Louise' Carter Co 

-(One to AU) 

Florence RIny 
Louise. Carter Co 
Walters ft Walters 
Buma ft Klaaeq 

2d half . 
Cordon A Oordea 
Wra Smythe Co 
Jen Healy Co 
Rarry TIghe 
Osaataatlaa Dancera 

Han A 

Hudson' 'A' 
Fred ABsa 
Argonne i 

2d half 
Wayne ft Beeman 
L'Bstnnge Sla 
Pearl Abbott ft Co 
Waltera ft Walter* 
BInns 41^ Burt 

L*Batiansa 'Wa 
Bonner A Povera 
Bert Hanton 
ConStaatlae. Dancera - 

2d half 
Peacl puo 
Olive- LeCompte Co 
W ft M Rocera 
Mel Klee 
Ling ft Long 

Avemm B 
Sam Wllaon 
Ford A CunataslHHA 
--Carllale ft H*pi*if-' .. 
Jonea A ByiraaUg ■ 
BUa-Batt Ofc' 

Kackett A 
Steve Freda' 
Mayo A Irwin 
(One to Ail) 


Aerial DeOroRa 
. Marpky A Driaean 
Oavlaa A .mWaiH 

2 LiUlea , 
T>owDin( A BHahi 
Franera BlOM 
Henry Prey 
"Sweet Sweetie^ 

' 3d halt 
Mildred Roger* 
Hudaon A Jones' 
Ths Ptaaadara 
JAB ^aUcTs : 



daWalara io tha Profa«ai«n A 

Maria BaaaaB <3a 

Belleao ft DaalA 
Henry Frey 
Var. ft Vemoa 
Teehow'a Cata 
(One to Ail) 

Gordon ft Oordon 
Clay ft Robinson 
: B Ijiwlor ft Daugh'a 
The Flnanclera 
I<aarle Ordway Co 

W A M Ragers 
Allan CliBerd A B 
Staa Btankiy 

2d Iwlf 
Aerial DeOroOa 
Hall A Oibaoa 
Johnson A Jobaaoa 
Downing ft Bunln 
Staa Btan^ O* 

Dorotby JIhya 
Murphy A KleJ 

2d half 
I<es Valadona 
McLougblln A Bvana 
Mae lUrvin 
wm Staataa Ca 


t Oregorya , 
Maa Marrhi 
Johnson A Jeanaaa 
Swarts ft CMBard 
(One to All) 

2d half , 
.Spencer A Rosa 
C B Laurlor A uaash'a 



Pearl Abbott Co 
Jack A Tomnty WeV 
(One to All) 

24 halC 
8am Wllaaa ' 
Carllala ~ 
Jones A- 
(One to Alf> 


Wayne A Beeman 
McLougtUn A ~ 
Harry TIghe 
S Valdarea 

2d half 
8 Oregorya 
Murphy A Klein 
Pranees Bloe 
BwarUA CniVard 

aiOPX CIRT, tA' 



Dr. ML J. Cary 

MaTlekcr's Theatea Bld» 
«• tiM 

BDsaell A I>*W1U 
Stoyo * irwta 

jUrm * SiMcwtMd 

Ad6!pliiia Co 

(Two to mi) ■ 

Earl & Emiq^CM*! 
Pose GarddB.. ', y 
•The Owl" 
ABlbonjr A Ron' 
Bc»ttt« * Blotne 

Sweeney 4 RoMMjr.- 
Keller 4b> Kelly • : 
Wm t.yteli Co 
Poyle & Elaine 
Belle ft Grey 

Zd half 
(Sane as AtUota lat 
Kimball & ICeni 
I>elbrldKe & Gr 
' Barron & Burt 

rSalvatioB llonsr^- 
a SMMor P Ma^y>; 
9 Ball ft Carbn 

^^l& Ik pianci* 
FlilkAft Oilmor*. 

•WrnlStrto . .. : : 

Bro» _ 

.r' Chick 4 H __ 

Lteat Chaa. OecarA 0> 
GlUen Carlton C»' 
Wayne ft Allen 

U^llptte Co 

acorton Broa , . . 
rercnoon & Snad'Iand 
Oodfter & Henderson 
J& Reynold* 
WKertet- Trla.__ , 

Thlessona Doga 
Sam Harris 
Hymah Adler Co 
Bwrlaon ft Burr _ . _ 
llfcWMioNovano * X 
Violet & Chtrlei 
Dawson ft Covert 
BtMCi'ton ft Turner 
iMMlaa ft Smith 
■JMUI ' Z<elthton'a Bar 
. " - Sd half 
(Same ai Bimiac* 
ham lat h&IO 


HarrIa * HoUoimy 
Bmmett ft It 
Walmaler * 
WIU J Eraos 

"Oh Mike" 

(Sunday openiqcl 
Ward ft Wardea 
Pelber ft Orlfflo 
Poor Old JIrt 
Bcanlon Penos ft S 
2d halt 
(Same ias Memphis 
1st halt) 


HallO: Peo|i 


Ball A Waal . . 
' Xeneh ft Holland 

Ward ft. Howard 


(Sunday opening) 
Oeo ft May XjaFerre 
Archer ft Belfort 
aiarty ft CUfforA 
■ddto FoT 
' live Partrowara 

•Oh wyr!^ 

XmM a Bonpiro . 
Joe' Roberta 
SAVia 8 Hall Co 
StaiffBle ft Spier 


(Same bill plays 
Saskatoon IS-IS) 
Aerial Macks 
Forrest ft Charcb 
Btevena ft Brutinell 
■Willie SolM. 
^lUaini .^MMtton" 

▼•mUan Oypalea 

Bllber ts North 
I.ad7 Allca'a Peta 
Weber ft Elliott . 
MalCMonkK D«w 


w a .whittia 
XiUcMW-yMnr - 
Tarns. . _ ■ . 

AmotM. ArMuMtto 

Kvtas. *■■ 


Oolt. I^ST^Irta 
Ro«« Wysa Co . 
"Ku£.iber Plewe" 
Belie Oliver 
CaRtille Rejana 
CyellBf Brunettes 

' FantBBM 

"<» Teddy* 
Prank Buali 
O S Qordon 'C!o 
Qcorcla Howard 
Heros ft Fresloa 

t Taquls 
Steve Freda . 
lAHoep ft^ DBpwee* 

2d half 
klttssell ft DeWitt 
lABTle Ordway Co 
BBrBsa & rr««man 
' rATERSON, N i. 

Barto Slaters - . 
Bums ft Oamr. ; 
(One to flll> ■ • 

td half 
FtessA Rector 
lAna' A PlhBri. 

Foar Leon* - 
Prank Ward 


Allen A Dof Tan 
Olson £. Jobnaon 
"Hasio OlassesT' , 

Sd h«lt 
Banctnr Homphreya 
HlK^ Otrla 
Mnrt A Moon 
.Old A- Near 


Ziawrence ft Kllst 
Alexander ft Macdt ' 
. P Tempest Co 
Z<oney Haskell 
Brown Gardner ft B 

id halt 
Soxanne ft Bmcst 
Brown ft Jackson 
Charlie Wilson 
Oaby Broa ft C 


Wofk aTcS?^ 
Xanreneo Crane Co 

" Brown ft Blaln ■ . 

Dorothy 'Sotbem 3 
Ford ft Truly 
'^Mmc# TIBM" . . 

Ralpb A May 
Browa ft Jackson 
BUaaon B Co 
audw ft Fhiiiipa 

. Sd half - 
(Aweaes A XIM ^ 
(Two to mi) 
Marsa A franco* 
Olldea A. mUlM 
Allen A bog Tasl 
Alex ft Haek - ^ 
BtOWB Gardner A B . 


Wilbur .ftXyko^ 
Bernard ft Bcartb 
Baby Broa A C 
(Two to nil)^. 

2d bait) ■ 
Pave Thursby. 
"Once a /Plme" 
Shea ft garrolt 
L«dd/ A Leddy 

Palaoa,-.^_ , 
itamot ft PraiioMi 
Lottia Veraoa . 
Jerome A Newell 

2d half 
Dot Sotbem Co 
Jaokle ft BllUe 


Ansel ft Pbller 
Harry. Wataina , . - 

Tho Pappats 
Boaa A BoniwI 
Z>aa Abeam 

Stradford 4 
(Otbfera to HI!) 

The Puppeta 
Boa* A Bonlwl , ■ 
Dan Ahearn 
Vogarty A PisoUr 
Stradford 4r. 

-Id hbIC 
Spanish DnO' " ■ 
8' Harmony ' Maid* 
8ylvT« M^ra Co 
(Two to «»)- 


Dale & DeVoe 
Dora Hilton Co 
Lovetta Concentration 
Ward ft King 

' Ijrcrnm ^ 
2d half 
Pless ft Rector 
Oaynell & Mack 
Marie Russell Co 
Mllloy Keottgb Co 
Bums ft Klssen 
LaPetlte Jennie Co 

Paul A' PanlWo'S-:- 
Howard ft Jenkins 
Jack Reddy 
Bd Parrell Co 
Mahoney & Rogers 
Imperial f eklnex* Tr 
The Ferraros 
Brown & Evans 
PUhor * Ollmora .. , 
Wm BIsto - '*;. 
Dncane Co 

Za half 
KlmbBll ft Xenaetb 
Delbrldga A OremsMT 
^Balvatfon' Uoitf 
Barron A_Biir( ' 

Cornelia -ft'Adel* 
Pergr Breoka 
Mllloy Keoogb Co 
I>7ons ft' Tosco 
The Tomllni - , • 
HOnOKEN,' K i 
The Mc^nlyre* 
Mildred R6ger4 
(Two to ail) 

2d half - 
Mile Busse's Doga 
-Bums ft Oorry 
■ Betty Btdert Co 

Taylor *;. Piaa« 
Business IS- 
Harry Antrlia 
BoudlDl ft Bernard 

2d halt 
Thelma DeRoma 
Gordon ft Delmar 
Zuhn ft Drels 
I/eRoy Lylton Co 
Senator F Murphy 
If aarke & Band 

Francis ft Wilson 
Ferdinand . 
AU Rajah Co 
Vbte*.' Carlton 
• DomlBoa ^ 
•: td hart 
V(ian*. ggsaa 

spu^rnuD, iiaaa 

▼anersona^ . 
■ Xadar-; A ttteea 
Pied Wallaee .C» 
Bamtt CanMB' . 
Sd bait • 

Thelma. DeRoma 
Ooirdon ft Delmar . 
LeRoy Lytton Co 
Zuhn ft Drela 
M.Butke ft Band .. 
2d half 

Harry Ijarne'd" ' 

DeLight Sisters 
" : Boslnsss Is Baslne* 
. Harry Antrim 
Boudini ft Bernard 
■ "'-'T5ase 
t^.'HkiikBi* A'PoB:aia>rtb 
■- •Ebaey Naae, - 
' Cook A Oatmaa 
Bert Waitjie 
Odtva ALBMtla 
(One to flii) 


■ MEMBERS •••• 

This is to remind you that your dues £or the period 
from October 1, 1919, to April 1, 1920, are now 
due. Your check for Five Dollars will bring you 
one of the new PINK liftembership carcj^^^ 
wbich you are not in good standing and not entitled 
to pir^otectioi^^^ O^ It is absolutely 

iS^lOFOR jiil iffill^ 

Initiatipn fee togeUier with first p«po4 dues niust 
accoinpai^ all ^plications. - ; ;7: - ^- ' 


|>;;.2^11^^ 46lh STRiES;.;.; 



"New York and CUeago OtHcee. 

•.'.ifi. . 


(Sam* bliraiaH Aaa^ 
aaada }BMnsso«la !•>■ 
-Maynon'a BIrda 
Bwns ft Lynn 
: Chaa Undholm Oa 
■SoBla DeClave 
SUmb City 4 
Blatkos Rolllckera 

Marthony ft lioeaa 
Bemlviol Broa 
Chaa Mack Co ' 
Oatdo ft Moll 
ga Whitehead 
;^Ainry Glrsrd Co 


Paatagaa • 
Novelty MlnstralB 
The Cromw«lla_ 
nsabmaHa* P r* . 
Juliet nika 
Oreen ft Puch 

'■Maklni? Movlei" 
Brady ft Haboney 
V Meraoreau Co 
Wm Dick 

B* B Oonlay -. - 

Helena 1<>". 
Ateza A Evelyn , 
Maaaa A. Cole 
:« .]Corr*U (te. 
CaatlB* Cambelta, 
Maker A Radioed 

Joe Jackaoa. 
The Shattu6ka 
Rlalto Quartet 
OUraln Danoera 
Oaylord Herroa 

Dotathy Lewis 

Jarvls Revue 
Canneld A Rose 
Porter J Wbtto Co 
Morak Slatcn 
Anita Arllaa 

Bell ft .»*a^.- ;: /. 

Bose Vaiyd* :• 
aiesler- Twla* 
Creamer Bartoa A S. 
•Vtudlo Olrls" 
Sinrard ft Olive 
. Paataaea- ■■■ 
Imperial Qtifatat 
Ray A Bmma D 
Bay OinllB 
S Bomanoif. Sia 

Pibrence Bas^leld 


S A V DaarSi' 
Rovue DeVogUa 

Long-'ft .Ward 
1 White Kuhns 
i Bgtoa 

Kovelle Broa 
Three (Hovna . ' 
Arthur Bamtt- 
RoUnaoB'B Bleahaiila 

wiwrt A Moor* 
StMy ft Leddy 
<d bav^^ 
RemlnatOB a:b^ 
. Poley A 'La Tovr 
C ft P Usher 
Olsen ft . JohnsM 
P Temreat Co 
.'tVbat Melody" 

. flOaiNTOK 
■ PoU'a 
• 1st halt 
Marva Rebn - 
Gordon ft Dip 
I*ng ft Shair ' 

(OBe to nil) 




(Sunday. oaealBB} 
Marie FltiglMoa 

Chlshelm ft Breea 
Panama Trio 
Doraeb ft Rnaeell 
Xmalln of Meacoir 


Jaekl* ft Blilla 
P^hy A La Toar 
Baady Shaw ' „ 

•■Ob That Melody^ 

2d halt 
Ralpli ft May 
PWd ft Truly 
•Vaglo Olaase*" 
Tom Moore 


Reatli igtoa jk Riuaell 
I' TsMHaMflT 

ft Carroll 
Dolee sis ft J 
2d half 
Ailly Barlow 
Boraard ft Bcartb 
JeNfhe A Newell^ - 

' Palaca. - 
Dancing Humpbrtyi 
HIggrle Girt* ; 
c ft F Cshar ; . 
Chaa Wllsott 
(Hd A Neir 


DAijg», '<fiibK. - 

JelfersoB ' - 
Bcbepp's 4 
Arthur Lloyd 
Olga Samonolt I 
Cook ft Lorenu 
BoalaettI 4 J. 

Anita DIat Monk* 
Harria ft Nolan 
Sam ft Ads Beverly 
Four Renheea 
Joe Darcy 


- "lioyal ■ 
Ainorea ft Obay 

CUB Clark 
Leila Bhaw Co 
Empire 4 
Jo* Pantoa.Ce 

^ (il-it) 
Retter Broa 
Mason ft Austin 
Dot Waters 
Jo* Grcebwald Co 
Myera ft Weaver* 
Jflt Song Dahce R*r 

Retter Bra* 
MaaoB ft Austin 
Jo* Oreenwatd Co 
Myera ft Weaver ._ 
1*11 BonrDano* |ta«. 
Datalbr . watag* . . 

Opera Hon** 

A (SoodwlB . 

Howoe A Orant 
>wr«nc«,A Bdwarda 

Billy Wolgaat 
Becker ft Adam* 
Hawthorne's Mlnetrel* 

Smiuia 'ft ;«rlllHir 
M bait 

BIbbIbb t:' 

Harry Watklna . ■ . 
Nixon ft Sand* 
Angel ft Puller 
"flh pnel Dodgers" 
Spanish Trio 
"women" . •■ 

3 Harmon; Malda 
Sylvia Mora Co. 

Leslie ft Monde 
Fries A Wllaon 
WrightA owrta. ■■£■ 

P ft r Ca Tou< 
Xathryn Miller 
Davis ft Castle 
Andvp ft Georga 
S BmvA<«it>.. 
RoaslSroa ' / 
. 2d bait 

Bob & Peggy 
Waller A ^laer :v, 
Weenick ft Dale . ' rf.^/v* 
Leigh De Looby (JO \V ■ 
Sherman ft Rose , '.'v' 
. . BAN .D^B«*■,..^■,•■••■■.•■ 
Ulppodrom« C' . 
2d half • - , 
Billy Wolga^ . :, 
Becker A Adania ' 
Hawthorne's Mln«tftl» 
Bob White - ; V i^.. 
Comalta A .WIIbgr!<A 
» SAK: PBAKoncd ' . 
■ Casino, 
(Suniay .opening) ' ' 
Chi... .Iiadngar 
Waid ft Howara 
McCanrer ft RohlaaoA 
Jack H»wlUr» OPt.VC;:>:;irfU!i^^ 
Grace Da Wiataw rv't v 

■ 8 VIollnlsU -- :fv; ^■.v:>S?^J 

(8un£]^ OMnSlcV 

. staford A watafa: ' 

Xnowlea A Hmfit >: 
S Lo Bartba - L^.r0 
Wright A Bart ! - >: 
Dena Cooper Co .'"-'^ 
' Hippodrome . 
Wright ft Davl*:- , 
^^totbers.tojlll) . 

Leslie ft Monde 
Fries ft Wilson .•.^ 
"Olrl From Starlasd'* 
(Others to fill) 

8d half , 
(Same a* sacramealB 


Nixon ft Sai 
Dtxoa A Rell 
I Shrapnel De< 

: (W-l»>: V 
V Itoas ft BpBlwt 
The 'Puppet* : 
Dan' Aheatn ' 


■ ' (Otben' " 

5'.'.-'-;.'is:. ., 

to dU) 

'Boa»'BtU*;ARoa9 -i^^r'^^ 

Rioe A NeaftMi -J i::xsfmm 
"VomawberA; In VtwMin\:^;^>}*i:^&^ 
- ' Girlie 0» "■'■h<'-y^i\}(^?^ 


to All) ■ 

Cbaa Edward* % 

Ed' Morton 
V ft C Avery 
Dawson Sis A'B 
BiUle Shaw'a Rer ' 
Wbltfleld A ' Ireland 
Pot . Poat H ■ ■ 

Itaater Gabriel . 
Jim UoWlillama^ 
Corlnne Tllton 
Nina Payne ft Co . 
Adler ft Dunbar 
Dunbar's .Girls _ 


(Same bill playa Aastia 

10-18) . 
McConell ft Auatla 
Marssrctjrerd . ■ .., 
"Haart at A Wd«d» . - 
Xmu a Gebe Ansber. 
Dainty Marie - ' 
Harry Jolson 
B Pranuli ft A rab* 
Paytcn Hdwara ft I« 
Toung ft Wbeeler-. 
The LangOon'f i 
Pranot* ReBaidt. v.\,. ' 
■Preealer .'KlaaavA'B 'v'" 
Lsa^Oeai* iv V" 

' Jdxzs ciECBprr. 


2d halt . 
'C!ervo' ■ ■ > • 
•Vaaet of Prabee" 

•-C'llPBKOgMp , 

l^Sila Hatea'Cc^ '. 
Harry Rose 

DAIf A. 

B ft L ^ 
Smb* ft Alton '. 
■Job Msnll|a.»^f . 
kerjrl lyiBd* air)a:v, ; 
Van .ClayioB ■Oa'.«;:Sv=' 


Enos Frasid-. " : • 
MoLain 'Gate* ■ 
Barry Roae 
(Two to niiy^' >:..'•.„ 

. -■ ■» - ■V.^-i 

>nUe*tia . 
Pour Helios. . 
Oln DeBaugh 
ZdiFrflnce ft Kennedy 
Byal ft Early Rer 
Ma. Reed 
Oniay Trio 


Rose Bevoe : ' ' 

WUllng Beatley A W 
- - ( RBsibU 0> 

Buoker A WlnltiSi M^^'^^'^'V'''^ 

0«nliie.-'P««*Bl . •C»^ii-!-^-v!'>; ■■■ ■ 
" 'aB.'A„Modr*''.'-'":'i-??vvfi:i' 
... KahM- •.;i-'' 

■ OnoA. - • 
Beatrice ^Lambert . 
DtWltt A Gantbar 
Bowe Baird.Co ' -c 
8 Mori Bros : - ''v>7 

Tommy Hot- .' :. ; :.. '-rmm 
Bury A I«yfoa; C:.^::rH'}t^ 

OUtta A BM^MM) , 
AUee Teddr ' 





IK TWSt BM8X . ■.. 


-V- I-.' *. 











JHARMONY^..8lNj3E^S 8^ 


m M E T A y N E S 

ilUaughing Elephant" 





O W 1 

^ I 






A^tfiaaltts^ tlM, baolnc^ ot the tegU . 
Otoin yK^ i^ fo ov^;[ievcii attia<e« 
tloM next Mflnday,. tha.lJltK*^ 
bit BbaaeA tar tho ttiiiil^ ali p Blflcan c i at* 
t< ^at»4 i iipai *litt miinbor. 

Kot one producer announced hli la- 
tentlOR. of postponing any opening d«t^ 
and. all declared emphatically tfia^ tltasr 
would ugmiiaS'eclMAuledL ^Shlft, Uovwren 
hais Mfe tltt WMni to sonw hW BWMBfr 
ence, and late yesterday- aMernoon the 
telephones were kept busy wUlfc tto.r*> 
Attest. oC a poealble postponWMili - aaA 
KO «ni|M» tbett to catch up. 
1 ' Wtalis Coltuntius l>ay actually falls an 
a Sunday, the 13th ia set tor the holiday 
■ m>tlneo% and. orlttcs. or no. ctltks.. ti» 
producers declare that the hoUday.husU 
ness Is proj^erable to them. It Is not too 
Mr fetebed to add, however, that by the 
'.m/t of tMiitMidK the te^^ttve public- 
ity depurtaMnta trlU beglA to send^ out 
inaietliM oC poa^pMiaaM&ta. 

Tl» mn» attnoUoaa aohednled to 
open aror "A Utttoc Vbopper.'' at fho 
Casino; "Bon Wttt Ba Bam* at tlw 
Belmont; "linck aC tlM VOmJ* tke 
Manhattan: "American Opaisa ttogers," 
at the Park: rHia Honor,. Aba Potaab.", 
at the Btjott, aiUI IliBtMDg But iMV," 
at tha LyrlOii " . ■• 

; Giuseppe De .^i^tone of ' ttei 

*Wet»" and oBa-q|.'tbo.861ots^ oit-..t|ka.'. 
bill for next Suitday nigbt's.vdcmeac^ at 
tka Hippodrome^ .was reported itt . yea- 
torday and eive:^^ca .$il^^ laaJinUx. 
to appear. His aaeeeaaoc tar. the aeap 


J. S. Murdock. has gone west on a 
short trip, leaving for Cincinnati Mon- 
day Bii^ Be Witt also, vtatt Clevo- 
land, but ia a^taoMI batik 


Chicago, Oct T. 
Burton Qreen broke the record on a 
locaf sott course this Sundt^, .doing 
a^taaa; bataa hi 84. 

Wlmak Ifc' 1Ri|bt^ thraogh ^A^oraey 
IMA li. BaddCkw bagon Ifgal aetion 
' isafiMt the BoflUo Motion Pletnre Cor^ 

poratlon for a total claim of 15,321, based 
QO. two aliased c&uae& tor action. The 
llrst Is for the recovery of $321 for back 
salary by virtue of a contract entered 
into by both parties on July l last, 
vhereby Ois plaintift agreed to act as 
general manager of the defendant cor- 
poration tor a. weekly stipend of |260 
for a period concluding January 22. 1920. 
Talbot alleges, he rendered serviesa'ap to 
Sept ISkbutwas p^^ev^ted; ftom< doing 
so further, and that he veaa aot paJft bis 
salary fiar the past two. wa^cs^ aadapt 
|l79|.4eaving the $321 balaneo^ ' 

The tfijtOft: claim» which fonna thaaao* 
ond cause for action, is for daaragaa ha« 
cause of his prevoition froaa fHtUiar 
rendering aeniea vttii, tha BdlUoi. No. 

Jerome Kern and Anne Caldwell are 
.working together oil' a new niusleal 
show which Gbarlea B. DilUaghatn wHI 
VMOnoaanay la NorambtR) 

Anna. GaoOlnaa,. tut Mvant xoars MoraUzy 
to .Tul. I VUi B. 0.% MU • bar 

position soon for a trip to Cbina and Japan, 
as SMtstaqr te a emoon 
«Wm aC hw Iwwwaiatt tanUly. 

Ij. Lawrence Weber .irlB- |Naagat klii 
flrst offering of the aeason, Tistty Jtt- 
rives." a musical play by Sidney nasaa 
feld. at tha Opaaa Boaask PMrUmaa^ 
aa OoMlM^llUh. .naaa engaged iBar the 
cast ava QMNh.J)Ba('.J)HNpklBe' Stevma^ 
Nonie CUIahaa, ttk WMiaman. Louis 
Kimball. T. Jay Canrim Albart Chaa 
and Albert Beid. 

L aii doii Hippodrome 



Drooping Pointed 


IN SO iUM;xE:s 

fmperfect fe«tur«» corrected. 
Wrinkles ana Btemlahes n- 
moved. Advice and BooUet 
free. Hotu* UlL r svenlnga;. 
Sunday, to L 


Amerlea't Etidlas Vtc» SpecUllit 

Boom. 6M,»r XcVtelMite Xheatiw BIda* 

L. O O K! 

Here's the monalot yon Wm« seeking: — 
"Oil. These StrUtM.'* Rtgitt up to the 
second In. timely alloslon. Ilao "Prohibit 
PMhlMUoa.'* The. best aatir^ talk r«is 

•aeh.. WMth ffH te tto vrocraist**. 
artist. Oot my arice for aa. act that 
will tnako 'era take wrtiee.. ARTHTJB 
NBALB. 168 W. <tlh BtTMt. (Interslew 
by appointment only. Phone: . 4SU Cdr 


F«rry«nzo Broth. 

Forry Lorenzo Broth dl«a Sept 12 at 
. L|be home ot his parents at I<awton, 
ifUcb. He had been ill since January 
'•f.ffgt with Brlght's disease. Before re« 
l^iUring from the stage the deceaaed had 
if iiiaTed -in vaudeviUe ut Waajf L; Broth 

* ?f itDST SEXTIi Bt Wr^ 

The Grand Opera Hoiufle, Hamilton. 
Ontario, Canada, classed as "unfair" by 
the Ainerlcan Federation of Musicbna, 
Sept 20, has been notified by the I. A. T. 
S. E5. (stage hands) that unless the mu- 
sicians' strike troubIe,>in progress since 
the season opened, is cleared up by Oct. 
15, traveling l^'A st&ge crewe( will nfit 
be peraoitteCtjO work. The G. O. H. plan 
K. « K #M Sbalwrt HMd ' 


Died October 11, 1918 

"Words cannot contain «ur love; 
tiMrs ^was, thai*, to'tM '««ntl*r, 
stronger, manlier MSnJf 

From the Executive, Sfanagerlal, 
and Working Personnel. 

New Orleans, La. . 

"Married for Mopey." Previously he 
had out Broth's Colonial Minstrels, 
and at one <ime, with his surviving 
; Imther, J. Jefferson Broth, managed tin 


Howard Tli&ntml ebfnmenMd ' 'bts 
road tour at the Lsnseum theatre,'. Pater.- 
son, on Monday. Next week he-will be 
at the Standard theatre. New York, and 
then will resume his time In the middle 
west. He anticipates returning to New 
York In . May, when he expects to com* 
mence a run at his own theatre, which 
he anticipates leasing and operating as 
a- perapaiient magic theatre. 

" OEOE&E IS 21. O 
George Gershwin, the author of "I^a 
Ija Luctlle's" musical score, celebrated 
his twenty-first birthday Wednesday. 
Together with Fred Jackson, who wrotei 
the libretto for the 'Xucille" piece, they 
iare at work on a new musical imme^ 
which they intend giving the. nune.;<;oC, 
"The Very Grahd. Duchess." ' 

In Memory of- 


Who Departed from Thie Uft 

QiBtofoer 12, 1918. 
"May His Soul Rest in Peace." 

The father of Harry E. Nelms, Jr„ tiM . 
theatre treasurer, died last wedc at lite 
m jmoKijrii. 

niiide, ^jresterday 

Otat.yOBl^WiK ha* sUdMid » five-year 
cimtiaet wiOi^lP^ FIIm CMf^^^ 
The iipoid ~^iiie t» 'the New^TMr^tdiBbe^ 
■fNn'l^fleld R. She^Htii;,i!|^:^CT^^ : 
-in Lm Angeles &..M}t. 9>sti&r'tbiM'^ 
had .been eoBcIuded. 


- In Leiying Memory 
tl Mr tfiarly Mnii hinbaid tod "diMy" 


Ettiel Parker and Ba-by Nella 

Ida Heras, sister of Victor Heras, for- 
mer member of the Heras family,. died 
«t heart tallure in . Chicago, Oct. 2. 

lAs Angelas^ pet C^.. 
The championship of thei.Faeiflc^Ceatit 
League was «ron on Monday by Fatty 
Arbuckle's Vernon Club, which repre« 
seats Los Angeles in the League. The 
Vernon's will play a post season series 
with St ..Paul winner of the American 
Asteciatlon pennant, next week, for 
•tlM 0|MMt championship. 

of Anna ixmatrong died 

'•"^ IN tnniVAiiK CMtMRfitr 


^jOet. % fm 

U- ' 

i:i in the cast of Arthur Hunter's revue 
the. Piecadflly,, . Newark, . suged Jnf 
piiQdte -Wlodm, • am Sophiii' ^iiett. 

I^ itole Mason, Chris Pender, Ora Keeler, 
|^3iM> Hunt and a ^chorua-; or tea. ^ 

is divUeft lato two iiut^ irtOi m» 

^' particular title, in which the principals, 
j:. aforementioned, run through a number 
^.of specialties creditably. The Five 
, Huatcira^ a Jasi .aggr^pitton, aid 


Otis Harlan is to «,ppear in a number 
of two- reel comedies for the First Na- 

' :Tht) comedian is now at the 'coast 
/£bout,'to >itart work. 
: The stoctefi were in«pared b^ Roy Ifc- 
1 — .^M r ^ Bisealrig . \ir*rtd, i 

I a'^teidg tff sooeMrtui-l^ fea^ 
i aiia*serial8 tse his eredit 

p Ml88 eR088MAN'8 SUPPORT. 
^=li>av»' "Welto Ine,, 'teve-' engaged '-the - 

^;"tHIowiag cast for Henrietta Grossman, ' 
1^ "TpB . Critical Moment," a : comedy 
P ^Mwa r ^IhM': Cutvitm, 'Hanr - Bnri^aft, 

^t- A. Barrett, May Harvey, " Barbara 
a?Jfcey. Louise Fltz Allen. Geo. StiUwell 
5; Wd Charles Damey. The show will 
^,'jven Oct. 26 at Harrisbiug. Pa., and : 
g,|Hn be brought Into Itow Totk te«r ia 
•^:.9««ember. •